Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Trouble on The Family Tree

RHOA at the Bravo version of Kandi’s baby shower

Hey guys, it’s me, TT back recapping RHOA! I admit I have some performance anxiety tonight!  Ben C did such a fabulous job taking over for me while I went on mental health leave I’m nervous! I shall do my best. I am excited for tonight as Kenya Moore goes to see her mother. I am not really expecting her to see her. I think she will go to “the house where she lives” and it will be a big dramatic let down where she doesn’t come to the door, but we shall see.  I also hope I stay awake for WWHL, it’s going to be great tonight with Sheree Whitfield and Sherri Shepherd. I hope Andy goes there with Sherri, but we shall see.  I know he will ask Sheree about Chateau Sheree and She By Sheree though, because he always throws that shade at her.


Kandi says that things are a lot better with Mama Joyce and Todd, and everyone. Kandi is behind on getting ready to bring home a baby. Mama Joyce wants a crib at her house as well. She says she is going to be a granny with a nanny. Kandi thinks that is weird, but I think it is great. Kandi says Mama Joyce is trying to making up for not being that close to Riley when she was born. Kandi wants something over the top for her house. This is not surprising. Mama Joyce wants to mediate the situation between Kandi and Phaedra. Kandi tries to shut that down. But you know Mama Joyce is not going to listen to that. RHOA Cynthia 102114



Noelle is helping Cynthia pack for a mystery trip with Peter. He just told her to pack a bag full of sexy clothes and be ready to head to the airport by five. Sidenote: Noelle is posting some really grown photos on Instagram. She really is blossoming into a beautiful young lady.


Porsha is at the gym flexing her THOT muscles. Then she blesses out her sister because she is jealous of her being pregnant and expect her to work nonstop on her Lingerie company. Lauren points out that she has to fly in coach.

Later there is a weird scene of Porsha eating. It’s not pretty and I’m fast forwarding. I don’t care what they are talking about.


So if you are going to go to all the trouble to hire some actors to play characters at your “law firm” and get The Parks Group stenciled on the door, don’t you think said law firm should have a website? Because, The Parks Group doesn’t have one that I can see. And we are at yet another location for this filming. Allegedly.  So Mama Joyce walks on to the set, and there is a man in a suite pretending to work at the desk. Phaedra’s office has the same paint as two years ago but the windows are in an entirely different place. And can we talk about this puffy sleeved cocktail dress she is wearing in her law office?  Does Bravo pay for these sets or nah? And what do they think when she tells them she has moved her office? And when there are only two people on set? Are they in on it? Inquiring minds want to know.

Phaedra has her stank face on as she has a fake conversation with Mama Joyce. Mama Joyce subtly threatens Phaedra. They show Kandi at the birth of Phaedra’s kids. Phaedra was recently at the hospital with Kandi had baby Ace this past week. Mama Joyce asks Phaedra to help plan Kandi’s on camera shower. The photo at the top of this post is Kandi’s actual shower off camera.

Later, Phaedra goes to discuss the video with Todd again. Phaedra had the baby 12 hours after shooting the video. Even though Phaedra has no plans to release the video, but she says she is going to pay Todd on camera. HOWEVER, Phaedra herself says she only paid him half the balance recently.


RHOA Kenya


Kenya is in Detroit to visit family and Aunt Lori and Brandon are there! YAY!  I love me some Brandon. Aunt Lori is her mom’s big sister. Kenya’s parents were 15 and 16 when she was born. Her mother wanted to give her up for adoption. Her grandmother on her Dad’s side begged to keep Kenya and so she too her in at three days old.  Her mother never had any further contact with her. Kenya really has no idea how to contact her. Aunt Lori doesn’t want to be put in the middle. No one wants Kenya to reconcile with her mother for some reason.

Brandon does a Walter impression. #Shade

Later, Kenya’s father says that Kenya’s mother’s father said that he didn’t want any more illegal (illegitimate) babies coming in the house and that is why she never had anything to do with Kenya. She wanted to keep things peaceful with her own father.  Basically, her mother pretended like she never had a baby when she was around her father. Kenya’s dad says he has told her ever since she was a baby to never give her mother a second thought. Kenya explains that is not possible. The van stops outside of her mother’s house and Kenya goes to knock.  Apparently,  Kenya  has tried  this before and her mother never answers. We can hear Kenya say to her mother, “I heard you lock the door.”  Kenya’s dad says she will never answer that door. Kenya keeps on knocking. Her dad goes to bring Kenya back to the van. Kenya heard her mother say, “Don’t answer the door.”  This is sad and seems very real.

Kenya finally gets to the family reunion. It seems like mostly her dad’s side of the family. It’s a really sweet family. Kenya’s grandmother that raised her was there. It’s a very emotional experience for Kenya and her dad. Aunt Lori came and left. Probably because it was not her side of the family. Someone explains to Kenya that Lori was mad at Kenya for knocking on her mother’s door. Kenya is disappointed that no one from her mother’s side showed up.

