Lisa Rinna Says The Yolanda Storyline is Very Difficult For Her

RHOBH Lisa Kyle no shit talking

But talking behind Yolanda’s back is just fine…

Lisa Rinna is getting sort of a bum rap this season for questioning Yolanda’s “Chronic Lyme Disease.” Even here on this site where we are all trying to understand what is going on with Yo, we have people taking issue with Lisa much the same way we all seemed to take issue with (I am literally sitting her trying to think of the name. I’m actually going to have to Google it. That is how much I have blocked RHOOC out of my head)  Meghan and the Brooks situation.

I’ve always said that Meghan was tasked by production to question Brooks illness and Lisa was the one tapped to question Yolanda’s diagnosis. But the manner in which these two women went about their job was markedly different. Meghan  was on a mission to “take Brooks down.” Meghan’s real goal was to take Vicki down and secure a place for herself on the show. Maybe she did that but she sure made most of the viewers hate her and the show in the process.

Gif Credit: T.Kyle

Gif Credit: T.Kyle

Lisa talked to Jenny McCarthy about this topic on her podcast about a month ago just after the first episode aired. She said that she knew when she was watching RHOOC that she knew that questioning Yolanda’s diagnosis was going to be a big storyline. She mentions that RHOOC and RHOBH have the same producers. She also talks about how the veterans sort of hung her out to dry even though they all had questions about what they were seeing on Instagram. It was clear that Lisa was given the storyline and received no backup. Eileen seems to be a particularly disappointing friend and a bit of a shit stirrer this season.

Go here and listen to the short clip from the podcast.

You can hear on the podcast that Lisa is very distressed by her storyline with Yolanda. It is much different than Meghan discussing Brooks. Clearly, Lisa wants the best for Yolanda and wants to find out what is wrong with her. I think she feels terrible about the whole producer driven “Munchausen scene.” She seems frustrated that Pinky and Kyle have no issue discussing Yo behind her back, but then throw her under the bus.

I spent a lot of the RHOOC season being furious for production. And I’m quite irritated with them already for making someone’s illness storyline fodder again. On the other hand, it’s easy to forget that production has more information than we do. They had the knowledge that Brooks (and Vicki) backed out of scenes they had scheduled to see ” Shannon’s ” medical expert.  I’m going to guess that on RHOBH they have knowledge of Yolanda not being able to do some things that aren’t fun and being fully into doing things that are. They may have some feedback from David. They clearly knew the end of the marriage was near.

Lisa is handling her job much differently. You can see that she feels uncomfortable with the situation she is in. She has genuine concern for Yolanda. And no one on RHOBH is saying that Yolanda is faking illness. Everyone, just like us, is concerned for her that she is misdiagnosed. Clearly, she tried dozens of treatments for “chronic lyme” and they are not helping but she is unwilling to consider other possibilities.

Lisa seems to be having trouble very early on watching all the other ladies pretend like they don’t have questions and it’s all Taylor (who will say or do anything she is told by production to be on camera) and Lisa who are talking about it.

We’re all talking about it. And only Lisa is going to say it to her face. And for that reason, I love Lisa.


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85 responses to “Lisa Rinna Says The Yolanda Storyline is Very Difficult For Her

  1. susan

    I’m super bored and annoyed with Lisa rinna already

  2. Lawstangel

    One thing I have noticed is that if we get into a particularly tumultuous season with a lot of fights and drama people are angry and outraged, but when we have vacations and normal family scenes everyone is bored and over it. I can’t figure out what exactly it is people want.

    • Not me I love all the episodes so far! Lots of fun and light on the drama! One person on here did question when I stated I thoroughly enjoyed an episode!

