Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker Welcome Baby Boy!

RHOA Kandi and Todd


Kandi and Todd  must be so excited to finally have the baby boy they went through so very much to conceive arrive into the world!  The enterprising couple sold the exclusive rights to People Magazine, because who doesn’t need more money? (I mean except for me. I am winning half a billion in the Powerball tonight!)

According to People,  the boy was born at  8:42 a.m., weighing in at 7 lbs., 6 oz.Nice of Todd to clear his schedule for this. :)

Now, what should we name the kid? Kandi claims Kim Biermann stole her name Kash from her. Do you think she will go with it anyway? What do you think his name should be?



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38 responses to “Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker Welcome Baby Boy!

  1. Lisaj

    If she’s smart and wants to ensure her place on Bravo forever she should christen the baby Andy. I’m happy for her and Todd!

  2. Allison

    Congrats to them!! Kim did her a favor by “taking” the name Kash, in my opinion. Didn’t Kim like, trademark the name or something ridiculous? Either way, they look happy- good for them.

  3. Dawn

    Cash and candy are both sweet so name him Treat Tucker. Don’t copy other people with “K” names.

  4. Johnny B.

    Surely Baby Tucker will have a male variation of Sharon, Todd’s mom. Riley is blessed to have Joyce as her middle name.

  5. Well, since Cash is taken she could name him Cancelled Check as a homage to the subject that almost drove Tamara insane yesterday.
    Seriously, I think that little baby boy is a gift that that will bring much joy to both of them.

    Welcome little Baby Burruss Tucker!

  6. Dee

    I’m happy to hear their baby is healthy. Everything else is small stuff. Congratulations. Happy your are back Tamara. We missed you!

  7. Congratulations to the happy couple. She should name the baby whatever she and Todd think would be a name worthy of their new baby. He will have to live with it all his life.

  8. If Kandi and Todd loved the name Kash/Cash before Kim named one of her cussing, swearing offspring the name, they should name him that. If they aren’t in love with the name anymore, Chuck it in the F*ck it bucket….
    If my memory serves me correctly, Kandi’s deceased brother’s name was Patrick. Patrick Tucker sounds nice.

  9. Crazy in NC

    Yay! Always happy to hear about healthy babies and mamas.

    Sorry, Kash is a trashy name. Not my kid though, so don’t really care what they name him.

  10. WonkyTonk

    Call that child Krush ’cause that’s what it’s gonna end up being with those two. Maybe Todd will meet one of the Tom’s from VRules and call it it a day. Hope it’s not Schwartz though, he’s my twinkerbelle.

  11. Cat

    The first name that popped into my mind was “Tom”. Don’t ask why.

    Little Tom Tucker
    Sings for his supper.
    What shall we give him?
    White bread and butter.
    How shall he cut it
    Without a knife?
    How will he be married
    Without a wife?

  12. Victoria Jefferson

    I’m home with broken ribs & pneumonia watching a marathon of Kandi & Todd’s wedding. As I watch how Mama Joyce has treated Todd & Miss Sharon…it still makes me sick. To think that Miss Sharon is not here to celebrate her son having a son, is heartbreaking. While Todd is surely overjoyed, there’s a place in his heart that’s missing her & wishing Miss Sharon were here. Miss Sharon will forever be an angel watching over her family.

    Wishing the Burruss-Tuckers all the happiness & love their heart & hand can hold.

    Names…I’m thinking Koinz Kuan.

    • Matzah60

      Same here, Victoria. I started watched Bravo on demand on my laptop to watch RHBH that I missed last evening, but looked up to see my TV on with old reruns of Kandi’s wedding. It made me sad for Todd to have to see a replay of the disgraceful way Mama Joyce treated his now deceased mother. It is heartbreaking in so many ways that Sharon seemed to die soon after meeting Todd and Kandi in NY during a visit. It was then Sharon said she wasn’t going to let anyone speak about her or her dead husband like that and she was going to sue Mama Joyce. I think she was a few sheets to the wind when speaking, but she was clearly hurt and upset and said she wasn’t going to move to Atlanta for that reason.

      I am still happy for Kandi and Todd and hopefully, they can provide their little boy with a name that will somehow honor both Sharon and Kandi’s deceased brother. It seems a nice way to keep the spirit and life of loved ones who have passed alive in our minds and continue the legacy.

  13. “Kash Tucker” sounds like something one does at the strip club. Hopefully they’ve abandoned that idea.

  14. tamaratattles

    I like honoring Mama Joyce with the name. Or Mama Sharon. So why not just call him….wait for it…. Mother Tucker?

  15. jakey

    I saw her and Todd at Lenox the other day and she looked ready to give birth right then. I hope she gets some rest and takes some time off, I heard she had a C-Section so it might be mandatory.

  16. I’m ashamed to admit that I just spent minutes of my life Googling what Todd’s fathers name was…so far not only no life – no luck. Since Miss Joyce called this dead man a pimp on world wide television, I think it would be a nice gesture to name the baby after this long deceased grandpa? (Hoping his name wasn’t Huggy.)

    Btw, still hatig Kandi’s tag line about the best (gift???) is yet to come? I grind my teeth every show opening thinking how bad it must make Riley feel. :(

  17. If Candy and Todd like the name “Cash,” they should name him “Cash” and spell it like normal people. Kim Bierman is a temporary person in her life. I wouldn’t let a temporary person influence what I name my child. He’ll always be her boy. Congratulations to the new parents!

  18. Oh no…I spelled Candy’s name like a normal person using Standard American English. ?

  19. Spilledperfume

    I’m never good at suggesting names so I’ll sit this one out. Congratulations to the happy parents.

  20. tamaratattles


    They could call him Dick Tucker…

  21. judilu

    King.,. they are going with King Baron Royal Enchanted Tucker (the first)

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