Married At First Sight: Who Will Stay Married?

Tres and Vanessa

Tres and Vanessa

By Tamara Tattles

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I’m finally getting caught up on Married At First Sight. I love this show. To me it is more of what reality TV used to be back in the days of the Real World in the first season or two. There do not seem to be manufactured storylines. Just a six week trial marriage where all three couples are going through the same experiences at same time. Marriage, Honeymoon, Co-habitation,  Learning to Communicate Effectively, etc.

This season, all the couples are in Atlanta which is kind of interesting for me.  Everything is somewhat recognizable.

Couple #1  Tres and Vanessa

This is a good looking African-American couple. The fact that they are both attractive and attracted to each other may make for more problems than the other couples have.    attraction to Tres is making her feel those “in love” feelings and Tres…  well,  Tres was apparently  recruited from his profile. I don’t think Tres sees this as anything other than a chance to be on a TV show.  I think he was thrilled that he had such a pretty, smart, successful match. But the problem with this relationship is that Tres’s motives seem suspect.

They both have things in common. Both have been abandoned by their opposite sex parent.  This abandonment has obviously affected their ability to trust. It makes Vanessa a bit needy and both of them fearful of trusting and being vulnerable.

David and Ashley

David and Ashley

Couple #2 David and Ashley

David is a nice guy who is a bit on the feminine side. At one point he was doing Ashley’s manicure and she seemed as uncomfortable with  that as I was watching it. As she said, “this is something I might do with a female friend.” He is also quite boyish. Which is cute if you are in your 20s, but he is 30 now and married. He does make a nice living and is quick to share his income and cover the household expenses. But instead of feeling like a masculine gesture, it feels more…desperate. Ashley on the other hand is kind of a bitch. She’s not attracted to David and feels the need to spell that out to him immediately in a less than kind way. She does seem oddly attached to his mother. And after they moved into a very nice house together and he offered to cover her expenses, she seemed to take a second glance at his partnership qualities.  To be fair, I think it was more of a release of some of the pressure than a gold digging thing.  It made it less of a struggle to “try to like him” and gave her some breathing room to just get to know him.

Ashley’s had to endure a Father’s Day of  home movies of David’s dead daddy. WAY  too soon for that. I don’t see these too making it.  They are two weeks in and are not affectionate at all.  David is a high fiver. Ashley hugged the therapist when she left.. She has never hugged or even really touched David.

Married Sam and Neil


Couple #3 Neil and Sam

This is the reason I am obsessed with the show. Neil started out with a huge terrorist beard, he is part… Indian? I believe and has parents who were in an arranged marriage.  He’s odd.  They made him tone the beard WAY down once we got used to his quirkiness, he started to get cuter. He is very calm most of the time. Sam is equally as  odd and quirky as Neil only she frantically covers her anxieties with sarcasm, humor, insults and loudness. She continuously tells Neil he is not man enough to keep her inline and proceeds to run all over him.  She wants a man to pay the bills and make the decisions and she doesn’t think Neil is up to that task.  I disagree. I love this match.

I could fix this pair very easily with just a bit of individual counseling. Neil doesn’t get what Sam really wants. Sam wants to feel safe. Sam wants to feel like Neil won’t let her spin out of control. Sam thinks this has to happen through macho chest pounding and ordering her around.  Neil just needs to let her know that when the zombies come he will protect her. That’s all. And he needs to drive the car (because she seriously almost got them in a head on collision ) and the relationship.  He needs to stop saying the relationship is 50/50 because Sam can’t be trusted with her 50% if he is going to let her constantly test him. It’s not about who washes the dishes. It’s about who wears the pants. And he needs  to lose his Big Spoon onsie and keep the pants on.  Sam needs to realize that if she wants him to drive she has to stop fighting for the drivers seat.  Sam also needs to see that Neil can be the rock and the head of the relationship without a lot of the dramatics that she seems to think are necessary.

I am desperately waiting for these two to figure things out. I think they are a great match. Neil just has to step it up a little and Sam has to tone it down a little.

I am currently watching Sam’s dad take Neil to the gun range. Sam’s dad tells Neil to “man up.” Sigh. They need to give him some specific direction rather than that insulting advice.

What do you think about these couples?

Married at First Sight airs on FYI Tuesdays at 9 p.m.  Or you can watch all the full episodes online for free here.

