Exclusive Real Housewives of Orange County Tea: Filming Drama

Beador Manor


First of all this information is coming from a new source so it remains to be seen how accurate it is. I am going to share it with you anyway since it seems to make a lot of sense to me.

Both Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador live in the same neighborhood in Newport Beach, aptly named (at least for Shannon) Crystal Cove.  Both the Dubrow’s old home, and the new mausoleum they are building  are in Crystal Cove.

Apparently, much like the folks in Phaedra Parks neighborhood, and the Chateau Sheree neighborhood,  the residents of the community are unhappy with the Real housewives filming.  So my sources are telling me that the homeowners association (HOA) got together and effective January 1, 2016 “big production” filming is no longer allowed in Crystal Cove.

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Exclusive Tea on How Kenya Moore Was Cast on Real Housewives of AtlantaWhat about our need to see the damn porte cochère  ? That is Heather Dubrow’s entire storyline!  How will we keep up to date on what objects David Beador pulls out of Shannon’s ass in the bathroom??? This is horrible news!

Believe you me, as sad as we are about this turn of events, production is even sadder. The whole point of the show is to show the ridiculous life choices of people with a dozen or more toilets in their home! I’m hearing everyone is in a frenzy about this. Some people are even suggesting that is why the Beadors dropped the price of their house again. I think that is taking the situation a step to far. They have been trying to sell that house ever since David started tomcatting around the neighborhood. There are reports that the Dubrows want to get into a rental for filming season. Which is utterly ridiculous. But I can see them doing that.

The Dubrows will still film in their rental house and we will probably see home videos of their ginormous structure but will not have any more luncheons at the construction site.

Edit: To be clear, that means that Heather and Terry’s plans for a big housewarming party in March probably ain’t going to happen. OUCH! That’s gotta sting.

RHOOC is set to begin filming in the next few weeks.  Will we survive the lack of porte cochère views and Shannon’s enema accoutrements?


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54 responses to “Exclusive Real Housewives of Orange County Tea: Filming Drama

  1. JoJoFLL

    Please no Meghan.

  2. Lawstangel

    Is it really that “big” a production? I thought it was a producer and a camera person with an assistant. That to me does not seem to qualify as big “production” but maybe it is more involved than that. They film frequently in Century City where I work, now that is Big Production! Trucks, equipment, cops, inconvenient…It is usually for either film or television, not reality. I wonder if anyone will sue!

    • tamaratattles

      Yes it is Lawst. How do you thin I get so many sources on RHOA filming. Nobody wants Vans and stylists, and nanny cars, and Glam squads and production teams blocking their cul de sac for MONTHS during filming. The neighbors literally get on line an Google and end up here emailing me.

      Also for Crystal Cove, Shannon’s constant price reductions are getting nation wide coverage (like me) about being at the lowest price per square foot ever in the history of the neighborhood. No one wants to spend that kind of money and have to maneuver around film crews for months. I don’t blame them at all.

      • Leelee

        Also, Crystal Cove is notoriously exclusive (I lived in Newport for many years). This news is unsurprising. You’re barely allowed at the beach.

      • Sliceo'pie

        They use to film commercials at my neighbor’s home-2 doors down. It was a nightmare-we would receive 2 days notice and the whole block would be shut down-usually for two to three days. It meant the HOMEOWNERS, had to park a block away from our homes (.. still pisses me off) from 8:00am to 9:00 pm. A pain in the ass when you have small kids or groceries. There were cars & huge RV’s lining the street, running all day-exhaust spilling out. They never turn the engines off.
        I don’t have a sidewalk in front of my house-the lawn runs down to the street-once craft services actually set up picnic tables on my property. I eventually got them to take down the tables but they still walked all over my lawn. Each time they filmed, they set up an RV in front of my house & would stand on and throw equipment all over my lawn.
        We all banded together and protested to the neighbor who was receiving $3k-$4K a day for the use of his home and he said none of this was HIS problem, to take it up with, “Production”. He truly didn’t think the inconvenience was his responsibility-truly bizarre.
        By the way, our town (Montclair, NJ) only receives $250 a day for the permit to film.
        Sorry, hopping off my soapbox…

  3. Jaded

    That gigantic house the Dubrows are building was the only reason I was going to watch any part of next season.

