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Thanks for all the discussion here guys! See you next season! Here are all the scenes with Lady Gaga From the Golden Globes.  Happy chatting!


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58 responses to “American Horror Story Hotel Season Finale Discussion

  1. My first reaction is to say that this finale was trash!

    • My reaction was very lukewarm too. In some ways I kinda liked it but then it just kept going.. Nowhere. It felt like a totally different show. Very cheesy.

      So since John didn’t make it back to the hotel he can only come back on devil’s night. Did I get that part right at least?

    • Jaded

      Thank you! So disappointed.

  2. Does lady gaga hang out with Erika Jayne and her gaggle of gays? She seems to have the pat the puss move down in that video.

  3. The music in tonight’s finale:

    Peter Murphy – “Cuts You Up”
    Giorgio Moroder – “Knights In White Satin”
    Marianne Faithfull – “The Ballad of Lucy Jordan”
    Mazzy Star – “Fade Into You”

    Love love love the Mazzy Star & Peter Murphy song….

    The music has been my favorite component of the show this season….

    • Hearing mazzy star really took me back to the 90s when I was young and hip. Such a pretty song. I’m not sure how I feel about it being on Aileen wournos’ playlist though. Lol

      Xanadude, Thanks for all the music recaps and for keeping this discussion thread lively and interesting this season. :)

    • Mrs. Muffins

      Seriously love that Mazzy Star song too. I thought this season did a better job of wrapping up storylines and not having as many plot holes (still had some). I really want a gif of Liz and Iris shooting their guns from a couple episodes ago- that was my favorite thing that happened. Liz was hands down my favorite character, sorry Gaga. Side note: am I the only one who thought John was really really attractive, even as a crazed killer #wouldhit

  4. WTF happened to baby Bartholomew?
    WTF no back story or more info about the Addiction Demon?

    I suspect that after the premiere episode where the Addiction Demon raped a male hotel guest with the drill bit dildo that writers changed course and basically wrote the character out. I think the producers/writers got a case of chicken shit because of some criticism of the character & the graphic rape scene.

  5. Xanadude

    Fun fact: The Ballad of Lucy Jordan was written by Shel Silverstein and originally sung by (one of my all time favorite bands) Dr. Hook. Yes, the same She; Silverstein who later gave us childrens books (The Giving Tree) and childrens poems (Where the Sidewalk Ends) was something of a genius, giving us insight articles and cartoons in Playboy and very adult satire songs as well. Check out the amazing Dr. Hook version of “Freakin’ at the Freakers Ball” sometime.

    AHS: I am so glad Liz got her happy ending.

    Overall, the season was an improvement over Freak Show, but there were moments when RM fell into his bad habit of assembling a collection of images rather than tell a story.

    • DarkThoughts

      So interesting, I love information like this.

    • judilu

      I grew up in a small town in South Texas and we would have to drive out of town to the gay bar and someone would always play Freakin and Shelly West’s Jose Cuervo got a lot of play too… however Dr. Hook will always be Spending the Night Tigether and skating round and round at the skating rink holding hands with someone and giggling at the lyrics which seemed soo racy

      • Mrs. Muffins

        You just brought back so many memories of Dr. Hook for me. We use to drive from Houston to New Orleans and my mom would play that tape (yup) over and over and over. Totally inappropriate lyrics but we all sang along. She’s the Queen of the Silver Dollar…. :)

      • Xanadude

        The Dr Hook version of Queen of the Silver Dollar is in my top ten favorite songs of all time.

  6. I’m going to miss Liz Taylor! Music in the finale was excellent. It did leave me with the feeling of wanting more Much better than Freak show.

  7. Gladyskravitz

    Did anyone else notice the guy at the bar with GaGa looks ALOT like Dylan McDermott? Maybe they’re going to tie all the seasons up with a return to Murder House. Grandson of Bloody Face?

  8. steve

    “We started out with such high hopes”, Liz said it all in the first sentence of the episode. Overall i did enjoy the season, ive enjoyed all the seasons though, each for different reasons. What about Queenie? Her supreme did not even try to find out why she never “came on down” as the next contestant…or home to the school. And they ALL get happy endings? Oh the horror

    • JoJo

      I agree with you. I mentioned the dangling participle that was Queenie too and really expected to see a Coven member that was left alive make an appearance to find her.
      But it just dawned on me – if her Supreme was the one that came to find her, Sarah Paulson would have had 3 roles in this Season! I wasn’t all that thrilled with the Billie Dean psychic story, so If Paulson was going to have more than 1 role, I’d have preferred her as the Supreme Cordelia. But
      Zoe (Tessa Farigma) was the only other witch left from Coven that isn’t in Hotel and she should have come to the rescue!

    • Mrs. Muffins

      I’m not sure an eternity as a ghost bound to a hotel full of diva ghosts is much of a happy ending, but I get what you mean. The last episode felt sort of rushed. And I don’t know they even bothered with the freaky Gaga baby other than to link Murder House. That was a stupid storyline that had potential but never happened. But I could watch Liz all day every day. New BFF.

