Real Housewives of Potomac Taglines. Bios, and Pre-Show Thoughts

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF POTOMAC -- Season:1 -- Pictured: (l-r) Charrisse Jackson Jordan, Robyn Dixon, Karen Huger, Gizelle Bryant, Katie Rost, Ashley Boalch Darby -- (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF POTOMAC — Season:1 — Pictured: (l-r) Charrisse Jackson Jordan, Robyn Dixon, Karen Huger, Gizelle Bryant, Katie Rost, Ashley Boalch Darby — (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

Guest Contributor Ben C.

They’re heeere!! We’ve been #blessed with not one, but TWO new Real Housewives franchises this year and the Potomac ladies are first up to bat! Since the series premiere of #RHOP airs tomorrow night, right after #RHOA and the return of NeNe Leakes, I’m kicking it off with the recently-released #RHOP taglines, which will be followed by an upcoming pre-premiere-party-post! (say that five times fast.) T.T. already gave a great outline of the new housewives here. We’ve got everything from a 27-year-old former beauty-queen, to basketball wives (one who still shares a bed with her ex-husband) , and the ex-wife of a pastor…seems like Bravo got the mix just right. Continue reading for the new taglines…


RHOP Gizelle

“The word on the street is, that I’M the word on the street” – Gizelle

Probably the most clever line of the bunch. T.T. already named her the potential NeNe of the bunch, and based on this tagline – I agree.

Bravo Bio:  Gizelle is a vibrant socialite and resident of the Potomac area who effortlessly manages her jam-packed calendar as a single mother of three daughters, Grace and twins Angel and Adore. She was raised by very prominent and powerful parents who set the tone for her path in their work in government and philanthropy. After graduating from Hampton University, she married megachurch pastor/activist Jamal Bryant and lived in Baltimore in wedded bliss for seven years. But when the marriage came crumbling down on her, this resilient woman decided it was time to move back to her old stomping of Potomac for a fresh start with her three girls.

RHOP Gizelle still
Never one to stay down for too long, Gizelle keeps herself busy with multiple philanthropy projects. She works with the city council of Birmingham, Alabama to generate funds to revitalize the city and is currently working on an event to raise money for a number of local charities. Gizelle is committed to working hard and sees every obstacle as an opportunity. She is currently working on a makeup line geared to meet the needs for women of color and is on target to launch the line in 2016. Gizelle maintains her status as a sophisticated woman in the Potomac social scene and with her outspoken, no-nonsense demeanor; she is currently embracing a new chapter as she learns to date again and adjusts to single life.

RHOP Karen

“In Potomac, it’s not about who you are – it’s about who you know. And I’m everything!” – Karen

AKA I’m the oldest & been around the longest. Bow down, bitches.

Bravo Bio: Karen Huger currently lives in the most desirable section of Potomac with her husband, Raymond, and their two children. Originally from Virginia, Karen grew up on a large family farm and witnessed her father succeeding through hard work and perseverance. She took those lessons to heart, moved out, went to college, started her climb to social heights, and never looked back.

RHOP Karen still

Karen reigns supreme as a grand dame of Potomac, and she is a big contributor to the social scene. Although Karen is known for throwing over-the-top parties at her home, her family always comes first, and she is extremely proud of all that they have accomplished. Raymond, her husband of 19 years, a technology entrepreneur, is president and CEO of a highly successful information technology company. Her son, Brandon, 27, is a graduate of both Morehouse College and Georgetown University. Her daughter, Rayvin, 17, is currently a senior in high school and looking forward to heading to the college of her choice. Karen has dedicated her life to her husband and children and is dreading the day when she goes off to college. With her oldest out of the house and her youngest about to leave the home, Karen must face becoming an empty nester, and there’s no telling how this will impact her relationship with her husband.

RHOP Katie

“I’m a ball & gala girl. It’s not my legacy – it’s my calling.” – Katie

I literally had to Google this tagline to clearly understand what she was saying.

