Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6, Episode 7 Recap: “The A-Word”

RHOBH Eileen

Guest Contributor Ben Cole

On RHOBH tonight, we pick back up right where we left off, at the “exclusive” white party in the Hamptons, for Lisa Vanderpump’s magazine cover release. Thanks to Teen Mom OG, we are able to get a clearer picture of what the party really was like from a non-Bravo viewpoint. All the ladies head to a huge banquet table for dinner. Keeping the mood casual & light, the women bring up the topic of divorce over dinner. Lisa Vanderpump doesn’t seem to know any of Eileen’s romantic history and dives right in with plenty of questions. Vanderpump finds out Eileen has been married three times, and met Vince on the set of Y&R while they were both still married. Eileen is visibly uncomfortable with the game of 21 questions. Vanderpump is really digging for information and not letting up. Eileen says she thought all this information was common knowledge. Even I find it hard to believe Vanderpump knew none of this information. The majority of the time I could give two flips about Eileen and her dry-white-wine, but even I knew her marriage began with the “A-Word” (according to Kyle, affair is something of a curse word.) Rinna sides with Eileen, and calls Vanderpump ‘insensitive’ in a talking head.


The next day, all the ladies are up at the rental house and beginning another day in the Hamptons. Kyle calls Bethenny (!!!) on the phone. We get a quick rundown of the history between Kyle & Bethenny. They’ve known each other for 25 years. Kyle says they’ve gone through a lot with each other. She’s watched her growth and seen how far she’s come over the years. The conversation closes out with Bethenny asking why the ladies are there in the first place. Kyle tells her about Vanderpump’s cover of Bella Magazine. Bethenny quips right back – “What is that??” Cut to me in tears. Bethenny has never heard-of or seen Bella Magazine (what a surprise.)

RHOBH Hamptons Wine Party

The ladies from the rental home head to pick up Lisa V. from the hotel, and are off to a wine tasting. I suppose they all feel safe around plentiful amounts of wine/wine glasses with Brandi & Kim gone. Eileen admits in her talking head she is uncomfortable being around Lisa V. due to dinner the night before, and doesn’t do well with unresolved issues. Erika is the main topic of conversation at the wine tasting. Lisa Rinna still hasn’t met Erika, but googled her prior to the Hamptons trip.

Rinna says the first search result was a music video “Painkillr” (See above,  that’s not a typo!) Lisa Rinna says the video was “sexual in a way that I was just like, woah.” She says she trying not to be judgemental, she’s just reporting. (I’m totally stealing this excuse to talk shit about people in 2016.) Lisa Vanderpump hits the nail on the head – says Rinna IS being judgemental, but doesn’t want everyone to be judgemental of her being judgemental. Still following?

Lisa Rinna brings up the music video on her cellphone. Nobody can take their eyes off the screen. Eileen is impressed, the rest laugh like schoolgirls. In her talking head, Lisa Rinna basically compares the video to porn. She says she doesn’t mind watching it, if it’s porn – but she doesn’t actually meet the porn stars. Well. Alrighty then. Eileen is in love with the video. Her lady-boner for Erika is obvious. The wine tasting is cut short because of a bee – Kyle left her epi-pen at home. You best believe I would have sent her home safely (alone) in a production van and continued drinking – for two.

RHOBH Erika Chanel lock

Erika finally arrives to the Hamptons in full drag. She’s staying at the Capri Hotel, she reasons if Lisa Vanderpump is staying there, it couldn’t be that bad. She’s in her hot pink & gold heels, ripped jeans, a sparkle jacket, & Barbie weave on point. Lisa Rinna describes Erika as “Cotton Candy-meets-Chanel-meets- Vegas Showgirl.” I just noticed the GIANT pink Chanel lock Erika is wearing around her neck. She’s definitely friends with a lot of drag queens. Eileen spills the beans (surprise, surprise) that they all watched her music video for Painkillr. Lisa Rinna tells Erika she was shocked at the video, and didn’t know if she could finish it. Erika handles this well, she tells Lisa it’s just a character, it’s no different than acting. Eileen brings up the ridiculousness of Rinna acting any type of way when she’s posted for Playboy several times. Sip your dry-white-wine & preach, girl!

We jump to Ohio and see Yolanda recovering in her hotel room, with David acting as her “nurse.” She apologizes to him that he didn’t sign up for any of this. As T.T. reported earlier – Yolanda officially filed for divorce today. I don’t think David signed up for any of this either.

Lisa Vanderpump calls Yolanda to check in on her. Yolanda tells her they “removed everything from wherever they could get to.” David tells Lisa that Ken has bigger tits than Yolanda now. Yolanda tells Lisa she thinks the silicone in her body was the reason her health wasn’t improving. She says it’s the first time in 4 years she isn’t coughing. She thinks the burden has been taken off her immune system, and now it can focus on killing the Lyme Disease.