  9. hannahkingrose

    I thought I already made a post but maybe not lol. The only thing I was happy about during the finale was that Liz got Tristan back and she was thrilled. UF I agree with you, they left the plot hole wide open regarding Bartholomew along with several others. Is that where Gaga has been since she died, with Bartholomew? RM always seems to end AHS with kind of a weird milk toast everybody happy in the end ending.

    UF last season at this point we were all speculating about the theme for the upcoming season. I don’t recall anyone including you even mentioning it this time. Did I miss it? Was this the last season of AHS?

    • Hannah you’re right it does seem weird that nobody’s talking or speculating about next season. Usually blabber mouth Ryan Murphy has already started his hype machine.

    • I know I was harsh by calling the finale trash. On its own the show was ok, though it moved at neck breaking speed. If I recall correctly the previous seasons had 13 episodes and Hotel was only 12 episodes, so maybe that had something to do with it feeling rushed.

      There’s a lot that I did like about this season, but I have to come back and share that later today after I get off work…

      • hannahkingrose

        UF I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy AHS Hotel because I did for the most part. Loved the Countess, Liz and Iris. Just the finale was underwhelming for me. I guess I wanted it to be longer and more indepth. Music was awesome. Really wanted a kickass ending and don’t think we got it is all. Of course I’ll be right back for next season without a doubt. AHS LIFER!

      • steve

        UF, I think you nailed it with the uproar over drilldo rape changed the storyline, those darn Christmas re-shoots to please social media. I thought it was originally scheduled for 13, then changed to 12. The Countesss can still care for baby Bart, not like the stolen baby left over from Coven we never heard of again. I still like AHS finishes their story and dont try to drag it out for YEARS like other shows. My hope for season 6 would be a “phantom of the opera” type storyline. Ryan can have his music, and that stoeyline can have a multitude of characters

      • I think I’m getting burned out on AHS and the show’s formula and I’m just over it. There was nothing original about the AHSHotel finale because we have seen this ending before. AHSMurderHouse (season 1) finale was similar: the ghosts lived happily ever after in their place of death. I am bored as fuck of the dead being alive & happy. Let the dead stay dead and force Murphy & his writers to deliver some shit in your pants HORROR before I lose my shizz. I am so tired of the usual psychological melodrama of love, parenting, & regrets….

  10. Lisaj

    I know I’m in the minority but I thought this was one of the best, scariest seasons yet! Who doesn’t think hotels are creepy as hell? Just what happens in there before you slide your key in the lock? It was its usual jumbled half fleshed out character menagerie but lady Gaga gave me life! Serial killers en mass, delicious ambiguity, I loved it!

  11. Judilu

    I am tired of these happy endings…I wanted to say I want some reality, and then I thought, blood virus, ghosts, demons,vampire ghosts…so yeah I guess a happy ending is okay…Liz and Tristan did warm my cold heart ..and I put Peter Murphy on replay…the music for me has also been the best this season.

  12. JoJo

    Oh hells bells – I loved this Season but felt cheated in the finale. I’m still going to remember it fondly. I never ever paid attention to anything Lady Gaga did musically, but I thought Stefani Germanatta was spectacular in the role of the Countess. Although this role was tailor made for her and mimics her real life persona, I still thought she ‘killed it’ and was thrilled she was recognized by the Foreign Press at the Globes.
    Unfortunately the last episode was not up to par and I want a do-over. I’m glad that Liz & Iris survived and tried to guide the Hotel into the 21st century. But although I’m sure I’m glad that Liz had a happy ending, it all was too tidy and the good guys end up the heroes. Only Iris and Liz’s stories end up tied with a pink bow – almost un-American in a Murphy American horror story. All these characters were supposedly shades of grey, not all good nor all bad. The ending was like an old John Wayne movie and the good guys, white hats ride off into the sunset or the underworld.
    Murphy didn’t have enough episodes or time to deal with all the unknowns he went to the trouble of introducing to us, or lost interest and ignored characters’ fates that we’ve all been wondering about from the beginning: Bart, Sally the Seamstress, that freakin’ Dr. Drill, etc. But the logger homosexual – a quick murder beginning of the season – is a happy camper in the finale, in more scenes than his 2 min. intro – dancing around like Nathan Lane in the Birdcage!
    Ryan dropped the ball with all the supposed clues in the opening credits – no prosthetic leg, skeletal bride or Bart in the bed.
    And the TV cable guide lists Francis Conroy as a cast member for this episode but nope, just blowing smoke up our collective asses. I was so hoping she’d show up as Myrtle searching for Queenie comeuppance or poor Moira the one-eyed maid from Murder House.
    Well boo, but the rest of the season I loved.

  13. JoJo

    Anyone else watch Bravo’s Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce, their scripted show? One of the main characters “Jo” (Alanna Ubach) was one half of the last couple that checked into the Hotel in the finale – in the remodeled room with the 1000 count-thread sheets (whatever count Liz said) – and was also named “Jo” in this episode:)

  14. I’m still confused what the dialysis machines were for and how why the countess drank the kiddies blood when they already has the virus.

    And how is iris going to subsist on only donated blood? Questions abound

    • steve

      The dialysis machine does its intended job, filtering impurities from the blood. Alex can go into hospitals for blood and maybe thats where the donations come from.

