Yolanda Foster Officially Files For Divorce and Asks For Spousal Support

•yolandahfoster❤️Celebrating endings-for they precede new Beginnings...... All I wish for today is a chance at a healthy life without counting spoons so that I can continue my quest in finding a CURE for #LymeDisease affordable for ALL #MyBirthdayWish #InvisableDisease

•yolandahfoster❤️Celebrating endings-for they precede new Beginnings……
All I wish for today is a chance at a healthy life without counting spoons so that I can continue my quest in finding a CURE for #LymeDisease affordable for ALL #MyBirthdayWish #InvisableDisease

Yesterday Yolanda posted the above photo of her blowing out her birthday candles. Today, she filed for divorce from David Foster.

Yolanda is the person who is doing the official filing for divorce. In the filing, that TMZ reports occurred today, Yolanda claims they have only been separated for two months. She is requesting spousal support (alimony). This would be a non-story and it is as far as the manner in which TMZ is reporting it. However, it is an extremely telling event for those of us here at TamaraTattles.com.  We saw this coming.  It also seems to confirm some rumors that David put his foot down with regard to Yolanda’s constant insistence on nontraditional treatments for her “Chronic Lyme” in numerous other countries at tremendous expense with little to no health benefit. Yolanda’s insistence on having her implants removed in Ohio because there are no qualified explant surgeons in Beverly Hills may have been the final baffling moment.  That said Dr. Feng is highly qualified in both traditional and nontraditional medicine.

The reason today’s filing is so interesting is that Yolanda is asking the court for spousal support. Yolanda and David have a prenup, just like Mohammed and Yolanda had. It is my understanding that Yolanda got the prenup with Mohammed thrown out during her divorce. She received multiple properties including the “ranch house” in Montecito and the “beach house” in Malibu and all of the furniture therein. She also received $10K per child per month until the child reached 18 years of age taxfree, a whopping $360,000 a year when they were all minors, plus and extra $10K for herself.

Yo celebrating  NYE 2016

Yo celebrating NYE 2016

If the marriage ended two months ago (side eye I predicted this last year) that would conveniently stretch things out to on or about 11/11/15 making it a four year marriage. In California that would most likely entitle her to two years of alimony  if there were no prenup. But there is. And in the prenup, I am going to guess that she waived alimony in exchange for bigger and better things.

But now, Yolanda has Lyme Brain. She has neurological issues that make it impossible for her to read or write or drive.  Thankfully for Yolanda, a little thing comes into play in California that invalidates a no alimony clause in a prenup if the spouse is brain damaged.

As I noted here….

For those of you getting more interested, here is the case law .Under California Family Code 1612(c) prenuptial agreements THE WAIVING OF  SPOUSAL SUPPORT   is not enforced where doing so would be “unconscionable.” There is a pre-existing case where a court ruled that leaving a spouse who was BRAIN DAMAGED  ruled that leaving someone in such a state would be considered UNCONSCIONABLE.  And thus the spouse, even though she agreed in the prenuptial to forgo spousal support, would then be entitled to it.   Example of BRAIN DAMAGE may or my not include being unable to read, write or drive a car within the past three years of a four year marriage someone wanted to bail on , after year one.  I USE THAT AS A HYPOTHETICAL.  Please see here. “Courts cannot permit one spouse to discard his or her disabled spouse without providing spousal support, even when a spousal support waiver in a premarital agreement would permit the same, if it would be unconscionable to do so at the time enforcement of the waiver is sought.”

And so it begins. David Foster, despite his three or four previous divorces is about to realize that Yolanda is an expert at this.  She knows precisely what she is doing and has an excellent track record with her experience of having prenuptial agreements ruled unenforceable.  Good luck, David. We’ll be watching.


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160 responses to “Yolanda Foster Officially Files For Divorce and Asks For Spousal Support

  1. BKSweetheart

    Now THAT is interesting. Some people here were speculating that exact thing about Yolanda a few posts back, I hadn’t thought of that previously. Now its all starting to make sense..

  2. JoJoFLL

    Ugh. This is the worst.

    Yolanda seems to have a great relationship with Mohammad. Mohammad and David are best friends. Wonder how this works out.

  3. susan

    He can afford it. And it seemed as if she bent over backward to be the perfect wife to him.

    • jen

      Question everything you see on reality tv although her great relationship with previous ex husband and her sweet, fresh lemon picking perfect wife thing had me convinced also. I still believe she is a nice human being but I question more. Now not saying I doubt all of it just questions….

      • Margarett

        Jen, “…sweet, fresh lemon picking, perfect wife…” has me laughing my butt off! It’s a perfect description of Yolanda.

        I liked Yolanda, but perhaps I was fooled by her. I do regret saying some hateful things about David Foster. Guess it just proves that adage about “keeping your words sweet because you never know how many you’ll have to eat.”

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        David and Yolanda’s scenes together have always been awkward. She played the doting wife well, but as my boyfriend observed of David, “he’s not down with her”. You have to wonder the reason – I always thought she was being genuine but now I wonder if that was just for the cameras.

    • Twilly

      The long con.

      • blaine

        I’m having a hard time faulting Yolanda… I’d want a little compensation for sucking the dick attached to that ego.

  4. jen

    Wow. Wow. Expert indeed. Great story.

  5. Minky

    Well, I’ll be ding dong’d! Yolanda’s seems to be wearing makeup in the birthday pic. She’s looking fresh as a daisy. How nice!

  6. Lisaj

    Damn she’s good…. I’d fake sick too for that kind of money, hope he contest and we find out his side of the story which I’m guessing will be the TRUTH! Sociopathic behavior, no wonder she felt a kinships with Brandi. TT you are freaking awesome!

    • Cara

      Yolanda looks like she has had a full facelift and fresh fillers. Don’t ask how I can tell ?

      • Librarygirl

        And looks like new implants. Well, she didn’t want to be flatter than Ken Todd, as David asserted. In his own way, David is a copy plate douche. No wonder Yolanda felt sick “the moment the she married him”. They deserved each other!

