Farrah Abraham Explains Why She Wasn’t Allowed in Lisa Vanderpump’s White Party!

What fresh hell is this? A cross over with Teen Mom OG and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Oh HAIL to the NOE.

Farrah clearly knows she was not invited to the white party shown on last week’s RHOBH but says, “I might just go anyways. I’ll probably just be the star at the party.”

Farrah seems to discount her work in the porn industry as the reason that the RHOBH ladies do not want to associate with her. She says she has overcome her porn days and moved on. Farrah blames the show (Teen Mom) for her horrible reputation saying,  “It’s because I’m a part of the Teen Mom cast ! I cannot help that my association with a show that has many other people, who do not conduct themselves the same way as I, are part of something that I’m a part of.”

Farrah is a porn star

Um, well she is right, the other cast members certainly don’t conduct themselves in the same manner she does. Pretty much every clip of her on MTV is of her throwing a tantrum and being completely horrible to the production crew of Teen Mom.

Farrah says she “Might just need to show them (RHOBH) that they need to grow up, so that they shouldn’t throw white parties if they don’t know how to be upscale and classy about it.”

BWAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH! I can’t breathe!  Farrah “Backdoor Teen Mom” with her anal sex porn is telling the RHOBH to grow up and be classy?

A lot of sites are saying that she was “uninvited” from the white party. I think that is all part of Farrah’s delusions. That THOT was never invited to anything. Which begs the question, what was she doing in the Hamptons in the first place? How did she even make it inside the city limits?

Did you see where Farrah says she wants to adopt another child??? They won’t actually give her a kid will they?

I don’t think RHOBH filmed her at all but I am hoping that Teen Mom filmed her getting turned away. We will have to wait and see.  What happened to her Christian parenting book?  Perhaps she should call up Phaedra Parks to co-write it with her?


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72 responses to “Farrah Abraham Explains Why She Wasn’t Allowed in Lisa Vanderpump’s White Party!

  1. Kim M

    Bahaha! Farrah lecturing about having “class”. That’s rich!! Someone should develop some kind of repellent for that psycho nymph! Don’t go away angry, Farrah, just go away! Cue eye roll.

  2. Lisa A.

    I’m generally a peaceful person. Farrah stirs something very violent in me…like ‘I’d like to choke her’ violent!

    • What is that? Because while I don’t have the choking reflex on sight of Abraham, after seeing some of her talk show interviews re: her porn escapades I do sort of feel like I break out into hives when she opens her mouth to speak… I feel that, and an inexplicable urge to bathe in a scalding hot tub of water with 20 Mule Team Borax. God forgive me for saying it but it’s the honest truth.

      • Minky

        Whew! I thought it was just me. What’s most disturbing is that Farrah’s behavior is being rewarded. That Jenelle creature too. I think that’s what riles people the most. It makes no sense!

        You work and go to school, and you avoid making a spectacle of yourself, and you become a good citizen, and a productive member of society, aaaaaaaand nothing. Just bullshit and misery. And no reward. :0(

        I know that life isn’t fair. And, no, I don’t think anyone deserves an award for common decency. But still.

      • addie2u

        I get the same reaction. She’s an embarrassment to herself, her parents, & her child especially when she morphs into the “highly educated” Farrah.

        “So I cannot help —- that my association —- with —- a show —- that has many other people who do not connect themselves the same way as I —- are part of something that I’m a part of.”

      • msdc

        I don’t know Minky – guess it depends on what one considers “being rewarded.” IMO, the fact that millions of people are aware of all the fucked up things they’ve done, the extent to which they’ve disrespected their parents, and so on and so on.

        Putting it into perspective: what’s the reward? Money? As far as I’m concerned, there’s no “reward” on earth to make me want to be either one of them.

  3. Sherri

    This biotch is truly delusional. There was nothing about the tape said… ummm maybe not the tape but she just said the porn industry was writing stuff about her. And…she doesn’t conduct herself the way the other cast members do. I TOTALLY agree. They’re not crazy whore bots making sex tapes. If she thinks Teen Mom is the reason she wasn’t invited she’s way crazier than I thought.

  4. Cat

    I am speechless. I have no words.

  5. Katherine 2.0

    But the work she’s done has CHANGED THE WORLD, people! Yes, and so has disease, war and famine. What a scourge she is.

    • addie2u

      Farrah’s work “changed the world” = proof this family has no grasp on reality & confirmation they live in an altered universe.