Next Week: Some of the ladies go to the Million Man March. Where Kim Fields has the God given sense to pull her kids out of that whackadoodle Congresswoman’s office.  Aunt Lori is pissed at Kenya. AND NENE is BACK. Ugh.


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120 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Trouble on The Family Tree

  1. DutchTulip

    I could see the worry and pain in Brandon’s face for Kenya when she was walking to her mother’s door.
    It must have been difficult for him not to get up to accompany her when she got out of the fan. He looked helpless.

    This is the first time I understood Kenya’s real pain… being rejected by her mother since birth. How awful.

    I must admit… I cried.

  2. MomofAJ

    Why in the world would Aunt Lori be mad at Kenya? Still, Kenya would have to be much better off not having a relationship with someone who doesn’t want one with her. Hopefully she can move on and love those that love her back. As we can see, biology does not make one a mother.

  3. Oh hush!! I learned from the best <3 Gonna read as soon as the Golden Globes are over!

  4. Oh well

    Those excercise Porsha was doing all over lil Scappy were totally inappropriate. Its sad when Kim Zolciak and Marlow are more respectable women than you are.

  5. Oh well

    Porsha doing excercises all over Lil Scrappy was an embarrassment. Kim zolciak and Marlow are more respectable than Porsha.

  6. Victoria

    I wonder what Kenya’s life would be like if she had been adopted by a family who desperately wanted a baby. I really don’t care for her tv personality, but her personal story is so sad.

    • sarcasatire

      She was raised by blood relatives. She’s not searching for the family she never knew, she grew up surrounded by them, by love, and by biological family on both sides. How is that sad?

      • Mdchica

        Exactly sarcasatire.

        Had Kenya grown up in a foster home where she was mistreated, it will have been one thing. However, she was raised by her grandmother on her father’s side. Kenya stated on the last episode that her grand mom raised her well.

        What is actually sad is that Kenya is harassing a woman who has made it very clear to her that she does not want her around.

        While I sympathize with Kenya, as she must be hurting, I also blame her for putting herself through this. For how long are you going to go after someone who has made it very plain to you that they do not want you? Kenya is in her forties. This has been going on from when she was a little girl. At one point, you have to give it up and move on. Respect people’s choices and learn to accept people’s decisions even though you disagree with them. Its called being mature.

      • Mdchica

        I mean, it is called maturity.

  7. Beverly

    So much was poorly acted out fake scenes (story lines). Porsha and her sister arguing was so fake. Cynthia’s talk with Noelle–fake. How about Cynthia explaining how a marriage needs lots of work. Hello–you ( Cynyhia) are not still married to Noelle’s father. I’m glad there’s still a good relationship there but just seemed so stupid. I admit I cried when kendra’s father said his heart felt prayer. Everything about Phaedra is fake. Will not be watching next week because Nene “is back” But I’ll read TT to find out what’s going on.

  8. KB

    Omg…. I thought the same thing about Phae’s office, ESPECIALLY when I saw that dress she had on. Who wears that to work at a law firm. She is so…….forget it. I felt so bad for Kenya. It does not feel good to have abandonment issues from childhood no matter how successful your life may seem as an adult. I was put up for adoption at the age of 5 so I saw my mother give me away. The last time I saw her she was walking away after visiting me at my then foster home, and I never saw her again. Five years after being adopted into the family I have now, both parents passed away. I’m in my 40’s now and if I let it, it still affects me. Anyway, the best advice I could give Kenya is the same her father gave her. She’s going to have to find a way to move on and enjoy those who genuinely love and care for her now. Her background certainly explains a lot . Finally, I kinda liked how MJ slyly let Phae know she better back off Kandi….I loved it!

    • Minky

      Yes. MJ can be quite ratchet and awful at times. But let’s face it, she’s special!

      I think Kenya wants/needs closure more than anything. She’s probably aware of her mother’s situation and attitude, but she wants a chance to say to her: “See, I turned out okay in spite of the fact that you treated me so bad.” Kenya’s father is starting to look like a pretty nice guy.

      I also don’t get Aunt Lori. She knows that Kenya’s hurting already. Why would she (Lori) add insult to Kenya’s mother’s injury. I don’t think Aunt Lori has a right to feel any way about it, IMO.

    • Cat

      Does Phaedra’s new office still look like a closet? Because her old one sure did.

    • Jaded

      Wow! So sorry KB. I have a similar issue and anyone that cannot understand how it affects your entire life I say kudos to them. I wish no one ever had to understand it.

    • Pitypat

      Last Friday night, I sat down to watch a favorite show “Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta” because their southern sayings remind me of my relatives. Phaedra was on it and they acted like she was an a- lister! The bride said she was her idol! I wrote on their facebook I was disgusted to see her on the show. kinda like Nene, why would anyone want her on their show?

  9. Thanks for the recap.
    It was a good show.
    It’s a shame that Kenya had to go through that with her own mother.
    I wasn’t expecting Nene back this early but hey she will probably serve some interesting confessional commentary.

  10. TD

    It’s quite clear that Bravo doesn’t really care for Kim Fields, right ?

    • I thought I would like Kim Fields, but I don’t. She joined the cast of this reality show but seems not to understand what she is involved with. And I really do not understand her relationship with Phaedra.