    • Minky

      Brandi so wishes she could be be even somewhat like what Yolanda is. Brains and looks-wise. It does make one want to reexamine that friendship. What WAS Yolanda up to with the Brandi alliance? Hmmmm? So many possibilities.

      • JustJenn

        I’ve always thought that Brandi has something on Yolanda. Yolanda takes such great offense to what other people say and do, but with Brandi she just sort of winces and lets it go.

      • WonkyTonk

        Interesting thought.

      • RebelRebel

        I’ve always thought that it went back to the comments Brandi made about Mohammed and Joanna Krupp. I assumed she’d heard various iterations of that story from Yo (I mean, you kind of can’t blame Yo if Mohammed was really cheating with Joanna and she probably didn’t expect Brandi to blab the way she did).

    • Matzah60

      @LisaJ This is definitely sociopath behavior in my humble opinion. To Tamara stating, “for those of us at tamaratattles.com, we saw it coming”…..NO, it was Tamara who saw it coming. My hat’s off to you Tamara because it was you who made the connection with the laws of CA and theorized a hypothetical about the possibility of the prenup being thrown out because of Yo’s self-proclaimed ‘Lyme Brain.”

      I do believe that Yolanda actually conspired to dupe Foster out of his money and did so by bringing nationwide attention to her so-called “Chronic Lyme Disease” by joining the cast of RHBH. The ‘sick’ selfies posted daily on her Instagram account, being a spokesman for the Global Lyme Alliance which is an organization that does not agree with nor conforms with the standards of the CDC on how one contracts Lyme and the manner in which it is treated.

      I believe Yolanda intentionally went to one (or many) of so-called Lyme Literate doctors who rely on symptoms or a complex of symptoms. These lyme literate doctors do a ‘clinical’ diagnosis which means that they don’t rely on any traditional medical tests. I don’t believe that Yolanda ever received a medical test that confirmed she had Lyme disease. It seemed to have come out of the blue based on her complaints of chronic fatigue, joint paint, migraines, complaints of not being able to read, write, watch TV, or drive a car. Unless her blogs are ghostwritten, she seems able to write weekly blogs and the ‘no driving’ for three years is simply not true. We saw Yolanda drive in Amsterdam and in Beverly Hills during the scavenger hunt she herself arranged. Yolanda was RUNNING all over BH with her teammates looking for clues.

      I found it very interesting on this week of RHBH that Lisa Vanderpump was surprised to hear that both Anwar and Bella had ‘chronic lyme’ like Yo. LVP seemed dumbfounded and said she had never heard that comment before. Since we know Lisa is a very close friend of Mohammed and knew all three of the Hadid children growing up, not to mention that LVP and Mohammed are neighbors (Didn’t LVP have Pandora’s wedding on the grounds of Mohammed’s house?), it seemed that Lisa seemed bewildered and maybe even suspicious of this information about Bella and Anwar.

      My ex has married two more times since our divorce. Interestingly, the years and circumstances surrounding his co-habitation (6 years) and 2nd marriage (4 1/2 years), along with a protracted illness of unknown causes of his second wife (not Lyme), along with a prenup ended in a very different manner than my ex expected. The court said he married his 2nd wife knowing full well that his wife had a host of ‘chronic’ medical conditions and she had been seeking medical care from a host of doctors for many years. She actually was a doctor shopper in search of scripts for narcotics. She was quite thin and complained of chronic stomach pain, indigestion, reflux, etc. The court did not care about her narcotic use per se, but was more concerned that my ex entered the marriage aware of her medical conditions and long story short, he had to make a settlement payment despite the prenup in the amount of $300,000. I think it was karma for my ex, but on a rational level, this girl knew that the prenup would be thrown out due to so-called, chronic medical conditions. My ex is an orthopedic surgeon and his second wife saw deep pockets and my ex thought he was G-d and had more clout in the courts where he often sat as an expert witness in personal injury lawsuits.


      • sandra

        Matzah, Actually Tamara predicted divorce long before the hypothetical. It goes back to when the Fosters put a lot of real estate up for sale. You can find the post in the archives. I enjoy your comments, you make a lot of excellent points.

      • Matzah60

        Thanks, Sandra! I didn’t realize that Tamara predicted the divorce when the Fosters started selling their real estate. I imagine they were trying to do that to split the assets equitably. Seeing that they had a prenup, I imagine David felt that sale of the property ahead of their official filing would expedite matters.

        I went back to read the posts Tamara made about the real estate sales and indeed, TT predicted way before the hypothetical. Thanks for steering me to the archives. :)

    • I don’t like or trust Yolanda. She seems to make her living by marrying rich men. David is no saint but he has a long, iconic career and earned his money the old fashioned way..he worked hard for it. I hope that he doesn’t have to pay her a dime. He’s probably already spent a fortune on her “treatments”.

  7. MzKRB

    TEA has spilled all over my lap!

  8. Dee

    Tamara, you are amazing! I am floored! Bow Down B’s!!

    • Lily

      TT has the rare ability to take the information at hand and state a dispassionate opinion based on today’s facts, thought it may counter the opinion she held based on facts from yesterday. It’s the mark of a critical thinker, and the reason I lurk on this site.

      There is rightful frustration with Yolanda. Many of us on this board have shared our experience with invisible/chronic illness, and none of us need Yolanda fuc&ing up the small amount of understanding we may be lucky enough to get from a medical system that doesn’t really give a shit unless it can be bandaged, medicated to the hilt, and dismissed as malingering. None of us need any more side-eye. Yolanda is now the face of hysteria and hypochondria, at best.

      I’ll give her the leaky boobs. That could certainly explain feeling ill. Then keep it at Boob Awareness. Please. Those of us with Elhers Danlos, late diagnosed Lyme, Hashimotos, and yes, even Fibromyalgia (officially recognized, but greatly misunderstood and widely misdiagnosed) don’t want the attention nor do we need the confusion when we get with the occasional good day and we don’t “look sick.”

