Nene Leakes on Fashion Police Golden Globes Edition

Melissa Rivers Fashion Police Nene

I have no idea why I am doing this other than we need a post tonight and  I’m not sure when Vanderpump Rules recap will be ready or when my narcolepsy will set in. So I am going to take one for the team.

Why do these people always look so unfashionable themselves on this show? I will say that Margaret looks the best I have ever seen her and Brad has on a better suit than last time. But really, other than Brad, none of these people are qualified to discuss fashion.

First up was Jennifer Lopez. I know it is J-Lo, so she looks beautiful. I do think the dress has too much going on. I love the 200 carats of Harry Winston. But I thought there was too much happening in the crotch region. None of them are going to dare say anything bad about J-Lo. I love the color that most people hate. I just think it was way too much.

Taraji P. Henson’s white dress was next. I didn’t think she looked good either, especially by the end of the night. No one on the panel was impressed. Nene usually shout the praises of any of “her brown girls” but she hinted at shade here.

Nene Leakes on Fashion Police

Margaret says of the next poor girl that the dress looks like skintags. Nene says everyone is being too nice. Nene says it looks like she has been in a carwash. She goes in from there.  Brad loves the look. Brad loves the dress. It is a McQueen from his shipwreck collection. It’s a famous dress. I like the dress, but I didn’t like the girl’s hair and makeup. She needed her hair down to break up the lack of any color other than her skintone.

Next is Lady Gaga. Nene loved it. Me and Melissa hate the hair and makeup. Brad liked the dress but it was an awful lot like the last one she wore. Giuliana made a great point about Gaga being only 29. She does look like a well preserved 45 in that hair and makeup.

Let’s just talk about how bad Nene looks. The top of that dress is like a long sleeved t-shirt. It is sitting all cattywhampus on her huge boobs which don’t seem to be supported by a bra. Her hair has a bobby pin or a barrette in the back like a six year old rushing off to first grade. Her makeup is ten shades to light as usual. She just looks a hot mess. To be fair, Melissa doesn’t look any better. Who the hell is styling these people?

J Law in a Calvin Klein red dress looked great. Nene says she looks great, she has her ribs out like Giuliana. This pissed off Giuliana who pointed out that the cutouts show abs not ribs.  Nene gigglesnorts. Truly though, Giuliana’s cut outs did show ribs.

This is Nene on the E! Golden Globes Aftershow. Someone who watched said she had a major nip slip.

This is Nene on the E! Golden Globes Aftershow. Someone who watched said she  had a major nip slip. And she seemed either tired or drunk. Or Both.

Nene is doing that weird talk thing. Not the pretentious accent thing. The one where she sort of mimics Charlie Brown’s teacher and you have no idea what she is saying with her overly extended mouth. How does she get hired for this?

Melissa makes a joke about thinking  Katy Perry was Snooki and how the Golden Globes were ruined. This by the woman who hired Nene Leakes to be on Fashion Police.

Wow. Cate Blanchett was a fashion don’t. Who let her wear that?

Alicia Vikander is stunning. Where did she come from? (Sweden, apparently) She wore custom Louis Vuitton. Nene keeps calling people “label whores.” She would know. Nene announces her labels every time she walks into a room. Most of the women don’t like her dress.

Brie Larson is another first time nominee. She wore a Calvin Klein number that made her look a lot like the Golden Globe statue that she won for Room.

Nene’s dress is up to her cooch when she sits down.

I loved Amy Schumer’s black and white dress. Nene hated it. She called the dress a tent. Brad agrees with me calling it modern elegance. Melissa calls it slutty Pilgrim, but she still likes it.

They play a game where Nene acts like a fool.

Nene has the nerve to keep saying negative things about people’s hair. THEIR HAIR! I can’t.

Margaret Cho just keeps making gross jokes. I don’t get why she is on this show either.

Giuliana says J-Lo was her best and Heidi Klum was worst.

Brad says J Law was his best and Eva Longoria was his worst.

Nene’s best was Lady Gaga and her worst was Amy Schumer.

Margaret’s best was J-Lo and her worst was Cate Blanchett.

Melissa’s best was J Law and her worst was Rooney Mara (the skin tag McQueen Dress).

This show was just as horrible as you would have expected. This show needs to be cancelled. It’s not all Nene’s fault. They all just suck. Brad should do this show solo.


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47 responses to “Nene Leakes on Fashion Police Golden Globes Edition

  1. Margarett

    Boy, Nene is really big; isn’t she? Seems as if I heard her say one time that she’s a size 8. Really? In what parallel universe? I’d love to be tall though.

    I think JLo always looks good…200+carats of diamonds. Did I hear that?

  2. beth

    Is Margaret Cho wearing slippers in the 2nd photo ?

  3. Natalie

    LOL cattywhampus and giggle-snort!

  4. iloveearlgrey

    I wasn’t feeling any of the dresses on the red carpet last night. Everyone looked off. I usually love whatever Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Lopez wear, but I hated what they had on last night.