      • Miguel

        I know – Kim endorses terrible behaviour & ideas, e.g. her support for Phaedra & the ranting lunatic, at the girls trip, after she witnessed the interaction with Kandi. I’ve never suffered fools easily; so this season has been extremely difficult to endure – so glad for Kandi and, to my shock, Kenya!

  11. I’m starting to wonder if Kenya, Cynthia and Kim fields are in trouble for the rest of the season/next season.

    To me I can see Cynthia leaving as well as Kim but it seems like carlos and andy are more here for porsha. I’m still not getting a read on Kenya and while Phaedra is not doing a great job this season it seems like they like her.

  12. BKSweetheart

    The argument scene in the gym between Porsha and her sister Lauren was SOOOO fake. Porsha seemingly went from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds but you could tell she was overplaying it. Her voice was cracking. You could practically see the two of them trying not to laugh. I had to FF through the rest of it.

    And yes I agree TT, the later scene with Porsha stuffing her face with the apples and caramel was disgusting.

    The rest of the ep was a complete snoozefest. I felt bad for Kenya but I’m sure we could have all guessed her mother wasn’t going to answer the door. I dunno, I just feel like RHOA wasn’t the best platform to show something so deeply personal and serious as that. Seems like it would fit better on a show like Iyanla Fix My Life, etc. Just my opinion.

    • Tamdon

      BKSweetheart, I totally agree with what you said about Kenya–RHOA wasn’t the place for this confrontation. It makes me wonder if Kenya’s Aunt Lori was upset because Kenya pulled this “stunt” (for lack of a better word–I don’t mean to trivialize Kenya’s actions) on camera knowing that her mother has repeatedly made it clear that she wants nothing to do with her. Bringing the camera crew along was a bad idea. Nothing good was going to come from Kenya’s mom being on camera–except now the world has a face to put with the name of the person that has caused Kenya so much pain in life. This should have been done off camera if it was going to be done at all. My heart goes out to Kenya. I really hope that she has put this issue to rest and can move forward somehow.

      • A face? They showed Kenya’s mother? Why should this have been done off camera if Kenya were ok with it? I don’t understand because this is a reality show and for once they show someone’s reality not some useless argument or fake scene and people think this is the wrong place for it? Amazing!

      • sarcasatire

        Kenya’s okay with it. Her mother? Not so much. But maybe she doesn’t count.

    • Pat

      Both of the Porsha-Lauren scenes seemed ridiculously fake to me. And, Lauren’s apartment looked like an extended stay hotel outside and inside. Bravo should have left those scenes out. What is Porsha’s storyline this season anyway?

    • Miguel

      Right, feed at the trough much, Porsche? Love how her & the southern belle, Phaedra, continue to keep it classy!!!

    • Miguel

      Right, feed at the trough much, Porsche? Great to see her and the southern belle, Phaedra, keeping it classy as ever!!!

  13. Seeing the Kenya scene play out was heartbreaking. I had to consult my hubby because I feel Kenya’s aunt Lori is dead ass wrong! But that’s just how I feel. If my sis gave up a baby that was still in the family I would help my niece get the answers she needs if nothing else. My loyalty would be to my niece, not my sister. I think Kenya deserves so much more from her aunt and her mother. Her mother doesn’t have to have a relationship with her but she at least should sit down with her once and answer some hard questions, write a letter, something!
    And I so can’t stand Phadra any longer! She’s making it seem as though she paid in full for a product she didn’t receive, when in fact she didn’t pay in full so didn’t receive her product. Then acting like Todd needs the money! THEN had the nerve to say Todd can run along and promote her video. Not feeling her at all!

    • Miguel

      I agree – mortified by Aunt Lori’s reaction. Like Kim, she supports poor choices & behaviour. Her anger should be directed at her sister, rather than her niece!

  14. Lisaj

    That was truly heartbreaking for Kenya. Who ever said just because you gave birth doesn’t make you a mom was right. My mom did the best she could which was pitiful and I often wondered if both of us would’ve been better if we had grown up apart. It’s a journey to heal and I wish Kenya nothing but the best in discovering she is worthy just because she exists.
    Happy you are back TT?

  15. Erica

    Her biological mother was only 15 when she had Kenya – of COURSE she went along with her father’s wishes and pretended she did not have a child. For at least 3 years, she probably had to do that to survive – and by that time, it would be ingrained – both the pretense, and the SHAME with a father/familiy like that, in 1971?

    There is a reason both parties must agree to meet in a closed adoption situation. My heart just broke for Kenya yes – but a little part of me feels badly for her bio-mom. Why did Kenya think, after multiple attempts at the door, that she would open it for cameras?

    I am guessing that that is why Aunt Lori is upset – a – she had the same father and gets why her sister would feel such shame, and b- this draws attention to her sister nationally.

    • I agree. If Kenya’s mother had never opened that door before, why would Kenya show up with a camera crew and film her NOT answering the door? Why was she hoping to accomplish? Sympathy? Sensationalism? I think Aunt Lori was upset because she knew that Kenya was doing this only for the CAMERAS. Something private and personal as showing up unannounced at your birth mothers door with a camera crew should not be exploited for a reality TV show.

