Demetria McKinney Is Engaged To Roger Bobb!

rhoa demetria engaged

Roger  Bobb  has put a ring on it! Claudia McKinney was  the first to share the news on Instagram  that Demetria and Roger are engaged.  I hope she had permission, because I’d kill her if my family found out before I told them!  Demetria is very happy with the news. It’s been nine loooong years of dating. But Roger Bobb finally realized a good thing when he saw  it.

Demetria posted, “demetria4real It’s true! I’m no longer #RogerBobb girlfriend! We are #engaged ! Thank u to all who rooted for and supported us! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡”

Demetria sure knows how to take a beautiful picture that tastefully shows off her beautiful ring.

Congratulations to Roger and  Good Luck  to  Demetria! Will there be a baby  Bobb soon? I hope it is a boy and they name him Billy Bobb!


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17 responses to “Demetria McKinney Is Engaged To Roger Bobb!

  1. Shirley

    Claudia* typo TT

  2. Dee

    Very good picture, love the ring! Thank you Tamara!

  3. DutchTulip

    Such a natural beauty … and a tasteful ring.
    Congrats… Demetria and do not forget my invite for THE WEDDING!!

  4. Lisaj

    That’s a beautiful picture of her, I wish I could remember anything else about her. Good for her, wishing them both the best!

  5. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    I was sure that relationship was a sham just for Bravo but I guess I was wrong! I liked Demetria though.

  6. WonkyTonk

    I’m glad for her. From what I’ve seen of her on the show I grew to really like her.

  7. Yasss!!??? She is so talented and beautiful! Too Good for the Altanta Cast anyway (except Kandi) Go girl! Get your Ring On!!

  8. Rose

    Beautiful pic and gorgeous ring. I hope they will be happy. I bet Andy is somewhere thinking he should have picked her up this season.

  9. Why do I always see her name and read it as “Dementia”? Deep sigh.

    Well, good luck to her and her fiancée.

  10. hannahkingrose

    I’m so glad that Roger Bobb finally proposed to Demetria. She seemed to be the only person that believed it would ever happen and she hung in there till it did. Good for her. Hope it lasts forever. On another good note my son Blake asked his girlfriend to marry him on Christmas Eve and she said YES. She is an awesome person. She had only been dating him for 3 months when he lost his leg and told me that it didn’t matter to her. She said she loves him from the inside out and a leg doesn’t change what she loves about him. I started loving her When she said that and now it’s official that she’s going to be family. They are so lucky to have found each other. And, and, and she wants to give me a grandchild before both the baby and I are wearing diapers, drooling down our chins and all we can do is sit in a rocking chair and rock.

  11. fivecatsownme

    Fresh faced and so pretty.

  12. Dawn

    Congrats to Demetria and Roger, he is the lucky one that such a genuine, beautiful, and classy woman waited so long. I hope he is better at following through with an actual wedding in no more than 18 months from now.

    Hannah, congratulations on your son’s good news. She sounds like a great addition to your family.

  13. Matzah60

    I’m very happy for Demetria! She is talented and seems to be beautiful inside and out! The ring is stunning, not gauche at all. Simple elegance!

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