Real Housewives of New Jersey Filming Is In Full Swing!

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey were out filming yesterday and Felon by Bravo, Teresa Giudice was right there on the step and repeat with her daughter Gia. This season, Melissa Gorga will open a boutique to compete with all the Poshe, Posche, Posh boutiques. We can only hope they have a fashion charity event at the end of the season with the usual catfights and police presence.

Last night Teresa played the role of supportive sister-in-law to her frenemie Melissa.

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Photo Twitter


“I’m feeling great,” Teresa told E! News exclusively Thursday evening. “I’m happy to be here to support my brother and my sister-in-law Melissa for the grand opening on her boutique Envy.”

“[Melissa] has great style and you see her on the red carpet and you see her being photographed, so, and you can tell from the photographs that she has great style.”

“My background is fashion. I went to school for fashion,” Teresa shared.  “I used to work at Macy’s Herald Square in the buying office and I also was on the vendor side. I worked for Nine West and Calvin Klein handbags. So, I have a fashion background.”

I’m just going to leave those quotes alone because I am obsessed that the promotional company on the step and repeat is called FML.  Giggles #FML


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46 responses to “Real Housewives of New Jersey Filming Is In Full Swing!

  1. Wouldn’t “Envy” be more appropriately named “Sloth”?

  2. Well , its good that she has an actual resume. Maybe she should think about returning to her “day job”.

  3. JentheAUBURNfan

    Well fml is probably what the vendors thought lol

  4. swizzle

    What an odd name for a clothing store…one of the seven deadly sins. Seems an odd choice for someone with a strong religious foundation — a sin and opposition to a Commandment. I’m not even religious, but all these women are always crossing themselves and talking about their faith, so it seems odd.

  5. iloveearlygrey

    a background in fashion and she still picks THAT outfit? Ew.

  6. Anastasia_Beave

    This is so bizarre to me. To go from being in jail a couple of weeks ago to posing in front of a store in full hair, makeup, wardrobe. Such a weird, messed up life these people live.

    • Micheal

      Celebrity culture. Tre isn’t the first and won’t be the last celebrity to walk from prison onto a step and repeat with a designer gown/suit on their backs. Robert downey Jr, Martha Stewart, Lohan, Nicole Ritchie etc.

      • Katie

        When Paris Hilton was released from the clink she put on some makeup and an Alice + Olivia jacket, catwalked 500 feet to her waiting SUV with the paps shooting the entire thing, and that jacket sold out right away.

      • Angel(?)

        The difference between the celebrities that you mentioned and the Giudices is that Tre and Joe DEFRAUDED the government, banks, and small businesses.

      • Just Saying

        Also Teresa isn’t really a celebrity most of the people I know don’t watch hws and have no idea who she is. Her life is weird but so is she

      • GildedLily

        Wesley Snipes is another, huge tax fraud, released from prison and making movies.

    • Cara

      How scary is it that during just one year in prison, the fashion bus already passed her by?

  7. Natalie

    When is joe due to leave for the clink?

  8. redbluegreen

    can someone please investigate Teresa’s claim that she was a BUYER for Macys in NYC? I can’t imagine anyone hiring her for any job, but being a buyer is a pretty big deal. She is too dumb. I doubt she can read or write, we know she can barely speak. can you imagine her working in a corporate office? TT, please look into this ridiculousness.

    • tamaratattles

      I believe she said she worked in the buyers office. Probably answering phones. OTOH I don’t believe a word she says. And anyone with a degree can be a buyer for Macys. I worked there selling ties in college. It was actually one of my favorite jobs, I still can’t pass a tie display without straightening it up. They wanted me to be a buyer after I graduated. Anyone could get that job. You have to be a department manger first and then the next step is buyer.

      • tamaratattles

        So now that I think about it. When I said “anybody could get that job, I meant you don’t have to have a fashion degree any real four year degree will do, after you manage a department for awhile and get to know the inventory. I didn’t mean it wasn’t a good job. I’ve thought about going back to retail lately and Macy’s in particular, maybe part time.

