Mob Wives Season 6 Double Recap: Mobbed Up Mermaids & Cabin In the Woods Part II

mob wives last stand


I am back in the swing of things with Mob Wives now and remember who I like and hate.  I like Drita, Renee and Big Ang and I hate anyone they hate. But Drita is my ride or die. I love how at the end of the previews you here Renee or somebody casually saying, “who’s getting whacked” in the same tone one might say, ” what do you think of this dress?”

I wish they would have gone back to their old theme song for this final season.


Drita meets up with Renee so she can get downloaded on what she missed at the Mermaid parade. What she missed was Love selling her out to fucking Carla. Drita is pissed that no one stood up for Drita. Drita goes off at the mouth like a gansta at Renee. Renee should not be hanging with fucking Karen and Carla anyway. “Youse are all fake ass mother fuckers!” Drita says. And my mad crush on Drita escalates. “See this is what happens when dumb fucking hoes for a crew!” Swoon. Drita is totally playing up the accent, and I’m okay with that. Drita cusses her way out of the restaurant. Her talking head is full of suggestions that people go suck a dick.

While the dicksuckers and Big Ang are in The Hamptons, Drita works on her book. I don’t like to see sad Drita. Drita says something about not having Lee by her side right now. Where the hell is he?


You know who has probably sucked a lot of dick? Brittany. How is that for a segue? Why do they always have to bring some stupid little girl with a loud mouth on to be a punching bag? It would be great if they would finish her in an episode or two  but they always dragged it out for the whole fucking season.

Mob Wivs Karen


Karen meets with Renee and Carla. Renee doesn’t need to be dealing with these bitches. I don’t even want to watch this scene. WTF is wrong with you, Renee? Don’t go out like this!  Carla has rented a house in the Hamptons. Who the hell would rent to her? Oh wait, production got the house. I keep forgetting.  Carla wants to invite everyone except Drita. Renee is telling the these two bitches the details of her conversation with Drita.  Okay, Renee is dead to me.

Karen is still with Storm. They still fight a lot. I still don’t care.


It’s episode two and I am already fully turned against Renee. Now she is at some hair salon with some 12 year old wanna be mob wife named Marissa Jade.

mob wives drag you fuck you up

That’s Marissa. Someone needs to stop her head like a ripe grape. Oh she is one of Karen’s friends. Oh wait, Renee has invited Marissa to the Hamptons. Clearly, Renee has tapped Marissa to fuck up Britanny. Marissa may have some redeeming qualities after all. She can take out Brittany without the OG’s having to break a nail.

Big Ang

Big Ang goes grocery shopping with Drita to buy healthy foods. Drita is pissed that Lee is trying to keep her from writing her book. Drita is pissed about Love making up bullshit. Big Ang doesn’t believe a word Love said. Because, Team Drita. That’s my girl.

A Cabin In The Woods

Okay, what the fuck is the real story with Drita? This is the second episode and both times she has not been at the main event? Is she up on charges in real life? Is Lee back in prison, because we have only heard from him on the phone so far but he is never one to be on camera much anyway.  Something is up. This bullshit storyline with Carla is not the real thing. Somebody find out and get back to me. She’s the star, dammit!

This Hampton’s home is no cabin in the woods ad Marissa just said. It’s a really nice place. Marissa refused to get involved with the room assignment drama and is just looking for the liquor cabinet. I’m starting to hate her less. Especially with Brittany there. Let’s hope Marissa is a violent drunk.

Renee is in bed early and is skipping the night out with the other idiots. If Ang stays in we could hope for the van to fall off a cliff and drastically improve the final season. But Ang has to go to report back to the OGs.

So all the girls are talking about Drita. Because, STAR.  Marissa is coming for Brittany in her talking head. I’m starting to like Marissa.  Karen says she is going to pay Drita a visit when she gets back. Oh good. I need to see Karen get her ass kicked.

The next morning Marissa comes for Brittany right away. Then Carla turns the conversation to Drita calling them all fake and phony. They all head to a vineyard for a wine tasting. Brittany is shitfaced. Marissa and Brittany go at it. But if they are going to get violent, and really that is their only purpose, it’s going to have to wait until the next episode.

Next Week: We get more Drita. She goes at it with Karen and for some reason Marissa is going to get a turn.