      Sorry for my rant. And thank you TT for your fairness in analyzing Yolanda’s many issues. She’s sneaky and sad and entitled, and sick with something, but I still don’t want her representing those of us that cannot under the best circumstances fly to Korea or Ohio or muster up the mettle for Fashion Week.

      Ps. David Foster is no noob to reality television. Why he makes remarks he knows will be franken-byted is another mystery, but that’s on him. If he’s smart he’ll take a bad haircut and write her a token check and be done with it. Small price to pay to avoid litigation. Not fair, but life is not fair.

      • Dee

        Lily, I understand and agree with you. If it can’t be seen, people don’t believe. Yolanda isn’t helping anyone but her and her “babies”

      • sandra

        Lily, Perfect comment! I’m one of those invisible/chronic illness people.

  9. I’m not going to worry too terribly much about David Foster. It’s not as if Yolanda is going to clean him out and he’ll be left homeless.

    Let Yo get what she wants and maybe his estate is 10% smaller when he dies (if that). So what?

    David, Yolanda, their children…they’ll all be fine regardless. It will be interesting to watch what happens (pardon the phrase) though.

  10. TXchic

    Interesting info on Lyme….I just found out that 2 friends of mine have/had it. My one friend noticed a rash & her father in law & husband who are both Dr’s confirmed that they thought it could be Lyme. She immediately started antibiotics & she’s fine. Friend 2 about 9 months ago started having some vision problems, nerve problems as in her feet tingling, numb etc. She thought she had MS as did her Dr. She didn’t know what to do but was terrified. She saw a Dr who specializes in Lyme disease etc. She was correctly diagnosed to the point that the CDC.. Yes the CDC called her to confirm her labs & whatever else positively confirmed Lyme & they wanted to ask her questions about it. She is on a 21 week antibiotic therapy. Then in about a month she will go back to have more tests run. She remembers being bitten by a tick but could never have dreamed 9 months later this is what is going on. So… In her opinion Yolanda is full of BS…..

    • tamaratattles

      How unusual that a doctor who specializes in Lyme disease diagnosed someone with common symptoms with Lyme disease. It’s also fascinating that a Doctor in Texas, if I assume your “friend” lives there as well “specializes in Lyme Disease.” Since there were less than 800 cases of Lyme reported in Texas between 2002 and 2014, that doctor must play a lot of golf while waiting for patients. Also interesting is over five months of antibiotics. Very interesting indeed. And to add to that you know not one but TWO people of the less than 200 reported cases in TX in 2015! That’s a whole lot of interesting things!

    • KTina

      There was a recent article about a man that was misdiagnosed with ALS but died of Lyme.

      • Cat

        Then, there was the guy who died from a rare form of diabetes from eating too much toe jam. It was so rare, and took so long to diagnose, the poor guy was unable to foot the bill. :)

  11. WonkyTonk

    If this is true, and believe me I’ve always thought of Yolanda as a gold digger, and she used the show to try and establish the legal particulars necessary for the divorce court claim, then it’s funny because everything necessary to refute it can be found on the show as well I would think probably more so in footage taken but not aired. Although it’s clear she’s done more that might bolster a claim like this. I’ll be watching this one with interest either way.

    • Minky

      I figure she’s banking one David’s desire to be perceived as a descent person and his fear of public shame. That’s the same reason a lot of con artist’s get away with deceiving people. Most victim’s are too ashamed to admit that they were gullible enough to have fallen for a con to go to the police and report it.

      • WonkyTonk

        It’s hard to imagine having to go through what he seems to have here. I think you’re probably right and maybe that’s why he stayed with it for so long because he didn’t want to be seen as a douche for leaving a “sick” wife. If this is true I hope the general convenience of her up vs down times to favor her schedule illuminate it sufficiently.

  12. Sali

    Wow! Very interesting!

  13. Sali

    Excellent post and just as you had predicted, TT!

  14. Gia

    I know I was banned from commenting here for breaking rules and this comment might not even show up but DAMNNNNN that is some juicy Intel. Yolanda should teach a course in gold digging. So devious and premeditated. I can’t tell if I’m disgusted or impressed.

    • Minky

      Disgusted OR impressed? Why not both? This is a con job that requires years of planning and strategizing. And the whole damn time she had to maintain an impenetrable poker face and the resolve and discipline of a Navy Seal. She’s also been a master of using the certitudes and asinine expectations of traditional marriage to her advantage with this scheme. Again, the movie “Gigi” is very fitting research to understand Yolanda’s mindset. Think of Gigi’s Aunt Alicia. Funny that Yolanda seems to have named her own daughter after that movie’s main character. Colette had all this shit figured out over a century ago. So did the Aspasian prostitutes from Ancient Greece.

  15. Twilly


  16. Twilly

    But seriously, your insight, foresight, instinct, intelligence is so spot on and impressive TT! Well done!!

  17. Queen of the Nile

    My, my my …. that Yolanda is a sly one.

  18. Dawn

    This reinforces my thoughts that she has been too preoccupied with trying to prove she is sick and crying foul at the doubters. Anyone as ill as she claims gives a rats ass about people’s opinion and puts all energy into living and healing.

    Another example of crimes by Bravo, she is just smarter about how to fleese people than Teresa and Joe. She does it within the law. She really puts a high price on her body,

    I think Lisa V has always had her number, she always held back something in being friends with Yolanda. Yolanda has always acted like the Todds were not her favorite people either, they all knew the other’s dirt.

    • Minky

      Mmm hmm. Yolanda’s outdone not just Teresa, but Phaedra, Vicki, Taylor, etc. Who would have suspected her? Not me. That’s for damn sure.

  19. JoJo

    “Hypothetical to Psylocke” …. hypothetical slowly panning into the ‘thetical’ – dammit Tamara, are you the secret identity of the $1.3 billion lottery winner and this blog is just a hobby? Good reading the ‘reality stars’!

  20. Lime Brain

    If she’s going after David’s money and there’s a chance this could turn nasty, why would she buy the condo next to David’s?

