Behind The Scenes At Lisa Vanderpump’s White Party in The Hamptons

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Xanadude contributed to this story

Last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills showed some drama at the white party but Ellie Shechet of Jezebel attended the party and basically shared that it was all smoke and mirrors. I’m SHOCKED, said no one anywhere.

Ellie Shechet of Jezebel’s story on the party dropped a few bombshells.  About what we saw on TV she says, “Looks great! But the crowd was aging, the gift bags included a shoehorn and a box of pasta, and everyone left at 8 p.m.” and “After filming stopped, John Mahdessian—tiny puce consort of New York Housewife Dorinda Medley—got in an argument with Dorinda and tried to push her into the pool. What you also didn’t see was Lisa Rinna frantically flicking her eyes back and forth like a caged animal as she posed for pictures at the step-and-repeat, then screaming “I’m done with you!” at a reporter and storming away.”

OOOH Trouble in paradise for Dorinda and John. Who would have guessed? RHOBH hamptons white

In here original story back in August, Ellie shared a bit about the RHONY in attendance. Take Aviva for example, “The first housewife to appear was Aviva Drescher, who lost her spot on the New York franchise last season after throwing her fake leg on a table in a premeditated fit of rage. Today, she was remarkably calm. Chatting with a pair of blonde twins with matching hair, matching makeup, and matching skintight eyelet bodysuits, Aviva made her way to the step-and-repeat. “I think the White Party theme is so chic, and so much fun, it brings back a little bit of an old Hamptons feel,” she told me in her signature disinterested timbre. A few minutes later, she left.”

And about her run-in with the Countess,

“A publicist ran up to Courtenay Hall, the editor-in-chief of BELLA, ‘LuAnn is here, and she’s brought some guests who weren’t on the list,’ she whispered frantically.”

“LuAnn is fine,” Hall responded.

Moments later, resplendent in a low-cut white linen jumpsuit, countess LuAnn de Lesseps, cast member on The Real Housewives of New York City and occasional pop star—her Bravo-endorsed hits include “Girl Code (Don’t Be So Uncool),” “Money Can’t Buy You Class,” and “Chic, C’est La Vie”—breezed past a small gaggle of photographers and cameramen. She marched up to the step-and-repeat, taking in her surroundings with a bright, steely smile.

“Look at this crowd, stunning!” she cried, when I asked my third-favorite housewife what she thought of the party so far. I blinked.

Apparently, Todd defended Lisa Rinna from paparazzi, which is odd…

Lisa Rinna posed angrily for a few pictures, eventually storming off in the middle of an interview, hollering, “I’m done with you!” at a reporter. Ken Todd, Lisa Vanderpump’s husband, tottered over, the couple’s entirely immobile pet Pomeranian Jiggy in arms. “What did you do?” he asked the reporter accusingly. “Literally nothing,” she shrugged. “I didn’t even get my question out.”

RHOBH hamptons white

If you think that perhaps the party was expertly decorated and catered, you would be wrong. Ellie says that the décor included inflatable swans in the pool and as for the food…

The event, which ran from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., overlapped exactly with dinnertime. However, the only food available was as follows: trays of cookies plastered with Lisa Vanderpump’s face, a caviar booth, and several large black truffles in a bowl. Waiters walked around a few times with soggy mini-zucchinis and wrapped Lindt chocolate balls. My companion eventually gave up on food and retreated to a complimentary makeover booth, telling the makeup artist to “go wild”; I later found her underneath a thick crown of snakelike blonde mini-braids, her pale skin transformed to roughly the shade and texture of a light patio brick.

Please do go to read both of Ellie’s stories.  This one was written after the show aired last night and you can see her in the shots. She’s the pretty redhead.  She shares her thoughts on how the “party” was edited to look way more fun than it was.

But especially read this one about the history of the white party.    It’s very well researched and quite informative. Do it for me because I feel like I may have sampled a bit too much of her work, so perhaps she will forgive me if we all go give her some views!