  4. DCDeity

    That house is SO bland looking.

  5. I have lost my reason for living!! Okay, maybe not. Yeah, can they ban Meghan? Please? I am sure the Dubrows will use their storyline time selling some skin goo or invertebrates to suck their blood.

    • Stephanie

      Haha I caught Heather on Evine Live Sunday night selling their cream and I was tempted to watch to see if ‘Cinnamon’ called in again… yikes!

  6. Bryn

    Curious about this… What happens if they film anyways? What can the home owners associations do? I’m not familiar with living in these gated communities:)

  7. Dawn

    That is disappointing. Seeing their lavish homes is what I enjoy most. I watch to see the lifestyle of the rich, not the bickering and petty drama. It wouldn’t bother me if the Dubrows and Bedors were eliminated. I see enough of the Dubrows all over TV. I don’t care to see Shannon and David at all. If they have more dinners pool side at Vicki’s, that is okay with me.

  8. CanadaCat

    How can anyone dictate whether filming can/can’t happen in someone’s private home and on their private property?

    • tamaratattles

      Home Owners Associations are the devil, CC. They also have to pay huge fees each month to the HOA for the privilege of living with the restrictions. They are limited on what color their home can be, fined for the grass being a quarter inch too tall, often forced to used the same landscaper, told how many ungaraged cars they can have on their property… many, many things.

      As for what happens if they film anyway? First they would have to get production crew through the gate, and then there would be VERY hefty fines in place. You have to sign a HOA agreement before moving in and legal action would also be taking up to and including possible eviction.

      You should watch this week’s Madam Secretary. The SOS was threatened with eviction over the secret service cars parking on the street with their engines constantly running among other things.

      • Micheal

        Not only Madam Secretary – The Good Wife also covered this.

        On a side note why did they both cover the same storyline in the episode that aired the same week? Weird.

      • Psylocke

        They are the devil indeed.

        The president of the HOA in the community I grew up in was Andy Cohen levels of Satan. He would patrol the streets every damn night like a faux FBI agent, actively searching for the most minute infractions. He was actually the person I ever saw with a Segway when they were being hyped up as the greatest invention of all time – yes, he literally rode his Segway through the neighborhood like Paul Blart.

        When I got my first car, I of course parked it in the driveway without any second thought, and came ecstatically running out the next morning only to find a huge fine and an explicitly threatening letter. For two years I had to park my car over a mile away in a different neighborhood and then walk home.

        Then there was the time our AC went out during a particularly hot-as-fuck summer – we bought a temporary window unit to hold us over and purposely installed it in the back of the house so no one would notice it. Within 24 hours we were fined – to this day we have no idea how he even saw it, much less so quickly. I’m convinced he had a secret security room in his dungeon basement in which he spied on all the neighbors.

      • That’s hilarious. I doubt that would happen IRL though. In Washington, the neighbors would consider that a status symbol. Proximity to power, etc.

    • swizzle

      Even without an HOA, cities and villages can impose restrictions. There were a lot of complaints in our town about houses being used for commercial shoots, so the village limited the number of days any one home can be used for filming. Personally, I think it’s stupid. I kind of enjoy the hub bub of filming. If you’ve never seen it before, you’d be shocked at how many vehicles and people are involved in a simple shoot.

      I wonder if the RH producers can figure out a way to make it less of a production and less intrusive. Maybe a skeleton crew on site with all the other stuff out of the neighborhood. I want to see the Dubrow’s new house.

      Maybe they can buy off/bribe/threaten the HOA. Happened this week on the Good Wife and worked quite well. Maybe production can pay the HOA so everyone in the neighborhood benefits.

      • Leelee

        I doubt it. Newport is ritzy as is; that may have been a possibility in Newport Coast (a larger community, but still exclusive: i.e. Where Kobe’s house was/is (not sure if he still lives there)). But Crystal Cove? No dice.