Please do not discuss any information you may have read or heard about this show or its outcome in comments. No Spoilers! Thanks


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54 responses to “Married At First Sight: Who Will Stay Married?

  1. Margarett

    Thanks for the recap. I agree that Neil is going to have to be stronger. I had the feeling that perhaps she is just testing boundaries. I didn’t find her likable.

    You wrote that you could fix them with some individual counseling. Anytime you want to hang out your shingle just say so and I’ll be on the first thing smokin’!

    I really do think that with your common sense and wit you’d be a top-drawer life coach!

  2. Theresa

    Ugh! I think I just got sucked in. Off to set the dvr and try to catch up. Sounds interesting. TT, Maybe you can find me a suitable man and counsel us to success. I’m kind of a set in my ways pain in the ass.

  3. Rose

    Yay! Glad you’re recapping, love this show. I’m routing for Neil and Sam too. His grandmother was in an arranged marriage and yes, he is half Indian. I love how quirky they both are but she spasses me out but i see them learning to balance eachother out. Vanessa should have held onto her cookies longer before giving them to Tres, whom I like, but he is immature and not on the same level as her. I see way to much of me in Ashley….don’t try to get or force closeness and be all up under me too quick. I like that David does lots of little things to make her feel comfortable and puts serious thought to that but he wants to cling too quickly. I foresee them having a rocky start but becoming a solid couple. Off topic, will you be recalling American Crime again this year? Way of topic, if I see another Oprah weight watchers commercial I’m a scream. ….they’re every freaking where.

  4. GildedLily

    Neil is my favorite, I think he’s the type of guy who would be a great husband. He is quirky but would be devoted to the marriage and would be your best friend. In other words, he is the kind of guy the old divorced me wishes the young me had married.

    • Shay

      G-Lily!! Exactly my thoughts. I’d marry David or Neil. Both great guys that just want to have a partner who is a bff, forever have a date, wifey, etc. Very likeable, fun, cute! I love how they don’t complain and have put the woman’s needs before their own. Girls think they want an alpha male; women know they want a great husband (and dont care about that bullshit).

  5. lavidaLinda

    OK…I TOTALLY love Neil AND his big spoon onesie….that was one of the serious laughs that I have had in a long time, given his wedding day gift, I found it totally hysterical. I’m sad that they paired him with the crazy chick, because I really think he’s a good guy who was looking for serious love and got that…..thing.

    Tres and Van I hope have an actual chance. But I think they’re going to let too much of their mommy/daddy issues come in between them.

    David and Ashley are doomed…he wants to be on TV and she, I’m not sure what it is that she wants….she doesn’t want to be on TV and she doesn’t seem to actually want a husband….very odd pairing.

  6. BeetsWhy

    I have been obsessed with this show from season 1, it fascinates me. I’m super concerned for Vanessa and Tres, he’s on this just to be on TV. With his dad’s lifestyle and his history of cheating I don’t see how he could have the tools to make it work long-term. Neil is odd but lovable, Sam is cautious and kind of mean because of that. If Dr Pepper gives them a bunch more sessions they could make it? David and Ashley are my big question mark, I feel they could go either way, too soon for me to tell. They are the Davina and Sean of last season so far (no spoilers, just name references).

  7. Sharon

    TT-I just found this program last week and binge watched the first 3 episodes and was surprised how much I liked it. Excellent recaps and I was thinking similarly as seemed less staged than most reality shows on now. I initially did not have strong feelings either way about Neil (except did not care for huge beard) but he has really grown on me. I love his quirkiness and really want Sam to give him a chance. Spot on assessments of each couple and so glad you will be recapping this series! You might also like “Married by Mom and Dad” in which the parents pick their child’s mate from a pool of people, like an arranged marriage. However it is not as scientific as “Married At First Sight” as they don’t use any experts or data to make a match.

  8. Von

    One of the few reality shows that actually deal with reality! Sam and Neil are the best matched couple if they both take a minute to listen, not just hear, what each are saying both out loud and sublimally. Vanessa and Tre don’t appear to want the same thing even though Tres “talks the talk” it doesn’t sound sincere. Maybe he can go over to RHOA and get his 15 mins. With one of the single women there. David and Ashley are one if those disaster matches like last season. He is in a similar position as Vanessa. He wants forever and his wife just wants for now…barely. It’s an interesting social experiment. If only they could find people who both really want to work towards a healthy marriage.

