Sheree Whitfield Is Dragging Folks To Court (again) Over Chateau Sheree

Chateau Sheree December 2015 Sheree is also battling ground erosion issues as evidenced by the black plastic fencing

Chateau Sheree December 2015 Sheree is also battling ground erosion issues as evidenced by the black plastic fencing

There has been a lot going on with Chateau Sheree since I took my mental health vacation from blogging over the holidays. Thank goodness AJC reporter Rodney Ho seems to never take a day off and he is on it. As someone who has spent a lot of time in court with Sheree Whitfield, and never lost a case, I am sort of dying to go watch all of these cases play out. The sheer delusions of Sheree Whitfield and the way she says the most ludicrous things on the stand presenting them as fact is a sight to behold.  Sheree  really seems to love taking people to court. She took her divorce from Bob all the way to the supreme court and end doing so, ended up owning a large portion of her settlement to divorce attorneys who eventually had to sue her to get their payment. Sheree really is one of the most fascinating creatures on RHOA, unfortunately what we see on that show is more of her delusions presented as fact. The reality is, Sheree’s lack of intelligence combined with a lack of understanding of the law mixed with a healthy dose of self entitlement causes her a lot of unnecessary problems. Bless her heart.


This Chateau Sheree debacle is going to be her financial undoing. Let’s look at the latest problems. According to AJC’s Rodney Ho,   On December 17, 2015  a company called Stop Loss sued Sheree Whitfield for $15,450 and asked for $23,000 after late fees and other charges.   First of all, you should know that Stop Loss is an emergency response team who arrives on disaster sites to help stop whatever disaster is occurring, outline a restoration plan, and work with your insurance company.  This already sounds bad.

Gif by T. Kyle

Gif by T. Kyle

Apparently, disaster struck back in January of 2014 during a hard freeze.  Now most of us know, when it is freezing to protect our pipes. I remember going out to wrap the exterior faucets on the ghetto shack and letting my faucets drip to avoid broken pipes. If you have an unoccupied home with no electricity you need to take major steps to protect your investment. This costs money. If you don’t have, or don’t like spending money on basic expenses and prefer instead to say, buy fancy cars and store them in storage units ( completely random example) then the pipes will burst causing extensive, and expensive damage.


RHOA Kenya Sheree sleeping on a mattress

According to the story the way Rodney Ho is telling it, the pipes burst, and because the property was not being worked on or supervised at that time one of the much beleaguered neighbors saw, “the water flowing over the balconies.”  The lawsuit does not mention how long the water was allowed to flow before action was taken by Sheree.  So the water flowed down from the balconies (there are many interior balconies in the home that overlook the main floor)  and cause major damage to he house.  That is when the emergency response team, StopLoss arrived. They don’t so much fix all the issues as stop the damage from continuing and make assessments and recommendations. So Sheree didn’t pay them the $15,450 they were owed according to their lawsuit, and they are seeking late fees and interest.

So on January 11, 2016,  Sheree decides to sue her insurance company for $279,940.56.  The lawsuit claims a few things that I find amusing, first that the house is 15,000 square feet and that is was 85% complete.  Recently on WWHL, Andy asked Sheree the square footage and she said she didn’t know and guessed that it was 10,000 square feet  Secondly, a home is not 85% complete with no flooring, no electrical, no water, no kitchen cabinets, etc. The exterior doesn’t even appear to be 85% complete. But facts have never deterred Sheree from suing someone. So ahead she goes with her lawsuit.


RHOA Kenya Chateau She Cant Pay


Here is the meat of the lawsuit, from Rodney’s story:

Whitfield hired Russ Hart, a public insurance adjuster, on Feb. 18, who raised the issue of mold, the lawsuit stated. The defendant disputed the issue of mold and the two sides argued over how much it would cost to bring the home back to its original condition. Each side hired its own appraiser and a third-party “umpire,” who was supposed to help them reach an equitable and fair agreement.

