Project Runway Junior: Knicks City Dancers


Project Runway is back after two weeks of holiday and I am having trouble caring. I’ve been sitting here mentally checking out and completely forgetting I am watching the show let alone recapping it!  It’s cold and wet in Atlanta today and I have convinced myself I am sick.  So I am not likely to be overly dramatic with this recap.

This week the kids are making outfits for the Knicks City Dancers.  Each kid has one of them as a client to design something of their choosing

I can’t believe Jackson is still here. Tim Gunn calls him out on his “janky sewing.”  He hasn’t been able to sew all season. I don’t see how they can expect him to suddenly start now. Tim takes him to mini-mood to help him find a fabric that is easier to work with. Tim also helps Peytie pic a better fabric. Bridget also has sewing  issues. I don’t like her look. Samantha’s look is very interesting. I think I like it. It will not be a middle look.  Zachary is still annoying. Tim tells Maya to redo her top in a different textile. I don’t think she is going to listen. Zach has a cute crop top and A-line skirt. Tim calls it “so basic” I like it.

The clients all seem to like their designs.



The Runway

Samantha’s denim skirt, bright orange top and cool hunter green mesh neoprene jacket look great. Sam is my pick to win the whole thing. I love pretty much everything she makes.

Maya did super skinny black pants and a very shiny white top. I really like this look too. Clean, simple and elegant.

Zach’s outfit came out cute and got a “Wow” from Kelly O.  However, I just noticed that it’s a crop top. It only shows a sliver of skin though so maybe he won’t get too much flack for it. It’s a cute print.

Jackson’s dress is a hot mess. I hate the fabric. I hate the colors. I just hate it.

Bridget ends up with a white crop top and pencil skirt with what she calls a kimono on top. Hate it.

Zachary has a great concept. I love the green and black colors and the very wide pant. However, his construction is horrific, the pants are not even hemmed properly. He could be in trouble.

Peytie’s dress was adorable. I loved the flowy cut. Not sure how I feel about the black pleather center strap on the back. Maybe just one row of hearts would have looked better.

I will say that Samantha won. Or maybe Zach. There were comments about how Tim’s critiques “saved them” this week with I took as foreshadowing that no one goes home. We shall see.

Peytie was the middle score. They love Zach’s dress. And it’s reversible to all black so there are four outfits in one. I think he will win for that alone.  They seem blind to Zach’s crappy construction. They love it. Christian acknowledges the crappy hem and doesn’t care. They love Samantha. Ut Oh Samantha has an unfinished slit on her skirt. I hope Zach wins.

The don’t like Maya’s pants and top. They think it is “fine.” But just too basic.  They hate Bridget’s textiles. I agree. Anna calls Jackson’s dress a circus tent. They really hate it. He is going home.

Zach is the winner!  YAY!

The send Bridget home because Zach’s parents are clearly connected to someone on the show. He should have been sent home weeks ago. He is a hot mess. They all called his dress a circus tent. And he stays? No Tim Gunn Save for Bridget.


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10 responses to “Project Runway Junior: Knicks City Dancers

  1. Cat

    How do these people get on a show about fashion design and construction if they can’t sew? Have the Project Runway standards dropped that much? I know one of the adult winners had problems sewing. That used to be a fast ticket home.

    • Sequoia

      Anya Ayoung-Chee won season 9 of Project Runway and had only been sewing for 4 months when she auditioned for the show. Michael Costello from season 8 was also not a very good sewer, got into the final and has gone on to pretty good success so sewing isn’t the top talent needed to win.

  2. My enthusiasm for this show left with Jesse. I was hoping kids would be more innovative than their adult counterparts, however besides Samantha, they all just seem to be scraping together something wearable each week, and I am sick of ‘mini mood’.

  3. Micheal

    For me…this season is getting too slow. Nothing that they are ‘designing’ is amazing me.

    Their skills are impressive, for their age, however nothing looks fashion forward or runway worthy.

    All I see are crop tops, a-line skirts, halter tops and pants. Is this designer fashion or seamstress childlabor?

  4. DutchTulip

    Finally a WIN for Zach. He has made some beautiful pieces from the start.

    I saw Samantha walking with 2 friends – I guess they were just out of school (hauling giant book bags) – and I was just shocked to see her right in front of me. Was it a dream… 2 double takes … yes, it was Samantha.

    Strikingly beautiful in person … she is a great talent and I think she might win.

  5. tamaratattles

    I thought it was my Lyme Disease that was making me a grump about this show. Those two weeks off made me forget all about it and if it wasn’t for my (sometimes) trusty DVR I would never have missed it.

    But we’ve committed now!

    I think Zach kind of got lost among the self-bloviating Zachary types in the beginning of the season. He’s like a little stealth ninja poised to steal the crown. I like that he didn’t blindly just do what Tim told him to with the glittery waistband and stuck to his vision unlike some of the kids that change to whatever Tim tells them to. AND HE WON! And the reversible stuff? Genius!

  6. DutchTulip

    Ms. Tattles… you are not suffering from anything.
    You just needed your midwinter break… Furlough.

    Welcome back and Happy New Year!

    I wanted to keep Zach as my little secret…. he has been overlooked for at least 2 previous wins. Samantha and Zach are super talented and should go into business together… my wishful thinking.

    I have a gut feeling that the rest of the competition is going to be a nail biter… with a fabulous ending.

    It is so good to see young talented and progressive youngsters with a vision… together in one “house”.

  7. Queen of the Nile

    I loved Zach’s creation — using a print like that was a great idea and it was so flattering where the straps of the top fell a little off the shoulders. I also thought that Zachary’s olive and black outfit was unusual, in a very good way. While I get that Samantha’s work is creative and cool, I think only a limited number of women could wear her clothes well. That boxy, bulky jacket needs a young, city-chic woman who is very thin and tall!

    Thanks for recapping the show, TT — even if it’s a little underwhelming at times, it’s fun to see these young people designing clothes.

    And God, what a refreshing escape from housewife absurdity!

  8. Erica

    I’ve been loving the show, but a hiatus for the holidays wasn’t good – I had to refresh my memory a bit.

    What I love though is the kids’ attitudes. Correct me if I am wrong – but they haven’t once said that so and so’s stuff was worse. They don’t usually say how they wanted to win, but more about how they didn’t want to leave because it is the first time they have been around kids like them, and have made good friends.

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