    • JoJo

      I’ll take a guess at that odd, neighborly digs. Yo’s strategy to force David’s hand: She’ll agree to move far away from him once he agrees to every demand in her divorce settlement? :)

      • Lime Brain

        Thanks, JoJo. That makes sense. Now I’m wondering what role Daisy the health care advocate/call girl will play in all this. Did they set David up so Yolanda can accuse David of fooling around with Daisy while his sick wife was languishing in the next room?

        Always thought the whole Daisy thing was way odd.

      • More Tea Please!

        My take on Daisy is that David kindly agreed to pay for her to take care of Yo so that he could not be accused of abandoning her…

      • JoJo

        More Tea – that makes sense and also I don’t think Daisy was ‘procured’ for a side-piece for David or that those 2 are involved en flagrante – Daisy isn’t a David type – no money, position, or looks. Think her position is strictly business.

      • Minky

        Either Daisy’s a trap for David or she might even be YOLANDA’S “companion”. Shit, Yolanda’s said enough iffy things about lesbians to make it not inconceivable for one to suspect that maybe Yolanda likes to get down sexually. All that worry about Gigi being a lesbian. That was just weird. Yolanda’s basically all about image. And she’s spent her whole life cultivating the traditional mom and wife with a picture perfect life image. So, like, whatever.

        On the other hand maybe Daisy knows about David’s possible extra-curricular activities based on her contacts in her former career. So Yolanda can use her to blackmail David. Who the fuck knows anymore, with these sneaky ass people?

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        If they wanted to hire a caretaker for Yo, I don’t think it would be Daisy. Something is UP with that situation.

      • JoJo

        I absolutely agree “There’s Something About Daisy”!!!!

      • JoJo

        In light of everything that has transpired – what we know and what we speculate – I wonder if David’s story is true, just by happenstance he sees a picture of her in Mo’s home and wants to meet her, or if Mohammed actively worked to set these 2 up to get Yo off his back and out of his bank account?
        I don’t doubt that Mohammed and David were friends/acquaintances considering the circles in which they run. But considering Yolanda suffers from “Chronic Pre-Nup Invalidation” – it’s possible that Mohammed actively sought a replacement.
        Usually in normal people’s world the alimony ends with a remarriage, but I assume Mo is paying child support for Anwar. But if Anwar’s living with him now, I wonder if that’s been amended?
        So it’s possible that her lawyers can negotiate for Yo to get support for Anwar past his 18th birthday, renewed support for Bella due to their illnesses all from Mohammed, and alimony and 1/2 of any assets accumulated during the marriage to David?
        Although I can see Mohammed wanting to stay clear of any bad press for the sake of his children, David wanting to avoid any more bad press, I can certainly understand if they both joined camp in employing some very special lawyers to counter Yolanda’s demands illustrating a pattern here.
        And it’s not that I don’t think Yolanda is suffering from some medical issue, but profiting from marriages because of it may be what is ‘unconscionable’ ;

    • JoJo

      Oh I have no clue the story behind Daisy other than another guess: David agrees to ever demand or she leaves Daisy in the apt. next to David!

      • Twilly

        My guess is Daisy is Yolanda’s co-sign. She can testify to being there through all the treatments and long painful days and nights. And Yo will reward her handsomely for it.

      • JoJo

        Twilly – that is a very good possibility. And if so, it’s kinda’ reprehensible if Yo conspired so effectively to have chosen this ‘Daisy’ for this exact scenario. The little that I’ve seen and read of this Daisy gal – besides her unseemly glee in offering a tour of the Rx closet – she strikes me as a woe-man with a plan. If so, she may have hit pay dirt in clinging to Yolanda (or being chosen by Yo).
        This is all very, very sad to me as more news is divulged pointing to a carefully crafted con – unique that it is in the hills of Beverly;-

  21. Yveline

    I saw Yolanda for who she is when she first appeared on the show. Some on this blog called me heartless, a cunt satchel among other names. Good to know, I can still recognize a conniving, fake bitch when I see one. Even when she is getting the good edit.

    • captain eel

      While not always, groupthink is often an enemy of the truth. For too many its more convenient to go along to get along within the group. The dissenting voice is apt to be subject to riticule and scorn. Those who question the consensus are of value, right or wrong, in that they present an alternative backed, ideally, by facts and opposing ideas. If, through time, they are eventually proven correct, they feel justified and vindicated.
      You, Yveline, on the other hand, have returned to seemingly gloat. All you had to base your initial thoughts on Mrs. Foster was your magical gut feeling. Amirite? If that’s your excuse to try and rub peoples noses in it now, fuck you, you’re even more of a dumb ass cunt satchel than previously even thought.

      • Yveline

        Captain Eel,

        No, it was not my gut feeling. It was watching the show, reading her blogs while she could not read or write. It was the fact that she only wrote blogs when the episode made her look good, if it made her look bad, she could not write that week. It was the fact that she always felt good enough when it was time to go film or vacation, and was pretty active during those times. But she actually stated that she was stuck in bed for all that time when we saw her at parties and at the gym.

        It is great that within the last year, everyone jumped on the bandwagon. However, they were quick to judge everyone who called it when she first called LVP a Hollywood friend for not visiting while she was sick in bed after she blogged that LVP and Brandi were the only ones who visited her. Just stating that fact is not gloating.

      • captain eel

        Yveline, the point I’m making is about your actions. To know in your own mind that you were right is one thing, but to go the “I told you so” route is delving into some shitty behavior. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done it, everyone has done it. It’s wrong and many have come to realize that it fits better in the childishness category than the mature adult world we would like to think we are part of. If you do not feel diminished by doing it, as some of us do, disregard my comments, but remember, its not a good look on anyone.

