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Sorry. Just got an email that I forgot the discussion thread again. Here’s a spot to talk about the last episode and the upcoming finale.


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    • I audibly gasped when she said she was Queenie. I loved this crossover between the seasons even if it was a short one. So now Ramona has some witch’s blood in here.

      Lets thank the heavens for giving Angela Bassett the opportunity to reprise saying “wiitttcccchhhhh” again.

  1. The music in this episode:

    The Human League- “Seconds”
    Shana Falana- “Go”
    The Stone Roses- “I Wanna Be Adored”

    For those young & cool enough to remember buying vinyl records, “Seconds” was the b-side song for the single “Don’t You Want Me”…

    Stylistically the song was a great accompaniment to the scene where Liz & Iris go GANGBUSTERS shooting up the Countess & Donovan, and the lyrics perfectly go with Iris shooting her son to death.

    All day
    Hiding from the sun
    Waiting for the golden one
    Waiting for your fame
    After the parade has gone

    Outside was a happy place
    Every face had a smile like the golden face
    For a second
    Your knuckles white as your fingers curl
    The shot that was heard around the world
    For a seconds

    It took seconds of your time to take his life
    It took seconds

    It took seconds of your time to take his life
    It took seconds of your time to take his life

    It took seconds of your time to take his life
    It took seconds

    For a second

  2. Micheal

    Having not yet viewed Coven, I’m glad that the crossovers are not too detailed/spoilery.

    It was kind of sad to see how Gaga ‘left the hotel’ and the reveal of who called the police was a bit obvious.

  3. I guess.. one question that I was left with is when Sally pulled herself up from the sewed decaying bodies… did she jump out of the window first?? It didn’t show it.

    • Lindsay

      I could be wrong, but I felt like she was already a ghost then? Like by that time she had been pushed out of the window and used drugs/being a drug dealer to get people to come to visit her at The Cortez…the bad batch didn’t affect her (if she had any, I don’t remember whether she got a fix or not) b/c she wasn’t alive.

  4. What’s gonna happen to 90 year old baby Bartholomew?

  5. Donovan & Sally both have died outside of the Hotel. How come he’s spared from becoming a trapped ghost and Sally wasn’t? She was pushed out of the window and fell to her death in the alley. Seems the rules for permanent ghostly residency is different here for these characters.

    • Maybe the alley was considered part of the property? Iris took him out to the street. Just guessing here.

      • Micheal

        I assumed that the alley is considered part of the Hotel’s lot. There most likely is just an easment over the alley preventing it from being obstructed or built on.

    • jennbug

      Possibly Donovan wasn’t “stuck” in the Hotel because he was already dead/undead and he had no more ties…i.e. the Countess being killed. And even any unfinished business may have been settled with Iris at the end. Sally was alive when she died on Hotel property…and that bitch has a shitload of issues to work through before she moves on.

  6. Ramona said she can’t be photographed. Is it because she’s a famous actress that has not been seen in 25 years and also the fact the she has not aged either? Or is it related to vampire mythos about not having a reflection?

    • I am guessing the latter. If she could be photographed I am sure she would be doing selfies all the time.

      • Meredo

        I was wondering the same thing re Ramona. However, Scarlett did take a picture of Holden. He was blurry but I wasn’t sure if that was because he had moved to bite her neck right when she took the pic, or if it had to do with the myth as you stated.
        Good point about Sally being stuck at the hotel even though she died outside. I’m curious to see how this plays out.

    • jennbug

      I was curious about that too! We’ve never seen the “vamps” (besides blurry Holden) be photographed. I also assumed it was because she hasn’t aged, but damn Angela Bassett doesn’t seem to age IRL!

  7. hannahkingrose

    Did anyone but me get a little bit of deja vu of the freak museum from AHS Freak Show when they placed Gaga’s head in the jar on the shelf after she was killed? I don’t know why but it’s the first thing that came to mind for me.

  8. I deleted the last few eps from my dvr and cancelled the upcoming recordings. Every single season after the first — to me — goes way too long and falls apart after 2/3 of the eps. They should do 10 and out.

  9. steve

    Since Queenie was killed, and said her Supreme fixed her ticket to the price is right, wouldnt the Supreme know something is wrong and want to avenge the dead witch? Any chance of Sarah being Cordelia Fox for the last episode?

    • steve, I was wondering that too. Maybe this is foreshadowing to the next season. Any hints yet on what that one is going to be about?

    • This is not spoilerish because this info is in Entertainment Tonight’s website, but Sara is reprising a character that she played from the 1st season that will appear in the AHSHotel finale– the role of psychic Billie Dean Howard. It would be wild if she played a 3rd character, The Supreme, as well….

  10. So Ryan Murphy has apparently admitted that the seasons will all connect. Of course we have seen some of this already. Same last names, locations, people yet to be revealed…..and that is what I was wondering about. Apparently Murder House, Jessica Lange, had 4 children, we only met 3 and the 4th is to be revealed? Who do you think it is and how do you think they are connected? Looks Like Dylan McDermott is also son of Bloody Face and he is connected to Briarwood by location. HMMMMM….any thoughts? I actually just binged watched season two …forgot how good the first two season really were. Writing was so good.

  11. JoJo

    Uretha you rock! thanks for a rundown of the music!
    I thought Tamara was too busy catching up after taking the Holiday break to post this thread – I just found it now using the search box in anticipation of tonight’s finale!
    Dammit there was so much I wanted to comment on after I saw this episode and now forgotten.
    But one thing I remember is the Seamstress Sally! I swear I see Bartholomew flash in the opening credits now – inside the mattress trying to get out. If so, it’ll have to be shown tonight and maybe if it is, it’s Sally’s attempt at revenge on the Countess. Hasn’t Bart been MIA for awhile – they couldn’t find him?
    Well looking forward to the Finale tonight! The TV cable guide has Francis Conroy in the cast credits – could she be the Witch coming to find Queenie? Oh boy!

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