Bravo Bio: Katie Rost is an international model and TV personality born and raised in Potomac, in a very affluent and philanthropic biracial family. She grew up in the elite social scene of Maryland. Katie went to the best private schools and was groomed to be a top doctor or lawyer. But despite her parents’ hopes, she followed her dreams all the way to New York City to become a successful model. A vivacious beauty with girl-next-door charm, Katie has big dreams and electric ambition. In 2009, Katie was asked by Vogue magazine editor Anna Wintour to join The Vogue 100 List, a group of intriguing and fashionable women from around the country who act as arbiters of style. Katie and her mother run the Ronald F. Rost Charitable Foundation in memory of Katie’s father, who died in 2000.

RHOP Katie still

Katie went on to marry her college sweetheart, but the marriage was short-lived and fell apart. She decided to move her three-year-old son, James Rocco, and 14-month-old twin daughters, Kathryn and Renee, back to Potomac to settle down and raise them “properly.” A single mother of three, Katie was introduced to one of Potomac’s most eligible bachelors, Andrew, an investment executive. Although he had no plans of settling down, Andrew and Katie hit it off instantly and have been dating for over a year. Katie loves Andrew and is ready to give marriage another shot.

RHOP Robyn

“I don’t have a cookie-cutter life, and I’m not apologizing for it!” – Robyn

I’m tough and relatable and not like these other women! (exactly like these other women)

Bravo Bio: Baltimore native Robyn Dixon is the epitome of “You can’t keep a good girl down!” She graduated from the University of Maryland, where she earned a degree in business marketing. While Robyn was in high school, she met Juan Dixon, a star athlete at a rival school. In what turned into a whirlwind romance, Robyn and Juan became high school sweethearts, attended college together, and eventually married. Juan went on to become a professional basketball player; the couple moved to Potomac and had two talented, athletic sons. However, being married to an athlete was not easy, and when Juan broke her heart, the couple decided to part ways. Juan now works as a special assistant basketball coach for the University of Maryland, and the couple remains extremely close, so much so they all live together under one roof and are embracing the “new normal.”

RHOP Robyn Still
A full-time single mom of two active sons, seven-year-old Corey and six-year-old Carter, Robyn successfully maintains a balance between family, work, and fun. Never one to sit still, Robyn launched her career as a publicist and event manager at TAA PR, a public relations, marketing, and special-events boutique specializing in luxury lifestyle, fashion, and hospitality in Washington, DC.

RHOP charrisse

“If I don’t know who you are, then you’re not worth knowing.” – Charrisse

Oh no she better don’t!! Please let this one be the delusional one of the bunch. She seems so .gif-able already. Definitely the Etiquette Queen of the group.

Bravo Bio: Charrisse Jackson Jordan is a dedicated wife, mother, and socialite whose reputation precedes her in the elite Potomac social circle. Maintaining an extensive network both inside and outside of Potomac, Charrisse prides herself on being a dependable friend and confidant. When her packed schedule allows, she loves to shop, socialize, and travel. Well known to throw extravagant parties and events, Charrisse is the ultimate social butterfly who connects the Who’s Who of the DC area. Her passion is giving back and during her tenure as President of Behind the Bench, the National Basketball Wives Association, combined with her efforts on behalf of various organizations including Knock Out Abuse Against Women, Men Against Breast Cancer, N Street Village, and many national nonprofits, Charrisse has proudly raised millions for charity based organizations.

RHOP Charissee still
A dedicated mother of two teenagers–Jackson, 17, and Skylar, 15–Charrisse has been married to NBA player-turned-coach Eddie Jordan for more than 18 years. The secret to their marriage is distance: for the last three years of their marriage, they have lived apart. Eddie currently resides in New Jersey while Charrisse and the children live in Potomac. The couple has faced its share of relationship challenges, but Charrisse tackles any obstacle that comes her way with dignity and grace. Her number-one priority has always been and will always be her children, as she is determined to be there for them 150% . . . no nannies, period.

RHOP Ashley

“Throw this spring chicken into the cougar’s den – and let the games begin!” – Ashley

We get it, you’re 27. An eager 27.