Are you excited that Mob Wives is back?


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21 responses to “Mob Wives Season 6 Double Recap: Mobbed Up Mermaids & Cabin In the Woods Part II

  1. TT asks, Is everyone happy Mob Wives is back? Yes, but it”s the last season.
    I also don’t like the new girlls they are not connected to the others.

    I laughed when Karen said Brittany’s father was her fathers friend in prison.
    Of course, they were together in protective custody or segregation for selling out.

    Drita is my favorite also.
    After watching the 2 hour special it is probably the best this is the last season.
    Looks a little scary.

  2. ps I understand why Dirta is mad, not one of those “friends” had her back at the Mermaid parade.

  3. Allison

    Did you notice that the vineyard they went to was the same vineyard the RHOBH filmed at while in the Hamptons?

    • Yeah, and the RHoNY girls did the Mermaid parade a couple of seasons ago. Are Bravo & VH1 owned by the same company? Because we know Bravo loves to recycle…

      • beattyful

        Viacom, I believe.

      • Kevin

        VH1 is owned by Viacom. Bravo is owned by NBC/Universal so they are not owned by the same company. Interesting fact though: Andy Cohen recently said that Mob Wives was originally presented to Bravo and they passed on it, feeling like it was a ripoff of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. VH1 snapped it up and the rest is history, I guess.

  4. Cat

    I miss watching this show. So glad you are recapping it.

    Big Ang has always been my favorite. She seems tough, yet soft in some ways.

  5. Jaded

    Drita and Any arey favorites also. Why do they always tell us the newbies are models? Such a crock and not even remotely believable. Carla I cannot stand.


    Love Mob wives! Drifts is my favorite. She said the girls do nothing but come for her all season and only Big Ang really has her back. I’m sad that the Drunken Monkey was shut down.

  7. These women are the trashiest of all of reality TV.
    Staten Island is just trash and breeds trash.

  8. Dawn

    I quit watching this long ago. I only care about Ang. Drita is okay until she starts acting like she is in the ring.

    I read this post hoping to find out something about Ang. Apparently, this was filmed prior to the reappearance of the cancer. Does anyone have any current info on her health, how is she? I am worried for her.

  9. kym

    Um Renee doesn’t like Marissa because her father took a plea…ummm, would Renee like it if someone treated her son like that. Her husband set up her father and took a plea. Maybe her son should be “shunned”. Renee makes me sick.

  10. Mel

    I love Drita, I hope she gets a spin off or something.

  11. AmberKnows

    I’m glad the ladies, used very loosely, are back. I think BigAng looks so much better as a brunette and somehow Renee looks younger, albeit a bit swollen, than she did when she started years ago. I was firmly TeamDrita for a few seasons until I noticed she doesn’t ever really fight. She talks a great dildo/dick/cocksucker game but besides the time she got jumped and got her eye rocked, she hasn’t fought anyone. Just made a lot of noise.

    Let’s hope the final season resolves who is the Head Mob Wife.

  12. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Lee is more than just camera-shy, we have NEVER seen him on camera.

    • Margarett

      It’s looking to me as if Brittany may have been a mistake for the “girls”. Marissa came on ready to have a go at Brittany. I like Marissa, and think she is cute as a speckled pup.

      I hate that Big Ang has had a recurrence. Isn’t she a hoot!?!

  13. DejaBlue53

    Why did Carla and Drita break up? I loved their friendship and both are gorgeous. I watched just to see them. When Carla left the show I quit watching, hence my not knowing why their friendship ended. Karen is such a wannabee it’s sad. Understandable, raised “in the lifestyle”…same with Renee. Both dealing with father issues. Don’t we all, but not father’s in prison. Egads, how many people are walking around with father in prison issues. Or mother. So anyway, I love Drita as well. She is definitely the break out star. She loves her children and would die for them. I appreciate her difficulty writing a book about her life. Writing about it is reliving the trauma and takes as much out of you as when you lived it the first time. It takes a certain amount of courage to do that, and clearly LEE doesn’t have it. I’m sad Drita loves a coward. I’m thinking she’s finally going to outgrow the juvenile/first love angst connected with Lee. She’s the brave one. She will see it for what it is and appreciate it and let it go, and not be bitter. And then find a real man who doesn’t use her strength like a sucubus. I’m an optimist.

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