Weekend Daily Tea: How’s The New Year Treating You?



It’s time to check in on all of out plans for 2016.  Remember? We gave ourselves a bit of extra time to start on our road to a happier 2016 by starting on this past Monday. I’d give myself a solid ‘B’ so far.  I had a few chocolates left over from Christmas that I could not resist. But other than that, I’ve stuck to my clean eating with mostly salads and baked fish.  I tried cooking a whole tilapia but that didn’t go so well. I think because it was so small. It weighed only just over a pound with head and tail and bones and there was not much meat. This means I can justify buying the more expensive salmon fillets, right?

My mental results have been phenomenal.  I’ve been drinking electrolyte water almost exclusively (believe it or not the cheapest place to buy it is Whole Foods 365 brand) about three liters a day! I’m allowing myself the fattening dressing on salads, at least for now. And this all seems to be having a great effect on my moods.  Physically, I’ve got some joint issues slowing me down, but they are also improving.

Eating fresh foods means way more trips to the grocery store than I would like, but that’s probably a good thing. Getting out more is part of the plan.

So we made it through the first week. How did you do?  If you need a do over, there is another Monday right around the corner.

What is on your agenda for this weekend? I’ve got a chicken to cook and a kitchen to clean and a sink to try once again to unclog!  The weather is bleak, but I’m in a good place so it’s time to get started!


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56 responses to “Weekend Daily Tea: How’s The New Year Treating You?

  1. Cat

    My last blood pressure check at the cardiologist’s office was NORMAL! And that was with the anxiety from having to leave my apartment! So, not only are the meds working, but limiting sodium has helped a lot.

    Still working on the other things.

  2. tbk

    I have to take down my tree.

  3. Lisaj

    I’ve cleaned living room, all bathrooms, spare room and my closets. So far we have 8 large leaf size bags to donate of extra items. Today I’m cleaning out my home office.
    I’ve liked the accountability involved.
    I’m going to my GYN Wednesday for Lymes but I’ve driven to the mail box, not walked. One more thing I didn’t share, I take pain medicine for MS and migraines. After watching Kim Richards I began to evaluate my pain medication routine. I’m proud to announce I’ve been able to ween myself off of breakthrough pain medication that had become a habit, I took it as dr ordered but I wasn’t always in pain. So yeah me!

    • Cat

      Good for you! That is not easy to do, sometimes!

      • Lisaj

        Thank you Cat! It was just Tylenol w Codiene but addiction runs in my family and I’m always paranoid of tipping over that scary line. I pray for Kim R and her whole family, it’s a hard road.
        TT this honestly has been awesome and I’m hoping you do accountability updates every few weeks, it’s helping me!

      • Cat

        I know what you mean, Lisaj. When I had my surgery, they gave me all sorts of pain killers, including a time release morphine. That one scared me so much, I only took it for a couple of days. Then, I decided to just deal with the pain.

        Again, congrats on your success!

    • Queen of the Nile

      Congrats, Lisaj! Looks like you’ve had a stellar week.

      And I’m so glad that TT checked in with her B grade. I love this idea …. good way to stay motivated. I’m only giving myself a C+. Did super on food choices, got down the decorations and started a to-do list, BUT the boxes haven’t made it up to the attic and I slipped up with wine at night. Jeez, that’s hard to give up!!! At least it was only three nights and I’m abstaining tonight, so I get credit for some progress? Monday starts a new week, which I hope will be less alcoholic and even more productive. :-)

      • Cat

        Oh, no…I didn’t know we were supposed to grade ourselves. I guess I would give myself a D, since I only accomplished one third. :(

        The blood pressure was easy. That’s physical. The other two are more mental…I have a lot of work ahead of me in that area.

        But, I’ll give it a shot. Maybe TT will take pity on me and give me a makeup test…or Summer School?

    • Dee

      Lisaj, I’m impressed by all you have done!

    • Miele

      I’m inspired and impressed by all you’ve been able to do!!! I am working on dialing back on pain medication as well, so it’s encouraging to read that you’ve done so and managed to get so much done without it!

  4. Siohban

    I quit my job and moved to a new job and new apartment 2 days before Christmas but I was able to get the apartment cleaned by last Sunday. I was also able to paint my new bedroom a pretty yellow so I could have sunshine everyday regardless of the weather. :-)

  5. Cheychey

    Painting to brighten up your new year is a great idea. I even bought some during the summer (it’s in the closet collecting dust on the can).