  15. Rakely

    Okay. I am a huge softie!! I actually cried (sobbed) when Liz Taylor decided to go. Am I the only one who thought that true love wins when Tristan greeted her?!! Come on you guys! Where is your sense of romance!

  16. I loved Liz’s character, but I just couldn’t and didn’t believe in the Liz/Tristan love story. It felt forced & random. There was no buildup to a romance or any history. All of sudden out of nowhere BAM they were a couple. I just didn’t feel it. I did it feel it for Elizabeth and Valentino.

  17. Rakely

    No one will agree with me, but that’s why this site is so fabulous. I honestly cried during Liz Taylor’s final scenes! Stupid Porsha’s line about giving me life?! Liz Taylor did! And Porsha can keep dressing like a hooker. I’m loving Drita from mod wives, and Andy can suck a dick.

  18. I was never a fan or admirer of Evan Peters. I hated him & his characters every season, except this one. I really enjoyed his vocal nuances as James March. The writers showed some intelligence with his dialogue & vocabulary.

    The funniest line of the finale was the Colonel Sanders & chicken exchange between Sally & James, ” I do not know about your military friend or his fondness for poultry.” LMAO.

    • Yeah, next to Liz Taylor, he was my favorite. I’ve always enjoyed him though.

    • Tulsateacher

      When my man Evan Peters first appeared on screen this season and began speaking I thought he was overacting and practically chewing up and spitting out his dialogue. As the season progressed he became my favorite to see onscreen and I was hoping the season would end with something major for him. I did enjoy Asylum and Freakshow” more but I’m thinking/wishing that Hotel is some kind of lead in to next season.
      * Loved your Golden Globes tweets UF! I was wishing we were watching the show together, trying to outsnark one another and sippin’ on gin and juice 😉

    • JoJo

      Exactly UF! It’s not that I didn’t like Evan Peters – I think he’s cute I guess – but in all of his other AHS roles he was meh. I really couldn’t tell if he could actually act and just got the impression he was a Murphy favorite.
      But as Mr. March, he shined and as the episodes went on, he was a stand out. Kentucky Fried Chicken reference was the line of the season.
      I think Angela Bassett was also under-used or misused in this role too. I love her but if you slapped dreadlocks on her and gave her a voodoo doll, the way she spoke and acted was no different than Marie in Coven.
      Thank you so much again for pointing out all the music each episode – I went to Utube after each reference and checked out the original artist/song for each song!!
      It’ll be a long spell before Season 6 and I’ll miss your insights.

    • Jaana

      Yes! That line was so good.

  19. Was kind of disappointing. I couldn’t make out what The Countess said in the last moment.

  20. Jackie

    What happened to Liz? She turned into a reporter??? I’m lost!

    • steve

      Liz convinced Will Drakes ghost to keep designing fashion. Then had his lawyer meet his ghost at the hotel to give Liz power of atty to run his company. He could have shows at the hotel using the ghosts as models as long as no photography was allowed

      • JoJo

        lol …. it’s pretty odd reading “he had his ghost meet his lawyer …” but this is AHS, I love it!!

  21. Disapointed with a Capital D

    I wasn’t a big fan of this season. I didn’t like that Jessica Lange wasn’t there and that Lady Gaga was. I feel like she played the same character she did in her music video for Bad Romance….which I knew she would as soon as I found out she would be a vampire.

    Plus I feel like this season was made to drag out only to have it end abruptly with many questions left unanswered.

    I love Halloween and once AHS came out it made me look forward to it even more since that’s around the time it usually premieres but this season was my least favorite. I pretty much waited all year for nothing :(

  22. Jaana

    “We tried dating the lumberjack but he is a gay”
    Hahaha love it.

  23. Liz Taylor was my everything. I didn’t get the Tristan thing either but I still cried when they got together again (because it’s what Liz wanted). By the end of the season I didn’t really care about any of the other storylines but I’ll always love Hotel because it brought me Liz.

    • Liz and James March made the season for me. One of the things that annoyed me was how all the men besides James and John looked exactly alike. I understand that the Countess was looking for a Valentino clone, but I found it kept taking me out of the story because I was thinking, which one is that one. I wish they had ended with Liz’s rebirth. The whole John ending was so disappointing.

  24. Gladyskravitz

    I’m making another post since no one seemed to read (ignored)the one I wrote previously regarding the last scene at the bar withThe Countess and the new dude who has “a jawline for days…” Surely I’m not the only person who noticed the striking resemblance between this guy and Dylan McDermatt. How cool would it be if they may explore the possible Grandson of Bloody Face??

    • Maybe there was a resemblance because his blue eyes and dark hair. All the men that we’ve seen the Countess with were handsomely dark haired. She had a type thanks to her 1st love, Rudy Valentino. Donovan, Tristian, Will Drake, & even John Lowe all had the same description on paper. That last scene with her “jawline for days” stranger was to show her continuing to do her thing as a ghost being attracted to her “type” of man. All the ghosts had there own thing to do in the Hotel as their purpose for eternity. For the Countess it was dark haired men, and personally that is something I could do for eternity as well. 😛

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