  9. GirlFromKY

    Wonder what’s going to happen with the Vicki thing?

  10. JS

    That makes no sense to me. The HOA can’t control who they have in their house or on their property. As long as production isn’t blocking any streets or using public resources they can show up,park in the drive way, and film whenever or wherever they want on the cast member’s estate.

    • tamaratattles

      JS, you are woefully uneducated on this subject. We really need you to know what you are talking about if you’d lie to comment here. You should check out the commenting rules as well. But welcome… sort of.

  11. Cat

    Maybe the women can go on location more? Seems to me, some of the best catfights happen in restaurants. Maybe production can make some deals, and give free advertising to restaurants in exchange for filming?

    I never really pay attention to the houses, anyway. Except for Kenya’s house. I want that purple tea kettle.

  12. jen

    This is interesting tea. It makes a lot of sense though. I grew up in a neighborhood with an HOA and it was very strict. The houses were the size of Heather’s closet so I can only imagine in a neighborhood this nice they wouldn’t want this.

  13. peachteachr

    Shannon will DESTROY anything or anyone who gets between her and the camera.

  14. Mark

    On the Secrets Revealed episode, didn’t they mention that Pinky and Adrienne’s neighbourhood was so exclusive they couldn’t get crews or trucks parked anywhere, do tgey had to park outside and schelp all the stuff into their houses?

    Do you think they’ll do something like that? Or do you think that was extra effort for Queen Pump? Damn I want to see every ONE of those fourteen shitters. Not seeing Porte Cochere Palace might be a deal-breaker for me…

  15. CanadaCat

    This HOA crap sounds like the most elitist scam, ever. Sounds like you pay a bunch of extra dollars to live in a big-ass ugly grossly oversized house that everyone can gawk at, then you get to pay a bunch more extra dollars to let some other elitist weirdos dictate what you can/cannot do? Do they also tell you who’s acceptable friend-wise and what kind of gitch to wear (for the men)? It seems people who buy into this are just trying to prove that they have enough money to be this stupid. Watching them now appeals as more of a freak show then ever.
    It wouldn’t be nearly as entertaining though without TT! ?

    • tamaratattles

      CC it’s not just an excusive neighborhood thing here in Merika. It’s becoming a lot harder to find homes that are NOT in an HOA these days. I think in new neighborhoods it’s pretty standard at any price range.

      I am/was just as mystified as you that this is legal. I would never live in a place with an HOA. In crystal cove the HOA fees are around 800 a month. For that you get to use the club and they probably do your landscaping. Or maybe not. who knows.

      • Xanadude

        I live in Texas, where HOAs finally got so out of control the Lege stepped in. Seriously, you know you are evil when you’re a money making entity and the Texas Legislature thinks you’ve gone too far.

      • Cat

        They are really bad here in KC. There was one dad who built an elaborate playhouse for his daughter who was fighting cancer. Even though all of his neighbors supported the idea, the HOA ordered him to tear it down. It was awful, the way this man and his daughter were treated. Finally, with local media coverage, and outrage from the public, the HOA backed down.

      • Minky

        Wow Xanadude. I remember reading Molly Ivins and how she would describe them. I have neighbors who have the nerve to put their garbage in my cans, but I still wouldn’t ever sic anybody on them.

        @Cat I hope that little girl got to enjoy her playhouse that her daddy built for her. People are just awful.

        These HOA’s sound like they’re run by Eric Cartman. Respect my authorita!!!

      • Cat

        She did. It made her very happy.

      • CanadaCat

        I’m glad I live in my medium-small city of Saskatoon. Here, the only time you’d see HOAs are when you buy into one of those condo houses that are all attached to each other. The gated ones aren’t secure, so in other words, you can drive right in! I feel lucky to live in a neighbourhood where it’s diverse. On my block are middle-class families, singles, elderlies, First Nations, Asian, East Indian, and a couple group homes for developmentally disabled peeps. The next blocks over have some higher-income folks. I like the mix and would never dream of living in some kind of generic dictatorship…that I had to pay out of the ass to live in! I am also a single mom and there’s another one of those up the block, too.