    • tamaratattles

      They want to complain. It’s just that simple. The posts that get the most comments are ones on shows where everyone has a negative reaction. And there are certain commenters here who take every opportunity sometimes multiple times in a single post’s comment to point out how they don’t watch the show, they don’t read about the show and they can’t stand the show, especially when that person they don’t watch said that one thing that really pissed them off. I’m over wondering about it and on to laughing about it. :)

      • Lawstangel

        Maybe that is the way to go…..:-)

      • Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment, but I’m drawn to the cray cray on these shows as well as the verbal tit-for-tat among your commenters. It’s less mind numbing than staring at the tv screen, isn’t it? I’m sorta/virtually involved in a community, right? So, I’m still isolating from reality, but its a start…? Oh, who am I kidding. Delusion, table for one.?

      • Cat

        I’m just here for the recaps. I stopped caring about these shows a long time ago.

        I am more annoyed with Production than the women. I noticed way back when everyone’s lost dogs were a common thread that these shows are staged. And I’m annoyed that I believed it for so long. It took coming here to be enlightened.

        Production feeds off of our comments. As long as we react, we will see more and more of this.

        We have no one to blame, but ourselves.

      • Minky

        Well, you gotta admit Tamara, that speaks a great deal to your talent as a writer and a blogger. You and the ones who help with recaps (Ben C. and Xanadude and Lady Cocotte) do such a great job that we don’t even need to watch the shows.

        And we all love it so much here that we’d visit and comment even if you were recapping the Weather Channel. Seriously. Now that’s a blog.

      • tamaratattles

        thanks, I totally get not watching the shows anymore and just reading the recaps once you know who everyone is. I know a lot of y’all do that.

        I’m trying to imagine commenting on AHS:Hotel a show I am too afraid to watch and know little to nothing about based on recaps. I can’t imagine doing that. I’m just saying.

        And I certainly never go there and say “I don’t watch this show, and think it is a horrible show!”

        Anyway, Moving on.

      • Cat

        I tried joining in on the AHS conversation, but gave up. That one, I think you have to really see to know what’s going on. And this current season is not on Netflix yet.

    • microop

      Vacations and family scenes!! I don’t find that boring. Also shopping and home building. I can watch a season just on Heathers monstrous home construction. But I hear you, people do whine either way.

  3. Dawn

    Lawstangel, I have noticed the same thing and wonder if it is the same people complaining about not liking both arguments or normality, or are their two different types of viewers/commenters. For myself, I guess I had a unrealistic desire to see everything and everybody being fabulous. I know that isn’t real life even for rich people, but it is what I want to see instead of sickness, jealousy, and general bad behavior.

    I’d trust Lisa Rinna to have my back through thick or thin more so than most everyone else in the cast. She hasn’t said or done anything on the show that I thought was meant to undermine anyone in any way. I cannot say that for any of the long standing cast members.

    • I am thinking that the franchises have simply come to the end of the road and that they should stop filming all of them. They have done and re-done just about every storyline you can think of and it’s just plain boring. I don’t want to watch sick people or fake people so I have opted out. I don’t like Rinna but for other reasons than her comments about Yolanda. I don’t like any of the women.

      • More Tea Please!

        I agree Merilyn ai think all of the housewife shows have jumped the shark. Bravo is making up storyline a and stirring shit as fast as it can produce it. They intend to ride the carousel right down to the bottom of the toilet bowl!

    • Jim

      I watch the Real Housewives franchises for the exact opposite reasons. I watch for the train wrecks! I’m completely bored when there is no drama. Brandy is a detestable human being but at least she stirred the shit and made things interesting. When she was onscreen, you were guaranteed entertainment. I miss her this season. I even miss Kim’s slurring and her complete obliviousness to her surroundings. If I wanted to watch Pinky and her cute pets, I would turn to Too Cute on Animal Planet. I wanna see someone cut a bitch! :)

  4. cobe

    Lawstangel, there is a middle ground that makes for entertainment. The two extremes are not entertaining.

    The best would be humorous conflicts between witty and well matched “opponents”. I doubt it will happen, but LVP and Erika seem well matched wits-wise. If we can get them into an arched conversation about something less serious than a mentally ill woman, it should be well worth watching.

    Maybe the Faye/Kathryn match up will be worth watching.

    This year, it is really obvious that the “conflicts” are producer driven.