Bravo Bio: Ashley Darby is a Maryland native with a spicy personality and an unmatched drive to succeed. The oldest child in her family, Ashley grew up juggling multiple jobs to help support her single mom and younger siblings. When she turned 18, she attended the University of Maryland and bartended on the side to keep both her and her family financially stable. While bartending, Ashley was scouted by the Miss District of Columbia Pageant and went on to take the crown in 2011.

RHOP Ashley still

Soon thereafter, Ashley met Michael Darby, an Australian real-estate millionaire, who is 29 years her senior. Sparks flew, and Ashley was introduced to a world she never knew existed. After four years of dating, the couple married, and Ashley went from 22 and single to wife and stepmother of Michael’s 21- and 24-year-old children. In a classic Cinderella story, Ashley is now constantly attending galas and charity events. She wants to make a name for herself in the food industry, so with the help of her husband, she’s opening a restaurant with an emphasis on fresh and wholesome ingredients. Although she’s having the time of her life, Ashley can’t shake the thought that the only thing missing from this fairy tale is a baby to complete her family.

I have to start by saying that I, personally, love this intro. Andy gave an interview noting the two new franchises (Potomac & Dallas) both feel like early seasons of RHOC and RHONY, and I’m already feeling the vibes. These ladies clearly haven’t signed a lease & settled in crazytown just yet. They all sound so tame, so fresh, so eager. I miss the days of the sound bite style taglines (example: every tagline of RHONJ seasons 1-2) versus the new “look-at-how-clever-i’m-not!” types of recent day.

Also, I LOVE the fact they’re holding champagne flutes!! It was always such a mystery why no city used them – until the #RHOBH Season One Uncensored special (PS: when is Bravo coming out with one for each city? This special was epic.) and we all found out Beverly Hills intended to use them, until the Kim Richards drama came out. Potomac is already nailing it, in my opinion. The gold font, the new background music, the CHERRY BLOSSOMS!! It’s gives me LIFE – in a Porsha Williams type of way.

What do you guys think?? Let me know in the comments below, or tweet me @bennayy!!

The Real Housewives of Potomac premieres January 16th (tomorrow night!) @ 9pm EST on Bravo!


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34 responses to “Real Housewives of Potomac Taglines. Bios, and Pre-Show Thoughts

  1. Dawn

    I’m hoping for a show where the black women are everything the Atlanta “belle’s” are not. On paper, they seem like the real deal, cultured and classy, we shall see…

  2. JustJenn

    My brain only has room for so many housewives, but I’ll give them a shot. Looking forward to your recap!

  3. @immelza

    I am seriously exhausted and when I read Katie’s tag line I thought it said I’m a ball and gag gal! Okay I’ll show myself out now.

  4. I’ll give it a try but…I don’t really trust Bravo anymore.

  5. iloveearlgrey

    That’s a rough 27.

  6. Micheal

    I’m enjoying Teen Mom OG so much more when they frequently break the fourth wall. RHOBH uncensored was like Teen Mom OG and it was amazing.

    Wouldn’t it be great if for BH and Atlanta they let the ladies break the fourth wall? The behind the scenes sounds juicier than the fake storylines we see now.

  7. Sequoia

    Andy is excited that the new women get right to fighting and arguing. I’m not. I’m sick of screaming, ratchet women who’s only discernible contribution to the planet is spending borrowed or stolen money and making an ass of themselves for a little bit of fame and notoriety. Only a couple of these women actually lived in the Potoma area before the show started. These new versions (Dallas anyone) of RHW’s are essentially another bunch of fake, rich, narcissistic women, living above their means, willing to do and say whatever it takes in order to grab 5 minutes of fame or infamy, no matter the cost.

    Most of my TV watching habits have moved on from Bravo. OC, Atlanta and NJ are all on death watch as far as I’m concerned. I can’t imagine anything that would cause me to give yet another RHW show a try, let alone two new RHW shows.

    Someone needs to tell Andy this well has gone dry.