But Whitfield said the “umpire” was not impartial, favoring the insurance company’s appraisal. She believes she is owed nearly $280,000. As a result of the flooding, several contractors (HVAC, electrical and framing were cited) would no longer warranty their work, resulting in a reduction of value of the home, the lawsuit said.

So to review, an unbiased third party has already made a ruling, the insurance company has likely paid, you know Sheree cashed that check as soon as it arrived, and the deed is done. But now, a year after the event, Sheree needs money for floors or something (ALLGEDLY) and so she is going to sue. Now you and I know that things don’t work that way, but this is Sheree we are talking about here. I am amazed she found a lawyer to take her case.  Lawyers in the Atlanta area talk, and Sheree’s habit of not paying her attorneys is well known. (You definitely want to click that link)  I hope this guy got paid upfront.

House bought in December of 2010 by Sheree's mama, This is August 2012 Will be soon be back to this?

House bought in December of 2010 by Sheree’s mama. This is August 2012….. Will be soon be back to this?


The suit that Sheree herself brought claims that there was extensive water damage to more than half of the structure. This makes it all the more hilarious that she was so concerned with Moore Manor having a mold problem. Moore Manor was stripped down to the studs. Apparently, Chateau Sheree had a subterranean swimming  pool for quite some time, just sitting there collecting mold. It would seem this would be a construction issue one would want to keep quiet  and not take to the public courtroom.  But this is how Sheree rolls.


Sheree’s really big problems arose when the warranty on her HVAC, plumbing and framing of the house were no longer validated  by the contractors. It seems to me that the framing is a huge issue. I don’t see a certificate of occupancy for this structure coming for YEARS at this point. It would seem it is past time for Sheree to cut her losses. Her part-time role on RHOA is not going to begin to cover this.

ChateauSheree42014 mark

This is Chateau Sheree in October of 2014. Note that the Tyvek wrap was just being put on, only to be soaked in the flood two months later.

Sheree is in a big ole mess with this project. With extensive water damage she is basically starting over. Rodney Ho was at the property in December and said there was work going on at the time. He also took a new photo of the property with two notable additions. First, they have a port-a-potty now which probably means the plumbing is not fixed.  And secondly, Sheree has put in a new driveway with a pretty stone accent. That Sheree, always focused on pretty on the outside!

In the meantime, Sheree will have to keep on renting!

Rodney Ho of the Atlanta Journal Constitution was the first to break this story. Please check out his article(s) here.


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46 responses to “Sheree Whitfield Is Dragging Folks To Court (again) Over Chateau Sheree

  1. JB

    That’s actually a bit sad. What do you do at that point? Sheree really needs to start making tough decisions and blaming contractors, insurance companies, and the weather is not going to make it better.

  2. Shellbelle

    Bless her heart.

    • Pat

      “Bless her heart.” ROFWL! That’s what we nice, Southern ladies say when we don’t want to say someone is not too bright. My sis says that all the time, but she seems to think the phrase applies exclusively to Porsha.

  3. KB

    I think she knows that this house is a lost cause but she can’t let it go because she has to save face. How come on the episode when Kenya drops by to see the house and grabs hold of the doorknob, the door was locked. If you’re right in front of the door sweeping, why would it be locked? and if it is locked, why not unlock it so KM can see the inside? Things that make ya go hmmmm???

  4. Crazy in NC

    Ahhh, Sheree. Always such a train wreck.
    One note: a porta john doesn’t mean the plumbing is bad. Lots of people don’t want crews using their bathrooms so they get portables just for construction guys. Of course, it’s Sheree, so the plumbing probably is wrecked. It just isn’t a guarantee.

    • tamaratattles

      I get that, but this is the first port-a-potty I’ve seen in six years. And the workers have been going in the house back when there was plumbing. Clearly, they even invited people in! :)

    • addie2u

      True. When my sister was building her home she made a huge stink & demanded that the toilets be replaced because she was sure the crew had used them. Personally, I wouldn’t have cared, but my sister is extremely particular.

      • Wow you know your sister insulted every trade on that job site? I can imagine what they thought of her.

