American Crime Season Two Is Here! And It’s Really Good

Is anyone watching American Crime on Wednesday nights? The show is in it second season and was brilliantly created by John Ridley. Much like American Horror Story, American Crime tells a different story each season with several actors returning each season in new roles. For season two, Timothy Hutton, Regina King, Felicity Huffman, Elvis Nolasco, Richard Cabral, and Lili Taylor are all returning.

In season one the central crime was a murder. The show tells the story from multiple perspectives. The victim, the victim’s family, the accused, the guilty, the family of the accused, the family of the guilty, the families that get drawn into the vortex. In season one, Regina King was brilliant as a member of the Nation of Islam and the sister of a man who was accused of murder.  There was also a Hispanic kid who was also arrested and the show reveals the struggles his family went through as a result. There is a lot going on these seasons and if you have not seen season one I highly recommend it. John Ridley delves into controversial topics like race relations, police politics, religion, class disparities, drug addiction and more. It’s a show that makes you think about and reassess your beliefs as you relate to everyone from the criminal to the victim’s family.

I posted about season one here, and executive director Michael J McDonald tweeted and retweeted me!

American Crime season 2 Regina King


In season two, the crime is rape. When I heard that, I did not want to watch. I generally try to avoid those sorts of shows. Once again, John Ridley gives us another other things to think about so that the central crime doesn’t become a trigger. This week’s episode showed a rape kit being taken. It was really a traumatic scene that he directed in a very respectful way. Also this week, we begin to see who was involved in the central event that occurred at a boys basketball team keg party.  In every season, you see all the broken parts of everyone from the victims to the accused. And you find yourself feeling compassion for everyone to some degree.

Timothy Hutton and Regina King are amazing. I’ve never been a huge fan of Felicity Huffman but her work in this series is so good, I honestly forget it is her. The all young people cast in this season, particularly the boy who plays Taylor, are exceptional actors.

If you are looking for the antidote to elevate your mind after too much reality TV crap. This show is for you. It is a gritty crime drama and kind of heavy, but very well done and thought provoking. I hope my brief review has done the show justice.

Is anyone watching this with me?


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33 responses to “American Crime Season Two Is Here! And It’s Really Good

  1. Holly

    Interesting !! Great review I’ll try it season 1 first!! I love crime shows

    • tamaratattles

      holly the two seasons are in no way related. You can watch season two and binge season one and they are completely mutually exclusive. There are lots of the same actors but they are playing completely different roles.

  2. i remember when regina king was little brenda on 227 she sure has come a long way.

  3. I love this show . The writing and production is brilliant. Great cast . Important subject matter . Taped episode two and was going to watch with my choc bund cake. I almost want to wait and tape it all but I can’t wait esp if you recap. Would love discussing this. So glad your feeling better.

  4. jarekia

    I’m watching…I watched season 1 and it was some of the best tv i’ve everseen

  5. i just “discovered” this show this season. i need to go back and watch season 1 (although i know it has nothing to do with season 2). i really like this type of anthology series. i have to say i am riveted. it is fascinating and disturbing at the same time. will definitely be watching until the end.

  6. Laura

    Yes! Loved season 1. Loving season 2.

  7. Cat

    I think that’s on the same time as Criminal Minds…so, no, I haven’t seen it. I may switch over, though.

  8. Dee

    I’ll watch. I love Regina King! I think crime stories where you get to know everone sounds great. No one is all bad or all good. Thanks for suggestion. Hope you have a good weekend. Happy you and Bandit are doing better :)

  9. Rysnani

    This show is amazing. Regina King deserved an Emmy for her work in season 1 and performance this season is on par. They all deserve recognition.

  10. MrsBogues

    I LOVE this show! I think this season is going to be even better than last season! Kudos to Rodley for giving us great tv!!!!

  11. I missed the first season but have the episodes recorded and will watch them this weekend. It looks great. Maybe I can catch season one sometime also.

  12. JennLovesAndy

    I watched the first episode and was kinda on the fence but I will stick with it. Everyone in my house is watching Lost from a few years back so I need to do something?. Thanks Tamara, hope you will do recaps!

    • tamaratattles

      I probably won’t recap. I might check back in with y’all after a few episodes though. I think it will be a pretty emotional season.

  13. Micheal

    I am loving season 2. Scared that it will have a similar ending to season 1, of which kind of annoyed me.

  14. Shellbelle

    I didn’t watch the first season, but am loving this season! It’s refreshing after all the mindless junk I binge watch. ?

  15. SashaV

    I really like this show too TT. It is very real and one of the best shows on TV right now. Having all sons I find this seasons subject difficult. It really ticked me off when the poor team captain was scapegoated over the rich one. You know that is exactly how it rolls in real life sometimes. Great acting and writing. Hope it continues thru the season.

  16. WonkyTonk

    Thanks for posting this one. I just watched the first and second episode for the season, and it’s damned good. Part of it is they cast almost perfectly with the rape victim, his girlfriend is more or less a drop in not feeling her even after the dutiful daughter spin they gave her, but really the rape victim’s mother, and the head mistress are phenomenally well cast. The way the head mistress handles men is amazing. She’s spectacularly on the wrong side, but I’ll be damned if she doesn’t do it right.

