So Apollo Allegedly Called TMZ Again? #SideEye

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What the hell is going on with TMZ? I swear, sometime they have great, factual exclusives and other times it is nothing but whatthefuckness. Almost all of the Bravo related posts fall into the last category lately. I posted their Teresa Giudice story with a healthy dose of side eye. It was a slow day for good tea, and it was fun to think about Teresa going back to the pokey even though realistically that is never going to happen. At least not on the current offense.

Lately,  TMZ has been obsessed with Apollo.  In the past 24 days they have published five stories on a Z list “celebrity” who has been sitting in prison. Can he really be that interesting? In one story, they falsely claimed that Apollo didn’t want to see his boys while he was in prison. Someone tweeted on his behalf that was bullshit.

Then he called TMZ FROM PRISON to tell them, he did want to see them in prison and that Phaedra would be bringing them up “soon.”  On last week’s RHOA he also told Ayden that daddy would be home  “soon” so clearly “soon” is a very relative term.

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Now today, conveniently on the day RHOA airs they have an EXCLUSIVE STORY!  What’s the earth shattering news? It’s that Todd and Kandi answer his calls from prison and put money on his books.  Even if I believed that, and I don’t, how is this a story? If one of my sources told me that, I’d hold on to it for a longer post where that minor point might be relevant. If I mentioned it at all. I think everyone assumes that Todd would be willing to pick up Apollo’s calls. Apollo would not be calling Kandi at all. And I doubt either of them go out of their way to put money on his books.

So because I am in my “what does this all meeeeeaaaannnnn????”  state of mind today, I’m going to say that Bravo is throwing some coins at TMZ. They sure do like information to hit on a show night. I wonder if we will see something about the Real Housewives of the Potomac before the day is over?

It seems like a slow weekend at TMZ.


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23 responses to “So Apollo Allegedly Called TMZ Again? #SideEye

  1. I have $$ on TMZ posting SOMETHING on R-HOP, at the least by day’s end… ??

  2. Marilee

    Apolo isn’t half as bad and hateful as Teresa Guidice, yet she is give a job and more. Plus, Teresa has not changed one bit or found forgiveness in her heart. She is the same hateful person she’s always been, just waiting to jump someone.

    • tamaratattles

      Are you really going to compare the felonies of defrauding multiple banks out of loans Teresa knew she could not repay by lying about her “jobs” and forging W-2s to Apollo stealing retirement checks from Delta employees and committing fraud by having people deposit them as their own and somehow in your head come up with some sort of sympathy for Apollo not being “as bad and hateful?”

      Ladies and gentleman, this is the type society we now live in. Le sigh.

    • Erica

      How has Apollo “changed”? You know him? Visit him in prison? This is his second go round. Phaedra gave him the benefit of the doubt at the very least (whatever you think of her)

      I admit I don’t have as much hate for Phaedra as others do… I find her amusing in a ridiculous way.

      I also kind of bet that Todd and Kandi would accept the call if he did call. They do seem very forgiving of Apollo and not Phaedra. I guess it only matters ifit is THEIR money and not someone’s retirement money.

  3. Xanadude

    Well, Andy has said that of all the househusbands, he finds Apollo the sexiest…

  4. Jaded

    I read that slow weakend.

  5. sarcasatire

    Kandi is the worst friend ever!!! She jumped on the Apollo bandwagon because that’s where her huzzzband wants to be. That’s why she was defending Apollo at the take with Porsha, talking about how Phaedra wanted him gone. She’s hoarding Apollo’s stuff in her garage, taking his prison phone calls?!?!?!

    I can’t believe ANYONE still respects Kandi after this season. She really showed her true colors, letting Todd’s bromance kill her friendships.

  6. Cheychey

    I think Apollo is a scumbag. I also think if you would store said scumbags property at your house for 8 yrs while at prison then certain you would take his prison phone calls. Maybe even dro $20 on his books from time to time. Is it newsworthy? Not to me.

  7. I keep waiting for Apollo to squeal on Phaedra. Is anyone as offended by her tag line as I am? Really, Phaedra, God is not impressed with you, because you know, God is like … GOD. Will this horrible nasty woman ever go away?

    • tamaratattles

      I am, Karen! It raises my blood pressure everytime I hear it. Especially after she milked so many congregations on her book selling tour to churches where supposedly “love offerings” were taken up for her.

      I actually hate ALL the taglines for RHOA this season. Usually, after the first episode or two I don’t even notice them as I am setting up to blog. This season, it REALLY grates on my nerves.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I want to know what happened to her being a funeral director or whatever. Once the jig was up with Apollo stealing identities it seems she’s abandoned the whole scheme. Convenient.

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