      As far as Porsha, why is she portraying herself in such a slutty way? She is such a beauty, sighs…but I guess sex sells, just look at Kim Kardashian. I thought it was so disgusting when Porsha was bouncing her ass in a bikini last week, and you could see her butt crack. Just nasty, just plain nasty.

      • Minky

        I’ll go ahead and play devil’s advocate here. Maybe Kenya doesn’t care about shaming her mother. Maybe that’s precisely what she wants, at least somewhat? She must carry some resentment from being abandoned and then ignored by her mom.

        The mother’s behavior when she was a teenager under her father’s thumb is one thing. I get that. But I assume that the father is no longer living. And, the mother is an adult now. Why not at least acknowledge the life you brought into this world? Especially since Aunt Lori, that same mother’s sister, has raised the child. It’s not like she’s never heard of Kenya. All Kenya probably wants is a conversation and some closure. And, yeah, I’m not surprised at all if she thought she could use the cameras to strong arm her mother into opening the door. Since trying to be civil apparently hasn’t worked.

        I’ve always liked Aunt Lori on the show, but she needs to keep her opinions to herself on this one. She’s neither Kenya nor the mother. She can’t really put herself in either person’s shoes.

        This is all just my opinion. I know that I could be wrong.

      • Traci

        Totally agree with EVERYTHING you said. Spot on.

    • Lisaj

      You’re never to old or too big to not miss or want your mama.

    • Kenya went to the door. She shouted that she was there alone and yet there was a van full of people and cameras outside the door. If Kenya really did want some sort of resolution, bringing the Bravo crew is not the way to go about it. She said this had happened before. If that is true, what on Earth would make Kenya think that bringing her circus and her monkeys along for the ride would change her mother’s reaction. Her mother was very young and probably endured years of shame in the environment she was in. Who knows what the other side of that story is? You’ve tried this on several occasions and gotten no where – let it go and move on.

      Family dynamics are very difficult. I was an orphan, adopted later in life, I was a birth mother to a child I released for adoption when I was very young and I have raised 3 adopted sons. Each of us has a story to tell and the scars that go with that story. No one has the right to make judgments on any of us.

      • Minky

        I totlaly see your side of it, justanothermary. Every adopted kid or someone who’s got abandonment issues with a parent is different.

        I can also see an adult child trying with all of their might to figure out what their birth parent is/was all about. My father had this same issue with his own mom. I’ve seen it tear him up emotionally to the point where it isn’t healthy. He always thought that he was defective in some way and that’s why his mother didn’t want him. His mother died a few years ago and he never got to have “that talk” with her. Kenya had her father, flaws and all, and her Aunt Lori. My dad had nobody else.

        This is a sensitive issue and everybody’s perspective on it is going to be different. When I see Kenya trying to find answers I see a sad child crying out for love and acceptance with any means at her disposal. Again, I could be wrong about everything I’ve said, seeing that it’s a TV show and I don’t have all the info.

      • Then why are you judging Kenya for what she did?

      • Minky

        @janshell Are you talking to me? If so, there has been a misunderstanding, or I haven’t communicated my position properly. I’m NOT judging Kenya. I suppose I am judging the mom. Maybe I shouldn’t, but I am. Who knows what the mom’s like or where her head’s at? I feel bad for Kenya and sympathize with her.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Yes, I think the cameras may be the key in why Lori would be upset.

    • I can understand that too, but there is always hope! Maybe Kenya can let go now and move on!

    • Miguel

      In your opinion, given that the public already knew that Kenya had been abandoned to her paternal grandmother’s care, is it best for Aunt Lori to continue to support he pain & fallout from one decision forever? Imagine where the world would be if we never acknowledged terrible choices, in an effort to rectify them? What of civil, gender & women’s rights, slavery, the Berlin Wall, apartheid, the Holocaust?

  16. Psylocke

    1) I immediately tried to google The Parks Group too

    2) This is the first time in years she’s brought up that mortuary shit. As if she’s cutting bodies in some morgue she never talks about/promotes/shows on screen. I’ve never in my life seen such a straight up fronter – a lawyer allegedly running a crime ring – a Christian southern belle that hires strippers that suck their own dicks for dollar bills at a party with hundreds of people, like holy fuck I don’t know a single person that would ever do that and THEN claim to be the epitome of class, and I know some pretty fucked up people.

    3) Only Kenya would hand out shirts to an entire family that say “KENYA’S (size 18 font) family reunion (size 10 font)”

    • Psylocke

      Oo I forgot to mention, I’ve been watching season 5 which is when Phaedra first started making the work out video (add most out of shape person in a cast deciding to make a work out video for a quick buck to that list of fronting) and she and Apollo met with that large video distribution company – which needless to say didn’t work out because they embarrassed themselves which was indescribably cringe worthy.

