Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Flight of the Fields

RHOA Phaedra, Porsha, Sheree, Kim


I am not sure I can stomach writing this recap. Not because Nene is back. That should be fun. I’m going to go out on a limb before the show starts and say we don’t see inside her new house tonight. It looks like her “furniture” in her talking heads has been CGIed in so I am assuming she still doesn’t have any furniture considering how she blew up on Joy Behar when she asked about it on The View. Plus she looks ridiculous once again in the talking heads, and that is always good for a laugh.

No my issue is with Phaedra and her stupid political bullshit. It was stupid enough when we just had tweets and photos. I strongly encourage you to click that link. Okay, it’s starting now, I’m about to take this one for the team. God I hate all the taglines this season.


Todd and Kandi are in the car and Todd is setting out his rules for a boy child (no sandals) and a girl child (no perms). I can’t believe they are serious about opening a restaurant. Todd wants the Old Lady Gang to run the restaurant.

Todd and Kandi arrive at Mama Joyce’s house where the whole old lady gang is waiting for them. Mama Joyce squeals at Todd and hugs him screaming, “I love you!”  She is delirious with baby fever. The old lady gang is not thrilled with the restaurant idea. Kandi says she wants to name the restaurant Old Lady Gang. Aunt Bertha is not down with the plan. She is the main one that cooks.RHOA Kenya Moore Manor


Our girl Kenya is busy on site supervising Moore Manor. What a novel idea. When Kenya went to D.C. the contractors slacked off. That happens. That is why you have to show up everyday and make sure they are on task. I know this because I watch a lot of Jeff Lewis shows. I love Jeff Lewis. Cynthia shows up to check out the (lack of ) progress on Moore Manor and to get the rundown on how Kenya’s family reunion went. Aunt Lori is mad at Kenya for going to her mother’s house. Cynthia is so supportive. She says it reminded her of the breadown Nene had at the last reunion, well she says therapy session because she can’t say reunion.Yet they show a clip of the reunion.  It should be noted that as soon as Nene reappears, Cynthia will drop Kenya like a hot rock. #FlipFlopper Cynthia and Kenya cry together.

Aunt Lori comes over to Kenya’s house. Apparently, she is not too mad at her to film. She brings her daughter Che along with her. Aunt Lori said that Kenya needs to stop trying to approach her mother. In Kenya’s talking heads, she talks about being at holidays with her family where he mother was present. Her mother would talk to everyone else in the room and ignore Kenya as if she was invisible. Aunt Lori said that she left because her sister was home alone when something happened that really upset her. She was called and asked to tell Kenya to stop. Kenya says she is ready to let it go.

RHOA Porsha, Sheree


Of course we start right off with Phaedra. I picked a fine time to stop drinking. Phaedra is taking the boys and Kim, Porsha and Sheree, a trifecta of stupid, to D.C. with her. But first, we get a call from prison. Apollo is concerned that Ayden is not “being hayve” at school. Phaedra says they are co-parenting, but there is only so much parenting you can do from prison. #ProfoundThoughtsByPhaedra

In DC we have Phaedra in one room with her nanny taking care of the boys, and Kim being a mother to her sons in the other. Eventually, all of the ladies are tired of waiting on Kim so they leave her a car and leave without her. They arrive at the office of U.S. Congresswoman, Fredrica Wilson of Miami, whackjob extraordinaire.  Let’s listen. Phaedra is “in the process of starting” Save Our Sons” a “charity.” I don’t have  time to find all the Save Our Sons posts, but start with this one, remember this situation back in 2014? That was a SOS event and Phaedra was merely a speaker. #Stunts Porsha starts talking about her grandfather’s legacy. I can’t with this scene. Congressman Wilson starts talking about how people don’t like African American boys. Kim’s oldest son is listening. Then Wilson says one day a little a little boy asked her where the jail for white people is. Kim has had enough. She gets up and takes her boys right out of there. Kim gives her sons an age appropriate lesson on civil rights. Will this be the come to Jesus moment for Kim regarding Phaedra?

Next, Phaedra pretends like she has set up a luncheon for her congressional friends to thank them for….something imaginary that she didn’t quite articulate.  Kim’s eldest son is the voice of reason muttering, “I can’t believe I have to be on this stupid trip meeting the stupid people of Congress. Who cares?” Sebastian may be my favorite kid stuck on a Real Housewives show. Nobody cares, Sebastian. NO.  BOD. EE.

RHOA Phaedra, Porsha and Sheree

And yet the farce continues. Thankfully, for Sebastian, his little brother throws a fit and Kim and her boys step outside. We really need a name for Kim Fields leaving filming. How about the Fields Flee? Flight of the Fields? Anyway, Kim takes the boys back to the hotel. They play a clip of Porsha’s underground railroad scene. Then Phaedra starts with the subject verb agreement dialect…. “It is so many single black women….” I want to be in the hotel with Kim. Oh god, Shelia Jackson Lee. Let me hush my mouth.

Oh sadly, Kim is just on the bus and not at the hotel. Sheree goes out to tell her she is being disrespectful by removing a screaming two year old from an adult meeting. NOTHING so far on this trip was child friendly. But that doesn’t stop Sheree from judging Kim’s parenting.

The next day, Porsha dresses like a THOT for the march and Phaedra basically acts like she came up with the whole idea of the Million Man March. She says she is going to be the symbol for mother’s with slain children. Clearly she has confused herself with Trayvon Martin’s mom, who was an actual invited speaker.  Kim is in her room planning her escape. She has to take an earlier flight because she is hosting an actual charity event in Atlanta that night.

Okay now this is interesting. There are unsubstantiated rumors that Porsha slept with Kairo, Sheree’s son. I didn’t believe it. Until this scene. Porsha is on the boy like white on rice. Phaedra just called it slobbering on him like a baby on a pacifier. Then Phaedra says, “man, you are LEGAL.” and Sheree says, “legal for what?” This is getting a bit weird. Even for these ladies. His mama is RIGHT THERE!

The speeches went on forever and Porsha got hungry so someone passed her pack of Cheezits to shut her up. Then you hear some man on the stage ask, “Who wants to be a whore?” And Porsha perked up and said “Now that got my attention!” At least she knows herself. That’s always a good thing.

Gif by T.Kyle RealityTVGifs

Gif by T.Kyle RealityTVGifs


I have a strong feeling this scene was filmed AFTER Jamaica because my understanding is that no one knew Nene was coming.

Cynthia points out to Nene that she has her blocked. Nene says she was so hurt by their friendship dissolving she had to just block her. Both women talk about how much they missed the other. The show scenes where the two fought a lot and eventually broke up. They agree to start over. Cynthia says Kenya is her girl. Nene is offended. So Cynthia backtracks and says no one could take Nene’s place. Then we go with the fake catching Nene up scene. Of course she found out all of this in Jamaica.

Next Week: Sadly Kenya Moore begins her ugly ways toward Kim Fields. I just have no idea why she would do that. It’s like being mean to the kids at the Special Olympics. It’s just not done.


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160 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Flight of the Fields

  1. Rose

    I would have fled the scene too with my boys. It wasn’t appropriate. She by sherre is so insensitive as a mom. Phaedra…i just can’t with her ego and nonsense. These women really lost sons and Phaedra makes it about her? Pure exploitation..shame, shame, shame. What the heck was Nene wearing?

    • Tra

      I’m sorry but Phaedra is still an idiot. Why haven’t people figured out her deal? She’s so concerned about black boys but she’s the one who married an ex con and had kids by him; yet putting her black boys in a bad situation. Now the boys have to talk and see daddy in jail. But yet, she’s so concerned about black boys. This chick is a phony. I’ve said this since day one. Why on earth would DC politicians invite this criminal? That’s all she is.