    • misery chick

      That pathetic, greedy and desperate ‘mother’ is almost harder to watch than Farrah Poor daughter, sincerely hope she puts away that $600 for therapy ?

    • Sliceo'pie

      I thought she was gonna be a plastic surgeon?

      “In fact she loves plastic surgery so much that she thinks she actually has what it takes to become a surgeon.

      “I am starting licensing around January and then want to work up through cosmetics, aesthetics, everything up to plastic surgery and my Ph.D.,” said the once adult film star.

      • tamaratattles

        LOL at her getting an Phud in plastic surgery. O.M.G! She is so fucking stupid. ​

        Will she be doing this before or after she opens her chains of restaurants where she is the chef?

  6. I’ve been attending White Parties since I was 18-19 years old (and I am now in my mid 40s). There is NOTHING about Farrah Abraham that says ‘White Party guest’ – whether the affair takes place on the northeastern seaboard or in the old Art Deco hotels of Miami Beach (where the crowds were always a little more hedonistic) – this child clearly has no clue to what she’s even talking about.

  7. Angel(?)

    I am so waiting for Farrah to get her just rewards when Sophia begins to truly lash out.

    • Sherri

      Well she’s already started hitting her….smh. And Farrah just sat there and continued to berate her mother (Teen Mom ep)

      • Micheal

        That was do horrifying to watch. So many things wrong in that scene. To the point that Sophia seemed perfectly reasonable for hitting her mother. “Stop being mean, you have a bad attitude” :Sophia 2015.

    • tamaratattles

      It may not be a PC thing to say but Sophia is already a lost cause. The damage is done. Her other grandparents on the deceased father’s side should have tried to take that girl. It’s too late now.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I have to agree.

      • Dawn

        The boys mother took her to court and the judge ruled against the grandmother. I’m not sure why because I can’t imagine her being any worse than Farrah and her mess of a family. They wouldn’t even give her visitation.

      • Sliceo'pie

        I was honestly shocked by the way she treated her mother on that last episode-I’ve seen quite a few episodes (hangs head in shame) so it should come as no surprise but her nastiness has reached new lows. The manner in which she spoke to her mother was indescribable and what was even more pathetic was that her mother PERMITTED her to speak to her like that..

        Most shocking part of the episode: Sophia throwing the ball at her grandmother (who’s taken care of that kid since birth) in anger. I actually gasped.

      • tamaratattles

        Farrah is apparently occaisionally helping her mother with bills. For this reason she feels entitled to treat her like a hated step child. It’s disgusting and why Nicki went after her on Twitter.

  8. She sounds as if she’d be a good addition to RHoOC.

  9. Jesus, take the rear. Oh, dear me! Wheel damn it, wheel! ?

  10. Kim M

    Ok so can anyone tell me why this girl is so absolutely delusional?! Did anyone else catch her on Celeb Big Brother UK?! (I saw on YouTube) WHOA! She is just a horrible human being. NOTHING positive comes from that hole in her face she calls a mouth!

    • Minky

      Mmm hmm. What I wonder is this: Are people like Farrah and Jenelle born or bred? Is is nature or nurture. Ohhhh! The mystery of faith.

      • Kim M

        Crazy right?! It’s amazing how much work this chick gets. I give the MTV producers credit. Hope the pay is worth all her public berating & tantrums! Nice example to set for her daughter…she has A LOT of karma coming her way. She wasn’t a nice person in the beginning either. Well as my dad used to say “you reap what you sow”.

      • Miguel

        Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

  11. microop

    While in many regards I do feel bad for Farrah (her parents have admitted to being physically abusive to her growing up), she is in her mid twenties now, and it’s time for her at the very least learn how to be nice to people. At best she should stop surrounding herself with yes men (including her parents) and find a good therapist for her and sophia.

    • addie2u

      Many of us were born in an era where being physically abused by your parents was the norm. We called it a spanking & in some areas a good old fashioned “ass whoopin'”. Some teachers also had permission to bend you over their knee & smack your ass with the “golden ruler”.

      Farrah’s behavior appears to be the result of overindulgent parents who put her on a pedestal & doled out unearned praise. We can see her using the same parenting methods x 10 to raise Sophia. Parents who overvalue their children – believing they are “God’s gift to mankind” = kids who grow up with an overblown sense of their own superiority & they behave very badly – often becoming narcissistic, repugnant adults.