      • tamaratattles

        OMG Captain Eel. What would life, or this blog be without I TOLD YOU SO! and gloating? Those are two of my favorite things. Of course there should be some sort of documentation of the gloater’s correct call. It is annoying when people come out of the woodwork after the fact to reveal they were secretly thinking the eventual outcome would happen the first time. My parents used to watch Wheel of Fortune and after all the boxes were turned would bust out with either the answer or just shout, I KNEW THAT!

        So at least I have made some progress in the family legacy. :)

      • captain eel

        Maybe I shouldn’t believe my lying eyes, Tamara, but they have seen you wait for others to proclaim you a great prophetess, rather than you yourself announcing it to the multitude of fellow travellers you’ve amassed. If you are not Donald Trump, having someone else say it is much more meaningful and gratifying, I think you’d have to agree. Have I mentioned lately that Trump is an asshole? He is, but also one of the luckiest douchebags too, always has been. That’s another story/subject so I’ll end my inappropriate rambling. When you know that they know that you know that they know that you’ve been right all along is a great feeling, even if no words are exchanged.

  22. Lawstangel

    So…..lets see if she gets away with it. A lot will depend on their respective lawyers. Yo’s family (Yo, Gigi, Bella, Anwar, Mohammed) got a harsh write up in a published “mag./rag” this past week!

    Good call TT!

    I do think she is ill, not the kind of ill she claims, I think the “leaky” silicone damaged her system.

    • Angel(?)

      @Lawstangel, I’m interested in your take on Yo being the one to file. To me, it seems that it would be to Yo’s advantage to have David file. Then she could say he stopped paying for my treatments, he had me move out of the condo, and then he filed for divorce. Woe is me. Of course that could be too see through and she really is more cunning than I thought. I’m just curious about what you think based on your experience with cali courts.

      Personally I think David will agree with what she wants as long as she isn’t too greedy.

  23. AmberKnows

    Munchausen by PreNup be damned, Yolanda is going for it! If he fights it David’s got lots of SPLAINING to do as he’s been seen globe trotting, co-signing her treatments. Will he say I believed her at first but finally saw her faking it? Imagine if he has her on film jumping around exercising and jumping into bed before he returns to the bedroom?

  24. Josie

    Per TT, “I think David has been looking for the door since the middle of 2012. The more public she went with her illness, the more difficult his extraction became.”

    Now just at the 4 year mark…with her documented numerous selfies…with the children coming of age and the end of her child support from Mohammed, we have divorce. Perfect timing! Goldigger extraordinaire.

    TT, You truly are BRILLIANT! Poor David will pay for her nonexistent lyme battle / mercury fillings / silicone poisoning / 2 foot worms / daily colonic / 3 almond per day mystery illness.

    • Matzah60

      Josie, Very well stated. Good point about the kids. I do think Yo will go after continued child support for the kids, but I’m not certain how that will bode in court. I believe that Anwar has chosen to live with Mohammed. I don’t know if Mo and Yo are using Anwar in this power play, re: Chronic Lyme and/or if the kids are in on it, thought I do suspect that Bella is in on it without anyway to substantiate my feelings.

      I feel very sorry for David. Yes, he has a big ego, but he has worked very hard to achieve the level of success he has attained. He is beloved by many. Foster may not make a great husband, but I don’t think that gives Yolanda a right to go after money he has earned from a lifetime of hard work to parade around the country in search of a cure for a ‘disease’ that isn’t even identified as a real disease by the CDC.

      • janet

        From what I know, from the ex friend who got child support basically for life for her grown now son, it has to be awarded before age 18. I had never heard of such a thing before, but when she told me she was going to do it as he was about to turn 18 and it was going to stop and she was freaking out.I looked it up online, and by golly there it was, with examples of case law. The father is not some wealthy guy either.

      • That’s not true, janet. My son was over 18 when I got the extension for him.

      • Matzah60

        Janet, I don’t believe that’s accurate. Nobody, man or woman is going to award child support for life. It is determined by each state. Some states end child support automatically at age 18, some 21, and others maintain child support through college, but nowhere is child support awarded after the age of 24.

        Alimony, on the other hand, can be awarded for ‘life’, better known as permanent alimony, but even that can and is generally modified when the obliger reaches the age of retirement. Full-Retirement is considered to be the age of 67. At that point, the obligee is not guaranteed further alimony. The court may modify or terminate alimony at that time.

  25. Josie

    I guess we are looking at spousal from David and Mo with child support for the kids with “lyme” from the horseflies. Do you think the kids are in on it?? Mind blown.

    • Minky

      Are the kids in on it? Hmmm? Well the one who got arrested for a DUI, or some such similar thing, is now using lyme as an excuse rather than reckless partying, drunkenness, or an overindulgence in substances. Subsequently killing two birds with one stone; clean up her “image”, as well as lifting some of the shame away from her mother while she’s at it. So, I dunno. But Yolanda could certainly be described to be parenting by example, couldn’t she?

      • WonkyTonk

        Yeah Bella now claiming Chronic Lyme Disease CLD as the reason for her DUI is ridiculous. You know what I would love to see happen? Have the state take away her driving privileges until she can prove she’s medically capable of driving. I have a hunch it would be the first ever miraculous cure of CLD in no time flat!

    • janet

      I stand corrected on the child having to be under 18 for child support. Im not friends that woman any more, but thats what she told me and when I looked it up online it said that too. But im no expert and have never been divorced so its not on my radar. Most people have never heard of such a thing even and assume it wouldnt be possible. The times when it hasn’t worked that I read online were when some teens didnt want to get off the couch. Or one was when a child over 18 drove drunk and was injured in an accident. The judge denied those requests from the mothers This woman who got it for her son had a twin to that son, and she got support for another year for that one too because he didn’t graduate high school when he was supposed to.

      • janet

        The case law I looked up said until means of support. So I wasnt sure if that was for life if the adult child has some mental problems or they dont want to work and said they cant handle it. The former friend acted like it was forever, but she was trying to get him on disability, and I wondered if that would qualify as means of support. Trust me I dont want to be right about this. I was floored and horrified that you could stick someone with child support for life. I thought thats what disability was for when an adult can not function. I personally felt her sons were lazy and didnt want to make an effort and their mom had done a poor job raising them. I also read a case where a girl had attention deficit and the dad was ordered to pay a monthly check above what she earned as a sales clerk and blaming her lowly position and income on that. There was no time limit mentioned. What a load.of crap. That diagnosis is rampant in my family and my son has been diagnosed with it. He is a college graduate and does well.