    Rinna needs to learn to stand up for her values. It is disingenuous to go agree to a producer driven story and then turn around and reneg. She does this type of thing over and over and it is irritating. She needs to find a belief system and commit.

    I don’t know if her text messages to Kim Richards were real or fake last year. If real, she has some mental issues. I believe her wine glass throwing was completely engineered.

    So, jury is out.

    They have all signed up for a reality show however. There are real questions about what Yolanda is doing and those questions are worth asking. Yolanda herself says she wants to be some type of brand ambassador for Lyme Disease. So, she should welcome the questions.

    It is very non-PC to question a sick person. Rinna is facing backlash, which should have been expected. I’d have more respect for her though if she simply said “Hey, I just asked the question. I was curious about what was going on.”

    She’s not the only one.

    So far, the show has been a let down. I think the producers knew it as well, thus the bringing in of Kathryn Edwards, Bethenny Frankel, and Faye Resnick.

    I also believe they had some issues because they had counted on Angie Simpson to bring some star power and, when she couldn’t get a work visa, had to cut most of her scenes and bring in a last minute replacement.

    I’m taking a wait and see approach. I hope it gets better.

    Screaming matches don’t do it for me. Physical violence doesn’t do it for me. Swan diarrhea storylines don’t do it for me.

    Clever conversation, smart retorts, and witty replies do. That’s the kind of show I expect from women who claim to be California’s elite society.

    • tbk

      Who is Angie Simpson?

    • Minky

      @cobe Hmmm? You raise some interesting points. So you’re saying that Rinna is a flip-flopper? I can see that. However, she’s employed by Bravo and if they tell her to raise some sort of stink, then she has very little choice in the matter. The money is probably too good for her to say no. Her voicing her reservations is probably her conscience talking, or she’s doing damage control for her own career.

      I know people in real life who are fabulously wealthy. I mean 20 car garages, indoor pools, gorgeous, expensive automobiles, a battalion of servants, etc. These people look and act pretty normal. I mean normal normal, not TV normal. They’re just like everybody else, personality-wise. Some are loud, some are quiet. Some like to flaunt their wealth, many don’t.

      These real life ladies obviously don’t have to work for a living. Their husbands are the ones who usually bring home the bacon. If they have any business dealings they’re used as tax write-offs. Like an art gallery or a boutique or anything connected to charity. And that’s how they spend their days. Lots and lots of club memberships, usually for charitable organizations, where they put on luncheons and the like to raise money for a cause. I’ve attended many of these types of do’s. Lunches, dinner, tea parties, auctions, etc.

      Do they gossip? Yes. But it’s all very discreet. And, I’ve never seen a fight break out. Ever.

    • microop

      Cobe, Rinna has a belief system and she’s made it clear from the start. She believes in making money. So if producers ask her to do a storyline, she will, but in the nicest possible way.

      • cobe

        microop: “Rinna has a belief system . . . making money”

        Probably the truest statement on this thread.

        Gotta respect the hustle.

        I’m not really sure what is a result of production (glass throwing) and what constitutes Rinna’s true character (backpedaling), so I guess my beef is really with production for making shit up. I just wish part of the script were for her to be direct and hold her ground.

        Rinna is doing exactly what she said she wanted to do: Making cash.

        Great point.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I think Rinna has a problem with being a people-pleaser, real bad. That’s why she seems to flip-flop. She wanted to please the producers, but then when she realized Yolanda was not going to be pleased, she gets distressed – and flip!

  5. Lisaj

    IDGI the hate towards Lisa, we are ALL thinking it, Yolanda said it herself at a reunion even. I’m tired of Lisa throwing her bratty daughters at us and the coot coot wax was gratuitous but come on, Yolanda claims an illness that doesn’t exist as her platform, can’t we ask questions????
    I like the fabulousness of BH and would rather watch a thumb up a swans ass then a drunks rambling on about finger banging or someone so inebriated that they confuse a poker marker w a dildo.

