Top Chef Recap: 25 Big Fat Gay Weddings!

Top Chef

It looks like Top Chef took the same time off as I did.  The last person to leave was Grayson. I’ve been trying to stay up until 9 to recap tonight, then I find out the show doesn’t start until 10!  So I will do my sleepy best!

We begin with a date garden. I’ve never been a huge date fan, but I am dying to see what they do with them for the quick fire.  Chrissy Teigen. The guys are losing their minds. The challenge is to use dates to tell the story of their favorite date.  The guys are totally just making whatever and making up a date story to go with it.  Homebody Wesley’s decides to share that he is lactose intolerant as part of his made up story. Because, PLEASE MAKE HIM STOP.  There are a lot of very ambitious dishes to cook in 30 minutes.

The bottom three were Chad (!)  Phillip (aka dog crap dude) Carl (he did a fucking milkshake!

Top three were Jason,  Isaac and Giselle.  Jason won with a charred carrot dish. I thought Isaac should have won. So did he.  So Jason has immunity.

Art Smith is the guest judge! I LOVE HIM! Yet I have never made it to his restaurant. He is going to renew his vows with Jesus as well. Karen (with the pink hair) married her girlfriend a year ago. She is very touched by the challenge.

Top Chef Big Gay Wedding


Phillip is making steak and mashed potatoes and Kwame is doing a relish for the dish. This seems like a waste of Kwame, he’s one of he best of the bunch. Also in the preview it looks like Phillip does some sort of whipped cream instead of the potatoes that he clearly just listed the ingredients for, potatoes, butter, cream, salt and pepper. Angelina will support Jason on some sort of cabbage rolls. Marjorie will do a grilled fruit and mascarpone desert (she is great at them) with Carl (who could be a handicap for her). Karen is working on an asparagus salad with Giselle. They really did not want to work together. Giselle is having problems making friends. Wesley tries to tell the girls how to make their dish. I think he might be doing something with shrimp. Isaac is making dirty rice.

Phillip puts his mashed potatoes in some sort of molecular gastronomy thingy to make it into…. mashed potato ice cream? I have not idea exactly how he is ruining the mashed potatoes, but he is. Kwame knows it but can’t really stop him from going forward as he as agreed to do garnish for whoever needs it. Angelina is pissing off Jason. Giselle can’t inhale without asking Karen how deeply she should breathe. Isaac is thrilled to be making his dirty rice unfettered by a partner.

I think it is safe to say none of the chefs working with a partner has a culinary marriage made in heaven. However, Kwame seems to have saved Wes and his pickled shrimp, cucumber and onion dish.

The judges loved everything except for Giselle and Karen’s undercooked asparagus and Phillip’s dish (but they say once again that Kwame saved the dish).  I think Marjorie’s desert will win again.

The judges chose Wesley and Kwame’s shrimp dish. Le sigh. But they give Kwame the win. YAY!

Wait what? Phillip jumped right in and took over the main course, but he is telling the judges that he was left with the entrée. Even more of a lie he says that he wanted to do a “vegetable driven garnish” and includes his fucked up potato foam crap as “a garnish.”  Um, NOE.  This is not even close to what went down. Jason interrupts to correct the situation. Marjorie backs up Jason. There was no talk of this potato foam crap.  Giselle tries to say she was just the sous and puts it all on Karen. Karen says Giselle is competing for Top Chef (the whole not top sous was unspoken but heard loud and clear.) So  Giselle moves on to bash Phillip.  However true her points are, I am not sure that is appropriate and may send her home.  Everyone hates Phillip.  But it seems that Kwame saved Phillip.

So they send home Giselle. Everyone seems sad to see her leave despite not bonding with her. Phillip and Karen are not long for this show.


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19 responses to “Top Chef Recap: 25 Big Fat Gay Weddings!

  1. Cjbomb

    I liked Wesley in this episode- I’m still terrified the bumbling messy ex-frat boy edit is coming. When we moved to Atlanta they put us up at the Intercontinental. Our first meal was at Southern Art….yum.

  2. A Little Birdie

    I was pretty sure Phillip was gone until Giselle spoke up. She was kind of skating by up to this point. I want to try Isaac’s dirty rice. It looked delicious

  3. tamaratattles

    Wow, no one is watching Top Chef after the break?