    • janet

      I stand corrected on the child having to be under 18. Thats what the person told me at the time, and when I looked online it seemed to say that as well. She also got it extended for an additional year for his twin as he screwed around and had to repeat his senior year of high school. Neither one finished high school. Im no expert and have never been divorced myself. Most people have never heard of these situations even the judge who heard the case and awarded it wasnt familiar with it. ,

  26. Jaana

    I read somewhere Yolanda had evidence of Mohammed cheating on her and was ready to play the scorned wife. SO she got much more than the prenup stated.

  27. Frosty

    If Yolanda is running a game here, it’s one that I would bet could be blown up pretty easily. I mean, Borella is not that easy to diagnose, it’s hard to culture that’s why 2 other, indirect and less accurate tests are used. Still either she had or has Lyme and the subsequent syndrome. David could make this very very ugly for her, if he chose to go that route. I doubt he would do that though, he seems like someone who would just want to move on than get ugly.

    • Minky

      I suppose David could contest her claims if he really wants to stonewall her out of spite. He could turn it into the trial of the year/decade and sue her for fraud and have a big old trial where she has to provide all of her evidence that she’s as ill as she says she is, and they would then have to bring in expert witnesses. Now that would be some Court TV. I can hear Nancy Grace now, braying at the top of her lungs.

      • cobe

        I would really love to see David call her out on her bullshit.

        If she is really mentally compromised, would that affect her recent home purchase? How about her signature on a contract with Bravo?

        Wouldn’t those signatures imply that she is able to think and fend for herself?

        I have the feeling Daisy is a paid witness to testify as to the extent of Yolanda’s disability, but Yolanda is working and making more money than a lot of people do.

        Wouldn’t her RH income imply that she is able to pay her own bills?

      • Frosty

        That would be a huge spectacle! I would think that’s what he doesn’t want, especially if he’s got secrets of his own he doesn’t want dragged out. By secrets, I mean “jump off.” I think he’ll weigh the costs of litigating, possible tarnishing of his image and desire to be get on with his life and settle.

        Btw, I don’t believe, as a lot of people seem to, that Yo is shaking him down. When it comes to men, especially rich and powerful men, she seems like a realist to me, and good at contingency planning (ot, I’m guessing that’s why daisy observed the explant surgery, as an eye witness in case of a litigation. Apparently Yo’s not about he said/she said malpractice suits lol).

        She and Foster had a big love story, etc. but she also knew she had to protect herself if it didn’t work out. I think she’s gone about it in a very strange, circuitous way! And neither of them wants to look bad either. Wouldn’t be the first time a man who wanted out forced his wife to do the filing, so he has room to look like *she* was the one to give up on her loving marriage, ha! So i don’t read too much into that one.

        kSorry for rambling Minky, too little sleep and no coffee!

    • cobe

      Maybe one of the medical professionals here can chime in, but I don’t believe they check for the bacteria. They check for ANTIBODIES to the bacteria. So it is only exposure to the bacteria that can be tested, not the activity or presence of the bacteria itself.

      In other words, once you have Lyme, you ALWAYS have the antibodies. Thus, any complaints after the fact could be attributed to those antibodies even if it is caused by something else or if those complaints are invented.

      Does this make sense? Sometimes I don’t explain myself well.

      My personal feeling is that Yolanda did have some issues, but also realized that if she wants financial security for her old(er) age, now is the time to reach a settlement.

      I really hope David goes to the mat on this one. Yo is counting on an ex who would rather pay out than be dragged through the press. Someone at some point has to stand up to her.

      I don’t see her as a hardcore sociopath, though. I believe there was love at one time, but I also believe there are some control issues at play.

      I don’t have a problem with trophy wives. But the good ones understand that a career husband prioritizes his career. That’s how the husbands became successful. A successful trophy wife realizes that and understands that her financial support comes from that love of work.

      Erika understands this and it is why she has a happy marriage.

      Yolanda thought to marry a wealthy man and then make him her go-fer. AFTER her settlement, she can marry a cabana boy, financially support him, and HE will be the one to be at HER beck and call.

      She may be manipulative, but she is not so chaotic that she pings my “sociopath” button.

      • Frosty

        Hi cobe – I believe you’re correct about the antibodies. Apparently the bacteria is too difficult to test for because it cannot be cultured enough (not a medical person here so don’t know the terms!) to get a hard diagnosis. So it’s telling that with all the testing and treatments she’s undergone, I don’t think Yolanda has ever actually said she tested positive for the antibodies. I could be wrong; I hope so – I still like Yolanda and will be bummed if she’s shown to be Brooksian liar!

  28. I cannot fathom why a woman who is worth tens of millions in her own right would want to take money from a man for support.

    On a different note……if I win the 1.5 billion in the Powerball drawing tomorrow….I am going to go part time at work.?

    • Minky

      Ha haaaaa! Yes, Maisey! I’ll do freelancing. Or “consulting”. You can “work” part-time for/with me. Mostly we’ll just have lunch and go shopping and go to the spa. Whaddya say?!

      • Ah, okay, Minky. An offer to “work” for you.
        And by “work”, you mean just hanging out going to spas.
        Uh huh. With that job description do I change my name from Maisey to Daisy?
        Lol ?

      • Minky

        Hmmm? Well I didn’t mean it quite like that, however…

        Or, you can outsource that part of your job to Sam Rockwell’s fine ass. That would be perfect! If you win the powerball you could totally afford it.


    • WonkyTonk

      I wondered that as well, but I suppose having a few million with a hundred grand or more coming in a year as well is “better” than just having a few million. Girlfriend’s got a supplement, and medical procedure habit to maintain after all, or maybe not after the divorce.