      I understand Kim taking her kids out of the room in DC but her decision to take them on the Jamaica trip is ridiculous. Plus she’s trying to play Kenya. Hell didn’t Kenya get her on the show? Cynthia’s can be so stupid at times. Kenya is smart, and can whip up ideas quickly. She should know that Kenya’s non presence at the meeting meant nothing. Let’s be honest, Kenya is quick witted. Yes Kenya should have told Cynthia she couldn’t make the meeting but you still don’t jump ship just because you are pressed for time and hearing your budget was approved. Maybe Kim will surprise me. We’ll see.

  2. Shay

    That last line, TT, bahahaha.

  3. iloveearlgrey

    I don’t understand why Kenya’s mom would refuse to see her or speak to her. WTF?

    • Librarygirl

      I guess that Kenya’s Mom has not had the chance to say that when she was found to be pregnant, she did not want to have an abortion, did not want the child to go up for adoption, instead took an offer to have family rarise her. That was 30 plus years ago, you would think that there could be a conversation that would ease both òf them, but that is not going to happen.

      • WonkyTonk

        The pregnancy and subsequent birth of Kenya represents to her mother an irreconcilable personal error. One she hasn’t been able to work through in all of these years. Until she can there remains no hope for a relationship between her and Kenya. What isn’t made clear so far is whether that side of Kenya’s family is steering her mother in that direction. I suspect not.

    • Rebel red

      I am thinking KM mom feels that she was forced to “have” Kenya. She didn’t want her mistake in her face and Kenya is a constant reminder of the life that she didn’t have or the choice taken away from her. Maybe she feels she’s punishing her someone/her family/Kenya and it comforts her. I don’t know that’s a lot of hate to carry on for um 45 years? I think the fact that Kenya was successful caused her mother to hate her even more and in her eyes that should have been her having a life.

  4. Xanadude

    Phaedra forgetting the name of her “good friend” the Congresswoman just spoke volumes as to her actual level of involvement in any of this project, and everything about Porsha was inappropriate – her dress, her attitude, her hitting on Sheree’s son, her interest in Cheezits vs. the events actually unfolding in front of her…If she didn’t have the pedigree she wouldn’t have been there.

    Sebastian rocks. Everyone should just listen and watch and whatever the Kim Fields family does and follow suit. She’s too good for this nonsense and I don’t see her lasting beyond this season. Seriously, the juxtaposition of Kim getting her kids ready vs. Phaedra’s squadron of people earns the production credit of the night.

    • tamaratattles

      I don’t think pedigree means what you think it does.

    • GrubPubert

      With ought Kim’s sons’ behavior was atrocious. 1. DONT mess with you tiny child’s nap time. Missing nap time is a guaranteed meltdown. Hire a nanny and keep that little one in his routine in the hotel room. 2. Unlike everyone else, I think Sebastian’s behavior and his mouth were atrocious! His mother should have prepared him for the fact that this trip was not Disnyland. At 8 1/2 he should be perfectly capable of short stents with adult gatherings, just like you teach them how to behave in church. You might not like it, it might not be your favorite hour and a half of the week, but by age 3 or 4 kids can start learning the “sit down, be quiet, be still, don’t have a fit” behavior.this is what books, small manipulative hand held games, and little tupperwares of Cheerios are for. Kid, all parts of your life are not about entertaining you. Sometimes you just have to sit there, behave, entertain yourself, and endure being seen and not heard. Any 8 year old, if prepared for what the event is going to be like, should speak politely and behave well. Whether he knew it or not, he was in important places among important people in historic, important settings. If Kim’s kids cannot do this, and if they cannot recognize that adults have occasions where they talk about adult things and cope with that by playing a video game or reading a book or drawing or snacking, then Kim shouldn’t have brought them. Why DID she bring them knowing they would miss the main event? You make fun of Phaedra but I give her this: Aaden and Dylan know how to behave, and I think this is because they have made to sit still and be good through church services. Phaedra’s kids are ALWAYS good in adult situations.

      • WonkyTonk

        You know what, You’ve actually managed to convince me of the opposite. Let the lil chilrens run free is my point now, except for movies keep those little rug rats at home dammit I’m trying to hear the thing.

      • I agree with you about Sebastian’s attitude. Petulance is not “cute” and shouldn’t be rewarded.

        If it were me in that situation and I’d said, “I don’t care about stupid Congress”, my mother would have said to me, “You’d better start caring pretty damn quick!” Then I’d have gotten a stern lecture about how fortunate and privileged I am, how having the opportunity to meet and talk to members of Congress is rare indeed and I’d better appreciate it.

        Age 8 is quite old enough to be expected to sit still and be quiet and pay attention. After all, impulse control is one of the most important things we learn in childhood!

        Now, I don’t fault Kim at all for removing her kids from the discussion. Exposing her kids to adult concepts at their own pace is her choice to make. It’s just the talk about how “cute” Sebastian behaved rubs me the wrong way; that was bratty behavior.

      • antia bradshaw

        Well said, thank you for having common sense & the courage to say what needed to be said as oppose to embracing the B.S. & experiencing missed opportunities to teach which in part is why we have “BLM”.

      • Yes, Sebastian’s comments were bratty but he wasn’t throwing a fit & shouting about how stupid congress was. He was grumbling to himself & Bravo amped up his mic FOR DRAMA. Blame production, not the small child wearing a microphone. If you want to complain about bad behavior, look to Phaedra, Porsha or Do-Anything-To-Be-On-Camera Sheree.

      • Erica

        Thank you Lady! I believe that had she heard his comments, she would have said something. I kind of thought it was funny – clearly no one around him heard it (because you know Phaedra would have said something, at least in her talking head, and Sheree would have pointed out that her kid was well behaved, even though her kid is 19 to Sebastian’s 8.) What I saw was, except for those comments, a well behaved kid who was probably bored out of his gourd, and was also helpful with his younger sibling several times – without complaint.

      • Perfectly said, Grub! Kim could have, and should have explained to her 8 yr old son how he would need to behave at such an amazing experience. Here’s a chance for him to learn about our government, and laws, and society…but what did Kim tell him? That they were going to a carnival? He had no idea what to expect, so he came off as bratty. Sebastian is 8yrs old– Kim should have prepared him better. And as for her younger son, Kim should have brought a sitter for him, obviously. It’s not every day that you go to an event in DC to support society to change for the better! Kim wants to be seen as the ‘good mom’, but, really, she uses her kids as excuses to not connect with the rest of the group. Kim wants to act like she’s above the other ladies, but her ignorance and social awkwardness doesn’t make her better than anyone else….And then, she leaves just as the March is going to start! Why did she drag her poor kids all the way to DC?? …For a PAYCHECK from Bravo for hours worked. See? Kim’s no better than the other ladies on this show.

  5. All the shots of Washington were making me homesick. That is all.

  6. margroc

    Her mother gave her up when she was 3 days old. Kenya talks like they just had a dysfunctional relationship and now we find out they had no relationship at all. Kenya was given up, her mum could have adopted her out to someone far away but instead chose to give her to her father. She made the choice to give her up and Kenya has no right to think that her mum should have to see her.

    • tamaratattles

      margroc, did you miss the part where Kenya saw her mother at family functions as she was growing up and her mother was in the room but refused to acknowledge her existence? Her “mum” DID SEE HER because she was around her FAMILY.

  7. tamaratattles

    Y’all both need to keep your fucked up thoughts to yourselves. Thanks.