      Passing it forward: your work has “changed the world” → giving a kid $600 for losing a tooth (+ flaunting it on social media) → karma!

      • Meredo

        @addie2u, YES! I couldn’t agree more.

      • Dawn

        I agree. My brother and I got our behinds busted a lot. I didn’t and don’t think I was abused. As a matter of fact those spankings were well deserved. We would never talk back to our parents. I just think the changes in parenting styles these days, more often than not, are not for the better.

      • hannahkingrose

        I grew up with spankings used as punishment for bad behavior. I got 4 of them in my life. My parents didn’t abuse me physically or verbally even though I got spanked. The reason I only got 4 is because I finally got it. So when I was told to do something, I respected them and did it, no back talk (at least where they could hear it), no whining, just minded my parents. Having my butt swatted a couple of times didn’t turn me into a serial killer or a child abuser. It made me a better listener.

        I followed my parents’s philosophy and my boys were spanked in the same manner as I was. I also used time outs, grounding, taking away toys and even positive reinforcement for good behavior. They have manners, don’t think the world revolves solely around them and don’t expect for everything to be handed to them. I don’t claim to be a perfect mother but I taught them respect for themselves and others.

        Farrah never learned any of the lessons I taught my sons. She’s over indulged even now by her parents maybe to make up for how they raised her or to stay in her good graces. Either way, they are not helping their daughter and granddaughter. Farrah’s outlook on life is so skewed that unless she does get a incredible therapist and listens to them I don’t think the cycle will be broken. So sad. $600 from the tooth fairy. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

      • Miguel

        PREACH, addie2u!!!!!!!

  12. SB

    Farrah is the most delusional person on earth. I watched her on last season of Celebrity Big Brother and I was embarrased for her and her daughter.

  13. peachteachr

    OMGosh, TT, Farrah and Phaedra writing a Christian parenting book is your best line of this new year.

  14. is this girl farrah retarded? she seems like she has issues besides not being too bright.

  15. Micheal

    This season of Teen Mom OG is going to be good.

    Farrah is slowly going crazy right on our televisions. The scene where she had lunch with her mother and made her cry over how to wash clothes correctly.

    However, her mother is nearly as bad to be honest. Her dad is a weak enabler, her mother is a passive aggressive, button pushing momster. When your 5 year old is the most reasonable member of the family, something is wrong.

    • Angel(?)

      I saw that scene too! Boy there is some dysfunction there. I would really like to know what Farrah’s psychological diagnoses is. Does anyone remembers her on Couple’s Therapy? I’ve always wonder how she got Dr. Jenn in her corner. Btw, that’s when I started thinking Dr. Jenn is a fool.

  16. You need to take that child by the hand and put her in a time out for days! She is a rude, mean little child and this is how she treats elders, I think it’s Farrahs mother. That child will end up a copy if Farrah!

  17. I have more respect for whores that proudly claim their whore status.

    • Xanadude

      I have the feeling MTV is going to “Abby” her this season, since she’s been trash talking the show and assaulted a member of production.

      I’m also rather upset over the news that my beloved Party Down South has been cancelled after this season. Don’t judge me.

      • hannahkingrose

        Xanadude, oh no it’s really being cancelled? I’m a Party Down South guilty pleasure girl myself. At least these kids admit exactly who and what they are and seem to really like each other for the most part lmao. What’s to become of Hotdog (Hannah) and Daddy? And who will look after Maddie when she turns into Hurricane Martha the next time she gets knee walking drunk and pissed off because someone looked at her wrong and none of the gang is around? Well at least we have one more season.

        We could start a letter writing project to try to save the show. I don’t know if 2 letters from us will make much of an impact but we could give it a shot. Don’t judge us! Lol.

  18. Xanadude

    To paraphrase the Great American Philosopher Dale Gribble, “Farrah is the feces that is produced when shame eats too much stupidity! She makes me envy the deaf and the blind!”

  19. Rakely

    Sorry if someone already mentioned this- but Farrah has plans to become a plastic surgeon, right? She was vocal about it last year. I was planning on making the jump from real estate agent to rocket scientist, but maybe I should aim higher.

  20. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    What makes Farrah think that the RHOBH have ever had a single thought about HER, that they would even have anything they’re not saying to her face? WTF?!?!