  6. I roasted a chicken last night and now I am making stock for soup and pot pies. My son is away for the weekend and I don’t know what to do with myself. I need to get my Lisa R hustle on and tend to my Etsy shop, it’s no QVC but I plan to work hard this year and move closer to the beach by summer.That’s my post divorce plan and I hope by saying it out loud here I will make it come true. I am living deep in the valley, as B.G. would say and really want to move before the hot comes back.

    • Karen

      I’ve been on a homemade bone stock kick myself! I bought good quality organic bones from wholefoods and made chix and beef stock and put in mason jars. There’s all kinds of recipes on line for bone and bone Marrow broth. Apparently the collagen and health benefits are amazing! Especially for inflamation. I’ve read a couple books on bone broth benefits over the holidays and ive learned it’s better than Botox for your skin and good for hair and nails. We shall see. It’s good for the cold New England climate as well. I’ve been Reading a lot, getting to bed early, organizing the house and feel accountable for my health. I’m not escaping as I used too! Abstaining from every substance but wine. Nothing is controlling me and I’m in charge and that’s my new happy place! I’m going with an A-. Need to add exercise!! Not saying I don’t have problems but feel good about effort!

      • tamaratattles

        I love making broth! I store it in ziplocs and ice cube trays in the freezer. I have a chicken I roasted today and will make broth from the bones in a day or two.

  7. I got sick again, this week. Third time with this chest thing over the last three months. Instead of forcing myself to go to work and getting bronchitis, like I did with the first bout, I called in sick for three days and slept a lot. Went to work last night, but I have the weekend off, so will be resting and pampering myself. Will commit to walking tomorrow morning.

    My main stressor is my job. I am continuing to work on how to lessen that with my therapist and mindfulness action. Bad management, half the techs have quit and no replacement, doubling the work in the last year–it’s hellish. Everyone at work has had this chest crud, and we keep reinfecting each other.

    23 and 1/2 months and I can retire! In the mean time, I have to get through it without having a heart attack.

    Breathe, Lisa…breathe….

    (Petomato is still alive!)

  8. erikainhb

    I got my braces on on Tuesday and it’s been a hot mess ever since..what was I thinking. Lol! I can’t chew and eating, even drinking water, was painful …so I switched to wine. ? On the plus side this has helped with the diet resolution. Actually it’s much better today and my mouth is starting to feel a little better. Yay! Maybe this won’t be the longest 8 months of my life.

  9. Minky

    You’re all doing great. All of these comments make me smile. Now if only I could have the energy to do some heavy duty cleaning.

    I’ve still got a cough or two from my bronchitis and I had a wisdom tooth pulled yesterday. All i had to eat yesterday were two pudding cups. And I’m having a dilly of a time at work. I guess I need about another week to get going. Deep breath. Deep sigh.

  10. Rose

    I’ve been sick since Monday. Finally went to the doctor on Thursday and got needed antibiotics…not even stressing over being off work multiple daysbut I’m sure my boss has been having a fit. This is the first weekend in a long time I’ve just been home healing my body, reading, relaxing,and sleeping. Looking forward to being back at the gym next week.

  11. Katherine 2.0

    Congrats, TT! You sound energized. Having a great year here, too, until today. Dog swallowed a ping pong ball.

  12. Cat

    Sorry to hear so many are sick or in pain. Hope you all get better soon!

  13. Dee

    Tamara, um glad you are doing so well. I sound like you have accomplished quie a bit! Congratulations!!

  14. yrakme

    I too feel very motivated to get healthy this year. Unfortunately, I just had knee surgery a few days ago after injuring it jumping over a fence at work. I was stupid and forgot I no longer have a 30 year old body. I have had time on my hands to reflect on my planned transformation and, for the first time, I actually look forward to the process. Thanks TT for motivating me to join in here and actually post something!

  15. tamaratattles

    Why in the name of all that is holy am I so tired when I am eating well and sleeping soundly at night. I just want to sleep ALL THE TIME and the littlest things exhaust me. :(

    • Cat

      Maybe because you are no longer stressed, and are playing catch up?

    • I just got diagnosed with sleep apnea. I’ve been using a cpap machine for the past week. Still exhausted but feeling fractionally better every day. And I’ll take that! You might want to look into it…

      • Katherine 2.0

        TT, you could be detoxing. Give it some time.

