Sheree Whitfield and Sherri Shepherd on WWHL

WWHL Sherri Shepherd and SHeree Whitfield


So Sheree Whitfield was on WWHL last night with Sherri Shepherd and apparently nothing happened. I was so exhausted from doing normal people things yesterday that I decided to recap today. It was on when I fell asleep and I don’t remember a single interesting thing happening. But since some of you don’t have access to WWHL I will give you a brief rundown.

We start with Andy complimenting Sheree’s “hair” and mentioning Sherri’s wig line. Sherri says she might do a wig like that and call it the “Sheree.” It’s about time Sheree bought some decent hair.  So much better than her usual bagel head.

Sheree spent NYE at Kandi’s house. She says they stayed up all night playing games. I shudder to think about the type of Kandi Koated Knights games that go on in that house on NYE. Andy asks if Kandi’s new boy child, Ace, has a big head. Sheree doesn’t get the joke.

They show a clip of Real Housewives of the Potomac which Ben C will be recapping for you starting next week!

Sheree claims her dress is She by Sheree?

Sheree claims her dress is She by Sheree?

Andy asks what the relationship status was between Sheree and Kenya, “Friends? Or keep your enemy close?” Sheree says she doesn’t want to throw the friend word around so “Keeping her enemy close.”  Is this a good time to tell Kenya I TOLD YOU SO? Because… people had a fit when I pointed out this bitch is not to be trusted.

Sheree sticks up for Cynthia’s marriage, Don Juan, Phaedra and Kandi’s friendship and thinks Kenya should not have thrown out Glen. She says no one felt threatened by Glen. Sheree said that Kenya was flirting with Glen earlier.Sherri Shepherd, who doesn’t even like Kenya says that should have kicked Glen out. Sheree disagrees and says that she was not intimidated by Glen.

Sherri says there is backstory with Nene and Raven. She doesn’t say it but the back story is ALLEGEDLY that Nene did everything she could to get on that show and feels like Raven got her spot.  Sherri also corrects Andy when he mentions that there is a petition online with 120,000 signatures saying it is 137,000 but those things only bolster the controversial figure and help secure Raven’s spot. (paraphrased) BUT THEN she gives the impression that she (Sherri) is just waiting to get her spot back if and when Raven leaves. Sherri says in a blow, bite and blow way that Raven is more suited for a sitcom.

Andy asks Sheree about the status of Chateau Sheree. She says it is not completed but she is closer to being finished than Kenya. I love that she takes pride in being farther along in four years than someone who just started a renovation a few months ago.  She says it just takes time and she wants it to be perfect. Sheree, who claims to be the builder doesn’t know how many square feet the house is (she says around 10K) and she doesn’t have a date for completion.

Sheree gets complimented on her looks. Sheree does look great. Sheree says that she likes Kim but she doesn’t really mesh with the other girls. Someone mentions how hot Kairo , Sheree’s son is. He’s 19 now and very tall. And I suppose still playing in the yard at the construction site like he was two years ago, all scared in the dirt as Sheree testified.  Also, rumors abound that Porsha slept with Kairo, but I don’t really think that is true. Kairo despite his mother seems to have a decent head on his shoulders.  That said, Sherri Shepherd made it very clear that she wants to sleep with Kairo.  WTF? What kind of mother says that to the mother of a 19 year old on national TV?  I guess the kind of mother who makes a surrogate baby and then decides she doesn’t want it.  Sherri Shepherd makes Sheree look like Mother of the Damn Year! I must have fallen asleep before this part. Sherri says she would buy Kairo a whole apartment building. Sheree says “Do it girl! Mama gonna move in that apartment building!”

Sheree and Bob are in a good place. Bob will be on the show this season. He goes to Jamaica for some reason. Sheree also says she is in a good place with Kim Biermann.

Andy talks to Sherri about being such a bitch to Kenya on WWHL last time. Sherri jokes and says she was fasting and had not eaten in two days. For some reason, Sherri always manages to look like a damn fool on this show. Back when I started this blogged I really liked Sherri. But around the time she was divorcing that last husband, Sherri just became a very ugly person, in my opinion.  Sherri says she wonders if things would have been different with Kenya’s mother if she had not brought  a camera crew.  Clearly,, Sherri did not pay attention to the episode.  Kenya has been knocking on that door for years. I think Kenya was hoping that the publicity of the show might force her mother to answer some questions.

The game was about the Golden Globes dresses. I saw a tweet by Sheree on Andy’s timeline that said this was the first time he had not asked if she was wearing She By Sheree and she was. Really? Was that a joke?

The poll question was who should Sheree check now?  Don Juan won in a big way, with Kenya a distant second. Cynthia was third.


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10 responses to “Sheree Whitfield and Sherri Shepherd on WWHL

  1. Lawstangel

    I thought Sherri’s last husband left her and tried to extract money from her??? Forgive me, but I did not follow all the goings on in the divorce.

  2. beverly

    Just read your recap. Didn’t watch the show. I guess I don’t get the reference about Ace and “big head.” Anybody want to give me a clue?

    • Mdchica

      I think Andy was referring to Todd’s big head. I may be wrong. lol

    • Toddy

      Momma Joyce said Kandi and Todd both were short and had big heads; therefore, they didn’t need to be together. One of her multiple reasons.

      • Minky

        Oh, that Joyce! Always foolin’. That assessment is just typical of her but with an extra dash of hot sauce. She’s shaded her son-in-law, her daughter and her unborn (at the time) grandchild in the same breath! Now that’s a feat.

    • True tenor

      Mama Joyce said to Phaedra a season or so back that Kandi and Todd had big heads and don’t need to be together.

  3. Minky

    Okay? I don’t get it. You wrote “Kenya’s mom could have given her up for adoption to strangers but instead, she gave the baby to her Kenya’s father’s mom which ultimately has robbed her of her ‘choice’” That’s a bit hard to follow.

    It seems like when Kenya’s mom gave her to Kenya’s paternal grandmother she WAS making a choice to do THAT, rather than having Kenya adopted by strangers. That’s why I assume that Kenya is still staying in her lane by requesting a meeting or a talk with her mother.

    From what I’ve been told, in an official adoption the birth mother can indicate whether or not she wishes to be contacted by the child in the future and choose whether or not to forbid that the adoption agency make that contact information available to the child. If the mother says no, then the child cannot be given the mother’s contact info by the adoption agency. Ever.

    That still doesn’t mean that the child won’t get curious and seek out that information independently later in life. Giving up a baby comes with a lot of responsibility. You’re making a huge decision about the life of another tiny human being who has no say in the matter. That’s why so many laws and safeguards are in place for adoptions. So the mother can’t change her mind one way or the other after the fact and cause further trauma to a child that’s already in a very difficult situation.

    So I guess you’re right. By not having Kenya adopted by strangers the mother has made it so that the ability to make choices has been eliminated for one person. And that person is Kenya. Kenya not only knows that her mother is alive, but also where she lives, why she was given up by said mother, and knows that she was raised by relatives who have been ordered or coerced to keep their mouths shut for reasons that seem stupid to me, especially since so many years have gone by. How awful must it have been for her to have a mother that’s so close, yet so far away. She’s done Kenya just about every disservice a mother could do to a child in every conceivable way. That’s why I feel sympathy for Kenya.

  4. Cat

    I didn’t recognize Sheree without the bagel.

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