WWHL With Lisa Vanderpump and Hoda Kotb

WWHL with Lisa Vanderpump and Hoda Kotb

So I am recapping WWHL before actually watching RHOBH which is a bit different. But Andy starts right off with the Yolanda storyline. He brings up Yolanda saying that her health was not part of their nuptials. Lisa says she is pretty sure in sickness and in health is part of the nuptials.  Then Andy mentions that David joked with her on the phone that Ken has better tits that Yolanda now. What a lovely thing to joke about.  Yolanda clearly needed a implant explant, and it is a serious surgery  and no laughing matter.  Lisa  says that David was just trying to make light of a difficult situation.

Andy asks if she was surprised by the divorce. Lisa says she was “gobsmacked” and then asked if they knew what that meant. She did the same thing on Jenny McCarthy’s podcast this week. Do people really not know what gobsmacked means?  Sidenote: She also said she was closest to Kyle and Kathryn this season. She also intimated that things get heated between Rinna and her this season. Or maybe it was Kyle that let that bit of news out of the bag.  Clearly, the two Lisas have a go at each other this season after such a lovely beginning shopping for mini-horses together.

Anyway,  Lisa says she didn’t see the Foster divorce coming.

RHOBH Hamptons Wine Party

Andy shows a clip of him surpising the ladies at a winery in the Hamptons.

Lisa let’s it slip that she is staying at the Plaza. Which is bad for not just her security but also because Andy puts most of the housewives in the Gansevoort. I just checked the rates for both and the Plaza is more than double the price. As if we needed any more proof about Andy treating Pinky differently.

Andy grills Lisa about Pump Rules in a “game” called Vanderstumped.

First up,  Jax’ sticky fingers. I mean stealing!  She dismisses Jax’s constant theft as no big deal. Best relationship out of Katie, Ariana, Scheana?  Katie and Schwartz have the best relationship. Her little do girl Scheana is not going to like that!  How long does she give Jax and Brittany? Not long, they should be done by now. Does she think Stassi’s engagement text to Katie was sincere? Probably not, Lisa doesn’t think Stassi is ever sincere. What did she think about Lala and Faith going topless in her pool? Well, she wasn’t there, they were enjoying themselves. They are young pretty things. Lisa says she is just now seeing it and she will slap them when she gets hold of them.  I wondered if Lisa knew that James, Lala and Faith just wandered into her house like they owned the place last week. That seemed odd to me. Shouldn’t Rosa have let them in at the very least? Why are women attracted to Jax and James even when they know what they are like? She says she doesn’t get that. She says women are sometimes attracted to bad boys.

Questions for Lisa?

Why were you so hard on Erika when you and Ken also have a really big age difference? Lisa says she didn’t think she was hard on her. She was just surprised. It was a much bigger age difference.  She says she adores Erika’s husband.

Gif: By T.Kyle at RealityTVGIFS

Gif: By T.Kyle at RealityTVGIFS

What did you think of James and Lala on WWHL? “They were absolutely terrible! I hold them over the coals! I think you should get them back here but not to sit in these chairs but maybe to scrub the toilets or clean the floors. ” Apparently, Pinky thinks indentured servitude is not just a thing for her but for everyone.  Lisa says they were terrible with their cursing and incredibly rude to Jax and she “kicked their butts from her to breakfast time.”

OH OH OH Someone just asked Lisa about Farrah crashing her white party? Lisa said she had no control over the guest list, it was Bella’s (the magazine) party. But mind you I would not know her if she sat on me. Lisa does point out that Jill Zarin tried to crash as well and they would not let her in either. She had to wave to her over the fence. She said Jill should have been let in but not the pregnant teen. #Giggles

Did you think your questions to Eileen about her marriages were too invasive? She says she thinks so now that she has seen the outcome. But at the time, it was part of a bigger conversation and she feels bad. She apologized for asking so many questions but she wasn’t exposing anything. It’s all been talked about on the show.

How do you feel about the ladies discussing the possibility of Yolanda faking her illness? Lisa says it was a very difficult situation. She doesn’t think any of them thought  Yo was faking. She says that Lisa repeated some gossip going around the town and she regretted it.