      Anyways, she mentions that she’s friends with Jane Fonda and went on a trip with her so I decided to google that shit. From what I could gather it was like a paid celebrity trip but I’m not sure – Jane Fonda had posted a ton of pictures of a ton of different people that were all there – and under the one photo of Pheadra it says “Actor from the Desperate Housewives Of Atlanta” and I DIED.

      As much as I want that to be ultimate shade, I think Jane Fonda legit thinks she’s a random actor on a show by that name – which in a way is even funnier. Obviously they’re such good friends.

      • Carie

        When they returned from the Galapagos trip, Jane Fonda posted pictures on her blog and emailed it to blog subscribers asking them to support “her friend” Phaedra Parks who would be appearing on the RHOA. I received that email and thought it interesting that she was friends with Bobby Brown’s attorney. At the time, I believe Ms. Parks may have still been considered an upstanding community member and Jane Fonda had never shied from promoting what she thought was good in Atlanta.

      • natalie

        the same Jane Fonda that notoriously visited the POWs in Vietnam? I think it it safe to say she is not a good judge of character.

    • Micheal

      Am I the only one who was extremely uncomfortable with Kenya randomly showing up at her mother’s with cameras?

      I hope it was fake, otherwise that was messed up. These women think that no one else has a right to privacy apparently.

      • Micheal

        Oh shit, David Bowie is dead. That’s sad.

      • Minky

        I read your comment and I thought you were kidding for some reason, and then I googled it. Oh my god, you were right. So sad.

      • Pat

        I would totally agree with you if I didn’t know that Kenya has tried every way under the sun to connect with her mother privately. I think the public thing was a last resort. I understand if the mother doesn’t want cameras in her face, but she could have at least said that to Kenya through the closed door.

      • Pat

        On David Bowie, thank you for the info. I really, really, really don’t want to believe it, but I googled the story after seeing your post and, unfortunately, it’s true.

    • @Psylocke yes I noticed those Kenya family reunion shirts and really thought I was just tripping…I’m thinking there is no way in Hades those shirts said that…only Kenya.

    • Pat

      You’re cracking me up! Now that I’m feeling all jolly, maybe I can go back to sleep.

    • Lmao! I saw that too and wondered about that self agrandisment

  17. The best part of the Porsha stuffing her face scene was her sister totally shading her for it. And just a few seconds after proclaiming that she’s not selfish, Porsha announced that she was going to take the rest with her. Because pregnant women don’t deserve to eat the food they stock in their own house…

  18. Nya

    My heart goes out to Kenya, that has got to hurt. And, I don’t blame her for trying. With or without my family’s permission, with or without cameras I would keep showing up to.

    Porscha really can’t run her own companies. But that wasn’t a nice way to ask for help. She thinks she has to discipline an employee vs have compassion for her pregnant sister. She is green with envy. And apparently, an emotional eater.

  19. sarcasatire

    Where does a women’s rights come into play?

    Closed adoptions have existed forever. Kenya’s mother wanted a closed adoption. No contact. But rather than leaving Kenya at a firehouse she allowed relatives to adopt her, only Kenya’s thinks that means she’s entitled to an open relationship with her mother. That’s not how it works, the rights of the mother are very much considered in this instance.

    And for Kenya to do this on camera??? Ugh. Disgusting.

    • Kika

      Totally agree. Just another “storyline” for Kenya!

    • Ridiculous. Kenya has the right to ask questions and receive answers as well as an apology. Children are entitled to have relationships with their parents and closed adoptions is a weak excuse.
      The fact that her mother “allowed” relatives to adopt her gives more reason for Kenya deserving answers and an apology. it’s not like she was in another country.
      The rights of a mother are pro life/choice, adoption etc. the rights of a child is to have a relationship with their parents and if there is no relationship, to receive answers and an apology for the lack of relationship.

      • Minky

        I don’t know the laws regarding this matter. So I can only go by the info we have from the show. It’s strange, though. If the mother’s father was such a hard ass about having a teenage mother in his family, and they wanted to forget about the baby due to shame or social stigma, then why did the aunt step in and take Kenya? Doesn’t the mother’s sister have the same ashamed father? Am I missing something?

      • KTina


      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Maybe Kenya’s aunt was better at standing up to her father? She was older than her sister so maybe she was in a better position to just do what she thought was best.

      • Minky:

        Okay, you’re busted for not watching the show…or for not paying attention if you did. (That’s alright – I still love you anyway!)

        Kenya was taken in and raised by her paternal Grandmother, which is to say, her father’s mother. NOT her maternal aunt Lori.

        Lori is the only person from her mother’s family with whom she communicates, but the how and why of that was not explained on the show last night.

      • Minky

        @ericzku Andale. So that’s the deal with Aunt Lori. Another commenter that I responded to, with me being perhaps a bit too cheesed off, in the Sheree & Sherri WWHL thread mentioned the paternal grandmother, so now I know. So is Lori a maternal figure or no? I hope she doesn’t abandon Kenya too.

    • KTina

      I somewhat agree, but what kind of person just flat out refuses to talk to her adult child? I agree that it shouldn’t happen in front of the cameras but all this time knowing your relatives are raising your daughter and you refuse all communication? Why now?