  6. Meg

    “And only Lisa is going to say it to her face”. No. She is not going to say it to her face. LR has no problem with stirring the pot or confrontation but she has problem with dealing with the consequences. Take fight in Amsterdam. She is going to pretend that nothing happened like last year.

    • tamaratattles

      Keep watching. Did you not listen to the podcast clip?

      • Cat

        I like Lisa R. Always have. I just never admitted it, until now.

      • Meg

        Heather Dubrow has her own podcast and she did an interview with Rinna last december. When they were talking about what’s going on with Yolanda Lisa said that she sensed something, had an idea BUT she “never said it to Yolanda straight out”. In my opinion when Yolanda will confront Lisa at some point Lisa will not pick up the gauntlet.

    • Erica

      Also, she HAS gone to people and said things to their face. Isn’t that part of the problem Kim had with her? She stated in episode 2 that she was going to go directly to Yolanda, confess to her that she listened to fans who had approached her and talk to her about it TO HER FACE. The problem is that Eileen blabbed before Lisa could do so – and in my opinion, didn’t state it in the way that she should have if she was going to be the tattle tale. (How could she? She wasn’t there for the original conversation!)

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I don’t think Eileen was intentionally stirring the pot. I think she honestly thought Yolanda was talking about Rinna when she was really talking about Taylor.

  7. Xmasbb

    Yolanda needs help. How tragic that Bravo is using this obviously disturbed person’s illness as a topic of conversation and ratings. I believe the difference between the Kim, Brooks\Vicki situation is this: That bunch KNEW they were a bunch of phoney jack wads. Yolanda truly believes her illness’s are real. In her mind, she is that sick. Yolanda deserves our prayers. Lisa R. deserves her propers four keeping it real. Finally, to those of you who are “tired” of Yolanda’s storyline, to her, it is not a storyline, Bravo is doing that. It is her life. Chronic illness, chronic pain, real or imagined is dehumanizing. I would not wish it on anyone, nor would I want anyone to walk a mile in my shoes.

  8. Thanks, TT. I listened to the Podcast. I wonder if Lisa R got in trouble, outing production like that. It was good to hear her say it, though. She does sound stressed out.
    I hate this story line. I work in a huge hospital and am surrounded by disease 8 hours a day. When I get home, I want swans, tiny ponies, private jets, insane clothes and humor–not more sickness.
    I am sorry for Yolanda but can’t stand her–never liked her, even when she was not sick. I find her instagram photos creepy. She is creepy, and if she is that sick then why is she on the show? I just fast forward her now. It’s easier.
    I might be in a minority here, but I like Lisa R. I find her funny and sweet.
    I am down that they are doing this spin on Eileen. She was so awesome last season. It seems like there is no story line for her except to get into fights with people. Why can’t the camera just follow her around as she goes from one studio to the other? That’s what I want to see–how the heck does she do two shows and take care of her family??
    Lisa V + Erika or Lisa V + Kyle is really fun. I like Erika. Envy her like crazy, but enjoying the vicarious ride. We have a two planes because one is big and one is small. LOL
    And with all her flaws, I love Lisa V, Ken, and their menagerie. They are so funny and silly. Hanky stole the season for me.
    I always love Kyle and feel for her. I have a similar family dynamic, so I guess I identify with her.
    Mauricio needs to be naked more. Make that the main story line!!

  9. jen

    I am finding Lisa odd this season. She is trying so hard. She is fine just the way she is without the Yo storyline, waxing her ho ho and pimping out her teen daughters. I love this season but there are tweaks I would make with some characters. I don’t want to watch Yo’s co workers I mean friends hurt her. Not pretty. I get that her health begins a discussion but please lets not make it a whole storyline for some. Just as Kim is discussed here and there as Kyle reacts to her sister’s situations I like that it is a bit shut down.

  10. Rose

    Contrary to what Rinna says in the podcast, she did not say it to Yo’s face. You said it, own it and move on. I get the inconsistency with Yo’s actions, pics and stories but have never been a Rinna fan long before the RH shows.