  8. KB

    We’re commenting from our point of view on what this one should do and what that one should do because it’s a tv show and that’s what we the viewers do, but we are not in the shoes of the person being rejected. KM has her own way of viewing this situation. No one is saying that as a 15 year old, her mother should not have given her up, but since SHE DID GIVE HER UP to family that is close by, she should almost expect that KM would try to connect with her in some way based on the circumstances. Any child whose been given up by a parent is curious. Every person that i know whose been adopted, including myself has some kind of curiosity about where they come from and has even looked into researching it. I think where KM might’ve gone wrong is she kept hitting a brick wall with this woman and wouldn’t let go. Either way KM is not the bad guy some are making her out to be.

    • Erica

      I hear what you are saying about adopted folk wanting to know their story. My cousin’s stepson (really his kid in all ways but legal and biological) was adopted from a 3rd world country by his (adopted) mom and her first husband (still considered his dad – it gets awkward here, because it isn’t his bio dad…. but his first dad is in his life and my cousin is definitely a strong parent role model). His family here knows that he will never get his biological family story… and if it comes up, we discuss openly and honestly – and express our gratitude that she got him to the orphanage drop off.

      However… Kenya knows her bio-story. She’s SEEN her bio-mother. How did she think that going to her door with a camera crew would make a difference? At this point at the age of 44, she DOESN’T have the right to harass her bio-mother like that. Knowing her background story is a bigger gift – no matter the sadness and tragedy of it – than so many adoptees of her age get.

      Is her bio-mother’s reaction to her over the years “fair” to Kenya? No. But who the fuck said life was fair???? Her very existence is obviously painful to her bio-mother… I believe she should be grateful that she has a relationship with her aunt and her cousin, etc.

      • I don’t think you understand what KB meant! Read that first line again and then acknowledge what you are still doing!

      • Realityjunkie

        Who are we to say “She doesn’t have the right”. Its clear she’s very hurt. Right or wrong it is HER decision to make.

  9. sarcasatire

    Todd wants the Old Lady Gang to run the restaurant?? A bunch of 70+ year old ladies, with no prior experience, running a restaurant?! Man listen, I no longer trust his judgement.

    I also love Jeff Lewis! He’s awesome; both entertaining and informative.

    Nene’s back!!! Whatevs… Nothing is saving this season.

    • Minky

      Maybe Todd’s kidding? I mean, he can’t be serious about the OLG running anything. Right?

      Also love Jeff. If I ever get to build the house of my dreams I’m so gonna copy everything he does. I love that he’s so assertive.

    • Sharon

      Todd never said he wanted the “old lady gang” to run the restaurant. He said he wanted recipes and would hire chefs and staff to actually work and manage it.

    • Sweet T

      I don’t think Todd and kandi want to open a restaurant. I think they want to open a spin off show.

    • Rebel red

      I don’t believe he wanted them running the joint. Most resturants/companies have backstory. He probably just wanted their story and recipes to sell the resturant and have them stop in for photos opportunities and meet patrons.

    • No, Todd did not want the “Old Lady Gang” to run the restaurant.

      What he said was, “We’ll get a chef, a few chefs. All I want from them is…come, shake hands, take pictures, hug babies, and chill out.”

    • IM OK NOW

      Todd wants a reality tv show like Sweeties .

  10. DejaBlue53

    I got nothin. Except I love reading your take on it all. Oh, and I appreciate Kim Fields’ bringing her version of sanity into the mix.

  11. Somebody should tell Nene that a white button down dress with absolutely no stretch is not her friend. Just sayin’. And that monstrosity she’s wearing in her talking head is just plain ole ugly…it seems like I’ve seen it before too, or maybe it was something very similar, but either way, EWWW-gly!

  12. If nene is back, I really won’t be watching. In her gigantic head, she is the savior. Thanks Andy and friends! Bravo messed this show up with all the fakeness. And last but not least, money has to be the only reason Kim is on this show!!!!

  13. DutchTulip

    Kenya’s story is soooo deep..and aunt Lori will also take her family secrets to her grave. Although Kenya said she’s moving on.. I do not think that she will ever find peace as long as her mother is alive.

    • Wanda

      Before this episode I wasn’t aware that Kenya saw her mother at family events. That must have been very strange to be in the same room and not be able to speak to your own mother! And for relatives to know what’s happening.That’s hard to recover from. But so many families have wacky relationships, and its hard to judge what her mother was going through.

      • Espi

        Kenya said it herself… Her family handled it in a very disfunctional way. Her awareness of it all, I hope, will help her overcome this crazy childhood. It’s heartbreaking to be ignored and dramatically in the same room in social settings. Just horrible.

  14. captivagrl

    How many tacky fools can they shove on this program? I was just thinking… what the hell am I watching? What is this? Done. And, Fashion Police now? Done.

  15. Micheal

    I’m glad Nene is back. This season for me, has been both ratchet and boring. Maybe now it will be ratchet and exciting.

    Kenya is clearly jealous/threatened of Kim. Why else does she go so hard on Kim?

    • Minky

      I’m hoping that Kenya won’t do or say anything too stupid. Usually Kenya doesn’t go after anyone unless they try something with her first. Kim did join Phaedra and the others to blame Kenya for the Glen thing. Which was not Kenya’s fault. So I don’t know.

      • pfffttt

        Minkey, go watch the 2nd trailer Bravo posted for #RHOA a couple of days ago. Kim is sitting in her chair and Kenya scoots the chairaway from the table directing Kim to leave. Kenya also spreads rumors about Kim’s husband allegedly being gay.

      • Micheal

        Is it true that kenya is spreading gay rumors? That’s pretty low. Sadly I don’t think Kim has it in her to really ‘go there’ to defend herself against Kenya. She appears to be too pleasant and a people pleaser. Both great qualities as a normal member of society but not on a Bravo show. I hope Nene supports Kim.

      • That’s a joke right?? Kenya has some kind of animosity towards women especially those new to the group; I wonder if this is related to her mother! I’m still rooting for her though but we know she doesn’t respect Kim….ever!

      • Xanadude

        I find it appalling that Kenya’s go-to “bad insinuation” for any male she doesn’t like is that he is gay. She did it with Walter, she did it with Posha’s ex, she did it with Apollo, and now she’s doing it with Kim Fields’ husband. For someone who purportedly supports the gay community, she certainly has no problem using it as an insult/weapon.

      • Agree. Apparently, in her mind, gay = “less than a man”. Also, I’m thinking that she’s one of those women who think that any man who isn’t attracted to her must be gay. Disappointing.

      • @Xanadude.

        I don’t like that gay rumors are her “go to” for trying to insult a man — which it seems — but rumors about Kordell abounded aplenty before Kenya said anything.

      • Erica

        That was Porsha. As much as I think she is an idiot, if it is true that he stopped having sex with her – any woman in that situation would question if the rumors were true and MIGHT make a snarky comment about them.

      • tamaratattles

        The same rumors have followed Kim’s husband for years as well. Also, in Atlanta, men or often assumed gay until proven straight. It’s not an insult. It’s just that so many men in Atlanta are gay or bisexual.

        This is in no way meant to excuse Kenya. Going after a woman’s husband on national TV and questioning his sexuality when he has young boys in school with children that will hear about it is atrocious behavior. I expect it from others but not from Kenya.

  16. sarcasatire

    I agree with TT. The Cynthia-Nene scene was filmed at the end of the season. After their little…”vacation.” So why did Bravo choose to air their scene now?