  8. I live in a city close to Dallas so I am excited to see these Dallas housewives but not too excited about Potomac. Interesting to see Ashley Darby. Husband is 29 years older and she wants a baby. Yep, I am sure he married her wanting to start another family. Wondering if she really wants a child of her own or if it’s the child support she wants if he gets tired of her and divorces her?

  9. ShyGuy

    I’m really excited about these ladies and will be watching, but I will say that the NY Post article comparing RHOA and RHOP seemed very racist.

  10. Jennifer Hudson Knock Knees

    I wonder will they talk about Gizelle & her ex husband Pastor Jamal Bryant and those “ALLEGED” gay rumors. If so I just may attend his church, lol!!!

  11. I am actually trying to tone my bravo affiliation down. Hgtv is my new obsession. However, i am losing N.J. for sure so I want to give them a shot. They are all so nasty now. I was hoping for some class and glamour. We shall see.

    • Wanda

      I used to be sooo into HGTV, but I’m bored with it now (except for House Hunters International). The hosts on most of the shows just don’t seem interesting anymore, and they used to show you how to do the renovations and interior design, but not so much anymore. I’ll stick to Bravo.

  12. Thanks Ben, interesting recap.
    I missed this but will watch on rerun.
    If they begin with bickering and meanness Im out.

    I probably misunderstood the original premise of the HW franchise. I thought I was going to watch the the lifestyle, lives and the area the women live in.
    All I get is stressed and disgusted with how the women behave.

  13. Katherine 2.0

    Ben, thanks for the informative recap! I had to laugh at “elite social scene of Maryland.” Looking forward to seeing a little of the area I live in, but, like calipatti, am not going all in if these women get down and dirty. I think it may end up like DC, which I did like. But apparently, those women were too boring for Bravo.

    • I liked RHoDC too, but I think they made a huge mistake by letting the Salahis hijack the show. If it were up to me, I’d have cut them out entirely. Of course, after the White House party-crash incident became a national scandal, there was no way Bravo wasn’t going to ride the wave of all that publicity. Too bad the show couldn’t recover from such distasteful lying grifters the way that those of other cities have.

      • tamaratattles

        If anything, RHODC was too intellectual for the viewership. No real felons, suicides, bankruptcies…And actual rich people the most part. No table flipping, wig yanking, or wine throwing. Much like Miami.

        Like the classy housewives of wherever, the best RH series are one and done.

      • Shay

        Yup, DC was my fave! The ladies seemed authentic, had great fashions, and maintained established careers (therefore werent constantly selling us a bunch of shit…)

  14. BKSweetheart

    Hmm I don’t know. I’m going to give it a shot but I’m already skeptical. Nothing worse than a bunch of bougie stuck up delusional b*tches sitting around self aggrandizing and bragging about all their charities and galas and such. Barf. I highly doubt any of these women are truly from old money backgrounds or they wouldn’t be doing this show. As the saying goes “money talks but wealth whispers”

  15. Jaana

    I really hope this is good so I can stop watching atlanta.

  16. Some of my random thoughts:

    “is a…resident of the Potomac area
    Translation: she lives in Rockville or Gaithersburg. M’kay.

    “…there’s no telling how this will impact her relationship with her husband.”
    Uh-oh. Is this the next #DivorceByBravo?

    “…She grew up in the elite social scene of Maryland.”
    Well, that’s an oxymoron, but whatever.

    “…Ashley is now constantly attending galas and charity events…”
    Being someone who will show up for any event – the proverbial opening of a door – is nothing to brag about, Dear.

    “…her efforts on behalf of various organizations including Knock Out Abuse Against Women, Men Against Breast Cancer, N Street Village, and many national nonprofits…”
    I’ve actually heard of N Street Village. It’s one of the charities that a very dear friend of my family’s was involved with. IF this is true and IF she is sincere, MAYBE this woman is worthwhile.

    Well, it looks like it has potential. Of course, being a Washingtonian, it holds special interest for me anyway. The Real Housewives of DC was botched, maybe they got it right this time.

