Andy Cohen’s Thoughts on RHONJ And Criminal Behavior

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This is old news that I just discovered going through my draft folder  It is, if I recall correctly some quotes from an Ask Andy episode where Andy was asked about something Jim Marchese was mouthing off about.  I started to post on Halloween and apparently got distracted by candy or something.

I just thought I would throw it up for comment rather than delete it completely.

“First of all, he wasn’t involved in the original show. He characterizes it as ‘tongue and cheek fun, a guilty pleasure,’ but it was pretty intense from the get-go,” Andy said. “Teresa [Giudice] flipped a table in the finale of the first season, so if he calls that ‘tongue and cheek fun [and] a guilty pleasure,’ that’s fine. I don’t think it was that fun for Danielle Staub, actually. I got pushed like a rag doll in the Season 2 reunion, that didn’t seem like ‘tongue and cheek fun.'”

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He continued, “I take issue with him saying, ‘It is morphing into a dark endorsement of criminal behavior and exploitation of children.’ He put his kids on the Housewives, so his kids — who are a lot younger — were on. And also, the thing about it is, we have been following this family for seven, eight years, and so we are continuing to follow them. There’s great interest in what’s going on with them. We haven’t endorsed anyone’s behavior on that show. We’ve shown it, as a matter of fact, without editorialization. And I would say the same for Jim’s behavior, which many people thought he was a jackass last season. We showed his behavior without any generalization. We left it on the viewers to make their own mind up.”

I hate to agree with Jim Marchese about anything. But I think most people see the way Andy treats Teresa, Juicy, Apollo….I feel like I am missing somebody… as endorsing and exploiting criminal behavior.

What do you think?


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35 responses to “Andy Cohen’s Thoughts on RHONJ And Criminal Behavior

  1. worldgirll

    I think Andy is intentionally missing the point. He’s condoning it by having these people ob the show.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      “Evil prevails when good men fail to act.”

      Bravo should take a stand and remove anyone from their shows who exhibits criminal behavior – this goes for Porsha, the Giudices, and Apollo.

  2. More Tea Please!

    Of course he is endorsing and exploiting ceiminal behavior, it translates directly to ratings…

    I have always believed that Bravo vets participants looking for personal flaws that they can exploit. These include undisclosed personal issues, bankruptcies, criminal past and psychological instability.

  3. Toni Lee Gildea

    Andy is full of shit. I’ve read others comment here about the need for a “Real Felons of Bravo” show, and they are right.
    I love your recaps!

  4. minimogul


  5. Cara

    I kind of love how Andy seems to be a fan of Danielle’s.

    • Minky

      I remeber Danielle being raked over the coals by Teresa and Caroline and others that first season because earlier in her life she was involved with a man who was a criminal. I am not a Danielle fan at all. But it’s interesting how the hypocrisy of all of that has played out.

      When we watch shows like Mob Wives those women are pretty open about their family backgrounds which are all about crime. I think that’s why I give that cast a pass. With RHNJ, and all the others, we know that we’re watching the same kind of characters but they’re dishonest about it. Every cast of HW has people who have done some very shady things, at the very least. And they’re not smart criminals either. So we can’t marvel at their wiliness.

      So, yeah. It shouldn’t even be called “Real Felons of Bravo”. It should be called “Desperate, Stupid, Greedy, Delusional Bitches Who Wish They Were Smart Enough to Successfully Shoplift a Pack of Gum, But Aren’t So They Settled for Being Exploited by People Who Have Successfully Convinced Them that They’re Celebrities of Bravo”

      Teresa got reamed because she’s just that dumb. But her punishment was basically a slap on the wrist. Why can’t they find people who are just vain and selfish but not under investigation for something? I swear the Bravo people probably have PI’s choose their cast for them.

      • T D

        That brief, stupid moment in Danielle’s life. Andy’s equivalent of discovering King Tut just because a closet felon flipped a table.

      • WonkyTonk

        Damn Minky that show is gonna take forever to name even with just the letters: DSGDBWWTWSETSSAPOGBASTSFBEBPWHSCTTTCOB Maybe we just call it the Stupid Felons Of Bravo Who Think They Have Everyone Fooled, and a call it a day?

      • Minky

        Yes, Wonky. Absolutely. When you’re right, you’re right.

  6. Lisaj

    I kind of get what Andy is saying but Jim was such a polarizing character with obvious double standards and delusions of grandeur… Oh wait, that describes them all. Andy has a sadistic evil nature, he thrives off this shit, but feels above it all somehow. Idk how he justifies it in his head. To me he is the worst housewife of them all.

  7. iloveearlgrey

    Andy Cohen is a putz. So is Jim Marchese. F them both.

  8. T D

    Nice of Andy to mortify one who’s debt to society has long been satisfied to glorify this crooked, piece of wtf.

  9. MM

    R.i.p. René Angelil …Céline on pense à vous, aux enfants,et la famille xx amour et bisous

  10. Excellent point. I doubt Bravo will do ANYTHING to change. I remember when it was a “artsy” channel. Now, it’s just reality bullshit. Does anyone else remember?

    • Frosty

      Sure do. Queer Eye, Project Runway, Top Design, Work of Art. I’m just a bitter kitten now, but it was fun while it lasted. What was your favorite?

    • WonkyTonk

      Yes I just posted a little while ago about lamenting the loss of that Bravo. It used to be a wonderful channel for independent films. I miss those days.

    • Yes, I remember Bravo’s “Five-Star Cinema” and watching movies like The Lion in Winter and Diary of a Mad Housewife on it. Going further back, I remember Bravo being commercial-free and showing things like ballet and symphony orchestra concerts. You know, like, actual culture.

      Of course, I also remember when Lifetime was the health & medical channel…when there was music on MTV…when they showed classic movies on AMC (American Movie Classics).

      The contortions that various channels have gone through and how far from their original focus they’ve come in order to become or stay profitable can be quite amazing.

      • Oh yes, the independent films and the ballet…. that is exactly what I am talking about. Even Discovery Channel has sold out. My husband is all kinds of upset by that!!!!!

  11. Trashbox

    I think he understands that there are some housewives we love to love (Vanderpump) and some housewives we love to hate (all of RHONJ). Pretty basic drama, right? I know I’ll be watching the Theresa specials, so Bravo’s got me figured out.

    His attitude to Phaedra and her victim edit is more confusing to me.

  12. Tara

    I can not stand Jim M. I never understood how he would call everyone out but not once did they bring up his shady bs!
    Tre is going to bring viewers. I know a lot of people state they won’t watch anything with her on it, but I feel many more Will.

  13. Xanadude

    As long as they didn’t steal FROM Bravo, its OK, because, you know, its a documentary.

  14. In the fake fuckery of BRAVO “reality,” I’ve always found the Gidiuce’s authentic. That’s what I love about them but also what I hate, lol. The table flip and the Andy shove were from the heart and not scripted – what you see is what you get with Teresa but especially more so with Joe. There’s a beauty in that, eh?

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