    Because of Nene’s fan base, of course!
    Not that it matters; even the haters will show up in droves to see Nene, keepng her in top demand, regardless if she passes or fails.

  17. Cmugga

    But did you see Kim son Sebastian in the middle of the bus while Phaedra was filming the Million Man March.. man listen when Phaedra hollered out, “oH Lord,” I just about died!

  18. I feel so sorry for Kenya with her situation with her Mother.
    I cannot imagine being a child who is literally ignored by her own Mother while in the same room. For years.
    That has to leave a devistating impact on anyone.

    • DutchTulip

      And there are still people who say that Kenya didn’t have the right to go knock on her mothers door… to leave her alone….

      I can’t imagine the pain Kenya feels…

      • *Raises hand* I pity Kenya but I don’t think she has the right to keep bothering this woman at all. Her so-called “mother” legally gave her up. She has asked Kenya to leave her alone. Kenya needs to respect that.

        I wish Aunt Lori would say to her “She’s not really your mother. She’s just someone that donated genetic material” If Kenya could get it through her head that this woman DOES NOT MATTER it would help her move on. The label mother is extremely loaded emotionally. This woman does not deserve that title at all.

        I feel incredibly sorry for Kenya. It makes me sick to imagine her being frozen out by this woman at family gatherings growing up. That’s so cruel. It had to be torturous to feel invisible to the woman that gave birth to her. But that doesn’t mean I feel like Kenya is pursuing the right course of action when she drags a camera crew to the home of a woman who wants to be left alone.

        I really hope this is the last of it for Kenya so she can finally move on. I hope she can get to a place where she doesn’t allow her “mother’s” behavior to make her feel unlovable and harm her future relationships. But I’m sure that’s easier said than done.

      • WonkyTonk

        Oh screw THAT! Her mother may have given her up in adoption but that doesn’t excuse her from her responsibility in bringing the child into the world. Kenya like any child has an absolute inviolable right to talk with her parents. Acting on that desire is not an indictment of her no matter how many times she reaches out to her deadbeat mom. Refusal to acknowledge a child is an absolute indictment of the parent, whether or not that parent was legally cleared through adoption. How absolutely horrible was that family to keep inviting that emotionally deadbeat mom to family functions knowing she would continue to sabotage the emotional stability of her child by continuing to ignore her. That’s grown assed folks making shitty decisions. And now Aunt Lori is backing that bullshit play. I don’t care if Kenya showed up at the door of her deadbeat mom’s house with a million camera’s after a life time of that mother ignoring her daughter, she fucking deserved it, and a lot more. They should have flashed a picture of her while Kenya was at the door waiting for a response. And I don’t care that her mother was 16 when she had her, she’s not 16 any more and she’s still a deadbeat mom, only now she’s using other family members to make her own child miserable. Kenya’s mother is frankly detestable in my view, only mitigated slightly by the fact it appears that entire family that enabled her is as well.

      • Minky

        Yes Wonky! Someone mentioned a People magazine article from back in the day when Kenya won her Miss USA title. So, I looked it up. And, boy howdy, Kenya’s mom sure didn’t mind speaking to the magazine after Kenya won her crown, saying that she was open to communicating with Kenya. At the time Kenya was the one who didn’t want her mother’s attention. I can’t blame her. The mother seemed like she was only interested in associating with Kenya after she’d achieved fame.

        Wonky, you touched on something that I believe is very important. Maybe Kenya’s mother’s family should butt out entirely. Totally and completely. Why are they playing defense for the mother? Why do any of them feel that they have to shield the mother from Kenya? Why can’t this mother speak for herself? Family interference is probably the root of the problem. Both Kenya and her mother are grown ups. Two grown women should be able to handle these conversations without chaperoning.

      • D

        I agree with Wonky. Kenya’s mom did have the right to give her up, but sort of waived that right when she agreed to allow other nearby family members to raise her. If you wanted to sever the relationship and move on, you should have gone through a sealed adoption. You would have been able to remain anonymous and move on with your life sans Kenya. You knew she would still be in your life being raised by family members including her father. What did you expect to happen? You have no right to expect your child to understand that you want to have nothing to do with them. For those who don’t understand why Kenya can’t move on, how is she supposed to when she witnesses everyone else have a relationship with her mother except her. I can’t imagine how damaging that would be and then to have no other adult family members address that issue but instead scold her continued attempts at contact.

  19. Fields filibuster ???? only Porsha dresses like a slut for the Million Man March why is she even there ahebhas no children. Only she could throw herself at a “friends” child like where is the dignity. I mean even she could muster up some bit of decorum. Then again the only part of the Speeches she could grasp was who wants to be a whore. Ignorant Black women piss me off.

  20. Ruthie

    The focus on race and politics has been very off-putting for me this season, and boring as well. At least Nene brought back a little of the old spark tonight. Phaedra seems to be the last person who should preach about the importance of strong male models on young African American boys when she married a man straight out of prison, had babies, and is now co-parenting with her re-imprisoned baby daddy. Her superior attitude is a bit delusional. Bravo’s Real Housewives should stay away from politics and religion in my opinion…we want to be entertained, not preached to.

    • DutchTulip

      Beware.. Phaekedra preaching “on the Down Low” might soon be running for Congress.
      She is totally delusional…. What a display of B.S.
      I feel sorry for little Aiden having a mother like THAT!

    • sarcasatire

      You watch a show about Black women and are “put off” when they mention what is happening I’m their community? Lol!! #compartmentalization

      • I was not aware that I was watching a show about black women. I thought I was watching a show about idiots who pretend to have money and do stupid shit like trained monkeys for my entertainment each week. Like any other Housewives franchise. Perhaps if this is about being black, I should stop watching it. Since you seem hell bent on alienating white people. What’s it like to be such a racist?

    • Wanda

      Ruthie, I know race and politics may be a downer or remind you of reality, instead of being “entertained”. I don’t think the show only needs to show them doing mindless activities so we can feel comfortable while we laugh at them. The only issue I had was some of the women’s pretension, hypocrisy, and lack of self-awareness.

      • Ruthie

        All I was saying is that the Housewives shows rarely address current issues, political beliefs, or social issues. The formula that has been used in the past has shifted. If we’re watching reality, they should care about what is going on in their communities black or white, but now we’re seeing this as a storyline which differs from the past. We feel we know these ladies in a way and the hypocracy is so obvious when dealing with important social issues…an affront to the message they’re trying to send. We’ve seen what a hypocrite Phaedra is, and to see her project this image of a social change leader is “off -putting.” And Porsha…she may have family legacy in the struggle for civil rights, but because we as viewers know she thought the Underground Railroad was a physical railroad and that she was mainly at the March to find a latest hookup, her participation in DC was vapid. I don’t find this entertaining is all I’m saying.

      • Trashbox

        Uh, wut, Wanda? Taking Porscha along should tell you all you need to know about how serious this preachy sidestory was.

      • sarcasatire

        The housewives always addresses political and social issues!! Or did you forget all those LGBT rallies and pride parades on every franchise?

    • Clouds

      I agree, it has been so boring. So over it, you would think bravo would have learned from their DC disaster. This whole season has been a bore. I hope Nene makes it entertaining.

  21. pfffttt

    TT, did you see Sheree on twitter lobbying for a spin off on HGTV about the finishing touches on Chateau Sheree? Looks like she doesn’t have the funds to complete and wants a TV project to pick up the costs?

    • tamaratattles

      So a complete gutting to repair extensive water damage and remove mold is “finishing touches” in Sheree’s mind? I’m not surprised. And I have Sheree blocked on Twitter.

