Yolanda Foster Focuses on New Beginnings In 2016

RHOBH Yo's new fridge

Last night on WWHL Andy Cohen brought up the fact that Yolanda Foster has moved into a lavish new condo. Erika admitted she had already been to see the place and that Yolanda needed a much grander refrigerator than the one that came with the furnished place. However, the one in the photos looks huge and is built into the overall kitchen look, so I imagine she will have to make do.  Also, those apples were likely changed to lemons the moment she moved in.

The condo was purchased in early December for a mere $4.59 million, much less than the huge houses she was looking as part of her RHOBH storyline. The condo is in Carlyle Residences in Westwood and is in the building right next to David Foster’s condo where she was previously living. Looks like she will have no issues running into David, or even calling him to fetch her some lemons.

You don’t want to miss this post about the divorce.

According to Curbed, the three bedroom condo includes, a high-end kitchen with new appliances, 11-foot-high ceilings throughout, automated UV window shades, a whole guest suite on a second floor, and a “direct entrance from the private elevator foyer.”  So no worries about sharing an elevator with the riff-raff.  It is at a mere 3,950  square feet quite the downsize. On the plus side there is that whole 24/7 white glove concierge service. It is also the same area where Kim Richards moved recently.  I can’t for the life of me find the link to where I said this place looks like a hotel but know we know why.

RHOBH Yo's  newfridge 2
Oh wait! Yo has already posted the contents of her new fridge. Of course she has! Please notice the lack of actual food!  Who knows what are in those tubs though. Processed deli meat comes like that at my grocer. Also Jif? Even I don’t eat non-organic peanut butter. If you can only afford two organic things they should be peanut butter, and coffee.  Celery is also a must be organic item. Also, the Heinz and French’s is a shock. There is HFCS in the Heinz and probably the French’s as well!  And so much juice (sugar!!). The contents don’t scream organic, clean eating to me. And I believe she is living alone.

•yolandahfoster❤️If you have not worn it in the past year, it's probably time to PASS IT ON........ #NoteToSelf #LettingGoOfTheOld #BackToLifeBackToReality 2016

•yolandahfoster❤️If you have not worn it in the past year, it’s probably time to PASS IT ON…….. #NoteToSelf #LettingGoOfTheOld #BackToLifeBackToReality 2016

Also, she seems to have given away all of her pants. Because, underwear pose.

Moving on, at first I thought that Yolanda had deleted a lot of her timeline to start 2016 with a brand new year without all the sickbed stuff. But I think it is just my nearly dead laptop not being able to pull it all up.

But then came today’s selfie.



yolandahfoster ️ I am not afraid for you to see me for who I really am and what my days are really like……I have learned to love every part of me without apology! Happy selfie-sad selfie, good days – bad days, with make up-no make up, boobs- no boobs. I can only hope that by sharing this not so glamorous journey, the millions of doubted & neglected Lyme sufferers will gain medical recognition of their illness and the appropriate treatment affordable for all. This is not a pity party, just reality with good intend #InvisableDisease Please check out my blog on tonight’s episode- bio is in my link #ExplantSurgery #RHOBH @bravotv @evolutionusa #NotAVictemButAWarrior

I had a whole lot more to say about Yolanda, but I am so far behind in blogging and need to eat and keep up with my plans for the new year, which are going very well.

So I will leave you with Yolanda’s NYE selfie for now.

RHOBH yo 2016

I am off to the next post. Be patient. I know there is a lot going on.


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61 responses to “Yolanda Foster Focuses on New Beginnings In 2016

  1. Maybe she puts the ketchup on the grapes? OMG, she is so creepy.

  2. Lisaj

    She’s really turning into Michael Jackson right before our eyes. Can’t hate on the mentally ill so I’ll go with my new theory which is the supposition of the miraculous divorce settlement miracle cure of the Lymes. God why is everyone around her so intimidated to question her fake disease? Please Andy hammer her at the reunion with her ludicrous timeline and do ask about Madame Daisy!

  3. Rakely

    Does she have someone on staff to constantly take all of these photos of her modeling in underwear and sweaters? Like the one of her sitting on the stack of clothes she donating? It’s not a selfie, she’s looking off into the distance “modeling”.

  4. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Juice is the devil. I haven’t touched that stuff in decades! Unless it’s a green smoothie made at home by me, 75-80% veggies.

    • Dee

      I agree, plain juice is so full of sugar! How can that be good for her? What about her Organic diet? Are those sodas on the door? Thanks Tamara!!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Yolanda is not very smart. She probably thinks juice is healthy. She thought the lemon juice cleanse (*cough* rapid weight loss plan *cough*) was “healthy”.

  5. iloveearlgrey

    Why the hell does someone who only eats an almond a day need such a huge refrigerator?