    • tamaratattles

      JESUS CHRIST PEOPLE! She hasn’t seen Yo on THE SHOW since THEY WERE ALL TALKING ABOUT IT ON TWO OCCAISIONS! Maybe wait until Rinna films with Yo again before all the comments about her not saying it to her face!

  11. Uh

    Is there.a way to listen to the whe podcast? That was a teaser link.

    • tamaratattles

      They didn’t provide a full link. I can’t find an archive. I would have liked to listed to it as well. The Podcast is called “Dirtly Little Secret” I think. Jenny McCarthy.

  12. JoJoFLL

    Meghan NEEDS RHOOC and Lisa doesn’t need RHOBH. Meghan came from a nasty, vile place. I took Lisa as that she was just repeating what other people had said to her. I used to love RHOBH, I abandoned RHOOC.

    FWIW, I’ve been looking for Brooks all over town since I heard he moved to FLL.

  13. Revealing my fatal geekness, the idea just flashed in my head while in the shower: How would I cast RHoBH for Lord of the Rings.
    Gollum: Yolanda
    The Ring: David Frost
    Frodo: Kyle
    Sam: Lisa R
    Galadriel: Eileen
    Legolas: Erika Jayne
    Eowyn: Erika G
    Gandalf: Lisa V
    Gandalf’s white horse: Ken
    Shelob: Brandi
    Sauron: The Producers

    • Sweet T

      I like erikas double role. This was funny I can see Yolanda saying “my precious “

      • Thanks, Sweet T. That’s what started my brain turning. I was thinking how Yolanda reminded me of Gollum.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Speaking of “my love”, anyone else notice Yo’s “health advocate” call her “my love” when she came out of surgery? That super weirded me out. Though I’ve taken to calling my boyfriend “my love”, it’s a bit contagious.

  14. Pitypat

    Lisa R would be exhausting to be around for very long. I know I am old and judgmental, but I don’t see the love for Erika. I don’t want to see her stuffed into a catsuit like a sausage, her babytalk, or watch her pat her puss. Her husband could hardly stand having lunch with her.

  15. KB

    @Cat….I had the same thoughts about production and their cookie cutter storylines.

    1) Baby/infertility
    2) Death of a dog
    3) Questionable illness
    4) Product launch
    5) Vow renewal
    6) Coming out with a cd and or video.
    7) Epic argument at dinner while on vacation.

    Couldn’t think of anymore, but yes, production is more to blame than anyone. I would like to see the cameras follow the ladies around as we watch what they REALLY do with their time. Like someone mentioned it would be interesting watching Eileen as she goes between both jobs. I also agree that they get alot of their material from what we write in the blogs. Especially RHOA. They even use some of the lingo in their talking heads. Well when RHOPotomac comes on we’ll see if there’s more of the same.

    • Cat

      At this point, it’s not about content. It’s about numbers. The more comments they see, the more of that topic they will produce. Whether it’s positive or negative, they will give the people what they seem to want. It’s all about ratings.

  16. Toddy

    I think I’m desirous of a travel show with witty, rich women. Because I enjoy glimpses into how they do it on the other side of the tracks, you know? I loved Sex and the City because of the camaderie, fashion, wit, and NY as the backdrop. Show us more LA, BH, and women having a good time. Raking a sick person – physical or mental – is not in good fun, it’s wrong.

    • Minky

      Yes. I agree. I have no problem with gossip and verbal sparring. But from watching the show you’d have no idea they were even in Los Angeles. And I don’t mind competition either. But there should be some rules. Even in boxing you’re not allowed to hit below the belt. Right?

      • Toddy

        I should have proofed before I sent, yikes! Glad you followed me, Minky, despite misspellings and incomplete thoughts. I like snark – I love this blog – but that Brooks mess just made my stomach hurt and I don’t wanna endure that again.

  17. Cat

    I was chatting with one of my Facebook friends recently. She was telling me about how she’s being attacked and falsely accused online. Her attackers turn out to be a group of preacher’s wives. Some local ones are actually stalking her. She’s also getting death threats.