  5. Nene has Jan Brady hair…
    I swear her mirror does nothing but lie lie lie to her everyday.

    • Minky

      Yes. Jan. Not Marcia! Now we just gotta figure out whose attitude she has.

    • tamaratattles

      OMG! Jan Brady! That is the perfect explanation for what I was trying to say while recapping as quickly as possible. I kept thinking about when I was in grade school and the girls with that flat thin hair with the barrette that would fall out of the back of their heads at recess.

    • Yes, save for Jan’s sideburn curl things. At least she didn’t go full-Marcia with the kerchief/head scarf!

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I think I am the only one but I like Nene’s hair. I like her blonde – the only thing I’m not liking are the dark roots.

  6. Jane

    I have to hand it to Nene for making the most of her 15 minutes . having said that, omg, she needs to lose weight and get a stylist. Her dress looked like a lounger on clearance. Melissa’s wasn’t much better, like a little house on the prairie wedding. Ugh! And guiliana is painful to watch. She needs to steal one of Nene’s burgers.

    There’s a market for a snarky fashion show, but the show needs people who are snarky and know fashion. Micheal kors type.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      NONE of these people are qualified to be fashion policing. It only ever worked because Joan was hilarious. Well, now she’s gone.

  7. Minky

    Out of ALLLLLL of the people in the photos the only person who could potentially save the show is Ross Matthews. But he would still need a fitting side-kick. That’s it. And Melissa Rivers has some nerve to say that anybody looks like a slutty Pilgrim. That thing she’s wearing looks like someone’s grandmother’s toilet paper cozy from the 1970s that got donated to the Goodwill.

    Nene looks every possible kind of wrong in both of those get ups. Who said size 8? If Nene’s a size 8 then I’m a size 2. Giuliana and Brad look the best of the panel. But I chalk that up to Giuliana having a figure like a broomstick and Brad being naturally dapper and handsome.

  8. More Tea Please!

    Way to bite the hand that feeds you Nene, bringing up Giuliana’s protruding ribs!

    • Minky

      Seriously, Nene? Smooth move Ex-Lax.

      Oh my goodness. I just noticed that Melissa’s head is the same size as one of Nene’s bosoms. Lord!

    • Did you see Giuliana’s expression when NeNe made that “rib” remark? Oh-that was fierce. OR it was made-for-tv planned out. I thought Giuliana was going to pinch her.

      • Beignet

        If you looked close, Guiliana mouthed “Piece of Sh–!” after Nene made that comment.

      • Margarett

        Is that what she said? Thanks, Beignet, I saw it but didn’t get it. After seeing her reaction I thought Nene would lay off the ‘rib’ comments, but she said that a couple of more times.

        I think that Melissa was wearing one of her mother’s bee pins on her shoulder. Joan made a bazillion dollars selling those things on t.v,. I liked that as well as the top she had on though.

  9. Soul Sista

    I agree TT, I think this is the best Margaret Cho has ever looked. Hair & makeup was on point. The former RHOA looked terrible, as usual. Did she get her nose worked on? It looks different. I can’t take her fashion critiques seriously because she has NEVER looked fashionable or pulled together. EVER. I hope we don’t have to see her for the SAG, Grammy or Oscar Awards. *Sigh*

    ***Side note*** Anyone looking forward to the Potomac housewives? I am! ?

  10. Lindsay

    Just let it go, Melissa.

    • Lisaj

      Doesn’t Melissa look exactly like Joan? Joan Rivers was an irreplaceable icon, as proven by the rotating cast that has tried to replace her. RIP Joan, I hope they don’t have TV in heaven.

      • Wanda

        Did you see the movie, Joy? Melissa Rivers played the part of her mother, Joan, selling her products on QVC. The resemblance and portrayal were amazing!

      • Melissa is looking more like her mom due to a face lift, not so much genetics. Joan never had those slanted slits for eyes before her face lifts, and I noticed Melissa now has the same thing. There were times last night she couldn’t possibly be seeing, because her eyes just disappeared under the false eye lashes.

  11. ShyGuy

    So desperate to be excepted by Hollywood and the fake wanna be white girl accent. The show will never be the same without Joan and I appreciate Melissa for trying to keep the legacy going but idk the spark just isn’t there anymore.

  12. I love Brad. He knows his stuff. Just the right amount of snark and fashion acuity needed. I was surprised they brought NeNe back after her last Fashion Police episode when she clashed with the rest of the group. It seemed like they worked together better this time. Melissa needs to just let it go, it was all about Joan. R.I.P. Joan.

  13. Is Nene now a permanent cast member on this show? What a sorry choice. If so, won’t be watching. Her remark to Rancic was uncalled for. Yes, she’s always been thin and may have a problem, but the cancer medication she is on doesn’t help.

  14. I did not know many of the women and maybe half of the shows.
    None of the dresses stood out as great either.
    J-lo looks the same each year with the same “leg out” pose.
    The best dress for me is the star of HTGAWM the others seemed Ho Hum.

    • Other than Brad and Giuliana comments I don’t care what the others have to say.