      • @immelza

        I would love to see Jeff Lewis & company take a tour of the chateau in it’s current leaky, moldy and unfinished eroded state. Now that would be a special!

  22. Spilledperfume

    I always appreciate it when you link back entries. It gives me a chance to read entries that I wouldn’t find on my own.

  23. vonalsburg

    Sheree’s son is very handsome…

  24. Dawn

    I laughed about Aiden and Sebastian complaining about the food at “Phaedra’s” lunch when they saw the table. Aiden said how do they know what I like to eat, or close to that. He is used to having what he likes at home and choosing what he wants at a restaurant. Kim’s kids were getting to eat Happy Meals or some kind of food out of kiddie boxes while on the bus waiting for the others. Did the invisible nanny or producer make a fast food run?

    The original Million Man March was about black men pledging to step up and become better fathers and role models.The congresswoman was accusing everybody else of not respecting black boys. And the comment about where is the prison for white people, while I do admit being black puts an unfair target on you, out of 4 little boys on the show, 2 have a daddy in prison and not because of a mistake, but because he is a crook/con man. Phaedra choose to have children with that kind of role model. She hasn’t much right to be belly aching about or mentoring in “save our sons”. She needs to look in the morror and take care of her 2 and forget her phony program.

    I am already sick of seeing Nene’s re-reworked boobs.

    • sarcasatire

      The original million man march was not about Black men pledging to be better fathers. Lol!! I can’t…

      One minute you blame the congresswoman for “accusing everyone else of not respecting Black boys.” Then say, “I will admit that being Black pots an unfair target on you”… Then you agree with the congresswoman that there is a target on Black boys/men. Who cares if Aiden’s dad is in jail, does that mean he “deserves” to be treated different than a child with a dad at home? Let’s stop blaming the choices of adults for how we treat/view their sons.

      • Dawn

        To Sarcasticgrouch, the original Million Man March was about what I said it was about. Other programs were put in place around that. In the 20 years time since, it may have a different goal, but I checked my facts in case my memory of 1995 had faded.

        Why don’t you try pursuing an original thought about the shows and express that instead of bouncing back with criticism of everyone’s opinions?

  25. sarcasatire

    Why does everyone believe that Kenya mother has NEVER spoken to her? Oh, because y’all believe Kenya, the liar. When she won Miss Usa, her mother tried to congratulate her, even spoke to People magazine about wanting the best for Kenya, and Kenya snubbed her. HARD.

    Said her mother can’t have a relationship with her unless she gives an apology, made all these terms for a relationship, and dragged her mother through the media. Now, years later, Kenya wants to show up unannounced with a camera crew?! Of course she’s out of line and anyone with sense can see that. But, hey, she finally got a working storyline, so congrats. And all it took was an ambush backed by a van full of people! lol

    • JustJenn

      I also read that article also and Kenya did state that she’d like an apology from her Mom for treating her like she was invisible at family gatherings. I’m not sure which other terms or conditions there were? Kenya was in her early 20s at the time of the interview and probably upset that her Mother only tried to contact her after winning Miss America. I’m sure as she has grown and matured over the years that she regrets not calling her Mom back that day.

      • sarcasatire

        Well, too late.

      • Exactly. Another blogger was pushing that propaganda mess that sarcastire was pushing too.

        Not realizing that Kenya has said time and time again that theyve been in the same room and her mother won’t acknowledge her.

        The article was dated in 1993 and considering how she was just becoming famous it’s clear that her mother reaching out to her had some strings attached.

        This doesn’t negate the time kenya reached out to her before 1993 and even after because there are many changes you go through in life where you are not willing to address it at one stage but at another stage you are.

        To me it’s obvious that kenya was hurt ever since she was a child. She still worked hard and got her crown which is conveniently when her mother decides she wants to talk about it AND NOT apologize, which is wrong. Kenya demands that if they address it, she needed to apologize and set the record straight. I would have done the same thing. The mother (using this term loosely) then stop trying. At various points in her life, Kenya wanted to address it as she continues to see the issues its causing her in life.

        I just hope she gets closure and it’s sad that people are trying to take a 23 year old article and turn it into something negative. If they are 23, they might not have evolved or changed to understand that there are moments when someone is going to be rightfully angry about situations like that and there are moments when they are going to want to move past the anger and want a relationship.

        These situations (keeping her in the family with no explanation/denying a conversation with her/disregarding her existence) should have never existed to begin with. Can’t blame Kenya for that

  26. sarcasatire

    The original Million Man March was called “A Day of Atonement” and it was about unity and commitment to rebuilding the community and combating stereotypes. It covered all areas of community leadership and involvement, not just in the home. So, please don’t trivialize it to only being about “Black men being better fathers.” And don’t get upset if I correct you. It’s not personal.

    • Ruthie

      But a major component of the March was the need for more positive male role models. No one is trivializing as you say. This aspect of the Day of Atonement has become a storyline with Phaedra this season, and as viewers we have the right to critique what we see.

    • Dawn

      Sarcasatire – You would need to matter to me to truly upset me. You are amazingly judgemental of people’s opinions that you know nothing about. The people appearing on these reality shows want controversy. Unfortunately, that pays the bills. My opinion of the content of the show is mine and I am entitled to have one, as is everyone here. You are not the arbiter of society.

  27. Kenya – walk away from that side of the family. It’s humiliating to watch. Your aunt Lori is not trying to be a peacemaker or mediator, but a bodyguard for her sister, your mother–walk away.

    Phaedra – it’s me…its just so hard to listen to you spout off, brag and wave a flag in the name of JUSTICE, when countless victims suffered under your co-parent husband the their. Where’s their Justice…maybe you could schedule a special luncheon with Angela Stanton. Hypocrite !

    Cynthia – really girl…it was that easy to turn on Kenya. Wow…its a matter of time before your thrown under the bus by NeNe…flip flopping fool. Btw…was Greg breathing in that chair.

    Kim – I tried…she’s definitely on the wrong show. Values and Morals are admirable but its getting painful to watch.

  28. Liz

    They decided to put Nene in now to hopefully bring as much people as possible in for the night of Potomac. Well atleast that’s the best reason I can think of to bring her back.

    Porsha hooked up with Kairo? Gross.

  29. Wanda

    I’m really starting to wonder about Kim. What could she be thinking having her children swinging juice bottles in the congress woman’s office? Especially couldn’t her older child put it away? I am old school when it comes to kid behavior. She is way too laissez faire. No need for him to comment or gripe about adult behavior. It seems that some people think that kids are mini adults and can express themselves as such. Sorry, hell no.

    • Matzah60

      Amen! Such good points @Kim Fields. You can still be a very good mother and hands -on as Kim suggests without toting your children around 24/7, particularly without some help. If you work on a TV show that requires trips, adult gatherings, and such, you need a nanny for the hotel/home. My two children were 6 years apart and it was often difficult to take my youngest son with me to my older son’s events, especially when he was barely a toddler. It’s really not fair to everyone else to be subjected to very normal crying and whining by a child under 2years old. I don’t blame Kim for removing him.

      Phaedra asked where Kim was knowing full well Kim removed the kids because the youngest was tired, cranky, and crying. They didn’t need her there to proceed with the luncheon. Sheree also didn’t need to go out to the bus to ‘scold’ Kim and tell her she was being rude. It’s none of Sheree’s business or anyone else to tell another woman how to raise her kids. Sheree was just being a bitch. Ugh. Show is getting old and intolerable.

  30. Gone to plow the Fields?
    Field of screams?
    Out and left Fields? (Get it cause it’s like out in left field?)
    Panty fields? Ok that doesn’t make sense but it made me chuckle.

