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I’m going to give a brief recap of last night’s WWHL and then probably fall asleep with the TV on. Today was day one of my 2016 plan to get my stuff together and be happy and I was really productive but am EXHAUSTED.  Plus I am working on getting my sleep schedule normalized.  Hopefully, Cynthia will say something interesting.

Bob Harper needs to slow down on the tattoos. I am not sure what band Harry Styles is in, One Direction maybe?  But I so pictures of him on a yacht lately and he has dozens of tattoos all over his body randomly placed. It was awful. It looked like a frat boy prank where he had fallen asleep early so his frat brothers drew all over him with sharpies. If you must get tattoos, at least organize them in some way. That is all.

Andy announces that Keisha Knight-Pulliam is engaged to Ed Hartwell. Someone sent me a link to a story about that yesterday and whatever site it was called Ed Hartwell a “former star of RHOA.”  That just seemed odd to me. Andy was all about Ed Hartwell when he was on the show married to Lisa Wu. RHOA Don Juan


Andy talk about how active “Kandi’s Crew” is this season.  Bob says that Don Juan is scary in his rigorous defense of “his queen.”  Andy says he doesn’t believe that Phaedra got new boobs. You’re an idiot, Andrew. She did it DURING FILMING of last season when she “needed time off to be with her family.” She even did publicity for the boob doctor in exchange for several surgeries. Allegedly.  What I heard was she got her boobs updated and lots of stuff sucked out. It was shortly after the show aired with her on the beach, if I recall correctly.  Even Bob tells him Andy he is wrong.

Cynthia seems uncomfortable with the montage of clips about here marriage.  Andy mentions them getting married under a dinosaur and claims that the marriage might be extinct. Cynthia says they just had their five year anniversary and they are taking things one day at a time.  They appear to be doing that separately based on my observations.  Cynthia says that five years seems like twenty.

Next Andy plays clips from the Miami trip. Bob and Cynthia both think Kenya was right for asking Glen to leave. Cynthia refers to Tammy’s “falling” and Bob said it looked like she was pushed. Cynthia said it was in the heat of the moment and Glen didn’t intentionally push Tammy down.  So you know it was like that time Teresa pushed Andy during the reunion filming. Teresa was just in the heat of the moment as well.  Cynthia is trying hard not to blame Glen.

Andy has a mashup that makes it look like Bob is telling Porsha to STFU.

A caller asks why she had such a strong response to Porsha calling her a bitch, but did not have a strong reaction when Nene called Peter a bitch? She says he relationship with Nene is much different than the one she has with Porsha.

A caller asked Bob what RHOA has the best body and who needs to put in some work? Cynthia because she was preening for it has the best body.  But he also liked Porsha’s body when she was twerking in a bikini in Miami. Really Bob? REALLY? He lies and says no one has a bad body. He complimented Phaedra’s red string outfit. Bob is high.

Andy asks Cynthia when she made up with Nene. She says they were in a good place after the reunion. Then they started texting a bit and things just recently picked up.  The real answer is when Nene came to Jamaica. She was not thrilled to see her but they made up on the island.

Cynthia’s boobs have lost their perk.

RHOA Nene and Peter

A caller asks Cynthia if she thinks Peter cheated and if she would leave him if he did.  She says she doesn’t think there was anything more to the video than what we saw. Peter is just very accessible because of the nature of the business.  Peter is sitting in the audience praying for camera time and it happened. Cynthia says that she doesn’t think Peter has ever cheated on her.  She’s a good liar.  She doesn’t know how she would react if he was cheating.

Wait! Richard Hatch from season one of survivor is on the new season of Biggest Loser?

Poll Question was whose side are you on Todd’s or Phaedra’s?  Todd won but 43% of the voters are duped by  Phaedra’s bullshit. It’s kind of incredible how stupid people are.




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35 responses to “WWHL With Cynthia Bailey and Bob Harper

  1. Dawn

    I think all these pictures and writing people have tattooed extensively over their bodies are really going to be gross when they have saggy old skin. It is another money maker for the Dr. Dubrows of the world.

    I was hoping for a good WWHL after the long break, I thought it was a real snoozer. Has Kim Fields been on yet, I can’t remember? It would require an overnight in NY, unless she pre tapes. Maybe she could have her whole family in the audience so she wouldn’t have to be lonesome for them.

    Congrats, Tamara, on a successful day #1. I cannot make the same claim.

    • Dee

      Dawn, I agree, people need to think before they get tattoos. I know a young woman who has 5 on her back, no rhyme or reason. Now she’s starting on her arms. When people age these are going to look awful

      • Dawn/Dee—-
        It is funny to imagine a future old folks home with a bunch of Grandmas and Grandpas sitting around with wrinkly tattoos comparing their piercings.

