Project Runway Jr Recap: #OOTD



It’s a Seventeen magazine challenge. The kids are sent to photo people in their “outfit of the day.” #OOTD The look they pick should be editorial and fashion forward. Some of the kids are having trouble getting people to stop for a photo. Jackson especially. Jackson should have gone home three weeks ago.

At Mood Jackson buys fur and other crappy fabric. Zach tells Jackson his fabrics are great so he will use them all and go home. Zach is my new favorite.  Zach starts to make a neon yellow skirt. Casting is so fucking with us.

Tim’s Critiques

Zach is behind. I don’t like his look at all. Tim wonders if it is editorial enough. Tim is worried about how behind Zach is.

Sam is recreating  a pair of pants she saw on a construction worker. Tim likes her “trajectory.”

Zachary’s look is a hot mess. Tim says he could see a 70 year old woman wearing his look. It’s Seventeen magazine!

Peytie’s look is also a hot mess and a mishmash of patterns. Tim says it looks like a hospital gown, or sheets.

Jackson has moved away from fur. And his new textile looks like pattern muslin or something. Again hot mess. It’s to late in the game for these kids to be so bad.

Maya has a great look. A leather miniskirt with a neoprene panel. If she gets a good top done, she is competition for Sam.

The designs are so bad that Tim Gunn opens mini Mood for 15 minutes so they can start over.

At the model fitting, Zach’s model doesn’t come close to fitting in the shirt he made. Zach starts over from scratch with about two hours left in the day.




The Runway

Maya covered up her cute skirt with a boring duster. I think she should have left that off. She will probably still be in a good spot considering the competition.

Zachary’s look comes out and it is nothing like any of the umpteen incarnations I saw in the workroom. I hate it. He has this whompy-jawed skirt with one mini side and one kneelength side. Maybe it is a skort thing happening down there? She has no shirt, just a bandeau and a hideous black jacket with some red accents made of tie fabric. It’s god awful. I hope he goes home.  He is pleased with himself like a kid who did their first pee in a potty. As usual.

Jackson will give the judges and excuse to keep Zachary around. Jackson ends up with a bright yellow dres with some sort of shiny coffee colored cape over the top. It’s soooo bad.

Peytie’s look is cool. She is doing her ethic print mixing on top which I love. She pairs it with a very wide legged denim pant which I also love, but it is wrinkly and the construction is poor.  I blame most of the pant problems on the textile. But I still like it way more than everyone else seems to.

Zach did shorts that are too short and tight paired with a blousely long-sleeved top. He will be safe. Oh maybe not. The model has camel toe.

Sam  is the only one who met the Seventeen challenge and is a bit avant garde. She followed all the rules and is the clear winner head and shoulders above the rest.

The judges top picks are  Zachary  (The Fuck?) oh wait, it is just the guest judge from 17 that liked it, Peytie, Maya  and Sam and the bottom picks are Jackson,  Zach and Zachary.

It’s so obvious Sam won. It’s just now a matter of who they send home. They really hated Zach’s look. It’s just a matter of how much Jackson’s family is paying for him to stay.

They decide that Maya and Sam’s looks go so well together that they will share the editorial in Seventeen.


Oh Wait! Jackson is out too! The Fuck?

This could work. Jackson can go and Tim can save Zach. Tim comes in crying. No Tim Gunn save??? This is ridiculous.


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22 responses to “Project Runway Jr Recap: #OOTD

  1. DutchTulip

    Yes Tamara…. No Tim Gunn SAFE.
    I am sooo SAD… and Surprised…!

    Peytie’s pants where a knock off…Zachary had similar wide-legged pants (Olive)… last week.

  2. Jackie

    I disagree with Zack leaving too!

  3. Dawn

    The ending made me think that either they got word they had to end the series one episode shorter, thus the double elimination, or more likely, they couldn’t cover up keeping Jaxson longer so not to hurt his special entitled feelings, they threw out another kid. Tim Gunn should have saved Zack. He opened mini mode twice mainly on Jaxson’s account, he is in on the plot to keep him at all costs. So disappointing. I got where I couldn’t stand hearing his nasally cutsie voice.

  4. Trashbox

    They will show the save next episode. It’s always at the beginning. I normally don’t like kids on reality TV, but I am digging this show.

    • tamaratattles

      Sadly, this is not true. There is no save for Zach. :( He packed up and left.

      • Tamara

        Sometimes they do open the following episode with the save. Tim will come into the workroom and say something like, “I just couldn’t sleep last night, and I can’t live with myself knowing I didn’t use my save…”

        I hope that’s the case here. I cannot believe they eliminated Zach! I was completely distraught. And for him to be eliminated with tacky Jaxson…UGH!!!

      • tamaratattles

        It’s not. The previews showed The remaining designers getting their next assignment

  5. Queen of the Nile

    I’m so glad Jackson is gone — his taste level was really gaudy. I think it will come down to one of the three remaining girls. They all have very distinctive styles and I like what they design.

  6. I think when Tim Gunn saved Char she was brought back in the work room after the assignment had been given to the designers. I could be wrong.

  7. Lawstangel

    Maybe Sam won, but that outfit was butt ugly.

  8. carmella greenhalgh

    REALLY???? do you realize that you spelled Jaxsons name wrong throughout your whole article? and then all the nastiness regarding this kid. why would you imply that his family is ‘paying’ to keep him on the show? do you even bother to learn anything about these kids before you trash their families? or was Jaxson the one you liked to pick on? he was on this show because he earned the right to be there, just like ALL the other children. I liked this kid as a person. he was always so happy to be a part of this show. he always had an enthusiasm and joy. I am not saying that we was a great designer but he stayed true to his designs. he was quirky and unique. he always made me smile just to watch him. I am gonna miss him. now Samantha…she is a one trick pony. always the same design. baggy pants and blocky jackets.

    • tamaratattles

      It’s actually his parents that spelled it wrong. I’m guessing that’s you. He was terrible from start to finish and was well overdue for the boot.

      • carmella greenhalgh

        i think his parents spelled his name exactly how they wanted to, and as his parents, they are allowed. you on the other hand…purposely spelled HIS name wrong. i am not his parent, but i do respect other peoples choice with regard to how they wish to spell THEIR childs name. YOU are wrong and rather arrogant. you seem to be a nasty little human, since your assumption that i was his parent and your bitchy parting sentence was meant to hurt his parents. i notice how you do not address anything i said…you just insult people. are a nasty excuse for a human.

      • tamaratattles

        I’m pretty sure I addressed all your points. I agreed with you that Jaxson did not have the talent to be on the show at all, let alone stay as long as he did. I pointed out that his parents can’t spell. You “liking him as a person” is odd unless you know him; as is your butthurtery over me stating the obvious. I’m not sure what else you need for me to explain to you.

    • Cara

      Jaxson is a cute kid and if he sticks with fashion design, surely he’ll get more organized as he matures.

      Samantha is the real deal already. I wouldn’t call that a “one-trick pony,” I’d call that having a clear vision, or “point of view” as they call it on Project Runway.

    • Cat

      Good grief. Take a Xanax. Eat a cookie. Something. You are WAY to excited about a stupid reality show. It’s weird.

  9. Spilledperfume

    This is too funny. We all comment on your post and/or others comments. I’ve had several people answer questions for me based on the fact that I didn’t understand something. That’s how I know what the WLS is (window licker section.) I never would have figured that out.

    Now Cat, if you happen to have any extra xanax or cookies please feel free to share as I like both. 😉

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