  9. Stella

    I’m glad you’re recapping this show also, Tamara! I find it interesting and entertaining, except for the scary dude from last year. (I can never remember their names…)

    I also like Newlyweds: The First Year

    I also can’t believe I typed the words above. Some save me. 😀

    • RL

      Have you (or TT) ever seen 90 day fiancée? I love that show! If you haven’t, you should check it out. The second season just finished, and I’m anxiously awaiting season 3! These are my kind of shows (along with all the other brain rot reality shows ?)

  10. Shay

    TT, are you recapping that Newlyweds show on Bravo. I don’t care about any of them, except Adonis and Erica.*** Spoiler Alert *** I’m curious if she gets over what he said!

  11. Lisaj

    I love this show! I’m also interested in hiring you to tell my husband to stop being a dick in only the way you can. If I can suffer through NFL Sunday Monday Thursday for 14 years, he can put his socks into the hamper 3 feet away.

    • tamaratattles

      As an old maid, Lisaj, I’d ask you if he takes out the trash, or shovels snow, or changes the filter in the A/C unit, or the oil in your car, or fixes things that break or smashes bugs or checks out scary noises. If the answer to any of those is yes? I ‘d say I would not kill you to pick up some socks.

      That will be $180. I take paypal.

      • Lisaj

        He does all of that and more. I’m suffering from the menopausal Lymes and I could remember that’s not his fault either.
        Your donation will be coming today, that’s actually really good advice reminding me there’s much more wonderful in him then there is in me?.
        Thank you, really, thank you. Now I feel the need to flog myself with the bitch stick.

  12. Allison

    I might be the minority that isnt a huge fan of Sam-the over-exaggerated facial expressions and behaviors when she’s nervous which is like, all the time are annoying. I havent see this weeks episode yet but I like David, he seems genuine and sweet-I dont feel like Ashley is giving him a chance because he isnt her usual “type”, she just keeps repeating this mantra about getting to like him. But I’ve watched other seasons and its amazing how the couples change, so we shall see! TT-if you can, try and watch last seasons. One of the couples ended up with threats and restraining orders, I wont spoil which one, but lets say it wasnt a surprise.

    • tamaratattles

      a) I’ve watched previous seasons

      2) I love Sam. I am Sam. I hope she can get it together. She has what she is looking for. She just doesn’t recognize that it doesn’t have to be in a loud SHOUTY sort of dominant. She’s very hungry for safety. Neil will protect her but he hasn’t proclaimed it from the mountaintops. She won’t shut up long enough to see him.

      3) So thanks for spoiling last season, which no one asked you about.and in fact specifically asked you not to

      4) You really have very little ability to understand people. Espcially Sam. And I get her completely and wish nothing but the best for her.

      5) Sam’s facial expressions are not for TV this is actual reality TV. If you want expressions you like better try a Bravo show.

      6) You seem like a bitch.

      • Allison

        Damn. I didn’t spoil anything.-i dont understand people? Actually, what I dont understand is why you are so unnecessarily mean and how you got that I am a bitch from that post. I didnt come at you or anyone else sideways, so why you reacted negatively and sort of, well, left field? Yeah, that I don’t understand. Or why you treat loyal readers that way.

      • Allison

        I felt bad, like did I really post a spoiler? But the OP said this season-and I didn’t say any more than another did about LAST season, which is old news, really. Apparently it’s my turn.

      • Cat

        I went back, just to be sure. TT clearly says “NO SPOILERS FOR THIS SHOW”. To me, that means ANY season.

        So, yes, you did post a spoiler. Just suck it up, Buttercup, and move on.

        I won’t even charge you for that advice.

    • sandra

      Allison, TT covered last season. You should check out the archives.

  13. I love this show! Well, last season was a bit of a clunker but it seems like they got things back on track with these couples. I love Neil. I think he & Sam could be a good couple if she would stop being such a bitch to him. She doesn’t understand his calm strength. I thought he handled Sam’s dad & the gun range admirably. I also feel really bad for David. Ashley pisses me off but I’m still hopeful she’ll give into the experience & give him a chance. She could be the Jaime (season 1) of the show.

