Teresa Giudice’s Family Wishes You A Happy New Year!

RHONJ Teresa Christmas  “Wishing everyone a healthy and happy New Year from our family to yours!”

Teresa Giudice took to Twitter yesterday to share a family photo and wish us a Happy New Year! Or did she?

Because you KNOW she is one of those people that says,  “Happy New Years.”

Any other thoughts?


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53 responses to “Teresa Giudice’s Family Wishes You A Happy New Year!

  1. Dawn

    I know this is late but anyway, bah humbug.

  2. Wow, Juicy Joe has really ballooned up. He must be eating and eating and eating his feelings about “going away”.

    More like Jinormous Joe these days…

  3. Sliceo'pie

    That’s how they roll in a lot of NJ/NY-at least she didn’t say, “We wish youse a Happy New Years!”

  4. Dee

    Nice family photo. Tre looks good. Her face looks a little different, in a good way.

  5. Looking good Teresa! The girls are getting big too. I’m happy that she’s home, even though that means it’s Joe’s turn to “go away.”

  6. Mzjulesaz

    They look great! The girls are all so beautiful.

  7. I’ll tell ya one thing, that year or almost year went by pretty fast. I hope that Joe’s 4 years doesn’t slip by that fast, well not for me, as I’m sure he’ll want it to. #timeflies. I’m glad to see her with her family.

  8. Lisaj

    My phone auto corrects to happy New Years and I’ve probably sent that out 100 times. Can’t stand what she’s done and I don’t want her karma but her children deserve a parent home.

  9. LisaPat

    I heard through the grapevine that one of the first things Tre did was put all four of her daughters on a diet. Teresa is rail thin. Her body is very much on point, which is a MUST considering she’s done with botox, fillers and teeth whitening. I hope she doesnt become a “Butta Face.”

    • Minky

      Become? Okay, we all have our own opinions regarding beauty. I figure she must’ve been working out nonstop in the clink. Those girls aren’t overweight at all. They don’t need a diet. God, these people!

      She got off easy. I still think she’s a fiend for stealing and cheating and lying.

    • tamaratattles

      LisaPat needs to read the commenting rules. The girls are not on diets. They don’t have any parental discipline whatsoever. And Tre is not giving up botox or teethwhitening. Please keep your idiotic grapevine to yourself.

  10. TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

    She looked pretty chunky in other photos I’ve seen. Not overweight but stocky. Very far from rail thin.

  11. PsychedelicTulip

    I’m sure the girls are glad to have their mother home from prison. Wonder if Theresa was giving them helpful prison-tips, you know, in case they aspire to be just like her when they grow up. Sorry. I really am trying to be upbeat, lol.

  12. TT Addict

    Please remind me which of your posts explains why they still get to live in that architectural nightmare? It has been bugging me that despite the fact that they committed bankruptcy fraud, they are STILL LIVING THERE. Thanks.

    • Anoneemouse

      The reason they are still living there is because they are not eligible for a mortgage anymore and I doubt they have the “cash” to outright buy something. They have 4 kids so if they have to rent, likely they would need at least a 3 bedroom home. Why is it so hard to understand why she is still there? They can’t afford to leave. Same reason the Gorga’s are still in their mansion that they can’t afford, but can’t sell either. The lady did her time, she is paying back the government, she is trying to keep the mortgage paid, and she will address the other debts when she can. Give her a break already.

      • tamaratattles


      • Cat

        Nooooo, TT! They have no place to go, and no money, so they are SQUATTERS in this gaudy monstrosity of a house!

        I am learning SO much from comments. I can now tell my creditors I won’t pay because I don’t have the money. Or, I can tell them I already paid SOMETHING, so they should be satisfied with partial payment.

        And now, I can stop paying rent and live for free. Easy, breezy.

        Reality TV…Yep, that’s real world.

  13. Erica

    Her chest looks kind of bony and its obvious that she has had a boob job now.

    I’m still kind of irritated that she wasn’t in the clink for Christmas.

  14. Spilledperfume

    I think Theresa looks different. Her face looks slimmer and it’s flattering.

    The girls are all very sweet. I’m sure that they’re thrilled to have their mother home.

  15. Cat

    What is up with her chest? Looks weird.

    • tamaratattles

      She lost a shit ton of weight in prison and now her boobs have that bolt on look. Being that skinny also means MORE botox will be necessary, not less.

      • CanadaCat

        Thank you TT. I don’t think she looks “on point” at all. I think Teresa looks like death warmed over. She’s aged ten years. She looked better when she was filled out a bit.