      Kenya’s better off without someone like that in her life.

      • tamaratattles

        I agree KTina. I get enya wanting a relationship with her mother. But clearly her mother for whatever reason is unwilling. That said, I think A CONVERSATION with her daughter who has been reaching out to her all of her life would be the least the mother could do.

      • Xanadude

        True, but it didn’t need to be a conversation on camera. If a production crew from Bravo showed up on my lawn, I wouldn’t answer the door either.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I agree if Kenya’s mother didn’t want a child, she should not be forced to have one – but I think this is on Kenya’s grandparents, not Kenya. OF COURSE Kenya is going to want a relationship with her mother who I assume was “around” somewhat when she was growing up. She was a part of the family. It was Kenya’s mother’s right to choose adoption if she wanted and her parents shouldn’t have meddled.

    • Rolly

      Heartless assessment. It’s like trying to put a child’s thought process in the same capacity as their elders. Her moms upbringing and penchant to be fake caused this. Not Kenya. You obviously just don’t like her. Say that instead of giving empathy to the person who caused this whole mess.

      • Miguel

        Here, here!!! This was the same logic that made Kim & Phaedra support the madman’s physical aggression toward Kenya – just pathetic!

  20. Cat

    Um…Mama Joyce wants to be close to the new baby…so she’s hiring a nanny? How does THAT work?

    Ugh. I feel for Kenya. But why push to see someone who wants nothing to do with you?

    As for the others: Porsha, Phaedra, Nene…meh.

  21. LoriNYC

    Porsha’s table manners were disgusting. Time for a proper etiquette class. The way Porsha berated her sister was disgraceful. Phaedra and her STAGED office is getting on my nerves and I think she needs to stop throwing shade at Todd. She agreed to the cost up front and if she doesn’t decide to release it then that’s her business but not paying the staff is shady. Kenya having been abandoned and unacknowledged by her mother is DISGUSTING! That woman deserved to be publicly shamed in my opinion. Not a Kenya fan but my heart goes out to her on that front.

    • You don’t know the mother’s story. From what little I have gathered on the show, her father would have been deeply ashamed of her had she brought a baby into the home. Releasing a child for adoption is a very painful experience and then to have a family member step in, it’s just a lot for a child to handle, and Kenya’s mother was a child at the time. Kenya has always, in my opinion, has no problem twisting things in her favor or to get her way. Since we’ll never know the whole story, it’s unfair to judge the mother.

      • LoriNYC

        I totally understand your perspective but I feel that enough time has passed that the mother should at least acknowledge and/or have a conversation with her daughter. Things now aren’t the way they were years ago. I think Kenya’s mother should let it go. Just my opinion. Thanks for your feedback. Excellent point.

  22. Christina

    Phaedra said last week’s episode left out that she paid Todd half the balance after their meeting at the conference table. This week at the video viewing, Todd tells her the balance is still the original balance (around $8K.) Why would the balance not be $4K if Phaedra had already paid him half after their previous meeting?

    • Minky

      Ummm…Perhaps Phaedra isn’t being 100% honest. It really isn’t a wild speculation to assume that she might not be telling the whole truth.

  23. sarcasatire

    Todd is asking for full payment for an uncompleted project. I said, “Bish, where?”

    Notice how during his many convos with Kandi about his money, he never once mentioned that he never delivered a finished, edited video. Notice, how it wasn’t until he met with Phaedra did he say he needed a photo to complete it. Ha!! But he never offered to shoot down and SHOW her the video?? Because he didn’t finish the DVD cover? Lol!!!! There’s a reason Todd’s career is floundering. Poor follow-through.

    And when will Kandi stop sending her thugs to fight her battles?? Everyone around her is a mouthpiece. That’s their primary function… do Kandi’s dirty work so she doesn’t come off looking bad. Welp… too late.

    • Jaded

      Todd cannot release the video without Phaedra’s photo and approval which she doesn’t want to give.

      • sarcasatire

        This storyline is BS. Todd doesn’t need Phaedra’s picture to deliver the finished video. To distribute it, yes. But not to show his client the final edit. Which is crucial before he makes all these DVDs! “Everybody knows”that you can’t post anything or go forward without client approval.

        So why does Toddask for full payment when nothing has been delivered? Two thirds cover production costs, the balance is based on delivery. That’s standard.

    • Pat

      Wow! I never thought of any of that. Good points. As much as I like Kandi and Todd, I’m afraid I have to agree. See, this is why I love TT readers. They’re so observant and sharp,including the ones I disagree with.

    • Psylocke

      Wut? Todd specifically said we can’t finish the DVD menu UNTIL you send us the pregnancy photo, to which Phaedra apologized for having ignored them – the context of which seemed like Todd asked several times for it.

      If you aren’t cooperating in the finishing of your own project, there isn’t much anyone can do to help you.

  24. Dee

    Thank you, this was good!!