    • Minky

      She does have friends, I assume. Who probably also visit her at home. She can’t just not have anything to offer them to drink, can she? I have a lot of alcohol that I rarely touch, but I keep it around for guests. Same thing with cookies. I hardly ever eat cookies or any sweets really, but when someone stops by they’re great to serve with coffee or tea. Don’t you all know hospitality? Dang. :0)

  6. Cat

    Wow, the fridge contents say a lot. Looks like she’s pretty much on a liquid diet. And the massive number of condiments don’t make sense.

    You are so right…too much sugar in that fridge. Makes me feel better about my own.

    • Me too cat. Philadelphia cream cheese and grey pompon? Gasp! I can’t believe I eat better than Yolanda does. Lol

      • Katherine 2.0

        That stuff’s probably for the kids – or Daisy. I am sure Yolanda’s “food” consists of supplements, lemons and an odd almond. I have to hand it to that woman: I get laid up for two weeks and gain 7 pounds. I’d look like a beast if I had been bed ridden that long. She is a stunner.

      • Cat

        I think I’ll try that new “Taco Cleanse”. Tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner for 30 days. What’s the worst that could happen? :)

      • Minky

        Oh, Katherine! Meeee toooo! I’m still getting over the bronchitis and I’ve put on about 12 pounds. I’m beside myself with grief. Where did it all come from???!!! It was the holidays, and I have been sick, and I said to myself “It’s okay, you can eat ALL the cookies, because you’re sick, so it doesn’t count.” But STILL!!! This is just weird. Ha haaaaa! I’m a fat idiot! :0)

    • Dee

      Me too Cat. At least we have food. What is she thinking?

    • fivecatsownme

      I’m thinking Daisy has moved in.

  7. I am so confused as to the time line of the shooting of the show and the demise of her marriage. Watching them on the show I wouldn’t have thought it was that dire. I mean I have to admit I always thought they were an awkward couple. But at the same time they seem “in love”. I am really surprised it came down to divorce in such a short time.

    • sandra

      sundayhare3, I didn’t get ‘the whole in love thing.’ Yolanda pushed it too hard and I didn’t get the impression it was true. I do agree about the confusion and time line, it does not make sense. Yo’s motives?

      • janet

        I felt a little uncomfortable with the Foster’s, only because it seemed mandatory required behaviour, to worship the very ground David walks on. The best relationships to me, are where both parties (especially the woman), feel like they can be themselves, and that it’s ok. Not to be mean or awful or let yourself go, but that you don’t have to allways be ON or afraid of losing the person. I’m not judging David or Yolanda, just what I noticed.

      • Minky

        From what I’ve observed couples get the most lovey-dovey, and display the most PDA right before they’re about to split up. They’re trying to put on a show and convince their friends that everything’s okay. Just think of the scenes of Phaedra and Apollo making out in front of everybody from Atlanta right around the time they were having their idiotic beef with Kenya. Ew.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @janet I too got the impression she was desperately trying to hang onto him with all that “my king, my love” bs. It didn’t really strike me as being genuine.

  8. sandra

    She is so happy and with make-up on, and hair colored. Yoland’s conscious uncoupling worked out well for her. What a very strange marriage they had. I wonder, did she ever love David? Did he love her? It’s all so confusing and weird……

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I think in some ways it can be rough to be such a beautiful woman. I believe she wanted David to love her desperately, and she tried to make him love her with that “my love” stuff. But I don’t think he ever really did love her – she was a beautiful companion, not much more. Did she love him? Not sure. I think she may have.

  9. Jim

    Those Izze fruit sodas are phenomenal! But she needs to buy San Pellegrino Orange soda if she really wants something delicious and refreshing. They also have a lemon flavor which is also very good… and probably more to her taste. 😉

  10. Dear Yolanda,
    For the love of all that is holy, please stop taking pictures of us and putting us on Instagram.

    Thank you,
    Your Feet

  11. Margarett

    Sorry…as you should be.

  12. Nice place. I could manage to eke out an existance there. (I think it’s the “elevator foyer” that’s private, though…not the elevator itself).

    And what’s wrong with Jif? Choosy moms choose Jif! I love it! I certainly don’t keep it in the fridge though.

  13. More Tea Please!

    There isn’t a single leafy green or vegetable in that refrigerator. Yikes. She needs to look into Dr Terry Wahl’s recovery from Multiple Scleroris, going from a wheelchair-ridden state to doing marathons. How? She chucked meds and supplements and consumed huge quantities of leafy greens. Her TED talk is on YouTube, anybody with auto-immune issues should watch it.

  14. Rose

    She has Izze’s on the top door shelf. I love them…no preservatives, HFCS, caffeine but they do have sugar and can be high in carbs. Where are her greens and other veggies?

  15. WonkyTonk

    You know I’m looking at those pictures of Yolanda and I can’t help thinking: Is she trying to revitalize her modeling career?

    • Well, maybe she is trying to revive her modeling career, Wonky-T. But sittin’ in her underwear on oversized Tupperware boxes flapping her size 12 flippers ain’t going to land her the cover of Vouge. Lol

      By the way, Wonky-T is your Hip Hop name. ?

