WWHL With Erika Jayne

WWHL With Erika Jayne

So are we calling her Erika Girardi or Erika Jayne? I generally go with Jayne, because I can spell it without looking. Seems like a good enough reason to me.  Cheyenne Jackson is the other guest. I typically ignore the other guest in recaps because recapping WWHL is like transcribing thirty minutes of dialogue and it is such a relief to only transcribe part of it.  Andy has already said #PatThePuss a million times and it is the drinking phrase.

Erika says she has had a great time doing RHOBH and her husband is very supportive and she really has no complaints. Andy remarks, “You don’t hate me yet!” and she says “Not yet.” Give it time dear Erika. Talk to me after the reunion, although you will probably get a pass from Andy but not Pinky.

Andy shows the clip of David’s response to being married to a Toothless, Boobless, Brainless Wonder. Erika says that they are both very special to her. She is going to refrain from commenting. She has known them for nine years. RHOBH erika

Andy brings up Yo’s new condo. That will probably be my next post. There is a lot going on with Yolanda in the past 24 hours and I plan to tell you all about it. Erika say that Yo’s fridge is tiny in the new place and she will have to get a new one. #RichPeopleProblems

Montage of Erica Jayne. I should probably confess I have missed a couple of episodes of RHOBH while on my mental health break from blogging. I will get caught up soon. I am so far behind!  Thank God for Xanadude and Ben C filling in for me. It was such a great help. I hope they continue to recap while I am back. I have so much to cover!

Game: Andy asks Erika Jayne, can you explain?

Why two private planes?  Because one is small and one is big!
What does your 23 year old son think of Erika Jayne? He loves her like he loves both of them. (that’s what she said!
Does your husband ever get mistaken for your father? (oh Andrew!) When I was in my twenties, yes. Now that I am in my 40s, no.

They show a clip of next week’s episode where Bethenny insults the fuck out of Erika and tells her that her videos have low production value and she thinks they are crap. Really Bethenny? Do you even know this woman?

Erika says that she was overwhelmed by Bethenny. She thought they were going to dinner. Oh Erika, dear. “Dinner” is code for “Fight Club” on the housewives franchises. You never get to have a pleasant meal with these bitches.  Andy asks if she had ever watched RHONY. She says she had never watched a single episode of any of the franchises until after she got the job. I believe her for some reason. She is a very busy woman.

Andy asks about the Lyme Disease drama. She says that she thinks everyone has now seen what is really going and has accepted the fact that she has Lyme Disease.  Well, not so much Erika, but you are a dear friend.

Andy asks Cheyenne about working with Lady Gaga on AHS: Hotel. He recounts their first nude scene where he was laying across her lap naked and she was sort of massaging his butt with her long fingernails and all he could think is, “This is my job, Lady Gaga is massaging my butt!”  And he was thrilled. Erika offers jokingly to massage his butt later. Are only two episodes left!  It’s back tomorrow night!

A caller asks if she met Brandi or Kim. She says she met Kim twice and Brandi once and they were both very nice.

How did you feel about the digs Lisa Vanderpump gave you when you first met her? I’m not surprised. I mean it is what it is. But you know people have been, you know, kind of saying this to me for sixteen years, I’m sure you are referring to my husband, ( Andy says, yeah) so it is kind of par for the course.

Does it bother you? It did when I was younger, but not now. You get used to it after awhile.

Where were you a cocktail waitress? Chasen’s … Andy freaks out. She says not the original one, the revamped one.

What work have you had done? She says the same as everyone else on the show. Botox, fillers, boob, nose was done at 41.  Andy asks how many years ago that was. She says three. Oh Andrew.

Caller asks if Pinky is intimidated because of the new “Queen of the Gays” in town? ( I’d like to personally thank this gay male caller for his use of the term, “the gays” take that PC police! )   She asks if he is calling her the Queen of the Gays and he said yes, she is!  She thanks him and says that Pinky is not intimidated at all.

Same caller asked what she thought of Bethenny? She says Bethenny is cool. It is what it is.

Callers are IN LOVE with Erika. Andy can’t stop gawking at Erika’s jewelry which is a stunning Cartier necklace and a huge diamond bangle. Andy asks why she doesn’t wear a wedding ring. She says her husband doesn’t wear one, she says he will buy her anything she wants but don’t ever ask him to wear a wedding band. That is interesting!  So she wears hers sometimes and sometimes she doesn’t. She doesn’t seem to be wearing any rings today.

Andy asks other than Yo which housewives she likes. She says she likes them all and lists Eileen first, then Rinna who she says is hilarious (I agree) and then she says you can’t help but like Pinky for her “over the top fabulousness, but not as fabulous as me! just kidding.” I don’t think she was kidding and I also think she is correct. Erika is pretty fabulous and I am really enjoying her on WWHL.

Andy makes Erika teach Cheyenne how to pat the puss. It’s hilarious and Erika takes the lesson very seriously.

The poll was which Erika do you like better? Girardi won by 85% I must say, I really like her too.


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26 responses to “WWHL With Erika Jayne

  1. I really like her to. I thought she looked really pretty when she was having lunch with her hubby. She seems like the real deal so far.

  2. LoriNYC

    I am really liking her so far. I love that she asked for some “simple syrup”…..a woman in BH ordering sugar! I like her.