Back at the Hamptons house, we have talk amongst the ladies of who has and hasn’t met Bethenny. Nobody has except Lisa Rinna. We see a classic #RHONY clip of Lisa Rinna actually meeting Bethenny at the infamous Season 3 fashion show (I don’t like you, I don’t trust you, and I think you’re a snake) Rinna explains she went to the fashion show with Kelly Bensimon, but ended up meeting Bethenny that day and liking her better. Oh man, I can’t with all this Bethenny/Kelly talk. What I wouldn’t give to have them both back on RHONY. #jellybeans

RHOBH Kyle and Bethenny Hamptons

Kyle arrives at Bethenny’s house. Everything in Bethenny’s Hamptons house is (not surprisingly) Skinnygirl red. The lawn chairs out front, the front door, the cookware – the OVEN KNOBS. Sheesh. Gotta hand it to her, I guess. Even with all the red, the house is gorgeous. Kyle says Bethenny was living in a tiny box 25 years before this. Kyle says Bethenny was always a go-getter. From selling shawls out of the back of her Ford Probe (was that some subtle shade?) to Skinnygirl, nothing was ever going to stop Bethenny from getting to the top. Jesus, I just noticed even the trim inside the house is painted Skinnygirl-red. Bethenny asks Kyle about Kim. She wants to know if it’s as bad as what’s in the media, or if it’s all being blown out of proportion. Kyle admits she doesn’t know what to do. She knows she can’t help Kim unless Kim wants the help, but meanwhile doesn’t know how to respond to everyone questioning her. Kyle explains in her talking head it’s easier to discuss Kim with Bethenny vs the other ladies. She doesn’t have to feel as defensive, Bethenny knows the history and has been around for most of it. The conversation shifts to Erika/Erika-Jayne. Kyle describes Erika to Bethenny as, the woman who is married to “the lawyer they did the movie about with Erin Brockovich.” She mentions the age difference. Bethenny takes a look at Erika’s Instagram account and is shocked. Bethenny makes a joke about Erika only flying private and calls her Barbie. She thinks she looks like a Playboy bunny.

In the limo on the way to Bethenny’s dinner, Lisa Vanderpump calls Erika’s music video “erotic” and Erika thanks her. Both Vanderpump and Rinna agree the video was beautifully shot. They arrive at Bethenny’s house, where Erika & Bethenny officially meet. Bethenny wastes no time bringing up her Instagram page. Bethenny tells Erika she is obsessed with her already. Eileen says in her talking head that she is the bigger fan of Erika because she is actually supportive, while Bethenny is only judging her and borderline poking fun at Erika. #ladyboner

Bethenny calls Erika ‘Bambi’ – and also a “mogul wife by day, hoe by night.” Ten points for Bethenny. Erika says she doesn’t mind it. She thinks hookers are fabulous, if she has to represent all the hookers in the world – she’s fine with that.

We see more reminiscing between the ladies. Bethenny tells the women she was a hostess at La Scala in Beverly Hills. This prompts Vanderpump to sort of “out” Erika, and Lisa tells Erika to “tell her story.” Erika admits she was a cocktail waitress and that’s how she met her husband. Bethenny doesn’t miss a beat, and adds a person can make good money as a cocktail waitress, she herself was one at one point. Erika adds you can make good money if you know what you’re doing, and work a lot of night shifts. The ladies all make judgmental faces.

RHOBH Hamptons Kyle Eileen shocked faces


Bethenny has no issue diving right into business talk/advice with Erika. Bethenny says Erika needs to sculpt her brand, and have a clearer message. Bethenny says Erika-Jayne should be a whole female-empowerment movement, and Erika quickly responds that already is the whole point, it’s exactly what her message already is. Lisa Rinna starts not feeling well (senses the tension?) and excuses herself from the dinner. She didn’t want to leave any of us viewers worried, so she lets us all know she felt a bout of diarrhea coming on. I’m getting too much inner-butt action from Lisa Rinna this season. Apparently, even her bowels are hustlers.

Erika shows her music video to Bethenny. Bethenny launches right into her POV. She’s not happy with the production value, she thinks it looks cheap. Bethenny says the video is trying to be avant-garde but it’s ‘not quite getting it.’ Bethenny even makes a comment about not liking the beats. #BeatsBySkinnygirl launching this spring. Eileen sticks up for her new lady crush and adds she thought the production value was great. Erika plays it off, says everyone is allowed to have an opinion. Bethenny continues to add suggestions, and Erika clearly is uninterested. Erika nails it in her talking head. “I don’t know anything about margaritas. And I don’t know anything about being Skinny. So I’m not going to tell anyone what to do with their Skinnygirl shit.” Boom. Mic Drop. Bye. I love you, Bethenny, but she’s coming for you! Erika gives Bethenny a quick lesson on how to move like Erika-Jayne. Bethenny attempts to drop it low, and splits her pants.

RHOBH Erika anybody can make a margarita

The next day, Rinna’s case of diarrhea has cleared up and she’s doing yoga alone in the backyard. She finishes, and sits with Eileen (who is still upset with Lisa V.) in the kitchen. The two women discuss how to handle the situation. Lisa Rinna (naturally) urges Eileen to discuss it with Lisa V. Eileen says she felt like Lisa was grilling her at the dinner table. Both women agree it was obvious Eileen was uncomfortable, and Lisa V was pushing her boundaries. Eileen comments Vanderpump isn’t a stupid woman, so she doesn’t understand how she wouldn’t pick up on that fact.

