Dance Moms Is Back! Season 6 Looks Like a Doozy!

Dance Moms


First I will just zip through the girls only show, No Moms Allowed. I don’t remember them losing last year. Oh yeah, I do remember Abby making them leave! That was crappy. The girls are all so much more professional than Abby and accept their loss gracefully. Lots of sibling rivalry between McKenzie and Maddie.

This girls show is about rehashing last season. They show unseen footage of Abby being HORRIBLE in her review of Nia’s video.  Abby was actually fat shaming someone in a video about being confident in the face of “haters.” That’s insane on so many levels. Nia performed her song Slay to much squealing from the fans.

Maddie is filming two movies, one of them is written by Sia.  All the girls are homeschooled now. Kalani’s mom is staying home with the new baby for at least the first part of the season and has given Melissa legal rights to care for her on the road. When the season starts, Kalani’s mom is still pregnant and will not be around for several months.

Okay, enough of that.  Maddie is getting bitchy and all the girls trash talked Abby. On to the new season.

Dance Moms Season6


We are back in LA and Broadway Dance Academy (BDA), who beat the girls at Nationals last year is the new, “Candy Apples.” Maddie is still in NYC shooting a movie. Jill is thrilled that Maddie is out of the way for a while and hopes it will give Kendall a chance to shine.  Abby’s new studio looks good.

Abby says that this season there is a moratorium on outside work. She wants everyone focused on dance lessons. Which sort of makes sense except for the fact that they move to LA was specifically done to broaden the girls horizons and give the more opportunities than they had in Pittsburgh. And that pesky little detail about Maddie being off shooting a movie in NYC. Jill starts ranting about how she is the most loyal mom and Kendall is freaking out that Jill is screwing things up more with Abby.

There is no pyramid this week. Everyone is on the bottom because they lost a nationals. And so much for Kendall taking Maddie’s place. Brynn has been brought back in to replace Maddie.  Abby gives Brynn a solo. And the group dance is a take on “boy in the bubble.” Oh for fucksake. Kalani’s dad is getting married on Saturday, the day of the competition, so she will not be there. So Abby throws her out. BDA will be at nationals.

Nia has a gut on her. She is going to have to work that off. Brynn’s mom doesn’t like Melissa at all because she called her kid a backup dancer.

Jo Jo will be dancing in an actual plastic bubble. Because, expendable. She gets stuck inside right away. Because, scripted. Holly says the bubble is a metaphor for Abby keeping the girls from outside opportunities.

Jill jerks Kendall out of the rehearsal and leaves with her right away. Kendall is furious. I really don’t get what happened that caused that.

BDA brought in two little kids (siblings it seems) Gavin and Mckenzie and their Mom (Jo?) to be her ringers. Gavin is going to do the solo. Both look like great dancers. Poor Brynn is going to get an ass chewing when she loses to the boy. Even worse,  BDA is going to do their version of  The Waiting Room the dance that ALDC lost with at nationals. Ouch! This Jeanette chick is cutthroat. I love it!  Jeanette shared the story of finding out in a waiting room that her older sister died and having to call her parents and tell them. Tears abound. ALDC is so going to lose.  Especially with ALDC’s stupidest prop ever. They suck with props let alone one with three minutes of air inside.

The next day, Kendall is back. Maddie Facetimes during rehearsal.


At the competition, the opposing dance moms have a mild spat. Maddie shows up to watch the competition and I fully expect Abby to throw her a costume and have her improve a solo.

Gavin’s solo was spectacular. Abby even gave him the overhead clap. It was a golf clap, but an overhead one, which is her sign of high praise. Brynn is fucked. Gavin didn’t even need penis points to win. Maddie would have lost to him.

Well now, little miss Brynn gave the boy a run for his money. She was also quite good. He may need those penis points after all. Abby seemed pleased with her performance.  Her choreography was very “Maddie.”

For the stupid ADLC group dance the girls outside the bubble wear surgical masks. Nia was a beat behind most of the dance. Brynn really stood out as better than the other girls to me. It went as well as could be expected I guess. Abby seemed pleased.

