Married At First Sight Recap: Intimacy Part 1

(L-R) Vanessa and Tres, Neil and Sam, David and Ashley

(L-R) Vanessa and Tres, Neil and Sam, David and Ashley

Since Bravo insisted on making me tape Girlfriends Guide to Divorce if I wanted to record #RHOBH I am watching Married at First Sight in real time while Ben C is hopefully recapping RHOBH. I’ll have to watch the show tomorrow. I have too many things taping tonight and I don’t appreciate Bravo’s fuckery for ratings.

So tonight the three couples focus on their intimacy or lack thereof. If you read my previous post on this show, you all know I am obsessed with Neil and Sam. I really could care less about the other two couples. So let’s get started!

The couples have been married for two and a half weeks. That means they only have three and a half weeks to decide if they want to move forward and continue to build their marriage. Only Vanessa and Tres have been physically intimate, David has gotten no farther than awkward high fives with Ashley, Neil hugged Sam after a near death experience (Sam drove on the wrong side of the road on the honeymoon into oncoming traffic).

Tres and Vanessa

Tres and Vanessa

Vanessa and Tres

Vanessa goes to meet Tres for lunch. Tres is on his lunch hour from work. These two are pretty and sexually compatible but everything is quite superficial. Tres is literally a (used?) car salesman. He takes business calls during lunch.

This blond therapy lady, Dr. Levkoff,  doesn’t have a clue about these two. She thinks because they are having sex things are going well. Vanessa is concerned that they don’t share a bathroom. The blond lady thinks they should. I think they need to each have a bathroom since two are available. Nothing good can come from sharing a bathroom with a man.

Vanessa and Tres have questions to ask and answer from the fishbowl. Mostly about sex. They laugh and giggle through it while mostly giving honest answers.

Tres and Vanessa have a couple of friends over for dinner. Her girlfriend and his friend see to be hitting it off.

Their segments end on a happy note.

Married Sam and Neil


Neil and Sam

I love Neil. He is surprising Sam with a date night. He is going to make kebabs on the grill. He bought her flowers. She appreciated the flowers especially. More importantly, she verbalizes her appreciation. Sam basically says though she did not find Neil attractive at first, she is open to that changing as she gets to know him. She wants to put the first two weeks behind them and move forward. They are making real progress.

Dr. Levkoff goes to meet with my favorite couple. I don’t trust her to guide this ship. The therapist suggests that Neil needs to explain his needs to Sam. It seems like she is doing a good job. She tries to explain that dominant doesn’t mean loud and abrasive. Sam still giggles nervously during the session.

Neil and Sam tackle the fishbowl questions. Sam is nervous and embarrassed by the sex questions. She refuses to answer most of them. She says basically her sex life is not that adventurous. Neil feels like some progress was made. He says they still are not even holding hands.

Neil and Sam hang out and chat the next day. Sam says that Neil stood up for himself in therapy and this started to bring her around. Now I feel bad for doubting the therapist.

No date night for Sam and Neil, but Sam has apparently convinced Neil to move. She hates their new house. I’m guessing she will convince him to move to her apartment. And Sam just said they will move back to her place until they find a new place. Neil is not thrilled by this, but willing. These two seem a lot happier together.


David and Ashley

David and Ashley

David and Ashley

David is also preparing dinner for Ashley.  Ashley has been taking finals. Apparently, David is concerned because he has to use a skillet. I don’t think he has ever attempted to cook before. I predict disaster.  The kitchen looks like a model home with no signs of actual cooking having ever happened. He has no measuring cup, so he has devised a plan to use a beer as a measuring stick. Apparently, Ashley has no idea any of this has happened and she has decided to stay out as long as possible. She does not answer David’s calls. David drinks beer alone at the table while his dinner concoction congeals on the stove. Ashley said the traffic was bad and her exams ran long. I’d think if she was sitting in traffic she could call.  David doesn’t give her any grief and seems to believe him. Ashley likes the dinner.  Ashley bought David a cupcake. That’s progress for Ashley.