  25. Pat

    Welcome back, TT! Missed you! Okay, so here is my weekly comment on things that made the strongest impressions on me in the most recent episode: KENYA: Boy, did she get cheated in the parent department. I felt her pain for real. The mother/father/child wounds are the deepest wounds there are, and it amazes me that Kenya is as functional as she is. Yes, she is crazy as a betsy bug (as we say in the South) and plays the role of being the messy one extremely well, but her personality flaws are no worse than those of the other women. Her fearlessness amazes me, and I’m still Team Kenya most of the time. KENYA’s FATHER: An ogre of a man. However, I give him tons of credit for trying. AUNT LORI: I am soooo disappointed in her. I understand that because Kenya’s mother is her sister, she is loyal to her and probably knows things about Kenya’s mother that no one else knows (like maybe the woman has a mental illness). But, by not supporting Kenya even an ounce, IMO, she co-signed Patricia’s cruelty to Kenya. PORSHA: Pathetic. She is so jealous of her younger sister that it’s ridiculous. I think the argument was fake, but the jealousy is real. Also, Porsha has only a few more years for making money being the PYDT (pretty, young, dumb, thing). She needs to either latch on to an old rich man soon or find a way to make her money make money for real. Maybe Kandi can give her some tips. Note: I say “old rich man” because younger rich men want PYTs (not PYDTs) who are younger and more modest than Porsha. LAUREN: I would like to see her distance herself from Porsha and RHOA, immerse herself in motherhood, and eventually do whatever that expensive private school and expensive Spelman College degree prepared her to do. She is way too calm, dignified, and intelligent to run around being Porsha’s flunky–regardless of the pay. Preview of NENE’s return: WHYYYYYYYY????? I hope it’s just a one episode return. The show is much better without her.

    • Minky

      Yes Pat. Just, yes to all of that. Especially the Aunt Lori part.

      OMG Lauren’s a college graduate?!!! That does explain a little bit about her. She does seem much more chill than Porsha. And what you said about the fake argument/real jealousy sounds like a good observation.

      I predict Nene’s will return with a haughty, condescending attitude. She’s going to try to save face and be shady simultaneously. Eeeeeeew!

  26. BigDaddyMike

    Yall see how Kenya’s Mama (for lack of a better word) treated her like a Jehova’s Witness when she went to that Door?? “Say I’m Not Here”

  27. 25

    I love Kenya & I feel for her. But if her mother and her began a relationship now, there would be such an immense amount of pain to work through. HARD work, and I can sympathize that her mother would prefer to not bother. Their relationship will always be painful & difficult, and it’s a lot to take into someone’s life.
    To be honest, this kind of display scares me a little. It’s a hefty decision to give birth to a child rather than to get an abortion (even in 1971-always a way), and Kenya’s mother did it under the pretense of a complete & closed adoption. She chose to give Kenya life, and then chose to have her father’s family raise her instead of being raised in the Detroit foster care system. These were arguably the BEST choices she ever could have made for Kenya at age FIFTEEN. Life, and raised by family. I would hate to think that watching this could make someone decide against adoption or against adoption by a family member.

    • tamaratattles

      First of all, I don’t know where you guys are getting the idea this was a “closed adoption” it was an adoption WITHIN THE FAMILY.

      Secondly, anyone who makes decisions about cancer treatments, Lyme Disease or adoption based on something they watched on the Real Housewives needs to be mowed down by a Mac Truck and cull the gene pool. Ditto, people who worry about other imaginary people who make life decisions based on the housewives.

  28. 25

    My notion that it was complete & closed comes from Kenya’s Dad telling her, since she was a baby, to let her mom go. It seems clear that she agreed to give them custody of Kenya in exchange for having no further association with her.

  29. bria

    Great recap as always. In the history of RHOA, last night got me crying for the first time. Am shock with some insensitive responses to kenya ‘s situation , storyline or not, rejection by a parent can be extremely painful and for Kenya to even allow camara to her inner pain, I applaud her because she is not only displaying her need for closure but telling others in similar circumstance, you can make it in life despite your childhood rejection.

  30. Toddy

    TT, don’t get mad at me, as I’m trying to wrap my head around this. The paternal grandmother raised Kenya. Aunt Lori is on the maternal side. Was Kenya’s birth mother ever estranged from Aunt Lori and the rest of the family? Because it seems like their paths would have crossed. Or maybe geography made it easier to avoid each other?

    • tamaratattles

      Toddy, Aunt Lori is Kenya’s mom’s older sister. They stay in touch with the understanding that she will not be the go between for Kenya and her mom.

  31. DutchTulip

    I would love to see the face of Kenya’s mother.. bcse her sister – Aunt Lori – is a classic beauty. Kenya’s father must have been handsome too at 16 yrs old… maybe macho, a jock…thinking he had the world at his feet. Kenya’s Mom… first love at 15… fell hard for him and they couldn’t help themselves.

    If Kenya just could understand her “cycle of life”… having gone to so much pain and still rose to become Miss U.S.A.

    If Kenya just realized that she has become a “Phenomenal Woman”… maybe.. just maybe … she could let go of the realization that her mom does not want her in her life.

    I hope that Kenya now understands that growing up.. she had so many paternal family members who loved and care for her… and from her maternal side mainly Aunt Lori.