        Grandma Brittany, Grandpa Jaden, Grandma Dakota……

    • Bugsy

      When I saw his tattoos, all I could think was “heroin.” My apologies to anyone I may offend with this comment.

      • Minky

        I try not to judge. But tattoos can be a bit much sometimes. Many, many different issues going on. I don’t mean one or two well placed ones. I mean the wall paper. Nothing says “look at me” like someone with way too many tattoos who walks around half-naked to show them off in the dead cold of winter.

        What do the old folks say? You don’t put a bumper sticker on a Rolls Royce.

      • Dee

        I hope the needles, ink were sterile. All I can thank of is Hep C.
        Oh I believe Todd is owed the money

  2. Dee

    Hey there Tamara! You have had a productive day! I’m amazed at all you did. Man I need to get on a roll to try to keep up. :) Congratulations!!

  3. First time commenter here.

    On tattoos: the trick is to — if you can stomach/arrange it — look at your elders nekkid. All my ink is in places where neither my grandmother or mother have saggy skin. Also, tatts are for life, but they still need to be maintained. A touch-up every 5-10 years is not a bad idea.

    • Dee

      Hey there Hussy! When I was young, before Aids, HepC etc, I wanted a tattoo on my shoulder. Now that and ankle would be the only place I would contemplate. One or two is OK it’s the entire body or arm disturbs me. I guess I’m just old. Think before you ink. HepC cases are growing in young people. 75% don’t know they have it yet. Good luck!

  4. When it comes to Phaedra, I can’t believe how stupid people are either. It does not compute. Have they not been watching this bitch in action for years now? Maybe that’s it…her fans are new to her game maybe? I try to make sense of it, but I can’t wrap my head around people still falling for her con. I guess she’s good at the con, is all I can say. I don’t believe shit that comes out of her mouth. Ever.

    Wishing Angela Stanton justice in the New Year.

    • Minky

      Ya know? I think Phaedra fans are people who admire precisely her sociopathic criminal tendencies. They think that’s glamorous, or evidence of high intelligence. But no, all it means is that she’s a greedy, lazy bitch who holds everybody’s intelligence in deep contempt. And it means that she’s not okay in the head. I’m not talking about bi-polar here. Like truly, scary, dangerous cray-cray.

      Yes. That’s how I feel about Phaedra. And Teresa. And all of the other grifters on RHOA. Fuck ’em. Do honest work like the rest of us and pay your damn taxes!

      • melanctha

        In production payment is made when the project is complete. The client views the final project and must agree to it. Until the tape is submitted, mixed and boxed, it is not complete. Phaedra’s boob’s are not an issue. I’ve worked in freelance production and this is the drill. Ratchet name calling is not how business is conducted. Khandi and Todd are ratchet . Kandi hasn’t had real success since “Tardy”. Oop’s I forgot…

      • tamaratattles

        Another idiot expert online. The project is complete. Phaedra signed off every step of the way. IF YOU WATCHED THE SHOW you will see he approving the video in 2013 ON CAMERA.

        Have a seat.

      • melanctha

        There are several viewings when producing a video. That was one of several viewings and she did not give FINAL approval.’ I like it ” or” that’s good” is not final approval. Todd knows it. Without the photo it is not complete and Phaedra does not have the product in hand. Portia and Phaedra are friends and have every right to discuss the issue, much more so than Don Juan or Cameron. Again, name calling is not business. Todd discussed Phaedra’s video with several people at the screening. I know the business. Knowledge is power. Ratchet is simply that, ratchet!

      • tamaratattles

        You think a lot like Phaedra. “without the photo it is not complete” is totally something Phaedra would say. The same way Phaedra brings charges as the Plaintiff and refuses to be deposed. That is not how life works. You can’t refuse to provide the the last piece of a project you are demanding having that piece and not pay. You can’t refused to be deposed and ask for a summary judgment many times over. Neither behavior will stand in court.

        Phaedra needs a J O B. IF she loses her peach she will be in bankruptcy. Name calling is the only business Phaedra has right now and she is paid dearly for it. I haven’t heard Todd namecall anyone. Todd came with facts.

        Today Phaedra admitted that she is paying Todd in installments. Because, that is what broke people do. She realizes he has all the receipts to win in court, so She is going to produce the picture.

        Please accept this bottle of windex as a parting gift.

      • Spilledperfume

        You crack me up.

    • Erica

      I honestly would have called in a Phaedra vote if I could see WWHL. NOT because I believe Phaedra doesn’t owe him money or she isn’t full of bullshit… but because I HONESTLY think that Tood and Kandi saved this just for the show so they would have a storyline that had some controversy (because a baby isn’t controversial – and people were getting tired of Mama Joyce)

      If she owed them that much money over a year ago – YOU ND HER COMPANY AN INVOICE, WITH A LATE NOTICE! You don’t send your pregnant wife – who doesn’t have a stake in your business from everything I’ve seen – and when said wife doesn’t even a have the exact figures. Oh, and I find their attitude about Apollo and his stuff kind of disgusting.