RHOBH Eileen 2

Rinna continues to push Eileen to bring it up to Vanderpump, and Eileen eventually goes for it. We cut to Erika and Lisa Vanderpump riding in a limo together. Lisa is putting Erika through the same 21-questions game about her marriage as she did Eileen. They arrive to the rental house and Eileen immediately pulls Vanderpump aside. She gets right into being bothered and upset with all the questions from Lisa about her marriage(s) – Lisa can’t be bothered and apologizes. She doesn’t understand why Eileen wouldn’t have just changed the subject if she was so uncomfortable. In her talking head, Eileen feels like nothing is resolved between them. Eileen says Lisa V. hurt her feelings, and then turned it back around on her. They fake apologize again and Lisa Vanderpump stares Eileen down. Eileen stares back, the look in her eye tells me she knows she’s gone and done it now. Better watch out, Eileen, or the queen will declare it’s off with your head!

NEXT WEEK: Bethenny apologizes to Erika. Erika picks Yolanda up in Ohio on her private jet. Kathryn finally comes out of hiding!!!

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84 responses to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6, Episode 7 Recap: “The A-Word”

  1. WhyOWhy

    No kidding, I was just looking for this recap 5 minutes before you posted it!

    I’m gonna throw this out there… I LOVE ERIKA! She doesn’t give two shits about anything and her talking head was just about the best thing I’ve seen this season. I have a lady crush on her.

    As much as I love La Vanderpump, she can be too intrusive. It’s difficult to believe that she didn’t know about Vince and Eileen since it was discussed last season with Brandi (God, I hate her). I don’t blame Eileen for beig uncomfortable, but the “can I talk to you” talks are always so awkward. Say your piece and move on. No reason to sit in the room giving each other the Soap Opera Stare (MUCH different than the Care Bear Stare).

    I thought David’s joke about Ken’s boobs being bigger than Yo’s was kind of funny. Yo is right, David didn’t sign up for that. I have a little sympathy for him in this whole situation… even thought he’s kind of slimy.

  2. cobe

    Bethenny’s outfit = if Dr Evil discovered a love of muumuus.

    • Shay

      Cobe: she farted, right? She didn’t rip her pants, she had an old lady can’t-control-my-flatulence-whilst-bending move, and played it off when Kyle said, “I heard that!”

  3. that was a great recap ben! thanks. i did see a clip of beth criticizing erika, then kissing her ass when they met. i didn’t see them at dinner though. it looked like bethenny did a 180 on her feelings about ericka it must have been the editing.

    • Bethenny was passive aggressively fangirling. She is entertaining but she’s also a very practiced mean girl.

      • Matzah60

        Definitely a mean girl. I felt that Bethanny’s comments came out of jealousy. Despite Bethanny’s huge financial success, she does not seem capable of supporting other women’s achievements. Beth seems to air her psychiatric visits so that the viewers can understand her aggressive and sometimes mean spirited comments as a consequence of living with a mother who didn’t want her, a father that she says barely acknowledged her, and a stepfather who abused her mother.

        I am not trying to diminish the pain she experienced in her childhood, but we have only heard Bethanny’s side of the story. I have to assume that many of us or even a small percentage of us have had our own demons and dysfunctional family members that affected us growing up. Bethanny, IMO, seems to get some gratification from playing the perpetual victim. While she has reached professional success, I don’t think she will ever have a satisfying personal life with a partner or other women.

        While her quips are sometimes entertaining and good TV viewing, I find that she and what others call her blunt statements are really passive-aggressive as Lady Cocette stated. Mean little girls evolve into mean, aggressive adult women.

  4. KB

    I like the way the newbie handles herself. Each response she gives is priceless. She seems unbothered by the missiles that keep being launched her way. How do you just meet someone and go in on them without provocation? I guess that’s RHOBH for you.

  5. Dee

    Ben, great recap. Thanks for the video. I had not heard of Erika Jane. She is impressive. Funny how some of the women are being judgemental. It’s an act

  6. cobe

    I’m wondering about the blogs. Rinna has made it a point to rip into LVP in every blog she’s written. I wonder what’s going on?

    • I’ve noticed that too, Cobe.

      Know what is really funny? Up until this very last one, Yolanda has misspelled Erika’s name each time.
      You know, because they are such close friends.

      • Minky

        If I had the time and the patience I’d read Rinna’s blogs. Why is LVP being such a slick little pill with everybody? Is she this franchises shit agitator this season? You know, since Brandi’s been 86’d.

  7. Oh Jesus on a Triscuit, these women can get offended over anything.

    Rinna’s “quelle horreur” over reaction to Erika’s video was tres annoying. You would have thought it depicted her having sex with 2 Great Danes and a dachshund. Or worse—Jax.

    I saw the video. It’s just a little ramped up early Madonna. If Madonna had fabulously long legs.

    Rinna can be fun but she can also get overly sanctimonious. By sanctimonious I mean totally fucking annoying. Eileen needs to be her own person and stand on her own. how about telling LVP “I get that you may be curious but I’d prefer to keep that private”. Pretty simple.