    I like Kenya. But I think based on the fact that her family were rolling their eyes and the only one she could cry to was Cynthia, I’m thinking the reaction means, been there, done that. Nothing new except a RHOA camera crew. The idea I’m getting is “yeah, it SUCKS. But she should have gotten over it decades ago and moved on. Everyone knows it’s not changing”. In a way, at least her mother seems to have some consistency. The father, who was not much better, maybe he has only gotten close again to be on the TVs?

    The preview shows Kim promoting a “no makeup event”. Clearly to spite anyone who doesn’t have great skin. I propose a “no fake hair” event. Kim probably has inch long, burnt permed frizz hair under all the big dead animals she clips on top of her head. So I’m thinking that wouldn’t make her happy. Which makes me happy.

    Don’t EVEN get me started on bravo promoting a murdeous, genocidal thug like Farrakhan. He needs to just die already and take his hateful followers with him. I thought it was funny when one of the women had a taking head (Sheree I think) where she said that we live in a world where certain folk judged by their skin. Cut back to the speaker yelling “THEY do this and THEY do that”. THEY is white people if you had not guessed. So yeah. This Sheree was right. This group IS judging white people by the color of their skin. And it’s shameful. I wonder who cleaned up all the cheezit wrappers that the non working in a workday folk left behind on the ground. Oh yeah tax payers. Hmmmm.

    • 80sChild

      I don’t care for Farrakhan as well. I remember being in my high school study hall, debating with one of my classmates who was a member of the Nation of Islam and he was trying to convince me how Farrakhan is good for our people (my classmate and I are black). I would listen to my classmate and told him it was a bunch of bull especially when in their newspaper, The Final Call, there was an ad from Farrakhan asking people to send in $10 a week so Farrakhan could buy land/country for all of us black folks can go and live!! This was 25 years ago; where is this land/country??? Um, nowhere lol. Can you imagine how much money Farrakhan has made scamming people??!!!

      The only positive I can say about the Nation of Islam, a lot of their men dress in suits, are well groomed and are articulate, which is something I wish these young black men would emulate instead of walking around here with their pants sagging off of their butts and speaking Ebonics. Speaking of Ebonics, so many black folks (grown black folks) now are misusing the word seen vs. saw. Example, “I seen her” where it should be “I saw her”. My grammar isn’t the best, but this just irritates me so. Especially when I hear black teachers misusing the word!!!

      • Ruthie

        Couldn’t agree more. Farrakhan is a divisive, controversial figure…

      • I agree. Farrakhan has also promoted genocide against whites. He called Malcolm X a traitor and most likely killed him or had him killed. He is anti-Semitic and homophobic. He refers to Hitler as a “great man”. He thinks women should be home in modest dress and subservient to men. He called for blacks to kill whites last summer. “Stalk and kill them and let them feel the pain of death that we are feeling” were his exact words. How he was not arrested for that, I’m not sure.

        So this is who Bravo has chosen to show in a “hero” light. I wonder how Andy Cohen feels about it. He’d be killed twice. Once for being white and once because he is gay.

        And that the black caucus from our Congress has chosen to fraternize with a woman whose husband is incarcerated for activities in which she certainly was aware if not complicit, shows a wealth of poor judgement. Not as poor as that red cowgirl hat. That’s hard to top.

      • Erica

        I don’t think that Farrakan was being portrayed as a “hero” – I only heard his name once. I find him disturbing as well, but if it has morphed into an opportunity for a conversation on Capitol Hill, then OK. I do remember the original Million Man March – I was teaching at the time and I actually had Muslim kids in my class (originally from SE Asia) and also some African American kids. I, as a white woman who is not Muslim, proceeded with caution on multiple levels. But, it really created some great conversations with some brutally open and honest (and amazing!) kids. Boiled down to it being a good message – and a really shitty messenger, who probably did have something to do with Malcolm X’s death. The kids that read Autobiography of Malcolm X and the Muslim kids all said that NOI was not a good representation of the pure form of the faith (I hope the kids in the class remember that when watching the news about ISIS, etc.)

        Oh… and if you can, read some linguistic books on black English(aka Ebonics). I took some classes in college. I have a totally different perspective on it – and so fascinating in terms of history and heritage.

    • Matzah60

      Yay, teecee66. A very honest, unfiltered truth written about tonight’s episode, as well as the no-makeup ucming eisode you said it all!

      Farrakhan is anti-white, anti-Semitic, and a homophobe. He is a despicable evil man, not unlike Htler

    • Um…no? Fuck that shit. English is our nation’s language.

  31. Trashbox

    Maybe Kenya’s mom just doesn’t want a reality TV crew shoved in her face? There has got to be more to this storyline.

    Dwight was in the First Look preview, so maybe he can save this season?

    • Matzah60

      I am pretty sure that Bravo/Production would have had to have had signed permission from Kenya’s mother to be filmed. I am not of the belief that Kenya needs to get over it. The fact that she never got to know her biological mother, yet the woman was ever present at family functions where Kenya was present and wouldn’t acknowledge Kenya had to feel like persistent, painful rejection. Though her father wasn’t parent of the year, it seems he objected to giving her up for adoption and his own mother stepped in to raise Kenya.

      It probably would have been better if Kenya was adopted by a mother and father who really wanted her. Having to deal with her mother’s presence on a regular basis, while at the same time not being acknowledged by her biological mother had to be heartbreaking, confusing, and surely left her bitter and angry. It takes unimagined forgiveness to let go of these truths and not have it shape the person/adult that you become. I give Kenya kudos for all she has accomplished despite the adversities she has suffered as a child.

  32. T D

    An Elysian Fields move on Kim’s part.

  33. Mark

    I can’t but help thinking that these things do more harm than good. I mean, if I were a 5 year old black child, from a nice area and attending a nice school (these guys ain’t from the ghetto. Just acting like it.), and some dude told me that people didn’t like black men, I’d be really confused. Like, “Wait, what? I’m bad? Why? Why dont people like me?? I thought people liked me???”

    Self-fulfilling prophecy and all that jazz, no?

    • Ruthie

      I applaud Kim for realizing the impropriety of her kids being exposed to this and removing them. Aiden is being put in a confusing situation that should be adult-focused. Is he going to school with I assume other races and wondering why people don’t like him because of the color of his skin? How about focusing on his gifts and intellect. By association Phaedra is teaching her child to always look at a person’s color. She is setting him up to be what she supposedly condemns.

    • sarcasatire

      Are you kidding me???!?

      Giving your child facts about racism in this country is not a self-fulfilling prophecy. Whoa, the willful ignorance is in full force today. I guess MLK Day does that to people. Make them forget that we have MLK Day because RACISM exists. It’s not in our heads. Trayvon Martin lived in a gated community, not a ghetto. And he was stalked by a killer who thought Black people would only be in that type of neighbourhood to steal. So, yes, when you’re raising Black sons in a “good” neighborhood, you need to have a conversation about how stereotypes they don’t fit might still be applied to them based on their race. It’s a sad truth, but a truth, nonetheless.

      • Ahahaha!! Travon was STALKED? And…he died because he was black? Not because he was beating the shit out of someone? You have a dream. You should wake up. Cause you’re lying to yourself.

      • sarcasatire

        Your ignorance ass needs facts that I won’t provide. Run along to Google, or stfu.

      • Trayvon lived in Miami Gardens, FL. He was VISITING his father in that “gated community” in Sanford. He seemed out-of-place because he WAS out-of-place as a VISITOR rather than a known resident.