  4. WonkyTonk

    I thought Giselle made a good point about Phillip not even acknowledging his failure, problem for her was she wasn’t willing to acknowledge her true failing either though, the fact she did absolutely nothing of her own during the challenge, and that really should trump nasty looking potato foam in the vote for who gets to leave first. That said Phillip needs to go, Oysters on a dirty rock in the middle of the desert, I mean how the hell did he escape eviction for that one, and damn it, we get it, you’ve got two restaurants, hows about you show us you’re a decent chef instead of reminding us about that. But really the one that I think should be gone already is Angelina. She’s clearly in way over her head completely delusional about chances. Her shitty attitude about loosing twice to the same chef didn’t win her any friends to the point it seems the other chefs would rather not work with her, and who can blame them. Fire her ass Top Chef we all know she’s not going to make it to the end anyway, and I would rather not see her crappy attitude rationalizing to the camera how good she really is.

  5. fivecatsownme

    Any person that ruins mashed potatoes deserves to be thrown out of the culinary world. They should have saved Giselle.

  6. Shae

    Angelina is a good person, just too young and inexperienced to compete in this crowd. I think she’s doing her best, but it just doesn’t measure up anywhere near the others. Giselle is held back by wanting to be liked by everyone and the whole concept of “team”. Yes, you need to work well with your team, but you’re also competing and have to stand on your own two feet. Every challenge she defers to the other person and seems so unsure of herself. That’s not going to fly for very long.

    Phillip is just obnoxious and needs to go. I’m sure he’s talented, but he’s off the wall and gets too caught up in gimmicks. How do you mangle potatoes and beef?

  7. Cat

    I hate when they try to lie their way out of their mistakes. Man up.

  8. Dawn

    I fell asleep during the second show. I am not really feeling any of the chefs this season. Now that Grayson is gone, Phillip is the only one that I care about drop kicking off the show. Just like Project Runway Sr, most recent seasons do not have contestants full of personality like in the early seasons. Is this generation full of Xanaxed drones? I need to have standouts to root for or grit my teeth at. Not being able to taste the food, what other point is there? The judges rarely spice things up.

    The best part to me was gawking at the wedding attendees, trying to see who is pared with who and why they look familiar. Shockingly, no Lance Bass? it doesn’t seem like a gay affair can be filmed for TV without seeing Lance.

  9. Erica

    Angelina’s last burst of confidence was the first ep, when she said it was her food not her age that matters…. now she seems to have everyone in her head. Deer in headlights.

    In re: my desire to see Phillip go – I have to remind myself that his remaining is proof that the judges DON’T get to see the behind the scenes edits I do.

    I think it is Kwame’s to lose at this point. Marjorie is pretty awesome, but she’s only won on desserts – and this isn’t Top Chef Desserts.

    • tamaratattles

      Erica, I agree with your take on everyone. Kwame seems like the clear winner. However, it would be great to have a female winner for a chance. I think Marjorie has pretty much HAD to do desserts on the group challenges because no one else is as good at them as she is. Hopefully later in the game she will get to show off some amazing savory dishes. That said, this season there are not many strong female chefs to root for. And there are a couple of those male chefs with “heartwarming storylines.” So we shall see.

      • Erica

        Really great point about Marjorie having to do desserts! Will keep a special eye on her savory contributions. It would be great to have a female to root for, but if the talent isn’t there, it isn’t there. They also seem to forget that this isn’t Top Cook – but Top Chef, and ability to be professional and be a leader (yes, I am looking at you Grayson! You do NOT know more than the judges! )

        I am continually surprised when contestants are so snarky or whiney, even in the kitchen (I am willing to slightly ignore if they are not the greatest roommates). They forget that they could still have an amazing career boost out of this show – Richard Blais did not win his first go round. Carla Hall is amazing and adorable (and I have tried her recipes!) and so is Fabio when he occasionally pops up – and I couldn’t tell you who won their seasons if I tried.

        But Fabio and Carla had a GREAT attitude and gratitude. I hope referring to a very old bravo blog doesnt break the rules – but I will never forget when Anthony Bourdain used to judge, and wrote that if anyone could win for being front of house in Restaurant Wars, it would have been Fabio. If you recall, one of the chefs yelled at the waitstaff – and Fabio called him on it, saying you will not talk to my people that way. THEN, if I remember right, made a comment that he knew the chef was under stress, and how could he help. I solidified my Fabio crush at that moment.

  10. I really wish the men on this show would groom their beards better. It’s so gross to have these giant bushy beards dangling over food.

    Chrissy Teigwhatever — we get it. Sex exists. But there really is no reason to make everything that comes out of her mouth the equivalent of putting her vagina on a plate and offering it up. She must have something more to offer.

  11. Rose

    Always great to see Art Smith! Not sure why i expected to see more celebrity couples at the wedding. How do you mess up asparagus or mashed potatoes? Phillip should have been gone. Thrilled for Kwame and would like to see him to win the whole thing.

  12. SwimMom

    Was anyone else grossed out by Padma speaking with her mouth full? For someone who comes across so hoity-toity, I was surprised.

    I loved the love in this episode.

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