    But then they couldn’t be Sisters at Our Lady of Perpetual Offense.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I will be using “Jesus on a Triscuit” at every opportunity.

    • Yeah, I thought it was pretty rich that the woman who just had her anal-sex-hole waxed on worldwide TV was suddenly clutching her pearls over a little writhing and gyrating in a music video, then had the audacity to imply that such a person was beneath her. “I might watch porn, but I don’t meet the stars!” She may as well have gone the whole nine and said “Because those people are soooo dirty…”

      • Katherine 2.0

        Exactly ericzku. From the one who said she will pretty much do anything for money, too. And who posed for Playboy. Like Camille ragging Faye for her spread in Playboy after doing some nasty pics herself.

      • Shay

        Erikzu: I wish they had to write their blogs while filming. I hate how Rinna goes to social media, gauges how she went over and then patronizes viewers in her blogs. Last week she went on and on “thanking” viewers for constantly educating her on Lyme and sharing their stories. Puh-lease. This week she calls herself out… if they wrote blogs while they filmed we would know what they really thought.

    • MzKRB

      I didn’t understand Eileen’s overreaction to the questioning. She should have told her, I don’t have a problem talking about it (or if she does say so) let’s wait until we are in a more private setting, since who knows may be listening in. It also seemed to me like LvP was sincere in her apology but I don’t think Eilleen trusted her motives which impacted her acceptance of it. And why is Eileen so sensitive when talking about it if it was public knowledge and the conversation about the background of her meeting her husband Lisa wasn’t around for?

      Erika is growing on me quite a bit. She is letting the foolishness (so far anyway) roll off her like water on a latex covered drag queen.

    • beth

      “I get that you may be curious but I’d prefer to keep that private”. Yes!, that is exactly what last season’s Eileen would have said. I loved me some Eileen in her debut season, but it sounds like she is playing a different character now – I’m not sorry I quit this show again. Those of you that are liking Erika … enjoy it while it lasts; next year, maybe you won’t like her so much. It’s all acting, as she said.

    • Erica

      Ramped up early Madonna – ha! (Which kind of shows that maybe Bethenny had a point).

    • Yes, I am stealing Jesus on a Trisquit too. :)

    • Great recap, cobe, thanks!

  8. Micheal

    Rinna and Eileen are pissing me off this season. Rinna is full of more shit than what was running out of her that evening. Eileen can’t ever keep her mouth shut. She is a huge shit stirrer this season.

    Erika is like my spirit animal. I hope she and Lisa V become best buddies. They would be a cute twosome.

    • Micheal

      I love how Erika owns her sexuality and alter ego. She doesn’t shy away, which I love.

      • Grandmalou

        I like Erika as she is true to herself and doesn’t give a damn about what others think about her. I’d be willing to bet if these uppity ladies had a chance meeting with Beyoncé, Rhianna or any other great body celebrity they would pee their pants in awe. Sounds like the granny bunch is jealous of Erika’s youth, beauty, talent, marriage and most of all her wealth. Erika is refreshing to an otherwise boring bunch of bitties…That is all.

    • Northeastgrl

      Perfect replacement for Brandi – fun, sassy but not trashy!

  9. swizzle

    LVP needs to be a bit more aware of social dynamics. Eileen clearly did not want to discuss how she and Vinny met/hooked up. I thought it was quite rude to continue with 21 questions. And I hate non-apology apologies. Just say you’re sorry you made Eileen uncomfortable. Don’t say you’re sorry and then list off reasons how Eileen could have handled the situation differently. That’s not really the point.

    And WTF was up with Ken this episode? He looked ridiculous tagging along with the women carrying that dumb dog and then the flower arrangement into Betheny’s house.

    • Katherine 2.0

      I agree with you Swizzle, but the entire time Lisa was interrogating her, Eileen was pulling faces, and I thought, why don’t you just shut that shit down? I think she was taken off guard by Lisa and was surprised that she went there. I thought it was payback from Lisa for the women leaving her high and dry at the hotel.

  10. KB

    Ok a little off topic here. I was flipping through the channels, and I dream of Nene is on right now ( pure accident I swear). It seems that she, like Kandi, was going to put a halt to her wedding if Greg didn’t sign a pre nup. This is news to me because I never watched it when it was on. Talk about recycled storylines. Who’s show was on first? I think Nene. Kandi was a year later.

  11. Great recap! I agree with @Maisey that there was nothing particularly shocking about Erika’s video. Her body is sexier than early Madonna – other than that not much different. I have no idea what Lisa Rinna was clutching her pearls over.

    I love Eileen but she needs to drop her niceness and just be very straightforward with Lisa V. I have a feeling Eileen, like alot of us women, is obsessively nice and polite. We hate to be rude but sometimes you need to just lay it out there with thoughtless people. I bet Lisa V would appreciate it (Lisa doesn’t seem like a Brandy – i.e., an insensitive person that’s sensitive to her own feelings. I think Lisa is just insensitive period.)