    • Angel(?)

      Maisey really? Get your head out of the clouds! It is known that I will be winning that 1.5 billion. In fact my husband just gave me more money to buy more tickets today. Lol ?

    • tamaratattles

      What I can’t fathom is that are some people who believe that a website knows the “net worth” of everyone in the world. HINT:Yolanda is cash poor and liquidating assets please don’t throw around bogus numbers here.

      • Ugh. Sorry if this is O/T, TT, but that drives me fucking nuts. I know a couple people who look up everyone on TV, then base their opinions of them on their supposed “net worth”. It’ll be, “Oh she has this much but he only has that much, so…”

        I initially tried to explain that those net worth sites are complete bullshit with totally made-up information, but didn’t get very far, so I gave up. I guess you really can’t fix stupid.

      • Cat

        There’s a website out there for “regular people”, too. I searched my name once. It was there. Said I owned a home worth over $150,000. That, of course, is incorrect.

    • Cat

      I didn’t play. Can’t win if you don’t play. But you also can’t lose if you don’t play. So, I broke even.

      • WonkyTonk

        I get that thinking. I really do. I don’t normally play because really it’s a tax on the dumb is how a lot of people think about it, but when it gets that high and it’s only 2 bucks I buy a (single) ticket. Why not, that’s less than half the cost of a decent coffee these days. If I win the price is justified, and if I lose I still have the day long fantasy of the possibility of winning, and that’s worth 2 bucks any day.

      • sandra

        Hmm, who knew? Gambling is a tax on the dumb….

  29. I love Yolanda but even I had to admit that TT was right when she posted about this months ago. The pretty dutch lady is smarter than she looks.

  30. iloveearlgrey

    Damn, I need to take lessons from this gold-digging hussy.

    Nice job on calling this Tamara!

  31. Interesting. Thanks for the tea.

  32. Thanks for the tea, TT. Yolanda is a master. I remember when you brought it up a year ago. Will be interesting to see what happens next.

  33. cobe

    Legal question: If Bella and Anwar are disabled by “Lyme”, will child support continue past the age of 18? Anyone know?

    • Hi cobe. I had to take my ex-husband to court to extend child support for my son, who is schizophrenic. I had to prove that my son was not capable of caring for himself. I won and we set up a trust for my son that my ex has to pay into every month. The trust is run by an outside party who goes over the receipts I send to make sure they qualify for reimbursement. If I just got a check, my son would lose his SSD. The trust doesn’t pay for food or rent, but it does pay for a portion of his doctor bills, classes, other things.

      Doesn’t Bella work as a model and Anwar is living with Mohammed?

    • cobe


      Firstly, I really commend you for taking the responsibility for your son. That must not be an easy task.

      As to Yo and Mohamed, I had wondered about the sudden move of Anwar to his father’s place. I doubt that Yo actually did get extended support for either Anwar or Bella, but I wonder if she tried.

      In other words, just because she failed doesn’t mean she didn’t try.

      • She probably did, cobe.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Thing is Bella and Anwar make their own money modeling. Thus invalidating the idea that they are incapable of taking care of themselves (at least financially…buttering bread on the other hand…)

      • Exactly, TAFKAY. The child has to be disabled and unable to care for themselves–meaning they can’t work, support themselves financially.

  34. cobe

    Also, to commenters regarding the “great relationship” between Yo and Mohamed, I think it is very important to remember that being courteous to the mother of your children is not the same as endorsing said woman or even liking said woman.

    Toleration =/= Love (or respect or friendship or a million other things that are implied)

  35. JustJenn

    I think Yolanda had a lot of people fooled and her true colors are starting to show. With this information it’s hard to tell if she is mentally ill, or super smart and conniving?

  36. Justlokkn2

    Love it. Yolanda you iz smart, brian damave, eh okay. Get well.

  37. susan

    Did you see that huge, bloody implant Dr. Feng removed? Or have you had your teeth pulled, and/or refilled or dental
    implants? Not fun. I cannot imagine anyone doing this for money they don’t need. She’s either operating as a robot, truly has brain compromised or. Is a great actor.

  38. susan

    Yolanda looks amazing in her birthday photo. Love her hair color and cut. So much better than that awkward style she used to wear. Cannot believe stylist didn’t clue her in.

  39. I don’t think she’s going to be able to pull that stunt without a lot of legal bills. First of all she claims she does research on her diseases. That means reading. There is footage of her driving on RHOBH when she is her “can’t drive” state.

    That being said, I’ve watched “Divorce Corp.”. The judge is going to make a decision based on what he/she thinks is appropriate. That can be in spite of the evidence or existing pre-nups. I hope Yolanda doesn’t go down this dark road of shaking down David Foster. It will be a litigation nightmare.

  40. ZenJen55

    We women should all get paid for menapause!

    I bow once again to the Queen Bee, our very own TT. No one but YOU saw this coming!!!

  41. Nancy83

    Now I’m wondering about the story about how David and Yolanda met, he sees a picture of Yolanda at Mohammed’s house and wants to know who she is. Do many divorced men have pictures of their ex-wives hanging around? Maybe, she has been planning this for a very long time and Mohammed agreed to introduce her to a wealthy friend.

  42. janet

    Its interesting about the loopholes and glitches in the law. I suspected there was one for illness in breaking a prenuptial, due to the timing of her illness and such. I knew a woman who got child support for life for one of her kids, due to this kind of thing. No wonder more and more men are choosing to forgo marriage and sometimes having kids as well. Some women are extremely predatory when it comes to this sort of thing, and it appears that Yolanda is one of those women..

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      ARE more and more men forgoing marriage and/or children?

      I live in Canada, they’ve recently change the laws so that if you live with a common law spouse, it’s the same as being married – 50/50 split for assets/debt.