    • IM OK NOW

      Right Ericka…Hyattsville or maybe even Laurel…wtf is outside of the Potomac..NO one here says that….not with Prince George County’s bad rep….BS already….

    • New here

      Gizelle lives in Bethesda, about a mile inside the Beltway and about 5 miles south of Potomac. Nice neighborhood, far less pretentious than Potomac, which is full of ugly, oversized, gaudy homes. I am pretty sure she is renting it. I am pretty sure Robyn Dixon lives in Silver Spring, which is nowhere near Potomac. Ashley Darby lives in Arlington VA. Karen Huger lives in the real Potomac (most towns here are not incorporated so there are no official boundaries but where she lives is considered Potomac).

      We don’t boil crabs. We steam them. And not before people arrive. They need to be served right out of the pot. If you leave them in the pot for more than a few minutes, they are soggy and disgusting.

      And those of us with real manners are on hand to greet our guests.

      • Yeah, the outside of Gizelle’s house looked very Bethesda/Chevy Chase to me (which in my book is better than Potomac). The inside, though, didn’t seem to match. That kitchen looked very…downscale. Like, did you see those countertops? The cheapest formica, like, not even Corian. That’s fine, but not a “Housewives” kitchen full of granite like I was expecting! I’m sure I’ll say this again on the recap when it goes up, but Charrisse was the only one who had a “Housewives” house.

      • @ericzku “not even Corian.” hahaha. That kitchen of Gizelle’s spoke many words. Bethesda has some beautiful and very expensive properties, that kitchen is not one of them. I was actually shocked. Maybe the carriage house. The fillming at Gizelle’s place was very suspicious. When Karen came over, there was something missing. You could tell it was staged to appear more than it was.

  17. Rose

    I’m on the fence. I live in Maryland and have heard stories of the snooty Potomac folk since I was young. This seems to be RHOA upper class version. Not up for more women of color acting the fool but I’m nosey so I’ll watch the first episode. I’m looking forward to the new season of Hit the Floor (VH1) which returns tomorrow!

  18. Ruby2sday

    Charisse please please have Eddie come home and stay in Potomac. After seeing the terrible games this season and the awful recruiting I would rather see him on Bravo than on the sidelines.

  19. Cadie Bea Flowers

    I been sitting here like this lady looks familiar…Gizelle that is. Birmingham, Erika Liles (Kevin Liles wife). Hampton U. The messed up Birmingham city council (who had a member slugging it out with the mayor a couple of weeks ago while the rest of the council was still in session BTW, but I digress). Yeah. I had to google the news articles to bring it all back, but yeah. Ding! Anyway. Thanks for the bios. It was going to bother me any time I saw her.

  20. New here

    Charrisse lives in Rockville. Again, Potomac has no official boundaries and lots of people who live on the west side of Rockville call themselves Potomac. She does have a Potomac mailing address. However, the area is actually called Travilah and it is a good distance from what people think of as Potomac (which is actually a crossroads with three shopping centers, one including the restaurant Mix where Katie Rost had lunch with Andrew).

    • Shay

      Yo New Here: No thanks on insider info to what you’re saying only means sonething to you. We don’t know much about Potomac v. Rockville, etc. and we don’t care. Feed info on this cast to TT and she will share if it’s interesting… because I don’t think you can decipher interesting v. boring.

      • tamaratattles

        Hey Shay, since when do we berate new people who come here with tea from their communities where Real Housewives is filming? Just because you don’t understand the tea being shared doesn’t mean we don’t. When the hell did you become the arbiter on what is boring and what is interesting? Have a seat. I got this.

        And thanks for the comment New Here! Never mind the anti-welcome wagon.

    • amisteree

      Actually, I always think it’s interesting to know how Bravo spins things. I like hearing a local’s perspective. Thanks, New Here.

      • Cat

        I agree. And sometimes, the name of the suburb or neighborhood you live in makes a difference in how people view you. Sad, but true.

  21. Cheychey

    I love it already. Gizelle and robin my early favs.

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