    Speaking of Lisa V: I think Erika made a very astute observation about her: Lisa V enjoys making people feel uncomfortable because it’s a way to maintain control and the upper hand. Erika appears to be smarter than your average Bravolebrity.

    • JennLovesAndy

      Totally agree with your Lisa V observation. She is the bitch with British accent and clad in pink but plays her hand very well.

      • Minky

        Didn’t Annabelle from the London show say something similar about Lisa V? If Vanderpump was grilling Eileen as a payback for the hotel thing, then that’s extremely petty IMO. These women are ridiculous.

      • Meredo

        To me, I feel as though Lisa V. is constantly criticized for everything she says or does by the other ladies. Big deal if she was asking Eileen a lot of questions. That’s how you get to know someone or show your interested in them and their life. I think she even said that’s why she was asking Eileen all those questions. I don’t think their was an ulterior motive.
        Kyle does the same thing to Lisa V whenever she asks her about Kim. It’s like Kyle won’t let them actually have a good friendship because she always thinks LVP is being devious instead of just wanting to be a good supportive friend. I thought Lisa V. seemed much more genuinely sympathetic to the Kim situation than Bethenny did. Yet, Kyle had no problem with her saying anything about Kim (which it seemed to me like Bethenny didn’t really care that much). Oh well, it’s not like I’m an obsessed LVP fan or anything, I just think because she’s a fan favorite, the ladies (some, not all) go out of their way to give her shit.

      • “Oh well, it’s not like I’m an obsessed LVP fan or anything, I just think because she’s a fan favorite, the ladies (some, not all) go out of their way to give her shit.”
        I agree, Meredo. Kyle brought up her sister at the party then was angry because Lisa asked a question. I think Eileen totally over reacted, but I believe that had more to do with her having no story line, than it actually bugged her.

      • Meredo

        Have to correct “there was an ulterior motive” not “their” !

  12. Dee

    Swizzle, funny you should mention that, I just noticed that Ken is frequently odd man out.
    Do all housewives sell items like Bethany selling skinny girl products?
    Thanks again for a great recap, Dee

  13. MM in OC

    I think that Lisa was a little drunk during the party. She was slurring her words a little and seemed out of it.

    I also think she’s a good employee and does the producers’ bidding.

  14. ShyGuy

    Erika is everything, I love her. This season has been good so far and great editing unlike that other southern franchise lol ?

  15. Lisaj

    LVP has Real Businesses she runs, two shows, an ailing husband, countless charities and an active social network, I would be shocked IF she knew Eileen had been married 3 times, I certainly didn’t know it and I sit on my ass all day. If you’re embarrassed of your past that says more about you, own it and shut it down, don’t stew and make it a thing Eileen. #LVPwonthestaredown
    Bethany needs to stay in NYC. I liked the video and Bethany was unnecessarily rude.
    Idk how Kyle stays so sane.
    Rinna and her ass are annoying
    Yolanda is insane.
    Thanks Ben!

    • To me, it wasn’t that Lisa didn’t know that Eileen had been married three times, it was the way she reacted; like, “Gasp! THREE times? I can’t believe it! I’ve never heard of such a thing!” and the gloating talking head about how she “got it right the first time” as if she were somehow better because of it. Implication being that Eileen is just a dumb cow for having been married twice before. After that I thought, “Quelle bitch!”

      • Gia

        It’s interesting to watch Lisa shit stir all by herself now that Brandi is out of the picture. Brandi was more than willing to get her hands dirty for her…at first anyways. Now left on her own, Lisa comes off not so innocent. Even Eileen compared the two of them. That must have really burned Lisa!

      • Lisaj

        I’ll have to rewatch, I took it as more the 3rd time was/is a charm and yes she knew about the affair but holy shit, I ask more probing questions than that. I’m thinking maybe she was drunkish?? Her body language was very open to Eileen and IMO Eileen is still dealing with her FIL death and might be having some misplaced emotional unloads since her husband doesn’t seem like the warm comforting cozy type. What do I know though, I prefer LVP so I’ve got an obvious bias.
        You know that’s what I love about TT’s blogs, we can see things differently and do it respectfully. There’s the occasional WL but mostly we are a civilized bunch!

      • Erica

        I used to be an avid Days watcher and Y & R so not a stranger to Eileen – and I didn’t even know she was married to a Patton, let alone that she was married three times. I think it is beyond pretentious to assume that Lisa would have “heard that by now” especially when one of the marriages was when she was young and was only for 6 months.

        And considering Lisa had been drinking all day (and her tolerance levels are gonna be low because of her weight and age, IMHO) – she probably wasn’t picking on clues. Eileen ALWAYS looks like that. Lisa was right – change the fucking subject. Or how about asking Lisa questions? What about Kyle and Lisa R? They supposedly both picked up on Eileen being uncomfortable. When my friend with a conversation topic because they feel it is too personal – I help by changing the subject myself. (Or, if I sense a friend is touching on a personal topic that someone is uncomfortable with – and my friend is clueless – I change the fucking subject.)

        I’ve known a few “questioners” in my life. And actually, I’ve NEVER felt that there was an evil intent. They are interested and don’t realize it is getting intrusive.