      • janet

        Ive read that the percentages of never married people over forty has grown leaps and bounds. Its actually affecting how the populace votes because singles and married tend twords liberal or conservative views. Ive totally noticed just anecdotally the change in my area. Alot of younger people in their twenties and early thirties dont marry even if they have a baby together. The single ladies I know cant get a guy to move in either. It used to be an uncommon thing to see a middle aged person who never married and now it seems very common. I asked my husband why he thinks there is this trend, and he said you can thank the judges and the courts. Theres probably truth to that, but I also think that its easier for guys to get laid without marriage now, and thats another reason. I dont hear of living together couples going after each others income unless one of them is wealthy or own stuff together.

  43. Jill

    I never thought about her overseas travels for unconventional treatments that aren’t helping, that David said enough of that. He might think she has gone overboard with finding a treatment. And that is possible.

  44. Marie Brookman

    Yolanda Foster is a public nuisance and an insult to the Society of Women good luck David I love you you’ll always be my favoriteYolanda move on and quit living off men sport yourself

  45. Jen

    Oooooooh sneaky. That is shocking.

  46. Rose

    Just when I think I know what’s going on I realize I so don’t. What is she talking about in that pic “without counting spoons”? She does look good in the pic. I find her very calculating. If you can’t read or write due to brain dysfunction how do you pose for pic after pic after pic and keep posting. No winners here. Gigi knows the real deal as her disgust toward Yo showed in that last epoisode before Cleveland. TT’S post predicting all of this was spot on.

  47. Dawn

    Yolanda’s parade of propaganda will really ramp up now. She wants to win both in the court of public opinion and the one that counts. She cannot begin to live in the manner to which she is accustomed and thinks she deserves without Foster’s money. I have no doubt that her next exploitation adventure is mapped out and it includes her kids. Her girls are only photographed with famous young men. That isn’t happenstance.

  48. loriflack

    She truly is a predatory cougar.

  49. Cat

    When I got divorced, I waived alimony, too. Some say that decision alone was proof positive that I had brain damage. I wonder if I can get that reversed now? Ir’s only been 24 years? :)

    • Dee

      Cat, you are so funny!

      • Cat

        Sad thing is, it’s true. And I hear he’s rich now. Of course, I read that on the internet, since we haven’t spoken in years. And like with celebrity net worth, those figures stated on the internet are probably incorrect.

        I wish him well, though. Rich, or not.

      • Dee

        I’m so sorry Cat, sometimes its better to get away.

      • Cat

        No need to be sorry, Dee. The breakup was mutual. I just didn’t want to be tied to him, and especially his mother, for the rest of my life. I hear they live with him now. I would not have been able to handle that.

  50. janet

    I just googled exceptions for child support awarded past the age of majority. The exception is mental and physical disability. It varied by state but alot of states including California didnt specify any age it would end and said it would continue as long as they were still disabled and unable to support themselves. Im confused by what I might be misunderstanding. No where did it say it would end at age 26 or any age, only unless they got better or any further action from the court.

    • Matzah60

      Disabilities, physical or mental come under a special category and most people go back to court to address the issue.

      There may not be a cut-off age of 26, but the IRS states that any child over 24 cannot be declared as a personal exemption. The parent who has custody of said child will no longer be able to claim that child as a dependent child and thus if said custodial parent is single, can no longer claim head of household. Therefore, no court will allow for child custody past the age of 24, even if that child is a full-time student.

  51. Roxy

    If you look now many of those “sick” pics just got taken down! For instance tha lab pics fram Doctors Data that she posted on Instagram! The one that showed her “Toxic” Mercury levels that lead to her extensive dental procedures! Well, look up Doctorsdatta dot com and see what a Fraud this place is and all the FEDERAL indictments they have for misleading parents into believing their children had Mercury poisoning!!
    I have all those posts because I knew she would pull this! I’ve been following her fake story from the beginning and it has always smelled foul! I’m happy to se DF not getting on the PR train and staying true to his colors by doing the charity work he has always been known for!

    • janet

      I wonder how David feels about her now? Its so interesting how you dont know people like you think you know people. Ive experienced that one a few times, where you thought someone was a nice person, and other people covered for them or maybe thought they were nice too, and bam! You discovered they were not and you got burned! Ugh I cant stand people like that. This has a real ick factor to it, and I dont care for this trait in women. David Foster isnt a very good judge of charecther, and should stop getting married anymore. He picks a wife by looks and their willingness to cater to him. Uh David sociopath women got that routine down pat, along with pretending to like sex more than they really do. They will say and be anyone you want them to be, to get their hooks into a man with means.

  52. Lisaj

    So I’m laying in bed watching Nightline and they are exposing Go Fund Me accounts that fake illnesses to raise money or people that suffer from…… Munchausen!!! They just so happen to have a physician on who specializes in Munchausen. I’m not quoting verbatim because #lymes but he spoke of a new uptick in Munchausen cases called Munchausen by Internet. Apparently people who suffer from this post pictures of themselves in sick beds and are well posed, vague about their illness, etc etc. they do it for personal validation among other reasons and when pressed for details either respond with indignation or ignore detractors and go to even further extremes with extraneous non traditional treatments for non existent ailments. First thought, Yolanda, second thought, this is a real illness whose symptoms I actually recognize unlike Chronic Lyme.

  53. Roxy

    Yolanda’s ex husband is denying the children have Lyme Disease! If this is true it is a disgrace she has brought her children into it! The first we heard of her children is on Yolanda’s reality show it slipped out, then she reconfirmed it at the
    Lyme Gala, then Gigi reconfirmed it at the taping of the cooking show all started in August 2015 and stopped quickly mentioning kids in November 2015 when Yolanda and David separated! No Word of children having it again unless it was taped from that time period!?

  54. lindsay0007

    BRAVO, Tamara, you called this months ago. Wtf, this woman preplanned this whole entire scheme. Wow, is all that I can say. Really, talk about a gold digger, calculating , way to score your future. Just puts women that work hard in a bad light, is not a good role model at all. No pun intended. Just disgusting. So glad I come here to read your blog, I so enjoy your take, you are so on point with your perception, TT, AWESOME JOB!

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