  3. I have always found it absolutely ridiculous when a new cast member states that they have never watched the show. For some weird reason she is the only one I actually believe.
    Erika seems very detached and non reactive. And, yup, I think that is a good thing.
    She is cool, confident and comfortable in her own skin. She seems to observe everything, take it in and not necessarily comment on it.
    But the best part is she is not “offended” every two minutes over something.
    So far, so good.
    Course I also though Shannon was the proverbial “breath of fresh air” season one. I now regard her as the Carbon monoxide of Orange County

    • Erica

      It is ok Maisey… I thought Shannon was batshit cray cray from the get go. I wasn’t aware of TT, so I wasn’t commenting on here. But her over the top reaction to suspecting a conspiracy from the Dubrows because they were “jealous” probably would have earned me window licker status if I had posted right after watching that debacle. (Only thing good about that whole thing was when Terry called the robot a “penis”. I still laugh like a loon at that.)

      I don’t get that feeling with Erika. I do think she could be a little forthcoming with her commentaries. I believe her that she didn’t watch – and she clearly has never watched NY, or she would know, you don’t say to Bethenny “no, PLEASE tell me what you REALLY think of the video!” because B will do it! (What I saw – it did look like cheesy 80s production value. A brass bed in a all black background? REally?)

      I want SOMEONE to say, in regards to the HWs talking about Yolanda… ” I guess it would be natural to talk amongst yourselves about someone’s condition when you didn’t know all the facts or see her as much as I have, AND you have fans constantly asking you if she is really sick. What she has been going through DOES seem unbelievable, but it is true.

      Now that I’ve seen the show, and watched them talk about it – It is too bad that Yolanda caught wind of it, and I think it was too bad Eileen told her – when Eileen didn’t convey the entire conversation because she wasn’t witness to it. I don’t think they were mean spirited or have ill intentions towards my friend, otherwise they would have a big problem with me.”

    • Couldn’t agree more I love her attitude and I hope it’s really her attitude! Her husband seems very stoic but I think her attitude can melt anything! Fun!

  4. Billie_bee

    I think Andy looked in the looking glass on New Year’s Eve and his resolution was to be the Shadiest bitch of them all. Point in case to last night to Erica.

    • Insert a hundred LMAO emojis here….

    • Meredo

      @Billie, I definitely think Andy is a shady bitch, but I didn’t find him shady or bitchy at all to Erica. Maybe I missed it. I was kind of hoping he would be a little bit because I don’t want Erica to become HBIC and it seems she’s headed that way. Do elaborate if you don’t mind! ?

  5. janet

    I like Erika too, and I laughed when she said she isn’t like Beverly Hills women, as she eats everything, and then adds I wish I could eat like those bitches but I can’t do it!

  6. Jaana

    I like Erika and I think Lisa Vanderpump is intimidated. And why is she talking about Erika’s sex life so much? Lisa knows that her fans are going to take her side over Erika’s and that is a real shady bitch move.

  7. I really enjoyed her last evening on WWHL and I will tell you I absolutely loved it when they brought out that big honking piece of choice cake with ice cream or whipped cream and she dug right in ( on RHBH I mean). YAY. She def is my new fave! I didn’t realize only 2 episodes of AHS left! UGH. This is not good.

    TT so glad to have you back and hope you and the beautiful Banjo are living large.

  8. I too have taken too Erika, she has dug her pink stilettos quite naturally with not just one but two characters… I like the fact that she represents the lifestyle that is what the Real Housewives originally was designed to look like, season one. She has enough personality, is likable and memorable enough that it’s almost unnecessary to title her “Yolanda’s Friend”, she basically brings it.

    Watching her unapologetically bang out answers to Andy’s questions about her husband, marriage and their Beverly Hills lifestyle, one thing glaring at me was that the server’s from Vanderpump Rules need to be doing one thing every Tuesday night. That is, while watching Erika Girardi…TAKE NOTES…..Take very detailed notes!

  9. Spilledperfume

    I’ve no idea what simple syrup up?

    I thought Erika looked great.

    I’ve never watched AHS but I wouldn’t mind having Cheyenne lay across my lap naked while I stroked his butt with my nails.

  10. Katherine 2.0

    Does Andy think that they give out awards to hosts who ask the most crass and rude questions? Fame has not done much for his character. He gets progressively worse.

  11. I liked her pavé bracelet best, although I couldn’t stop looking at her giant princess-cut earrings, wondering what that story was with those…

  12. Nancy (the other one)

    She has the best jewelry. That Cartier Panthere necklace is exquisite and she was wearing it so well.

  13. I’m enjoying Erika Girardi more than I expected but I just can’t with Erika Jayne. The dichotomy fascinates me tho…

    • Xanadude

      That’s my reaction as well – if she would drop the alter ego nonsense (especially referring to Erika Jayne as someone else. igh) I’d be squarely with her.

  14. I am enjoying Erika as well. She seems pretty sane, actually and a lot of fun.

  15. Psylocke

    I LOVE Erika. She’s up there with Gamble as my all time favsies.

    I now feel like I need to take a “what your favorite housewife says about you” quiz.

  16. Sweet T

    I love Erika. I love that she has two planes. I love that she eats cake. I love that she wears stripper-y shoes. I love that she’s dating an old guy. I love that they have been together 15 years. I love that she gets half if they split. I don’t think they will, but I still love it. I love that she was cocktail waitress that married a billionaire by telling him that she was single.

    My idol.

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