Mauricio Umansky Has A Great Birthday Present for Kyle!

The life of Kyle and Mauricio

The life of Kyle and Mauricio

Much has been made over the perception that there is some sort of animosity between Mauricio Umansky and Rick Hilton based on the success of The Agency.  I always thought that a bit much was being made of that situation. Mauricio surely deserved to make a name for himself to whatever extent possible outside of the Hilton umbrella. I hardly think Rick Hilton would have considerable ill-will toward him for starting his own company for his family.

Today, the  listing  for the Playboy  Mansion for the ridiculous price of $200 million dollars was announced.  Click through to see who got the listing…

RHOBH Kyle and Yoland 1-11-16 birthdays


The principal agents for the listing are Drew Fenton and Gary Gold of Hilton & Hyland and The Agency’s Mauricio Umansky.  

Well now. Isn’t that nice? Kyle must be so proud of her husband and of her brother-in-law’s firm on the co-listing.  I assume there was a celebratory dinner of some sort.  Farrah’s co-listing with her father and Eduardo Umanksky (Mauricio’s brother???)   that was on the market for $43.5 million just  sold at a record breaking price this week as well.

In even more good news for Kyle’s family,  Kyle and Mauricio were in Boston with Alexia yesterday where she will be attending  Wheelock College.

And finally, Kyle and Yolanda were out today celebrating their birthday. Kyle turned 47 today and Yolanda turned 52.  Wishing them both the warmest birthday greetings. They look warm in the photo of them taken today posted above!  They certainly are not here in Atlanta!

Both ladies deserve to have a fantastic year.


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33 responses to “Mauricio Umansky Has A Great Birthday Present for Kyle!

  1. Oh, Mauricio certainly does have a great birthday present for Kyle…or for whomever he chooses to give it to, for that matter.

    I wish he’d give it to me! He takes it everywhere he goes. Just sayin’.

    • Shay

      Ericzku: from that photo I thought TT was going to say he bought Kyle jet, so Portia’s shirt that says, “I left my Louis in the jet” could be upgraded to the store that sells $200 kids’ t’s that say, “I left my Louis in MY jet.”
      Kids these days.

  2. Shay

    Yolanda doesn’t look boobless, makeup-free or without hair dye. Does that mean her Chronic Lyme’s was solved from removing all that meatloaf silicone?

    • Sequoia

      Or the meatloaf husband.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I almost thought this was an old picture of Yo, she looks quite good. Hair extensions are back in, not sure if those are the boobs god gave her but they look decent to me. Miraculous recovery is in the works!

      • tamaratattles

        It IS an old photo of Kyle and Yo, which Kyle posted on her Instagram yesterday because it was their birthday. Yo is clearly sick in that photo, so the miraculous recovery comment makes ZERO sense.

  3. Anastasia_Beave

    That is an old picture.
    Congrats Mauricio!

  4. Mel

    do you even do any research before posting? Eduardo is Mauricio’s father and part partner at the Agency. The picture above of Yolanda and Kyle and it was a throwback picture.

    • Lisaj

      I hope my comment is the first one to address your smart ass comment, shut it and go start your own blog. Those are clearly stock photos.

      • DJFL

        Lisaj -That’s not what this says. “They look warm in the photo of them taken today posted above! They certainly are not here in Atlanta!”

      • tamaratattles

        KYLE posted the photo TODAY. Who knows when it was taken. I don’t get the big deal. Y’all are just looking for reasons to argue with each other. I blame the New Year dieting. I just had a yummy “Oh My Yog” (Madagascar Vanilla Bean) and y’all are making me want another.

      • Cat

        This is why I don’t allow visitors to my home.

        This is YOUR blog. Your “home”. It’s highly rude to visit someone’s home, and complain.

        If people don’t like it, they need to make like a baby…and head out.

      • Cat

        Unless…maybe they LIKE cat food tacos?

    • Cat

      Duh, Mel. You must be new here.Or stupid. Or both. Otherwise, you would have read the Commenting Rules. I suggest you go back, and read #6.

      Then, before you violate #7, be sure to post your resume before running off in a huff.

      And, by all means, enjoy the WLS!

  5. Lisaj

    Happy birthday Kyle! I’ll buy the mansion after winning Powerball and turn it into a homeless shelter.
    Yolanda eh congrats on pulling one over on the public and yourself. I’ll also buy her old house and let vendors use it to hawk their wears.
    Sorry my Lymes is acting up, just stuck my head in the freezer and ate a yam, middle class solution to the Lymes. I’m crabby.

    • Theresa

      Supposedly it’s far trashed and in near tear down condition and a requirement is that Hugh lives there the rest of his life. I dare whomever buys it to run a black light thru just 1 time 😉

  6. Lawstangel

    Interesting!!!!! I know Gary Gold well, he has been a real estate agent since the mid 80’s, have not seen him in recent years, but we traveled in the same “circles” for quite sometime. Drew Fenton is involved in a lawsuit I worked on for the last 3 years, for selling a 6 million dollar home in the bird streets that started falling apart about a year after our client purchased it. It went to trial last year. We won a decent verdict but the client wanted more…. There has been a lot of discussion about the Playboy listing the last couple of days since this hit the press. Conventional wisdom is that the property is worth around 43 million as a tear down. The listing price may be high to try to get foreign money interested in the “mystic” of owning the infamous Playboy Mansion.

    I am pleased Maurcio got the co-listing, he has worked hard to establish The Agency , he and Kyle have a nice family.

    • swizzle

      I hope they don’t tear down the Playboy Mansion. It certainly needs a lot of updating, but it’s architecturally gorgeous and I’m sure built well. I think with some rehabbing, it can be amazing. Plus, that land is vast and fabulous. I’d move Hef into the pool house and start rehabbing the place.

    • @immelza

      Does the price include a couple tankers full of bleach?

  7. Bree

    I was going to ask when that picture was taken since Yolanda’s hair looks a lot longer. Its a great picture of both of them though, whenever it was!

    • janet

      The first thing I noticed was Yolanda has hair extensions and looks thinner. So I think its either an older picture or Yolanda did a makeover on herself. Its a great picture. I dont care for Yolanda’s current hair do with the low lights and layered short and back. I think she looks way better with the blonde bob and side swept bangs. Her face looks masculine in the combed back style.

  8. They both look great in their outfits as well as determined, in-charge and ready to kick ass! ?

  9. Playboy mansion looks like a teardown from what Ive seen on TV. As interesting as the grotto once appeared, it now seems germ infested nasty.

    • Lawstangel

      On the news this evening they mentioned the house + grounds were 5 acres, I did not realize it was that large. Since there is no land in Holmby Hills, maybe they can get a little more money than previously thought? I remember and confirmed (b4 posting) the house is owned by Playboy Enterprises, but Hef pays rent for his personal use of the space. Currently his is paying around $1.5 million a year! At least he knows how to keep the IRS away!

  10. JustJenn

    Happy Birthday, Kyle! And I guess to Yolanda, too.

  11. Twilly

    See what happens when the children of celebrities actually get an education and a job? They can earn their own millions! Congrats to Farrah and Alexia too. I visited Wheelock when looking at schools. I wish them all success. Kyle is far from my favorite but her family dies seem to value education and work.

  12. Good news for everyone. Happy Birthday Kyle and Yolanda.

  13. The terms of the house is if it sells Her gets to live in it and still run the house til he dies. This house will not sell at this listing price and with an old ass man that comes along with the house. I’m sure whoever buys this will tear down and start new. Its all about the land.

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