        There’s a lot wrong with what happened that night, but let’s not re-write history please.

      • Lil Tex

        Trayvon didn’t live there, he lived in Miami.. His dad’s girlfriend lived there, in the gated community.

      • You won’t provide them because they don’t exist you bitter failure. And no. I don’t think I’ll run along. And you can’t make me. I’m sitting anywhere on the bus I want.

      • sarcasatire

        A black kid was alimony through a gated community that he visited and stayed in several times. What kind of nonsense are you talking, like “he didn’t belong?” Damn, girl, you Coonin’ for cookies!

        He was followed, stalked by Zimmerman. It is on record, the dispatcher explicitly asked him NOT to pursue Trayvon, yet he continued to do so, following him first with his car, then getting out, and staking him on foot. All because he looked “suspicious.” Trayvon hadn’t done anything wrong!! Yet, Zimmerman thought he “looked” wrong.

      • Erica

        Oh… Trayvon didn’t live there??? Well that changes everything! Then he should have been shot! (this is very much sarcasm, FYI. Walking through a community you don’t live in isn’t a capital offense worthy of the death penalty)

  34. G.

    In the past two episodes, a few folks have commented that Kenya’s mother must not have wanted an abortion, but she wouldn’t have had that option.

    Kenya and I are about the same age (her birthday is next week, she was born in 1971). Before Roe (1973), in the early 70s, abortion was illegal in 30 states and in the other 20 subject to a significant restrictions. Until the Eisenstadt case in 1972, omen couldn’t legally access birth control unless they were married (amending the law that made birth control legal for married people in all states in 1965).

    My mother was newly married but on birth control when she became pregnant w/ me. Abortion was not legal where we were living; she dropped out of college and wouldn’t return for more than a decade while she raised kids much sooner than she planned.

    • peachteachr

      My oldest child was born in 1973, and quite honestly, everyone knew where to get an abortion. Were they legal? Who cared??? Certainly the girls needing an abortion didn’t care that they were illegal and law enforcement didn’t care either. The only time people even noticed abortion doctors was when a young girl died, and I read that girls are still dying even now that abortion is legal. Many mothers-to-be simply went to a relatives until they gave birth and hoped it was their secret. Kenya’s mother may have hoped for the same thing. Any way you look at it, it seems terribly sad for Kenya.

      • Erica

        “Everyone knew where to get one?” OMG… you knew everyone in the country. The women who stuck wire hangers into their uteruses were just stupidly ignorant. SMH.

        Kenya’s mother was FIFTEEN. How in the hell would she find out where to go? If she did know, where would she come up with the money? Transportation? She wasn’t even old enough for a driver’s license! She had what sounds like a bit of a despot for a father – who refused to acknowledge she was pregnant or that his granddaughter existed. Sounds to me that not acknowledging her daughter was survival mode – and I am sure that she is still carrying around a lot of the shame that was heaped onto her head.

        I feel sorry for both Kenya and her mother. I think they are both stuck in their childhoods in this regard – yes, both of them. At 15, like all 15 year olds, she was probably a child in many ways.

  35. Dawn

    Mark, Exactly, I agree. I was glad Kim hustled her sons out of hearing more of that conversation. I was shocked the adults spoke as they did in front of them. What a sure fire way to make them begin to question their worth.

    I think Kenya was playing to the cameras at her mother’s door and it was wrong. She knows her mother isn’t suddenly going to open the door and say “baby come in and let’s film us hugging it out”.

    Her mother has mishandled herself regarding Kenya forever, let it go, move on. She knows where to find you. If I had been Kenya, I doubt I would have accepted her congratulations on winning Miss USA either. That is too much like people that never wanted anything to do with you rushing in when you win the big lottery. I don’t think a whole lot of her father either. When she wants consolation from him, he often turns it into how Kenya wronged him. It sounds like it was always some woman or other on both sides caring for her, never him. He definitely is around now to be on TV.

  36. KandK Mom

    Sigh. As a Black woman razing a Black son these are conversations we HAVE to have with our sons. I’m so glad you all don’t have to deal with the realities that we do. How great for you that you do not have to worry about these things. But we do. It’s or reality. So you watch a reality show about Black women and their reality and are mad at what they are showing. Smh. You love us when we are ratchet but when we show you reality and truth you are offended? Wow. The white privilege in these comments is overwhelming.

    I do think that Kim was right taking her boys out, I wouldn’t let my son hear those things at that age however that does not negate the fact that those words were true.

    • Ruthie

      Really read the comments instead of being dismissive and categorizing them as “white privilege”, a racist remark on its own.

      • WonkyTonk

        White privilege is not a statement of racism. Frankly only someone feeling entitled by it would say something fairly stupid like that.

      • Of course it is. And of course it’s racist. Categorizing a whole race of people in a negative way is always racist. That’s the rules that the liberals made and the blacks accepted while giggling hysterically at how dumb the white liberals are. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t scream hate crime at white people and then say, oh….he’s the victim… “He was just in a bad situation” when a black person does something hateful to a white person. It’s actually a disservice to the black race to make excuses for thugs and criminals. And to let them be your churrun’s rille models? Ugh.

    • Dawn

      Even though I am a white woman, I totally agree there are unique conversations to have with children of all races. Believe it or not, some are unique to white kids.They all should begin with privacy and the opportunity for give and take between parent and child. It was obvious the comments made were not deemed appropriate by Kim for her sons. That is her call. I expect the congresswoman isn’t accustomed to having business lunches with boys of that impressionable age.

    • Wanda

      Thank you KandK Mom for stating my sentiments. After some of these posts, I realize why in polite company, people don’t talk about politics, religion, or race; there is such a radical divide. The issues can be complicated but in order to progress as a united society, we need to approach them head-on and neither spin the facts nor hide from what makes us uncomfortable. Speaking the truth will not cause black children to be haters or whiners. It will allow them to see things as they are and improve what needs fixing. The fact that we are watching these dizzy dames on tv spin these issues for their own purposes doesn’t make the need to inform and protect our children less important or real.

      • KandK Mom

        Yes! You are welcome. I love this site for my housewives fix but sometimes the white privilege and honestly veiled racism is too much! They love watching us fight and be ratchet. Love calling us THOTS and more in the comments. But the one episode where they get real (on a reality show) and folks want to complain???? Ummmm the conversations they were having were reality. It just makes a lot of white people uncomfortable. (And for you commenters hold your shade, I’m half Black and half White) But those are real conversations we have to have with our kids.

      • tamaratattles

        KandK mom, please reply to this with a list of the white people who were uncomfortable with conversations shown on the show. Also please list the white people who said that black parents do not need to have conversations with their children about racism. This would be very helpful for me to understand and allow me to address them.

        Also, do you watch RHOA? Is it because you enjoy seeing black women be ratchet? Have you not noticed that Porsha continues to identify herself as both a THOT and the more literate, accurate term as a whore? And that everyone on the show also refers to her as a THOT? How do you feel about that? Are they demeaning a black women or calling her what she is? Is it white privilege when white people call these women bitches and THOTS as these are terms they use themselves? Or is that black privilege. I’m confused why commenters here cannot call them by the descriptors they have self-selected.

        I’ll wait.

        PS Why did you feel the need to share that you are half white as a reason the commenters should not respond to you? Is that what exercising white privilege looks like?

        Thanks in advance for your enlightening response.

      • tamaratattles

        Before you guys just rag on Kim Field’s parenting all day, perhaps you should know a little bit about her parenting situation. Kim had a very difficulty time getting pregnant and staying pregnant. By the time she married Chris she was at an age where getting pregnant is more difficult. Before Chris she felt she would never have kids. They lost pregnancies more than once before the boys were born. She was over the moon.