        I like it, I think I’ll stay put.

  16. Miranda Aldridge

    My HOA once put a lien against the deed to my property because of two pots of red Impatiens on my porch. The lien was for $500 because our rules state “flowering plant blooms should match the trim or exterior colors of the home”. I have green shutters, white trim and brown brick. I had to pay the fine. I then moved.

    • Sali

      That is INSANE! How is this legal? My shitty neighborhood never sounded better after hearing this.

    • Minky

      A lien? Because of some potted plants? That’s loco. I shudder to think what they would do about Halloween and Xmas decorations. Are those allowed?

    • I moved into a very nice condo at the marina. The door to my condo was prison gray. One fine day I began painting it sky blue. Before I could finish painting it, some supercilious old man marched up and informed me I was violating HOA rules and enumerated the dire consequences. Fine. I stopped painting and, within three months, bought a ticky tack old fiserman’s cottage on a huge double-lot two blocks away…big, ancient oak trees, a screened porch. I drink coffee on in my Pj’s and keep a 100-pound German Shepherd I adore. My front door is hot raspberry red, and clear Christmas icicle lights line my porch year round. Bite me.

  17. Minky

    Wow! Thank god I’m po’. These HOA sound horrible. They must be unconstitutional somehow. So you buy house and you don’t even get to own it. Shit, if I had to live in those kids of conditions I’d sunbathe in the nude where everybody can see my big ass. Let the neighbors get a load of me! Can the HOA prevent me from walking around nude in my own yard? Can they?!

  18. Jane

    My hoa told me that I was violating the Clean Water Act and they would contact the EPA if I didn’t clean up 6dachshund poos so small I couldn’t find them. It is not a prestigious community by a long shot, either.

  19. Erica

    Wooo… good tea. HOA laws do vary state to state… and some rules end up violating some federal regulations. It would be interesting to read up on HOA regs in California. I live in a condo in a planned community, so God help me, I have a condo association AND an HOA. Yes, my next home will be more in my hometown area – but it will be in the unincorporated county like where I grew up.

    TT? Does the production crew pack up and leave every night? With my condo and board – if a crew did that, they really couldn’t do anything. I’m not in a gated community, My friends are though, and the same rule applies (trust me, they have a fucking asshole for a neighbor who has called the cops on my car on the street slightly in front of his house before.)

    I also know that both my board and HOA tried to prevent anyone from having a dish satellite attached to their units. Which meant that the only way to get TV (at that time) was Comcast. Well, they tried to fine a tenant who wanted Dish… and I guess they didn’t know he was an attorney. He sicc’d the FCC on ’em. Apparently you can’t prevent someone from accessing the “airwaves” in the manner they wish to do so. It drives my busybody retiree condo board NUTS. I love it. (Same asshats who removed my political sign in 2008 supporting Obama. I didn’t know it was them – one of the board members called me on another issue, and I brought up the fact that it was removed and laid on my porch. He started in on ROA and Condo regs about the “time period I am allowed to post political signs”. I mentioned that if that were the case, there was a clear bias and interference with my rights to free speech – as all of the McCain/Palin signs on the street were still up. Next day, all the McCain Palin signs were down . Hee hee.

    Interfering with your resident’s source of income when it doesn’t interfere with zoning laws… hmmm… interesting legal issue.

    • WonkyTonk

      Erica, Your last sentence was my first thought, sounds like an interesting case for a legal challenge especially if they bought the house in the first place for use in filming, which probably isn’t the case, but it might be the case they’ve kept it for the purpose of filming so now the HOA is retroactively changing the terms of the initial contract the HOA agreement they signed initially without offering any compensation to the homeowners affected. Also doesn’t a meaningful change in a contract allow for either or both parties to back out of the contract? How does one do that in an HOA, can one? Curious about how that would turn out actually.

    • 3Sweeties

      In my state, if a neighborhood has stronger restrictions than the zoning laws, the court will usually side with the neighborhood. The stricter restriction is dominant. However, I don’t live in California.

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