      • addie2u

        Yup & to think my Dad was a home builder.
        My sister’s known for insulting just about everyone. Fortunately she lives across the country, but when she does visit – I refuse to eat at a restaurant or enter a store with her. It’s embarrassing how brutal she is. She treats everyone as if they’re beneath her.

      • sandra

        I can imagine what they left in the wall cavities for her.

      • addie2u

        You should see her at a restaurant – no matter what she orders she wants a total rundown of every single ingredient & then she’ll say “I’ll take that, but eliminate the butter, the oil, the breadcrumbs, etc., etc. And then when the dish comes she’ll summon the waiter & ask for each ingredient to be put back into the dish BUT not all at once. She has the poor waitstaff bring her dish back & forth from the kitchen after each ingredient is added back one by one AFTER she tastes it. I always tell her “you do know they’re screwing with your food”. Her reply is always the same “They’d never do that”. Yeah right! 😉

      • Beignet

        I’m sure my Mom wished she would have put a port-a-potty outside the house she built for us as teenagers…. as she found one of the worker’s had taken a huge disgusting “dump” in the attic..

  5. naa

    Speaking of crazy, what ever happened to the Southern Belle who was going to sue you for pointing out that she was a Yankee?

    • tamaratattles

      Sadly, nothing has come of that. I hope it is just taking her attorneys a very long time to construct her family tree exhibits for court. It COULD STILL HAPPEN! And that might help me in a personal relationship reconciliation with someone we know. You KNOW she would come visit for that! :)

  6. i’m sure she never dreamed there would be a deep freeze in atlanta.

    • tamaratattles

      We have winter here every year, not matter what Obama and Al Gore tell you. We even have weathermen who remind you to protect your pipes.

  7. naa

    Oh, and I just reread the recap of the court appearance. I am literally laughing out loud trying to picture it in all of its ghetto fabulousness.

    • tamaratattles

      It really was amazing. I wish you could have been there. The lies just rolled off her tongue like butter and when I testified I thought her henchman was going to have a coronary.

  8. Building inspections yes but a warranty on framing?

    • ahh, my mistake. Construction insurance that covers different aspects of the build during construction due to damage.

      There is a date, a period of time construction warrantees are good for, guessing Whitfield missed the filing dates.

      I tried to use Atlanta home building cost per sq. ft to find her &280,000, difficult.
      Plus no idea what she has been paid.

      I am with TT, can’t see Whitfield winning this unless there is info not available.
      Damn I want to build something!

      • More Tea Please!

        I’m guessing the $280,000 is due to
        1.) “loss of value” due to loss of contractor warranties, shall we swag it at 10%? $150/sq ft x 15,000 sq ft places the supposed value at $2,250,000. 10% “loss” is $225,000. It’s likely a lower number since Sheree seems wish-washy on the size of her house.
        2.) lawyers contingency 35-40%

  9. Bella

    I can’t decide who is more delusional. Sheree or Farrah Abraham

  10. Dawn

    Was it Betty Davis that said “what a dump”? I can see Kenya at least thinking that if she had gotten inside.

    I like to see women given credit for their accomplishments. In this case, Sheree managed to completely f**k up a big project she had neither the means or intelligence to complete. It is good to have high ideals and dreams, but she has been unrealistic about money and responsibility. She is trying to blame her failure on everyone but herself.

  11. Psylocke

    I know I’m a sucker but I can’t help feeling sorry for her. She’s going to be stuck cleaning up this mess for the rest of her life – and if she dumps the project, Andy and the rest of the Bravo gang will be talking about it for…the rest of her life, really.

    Of course there’s no one to blame but herself, but I couldn’t imagine being in that situation. She should just have Apollo steal the identify of her doppelgänger drag Queen and run off to Europe with a new name.

    • Minky

      I get feeling sorry for someone who’s so dumb. But she could have chosen to build a smaller, more manageable house. How does she still have the money to live anywhere?! Why is saving face so much more important than saving your money or your life? Her ego is obviously huge. She needs to put the kibosh on this miserable comedy called “The House That Stupidity Never Built”. OMG! We need to do a screen play. Immediately! Sheree can play herself. She needs the money badly. Tamara! I’ll cast Charlize Theron to play you. Where are my backers?