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45 responses to “Behind The Scenes At Lisa Vanderpump’s White Party in The Hamptons

  1. More Tea Please!

    Eileen’s dress was uncharacteristically awful…

    • janet

      I actually liked Eileen’s dress. I liked the peekaboo dark netting, was different and sexy but still classy. I was admiring it.

  2. iloveearlgrey

    Is Lisa Rinna on something?

  3. Katherine 2.0

    That was a fun glimpse. I love that she is an unabashed fan.
    The white party history was informative, too.
    That party did look like it was trying too hard, and the magazine likely put Lisa on the cover to bring its magazine some publicity. It’s all one big marketing/networking circle jerk. They don’t care if you go hungry, because it’s all cosmetics, darling.
    Lisa’s a good sport.
    Honestly, I was surprised that there are actually hotels in the Hamptons. I thought you had to rent or buy a house to stay there.

  4. bree

    Isn’t this the party Farrah Abram from Teen Mom tried to get into with her mom and she was kicked out?

  5. More Tea Please!

    If you went to the link and saw the picture of the twins, didn’t they remind you of Natalie Khawam, Jill Kelley, the social climbers extraordinaire who were involved in the demise of General Petraeus?

  6. Dee

    Hey there! This was good! I also looked at the other person’s site as you suggested. Also good. Funny to hear that Lisa Rina may have been impatient and yelled at someone. I could see in her picture what you meant about eyes rolling left n right. Thank you, this was nice surprise :)

  7. Swizzle

    Went to a white party once and it felt super creepy…like at any minute the Kool Aid would be passed out and we’d all lie down to die.

  8. If Eileen could call Rinna, how come they couldn’t call/text Lisa about moving to the house.

  9. Thanks, Xanadude! I think Lisa R was going into kale overdose and too much hustling.

  10. Spilledperfume

    It’s always interesting to see behind the smoke and mirrors. Good job Xanadude.

  11. Psylocke

    Yaaassss I’m so glad you covered this! I was going to email it TT forever ago – which of course I never actually end up doing. Long live Jezebel.

    I’ve been steadfast in holding onto my cards since day one that Rinna is batshit crazy. Not just cray cray – full on CRAY.

    • Minky

      Those shifty-eyed photos of her certainly don’t diminish your assumptions. I’m gonna watch and wait. She did get her cooch waxed while lying on the floor on national television. Hmmm?

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Bravo must really enjoy setting them up for their second season fall. I think now that when they complain of “bad editing”, it’s because they’ve gotten a good edit in the past that they didn’t really deserve, but now feel entitled to. This should be interesting.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I have a strict no-Jezebel policy, but I’ll head on over for this!

  12. Meredo

    @Psylocke, She sure is coming off that way this season for sure. Give the devil it’s due, but Brandi also said that Lisa R. is crazy. I’m having a hard time watching her this season. I didn’t love her last year, but I thought she was fun, not psycho, which is what I think of her now!

  13. TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

    There is something very very off about LisaR, she has a very nervous energy. I find her, Kyle and Eileen’s attitude towards leaving the hotel very dismissive. They should have waited and at the very least spoken to LisaV by telephone. They were so offhand and mean girl about it. LisaR claims Eileen sent her pics of the rooms while she was travelling there – if they had time to do all of that why on earth leave a two line scribbled note for the person responsible for the trip? Bad form and rude. LisaR definitely seems to be laying a lot at LisaV’s feet in her blogs too – like she is paving the way to blame everything on her this season. LisaV did not bring up Kim – Kyle said “I have to deal with this Kim sh*t” when talking about her crappy week.

    • sandra

      I thought Kyle was responsible for the trip. It was for her pop-up store and she said Pinky was on a magazine cover. But, Kyle did the inviting.

      • janet

        Your’e right! I think staying at that gorgeous home would be worth someone being pissed at me anyway. I think it was all made up though. LVP has allways wanted the best and most luxurious. Give me a break! That place wasn’t even up to my peasant standards.

