Who Wants a Shannon Beador Update?

Beador house 20 Shell

What do you mean no one wants a Shannon Beador update?  Well I am going to give you one anyway. I’d forgotten she even existed until one of my spies sent me a new real estate listing.  Every time I look at the listing photos of this house, all I can think about is how it is on just a smidge over a half an acre of land. The photos somehow make it look like a huge estate. How do you cram all of that over the top grandiosity on half an acre?

But on to the point of this post. First, let’s review the point of another post I made just over one month ago:

The Beador’s house is back on the market. They built their home to their specifications and it was finished in 2012. They put in on the market less than a year later in 2013  for $15,990,000.  Very quickly the price dropped to $13,498,000. After Shannon’s first season aired, the house dropped in price to $12,990,000.  The new price is $11,898,000. That’s four million dollars in price reductions!  It’s like no one wants a house with crystals in the walls to eliminate any bad energy in the house.  Newsflash to those of you building homes: Apparently that does not work.


Shannon and David 1/16/16

Shannon and David 1/16/16


And now, permit me to overshare a personal matter that I find relevant to this situation. Back at the end of summer 2015 I decided that I was going to take a part of my savings and invest it online. Despite everyone with a brain in their heads telling me not too, I forged ahead with dreams of making a good investment and making buckets of money. I told myself that if I lost money. I’d still be fine, because my ad income from WordPress was paying my expenses for the most part. And it wasn’t all of my savings. Then the WP ad revenue went to shit, so we went through that whole moving process that I still have to work on to this day. That was in September. I have not been paid since the move. For the past for months, I’ve been living on savings. I have been told to expect a check next week. In the meantime, I ran up some bills during my mental health break that are due next week as well. It’s going to be a close call. It would not be a problem at all if I just sold my stocks. However, there has been a huge stock market crash and I am bleeding money in that account. So I am going to have to wait that out and not sell.  Never fear, I have little stashes of emergency money here and there because I suffer from Fear of Being A Bag Lady Disease. I have rearranged them into my checking and will be fine to pay my bills next week.

I overshare all of that to point out that it would be financially stupid of me to sell the stocks this week. I think it is smarter to wait things out and just leave things alone until the global economy gets its act together. Eventually oil will go back up and the ship will right itself. I’m not desperate to sell. I have other options. So why don’t the Beadors?

The Beadors have dropped the price of their house to $819 a square foot in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in their area. The new price is $10,898,00. To me, that is a fire sale. They seem really desperate to sell that house. But why? I cannot believe they need the cash. Shannon’s daddy would fix any financial problems and Shannon should be loaded anyway. There is no financial reason for them to take a loss. Just like it would make no sense to me to take a loss on a smaller scale, it makes even less sense for them to sell at this price. The prudent move is to take the house off the market, live in the organically decided house with the crystals in the walls with their three girls who are very active in their schools and wait things out a couple of years for the demand in the neighborhood to increase. I can only assume they have some sort of financial expert who has pointed this out. So why are they not listening?

RHOOC Shannon monkey

Generally, poor financial decisions come from an emotion source, a wedding, a lifelong dream for a boat, or a car, or a vacation, wanting to keep up with the Jones etc.  I don’t see any of those applying. So I am going to offer two more scenarios.

The price of this house has been dropping like a rock since David cheated. Oh, you may not have heard, but David cheated on Shannon. I can’t for the life of me imagine why.

Option One:  David either screwed the mistress in the house, or she lives in the neighborhood. I could see myself wanting to flee the house if I were in Shannon’s situation. However, if this were the case, I would have done it the day I found out. I would have already moved out either to a new place or home with my Daddy. But that has not happened.And the house was for sale before the cheating was discovered. Although the marriage was clearly going south at the time of the first listing.

Option Two: Impending divorce and the need to separate and liquidate as many assets as possible. I’ve been saying this for a while. These two have been trying way too hard to prove to us that they are so very happy together. I do not believe them.  I checked Shannon’s Facebook this morning and pulled the photo above. When I look at that photo I hear Shannon screeching, “No, take another one, and David, this time, Look Me In The EYE!” There are many more like it. Nearly every day there is a photo of the happy family doing things together. When is David working?

Nothing about this relationship seems genuine to me. Nothing about drastic price decreases on a house that Shannon built to accommodate all of her health neuroses, crystals in the walls and non-toxic building materials, makes sense.  I guess there is a third option, and that is that it is extremely overpriced and they were hoping to make a ton of money off the house being on the show. But with all the weird stuff Shannon did during building, I really think she planned to live there until the girls moved out.

I’m probably over thinking this. I am just very curious when rich people seem to be making strange financial decisions. Remember what I said about Yolanda and David?  And at time the whole “My  king, my love” thing was going on. This all just seems very familiar to me.  Stay tuned…


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44 responses to “Who Wants a Shannon Beador Update?

  1. Shannon and David are Foster mini-me’s, except it’s Shannon’s daddy who has the deep pockets. I am going for option #2.
    Ick, sharing a milk shake. Last time I saw a photo of people doing that, it was the Duggars. Since when does Shannon eat dairy??

  2. CanadaCat

    You’re SO FUNNY, TT, thanks for the Sunday giggles.

    I agree, something’s not right. Probably the divorce thing. However, is it possible that they’re broke and Shannon’s family isn’t bailing them out?

  3. Xanadude

    Why, oh why, are you trying to take down the Beadors? :)

  4. Lisaj

    Chinese devaluation of currency, oil being cheaper than a gallon of milk, an election year, stay calm.
    DIVORCE but this time I don’t think by Bravo, he’s got the crazy serial killer eyes and she’s just crazy. Maybe Heather will buy the lot and make one big long crazy Porte Cochere dream come true.