      • Dee

        I’m with you Calipatti, Brad and Guiliana could do this show. I agree they need to give up on trying to recreate Joan’s show. I’m sad she’s gone, she can’t be replaced. They need to move on.

  15. i’m a size 10, and nene is twice the size of me. if i had to guess, i would say she’s in a 14 or 16.

    • SquirrelM- I agree.
      After I lost weight this year Im in a 8. My DIL’s wear 0/6/8
      Nene chest is at least a 14 or large/ex-large. Her hips are not getting my 8’s.

  16. Does anyone know what that red thing was on Melissa’s right shoulder? It was so distracting and strange.

  17. DutchTulip

    Applause for Nene’s best ZUMANITY look: Hair, Dress, Make-up and Pose.

    Hmmmm… Maybe she’s auditioning once more for ZUMANITY.

  18. Anastasia_Beave

    I seriously do not get how this woman keeps getting work. She’s awful.

  19. swizzle

    Brad is a highly respected stylist, he should run far, far away from this show. Nene critiquing anyone’s fashion and styling is a joke. If you’re really going to do Fashion Police, get some other experts on there and do it well.

    • DutchTulip

      BRAD was clearly uncomfortable last night throughout the commenting of M. CHO and Zumanity. I am not sure why Brad didn’t pass up this GIG… maybe bcse everybody now… wants to be on T.V.??

  20. Amy

    As a person who was extremely thin most of my life, people were constantly telling me how thin I was, asking if I ate enough food, etc. Why do people think it’s ok to comment on the way someone else looks just because they are super skinny, I have never gone up to a person who was overweight and commented on their appearance, or questioned their diet. Can you imagine if Guliana would have done to Nene what Nene did to Guliana.

  21. Rose

    NeNe towers over everyone. That color does nothing for her.

  22. Patricia

    I still cannot believe that Nene was hired for this show. She is awful and adds nothing. Looks more like a cartoon of herself than a real person. I enjoy Brad and Guiliana and think that people who comment about her size are just as bad as people who comment about overweight people. Shut up – some folks have a tough time gaining weight. I either mute Nene or forward through her talking. Cannot stand to listen to her any more than I have to.

    • Amy

      Thank you Patricia, that what I said a couple of comments ahead of yours. Guliana is extremely skinny and, its not right for people to make those horrible comments about her weight. I promise she probably hates her body that thin but can’t gain weight. Thats how I was I tried so hard for many years to gain weight, and keep it on, but I’m really anxious have been my whole life, and when I’m nervous I can’t eat and the weight would fall off of me. When I would come home to visit my family my sister who I love dearly is overweight and she would look at me with a look of disgust and say “god, you need to gain weight. You look terrible. I can’t tell you how many people would look at me with that same look and tell me I needed a cheeseburger. I used to go home and cry myself to sleep all the time. It was heartbreaking and I hated myself because of it. I would never tell her or anyone ” you need to lose weight with that look of disgust. I now weigh 140 lbs. I love it I never get those looks anymore. But it took me moving out of state 10 years ago and that’s when my anxiety practically disappeared. So please people don’t comment on anyone’s weight fat or too thin its hurtful. I promise Guliana probably does not want to be that thin, its probably the cancer meds she takes.

  23. KB

    I watched and the only 2 on that show who have even a modicum of a fashion sense is Brad and Juliana. At least they know the names of the designers. The show will never be the same. I liked it with Kelly, George, Juliana and Joan. The chemistry was good then. Now… It was hard to watch. I am just not a fan of nene so seeing her on a show that I used to like is hard but I did it. Yay me! I didn’t like j laws dress or overall look, I didn’t like Kate Hudson, taraji, or Moira tierney. All boring. I did like j-lo, cate blanchette….I can’t remember anyone else. Won’t be watching again if I can help it.

  24. Kemper

    LOL That first picture totally threw me off!.. It looks like Nene could fold up Melissa and tuck her in her bra.. I had no idea Nene was that ummm.. Big?

  25. D. Green

    Nene looks a mess as usual! Why doesn’t she understand that those blond wigs do NOTHING for her? Tamara I’m suprised you haven’t reported on her returning to RHOA. She’s such a liar and a hypocrite! She claimed that she would NEVER come back to RHOA. She claimed that she would NEVER be friends with Cynthia again? Cynthia is a damned fool, and just weak! There’s no way that someone could say my spouse was “acting like a bitch” and try gettin me fired would be back in my face! When Nene left she told anyone that would listen, she was tired of “those girls” and the negativity! Mind you, she brought the majority when she was around??? She claimed she was moving on to bigger & better things. Now, she’s only had a few side gigs or fill-in spots, she’s crawled right back! I’ll be glad when somebody calls her out about her bullshit! I don’t get her appeal? She has no discernable talent, grossly unattractive, inarticulate, & just dumb. Check her FB page, can’t spell a lick. She called the gloden globes-the golden gloves. There are several other missplled words in previous posts. Her manager must be well-connected!

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