Kandi And Todd Have Named The Boy!

RHOA todd and baby

Kandi says that she wanted a unique name for the new boy child so that there would not be lots of other kids with his name when he heads off to school.  This made me worried he was going to be named something unpronounceable and weird.

But actually it was the 366th most popular boy name of 2015 and rising with a bullet!

The name is…….

Drumroll….. Ace Wells Tucker.

So thoughts on the name?  It’s better than Deuces, Amitrite?


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83 responses to “Kandi And Todd Have Named The Boy!

  1. O.O

    What do you think ?

  2. O.O

    I like wells tucker

  3. He will be called Ass for the rest of his life.

    • Crazy in NC

      Just about any name can be turned in to something insulting.

    • Matzah60

      Maybe, but not as likely in an urban school where the population has a majority of black children attending. I’m not making fun of any of the kids I taught, but it took me around two weeks to get used to all the names on my class list and then match the child with the name. I taught algebra and geometry to 7th and 8th graders for many years here in NJ. I had so many girls named Diamond, Jasmine and Kiara. Lots of boys named Shamar, Mujaheed, and Jamal.

      I think the tides changed for African Americans after Roots, the miniseries was shown on TV back in the late 70’s. While some names are based on demographics, culture, and religion, Roots was a pivotal turning point in tv, pop, and life culture for blacks in the US. I saw a big shift in their names in the next ten years.

      There was plenty of other shit going on in the schools, but shaming kids based on their names wasn’t one of them in my situation. There was much more discrimination amongst the kids who were darker skinned and those with very light skin or those who appeared to be bi-racial.

      I think it was nice that the middle name of the new Tucker boy is Wells, in honor of Sharon’s last name. (I presume maiden name)

  4. WonkyTonk

    It’s very hardware store-ish. Ace is the place for your helpful hardware Real Housewives chillren.

    • Zazu

      So funny. But really true.

      • Minky

        I could write something snarky. But I won’t. Considering the fact that they’re surrounded by people who’re called “carmon” and “Don Juan”, and celebrities who’ve named their children things like “Jermajesty”, they did pretty okay.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Minky good point. It could have been so much worse.

      • LisaPat

        Lol Minky. I have had some interesting names in my classroom over the years so I can handle Ace and Jermajesty. ? Top 3 first names are 1) La-a (pronounced Ladasha) swear! 2) Lemonjello (pronounced Lemaun-gelo) and last but not least, Shithead (pronounced Shith-eed.)

      • Psylocke

        What’s wrong with Carmon?!

        Carmen SanDiego was my childhood hero.

      • sandra

        I recently had some lab work done and I thought I heard the young lady wrong when she said, “Hi I’m Epiphany.” I heard correctly because, name tag.

      • Gives the phrase ‘I had an epiphany’ a whole new meaning.

      • hannahkingrose

        OMG LisaPat, my husband is a cop and he and another officer were checking on a disturbance. They asked for everyone’s license. He came home and told me that one of the guys’ name was Shithead (pronounced Sha-heed). He was being belligerent and my husband said to him after looking at his license “your name is Shithead?” and the guy says no it’s Sha-heed. My husband tells him well your Mama may call you Sha-heed but your name is spelled Shithead. The other guys with him started laughing so hard the disturbance was averted and they all dispersed without incident. I’ve told people that story and have a hard time getting them to believe that was his name. So glad you have a similar one. Lmao.

      • WonkyTonk

        hannahkingrose I don’t find your anecdote in any way funny and I would hope no one else does either. It’s a pretty good example of why people don’t like cops.


    I love the name Ace, always reminds me of my aunt Deb’s obsession with the band “Kiss”, in the 70’s! ROCK ON KANDI!

  6. DutchTulip

    Lovely name…
    I see Mama Joyce shaking her head Inn confusion.

    For once Kandi did not listen to her MAMA.

  7. if it’s a boy, why is he wearing a pink hat?

    • microop

      Boys don’t burst in flames if they are dressed in pink.

    • WonkyTonk

      No offense squirrel it’s an ingrained thing, I get that, but the kid is hardly a few hours old and we’re jamming him into his lifelong gender role. Honestly I wish it were white with flaming hot little pink polka dots. Really makes me appreciate the couple that refused to disclose the gender of their baby. It forced everyone who engaged with the child to question their gender role assumptions so the baby wasn’t limited by them.

      • Minky

        In my right after I was born baby pictures they dressed me in a pale yellow at the hospital. Very gender neutral. And I turned out fine.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        We jam babies into gender roles BEFORE they’re even born. A great book if you’re interested is “Delusions of Gender” by Cordelia Fine.

    • Kay

      He’s wearing the same blue, white and pink striped hat that every hospital puts on every baby.

    • Anastasia_Beave

      All the hats at the hospital where I delivered are pink and blue striped, looking more pink than blue. Blankets too.

    • Amy

      It’s not pink. It’s white with alternating stripes of blue and pink. They give them to you at the hospital.

    • I actually think it the ‘stock’ hat at all hospitals…pink/blue/white striped.

  8. Mrs. Poole

    I believe Jessica Simpson’s son is named Ace too. I think it is cute.

  9. Angel(?)

    Oh others may not have the name but he will be teased! I wonder if Wells is a family name?

  10. He is wearing pink because everyone knows they wanted a girl and wearing pink early on can change gender.
    The Internet said so.

