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So I asked a couple of my interns chained to the radiator if they wanted to comment on the Oscars night. One said yes and one said no. Neither said, “Hey you fucking moron, do you mean the Golden Globes?” which is a testament to the fact I have them properly dosed.

So Ben C will be hosting you here tonight in these comments as the resident expert on award shows and such. I will be snatching back RHOA recapping rights (He got to keep RHOBH) while you guys chat. I am also drinking coffee to try to stay up to recap WWHL with Sheree Whitfield and Sherri Shepherd.  TWO hot messes so it will take me a while, especially if Andy gets to ask about Sherri’s baby that she made with her schlub of an ex-husband that she is trying not to claim! 

This is "allegedly" Ben C. Have you ever noticed everyone is cute on the Internet?

This is “allegedly” Ben C. Have you ever noticed everyone is cute on the Internet?

Anyway, I told Ben I would say something about the dresses on the red carpet but I have not seen much to comment on.  I do think J-Lo has looked better. She is doing weird faces on the step and repeat.

I honestly don’t recognize many of these people who are showing up early. #SorryNotSorry

Also, I recently watched Trainwreck (sort of against my will) and thought it was HORRIBLE. I do not understand why it is nominated for anything. I don’t think 2015 was a very good year for movies. I do like Amy Schumer’s black and white dress though. It even has pockets!

So, um I suck at this. So I’m going to leave it to the pro. Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for Ben C!




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103 responses to “Live Golden Globes Commentary With Ben C!

  1. Shay

    Ben C, you are adorbs. I heart your kale sweater, too! Can’t wait to chat! (Still watching packers beat the redskins)

  2. JoJoFLL


  3. Erica

    I already said this on Facebook – but what – did Channing Tatum let his toddler do his hair? What the hell???? Almost renders him in the “not sure I’d fuck him” category!

  4. Rae Schaffer

    So far I’m incredibly underwhelmed by this carpet. I mean, I just saw Katy Perry styled with a bump it…

  5. loriflack

    But what would Barbara Walters rate him ❗️

  6. Thought I’d miss Tina & Amy more but Ricky won me over as soon as he opened up with a beer in hand <3<3

  7. Realityjunkie

    I’m honestly just watching for Ricky Gervais

  8. My girl Kate Winslet snatching the first award of the night for Steve Jobs!! Well deserved.

  9. Show of hands who even watches Crazy Ex Girlfriend? #wastedaward

  10. More Tea Please!

    I’m so lame I don’t even know what channel/station its on!

  11. Holy Andy Samberg take my body now

  12. Lady Gaga is serving up some Barbara Walters glamour….

  13. “DUDE WHOS TYPING THIS SHIT??” – the highlight of the 2016 Golden Globes

  14. “@bennayy: forget the #GoldenGlobes – there’s mozzarella sticks @McDonalds now?!!”

  15. America Ferrera + Eva Longoria = perfect presentation speech.

  16. Quentin Tarantino, oh buddy. Ghetto? That’s the first adjective to come to mind? Get ready boo…

  17. Inside Out wins best animated film! I didn’t even see it and I know it was great!

  18. Ryan Gosling & Brad Pitt presenting together. Excuse me while I’m in a blackout for the next 45 minutes #unfffff

  19. The entire room gives a standing O for Sly Stallone and his best supporting actor win!!

    • Erica

      I thought he forgot to mention his son – I know his second born he never mentions to keep him out of the radar (severe autism) but Sasha had been in the Rocky films. I forgot his son had died. So sad.

  20. tamaratattles


    Now what is this about Mozz sticks at Mickey D’s?

  21. The Globes are better – more fun than the Oscars.
    Donike Will Farrels humor.

  22. I’d give anything to be a busboy at the #goldenglobes just to count how many bottles each celeb table drank

  23. Woah! – no jeffrey tambor win for transparent. What the hell??!

  24. No not Lady Gaga, over Felicity Hoffman!
    I disagree …

    • JoJo

      I’m likely thrilled because I don’t watch most of the other shows in which the actors’ were associated (l just saw Felicity on a morn talk show last week and found out she was even in a series)
      I’m sure the critics may have much to write about tomorrow about the snub of the other bona fide nominees in light of Gaga’s win.
      Well, in any event, I really really did enjoy her in AHS and was incredibly surprised she pulled off an actual acting performance.

      • Meredo

        That was the main award I was interested in and I couldn’t be more thrilled that Lady Gaga won! She stole every scene she was in on AHS. I do like Felicity Huffman, but I didn’t watch her show so I wouldn’t be able to say if she was robbed or not. From what I saw of Gaga though, I feel her win seems well deserved.

  25. JoJo

    OMG, I didn’t expect in a million years, but Lady Gaga winning the award for AHS !!!!
    Brava Brava Brava! She looked soooooooo classy and old Hollywood and genuinely surprised (as I think everyone was including me).
    Poor thing in her moment got the dreaded music please shut up!!
    Thank you Ben and thank you TT for having this thread on the GG!