    I told her it sounded like a Bravo Housewives show. They could do a new addition: Real Preacher’s Wives of Facebook…by Bravo.

  18. Erica

    Yes, I believe things are “directed” by production – but YOLANDA is the one giving them the tool to work with. She got sick on the show – and the reality of life is that people do get sick, and if you are on a reality show, that gets shown. Now Yoyo has had the choice to remain on the show – they could ask, and she could refuse every season.

    Lisa R hasn’t asked any questions or made any statements that I wouldn’t ask in her shoes. I also would, in a similar situation where I had a lot of people coming up to me and asking questions, go to Yolanda, especially since she is a self proclaimed spokesperson to educate people about Lyme’s. (What better way than to shoot a scene with your friend / co worker who has a shit ton of doubts and questions!)

    So – if directed by production, it could also be very natural (on Lisa’s part). I can also see Lisa VP and Kyle’s reticence a little natural too (esp. Kyle’s. She has a lot on her plate). There is NONE of the unnatural or cruel vitriol that we saw from Meghan, or the bandwagon jumping that we saw with Tamra and Shannon. I don’t see Heather as a bandwagon jumper – she rightfully went to Vicki with concerns that things didn’t add up, that she was concerned Vicki was being conned (and she was right, unless Vicki was in on it!) She only went ballistic when Terry was brought up as a doctor – and she rightfully defended him (I would have been batshit cray cray!)

  19. Jane

    If I want to watch sick people, I will watch TLC. I want to see rich people having fun and living life. A little squabble, the flu, fine. Otherwise, I want glamour, fantasy and envy. Except for Yolymda, I like the season and change channels when she’s on.

  20. tripleOGpearl

    I may be alone here, but I like Lisa Rinna AND Eileen. They seem the most authentic. The others seem as though they are hyper aware of the cameras, therefore they are always trying to sell us something.

    Kyle and her faux horror in regards the Kim situation being mentioned when SHE is usually the one bringing her up KILLS ME.

    Pinky’s true colors are showing. She is cold and calculated. However, her fabulous lifestyle is what the show was intended for. So I’m here for ALL of it.

    Erika, is trashy and I’m LOVING it. She makes no apologies for who she is. She doesn’t appear to mask how she came into that life either. Whatever “arrangement” she and her husband have appears to be based in reality. None of the smoke and mirrors that most of these other society ladies try to project.

    • Minky

      I loved both Rinna and Eileen last season. Eileen was the voice of reason and Rinna was the bold, courageous, and witty one. Now they’re making them both look awful. This season Eileen seems to have a pissy, absentee husband, which allegedly makes her more prone to being a frustrated shit stirrer, and Rinna is getting the cray-cray edit. They’re also being perhaps a little less kind to Kyle now that Kim isn’t on the show. No more kid gloves for Kyle. Hmmm?

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Kyle WAS the one to bring it up at the white party, then acted annoyed it was being discussed.

  21. MzKRB

    I didn’t hear it live on Jenny’s show on Sirius, but I think Lisa wants to be “truth canon” 2.0. It doesn’t sit well me with that Lisa feels the need to bring up “well everyone is talking about it too.” If you get caught, own it. The need to bring up Kyle and LVP is not necessary. Kyle brought it up to Yolo in her own way when she talked about depression and I think due to the relationship that LVP has with Mohammed and knowing Yolo’s propensity to sting, she may be a little more cautious on how she speaks to her about it. I think they are all coming from a place of concern and confusion (which is to be expected) which to me is the important part. Going down the path of Munchausen (sp) is a bit different than saying I think all of these treatments may be having an impact on your health and not sure if they are hurting or helping. By ringing that potential “fake-ness’ bell she threw a lot of things in motion (producer driven or not) that didn’t need to be.

    • peachteachr

      Yeah, and how did that work out for Kyle? Yolanda was offended. And, no concern at all for Kyle being depressed about the loss of her mother. In polite conversation wouldn’t you at least say I’m sorry you had to go through that? Cause if you haven’t lost your mama, you don’t know what you’re in store for.
      I admit that I find Yolanda’s illness strange. If you can’t write or drive, how do you get dressed up for awards or vacations?