  14. Dawn

    Great recap TT. You give better advise than Dr Pepper. I thought I liked everyone individually prior to the weddings. After the weddings, yuck on all the matches. Ashley is a snotty bitch to David. Sam is psycho. Even if this marriage works, it will always be “work” for Neil. She is not the right girl to give so much, will never be reciprocated.

    Tres and Vanessa are a beautiful coupke. That is the problem. If he matures fast, they could be good together. I think the others are mismatches. Only good on paper. David and Neil got screwed but not in the right way.

    • Meredo

      @Dawn, Ditto to everything you said. My sentiments on everyone exactly.

      • KB

        I kind of understand Sam and Ashley only because I used to be that way myself. I guess they use their standoffish and overly sarcastic behavior as a defense mechanism. Their behavior reminds me of an episode of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” when Will wanted Hillary to date one of his professors. She agreed, but while they were on the date, she found the most minuscule thing that she could think of to run like a bat out of $&@. She saw his Adam’s apple and thought it was disgusting. She said it was too big. I knew why she did it. She had just lost her husband and was not quite ready to move on so she was looking for any reason not to make a connection with him. I laugh so hard up to this day when I watch that episode because it reminds me of me in my twenties (minus the husband part). I wanted to bail on a date because the guy had on what I perceived as ugly footwear. Anyway, I say all that to say, in time maybe the 2 will relax and yield to the process, and the husbands will continue to have the patience of Job.

  15. hannahkingrose

    IMO Tres chose to get married at first sight because he’s one of those guys who has gone through many girls and the rest of them have heard about him through gossip and this was his way of getting married straight away. He didn’t have to go through the pesky getting to know you part or the tell me about your past. Plus he gets to be on television. He’s a handsome guy who shouldn’t have had a problem attracting a woman with that shit eating grin. Vanessa was attracted to him immediately.

    Neil and Sam I hope will make it if like the blog says if he takes his pants back from Sam. Maybe when he trimmed his beard he decided to be patient with her. Sam may lose a little of her attitude if she got some of her own medicine. If Neil grows his beard back and maybe his balls too, and let’s her know that he can handle her at her best and her worst then she’ll relax.

    Finally, Ashley and David. I think David wants to be on the show but he wants to be married as well. Ashley needs to get over “her type”. So far her type hasn’t worked for her so she should be willing to expand her search area a little. The dead daddy movies were a bit much. I think he was trying to fulfill the manly roll with taking care of the expenses for the family. All of a sudden he didn’t seem so bad yet she still can’t even hug him (not saying sleep with him). Sounds kind of bitchy to me.

  16. Ummm…terrorist beard? Really Tamara??

  17. I like the show and have been watching since the first season. I do find it interesting that in past season, all of the couples except 1 had “relatively smooth” going until the end, but now in this season-only Tres and Vanessa seem to have the “fewest” problems and everyone else looks like they wont make it. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

    Also, Money from last season got a spin off show #blacklove. I don’t know if I like it

  18. I like the show, but I don’t understand why Vanessa has to keep kissing Tres, it seems very middle school in my opinion.

    • Soul Sista

      I love that she kisses her husband! It makes me happy that they are attracted to each other. I would hate to be in the other 2 relationships – they are missing physical attraction, which for most of us is the beginning of our relationships. But this has made for interesting viewing. Love this show!

  19. lori

    I was turned off by Ashley almost from the get go with the whole stripper/shirtless guys thing. Just the way she was “too good” for all of that. Really it was the way she said it that rubbed me really wrong. It’s like lighten up for crying out loud. My opinion of her has not improved. She seems quite stuck up, and I don’t know why. I don’t see it anyway. I think anyone going into this cannot be a person whose lack of physical attraction is going to shut them down so quickly and severely. I just don’t see how they’re good candidates for something like this. I hope that off camera she’s interacting with him more than what we see. She reminds me of a little girl being around a boy with “the cooties”. I like David and I feel bad for him at this point.

    I love Neil and I like Sam too, but episode two was a bit rocky for me with her. That needed to happen though, because Neil got fed up and put her in her place a bit with the emasculating stuff. She liked that he stood up to her, even though in the moment she got mad. I totally get that. They remind me of my true love, and I hope she doesn’t make the mistake that I made with him with Neil. He’s a good guy.

    Tres and Vanessa… I agree that she probably shouldn’t have slept with him so soon. He def has the playboy vibe, and now learning that he was found on match is a bit worrisome as well. The one thing that makes me think that he isn’t doing this just for television is that he seems to have some great women in his family, who I don’t think would approve of him doing this for the wrong reasons (doing that to a girl), and I think their approval and opinion of him matters to him.