      • sandra

        Yeah, ericzku, Pinky was being a bitch. She wanted intimate details about the affair. I think people forget Pinky loves to gossip and who ever is her pet at the time, she spends an hour on the phone with them every morning. I use to really like Lisa, but since TT reported about the court case, not so much any more.

      • Maisey


        I know what you mean with your comment “Eileen ALWAYS looks like that ” Lol.

        Maybe she is going through some sort of bad time in her life. I don’t know. She has always seemed slightly uncomfortable in many of these “reality” situations.

        Eileen always looks like she has to pee real bad and just found out that the restroom is out of order.

  16. Just Saying

    I finally saw the episode a little while ago, thank you for a great recap too. IMO Eileen is no match for Lisa v so her confrontation was laughable because Lisa will not really apologize to her and Eileen just didn’t know what to do. I like Erika so far but I like Bethany more, she’s a New Yorker and just has that in your face attitude which I don’t think Erika gets. I’m just glad we didn’t have to watch the countess at the party.

    • BKSweetheart

      See thats what I don’t like about Bethanny (i’ve never watched RHONY) – I live in NYC so I know the type – she such a bull in a china shop. She talks a mile a minute and her voice is like nails on a chalkboard.

  17. tbk

    Huh. Bethenny did an interview with Bella Mag at one of her events just a month after the white party. Guess she found the answer to her question,, “What is that?”

  18. Karina

    Awesome recap Ben! After watching Erika’s video I think I figured out what a ladyboner is….

  19. Josie

    When Kyle was asked about Kim she could have just said my sister is obviously going through a lot. We are supporting her and I know she will get through this.

    No gory details but SAY SOMETHING. Her refusal to say anything was ridiculous especially when it was all over the tabloids.

    Same with Eileen. Originally she was opening up about the story before Brandi threw the wine in her face. I know about the affair. I wanted to know about the love affair. To know how they met and fell in love which is what LVP was asking. She wasnt asking what hotels they met at.

  20. iloveearlgrey

    Damn, I am LOVING Erika. She is a smart, HOT, and won’t be intimidated. You go girl. She’s going to snatch that crown right off of Lisa Vanderpump’s head. I bet Kyle is having much more fun this season not having to babysit Kim or make up excuses for her odd behavior. I still love Eileen, but she kind of reminded me of Joyce this episode when trying to extract an apology. Confronting Lisa Vanderpump is like dry humping a mattress. Too much energy and effort wasted with no happy ending to show for it. She will never apologize and be sincere about it because she doesn’t ever think she’s wrong. Even if Eileen was making a mountain out of a mole hill, it was important to her, so just say you’re sorry for hurting her feelings and hug it out. Ugh. The end.

    • Minky

      Eileen should slyly threaten to talk about Lisa V’s shit, like Kyle. If Lisa V’s that much of a bee then I kind of understand why Kyle did that. Maybe she’s jealous of Eileen because she’s a successful, working, award winning actress, which is Lisa V’s indefinately deferred dream?

      Personally I would never ask anybody for an apology. I might do a tit for tat thing and make a backhanded complement reference to Pinky’s legal troubles. Yes, dammit. You don’t fuck with me and get away scot free.

      • Shae

        I don’t know, I felt like she just wanted Lisa to acknowledge that she went too far, because it made no sense to her. When someone you consider a friend does something really out of character towards you, I think you want an explanation and to clear the air more than you want a formal apology. She looked genuinely confused as to why Lisa would act like that.

      • Danish Dynamite

        I think i missed that. When did Kyle threaten to do that?

  21. CurlyNOLA

    I LOVE Erika! She owns her stuff and is damn deficient!!!!

  22. BKSweetheart

    Oh I just watched the video! Not bad at all, girls got some moves. She looks great.

  23. Mzjulesaz

    I love Erika!

  24. Stefie

    Who’s Kathryn? Am I missing something?

  25. jen

    I did not like Erika but this episode made me love her! Bethany said, “Erika gives zero fucks.” Yep and its awesome!

    LVP was being nosey. Eileen made a big deal out of it. Just shut it down when happening during the conversation! Someone said here Lisa R is a good employee and does what the producers say. So true. She is annoying this season! Stirring the pot! Eileen appears to be going through something. She looks really sad often and possibly sedated.

  26. Shae

    I don’t understand how you can claim you “didn’t sign up for” caring for a sick spouse, when you married that person and the premise behind marriage is that it’s for life, in sickness and health, richer/poorer, old age, all that good stuff. That’s exactly what you signed up for, just not maybe so early on in life.

    I wasn’t aware by marrying someone you were only “signing up for” convenience and a totally healthy spouse who will never need to lean on you or be taken care of. Disgusting. I get that David thought he was making light of things, but the remarks he’s been making about yolanda losing her boobs, her not being what he married, and now how Ken has better boobs than her…yeah, no. Not what I’d want to hear from my husband as I’m struggling through that. Make light of things, but do it without insulting my body, thanks. I thought that was cringe worthy for sure.