      • Cat

        I agree. She looks terrible. Older. Much older.

      • Cat

        Oh, wait. I was seeing things. That little curl of hair made it look like she had a third mini boob.

        I need new glasses.

    • Spilledperfume

      I thought her chest looked weird as well and as Tamara has said, I contributed it to the weight loss. I’m also assuming that’s why her face looks less puffy. Since I never watched the show my only comparison was some of the older pictures I’ve seen of her.

      I’m sure those kids are thankful that they get to have their mother home while their dad goes off to jail. As parents I hope they are eternally grateful that the judge was considerate enough to delay Joe’s sentence.

  16. Mary Dillon

    I am very happy for Teresa and her girls.

  17. tamaratattles

    Who let in all these fucking Tre huggers? For the love of GOD.

  18. Even dressed up and smiling, Milania looks like a menace, lol. Maybe by diet, Teresa means Joe has been feeding them junk//convenience foods?

    • hannahkingrose

      I’ve figured out why Milania is a little “menace” as you called her tess (@SpaghettiKitten). It’s because she and all of the rest of the girls were not given middle names. In the south when you are about to get scolded or in trouble for something the middle name is used as in “Hannah Rose you better get your butt in this house right this second.”. How can you get a child’s full attention if they don’t have a middle name? No wonder she acts the way she does. Lmbo.

  19. Angel(?)

    She gets out of prison and one of the first things she does is put the girls on a diet? After what they have been through? Teresa is a fucking idiot. A) Your girls don’t need a diet. B) They need a Mother who is accountable, contrite, and is reassuring them that nothing like this will happen again.

  20. Queen of the Nile

    Tre must have taken a lot of P.E. classes in college to get so trim. I wonder what Joe will major in when he goes to college.

    If she “writes” a book that ends up being a best seller, I’ll have to bang my head against the wall. What people find endearing about this family of felons and their offspring is beyond me.

    • tamaratattles

      WHY can you be happy for the children, Queen? WHY? I heard Gia’s school started a Future Felons of America Club so she can be president! Think of the poor churren!

      Also, go get dressed. WF awaits you.

  21. Anoneemouse

    Gee TT, you asked us for our comments above, and yet if we don’t think exactly as you do, we are idiots? People have opinions you know and shouldn’t be ridiculed or demeaned from expressing them.

    • tamaratattles

      You didn’t post an opinion. You made up some stupid shit and answered a question I had already answered, with…. wait for it…FACTS as if your moronic thoughts were actual sensible idiots. You don’t even know the difference between FACTS and opinions. So you do deserve ridicule and demeaning. Everything you said was STUPID. This is not elementary school were everyone gets a certificate on awards day. Be quiet and maybe you will learn something.

      • Anoneemouse

        Whoa. Exiting your chamber of darkness now. Hope you get the mental help you need this year and your bitter heart does not give out on you.

      • Spilledperfume

        Well isn’t that special.

      • Cat

        Mouse…dear. Your comment was beyond ridiculous.

        But I am almost willing to try this with my landlord…tell him I cannot pay rent, and have nowhere else to go. Then, claim squatter’s rights.

        I’m sure he will get the joke, and let me live here…for free. :)

      • captain eel

        I would have been so angry, Anoneemouse, but no, you’re full of generous well wishes as you depart into the light of wide open spaces. Truly amazing dechamberment.

  22. MySharona

    These Tre huggers and Tre and Juicy make me want to vomit. I will never watch another episode featuring this Felonious Family on any show ever again. They have not learned their lesson and if you support them, I guess you have a touch of larceny in your bones as well.

  23. tamaratattles

    Moving on, Gabriella’s real dad needs to come rescue her, ASAP. Allegedly.

  24. Angel(?)

    It’s been along time since the Trehuggers have been loose. I just don’t understand how anyone could think that Tre was “punished” as much as she deserved. My third eye says when push comes to shove for Tre, she will revert back to her fraudulent ways.

    Btw, who will be recapping RHONJ for all of us who refuse to watch but still are nosey enough to want to know what’s going on? ???

  25. Jen

    I would be a bit more sympathetic if there was the smallest bit of responsiblity and/or remorse from either of them.

    Joe and Apollo can bond over their innocence for 3+ years.

  26. captain eel

    Joe looks as though he has a blue dress stain along the bottom edge of the jacket. Also, from the photo evidence, the pants may have been pissed in. Borrowed Chris Christie’s clothes? Can’t be certain.

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