  20. loriflack

    I’ve watched the first 3 episodes so far ~ still evaluating each couple.

    Yes, I agree that 90 Day Fiancé is an interesting show, too. It really sucked me in.?

  21. JaiJai

    I love this show and this season is so much better than last season. Surprisingly this season I find myself siding with the men more often. So far Tres and Vanessa are my favorite couple, they had the best wedding and of course they’re the only couple that actually likes their spouse. Despite the trust issues between them I think they have the most potential to make it, as trust is built over time and they only have 2 weeks of marriage.

    Sam is an immature child and clearly lacks the ability to articulate her needs like an adult. And I agree with those on Twitter who think she just wants to be snatched up and choked by Neil, but that’s not who he is, he’s a reasonable adult. He deserved a better match.

    And Ashley, I don’t even know why they bothered with her she has no personality and is just plain annoying. I agree, David is coming off as desperate but I can’t blame him he wants to be a husand and he’s trying to be a husband to someone who doesn’t know how to be a decent friend much less a wife. I can’t wait for him to get fed up and walk away from that ungrateful chick.

  22. I agree with you TT on these couples. After reading your recap I understand it more why she continues to question Tres commitment and if he was really in it for real. I didn’t know he was recruited, but I hope they make it. Neil and Sam is my favorite couple, Sam need to lighten up and give Neil a chance. When it comes to Ashley and David, I don’t think they are going to make it. Ashley has already checked out!

  23. Tres and Vanessa are adorable. He’s just a bit more immature than she is. Though I really didn’t get the temper tantrum she threw about him being drunk on Fathers a Day.

    Sam is SO annoying! All of the facial ticks and movements and over pronunciating that she thinks make her delightfully quirky are actually just annoying.

    David and Ashley total mismatch. She came off as a gold digger when they got that house.

  24. Pam

    I think David is too nice for Ashley, she was afraid of him until he offered to pay all the bills all though she still avoids him. It does not seem that she trusts men. As far as femnine, Neil is the one with feminine gestures at times. He seems like a very nice guy but should not waste his time trying so hard with Samantha. She does not seem to know what she wants. She is not querky, shes mean, rude and disrepectful and not ready for marriage. She seems to be using words to manipulate Neil into conformimng into what she wants. Neil should get out now. Finally, Tres seems like the player type and also not ready to settle down. He bragged about consumating the marriage as if he was saying he hit it. Vanessa should have wanted for that part of the marriage.

  25. Jelley

    Omg, I love this show too! I’ve been watching it ever since I found it out. Have you seen the sho Arranged? It’s another good one!

    On topic: I think David is adorable. Ashley is not very nice to him or willing to give him a chance.

    I like Neil. Cool as a cucumber always. Sam is kind of annoying like always trying too hard. Idk.

    Vanessa and Tres… We shall see!

    • Jelley

      Eep, to clarify: Sam is always trying too hard to be funny, and be the best, not be a good wife.

      • Jasmine Kay

        Why does Vanessa have this annoying nervous laugh I can’t be the only one that sees this. Also I think David and Ashley will make it work before Vanessa and Tres I read somewhere that Tres was extremely disappointed that he was matched with a Black woman when his preference is White women. I can’t stand Sam love Neil she doesn’t deserve such a nice guy but something tells me they are still together

      • tamaratattles

        Welcome to the conversation, Jasmine. Please read the commenting rules before commenting. Especially about things you have read other places. Thanks.

      • Shay

        Can’t stand Vanessa’s baby voice. Women who speak with a baby voice usually act like little girls. Her dude needs someone strong enough to check him. There’s a reason he told her about his antics 2 days before the wedding. It wasn’t to make her feel better. He was laughing/bragging about the 14 prostitutes in Brazil… to his fiance 2 days before the wedding. Hope their house has a spare room for his mistresses.

      • Shay

        Oh man, mixing up shows with dysfunctional relationships.

  26. Luvlee2u

    I’m in love with this show. I’m happy you’re blogging about it.

