Teresa Giudice Narrowly Escapes Violating Her Probation On First Night of Filming!

WWHL Teresa hands

TMZ is reporting that Teresa Giudice almost violated her parole on Thursday night after filming at Melissa Gorga’s new boutique.  According to their sources, Teresa cut her timing too close to her ten P.M. curfew.  A ten o’clock curfew is very generous, by the way.

Teresa was shucking and jiving and lying about her employment history on the step and repeat on Thursday night at Melissa’s  boutique, Envy, as the Bravo cameras rolled. It seems time got away from her and she hailed a cab to get herself back home. She told her Uber driver to step on it as she was in danger of a parole violation and so the driver sped off to her gaudy McMansion with a quickness.

Teresa Celeb Apprentice

The local police pulled them over and Teresa managed to get the driver out of trouble by telling the cop who she was and what the hurry was all about.  Because, Teresa doesn’t need to follow the law. She’s a Felon By Bravo!

The cop let the go and Teresa arrived home just before the monitor could report that she was not at home.

I wonder who leaked this story to TMZ. Certainly not Teresa, who I am sure would not want her P.O. to know about it. It could be the Uber driver. Or, Teresa may have a rat among the people she trusts.

Do you think Teresa is going to make it through the rest of her house arrest without a violation?


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41 responses to “Teresa Giudice Narrowly Escapes Violating Her Probation On First Night of Filming!

  1. Dee

    She is dumb as a rock. Could she be sent back to jail If she violates her probation?

    • tamaratattles

      She could, but there her prison term ends in about two weeks anyway. They could restrict her to 24 hour home confinement or send her to a half way house. But I doubt even if she did violate much of anything would happen.

      Still, it’s fun to think about!

  2. Dawn

    I’d not be surprised if someone tried to keep her engaged and tarry past when she should depart, as well as someone at the event tipping off police. I don’t mean this as and defence of Tre, just she shouldn’t trust anyone and she needs to keep herself on a short leash.

    It seems like her attending the Envy event/step & repeat was not about Melissa’s store opening to her, but an opportunity to try to toot her own horn. Of course, that still includes lies and exaggerations. The woman has not learned anything. I have a feeling she has another orange jumpsuit in her future. It may be much later nit soon, but she will always be trying to cut corners,

  3. GirlFromKY

    Sociopaths always believe they are exempt from the rules and the laws, and they also think those rules and laws apply to everyone else though. Par. Bitch didn’t learn a thing.

  4. Cat

    Good grief! That mirror is bigger than her head! Or, is she gazing into a cast iron skillet?

  5. My question for clarification is….if this is for filming..which supercedes.

    .-as approval for filming would have to have included a “lay out” for the request to film..

    -.this makes me think that that the “source” had his/her stop watch firmly fixed on Teresa during filming.

  6. Sliceo'pie

    God help me-Melissa’s store is in my town. It’s on a main street but it’s a horrible location and boutique clothing stores rarely last around here for more than a year. Melissa is always so flash and in head to toe Gucci etc…NOBODY around here dresses like that. Lululemon is more like it. Actually, we were at Burger King a while ago when this woman drives up in a Bentley, floor length fur coat, huge Gucci bag, 5 inch heels, loud, “Look at me!!” voice, sits down, yelling on her phone, ignoring her kid –it’s Wendy Williams. The exception..
    It’s a really low key town-lots of well know creative people move here because no one bothers them. People hate when, “The Real Housewives” films here. Stephen Colbert lives around the corner from me (so cool!) and goes to the local church every Sunday. I’m gonna wander into, “Envy” and take a pic cause I’m curious to see what kind of clothes she’s selling-I heard she was ignored at the local winter fashion show. (Devastating, I know)

    I shall report back-if anyone cares…it will be a fun 5 minute break from my fascinating life of AA meetings and assisting at my son’s school 😉

    • Amy

      I care Sliceo’pie!

    • TAMARA

      It probably wasn’t a real fur coat seeing as she supports/ did a ad for them

    • Matzah60

      Wow, very juicy news, Slice! Not a fan of Wendy, but would still be interested to see and hear her up close and personal. How you doin’? I adore Stephen Colbert. One of the funniest man I know. I miss his show!

      Love to see and hear about Envy, Slice. I care! BTW, I read in the Newspaper that Envy is sort of a pop up store and like Kyle’s store, but unlike Kyle, she didn’t give kudos to the woman who actually owns the store which I think is in Florida.

    • Swizzle

      The boutique is just a storyline for filming, like the singing career, real estate development, garbage biz, etc. None of those took off, so I’m guessing the store flops too.

    • I care, please. Enjoyed your comment.

    • Queen of the Nile

      I’d love to read your boutique evaluation!

    • Laura

      Ooooooohhhhh I care!!!! :) I’d love to know what Melissa thinks ‘the masses’ should be wearing.

  7. Matzah60

    Could someone tell me what step and repeat means? I never even heard that phrase before.

    I haven’t seen any close-ups of her in the last few days, but right out of the gate on her release date,she appeared ten years older than she did entering prison.

    I concur with Dawn that there are a host of people who would like to see her slip and fall, so to speak. I do believe she is a narcissistic sociopath, but she did serve her sentence. It’s better for her creditors that she work now so they can start to receive some sort of compensation for her scam.

    I don’t believe that most prisoners, violent and non-violent offenders alike change after incarceration. I would even expect that most feel angrier. Perhaps just the fear of returning for Teresa will be enough to keep her clean. Time will tell.

  8. Lisaj

    Perfect. Joe probably went and fetched the new car the next morning.

  9. Micheal

    Bravo probably leaked it. A whole ‘tune in to see if Tre secretly breaches her probation’.

  10. It is her responsibility to manage her time, she can’t blame that on anyone. If you need to be home by 10:00 PM, leave at 8:00. Uncantbelievable! You are the only one that can take care of your Fam soon..Teresa is willing to risk that for a filming/photo op? I’m so glad that time in Prison taught her the life lessons she needed to learn *Face Palm*

  11. Bravocueen

    I call bullshit on this story.

    • tamaratattles

      Yeah, I am having trouble imaging the source on this story. I can see it being bullshit. No way to know just yet.

      • redbluegreen

        probably the uber driver. TMZ fact checks and an uber driver would be able to show proof via online receipt. or at least, emailing TMZ is what I would do if I were the uber driver. get that money.

      • tamaratattles

        ROFLMAO!!! “TMZ fact checks. You’re so brand new it’s cute.

  12. Dawn

    I rather expect Bravo to be padding this season of RHONJ with quasi interesting events and people. They must have concerns that people like me watching to gawk at Teresa will be less than the number jumping ship. Many people have enough scruples to not contribute to her popularity. Some have lost interest after the long delay and new shows to follow.

  13. Spilledperfume

    Her hairline drives me nuts. I’m so glad several readers have mentioned it because I thought I was the only one.

    • Minky

      No, you definitely are not alone. It’s just odd.

      I remember an SNL skit from I think the early 90s (the Dana Carvey era) where Rob Schneider plays a plastic surgeon on a talk show and various unattractive people come in to get a consultation from him.

      All of the characters got a plan from Schneider on how to fix their problem, except one. A gentleman (Phil Hartman?) who had a low hairline that started just above his eyebrows, very similar to Teresa. When asked “Can you help this man?” the Schneider character flat out says “No.”

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