      • WonkyTonk

        Hey with the aging boomer set the Tupperware porn may be just the thing to get that shit moving. Maybe the cover of Boomer’s Monthly The new year Lisa Rinna diaper cover should pull them all in. Wonky-T I kind of like that.

      • Minky

        No! Just no, you two. Yolanda is okay looking and all, but she would fail miserably in the porn department. What’s she gonna do? Grind herself onto the tupperware and call it “my love”? Ha haaaaaa!

        She already tried to be legit sexy in the stewardess outfit and we all saw what that looked like. It took me a second to realize that she wasn’t wearing white leggings in the above photo. Her ass is sooooooo white!

      • WonkyTonk

        But Minky there has to be a Real Housewives tie in I think right. I suppose it could be skinny girl, but I’m thinking Pinky’s sangria line is more their lifestyle set. But isn’t it wonderful they’ve got Real Housewives options? I wonder what drink Tre is going to invent.

        Also I have to admit I did love that airline stewardess video. I really really did, and then I hated everything after.

        Come on Minky what do I have to do to convince you she’s doing Tupperware porn, and needs a Lisa Rinna cameo in the upcoming ad video? Lets get this shit on QVC already!

      • Minky

        Oh Wonky. I’m not a porn consumer, but I know what all is out there. Riddle me this?! What do you get when you combine Yolanda’s giant tupperware and Lisa R’s Depends in an amorous situation? You don’t even have to answer that.

        Imagine the video, though. Picture it: Lisa Rinna in nothing but a pair of adult bloomers staring eerily at the camera, with those lips of hers, and Yolanda dressed like June Clever, pearls and all, singing “If Dis Here Tupperware Was Mah Shit?!!!” Put that on QVC and sell it!

        Re: Tre’s beverage. Have you already forgotten about Fabellini?! It was just as bad as Ramona’s Pinot Grigio. Perhaps worse.

      • Queen of the Nile

        These comments about Lisa and Yolanda on QVC are hilarious. Thanks for my morning giggles – great way to start the day! (Only on this site could the words Tupperware and porn possibly be linked together.)

      • WonkyTonk

        Ok Minky I give up, but I’m hitting you up for support for the Lisa Rinna leaky lawn watering system. That’s a sure bet for QVC. Money, money, money!

      • Meredo

        WonkyT, Maisey and Minky, You guys are so damn funny it’s ridiculous! I really think you all missed your calling as writers for sit-coms or SNL. I love to laugh, so I love you people. ?❤️?❤️?❤️

      • Meredo—you are just so damn sweet! You made my day!
        THank you ?

      • fivecatsownme

        There are those foot fetish people out there.

  16. Dawn

    Pitty party for one, in a 4+million condo. Gag!

    Smoke and mirrors in the Foster’s relationship. All the “I love you” on repeat from both of them as she is going into surgery. Seems so teenager, that’s all you can come up with? Wondering if they had a relationship contract contract that they decided not to renew. Yolanda lives like she is a commodity.

    • Dee

      Yeah Boo Hoo for her with all those square feet. I’d be happy with 1,000 sq ft and another bathroom. If she doesn’t want people to judge stop posting crap. If I was as sick as she says she is I wouldn’t be on the internet.

  17. Spilledperfume

    Cat, don’t tease me about a 30 day taco cleanse. I love tacos. I would probably try tacos for 30 days. Chipotle tacos sound good.

    I love Skippy peanut butter (but I don’t keep it in the fridge.) Growing up my dad bought organic peanut butter for the house and I always loved when my friends mother would offer me Skippy.

    Good post.

  18. WonkyTonk

    Ok serious question : Would you allow a man you know is about to be your ex fondle your breast the way David did with Yolanda’s? I cringed watching that scene.

  19. DutchTulip

    WonkyTonk… It was all for show (David’s fondling) … because the cameras where there.

    Smoke and mirrors in the Foster’s relationship… as mentioned by another poster.

  20. cobe


    weeellll . . . if he was shuttling me around the world on a private airplane, paying for my new “friend” to live with me, footing the bill for all of my bogus medical treatments, smiling while I presented him with separation papers, and being the one responsible for keeping in touch with my other two children (whose names escape me right now),

    then, yes. Fondle away for the last time.

    What the hell.

    • WonkyTonk

      Yeah she was fairly encouraging of it from him. Yolanda has always struck me as a gold digger though so I just put it up to that.

  21. Lindsay

    I noticed the decidedly unclean eating of the family in the episode with the will. Everything they were preparing was from a box and I’m not talking Annie’s Organics! I’m poor af and even I eat better than the HaFosters…

  22. LA Girl

    All those condiments + Expelled ‘fresh pressed’ juices + pre packaged Lazy Acres/Erewhon/Whole Foods/Bristol Farms/Gelson’s deli items = Eats out ALL the time.

    LA Living at its best.

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