      • addie2u

        Foolish pride will cost you everything but leave you with nothing.
        She’s a dang fool.

      • tamaratattles

        We don’t have that sort of budget, Minky. Lindsey Lohan will play me just perfectly.

      • Dee

        I agree Minky, she is not smart. I wonder why she didn’t have someone watching over the home. Most people know about pipes freezing, bursting, flooding. It can happen in an apt

  12. ZenJen55

    Ahhh, the good ole days of Whitfield vs TT! What fodder we had. I had these visions of you tralloping to the courthouse, looking for parking as you made your way in. Giggles to realize you was one sharp cookie not to be messed with. You graciously entertained us with updates. And you’ve only gotten better..

    Screenplay yes but Tamara has to write it

  13. The Chateau that Hubris built is full of mold. Quelle surprise!

    • Matzah60

      @Lady Cocotte. So well-stated in one sentence! The house that hubris built. As you said,Tamara,Sheree’s sense of self-entitlement is what bothers me most. The fact that she took her ex all the way to the Supreme Court ( something I didn’t know until reading your post) to squeeze him for more spousal support/larger settlement; building a big ass house without the income to finish it and surely she will be unable to keep up with the maintenance costs of this monstrosity; hiring contractors, lawyers, businesses knowing full well she has no intention of paying them; suing her insurance co. after she received a check from them and most likely cashed it as you said, never putting a cent of that money towards remediating the water/mold problem……how about if Sheree thinks about getting a steady job to support herself instead of going after everyone’s dime. Sheree wants it all but she wants everyone else to pay for her entitled life!! Her priorities are f***ked up.

      You can’t live the big life unless you’re motivated and willing to work hard. People that make a living out of suing people and not paying their bills disgust me. I’m glad you won your case against her, Tamara.

  14. Cat

    I think maybe Sheree’s hair bagel is too tight. It’s squeezing her little brain.

  15. Pat

    I was not watching RHOA when Sheree was on in previous seasons. I have seen old episodes with her in them but not enough to make the house monstrosity make sense. From what little I know, it seems that by now she would have pulled out, let the builders, contractors, etc. sue her, and filed a Chapter 7 bankruptcy to get rid of the debt. Of course a bankruptcy would screw up her credit, but credit can gradually be rebuilt. Sheree seems like a sensible (though not necessarily likable) woman, so there must be a sensible reason why she is still putting money, time, and brain energy into a monstrosity. What am I missing, here?

  16. claire

    “Sheree’s lack of intelligence combined with a lack of understanding of the law mix with a healthy dose of self entitlement causes her a lot of unnecessary problems.”

    ?? YES! Lordy this woman needs to cut her losses STAT! However, that’s what a sane person would do.

  17. claire

    “Sheree’s lack of intelligence combined with a lack of understanding of the law mix with a healthy dose of self entitlement causes her a lot of unnecessary problems.” ??

    Jeezus. Woman needs to cut her losses STAT! However, that’s what a sane person would do. #LoosenTheBagel (credit to Cat! LoL)

  18. Spilledperfume

    Who is that in the pic at the beginning of the post?

    • tamaratattles

      The dude with the chain? He’s the reader that sent me the photo! Lot’s of TT readers have sent in update photos over the years.

      • Spilledperfume

        Oh ok, that makes sense. I kept staring at the pic trying to figure out who it was. I’m new to watching the show and reading your blog so I realize that there are things I just don’t know and I don’t want to appear ignorant. I’ve been reading your Sheree posts today since you supplied the link and there are no words.

        Thanks for answering.

      • tamaratattles

        Thanks for reading. And, yeah, court with Sheree and the Thug was a real trip!

  19. Margarett

    Thanks for the links. I thought I was caught up, but I found that I had missed or forgotten quite a bit.

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