Top Chef Recap: Missing the Plate

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

The previews make it look like Angelina has another rough go tonight. Some might argue that Angelina is not ready to be on this show, but I am glad that she is. Angelina is clearly a good cook. Technically, she is a Chef De Cuisine, or head chef somewhere. I am not seeing that level of expertise. But, she has experience in professional kitchens. I think we need her to remind us that what we see happening on this show is not as easy as it looks.  A part of me is rooting for her to make it through just to see her progress on the show.  Besides, the teasers are often deliberately misleading, so we shall have to wait  and see.

I’ve never seen them spend time like this recapping the previous episodes drama. It looks like no one is feeling Phillip this episode. Kwame said Phillip is going to be his own worst enemy. Phillip continues to push himself. Karen on the other hand admits she needs to step up her game.

And we are off to San Diego. I once flew to San Diego to visit a friend who was  graduating from … well at this point I have no idea what he was graduating from but it was a Navy event. I booked a hotel online and it was a gay hotel. Who knew there were such things?  I was the only female in the entire establishment and once they figured out I was not leaving, we all had a blast. Their little restaurant, where I was often the only patron, was very good and they served dinner on Versace plates. Naturally. I am starting to think I am actually a gay man in a woman’s body. I need to figure out a way to get some sort of minority benefits for that.  Anyway, I loved San Diego they had a great bookstore with some out of print erotic novels I used to collect and there were new baby giraffes at the zoo.  I really like giraffes. But um, enough bloviating about myself.

Top Chef Isaac

Today the chefs are right on the water and their quickfire is to make a fish taco in twenty minutes. It’s a sudden death quickfire. I’m hungry. I love fish tacos. Wesley is making a lobster and fois gras taco. Did I mention they have twenty minutes? Grab some mahi mahi and get it done, people!  Isaac is my pony for the dog and pony show. Wesley put his lobster on the wrong station and then started accusing people of stealing it.

Production on this show is not blogger friendly. They don’t put the chefs’ names up on the screen enough.

Wesley’s taco has no tortilla. He’s using mangos instead. Because, Wesley.  But Angelina DID NOT PLATE HER TACOS? How does that happen? Her tacos are on the cutting board.  I don’t understand this mistake. The whole point is to get the dish ON THE PLATE in twenty minutes! Oh Angelina.  I like that she didn’t cry. I would have cried.

The top dishes were Karen (fried oyster taco!), Chad (charred taco), and Kwame ( wahoo taco (normal people fish)).  Chad wins immunity. Phillip bitches and complains in his talking head.

In what I think is an unfair move, they don’t show us the bottom dishes and just throw Angelina into a sudden death cookoff. I get she is in the cookoff, but I think she deserved to know who the losers were like every other person in her situation since she has to choose her opponent. She chooses, Wesley.  Yes, COME ON, Angelina!

Oh no, it’s a Ceasar Salad. I think Wesley has made a thousand of these. However, the twist is that the ingredients for the guest judges salad are more like a mystery box. They don’t have to use them to make a salad. Make an egg dish, Angelina! Can you make a decent omelet?

Wesley did a fried egg dish. Angelina started off scrambling a bunch of eggs, LIKE I TOLD HER TO but on her plate is a crostini with anchovies and romaine and a vinaigrette. I don’t get it. What happened to her eggs?  Wesley wins, and Angelina has to pack her knives. I’m going to miss her.

They have a half way point celebration with craft beer. The judges have created the craft beers. They have to create a dish to pair with the beer. These beers sound disgusting. Just give me a lite beer by Miller and call it a day. Tom’s beer has banana in it and Isaac says he would give money for anyone else’s beer. I wish Isaac would have gotten Emeril’s spicy Louisiana beer. Can they trade?

Top Chef


DAAAAAAAANG! Their Whole Foods budget is $350. Oh the things I could do with $350 at Whole Foods. But it would suck to have to spend it in thirty minutes. I love wandering around in Whole Foods before taking my meager selection to the register.

They are cooking at Richard Blais’ restaurant, Juniper & Ivy. I just checked and it’s got five stars from a lot of reviewers. I didn’t know he was in San Diego!

Emeril stops to talk to the chefs. Most everyone who has done this show talks about how brutal it is. A lot of it is very fast paced and there is a ton of waiting  around in isolation. The mental aspects take their toll.

At the time of filming, Wesley was the executive chef at Richard’s old restaurant in Atlanta. There seems to be some bad blood there. Will Richard be the one to send Wesley home? I hope so. I can’t stand to watch him lick his fingers and double dip his spoons and even worse tonight we are treated to an eyeful of ass crack.  UGH.