  27. TRUTH= IT’S DAVID’S FAULT-not so much Ashley’s!! Relationships-especially this type are a push me/pull you balance. David’s annoying lack of confidence translates to ‘nails on the chalkboard’ neediness for Ashley. That shrew doesn’t fool me…she’s a cooing doe-eyed sexpot just waiting to happen! All she needs is a whiff of testosterone and it’s pantie drop central-trust me! I’d feel bad for David but that would only make him worse. David desperately needs someone to abandon him in jungles of Bolivia with nothing but a sheila wig and an ATF badge or maybe air dropped in the Superstition Mountains of Alaska with 2 martin pelts and a VHS cassette of “Jeramia Johnson” and left there until THEY GROW BACK!

    • tamaratattles

      Wait. Wait. Wait. ARE YOU A STRAIGHT MAN POSTING HERE? How YOU doing? (Hush, Captain Eel. You and Steve need friends too!)

      • Yeah I’m straight as an arrow…but I’m an enigma. This show is somehow compelling in a train wreck kind of way. BTW- My take on Sam is much different than yours and you won’t like it. In her best light she knows that she’s a professional bitch and she’s semi-aware of her own self loathing and she wants a man to fix it. The reason she keeps challenging Neil’s manhood is because he’s way too nice to her. He’s not following the script – he tolerates her wretchedness and apologizes for moving air molecules instead of (figuratively) putting her over his knee. She’s said as much. She also keeps accusing him of being fake but what she’s really saying is-“no human could tolerate my BS without at least ripping their hair out”. She’s half right about that. Neil is actually from another planet – Planet Lalaland. He thinks concretely and he’s programmed to believe that his marriage fantasy is going to come true by showering her with reasonableness. That just takes makes it harder for her to externalize her unhappiness and frustrates her even more. The really interesting thing is that Sam hasn’t figured out how to work sex/sexual manipulation into the equation. It’s not a marriage until she does! She’s going to have to soften a whole lot before that happens but Neil’s quirky Asperger-androgyny is a big curve ball for her.

      • Oh..I just read your actual blog- not just the comments, We aren’t that far off after all! My bad. FYI when a man tells another man to “man up”…it either works or it doesn’t and specific instructions are superfluous.

      • tamaratattles

        You skipped the blog? You CAN’T SKIP THE BLOG! I WILL NOT BE IGNORED, DAN! :) Yeah, I agree with you for the most part. I think that Sam continuously tests Neil (mostly subconsciously) because she wants to see if he can tolerate all of her anxieties. She’s also looking for a lot of dominance to keep her in line (that part is conscious). I totally get everything she is doing I’m also aware these are self-defeating behaviors, and it is very painful to watch. WIth Neil, it seems possible that she does have someone that can handle and even enjoy her personality if she can stop pushing him away. Her past history shows she is unlikely to do that. But I am still pulling for her. Mosty, because she is a lot like me. :)

      • Nooooo …. don’t cook the rabbit!

  28. Please! You wonder if perhaps we, the viewer, are more invested in these relationships than many of these participants. I agree Ashley isn’t trying. Yes, I said it. She continues to remind us of her previous hx and relationships; how she was more “physically attracted” to these individuals from the very beginning. Where are these guys? Or guy (singular)? Their numbers are reminiscent of young children on Christmas Eve–not one in sight! Any specific reason(s) why I might make the leap as to why you would participate in a reality show that assures you a life partner in the form of a spouse? If she learned ANYTHING from past hx, it is that her way of doing things was not working. All she received from these matchups were dates that looked good, with a “here today gone tomorrow” mentality. No one was “putting a ring on it.” It escapes me since this is not this show’s 1st season, that every participant has had the benefit of explanation, as well as being able to view at least one episode. Everyone knew the basic premise of the show –neither participant had met the other; you are total strangers. You have to gradually entertain babysteps of physicality before becoming comfortable with more difficult levels of physical intimacy. Hold the guy’s hand!

    With respect to Neil and Sam, I, too, like this couple. But, I have grown somewhat tired of her dimestore therapy remedies–“passive aggressive. ” Focus on you. Stop trying to fix him. He is merely reciprocating what he is given. And Neil, cease the lengthy on-camera monologues. Don’t tell us; tell her.

  29. Jess

    Ashley needs a reality check. You deserve no one. As a nurse, it’s disheartening to think of someone as immature, unempathetic, and stoic as you “thinks” she can enter the nursing field. Give up on that career dear as much as you gave up on this show the first 5 minutes.

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