Dr. Levkoff meets with these two. Ashley bemoans her lack of sexual attraction toward David. She’s not willing to do even little things to move toward physical intimacy. Ashley looks miserable just sitting next to David on the couch while talking to the therapist.

Ashley does not want to answer the sex questions from the fishbowl on camera. Because, repressed. David is frustrated. Ashley refuses to communicate and refuses to answer any of the questions and she walks away.

The next night, Ashley goes for drinks with one of her bridesmaids to update her on the whole arranged marriage situation.  Her friend suggests they date and do things together. Novel concept!

David decides to buy fish with Ashley for the fishbowl. They get two. I predict they die within 24 hours. The fact that David thinks he is falling in love with Ashley is disturbing. He says Ashley is checking off a lot of his boxes. His boxes must be rude, standoffish, unwilling to put others feelings before her own, inflexible, a cold fish, sexually repressed, and irritating.

David takes Ashley for a ride on the Ferris wheel downtown at night. It’s a huge Ferris wheel and David is terrified. David defends himself in his talking head saying it was windy and the car was really shaking. I should confess that I was terrified of Ferris wheels when I was a kid. My mother was not overly comforting on them.  So I sort of get it. But it was his idea!  Ashley found it hysterical and moves to sit over by David. David goes in for the kiss and gets the cheek.

This week focused on progress and moving forward with all three couples. Next week, it seems arguments will return to forefront of editing.

So far, I see no chance at all for David and Ashley. Do you think that will change?


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26 responses to “Married At First Sight Recap: Intimacy Part 1

  1. Stella

    David’s romantic comment of “bring it in” didn’t help matters. Jeez, it’s not a football huddle!

    • Shay

      TT, you need your disclaimers in bold before every post, apparently, since Shellbelle fucking spoils the whole show below!! No one read it!

      • tamaratattles

        All she said is she goes to church where David and Ashley got married on the show. I did get concerned about the “fun fact” myself when I read it but it turned out to be nothing.

      • Shay

        Thank you, TT. Sorry, Shellbelle!

  2. Lisaj

    David is the least self aware person on the show, sorry Lyme brain, what is it called, delusional and needy and unable to read another’s emotions??? Ashley checked out as she walked down the aisle.
    Thank you for recapping this show!
    I’ve got my Gyno appointment Friday and my lab work is in, 47 years old and peri menopause has come on like a monster in the dark. Any chance you can start a thread on this Lymes menopause thing? Most of us seem to be in the 40-55 year age group and before Yolanda I had no clue as to what was going to happen to my body and mind during this part of my life. This blog is my safe place, that is priceless TT, thank you ?

  3. yeah isn’t menopause a motherfucker? i’ve been having symptoms since 92 and i’m STILL having them! i thought it was supposed to stop after 20 years?!

  4. I’m not sure about Tres and Vanessa or Sam and Neil but I can’t stand Ashley. She is a nasty piece of work and not a nice person at all. I c can’t see her having the personality to be a nurse or a wife. David is a very nice man and he should quit this horrible experiment before she destroys his self confidence completely. I have to admit that I love the show no matter how awful the couples are.and appreciate the recaps.

    • tamaratattles

      I didn’t even think about the nursing aspect. She doesn’t seem to have the sort of compassion one expects from a nurse

      • Cheeky

        Even worse than the fact that Ashley is becoming a nurse—-she was a social worker before she started nursing school. I could give Ashley the benefit of the doubt and say that her social work caused her to have to shut off her emotions for self-preservation. But….I don’t think that’s what’s happened here. I think she’s just repressed and totally the wrong person to have tried this experiment. Stupid for her to try this, VERY stupid for the experts to try this with HER as a participant. Very unfair for David.

  5. Peter671998

    First, I enjoy reading your recaps of the show. Glad that I found your blog.

    I agree that there is little chance for David and Ashley. I really think that she can not get over the fact that she is not physically attracted to him. It is a shame because he seems like a really nice guy.