Karen seems strong this challenge and is trying to take on the big boys. I hope she does well. I wish someone was making salmon. I need a new recipe.  My boy Isaac is making banannaise. Um, fingers crossed?  Why isn’t anyone doing beer battered fish and chips? Or beer cheese soup? Or beer butt chicken? Okay maybe not that last one. But Amar’s jalapeño poppers seem like a good idea with beer.

Amar and Chad both had Padma’s beer and both had great dishes. The judges seemed to favor Amar.

Wesley and Karen and Jeremy had Richard’s beer Karen got a lot of praise, Jeremy did a fabulous duck dish, but I think they might have liked Karen’s better!  Wesley’s lamb dish has landed him firmly on the bottom. Note to self: By or make Ras el Hanout. I love north African spices. Just not in my beer.

Marjorie, Carl and Phillip have Emeril’s beer. To me,  this was the easiest one. Emeril’s beer had coffee, cayenne and tangerine.   Marjorie made a potato gnocchi with a chicken ragu. Is that enough? Tom says he can’t taste the beer she braised the chicken with.  Richard says the dish is delicious but he wants to believe that there is more beer in there than he is tasting. Phillip gets rave reviews for his duck breast. Carl, who I think is a dark horse to win the whole thing, did short ribs and got some negative feedback for pairing the flavors too close to the beer.

Kuame, Jason and Isaac both got Tom’s crappy banana beer. Not only is Isaac not thrilled with the flavors, he is paired with Kwame. Good luck, Isaac! Isaac goes first and introduces his dish as a corn and crab velouté  with a king crab salad and Sricacha banannaise. Um, isn’t velouté a sauce? I don’t get this dish. It’s a plate of sauce with a tiny crab salad served in a corn cob. The judges loved the crab salad but didn’t get it being served on a corn cob. Isaac said he was trying to keep the salad off the hot plate. Oh Isaac, you are headed for the bottom.

Kwame made chicken mojo with some puree and whatever. It’s perfection. Because, Kwame.

Jason made a pork and squid meatball. Jason is one to be feared on this show.  They HATED his squid dish. I guess I spoke too soon this may save Wesley and send Jason packing.

When the judges deliberate, Blais seems to save Majorie from the bottom.

Amar, Karen and Kwame are the top three. So glad Karen redeemed herself. We need a female to step up. I hope Amar wins this round though. KAREN WON! YAY!  I am happy for her. I like all three of these chefs.

Jason, Isaac and Wesley are on the bottom. Just don’t send Isaac home. Please don’t send Isaac home. I think Jason is a goner. YES! They send Wesley home. I never root against the homeboy, but this one was just an embarrassment. He stayed too long in my opinion. And Jason and Isaac live to cook another day. I would have really missed seeing Jason’s calfskin carry on bag in the future. Watch for it. It’s errythang. I love the production audio of crashing plates as Wesley leaves. I never watch the online competition after the show, Last Chance Kitchen, but I might today. I want to see Angelina beat Wesley.

Next Week: They are back in L.A.  It’s a sentimental memory challenge. Kwame is going to have a heart tugging one. Phillip may be accused of SABOTAGE!


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21 responses to “Top Chef Recap: Missing the Plate

  1. JoJoFLL

    If I had Richard’s resources, I’d bolt from Atlanta to San Diego (whale’s vagina) in a millisecond.

  2. I LOVE San Diego! It’s one of my favorite places and I go there every chance I get. I’ve tried to move there a couple of times, too…but that’s a story for another time.

    Glad go see Wesley gone, he was soooo gross.

    Oh, and you CAN’T be a gay man in a woman’s body if you love fish tacos…


  3. Al

    In my opinion, Wesley seemed to be depressed. I felt sorry for him.

  4. Shae

    Wesley kept saying he was psyched out by Richard being there when he just became the chef at his former restaurant. He let that get into his head. At this level, you can’t be distracted like that constantly, he was bound to go home at the rate he was going.

    Angelina tried hard but I just don’t think she was up to this level yet, but she put in good effort and was pretty likable:)

  5. Kevin

    I’m not sure what the issue is with Richard Blais and Wesley, but there is something going on there. Blais seems not be pressed, but Wesley just turns into a basket case at the mention of Richard’s name. I think he’s definitely intimated by Richard.

  6. DarkThoughts

    Philip has a severe case of Marcel-itis. Except he is not as good as Marcel. He can go. He makes boring food.

    • YES. Same air of arrogant douchebaggery. Same spindly, scrawny physique. I don’t know if I’d say Marcel was better, though. I certainly don’t miss seeing him present his cat-puke-looking “foams” week after week.

  7. @immelza

    I like the group they recruited this season. It was time for Wesley to go he had some gross habits and that was on camera can you imagine him off camera in the weeds on a busy night?