    • addie2u

      This is the result of telling your child from birth “you’re the best, the smartest, the prettiest. . .”. They tend to believe they’re God’s gift to mankind & that everyone’s always thinking about them / wants to be near them / wants a piece of them. After all isn’t that why she immortalized her who-ha? And for $49.99 you too can have a piece of Teen Mom Farrah. Lube sold extra.

      • addie2u

        My curiosity just got the best of me & I looked up the price. Scratch that $49.99, “Farrah’s Vibrating Backdoor Entry” is $250.95! The closest thing to $59 is her 8×10 unframed bikini photo. And if you truly want the full Farrah experience for a mere $0.99 you can download her song “Blowin”. I kid you not. Oh & by the way, the lube is “sold extra”. 😉

      • Miguel

        Blowin, like her fake career.

  21. Xanadude

    So, showing of hands of anyone here who has had their coot coot immortalized in latex and sold at ye finer porn emporiums and sex trade shows? Anyone? Anyone?
    We are all morally at least two giant steps ahead of Farrah at this point. and Counting.

    • Lisaj

      I won’t tell you what I’ve had done to my coot coot but I can guarantee you it won’t leave the sanctity of my marriage. I don’t mind the porn or people that do porn, it’s a job and they own it. Yes it’s seedy but it’s a job. This girls back door whatever is the LEAST of her problems!

      • sandra

        Farrah doesn’t own anything. She denies doing porn, even though the porn tape was made with a porn star. I think she thought she would be the next Kim Kardashian. She has a serious mental illness.

    • Holy Shit, How can Farrah ever expect anything good to come for this.
      Or was that was she after?

  22. Lisaj

    Never watched more than 10 minutes of Teen Mom but it’s easy to spot her issue in that 1:30 clip. No one has ever told her no and stood behind it. Oh this explains so very much about the tv personalities and their attitudes of the rules don’t apply to me, clearly they are correct, the rules don’t apply and it’s going to be a very hard landing when they one day do apply.
    Back door porn LOL, fine. Let’s say we all do just for kicks. I’m betting she won’t win any PTA spots with that on her resume. She’s a younger Taylor Armstrong or BG headed in same direction.

  23. Oh, those poor producers. Not only do they have to deal with the horror that is Farrah but they also have to pretend to take her side & agree with her just to get her out of bathrooms & get their filming done. They probably lay awake at night thinking, “I didn’t go to film school for this…”

    • hannahkingrose

      I agree Lady Cocotte. Plus they are probably thinking they deserve hazard pay along with a huge pay increase just for having to be in Farrah’s presence above and beyond actually having to film her continual meltdowns. It had to be somewhat easier for them when they pretended they weren’t there don’t you think? At least then they didn’t have to ask questions or respond to her on film.


    I hate the mom too.
    She’s weird and creepy. I
    I hate the way she kisses Farrah’s ass.


    Oh and the look on the man’s face using the clapper board had my giggling at the start of this strange scene.
    Oh poor Sophia! She’s already ruined her.

  26. Ruthie

    If any of you are stuck inside your house on this cold, winter day, you might check out You Tube and watch Farrah’s music video to “Blowin.” It’s not referring to what you think, and the song surpasses anything worse I’ve ever heard. Also read the comments as they’re often hilarious…lol

  27. Farrah & Nicki Minaj are getting into it on twitter right now. Go check out their timelines if you care to read the drama. Nicki calls Farah a cunt & a bad mother & everything….

  28. Kim M

    OK, so I’m calling this now: the way she spends her money, soon she’ll be BROKE, say she’s been on drugs (that’ll be her PR rep’s excuse for her repulsive behavior) & go to rehab to try to change her image..or something to that effect. When the money is dried up & she stops getting work. No way she’ll own anything otherwise. She has to stop being rewarded first.

  29. I watched Farrah when she went on Dr. Phil and he called her out on her bullshit and she had a hissy fit. It was awesome……

    And then you change the channel and see her on Couples Therapy…I have never wanted to reach through my television so badly and strangle the host….Dr. Jen (?)….all she did was coddle Farrah and it was disgusting.

    She is vile.

  30. bravocueen

    Tamara, PLEASE recap more about this show! I find your readers’ comments to be the most astute of any I’ve read. I (sadly) admit I’ve watched this series since Farrah became pregnant and, while I enjoy seeing the other moms grow and get better, this chic is like a total train wreck. Go back if you can and watch her pregnant shot. She was on the cheerleading squad and none of the team would even TALK to her. She was exactly the same way then but with notoriety, she’s quadrupled her nastiness.

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