  26. Commercial break look like it is fun at The Globes.

  27. Denzel Washington looks like he has the coolest family ever.

  28. Taraji wins for best actress in a drama!!!!! #cookiesforeveryonetonight
    “please wrap up?? I’ve waited 20 years for this I’m gonna need more time!”
    Top 3 speeches of the night

  29. Yes I agree. I read the “Room” good book. I missed movie last year.

  30. Jim Carrey giving his open audition for Castaway 2?? Good lord man!

  31. How does Leo do it? HOW DOES LEO DO IT??!

  32. “From me & Mel Gibson – shalom!” that’s a wrap!!

  33. @immelza

    You guys have to look up the clip when GaGa went up to get her award and passed Lea Decaprios table! The look he gave her was everything!

  34. ROFLMAO this really happened.
    When Lady Gaga won best actress for her role as the Countess on AHSHotel my closed captions said:

    “She wins her Golden Globe tonight for her role as Cactus in American Horror Story.”

    For giggles I videotaped it and it’s on my twitter TL.

    • Micheal

      Did you all see the shade that Leo threw on Gaga? Fuck him. He laughed when she won…

      His new movie is shit anyways.

      • Shay

        Micheal: Vanity Fair has the gif. I misses it when watching live, but after watching several times it seems someone was making him laugh about something/anything, then she moved his arm to walk past him, he was surprised at having someone lift his arm, he looked up and saw Gaga…. and maybe was off-guard about having been in the way of someone… then realized it was the winner trying to get to the stage, couldn’t figure out who she was, remembered who she was, OMG LADY GAGA – OMG his joke doe!! (But I have loved Leo since his days on Growing Pains, so I’m super bias!)

      • Micheal

        That coukd be possible

      • Shay

        Yes, Micheal! I don’t think Leo has a mean bone in his fine body.

      • Micheal

        Sorry. Comment posted early.

        That could be possible. The gifs could be taken out of context. Still, Leo is and has always been a bit of an ass. A lovable ass, still an ass.

      • Meredo

        Oh I hope he didn’t laugh at Lady Gaga. Leo has been one of my top favorite actors forever. I don’t want to be mad at him. I’m hoping you’re right Shay. It doesn’t seem like him to be mean which is one of the reasons I love him (besides being the best actor ever!).

      • realityjunkie

        People are reading too much into 4 seconds. Who knows what he was laughing at…could be anything, And yes, if someone bumped my hand off a chair, I would give them a look too. I actually think his facial expression is a lot tamer than mine would be.

      • tamaratattles

        Le Sigh.

        The clip has been in the post since it happened.

      • Anastasia_Beave

        It had nothing to do with Gaga.

  35. DutchTulip

    Nene + 3 others hosting Golden Globes After Party with so called “Hollywood” side swept hair and blush colored dress…giving me the creeps.
    I am not looking forward to next week’s EPISODE with her return … ground hog day!

    • JustJenn

      I watched too and Nene was so cringe worthy screaming at celebrities like that and talking over the other hosts.

      • Minky

        Wow. Just, wow. I can’t believe that A) Nene managed to get that job. B) They actually let her interview people. and C) I can’t believe she didn’t tone it down at least a little for this event. Yeah, Nene’s definitely the new Joan Rivers…in her own mind. SMH.

  36. WonkyTonk

    Lisa V takes this one all the way. She even accessorizes better. Plus not a fan of the dark pink of Katy’s dress, and her dress looks like it’s about to structurally collapse under the onslaught of her boobs.

  37. Lawstangel


  38. Lawstangel

    I Liked Viola Davis dress.

  39. The show was so painful because there were so many actors and shows that I loved and they were all competing against each other. They all needed to win.
    I was also upset because one of my favorite shows, You’re the Worst, wasn’t up for anything.
    Denzel was the best moment.

  40. i didn’t watch, but where’s the recap? am i the only one that doesn’t see one?

    • Lawstangel

      Um…..there isn’t one. Go back and read what TT wrote….the word was “comment” which is exactly what happened. As the show rolled forward, comments were posted about what was happening, what people were wearing, snarky looks, etc. it wasn’t meant to be a “blow by blow” of the show.

  41. I saw five minutes of Amy SHumer and turned the show off. Why does anyone think that this person is funny? She is a no-talent wannabe who has fooled the entire population into thinking that she is funny and the new “it” girl. I don’t get it or her.

    • Lawstangel

      Have you considered the possibility that some people find her funny and maybe she just isn’t/ doesn’t do the type of humor you find funny? I don’t think it is necessary to tell others they have been ” fooled” if they find her amusing. I have seen a couple of her early stand-up shows and they were pretty funny. Different strokes….

    • Anastasia_Beave

      Because she’s hilarious.

    • tamaratattles

      What recap? Are you illiterate? Do you not know the word commentary? Can you try Googling it and reading slowly while moving your lips?

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