  8. Cat

    I always thought fish tacos sounded gross. But, hey, it’s a TACO, so I tried one. Now, they are one of my favorites.

    By the way, I’ve lost 5 pounds on my taco diet, so far. It really boils down to tricking yourself into portion control, and making veggies interesting.

    Trivia: Did you know that taco cat spelled backwards is still taco cat?

    Where are the cat food tacos, TT? Did I ever tell you I served 9 Lives pâté at a party once? Just once. For some reason, they never invited me back. :)

  9. WonkyTonk

    You had me at San Diego book store. We stayed at the I want to say Boys Club Hotel and that was fairly gay as well. I mean it was a communal bathroom/shower situation and when I walked in there was “goings on” TT “goings on”!

    The base on Coronado Island hosts a lot of training schools. I went there mid 80s for Logistics Training for the Marine Corps. Maybe that’s the type of graduation you went to witness.

    I remember strolling through downtown and stumbling into a bookstore and picking up a vintage original star trek novel which I still have today. I really like San Diego. There’s something about the breeze off the ocean that has a way of settling you down.

    Ok so last week I was all like get Angelina out of there, but this week for some reason, maybe my hormones, I was feeling her. I felt terrible for her when she forgot to plate the tacos because looking at them and that quac sauce she created I’m sure they would have been pretty good. Poor kid.

    I kind of like the idea of the cookoff in that the loosing chef gets to pick who they’re going to compete against because it lets you know who that chef thinks is the weakest chef. Wes was a good choice because he thinks he’s better than he actually is. I mean that taco of his was for shit, yeah I said it, for shit!

    Banannaise I mean really. I’ll bet it was awesome too. Isaac and his cajun ass crack me up. I think right now he’s my favorite chef, he’s certainly the most funny.

    Phillip got ta go!

    Confession: I think impure thoughts whenever Jeremy is on the screen. And it doesn’t help that he’s a good chef.

  10. tamaratattles


    • Cat

      I know you don’t recap it, but did you watch Hell’s Kitchen tonight? Looks like it’s going to be a crazy season! No spoilers, I promise!

      • tamaratattles

        Yeah, I watched it right after kids Masterchef. Gordon did SO WELL when I kid burned him tonight! And then was back to himself with the grownups. There are a lot of nutbags to weed through on Hell’s Kitchen. I might recap when we get down to the final four or so. For now it’s just a big ole fustercluck.

      • Cat

        Oh, I know! I cringed when he got burned. All that hot butter!

    • Stephanie

      I thought about telling you LCK’s theme and who all was competing that night…but then I thought even that would be too much of a spoiler! I’m glad I had more sense than others!! Love your recaps TT

    • Bridgett

      Well crap, TT, I have never seen you post your reasoning…I figured you didn’t watch out of a time issue. I don’t consider it a spoiler, more an extension of show and actually adds to the show. They never announce the final winner until they walk out to compete in regular episode. You may want to reconsider your stance, but regardless I won’t mention it again.

  11. SwimMom

    Blais always comes across like a pompous ass to me. I always thought he would be a little kinder since it took him 2 times to win.

  12. Jane

    Love the show and glad you recap it. OK, I love me some Isaac, he’s just so cool. Banana flavor beer sounds almost as gross as squid meatballs. I am liking emeril, even though I used to hate that bam schtick. Anyway, he seems kind, but shrewd, and critiques without needing to humiliate. Wesley lost, but I would have rather seen that insufferable Philip or pedantic Jason go. They can take padma with them.

  13. Rose

    It’s been time for Wesley to go. Great recap!

  14. I love Isaac (who wouldn’t?) but I’m also a Jason girl. I was so scared he was going home. Not many adults bring out the mommy in me but I really want to give Jason a hug & tell him everything’s going to be okay.

    • tamaratattles

      Lady C, I like Jason a lot too. And I was rather disgusted with the way the judges, particularly Tom with Padma chiming in agreement, in the way that they mocked his dish this week. Pork meatballs with squid and clams and seafood is an old school Spanish dish. Jason screwed the pooch with his squid. He cooked it poorly and it should not have been whole baby squid in the dish like that. They certainly should have critiqued his cooking which was a disaster. He deserved to be in the bottom for sure. And he was close to going home and might have gone home with that mess on another week.

      What pissed me off was their mocking of “hertitage dishes” and laughing and giggling saying there is a reason no one makes that anymore. Plenty of people still make that dish. Insulting whole cultures and traditional cooking in their smarmy dismissive way was offensive. I get it they like all the scientific experiments and frozen foam crap, But the way they critiqued HIM PERSONALLY for cooking a traditional dish was annoying.

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