    While Vanessa and Tres seem to be going okay, I think that they may be heading for a crash soon. Most of their feelings are based on physical attraction.

    Last but not least, I am also rooting for Neil and Sam. I really think that they can make it.

    Please keep your blog going. No one in my circle is watching the show so this is my outlet.

  6. Deirdre

    Given the number of times Ashley explained that she had only been attracted to “dark guys with dark hair and dark eyes” David would have to show up looking like Aladdin to get any love. Or interest.

  7. Marianne

    I was left wondering why Ashley even agreed to this experiment. I think if you agree to get married at first sight that you should at least be open to kissing your new spouse. I agree that David is not insightful at all, but I felt really bad for him. He doesn’t want much, just for Ashley to try. He is not a bad catch, I think he is nice looking, has manners, a good job, tries to be fun or funny – exactly what is her problem? I just don’t know why she applied to be on the show, she looks and acts so miserable. Vanessa and Tres are cute together, and they both seem to want to be married, but something is off – I agree with Peter, they are heading for a crash. I think Sam is starting to like Neil, but I don’t get his reasoning for getting married – to have a best friend? You can do that without marriage. Does he want a physical relationship? He is an odd duck, I want to see them hold hands and kiss before I will know if they should stay together.

    Thanks for the recap. I am the only one in my very small circle of friends that watch the show so it is fun to read about what other people think.

  8. Shellbelle

    Fun fact: David and Ashley were married this summer at the location we have our church services. As a matter of fact, we had to move out Sunday service to accommodate the filming. The reception was held right next door.
    I dislike Ashley – immensely. How much are they paid? Seems like she’s only in it for some money.
    Neil and Sam are my faves. He seems really open to the process and I think she could be.

  9. Awesome recap as always. Thank you. Totally agree on all points *Ashley*

  10. Joanna

    I think Tres and Vanessa really like each other and really want the relationship to work. They’re super cute together. Tres is a luxury car salesman by the way. I don’t get why Ashley came on the show if she isn’t even willing to try to be married. Didn’t she know she would know her husband until the wedding day??

  11. microop

    Ashley is attractive but only moderately more attractive than David, which is most couples. She acts like the guy is an ogre. Like come on, he’s nice and supportive and cute, she seriously is so repulsed she can’t hold his hand or hug him?

    • Shay

      When you add in personalities, kindness, effort, openness and subtract straightened hair and makeup, David is as good looking as her and a better catch. What has she brought to the table besides a bad attitude, her bills, and chip on her shoulder?

    • Shay

      I think Ashley’s lack of personality and attitude make her less attractive. Take away the hair straightener and make-up and they are equal. Add David’s efforts and… what does she bring to the table? Bad attitude, bills, and a chip on her shoulder? David can do better.

      • Shay

        Sorry. It said it didn’t post and I tried to remember what I said. Essentially double-post. Feel free to delete, TT!

    • tamaratattles

      I’ve never seen Ashley as attractive. I don’t think I have ever gotten past her resting bitch face and her aura of sourpuss to even really notice what her physical features are like.

  12. Rose

    Tres and Vanessa are just too superficial top toeing on eggshells for me, I’m concerned about them. Still pulling for the other two. Sam and Neil looked cozy on the sofa and she alleviated his grilling. What I didn’t get was him saying he got married to have a best friend. Ashley is kind of holding up a mirror of me. I’m not married or in a social experiment but David is so anxious and drives right in so I feel her anxiety over that not to mention the added pressure of cameras. I hate when men want things to go too fast which makes me pull back. I still predict great things for them. Heck, she brought him a cupcake! They remind me of the season 1 couple where she hated her husband’s physical appearance but learned to love him in spite of the initial unattractive qualities. Ashley is coming around but at a snails pace. His approach to that attempted kiss was all wrong and I would have given the cheek too!

  13. I was so excited to see Sam opening up to Neil this week! It’s not easy to do so I’m really proud of her. There’s hope! They’re the only couple I really care about. I think they could be a great together if they both keep working at it. On the other hand, Ashley is a bitch & needs to get over herself.

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