        Anyway, my point is, Teresa doesn’t have a four year degree that and two year fashion degree from some Patterson fashion college isn’t going to cut it. Also, buyer is not an entry level position. You have to at least start at manager. She’s lying again.

        This woman lying about jobs she never had is why she went to prison. It’s great that she gets out and starts lying about her resume IN HER FIRST APPEARANCE! I seem to recall her saying she had worked for all kinds of fashion brands. Any real job she actually had would have been mentioned in the bankruptcy filings. She hasn’t had any.

      • redbluegreen

        I don’t mean to imply that being a buyer for Macys is a super complicated job on par with being a doctor or a lawyer–I’m just saying there is no way Teresa is qualified or capable of doing that job. I can’t imagine the macys execs passing up other qualified applicants for a young Teresa Gorga. Can you imagine even using her as an office assistant in any office? To have her answer phones and take messages (I doubt her abilities to read/write)–you would not be able to rely on her intelligence and decision making. And don’t even get me started on her TASTE IN FASHION which would be a huge part of the job, along with tracking trends and predicting future trends…sorry, no. There is no way. This is 100% one of Teresa’s lies. She has never even said which department she was a buyer for. If you check her wikipedia, it says:

        “She studied fashion marketing at Berkeley College”

        The referenced source is a NY daily News article, which says:

        ” Teresa went from high school to study fashion marketing at Berkeley College, while Joe, who attended a technical school, got his GED.

        Bravo’s bio of Teresa says she worked as a buyer for Macy’s, but in actuality she worked the department store counter for a few weeks, said the source connected to the couple.”

        There is no proof that she even graduated college.

        Wikipedia also says:

        “Giudice worked for Macy’s as an associate buyer.”

        The referenced source for that is a link to her Bravo bio which no longer exists.

        My final analysis? Teresa may have attended college, but there is no proof of that, and there’s no way she graduated. She may have been hired at Macys for a short time, but she was definitely 100% never a buyer.

        Interestingly, Teresa married Joe when she was 27 and had Gia at 28, so she did have time to finish college and start a career–we just know she’s too dumb to do either and has a history of telling ridiculous lies. So she is definitely lying, and I am dying to know what she was really doing for “work” between turning 18 and marrying Joe.

        Someone should contact berkeley college and find out if she was ever even enrolled, and if so, for how long. I’m guessing 3 months, tops. Just did a little research and found out Berkeley is not hard to get into and you can get a AA degree in 18 months. So who knows, maybe she did manage to stick it out, but I doubt it.

    • addie2u

      Her old Bravo bio stated she was an “associate buyer of Macy’s” but her new bio has no mention of it. Strange.

    • Angel(?)

      For some reason I keep picturing Dina and Teresa behind the make up counter at Macy’s sprinting people with perfume.

    • JoJoFLL

      My stepdaughter is a buyer for Nordstrom in Seattle. She started with Nordstrom when she was 17 and had to work her way up through GM of Nordstrom to get into buying. She also had to be a territory manager. She also has a four year degree. She’s 32.

  9. JoJoFLL

    I know this has been explained and I’m being dumbass but doesn’t she have to wear a monitor?

  10. Xanadude

    Speaking of, whatever happened to bedazzled panty queen Nene Leakes Jersey store?

  11. What a perfect name for the store!

  12. Psylocke

    “My sister in law is opening a clothing store…but did I mention I have a background in fashion? Here’s my entire resume!

    Aka “I should be the one with this clothing store not her!”

  13. Sequoia

    Leave it to Teresa to make Melissa’s store opening all about her history in fashion.

  14. A useless petty mean woman. Tre had to include her brother and Melissa in the comment. She couldn’t just give Melissa credit. To Tre’s thinking it was all her brothers doing and Melissa just tagged along.
    What a cheap swipe.

  15. Sitting here stuck on…

  16. lori

    When Teresa poses in front of “fml” it can have so many new meanings. Perhaps felonious moronic liar?

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