Gigi Hadid on Master Chef Celebrity Showdown


I admit I watch all the cooking competition on the major networks. And last night for the first time MasterChef had a two hour celebrity special.

Kaitlin Doubleday v. Ta’Rhonda Jones (both from Empire)

They have an Empire themed box. It’s pretty much all high end luxury foods, lobster, champagne, etc. Kairlin claims to be making a buerre blanc sauce. If true, she really downplayed her culinary knowledge.  For some reason I am already bored by this show. It is frantically edited and the audience annoys me. Ta’Rhonda starts murdering her filet way too early. Kaitlin has serious knife skills. She totally underplayed her skills. Her lobster was a bit overcooked. Ta’Rhonda pulls out the win.

Terry Crews and his wife Rebecca v.  Boris Kodjoe and his wife Nicole

The couples have to work in a tag team to create 12 cupcakes in one hour. Both couples are very competitive. Boris and his wife are making German chocolate with Nutella. Oddly, Nutella is a sponsor and they did not mention the brand of “chocolate hazelnut spread” they are using by brand.  Terry and his wife are doing some sort of movie theater candy theme with unidentified flavors.

Boris leaps over the counter and does a major wipeout during the tag in. Still his team seems to know the most about what they are doing. Until Boris used granulated sugar for the frosting. His wife had to make it over with confectioners sugar. Until she didn’t have time to Boris does it. They also seemed to abandon the Nutella entirely. Oh wait, it was in their frosting. Their cupcakes won by a mile. But since they are close friends, Boris and his wife decide to split the money with the Crews.RHOBH Yo's  newfridge 2

Gigi Hadid  v. Devon Windsor (Battle of the Victoria Secret models)

Basically, this is the reason I am recapping this show. Gigi has been on six Vogue covers (worldwide) in the past year. She says she is a big foodie and when she signed with her modeling agency she said she wanted to be on MasterChef. Kind of surprising for someone whose mother suggests one and a half almonds for a meal. Gigi is playing for The Global Lyme Alliance. Gigi gets very emotional discussing how her mother, brother and sister are all affected by Lyme disease. Anwar is in the audience. No sign of Bella or Yolanda.

Devon is playing for St Louis Children’s Hospital  because they cure kids who have diseases. Yep, she’s a model. Gigi’s signature dish is a burger, Devon’s is a pasta. For some reason I feel like I have seen this show before but that doesn’t seem possible. Both girls brought in their own ingredients. Christina has to run out to stop Gigi from using the mandolin without the safety guard. Both dishes were beautifully plated and amazing. Gigi won. As someone mentioned to me today, perhaps Yolanda is now pushing of Gigi to get the lifestyle show that Yolanda wanted?

Then three former Masterchef winners ( Claudia, Luca and the blind winner Christine ) took on three current Masterchef Junior contestants (Addison, Zac and Amaya).

I hope this is not a spoiler that Avery doesn’t make the finals on MasterChef Junior. We will find out this Friday. She’s sort of a long shot and the final two are likely Zac and Addison, but I would love to see Avery win even though I like all the other kids too. I suppose if she had won she would have been there. Well, unless she is on tour. :) The kids are playing for Food on Foot.

Christine is now a judge on Masterchef Vietnam. They are playing for the LA Food Banks.

They all have to make Gordon’s Salmon Wellington. They will be cooking as three member tag teams. Both teams did well the adults did a better job. And they actually won. I thought they might give the win to the kids just because, but they did not.


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11 responses to “Gigi Hadid on Master Chef Celebrity Showdown

  1. Dang, I wish I had known this was on because I love cooking competitions too. AND with Gordan Ramsay? Well, he’s just the icing on the cake :) Anyway, I am all in!

  2. Jaded

    I love cooking shows too. Waiting on MasterChef to return. Thank goodness we have Top Chef right now. Gigi impressed me. Who knew she not only eats burgers but makes her own with 80/20 no less!

  3. Dawn

    I watched this, wondered what you thought about Gigi. I think there is more to it than she likes to cook. You usually are a foodie then, not a picker. Yolanda’s influence is all over this appearance and not just in the selection of the charity. I have become biased and even thought their charity choice was lame compared to everyone else’s.

    A TV show of some kind is definitely on Yolanda’s wish list. She wants the Hadids to be the upgrade of the Kardashians.

  4. Jane

    Isn’t that the charity created by David Foster? I would have expected her to make grilled cheese dippers

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t think David created the charity. I just thin he was one of three people who sponsored the awards gala. The other two were also relatives of people winning Lyme awards.

      Has anyone here received an award for any of the many illnesses we represent? I know I never got a gala and award for the crazy.

      • Minky

        Ooooh. You need to sponsor one of those Tamara. Think of the publicity. You can have a food event with Gordon Ramsay yelling at all the people who get your goat. Let’s start with the NJ cast. I think Gordon would pass out from exhaustion after getting through Teresa alone.

        Can you imagine him yelling at the Italian food crowd? “You call that sweets?!!! They wouldn’t serve that pathetic excuse for a cannoli in a Turkish prison!!! Are you mad?!!!”

        Maybe it wouldn’t address the various versions of crazy, but it would certainly make me smile.

      • Jane

        Got it. Foster cochaired the fundraising gala and the alliance has a separate board. I was suspicious that it was another kardashian type charity, but it looks like a serious research operation.

  5. I thought it was interesting that Gigi said her mother, sister & brother ARE AFFECTED BY Lymes, not that they have Lymes. The wording seemed specific. Things that make you go, “hmmm.”

  6. Cat

    When Gigi choked up, I got the strange feeling she really didn’t want to talk about Lyme Disease. Her words seemed forced, for some reason.

    I was surprised her burger won. Her chips looked greasy.

  7. Rose

    I thought Gigi’s statement about her Mom and siblings kind of odd. She didn’t really say they had it. I hoped Devon’s pasta would win but knew Gigi would take the win. Her burger looked good but too much on the rare side for my taste. That girl is certainly getting lots of exposure. I wanted a cupcake!

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