      Oh and a lot of it is that Kandi and her eye rolls ANNOY THE SHIT out of me. There may have been a time that I might have threatened a student with an F when he rolled his eyes and stamped his foot at me. Just saying.

      Oh… and I still love Bob. Overly tatted or not. I’m just sad that he said he was dating someone, because the first time he was on WWHL the flirting between Andy and Bob was kinda awesome. I had hopes that they would hook up and become a couple. (They both have adorable dogs to boot!)

      • tamaratattles

        Can someone who actually watched the show, explain to Erica what happened? I’ve spent enough time trying to explain the term “cancelled check” to idiots and foreigners in the recap comments.


        Cat, get your ass out of the tree and be useful!

      • Cat

        I’m sorry! I was laughing so hard, I fell out of my tree.

    • thehotness

      I think the way phaedra dresses these days is very telling. Everything is netted or ripped. Almost as if she is wearing a cage…or prison bars. She is literally wearing her guilt on her sleeves. Very Freudian.

  5. Spilledperfume

    I had the same thought about Cynthia’s boobs – they’ve lost their perk.

    I wouldn’t mind the free Cynthia Bailey sunglasses. Much better then the Bravo umbrella.

    Great recap!

  6. lauraannb

    I thought Cynthia looked beautiful…& Bob

  7. sandra

    I don’t know how Cynthia could ever forgive Nene. WTF, Nene wanted her fired and humiliated.

  8. Josie

    When Cynthia said she didnt think Peter cheated on her, she meant from that morning until they went to WWHL. Now the day before or week before is another matter….

  9. tamaratattles

    I think that even within that time frame she is probably being naïve…. Josie. :)

  10. Ewww Keisha and Ed?? When did that happen? 4 months ago? When did she and Tigger break up?

  11. Matzah60

    I watched it. Cynthia looks beaten, and her eyes looked ‘sad’ to me. She has lost that gleam in her eyes she used to have when she first married Peter. It seems that all the warnings her mother and sister stated to her prior to the wedding became a reality. When one says they’re taking it “one day at a time”, that seems to me that they are in a struggle with their partner and themselves. I feel for her.

    I’ve never been a fan of Bob and I sure as hell didn’t like Jillian Michaels. I think the the Biggest Losers is bordering on dangerous and the preview scene shown where overweight contestants are climbing up a fireman’s ladder outside of a high-rise from the ground floor seems beyond crazy to me. While some people have surely changed their lives from being on the show, others haven’t seemed to fare as well.

    I wonder if those polls are rigged. Just saying. I remember one of those ‘extra’ shows that Andy does about the HW or WWHL. Andy had asked a poll question about whose side they were on (probably Jill or Bethany) and Bethany won by a landslide. I am sketchy on the story, but Jill requested a recount and the results were much more even-handed, almost neck in neck. Andy gave some explanation, but I didn’t buy it. Hard to believe that anyone voted for Phaedra.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, because I was floored after the reunion where Porsche dragged Kenya by the hair across the floor on national TV, and the haters against Kenya came out of the woodwork. I still don’t understand how someone as stupid, hateful, and violent gets a pay check for her bad behavior.

    I know that Todd sent Kandi to speak to Phaedra, but as someone who is not confrontational, I would rather lose the lost money than have an argument with someone like Phaedra who would chew me up and spit me out. I don’t have the stomach for it. I guess I’m a wimp, but it’s just too uncomfortable for me. Kandi has balls, and so does Phaedra, but Kandi has the ability to keep Phaedra in check and not allow herself to be railroaded. Phaedra brought Todd in to appear amicable to a settlement of the bill, but really, IMO, she brought Todd in to humiliate him. Her talking heads made jabs that perhaps Todd wasn’t given enough allowance, demeaning his manhood for having Kandi speak to him about the money not received and so on.

    So, I guess Phaedra forgot how she snuck over to the projects in the wee hours to sleep on Apollo’s air mattress, or the fact that she married a felon who just came out of a five year jail sentence, or perhaps, pretending that she was scared of Apollo when he came to her house and had all the locks changed and fence built for that reason. Phaedra is full of shit, sneaky, shady, demeaning, mean, hateful, phony…..could go on and on. She seems like she’s a good mother, but Tamara has said that her sources have said that the kids spend lots of hours with sitters and nannies and that time she drove Ayden to school (tugged at my heartstrings at the time) that it was the first time and Phaedra needed a GPS to get her son to school. Just pathetic.

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