    They have a way of not showing professionals just their voices in interviews that’s a little weird, but probably clever, haven’t made up my mind yet, and the fact they’re hinting that the mother has psychological issues very likely of a sexual nature just adds to the drama. I can tell I’m going to love this show so thanks.

    • tamaratattles

      I think that the directing on this show is phenomenal. The way they shot the medical exam with only the victim’s reactions and no camera on the doctor served to focus completely on the effect it was having on the victim with no distractions.

      • WonkyTonk

        And there it is. You’re absolutely right. Keeping the forensic nurse off screen while she calmly explained what she was going to do, and why, really focused you in on the victim. And speaking of which he played that scene extremely well.

        One of my friends is a forensic nurse and this episode helped me understand what he does on a much deeper level. It’s one thing for him to tell me what he does, it’s quite another to see it on screen.

  17. Lawstangel

    Great show. Last season was amazing, I found myself hating Aubrey and feeling empathy for her all at the same time. They really got portrayed how the mind of an addict works and how little sense it makes, pretty genius. Look forward to watching this season play out.

  18. crampina

    I am definitely going to start watching. Regina King, Felicity Huffman, Tim Hutton and Lili Taylor and I’m in. Thanks for bringing this show to my attention.

  19. RebelRed

    I have not seen season one, but from only the 2 episodes I have seen of season 2, they are both exciting and intense.

  20. Dawn

    I thought Felicity Huffman deserved the Golden Globe over Lady Gaga. Gaga deserved one for best nudity and best newcomer, not for acting. I didn’t like Felicity’s season 1 character and this one seems ruthless, but that woman sure can act. I was hoping Tim Hutton would not be playing a weakling again, so far, he sort of is. There is plenty of time yet for redemption, if he is given that story. So far, it is following what I think is a stereotypical path taken by many schools, especially one running on donations.

    American Crime and Fargo are my new favorite style programs. I have given up on Blacklist and so many other old favorites. It seems like the longer they have the same characters they get lost in a convoluted maze trying to keep it interesting. I end up with saved episodes that I eventually toss and never go back. Like that closet cleaning theory, if you haven’t worn it lately, get rid of it.

    • tamaratattles

      I’d fallen behind on The Blacklist because I have too many conflicts at that time on my DVR. Last night I stayed up way too late getting caught up. On Demand only had the last three episodes, fortunately two of them were commercial free. At first I was a bit out of it, but soon I was right back in love with the show. I love me some James Spader and can’t believe I stayed away so long. I wish they had a different timeslot.

    • misery chick

      Hi Dawn ? I have SUCH a soft spot and SUCH LOVE for Timothy Hutton. I saw “Ordinary People” 21 times in the theater because his performance, literally, gave me reasons for, AND the will to live. To me, it was SO much more than a movie. I was so broken at the age of 20; to see someone more broken than I was, with a mother extremely emotionally similar to mine…WHO had a chance at a better life..I couldn’t get enough! TH is an incredible actor who has portrayed sadistic, funny, horrible and wonderful characters. With that being said, his character last season in American Crime was acting NIRVANA for me. That scene in the bathroom after seeing his dead son…unforgettable. I didn’t see him as a weakling so much as a extremely flawed man who ROYALLY f****d up and was desperately trying to find his way back. I’m kinda bummed that his season 2 character seems ‘normal’, but I’ll give him a chance, ha ha ? Besides, the other actors/writing/directing is top notch & the show is well worth mu time.

      • Dawn

        Misery, Timothy Hutton can do anything. I saw him as weak because I so wanted him to stand up to his haranguing ex wife. He had not been a good husband, but Felicity’s character would drive any guy over the edge. In the end, he really was much stronger than her.

      • misery chick

        Hey Dawn, me again! I couldn’t figure out how to REPLY to you on my cellie, then finally got on a real computer and still couldn’t figure it out either! Anyway, thanks so much for your sweet words. As I’m sure you could tell, Timothy Hutton scrambles my brain and I can’t think clearly. Yes, you’re right, he can do anything. And YES, that he was in fact stronger than his ex kind of escaped me until you pointed it out. He was the ‘identified patient’ in his family (hope I used the correct term!).

        I really hope that Felicity Huffman’s character on this season suffers a BRUTAL, PUBLIC and HUMILIATING comedown (she makes Barb look like Donna Reed!) I actually despise her character, fantastic acting.

        Chuckled that Lady Gaga should have won for “Best Nudity” and “Best Newcomer”…don’t watch that show, but I felt it was kind of stunt casting (RYAN MURPHY!). I don’t watch ‘Fargo’ either, but I was hoping that Kirsten Dunst would have won–she’s been acting FOREVER and I’ll never forget her in “Interview With A Vampire”.

  21. Rose

    Of course I am! One of the best television programs out there from acting to directing. Interesting twist with the closeted relationship. Taylo’s rape exam was tastefully done and had me in tears. I like the addition of Andre Benjamin (from Outkast) as Regina King’s husband this season. Lili Taylor is killing it! So glad you’re recapping again this season.

  22. More Tea Please!

    Wow! I just caught the first two episodes of this season on Hulu and it was excellent. I will definitely be bingeing my way through the last season.

  23. G.

    Just watched the second episode. I liked season one a lot and this one may be even better. Lili Taylor and Connor Jessup (as Taylor) are particularly good so far.

  24. tamaratattles

    I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night’s show.

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