The BDA’s version of the Waiting Room got off to a slow start and drew admonishment from the judges for taking to long to set out their props. It was only a row of chairs so I don’t know why it took so long. But Abby makes sure to make sure that the judges enforce the rule that they may only take two minutes to set up. They get disqualified. The audience revolts. So they change their minds and decide to do a point deduction and let the kids dance. Abby makes sure that the judges are taking deductions. She is good with that. Wow. Abby is really scared of this group. And for good reason. Their group dance was exceptional.  They can still win. Abby is worried.

Brynn won the solo for ALDC. Wow. Abby is thrilled. The ALDC won the group. BDA came in second for both. I’m not sure I agree.

Abby has a weird breakdown after the comp talking about shackles on her ankles holding her down. I guess she already knew about her impending charges when the show started.


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11 responses to “Dance Moms Is Back! Season 6 Looks Like a Doozy!

  1. Clouds

    I am really looking forward to this season! It looks better than last in my opinion.

  2. Xanadude

    I actually thought the girls/no mom hour beforehand was interesting simply because it seems the girls – even Maddie – are finally aware that how Abby treats them is not normal. Nia and Jojo at this point practically are pretty much confirming they only see Abby during taping and don’t particularly care about pleasing her – then again, I see the two of them being performers rather than dancers. Even Maddie knows that she doesn’t need Abby at this point, especially since she has moved beyond the dance world.
    I am just anticioating so much to see what Debbie Allen says, esp. Since she has the rep is being incredibly tough but not cruel.
    And yes, I know its awful, but knowing how much Abby is fighting with production while her legal issues come up makes watching this really interesting, to see what is included and what isn’t.

    • Erica

      Wait.. Debbie Allen??? what???? I’m indulging in wine this evening… is Debbie Allen in the mix now?

      Help a drunk girl out. I only watch this b/c my dancing niece watches, and gives a credible review of the skill set of the girls. She already knows the opinions of her former teacher auntie and mom – we hold nothing back on that nasty bitch Abby, and she knows that her auntie (me) would cut a bitch if her dance teacher behaved that way towards her NO MATTER WHAT. (Went to her national dance competion…. I MIGHT have made inappropriate Dance Mom comments… especially when some girl who was on the show for ONE episode caused a fuss in the lobby among the participants. My bestie can’t – she has to face these peeps weekly, but me? She can chalk up to her crazy high school friend who is inappropriate.

      Waiting until the niece is older to introduce her to Debbie and FAME. Wonder what she thinks of Mr. Cosby.

      • tamaratattles

        Yeah, Debbie Allen has a dance academy in LA. Nia did some training there over the break allegedly. So when Abby goes off the rails, I believe the girls end up training with her for a bit. It should be a great season.

      • Erica

        Thanks for the explanation TT! I will watch with some trepidation – I admire Debbie Allen, and she perhaps can show how you can be an exacting and demanding coach without being batshit crazy and cruel, or crushing your students’ self estems

  3. Cat

    I don’t know why they make the dance topics so weird. Hmmm…I was going to say that the audience probably does not get the “subject” of the routine, but then, I remembered this is all fake and scripted. So, whatever.

  4. BeetsWhy

    I can’t wait for this season to see Abby lose her shit weekly! I def wasn’t a fan of the bubble, it just looked cheap, I think BDA should have won. Nia has always been walking a fine line with her body, I’m afraid if she isn’t dancing 8hrs a day she will plump up fast. I know Maddie is leaving after this season and Abby doesn’t want to do teen division so I’m guessing this is the last season.

  5. Margarett

    I really liked this show the first few seasons, but I lost interest completely last season. Now that I’ve read your great recap, I am looking forward to watching again.

    Abby just seems to have gone off the rails. Maybe “stardom” went to her head. I, too, don’t understand the no outside performances. As you said the whole move was to give the dancers more opportunities. Oh well, what do I know? (I keep forgetting that reality television is not real.

  6. Dawn

    I am more into gawking at Abby this season than anything with the girls. I bet all the girls would have quit training at ALDS or whatever it goes by, if they weren’t on the show. Maybe Melissa would still be loyal to her.

    I normally like to think I am a better person than enjoying watching or hoping someone implodes, except Abby is so rude to others, including children, I feel justified in wanting to see her go off the deep end.

  7. Queen of the Nile

    Nobody does a meltdown like Abby. And add Debbie Allen to the story? This will be entertaining for sure!

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