But I Read It On The Internet!

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There is a running joke among literate people concerning those who believe everything they read on the Internet.  “I read it on the Internet! So it must be true!”  There are sites on the Internet that will validate any theory you may have on virtually any subject. Sites that claim to “prove” or disprove facts on very simple things.  Things like whether man has landed on the moon, or how Lyme disease is contracted, or whether or not coffee enemas are helpful or harmful. It’s up to the reader to determine how much credibility to give to things they read online. We make those decisions in a variety of ways.  Most of us try to us logic and facts but human nature leads us to be influenced by our personal feelings on the subject and to also tend to believe things that seem in line with our prior experiences and our opinions on the subject are assessing  for  credibility.

I know many of you probably read that paragraph and are thinking, “What’s  your point, Tamara?” Mostly my point is, “please read the commenting rules. “  specifically, number 2 and 3.  But I also want you to have some idea how I vet information for this blog.  So here is an example.

This morning I was sent to a site that contained this statement, ” On house arrest at her Towaco, New Jersey, home until February 5, Giudice must wear an ankle monitor that would be set off even by a trip to the mailbox at the end of her driveway.”  This is a factually incorrect statement.  Teresa’s ankle bracelet does not have an alarm. It simply monitors her movements.   She is certainly allowed to walk to the mailbox. She is also apparently allowed to go grocery shopping since we have seen photos of her doing that. She simply has to let her parole officer know where she is at all times and receive permission. For me, that sentence means the author of the story has no idea what the fuck they are talking about so everything else in the story including the “sources close to Teresa” is bullshit. That site, which I do often cite on other matters is free to make their own judgments on what they post.

Myrtle the one true supreme

What is irritating is as soon as I read that, I knew that it would soon become “fact” in the comment sections here. So I am using it as an example of  how I make decisions regarding comments here because lately, I think we all need to take another long look at the commenting rules.

Citing things like 75% of people on earth are really Martians but they don’t know it is annoying to read. I’m just saying.

Also, if we could review the one about trying to stay on track and not writing  a long personal journal entry in response to unrelated things. That would be great. The exception to that is the health related topics. I know we all have personal contributions in that type of post, myself included.  I mostly read the comments in email without benefit of knowing what post you are responding to. When I see comments about every person on RHOA for example in a comment about a RHOBH person on WWHL, it’s confusing and off topic.  As are opinions about people on shows that you refuse to watch. Yesterday someone said they are not just not watching the show, but not reading anything about a person on the show and  then proceeded to have opinions about what is going on? How is that possible?

I know a lot of people think I am being a tyrant, or want everyone to share my opinion on topics and I don’t care. What I want is for use to all be reasonably informed on what we are chatting about, and for our opinions to be based on things we are discussing here, not things that other sites are churning out because certain topics are “hot” and pull a lot of page views for their site. I don’t want off topic  comments that are longer than the post. I want you to be critical readers of this site and others and base your opinions in some sort of logical thought. I know that is a lofty goal, and if we can achieve it just half the time, that would be just swell.

Basically,  vacation is over.  I’m BACK BITCHES!

Now get out there and read some posts and make some interesting comments. And for the love of God, stop driving Cat up a tree! :)


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  1. minimogul

    Tamara….Happy New Year and Welcome back!

  2. Shae

    lmao, well said. welcome back!

  3. WonkyTonk

    But, but Cat likes trees!

  4. Katherine 2.0

    Excellent post!
    P.S. I think Cat’s waiting for a cute firefighter to get her out of that tree, though.

  5. JustJenn

    Spoken like a true teacher! :) Welcome back, TT!

  6. Skylar

    I’ve missed your commentary.

  7. Cat

    YAY! Glad you are back!

    Yeah, at one point, I fell out of the tree, and hit my head. I may have a concussion.

  8. SaraSally

    I liked this post! Thanks TT for putting on your spurs and getting back in the saddle. It was good to have a woman say ‘ENOUGH’… Its time for R & R!
    Your backup crew does a remarkable job. Thank you to everyone who makes this site a collective success.
    It does become a laborious task to skim through comments and have to constantly remind yourself of why the original thread peaked your interest. Between Queen of the Day posts, and disinformation, or drivel commentary… I stop reading because my interest is lost. Some is palatable, but a lot is…well, just a lot.