  5. TT You have a lot of fans! You should consider opening a Go Fund Me account. You deserve to be paid to entertain us!!

    • Minky

      I say T-shirts and other items with TT-isms on them. Etsy. Zazzle. AND the RH companion book. That needs to happen.

    • cc101

      Scroll down on the home page and at the bottom of the right hand column you can see a donate button. TT totally deserves it.

    • tamaratattles

      I’m fine! The point of the overshare was that normal people have plans in place for unforeseen circumstances, like I do. I have things under control. Thus the Beadors can’t possibly need to sell that house, particularly at a loss. Something is up.

      • Lisaj

        Could it in ANY way shape or form be to outdo the Dubrows??? It’s a stretch but remember all the #sideeye comments about my house overlooking yours? I’m reaching, no one could be that shallow #sideeye

      • Erica

        Unless in trying to make amends for the divorce, David has WAY over spent in keeping the crazy one sweet. Daddy may be willing to support his daughter if she leaves David, but perhaps not so willing to support or bail out David. Knew a couple that reconciled after a separation (no cheating that I know of… she was just tired of him) After they got back together, he waaay over spent on their new house and trips to try to keep her happy.

  6. I doubt they are taking a loss, yet. David built it so the cost was about 40% – 50% less than first price.
    I could be wrong.

    • swizzle

      I don’t think David built it. His company builds highways, bridges, ramps, etc. I don’t think they do buildings.

    • tamaratattles

      David is not that kind of a builder. And they used top of the line everything from architects to ​finishes. They didn’t build at any discount. I pulled this from the listing for you, ” The property showcases the ultra-custom building industry’s highest quality construction from Rodeo Homes, exquisite heirloom and art-quality finishes selected by interior designer Robert Ricker and spectacular architecture from the renowned Richard Krantz ”

      This was no discount build. Not to mention all the nontoxic crystals in the wall crap.

      • TT, I did not mean it was a discount house, honest. I’m sure they used the best of everything.

        His site does claim roads, bridge work but also non-residential and single family homes.

      • tamaratattles

        Please read the commenting rules, Patti. They are in place precisely so that I do not have to correct commenters repeatedly over issues such as this at 12:30 am. David’s company does construction for government highway projects. He had nothing to do with the building of the house any more than any other owner does. Please stop. Thanks.

    • Erica

      You don’t really figure out the listing price by doubling the costs of building.

      I am guessing that they did some shit that they will NEVER get their money back on… mainly that crystal stuff, but I bet there is more.

  7. Sali

    You called the Foster’s impending divorce and I can see this one going down the same path. Their photo-ops do seem so forced. I agree that when you have to try so hard to prove something, it’s probably not real. It’ll be interesting to see this develop.

  8. Ansa Johnson


    As someone who is currently in graduate school and realizes that I will probably die at work, I will not be cashing out any stocks until 2018/2019. I have a bad feeling about economy until then. I live in Florida so it could be because I am surrounded by a crazy economy supported by tourism and a housing market that is ridiculously overpriced. I sense another housing bubble popping about this time next year. But again, I live in Florida.

  9. They will be divorced by the end of next season

  10. swizzle

    We’d like to sell our house too, but the market isn’t right so we’re waiting a year or so. The only thing that makes sense to me with the Beadors is that they need to downsize financially. We all think Shannon’s family is loaded, but do we really know? Maybe the family blew through all their wealth.

    I can’t see why they’d need to sell the house to divorce. I can’t imagine Shannon having it in her to stay with David just until the house sells. She’s not good at hiding her emotions…as we all heard, David cheated on her with his affair.

  11. microop

    Why are they pretending to be happy?

  12. Dawn

    My guess is they can afford to take a loss and they prefer to appear a couple until the house sells and/or some kind of motivation about staying on housewives show. I think Shannon is calling the shots and who know why crazy does what they do? She feels desperate about loosing face/husband, or something like that, is motivating this charade.

  13. Perhaps it’s her storyline for the show? Are they filming now?

  14. Maybe their current house price is finally reflecting what it’s really worth and not what they thought it was worth. Still think divorce is a factor too, but once the youngest is off to college.

  15. TT sorry for breaking rules.
    Was not my intent.
    Take care

  16. Hi TT glad your back. In 2012 we were looking to rent a house to see if the o.c lifestyle was for us ( were dairy farming folk who recently sold our land in the i.e chino / chino hills to be exact ). We had our agent find us rentals and I remember this house being one of the houses sent to us to see as a possible fit. Im thinking after the domestic insident they had before landing the show? Anyhow we are in the buying process in that area and found it interesting that it is the lowest price in the whole community not to mention ugly (no offense) and run down a bit from the rental listing i was sent in late 2012/2013. Also noticed there is a casita that looked lived in. Convenient for the post cheating spouse dont you think? Maybe the cheating deed happened there ??? but thats none of my business tho 😉

  17. Joan

    Maybe getting out of the house has nothing to do with money. Shannon is into “energy” medicine etc. Maybe they have been counseled by one of her Guru’s that they need to leave the negative environment of this house in order to move forward in their relationship? Being in a new home allows them to start “fresh” and put the affair behind them?

    • swizzle

      That sounds like a very logical reason. I bet it’s making Shannon crazy that the Dubrows just had someone knock on their door and buy their house when it wasn’t even on the market. I’m also wondering if the downsize is to reduce the pressure on David to bring in the income to pay for the huge place.

    • janet

      I hope that’s it. I think it’s not a bad idea either. I agree that Shannon isnt good at hiding her emotions. I like that about her as I suck at that too.

  18. Denine

    That lot looks like it’s at least a shy acre if not a full acre.

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