        That is why Kim is so attached. I understand her missing her kids in Miami. I understand her bringing them to Jamaica (which pissed everyone off) I understand her coddling them and being overprotective. He boys are very much loved. Their family vacations are generally learning trips for the boys. She is a good mother. Is she perfect? No. But let me tell you that Phaedra’s kids are raised by a tribe of women and she interacts with them so infrequently that they seem perplexed on camera about what she is doing. If you think Phaedra is responsible for how those boys behave you need to tell that to the 3-4 women who live in that house and raise them, she even has an overnight nanny according to multiple accounts from neighbors.

        As a kid that was dragged all over Europe from age 6 – 11 having “life changing experiences” I certainly did my share of bitching and complaining and I had a very strict upbringing.

        And my mother never called the any of the boring shit we did ” a play date with Phaedra’s boys.” He was right, it was an adult playdate, of no interest to him and taking him out of school was stupid. Particularly since he was not even able to go to the march itself, which would have likely been meaningful to him.

      • Minky

        Oh Tamara! Thank you so much. I just tuned into your blog to see all of the comments about the DC trip. I send you a great, big, Italian forehead kiss. Mwah!

        Phaedra, Porsha and Sheree do not represent every single last Black woman in America. They attended the celebration of a historical event very important to the Black community and behaved exactly the way they behave everywhere else.

        Kim had the good sense to take her children away from it because it was an event that was less than ideal for children to attend. People are talking like it would have been so much better if Kim were one of those moms who expect people to simply ignore or tolerate a screaming, unruly child. I applaud her for her decision.

        Every woman on any of the RH shows presents herself more or less as she sees fit. The Atlanta ladies have chosen what we’ve seen on the show. The audience watches their choices. Editing and all.

      • Cat

        Wow. It was fun reading comments until I read this. Racism is hate. Whether it be against blacks, whites, or whatever.

        I want to have fun here. I don’t want to be judged by STRANGERS who don’t know me, and jump to conclusions because they are blinded by hate.

        So….I will climb back up into my tree for awhile. There is no color up here.

        And if KandK doesn’t like it, she can kiss my fuzzy black kitty ass. Meow.

  37. Gia

    Kim is way too normal, grounded and moral to be on this show. While I respect her and would have also left those meeting with my kids, this show is no place for her. Now she has to deal with Kenya’s foolishness. Mind you, after these last two episodes, I can see why she’s as squirrely as she is. No one would turn out sane after that kind of maternal rejection mess. I’m happy Nene’s back! She is a huge personality and was missed!

  38. WonkyTonk

    OMG The little old lady troll gang is back, and as much as I absolutely hated them during the ski trip, I have to admit they warmed the cockles of my cold embittered sarcastic heart. Especially Bertha when she objected to the restaurant and being put on a wanted picture for, what was it Lady Gang? Good times.

    Kenya and aunt Lori man that scene had me confused about which way I needed to go on it, and then I realized I didn’t need to go either way, and that’s when I got that they’re both right. Lori because her sister gave up her child at 16 and shouldn’t have to be constantly reminded of that, and Kenya because she shouldn’t have be constantly ignored by her fucking mother in the fucking same god damned room…Well, after that I suppose it’s clear I’m feeling Kenya more than Lori, but I’m getting them both lima charlie.

  39. Cheychey

    I think Kenya’s family is very off in the way the whole situation was handled. Kenya mentioned that her mother would ignored her. I don’t understand why the family even told her that was her mother. at least as an adopted child she didn’t need to know who her birth mother was. It would have saved her the pain of being in the same room with the person who gave her up. She could have known her as one of the aunts until she was an adult. When she was old enough to understand she was adopted if her mother still didn’t want to be identified the family certainly could have told her that her mother thought it was best to not meet her and she was better off with the family she was with and left it there.

  40. Kay

    Anybody else notice Phorsha’s pasty slip in her talking head tonight. Bravo is not doing her any favors

  41. O.O

    I’ve always given Kenya a permanent Crazy pass because I really don’t know how one can get over the rejection she’s suffered from her mother and be completely normal , and after watching the way aunt Lori handles the situation… I have no words ….. Disfunction at its finest, i wish there were words more powerful than heartbreaking to describe whar Kenya feels daily .
    Is Phedra a psychopath? Or a sociopath?
    I’m so disgusted with Cynthia’s weak personally and lack of backbone, it’s terrible she has battered woman syndrome !! How can she consider being friends with Yuck!!!! Nene !!!! Yuck !!! Noel will be the happiest teenager in the world with Cynthia as a mother.
    Porsha – …
    I love love the way Kim handles the women
    I’m going to go ahead and say that Sharee did not care for any of her children when they were infants because that is the only way she could make thise fool comments about Kim taking a crying baby outside.
    Sabastian – “this was more a play date for you” bwhahahahahaha . I love it .
    Aydin ” they don’t even know what I eat ”
    The children are priceless and have more sense than Porsha .

  42. T D

    Sleep, sleep tonight. May all you’re dreams be realized. If the thundercloud passes rain, let it rain, rain down on me. Some people feel the rain other people just get wet.

  43. The comment to Kenya from Aunt Lori’s daughter about ‘I shared my Mother with you already’ was hurtful and revealing. I started to dislike Aunt Lori a bit last week and this weeks episode hasn’t helped.

  44. I honestly feel like Kim is making it easy for production and the public to view her as boring. I mean, she does have the right to do what she wants but shes coming ff like shes been forced to film. its RHOA. its her job. she should arrange for child care. its really that simple.
    Using her Kids and family as her excuse and 1st priority is getting gold. i think its better she makes it just that.
    i love my kids too, but i wouldn’t make them the reason may loose my job or look reluctant to perform.

  45. tamaratattles


  46. Cat

    I was just looking over comments on other posts.

    For those who shout “racism” and “white privilege”: You need to look at comments on other posts. In particular the comments on Vanderpump Rules. Comments there are often VERY harsh….and most, if not all, of those kids are white.

    We don’t comment based on race. We comment based on the behavior we see on the shows, whether it be Atlanta, Beverly Hills, or New York, etc. If anyone is to blame for our harsh comments, it’s the women on the shows.

    KandK, I am so sorry you are so ashamed and insecure in your own skin. Hopefully, you can learn to accept and love yourself. If you do, you can then (hopefully) learn to love and accept others. Even white people.

    • KandK Mom

      Just because I said these are real conversations that happen between Black parents and their children means I’m ashamed of who I al? Lol I am half Black and half White and VERY proud of who I am and what I represent. I did mess up by trying to have a conversation about race on a blog about RHOA. Your response is pretty ridiculous though. I’m Black and I’m proud sorry if it makes you uncomfortable.

  47. Hey! Big news. kKk mom is half black and half white. I just thought maybe everyone here needed to know that.

    • tamaratattles

      Wait what??? I thought she was black and proud? Which half is white? The top half? The left side? Does she have half white privilege and half black racial profiling? How did you find out such personal information?

      I’m still waiting for her to answer my questions. She seems not to have any examples of her issues with the commenters here. Perhaps she looked around and discovered she was ascribing racism to comment where no racism exists?

    • Shhhhhhhh. It’s a very well kept secret.

  48. If it’s true about Porsha and Cairo, that is a sordid state of affairs!! Sheree should not approve of that mis-matched union!

  49. Tra

    I dislike Aunt Lori as well. That’s was not cool what she did to Kenya. Aunt Lori should be sticking it to her sister.

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