    Also thought it was shady of Lisa to keep pestering Eileen that way. She definitely knew Eileen was uncomfortable and that it was way too open of a setting for that conversation, she didn’t need to be told, she’s a smart woman. She should’ve just apologized to Eileen and let it go.

  27. Lindsay

    I’m an intrusive questioner myself. I like to get to know people! Especially when hammered. I do feel like LVP acting like THREE marriages is some lot when she lives in LA where people get married over and over and rubbed in her luuuuuuck in doing it right the first time was a little ridiculous. Her shade game is fading.
    Bethenny’s shade is also diminishing. She is like the edge of a dull knife. A million lulz re: selling shawls out the back of her ford probe. Wonder if they were the ones that were like blood ponchos, those shahtooshes or whatever? Vanity Fair had a great article about the illegal trade of them a few years ago.
    Erika’s not taking anyone’s shit and I applaud her. Ditto Eileen. Lisa Rinna disgusts me. The fake sick and yoga thing was a joke. Yolanda’s divorce filing coincided neatly with Foster’s joke about Ken’s tits. I’m glad she got all that shit out of her body.

  28. Shae

    Initially I was put off by Erika’s voice and the whole ultra flashy/tacky style, but I have changed my mind. I may not like her style, but her character/personality more than makes up for it. She handles uncomfortable situations with incredible grace, I think, and it’s admirable that even when she feels insulted or attacked, she doesn’t respond in kind. She’s comfy in her own skin and in her marriage, which is rare on these shows. Much respect lol

  29. JoJo

    Ericka has grown on me as the season progresses although the only thing I found irritable is her referring to herself in the 3rd person – so it wasn’t a stretch. I believe she’s younger than any of them and handles rapid-fire snark better than any newbie or veteran.
    The rest of these socialites all are trying too hard – I think to make up for the lack of bona fide crazy now that Kim and Brandi have exited.
    Kyle – not her fault she can’t shake being associated with Kim and it being mentioned since her sister has a knack for staying in the press. But after this much time it’s hard to believe she can’t address all of her castmates questions about it by either telling everyone beforehand Kim’s off limits or a simple “I don’t know how Kim’s doing until she’s ready to reach out to me – so I don’t have any more information” period end of story. I don’t think Kyle’s really irritated about being asked, that’s all she really has going on it seems.

    LVP – knows someone has to talk and stir up some drama, and I get the distinct impression that she thinks she’s untouchable. But since she doesn’t have a hanger-on this season (not counting her pet Ken) she likely relies on her fan base, getting away with clear bitchiness with an English rose accent.

    Eileen – she can’t shake the 30-year soap opera facial emoticons in the face of outrage. She seems like a relatively smart gal, why she didn’t stop LVP after the 3rd question about her affair and tell her to write down all these questions and submit them and she’ll get back to her, I don’t know. She seems to come up with better responses in her talking heads – guess she’s not that great off the cuff.
    If the 20 Questions about Eileen’s affair wasn’t a Vanderpump plan, I don’t know plans.
    If Lisa really didn’t know about the affair cum marriage – and I think she did as much as I think she knew Sheana had an affair w/ Brandi’s ex – she’s wily enough to know that that’s an uncomfortable subject. If she really wanted to get to know Eileen, she’d have done so last year and/or asked all these questions off camera if it was sincere. No way LVP wouldn’t know a grilling about an affair wouldn’t cause drama;-
    LisaR – ughhh so so extra extra.
    Back to Ericka – she’s got moxy pussy galore – and it’s going to be interesting if anything at all comes up that ruffles her feathers!

  30. Mousie

    I really think Lisa V. was just (as she said) asking Eileen questions to get to know her better. With her European background, they are not as gun-shy about romance, affairs, nudity on a beach, etc. as Americans are…and she says straight up she was referring to the a-word as in love affair, romance, as in her saying recently in a talking head she has a love affair with living in Europe, as she and Ken used to do. Besides, when Eileen pulled her aside, Lisa V. did apologize, she said straight-up that she wouldn’t want Eileen to talk about anything that would make her uncomfortable, and she apologized for asking too many questions. The way Eileen kept at it like a dog with a bone was the weird thing, and telling about the way she is blowing this out of proportion. You can see the way Lisa V. also asked Erika about her life it’s the same approach, her getting to know people, and she said in her talking head she saw Erika telling it like it is and she likes her. I’ve had friends like that, to me that is just the way they get to know you. If Eileen was truly that uncomfortable all she had to do was say something like “I’ll tell you later,” then explain to Lisa V. some other time that it makes her feel weird to have the word AFFAIR out there (even though that is exactly what it was when she and Vince got together) probably because of her son, and her still smarting from Brandi calling her a homewrecker last year. And Kim called her a beast, whatever that was about, who knows….methinks there is more to Eileen’s whole shtick then we’ve seen so far….

  31. Shay

    Love Erika. She’s like a younger, nicer, richer Vanderpump. Kyle had to go to Bethenny’s early so Bethenny would talk shit on Kyle’s behalf. I see you, Kyle. Too bad Bethenny had no idea Erika didn’t need her advice because she has 8 number ones, no pre-nup, great skin and can fit all of Bethenny’s assets in her small plane.