  11. Well it’s definitely unique! But I think I’m stealing one of those names! I’m liking Deuces whether it’s a boy or girl!

  12. ZenJen55

    I like the Wells but Ace meh, i would of loved her to of named him Patrick Wells Tucker. Had not been for her deceased brother Patrick, Kandi would not of found success in the music business.
    I always thought you should wait and see what name fits your babies personality, i wish i had done that!!!

    • Crazy in NC

      We did that. We had a name all picked out for my first-born. Then we took one look at him and NOPE, not gonna work. So my husband got to pick the name out.

  13. Twilly

    A Swells Tucker

  14. Wanda

    I like Wells, but Ace is like calling your child Top Dog.

  15. Lisaj

    Beats King Queen and Jack I guess. Still should’ve called him Andy.

  16. hannahkingrose

    Well she could have gone farther down the deck and called him King Wells Tucker instead of Ace. After all Phaedra has the Prince and Mr. President lol. I sure hope they call this kid by his middle name Wells.

    • Lisaj

      Great minds and all. Were you also thinking that the baby is Todd’s big F you to mama Joyce? That’s mean of me but if my MIL treated me that way I would have been out of there a LONG time ago!

    • WonkyTonk

      OMG King would have chapped Phaedra’s ass something fierce. I could see her throwing all kinds of shade in her talking head spots. She’d probably have another baby just so she could name him emperor of the universe and win the name game.

  17. swizzle

    A million years ago there was an Ace on Real World. I liked him, so I like the name. Funny how one person can make or break a name for you.

    • barbinga

      There was that guy from American Idol that Taylor hired for Kennedys birthday party, got drunk and hung all over him in front of Russell. She must have been petrified for later. And I could be wrong about the AI guys name.

      • Deb in SF

        Ace Young on American Idol. Season 5. First thing I thought of too, then the hardware store. I don’t love the name for Baby Tucker, but happy they honored Todd’s mother.

    • tamaratattles

      RW Ace is exactly who I thought about! LOVED him.

      • barbinga

        Thank goodness. I’ve been wracking my brain and I was thinking it was Constantine Morales and I was wrong. Go with your gut, Barb. Go with your gut.

      • barbinga

        Just figured out what the RW Ace meant and that it didn’t apply to me. ARgh, does anyone else remember who Taylor had sing at that party? fml

    • RL

      When I heard the name, I thought of the same dude. He was a cutie too!

  18. Crazy in NC

    Easily pronounced and spelled. Good!

  19. Linda miller

    Wells would have been very classic.
    Ace is better than Cam Newtons new baby names “chosen”

  20. T D

    Marshall. Heard it in a lovesong.

  21. captivagrl

    I’m not a big fan of proper names that should be nicknames.

  22. BeetsWhy

    I like Wells, he could be A. Wells Tucker? I love a first initial. Ace Tucker is just to close to Ice Trucker, isn’t that a show? Oh well, I’m glad it’s inclusive of Todds mother, that’s nice.

  23. Josie

    Ace Tucker sounds like a cowboy who is a country singer. Then again, Kandi has really bad taste so it could have been much worse. Oh well, I am sure he is a beautiful baby and as long as they like the name….it will grow on me.

  24. Josie

    Todd has such a cute face. Unless he is in a witness protection program, he should get rid of that beard.

  25. Josie

    Whatever happened to Phaedra’s traditional African naming ceremony for the kids? Did they ever get those names?

  26. No matter what she names her baby it will be okay. She will have such happy moments with little Ace Wells Tucker and her family that child will be called whatever is comfortable once he gets home. Once he is in school he will be called whatever fits at that time. His mommie and daddy are giving him a fitting name for his legal name. You can all yourself whatever you want in life. He’s a baby, let him get out of the hospital and then who’s to say what he will be called. ijs

  27. Will Kandi have a SIP AND SEE for Baby Ace? Just an observation.

    • A “sip and see”?……..

      Ah, hell…..knowing these housewives she will probably have a “guzzle and gawk”.

      • hannahkingrose

        Or maybe even “some shots and some shit stirring” lol.

      • WonkyTonk

        “guzzle and gawk” that’s really funny. I don’t know, you know. I’ve never had kids but part of me thinks if I did I wouldn’t have one of these, but if I did I would be all like no touching, no breathing on, don’t get too close, don’t talk to it, hell I’d probably just put a camera on the crib isolated from all the guests and let them sip and cctv it.

  28. Matzah60

    I’ve just got to say I got a kick reading everyone’s comments on here. All of you had some really funny thoughts about the name and its implications for baby Tucker. Some good hearty laughing always kicks my day up a notch!! Thanks everyone!!

  29. Why refer to their son as boy, like did you call kim son’s boy or just the black children.

    • WonkyTonk

      Seriously? Come on! Even if you thought the boy naming in the title was sketchy, which it wasn’t, it’s a male child after all, but in the body she clearly indicates boy child. Boy child is a non offensive description completely valid regardless of ethnicity. Well, unless someone has an axe to grind anyway.

      • DutchTulip

        WonkyTonk… I thought Tamara with the Title was excited to deliver the good news that they (Kandi and Todd)… finally released the names of their son (boy).

  30. At least it’s a real word spelled correctly with no punctuation. Having an “ER” ending name limits boy names. You can’t use any ER ending first names or they sound like a multiple craftsman.

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