    • Mesocrazy

      Seriously the hard work that goes TT puts into this amazes me! I would lose my mind having to read,sift,sort along w dealing w nonsense coming from every angle ! She’s so thorough w truth always ! Many crazy fakes out there that if it was me I would need therapy. This is only site that I’ve ever donated too ! I would hit that button monthly due to that much trust in her stories . Never the need to be the “exclusive ” like others when in reality it’s fake. Tamara always gets truth even if she has exclusive but really investigates thoroughly which I respect!
      Thanks again because TT got me thru a lot of days when I was unable to get out of bed! 2015 is OVER and 2016 will be the Healthy New Year ! Health will bring happiness ! Sorry I ranted!

  9. Lisaj

    Can we still make fun of pat the puss whenever we feel like it though?
    Soooo freaking happy you are back!

  10. Sequoia

    75% of the people on earth are Martians…OMG OMG OMG.

  11. What are the other 25%?

    Really hate it when I don’t get the full scoop :)

  12. Wait…there aren’t 75% Martians here? Damn… Welcome back, TT!

  13. Actually, I heard from a different site, did not read it myself, the 75% Martian number is inaccurate.

    Ha hope someone sees what I really wrote.

    • Katherine 2.0

      You’re a sneaky one, you are.

    • SaraK7272

      Everybody knows that it’s not Martians its Mermen/Merwomen (threw out the maids) from Atlantis. There was a documentary that my best friend’s brother’s wife’s second cousin read about on the interweb. I wish folk would get it straight!

      Welcome back Wonder Woman..as you can see you have been missed.?

      • Meredo

        Too funny Cali and Sara. I was trying to think up a similar comment but you guys beat me to it (with more wit, I might add….damn you two! Lol).
        So glad you’re back TT, we missed you.

  14. Margarett

    So glad you’re back. You were missed.

  15. captain eel

    The moon landings were faked. Period. Welcome back to the office. Have a great 2016 Tamara.

    • Captain eel, I made Berry
      Berry Kool-ade today.

      • captain eel

        calipatti, kool aid is refreshing and oh so satisfying, but I thought you would have stirred up a big ‘ol jug of Tang, that space nectar best sipped in the comfort of a nice shady area on the moon surface in your favorite rocking chair. Ain’t nothing like it.

  16. Rose

    Welcome back TT and this past was well said!!!

  17. Angel(?)

    According to Ancient Astronaut Theorists, we are all alien hybrids. The only question is which aliens? Martians? Perhaps.

    Welcome back Tamara.

  18. So how is your year going so far?

  19. RebelRed

    I swear there was a recent southpark episode on this very subject, lol.

  20. SashaV

    Happy New Year TT!! Glad you are back?Wondering if you have Netflix and if so have you watched Making a Murderer? Your insights on the Jodi Arias trial were how I first found you and I would love to see what you thought about the documentary. I know you probably have 900,000 other things to do. Just thought I would ask!

  21. Mzjulesaz

    Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your much needed but probably too brief step away. Happy 2016 to you and Banjo!

  22. One of those “someone’s” is me. I’m not watching it; I’m not reading it. My opinion is based on having watched it and read it already. Nothing new is happening; the storylines I’m sick of are the same. That’s how it’s possible.

  23. Mesocrazy

    Happy Healthy New Year!
    Hope u enjoyed your little time off!
    Thank You for this post as its well said ! It is the reason I come to this site whether I comment or not. I absolutely think you are by far one of the best bloggers ! I have total respect for how to run you blog & how you post truth!
    Wishing TT most prosperous & healthy New Year!

  24. Woo hoo! TT got her groove back! So proud of you for taking a vacay & recharging your batteries. Thanks for cracking the whip. Even us longtime commenters need this reminder from time to time… And somewhere Mike Shouhed is drunk.

  25. Having rules that make sense is one of the reasons I love this blog – and reminds me of how much I miss TWOP. Happy New Year TT!

  26. Sara, this group might be a wee bit difficult to keep on point in every post.
    80% of the posts might be realistic.
    Interesting discussions do evolve in here.

    • Cali-P–
      You have got to be kidding with that statistic.

      I read that 68% of all statistics are wrong.

      • Maisey, You know I made up the 80% hoping it was high enough to not get rebuked by TT.
        I was writing in jest, sort of.

        I don’t have a clue except people do try to follow the rules.
        We could all aim for 80%.

  27. AH CP—I know you were just joshin’—so was I (as usual)
    Anyway, Happy New Year to you. I really wish you the best of everything.

    • ? ? I like your emoji
      That’s the one I use with friends. Yes I knew you were jesting, I tried to play back at you.

      My mind is mush, I’ve been reading free Ebooks about 8-10 hours a day.

  28. Stephanie

    Welcome back TT! I missed you! Hope you had a great vacation and much needed rest.

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