Vanderpump Rules Vacation Bingo!

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FUN! by Xanadude!

In anticipation of tonight’s VPR trip to Hawaii, your humble contributing writer has put together the annual Vanderpump Rules Vacation Bingo Card and or checklist! Play along at home, and once you’ve completed the list reward yourself with your favorite adult beverage!

There are two ways to play.

Option One: To make your custom Bingo card, (1) go to (2)Choose Free Custom Bingo Card Generator (3) Set the grid size to 4×4 (4)  type in the official checklist below, but BE SURE TO RANDOMIZE THE LIST so we don’t all have the same card!  Once you see the card you like, you can right click and save as a photo and print it out.

Option Two:  Just print out the checklist and check off each predicted event when it happens!

This WAS the view from Jax's window in Hawaii

This WAS the view from Jax’s window in Hawaii

Here are your Bingo terms:

Scheana Makes It All About Her
Gay Stuff
Jax Goes to Jail
Shots of Busy SUR and Not Enough Employees
Drunken Karaoke
Uninvited Guest Shows Up
Katie Mentions Stassi
Phone Call FROM Pinky
Phone Call TO Pinky
Sniff Sniff Sniff (AKA It’s Snowing)
Someones Loses Jewelry or a Phone
Someone is Offended
Someone Leaves the Trip Early
James and Lala Do Something Gross Together
Mumbled Conversation that is Subtitled

Good Luck!


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4 responses to “Vanderpump Rules Vacation Bingo!

  1. tamaratattles


    Okay not really. I’m not able to watch until tomorrow so I have a little FOMO. Have fun!

  2. Miguel

    Hi TT, can’t wait to read your take on tonight’s Teen Mom!!!

  3. Matzah60

    This is the bomb I especially love “Somene is offended.” Should occur every 30 seconds!!! I didn’t see before watching, but am anxious to do so and watch again!!

  4. Xanadude

    If you weren’t able to play this week, VPP vacay is being spread over multiple episodes, so print out your cards and/or checklists before next week’s episode and play along at home!

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