  22. sandra

    Lisa’s only mistake was talking about munchausen. She should have told production no.

  23. microop

    As far as I can tell Lisa did not say she thinks yolanda has munchausens but rather was relating it coming up in a conversation. No one has said Yolanda wasn’t sick. The question has been is it lyme disease. Lisa is getting thrown under the bus. But she’s a tough cookie, and a hustler, she will be back next season, and have a better edit then.

    • MzKRB

      I think it’s saying something that she was entertaining the discussion then bringing it to the other girls, not just mentioning it but reading the definition. To me, that gives it a little more credence. (Not to say that’s not what it is)

  24. cobe

    MzKRB, LVP is not “coming from a place of concern and confusion”.

    She knows the scoop and knows it is BS.

    She is coming from a place of actively trying not to roll her eyes on camera when Yo pulls her bullshit.

    I think she learned from the Kim fiasco to stay far far away from pointing out the bullshit of a mentally unstable person.

    If Rinna is going to take that role, she needs to stand strong and be very clear, not hint at it and then back away, blaming others for discussing it. Otherwise, play the bullshit game along with all of the others and let it go.

    Not a single person on that show is buying the bullshit Yo is shoveling. Did you see GiGi’s face at the end of the meeting about the will? She was completely over it.

    Invisible illnesses are real. Mysterious illnesses are real. Chronic illnesses are real. Illnesses where one day you cannot get out of bed and the next you can fly to Singapore for a red carpet are real.

    But Yolanda has shown signs that she has a self induced mental illness.

    Mental illnesses are also real, but require a different type of handling. Sadly, there are a whole lot of doctors out there who will take advantage of someone with Yo’s type of mental illness, perpetuate it, and monetize it.

    Someone who truly cares about Yolanda would point that out. Sadly for her, she burned so many bridges that nobody on that show gives a shit about her. If she had real relationships with people she didn’t have to pay (the maid, Daisy, doctors), someone would sit her down with concerns. She doesn’t have those relationships and ends them when people do try to be honest (King David).

    She is the captain of her sinking ship and there is nothing anyone can do to stop her.

    I don’t feel sorry for people who bang their head against the wall and then complain about a headache.

    • Well said, cobe. Thank you.

    • Lime Brain

      Cobe, my mother would agree with you about Gigi. She only watches bits and pieces of the show. When they showed the scene of Yolanda telling the kids about the will, she said that girl hates her mother (referring to Gigi). I asked what was she talking about. My mother said “look at her eyes, you can tell.” Unfortunately, I’m oblivious to these things.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I would have to agree with your mother’s assessment. I’ve gotten that feeling from Gigi many times. She seemed less than thrilled when Yolanda woke her up just before going into surgery. The whole will scenario REALLY bothered me – Yolanda should have discreetly let one person know where the will was, just in case. Not try to make it a big pity party. Those kids are being emotionally manipulated, because Yolanda feels loved when she looks at Gigi and sees tears in her eyes. And I think a part of Gigi knows that is what’s going on. That’s got to hurt.

  25. Just Saying

    I have been a long time fan of Lisa r so I can see she is trying to do her job as asked but is not comfortable with it like Meghan was. I still believe Yolanda is sick from silicone and could also have Lyme so we will see how it eventually plays out but hopefully Lisa r won’t be left out because of her comments. Truthfully I wish production would go with Yolanda’s illness instead so people could be educated on these diseases instead of creating unnecessary drama

  26. Rinna was wrong when she insinuated Yolanda might have Munchhausen. End of story. There’s no coming back from that. She has a funny way of getting involved in other people’s business and claiming she’s “concerned”. Yolanda is Rinna’s new Kim. Great.

    LVP hates Yolanda and once again will come off smelling like roses because she’s a true chess player. Her and Kyle I tell ya. Power players. haha

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