      • tamaratattles

        YES! Katherine! I woke up this morning and had that epiphany in bed this morning. Of course that is what it is. All the water and you know nutrients instead of processed food and sugar and alcohol is a bit of a shock to the system.

        I now remember this happens every Lent and each time it is a brand new perplexing experience for me. I have REALLY BAD MEMORY. I just to teach in adjoining classrooms with a friend of mine and I would moan and groan about whatever my physical issues were, and every once in awhile she’d say, “this has been going on for two years now, when are you going to go to the doctor?” And I’d be confused thinking it was a new thing. lol.

        Detox it is.

        I’m glad the CPAP is working for you LC. I’ll keep my thoughts to myself on that.

      • Lady C:

        When I started on the CPAP, it was a revelation. I had always woken up tired, was a slug til the afternoon, then passed out late at night in total exhaustion.

        It took a little while, but the change was incredible. For the first time in years and years, I started waking up rested and mentally alert. I no longer needed 2 hours in the morning to get up and get moving. It had been so long that I had completely forgotten what that was like. I started going to sleep at night instead of just passing out.

        So stick with it. It’s a process. I think you’ll be pleased with the results!

        (Of course mine fell to shit later, but that wasn’t the CPAP’s fault!)

  16. Micheal

    Drying a duck for peking duck recipe tonight. But so far doing well with no booze since NYE.

    Have to deplete the wine reserves before moving to London. So that probably won’t last.

    • More Tea Please!

      Yum! My one resolution was to clean out/eat out my freezer. Fortunately for us, there was a yummy duck breast which has already been L’Oranged…

    • Angel(?)

      Why are you moving to London Micheal? Do you have friends and family there? If my questions are too personal, don’t answer. Just want to know you will have someone around. ?

    • Xanadude

      Whoah. That’s major! When is the move?

  17. Megsca67

    I have to give myself a C for this week but I’m feeling much better about the coming weeks. Need more veggies but have already stocked up. Happy New Year TT!

  18. More Tea Please!

    I’ve cut back on food, cut back on carbs and upped salads. Haven’t done squat in the way of exercise but the scale is down a tiny bit.

    Today I splurged – made venison chili which was used to make nachos. It looks like the weather next week will be more conducive to walking.

  19. Wanda

    I’ve had a few slip-ups due to crazy hours at work, but I’ve managed to drink a lot more water, add fruits or veggies to most meals, and have been taking my lunch to work. Tonight I’m making kale and diced sweet potatoes with some chorizo thrown in. The rest of today and all day tomorrow will be spent finishing a hellacious report. Hopefully I can get some real rest after that.

  20. Happily, I woke up today and felt healthy! Walked to the store and back. Family is off to celebrate my niece’s birthday. She is 49. That makes me really really old. But I walked!! FTW!
    Saw a news item that said squirrels are getting fat because of the warm winter. Good, blaming any future weight gain on climate change and Al Gore!

  21. JoJoFLL

    Y’all are doing great! My cardio is up but that’s it. I can’t get off the booze because it’s ALWAYS something. My BFFs birthday was yesterday and I threw a big boozy brunch. I have a big crew coming in two weeks for the Miami Marathon (I’m only doing the half) but it will be a big boozy, party weekend.

  22. Margarett

    Hi, Tamara and Everyone! A solid B is very good. I would give myself a C. Mostly because Catholic schools. The “Sisters of No Mercy” were tough graders.

    I do feel encouraged, and have managed to eat something within 2 hours of waking except for one day. That’s one of the hardest “better choices”for me. Next week it’s getting dressed even if I’m not going anywhere. I do so love my flannel nightshirts.

  23. Margarett

    All of y’all (that’s plural you know) are doing so well that I may need to lower my grade. Really impressive! Well done.

  24. tamaratattles

    LisaMia! Cheers for a healthy day! I felt the same too! I went to TJMaxx and World Market today. I haven’t enjoyed doing that in YEARS. It was FUN! I overspent, but um, retail therapy and all that.

    Margarett, I struggle with eating in the morning and getting dressed as well. I also had better hygiene on my list and am not doing as well with that as I’d like. I prefer night time showers and I’ve just kind of konked out more nights than I care to admit. I know I should try being a morning shower person, but ….baby steps. :) I did put back the pajamas I had in my cart at TJMaxx but I purchased a new bathrobe. I didn’t really need it. I got a great one for Christmas last year, but this one was lighter weight and will be great for um, not getting dressed in the summer. heh..

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