    I also love Bethenny and Kyle talking about how much work it must be for Erika to look like she does while Bravo posts a throwback of Bethenny and Kyle 25 years and 25 surgeries ago. #ShadeByBravo

    (Bethenny also has interviews in Bella, one before Vanderpump and one after. Such an idiot to try and shade a New York Lifestyle Magazine.)

    • Bwahahahah I like your comment! Yes I found it strange that Kyle wanted to meet up with Betheny earlier! Clearly Kyle has clued her in on her issues with Lisa! I suspect though that Bethenny can and will say anything to Kyle whether the kids are present or not and Kyle won’t have a problem with it! I don’t know what this obsession Kyle has with shading and topping Lisa as if she even cares!

      • Meredo

        Yes, as per what you said about Kyle. This is why I haven’t liked Kyle in past seasons because no matter how hard Lisa V. tries, Kyle will always back stab her, then act like Lisa V. Is the one who isn’t the good friend. Yet, I do like the two of them together when Kyle lets her guard down and will actually have fun with Lisa and enjoy their friendship. I guess she never got over Lisa being the Queen Bee and not her.
        I hate seeing Eileen and what I perceive as overreacting to Lisa V’s.questionng her about Vince (I did think Lisa shouldn’t have kept using the word “affair” but she did seem a bit drunk so maybe her decorum was a little off) because I actually like Eileen a lot. She’s one of the only housewives I can think of where I don’t hate them by their second season. I know most think she’s boring,but I think she’s classy, gorgeous and usually fights pretty fair without being a bitch.
        Wow, I don’t know why my comments are so long today…sorry! ❤️

      • Shay

        I feel like this is a take lisa down season and I don’t like it. Save the conspiring for Orange County. These women should only be living lifestyles of the rich and famous! (I think Eileen and Erika are gorgeous! Can’t believe Erika is older than Kyle and Eileen is about the same age as Pinky!) Pinky and Erika need to combine forces.

      • Shay

        Hi Lisamia! :*

      • Right? I don’t know how or why these ladies always think Lisa is so calculating? Does she really have time to concoct evil schemes between running her businesses and foundling her animals/ken? I didn’t even know Eileen was married three times! She was just embarrassed not offended because she thinks multiple marriages means there is something wrong with her and then they hurt people with their affair! From what I saw Lisa apologized but I guess when she made it about her it came across as insensitive! I hope this isn’t going to be a major topic in the reunion!

  32. Wow I need an attitude like Eryka’s! I have heard about Bethenny but wow now I understand why she may rub some people the wrong way! I appreciate her honesty though! She doesn’t seem like a very empathetic person either even when speaking to Kyle about Kim so I can’t understand how Kyle feels so much more comfortable with her! Quite special that one! I have to say production is really painting Lisa as this diva, busy body this season I wonder if she is really like that! Why Eileen was so sensitive about her questions may have to do with her embarrassment! It happened and they moved pass it so why act like its a forbidden topic?

  33. bridgett

    I am totally loving Erika, so far! I hope the producers leave her alone so she can continue being her “give no fucks” self! I love Bethenny, but she drinks her own kool-aid…the “Bethenny is a no nonsense, straight shooter and says it like it is”…no one is asking her to analyze the room, be a straight shooter when your opinion is requested.

    I am a fan of LVP, I think she sees the show for what it is and plays to that. I don’t think she is malicious and the other ladies are overly sensitive and constantly trying to take down the queen bee.

  34. Thanks for a fun recap Ben! I’m on a crazy schedule lately so late to all the shows but loving the recaps, comments and so great to see all the new entries in the blog TT.

    I try not to be manipulated by the producers – mightily – but my Lisa Rina distaste continues to grow. She just seems so shallow – or as my GF’s and I called gals like her in the 70’s>>>PLASTIC, lol. I love her being on the show tho’, just don’t think I’d want to hang with her should I find myself living in Bev Hills as a Housewife.

  35. Debbie

    Personally, I think Erika has breathed new life into this show! She is AMAZING! I see an intelligent, well-spoken, honest, classy, unencumbered, insightful woman who reads these housewives like a book! I was amazed at how she pegged these ladies, especially LVP right off the bat! Come on ladies, she’s no gold digger or flash in the pan…..she’s been with her husband for 17 years! She’s refined and sorry LVP giving you a run for your money! Oh, and let’s not even compare her with “skinny girl” Bethany! The envy was percolating off Bethany from the get go! Erika has my number one vote now!!!

  36. Tp

    Would someone please tell me why it is that Lisa Rinna keeps saying that Kim’s problems have deeply affected her? Rinna is the ultimate shit stirrer! Maybe Kim is screwed up but I can’t see how that is any of Rinna’s concern and Yolanda’s illness isn’t her concern either . She acts as though it’s her duty to force these women to come clean and if they don’t , she has a reason to be personally offended by it. It’s annoying as hell. When she started the talk about Yolanda and saw that the other women didn’t bite, she quickly began back peddling and spinning the story in a completely different way since she’s been caught on camera accusing Yolando of making up the illness. Poor Eileen is so spacey that she buys into it and sticks her foot in her mouth every time.

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