  14. tamaratattles

    There was no room to film in the small rooms. Thus they needed to rent a house. So suddenly there is a storyline, that causes controversy wherein Rinna and Eileen move to a big house.

    Am I the only one that sees this?

    • Other shoe drops. That makes so much sense, TT.

    • swizzle

      That and there’s another chance to promote Mauricio’s business and connections. They clearly were never going to stay in that hotel.

      • Toddy

        For sure, swizzle. They would have checked those rooms out online and known they weren’t up to their expectations beforehand.

    • Sharon

      That makes sense although the crew seems to be able to film in hotel rooms on Vanderpump Rules. Those rooms seem pretty small.

    • Yeah, this whole “controversy” seems very “much ado about nothing” to me.

      It’d be one thing if Lisa V were going to be stuck paying for unused room nights/early departure fees or something, but we know that’s hardly the case.

  15. Lisaj

    Several years ago my husband and I went to a taping of the Tonight Show. I was never able to watch it again after having a glimpse of the great and powerful Oz behind the curtain. I know deep down in my brain that every shot, every conversation, every strategically placed product placement is production driven but I like to suspend reality for a few moments each week and just enjoy a totally crap show.

  16. beauxblue

    The hotel room had an individual unit in the wall, not central air. These are inefficient, don’t do a good job, and are a sign of old. I wouldn’t want to stay there based on that alone. Also read the article at Jezebel from the woman who ate at all of LVP’s restaurants, it’s a great read.

    • Oh yes, the story about eating at Lisa’s restaurants was hysterical. Ken stroked her face for god’s sake!

      • sandra

        TT covered the story about the women that ate at LVP’s, also. The archives have great posts of TT’s wonderful writing. ijs

    • janet

      I totally didn’t blame them for leaving. I’m not rich and I wouldn’t like it either. On the bottom floor right by the pool sucks, Iv’e experienced that before, and it’s noisy and drunken pool guests can try to come in. If I were rich and didn’t have to suffer that, I wouldn’t either, LVP can be as pissed as she wants (she wasnt pissed for real). I agreed with Eileen that she should appreciate them coming out for it. I would have apologized if I were LVP. My mother in law wouldn never tolerate accommodations like that, and Kyle’s rented house was fabulous. Lisa R I think has an eating disorder and probably lives on Ritalin. People with eating disorders are nuts and moody as hell. Lisa R is a perfectionist as most eating disordered people are.

  17. Shellbelle

    Maybe they figured those heifers don’t eat anyways ( just ask Erika G) and that they’d save that money. ? Rinna at times seems to be a little hyper… I like her anyways.

    • swizzle

      5 to 8 pm in NYC is really cocktail time, not dinner time any way.

    • janet

      I like Rhinna too, and I think she has a good heart. She’s probably driven to be perfect all the time. Perfect house, perfect body with no bulges, no wrinkles, allways nice. And then she just BLOWS!

  18. bravocueen

    I haven’t watched in a long time, being perfectly content to read your recaps. I dashed over to your friend’s article and my only comments is what in the HELL has Kyle done to her face? She looks AWFUL.

  19. Wanda

    Well I’m glad I didn’t wait around for an invitation to the party. I go to a lot of NYC events that turn out to be duds, but I figured that their invites would be way more cool. I guess not.

  20. Wanda

    I only go to tapings for the likelihood of getting some free stuff, but the waiting around and staff’s treatment of the audience can be dreadful. I agreed that you get an inside view of the hosts’ personalities. Some are really obnoxious.

  21. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    Good lord!

  22. janet

    I get a real douche bag vibe from Dorinda’s boyfriend John. What a fight, that he would want to toss her into the pool. I wonder if Dorinda thinks because John is a heavy guy and middle aged too, that he will be nicer and more loyal in the long run. Thats a fallacy that women can fall for, that the fat ugly guy will be better than the handsome in shape one. It’s not necessarily going to work that way. I could see John thinking he got Dorinda, so he can get anyone

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