    It has been always so delightful to see Aunt Lori and Kenya together talking “about stuff”. Hopefully they can mend their differences so that Aunt Lori continues to support and guide Kenya. She seems to be the only real maternal link Kenya has.

    This episode of RHOBH was a tough one for me!

  32. tamaratattles

    I’m starting to wonder if Aunt Lori just showed up after Kenya was on RHOA.

    • Minky

      That would truly suck. I hope that’s not the case. Poor Kenya.

    • pfffttt

      Kenya said that her Aunt Lori named her and that she also lived with her Aunt at one time. Seems like Lori has been around a while. I remember Season 5, Kenya’s first season that her Aunt talked about how she wished Kenya didn’t break up with one of her ex boyfriends.

      TT, there is an article from People from 1993 that gives a lot of backstory on Kenya and her family. Google: “An Empty Place in Her Heart Kenya Moore.”

      Kenya’s mom Patricia was quoted. She also reached out to Kenya after Kenya won Miss USA and Kenya refused to speak with her.

  33. Seems like Aunt Lori has no problem being in the middle when it comes to the sister? Really liked her. Til now.

  34. Josie

    I can understand if you were put up for adoption and submitted a request to meet a parent and it was denied. However, to know/ see your mother at family functions but she pretends you dont exist is totally bizarre. Is she mentally ill?

    Kenya was hoping that this storyline would get her mom’s sympathy and change her mind about having a relationship. I think everyone but Kenya knew she wouldnt open the door. Brutal. That seemed uncomfortably real. My heart goes out to her.

  35. sarcasatire

    It was probably a production assistant on three other side of that door. Kenya is a stunt queen, through and through. Trying to ambush her mother on national TV? Bravo doesn’t work like that. There are releases to be signed, scheduled to made. All done in advance. Even the parking of production vehicles require permits.

    So, if Bravo reached out to the mom and she declined, she could sue if they tried to force her to be on TV without her consent. That’s why they faked that scene. And why the door never opened.

    • Ok we get it you don’t like Kenya and you have no empathy for the situation! You seem really nice….

    • DutchTulip

      Got ya… that’s why Aunt Lori was/is upset. She is after all a lawyer and knows the rules of engagement.

    • Psylocke

      Obviously she wouldn’t have consented – which is why Kenya was immersed in a sphere of focus while EVERYTHING around her was blurred out – but the point is that she would have invited her to the reunion/come back on the bus and relayed the conversation on camera.

      And the true motives of Aunt Lori being upset because she’s a lawyer and is worried about consent laws or some shit? I can’t even.

  36. I guess I’m in the minority because I have empathy for Kenya but I’m not angry at Aunt Lori at all. I get why Kenya is desperate for some acknowledgment from the woman who gave birth to her but she needs to move on and importantly – stop thinking of this woman as anything more than a donor of genetic material. This woman is not her mother in any true sense of the word. And no she’s not obligated to meet with Kenya at all. She owes her nothing. Sorry. Her “mother” could have aborted her and moved on. She could have refused to allow the paternal grandmother to raise Kenya as well. That would have made it easier for her to pretend like Kenya never existed too. I think people may be underestimating how hard it is for many people to give up their biological children – even if it’s in the kid’s best interest. Maybe this is a psychological coping mechanism for this woman. Maybe she’s mentally ill. Even if none of that is true – I feel like Lori is right when she says Kenya should respect the woman’s privacy. She doesn’t want to meet with Kenya so she shouldn’t be forced to – especially with the Bravo camera crew around.

    Ugh poor Kenya. Her biological parents are both a piece of work. I give the dad a little credit for at least acknowledging her but it made me sick how he played “Poor Me” a few episodes back regarding her running away from home as a teenager. So self-absorbed. I see why this has messed Kenya up but I don’t think she’ll ever get what she needs psycholocially from these people. It sucks that she’s been dealt these cards but she can’t force these people to give her what she needs. People have no clue how how much damage they can be doing to their children.

    • OK. I just read the old People Magazine article about Kenya “ An Empty Place in Her Heart” Thanks so much for suggesting it @ pfffttt. Kenya’s “mother” is less sympathetic than I gave her credit for: She’s not mentally ill and is perhaps even opportunistic. But the situation sounds more complicated than how it’s portrayed on RHOA. I’ve always thought Aunt Lori was a mature, smart voice of reason and I’m still inclined to feel that way after reading the article. I’m going to see what she says next week.

      • DutchTulip

        Whatever aunt Lori might say to Kenya on next week’s EP should not result in “hating” her, bcse of an action we saw on TV from Kenya.

        Kenya is 43 years old… which means that 43 years have passed by in dysfunction that aunt Lori has been privy about.

        The story between Kenya.. her mother..and father must be way more complicated than what we know and have seen so far.

        Kenya’s mother seems to be the only one to tell the REAL story and solve or resolve this Riddle of her life.

  37. Shellbelle

    I just watched the episode and I can NOT get over the fact that Phaedra actually used the words “POKIE Dots” when talking about her top. You would think that someone of her education would know the correct term is polka dots. Dumbass.

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