Gif Credit: T.Kyle  realitytvgifs.tumblr.com

Gif Credit: T.Kyle

When some gets fired from SUR do they have to return the dresses?  Yes, They have to wash them and iron them and bring them back. Andy seems gobsmacked by this. He doesn’t get how uniforms work. Pinky fucks with him about what happens to the returned dresses.

For his Jackhole, Andy reams out some team owner who is moving the St Louis Rams to L.A. and them shoots him the double bird.

The poll question was whose side are you on ? Pinky’s or Eileen’s?  54% said Lisa because Pinky will never lose a rigged poll in the clubhouse.


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19 responses to “WWHL With Lisa Vanderpump and Hoda Kotb

  1. Micheal

    I can see the vote being nearly 50/50

  2. Oh, Andy. I’m no expert or anything, but weren’t the St. Louis Rams originally the L.A. Rams anyway?

    • RL

      Yes, they were, but they’ve been in StL for something like 21 years now.

      I’m in Missouri, and I would love to see us with a basketball team. Who needs 2 football teams in a state this size?

      • JoJo

        I was born in St. Louis too and always thought that the KC Chiefs were representing the Kansas side of KC?
        As far as I’m concerned any pro team in SLU should be the Cardinals! I could never get behind the Rams after the LA original move, nor the Arizona Cardinals.
        St. Louis should have patented and/or written into law “Cardinals” for any pro sports team! :)

      • JoJo

        LVP has been wearing thin for me for some time. But this appearance on WWHL is the one time that I thought she was quite pleasant and responded well to all the questions from Andy and the call-ins and tweets (as much as those are real or not).
        And I might have been influenced because she left that poor piece of jewelry she named Giggy home instead of wearing it on her lap!

      • JoJo

        ooops so sorry that LVP comment was meant to be a stand-alone comment at the bottom of this and not a response to you and St. Louis … sorry!

    • I was born in LA and grew up with my Dad being a huge LA Rams supporter so I’m very glad to see them back where they belong.

  3. V

    Im actually really surprised that lvp wasn’t offended by David’s remark

  4. loriflack

    Where is Lisa’s neck ~

  5. I’m no David Foster apologist but I made inappropriate jokes all the way thru my breast cancer treatment. It’s how some of us deal with stress.

    • Minky

      I absolutely get that. My mother’s very old and pretty backwards about some stuff. When she had her endometrial cancer and she was waiting to get her hysterectomy she said to me one day “I don’t like this. Now I’m going to be a man.”

      I said, “No, mama. You’re not going to be a man just because they remove your uterus.” For some reason she was skeptical. So I said, “Well, alright then dammit. After the operation I’ll start calling you ‘Sir’!” We both started laughing. Thankfully she’s okay now.

    • I agree, LC. Like my grandmother always said, “If you don’t laugh, you die.”

    • claire

      I always say ” If I don’t laugh I’ll cry.” Absolutely a stress buster for me. When I had to feed mom because she couldn’t we joked about how life comes full circle. Then I found myself a couple weeks before her death changing her diapers and we had a laugh – albeit strained – about the feeding jokes. I miss those moments every day.

      • Sliceo'pie

        I’m at a women’s AA meeting yesterday, chatting with an older woman (early 80’s) and she said (to me) “the best gift is the ability to laugh at yourself and not take it all so seriously”. About 50 minutes into the meeting she’s sharing and I learned she was a Nun. I love my women’s meetings. :)

    • Linda Marie Cull

      That’s You joking about Your situation; I’ll bet if a man you were close to was joking about it, you would feel quite differently. Did you see her face? She was hurt, that was real. He’s a total loser in my opinion.

  6. WonkyTonk

    This episode was kind of funny for a couple of reasons. Andy’s shady ass for the poll question. Were I Pinky I would have read his ass on air about it, but watching her nonchalant response I kind of have to agree the thing was rigged and she probably knew it would be because, come on, Pinky stepped over the line with Eileen in public like that. And the other thing, which is something I’ve mentioned here before, is the way Lisa seems to be masturbating her pet swan Hanky’s neck every stinking time she’s holding it. It’s almost obscene were it not for the pure comedic genius of it.

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