Jenelle Evans’ Ex- Husband Courtland Rogers Is In Prison



I usually don’t cover Teen Mom here (though I do secretly watch when I remember it is on), so two Teen Mom stories in one day is a bit much.  However, someone sent me some info on Courtland Rogers that I thought I would share.  Courtland and Janelle married in 2013 and were both arrested for domestic violence and heroin shortly thereafter.  The lovely couple made it less than two years before divorcing.

Since then Courtland has been arrested many, many times over the past few years and it seems that the court system is tired of giving him leniency. Last month,  Courtland was sentenced to three years in prison with a minimum of 1 year and 8 months to serve with good behavior.  Call me a skeptic, but I don’t see him having good behavior . But maybe he can at least stay clean for a while. Oddly, back in October, Courtland did a documentary for a local station on the heroin problem in his North Carolina community.

And they all have decided to become window lickers tonight!


Jenelle Evans moved on to Nathan Griffith where she had her second child, a son called bagel, or donut or Kaiser roll or something. She and Nathan, who came with the criminal record that Janelle apparently requires, are currently fighting over custody.

Don’t worry about Janelle though. She has found yet another man with a criminal past in the form of David Eason. He has almost as many mugshots as Janelle. She apparently thinks she might want a kid with him in the future too. Because, why not? I think he mother should take Jace and move far away and change her name and his. And if David had a brain, he would Eason down the road as fast as he could.


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31 responses to “Jenelle Evans’ Ex- Husband Courtland Rogers Is In Prison

  1. Minky

    Jenelle and her various beaus are the poster children for white trash living. There should be a lifestyle magazine for that segment of the ‘Murican population. Like the toothless hick equivalent of Town & Country. Hick and Shine? Mouth-breather & Goon-bag? Like I said, I live next door to people like this. Just the So. Cal version. Pray for me.

  2. JentheAUBURNfan

    Her Twitter is gold! Makes me feel like I am living the life of royalty!! Her post about living court land and him being the man of her dreams were used again for Nathan and now this new guy. Her best line is ” its so good to be with a real man. We have been together two weeks and haven’t had an argument!” I have to make a new Twitter every few days because she blocks me.
    I’m so glad we share this bond TT!

    By the way I’m glad you are back, but also glad you left us with a few loyal a to keep the entertainment flowing!

    • You make up new accounts to taunt someone that you choose to follow? You’re one of those? You people scare me. And … Well, I feel sorry for you. Suggestion? Go live a life. You’re not living the life of royalty. You’re living a very sad existence.

    • Why not just leave her alone? Poor girl never had any guidance and is a product of whatever environment she came from! Not everyone can rise above it because they don’t have the necessary mental/social skills to do so! Don’t be part of the problem :-)

      • tamaratattles

        Are you talking about Janelle? She has a perfectly lovely hard working mother who took her child and raised him as her own and somehow managed to get Janelle to attend and graduate with a two year degree from community college. That is a whole lot more than a lot of kids have.

      • Oh sorry! My bad for assuming she never had much guidance to start with! I take it they don’t get any counseling to help them sort through their behavior?

  3. microop

    I’m pretty much the only person still rooting for Jenelle. What? There’s something about her I like, and I just hope she gets the self esteem to make better choices.

  4. Lisaj

    Now I want a bagel.

  5. Angel(?)

    Here’s my take on Teen Mom worse moms:
    1. Farrah
    2. Janelle
    3. Amber
    4. Leah

    The only one I feel for is Leah but she’s starting to make it hard. Funny how my favorite couple Tyler and Caitlyn had the worst home lives but turn out to be the most functional.

    • Xanadude

      The fact that Tyler and Caitlyn made the amazingly great (and adult) decision to place their child for adoption, knowing that was truly the best thing for everyone, makes me really root for them…and the fact that Farrah uses that to try to paint them as bad people (seriously she did – several times saying a variant of “well at least I didn’t give my baby away because I love her”) makes her even worse

      Plus, I have a crush on Butch.

    • Micheal

      Leah is the worst! At leats Janelle owns her shit. Leah always trashes her ex when he just wants his kids out of a drug den.

      • Xanadude

        And Corey’s a cutie too – he apparently took some elocution lessons, as he is no longer subtitled like he has been in previous seasons

      • Micheal

        He is sooo my type. Chunky bogan.

        He and the twins deserve better than Leah.

        I hate how she is babied by the show and that annoying reunion host: when they happily trash Janelle and point out her horrible decision making. Yet Leah gets a huge free pass.

      • Xanadude

        Chunky HAIRY Bogan….sigh…

    • Very good point, they had it way worse than Janelle. Babs is not to blame. ?

  6. Jen

    I am a closet teen mom watcher (if I happen upon it 😉
    Love catching the updates here.

    Farrah is the worst. But like to watch the train wreck!

  7. Dee

    Farrah and amber are two of the worst. Shame on Dr. Drew for this mess.

  8. Courtesy of the the dads after-show and the “papaquiz” we have grand insight into the new love, David…he never saw star wars (yet had a clear opinion…”good and bad”) doesn’t know what his first car was, doesn’t know what a bucket list is, other than something to put ice and beer in, and he doesn’t “read” the internet. Yay!! Another winner!! The Janelle fodder won’t end any time soon. ? Poor Babs ?

  9. Martha

    I am new to Teen Mom.. other than (Macy and Chelsea men) do any of these people work?

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