Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Shade For Days

RHOA Don Juan

Ben C
Contributing Writer

We start out tonight’s Real Housewives of Atlanta episode at the Kandi Factory. Kandi sits down with Carmen and Shamea to discuss what happened at her video-release party.

Shamea is there to fill everyone in on the altercation that went down after Phaedra, Porsha & Shamea all left (got thrown out?) the party. We see a flashback of Phaedra announcing Todd made 30,000 dollars off the workout video, while she made nothing. Shamea wraps the conversation up by saying it all should’ve been handled in private. Carmen is smarter than this, and tells Shamea private conversation or not – Porsha and Shamea were not a part of the conversation in the first place and should have never been involved.

DonJuan is the background hardly able to contain himself and makes a comment about Porsha not knowing what the Underground Railroad was, and probably not even knowing the meaning of the word ‘gossip.’ It wouldn’t be an episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta without an opinion from DonJuan, would it? Said no one ever.RHOA Todd and Phaedra


We’re now off to Phaedra’s “office space.” We get a quick pan of a mostly empty office (Phaedra seems to be working as her own receptionist.) Todd is there to discuss the money issues. They sit down in a conference room, and Todd explains  when he feels the whole deal went south. He says things became shady after Phaedra’s final payment for the project was never paid-in-full. Todd says after this, communication was completely cut-off. Todd explains anytime he saw Phaedra in public, he never felt it was an appropriate time to discuss business.

We get a pretty nasty talking head of Phaedra commenting that Todd must be “searching through his couch cushions for quarters. His failed project in LA must have really left him hurting, either that or his weekly allowance from Kandi isn’t keeping him afloat anymore.” Ouch.

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Phaedra lists all the reasons why she wasn’t able to pay Todd. She was busy filming, had a baby, her husband went to prison (well over a year ago) – Phaedra says her priorities had to be about her family and  health so she simply couldn’t bother or come up with the money to pay Todd. Even Bravo finally shades Phaedra on her contradicting words. We get a nice hefty flashback of seasons past – with all the housewives commenting on Phaedra’s spending habits. The lavish birthday parties for the boys, Kenya calling out the money she spent on her boob job at the reunion, etc.

Phaedra claims she has never even seen the workout video. More #ShadeByBravo  with another flashback to a clip of Phaedra not only watching the workout video, but commenting on how good it is. Drag her! Todd pulls out receipts – contracts, bills & notices of the missing and received payments. Todd claims the workout video is complete, he just needs one pregnancy photo of Phaedra to add to the DVD menu. (er, what?) Phaedra says she will get him the photo, and send him the remaining money once she receives the finished product. Wait, I’m confused…is this still a ‘thing’ Phaedra is trying to produce and sell?? #PrisonBodiesByBravo

Porsha got a gig in Los Angeles hosting the red carpet of the Emmy Awards for Dish Nation. We see her (and her entire entourage) getting ready in her hotel room. Porsha is worried about what is going to happen once her sister/assistant goes on maternity leave. It seems like Lauren’s pregnancy is really getting in the way of Porsha’s “busy life.”  Porsha clearly seems bothered Lauren is having a baby before she is. Porsha says she’s worried about finding someone else to trust to go through her e-mails. If she’s still hiring, I’m looking for work..

Porsha actually looks appropriate. As appropriate as she can look, I suppose. All her important bits are covered. She admits she is nervous not to have Rickey Smiley and the rest of the gang to bounce thoughts off of. We get a few sound-bites of her talking to a few different D-list actors. I didn’t recognize any of them, except the guy who played the dad in the Brady Bunch Movie.

We meet Kenya’s father. He is visiting town and she’s showing off Moore Manor. He tells her she doesn’t want to hear what he has to say about it. He’s seen enough from the outside.

Back over in her current neighborhood, Kenya admits in a talking head she has an on-again-off-again relationship with her dad. He’s one of the few family members she is currently in touch with. Her dad comments on the mint and lemon infused in her water. She totally would. Kenya tells her dad she’s jumping back into the dating scene. He tells her “the game” is hard to play. Kenya tells her dad she’s ‘dating like a man’ from now on. Her dad asks if she is going to keep a score card – jokes that all men keep score cards. We see a flashback of Kenya sitting in on a group relationship seminar. The group leader is explaining how broken relationships with parents may cause issues later in romantic relationships. She relates her problems with men to her rocky history with both her parents.

Kenya discusses running away from her home in Texas (where she lived with her father) and going back to Detroit all on her own. She says she didn’t like where she lived, the people around her, her school. Her dad begins to get emotional, and tells her it was like a message he wasn’t good enough as a father. He’s been hurt, but getting over it ever since. He put it all behind him – only wants what is best for Kenya. In her talking head, Kenya says it’s been cathartic to have an open line of communication with her dad. She wishes she could do the same with her mother. She suggests having a family reunion in Detroit, and her dad says he won’t go. It’s too painful for him to go back. She tells him it’s important for him to be there. They hug goodbye, and he tells Kenya she’s “learned well – she’s learned some of his tricks.” Maybe Kenya’s dad taught her how to #Twirl.

We see Cynthia setting up another event for her Cynthia Bailey Eyewear collection. She brings in Marlo to help decorate/coordinate the event. It’s a customer-appreciation event. Cynthia is selling her glasses 50% off. Shes basically saying, “Thank you for all your support, so here’s my extra inventory at a discount!” I see you, Cynthia. This is is what Lisa Rinna calls a #hustle.

We see two short “family” packages – one of Ayden getting an in-store golfing lesson with his mother. Cut to a family dinner with Kim and her boys. One of them watches an iPad while he eats. They drink from juice boxes. Isn’t this fun?! I reeeally want to love Tootie, but damn!! Help a girl out, Bravo!

Cynthia and  Peter meet Kandi and Todd for dinner before the eyewear event. We get some bad acting from Peter, attempting to convince Cynthia how beautiful he thinks she is, and how she can still ‘get it.’ I’m sure she’s thrilled. Kandi announces she’s 6 and 1/2 months pregnant. She orders two meals, and now I’m starving. The conversation shifts to the topic of Phaedra, Porsha and Shamea outside (thrown out??) of the music-video release party. Kandi says Porsha always sides with Phaedra without even asking Kandi for her side of the story. Kandi brings up all the support she has shown Porsha over the years. Her divorce, casting her in her play, etc. Kandi mentions supporting Porsha when she released her single “Flatline.” Peter asks “She had a single?” to which Todd quickly responds, “It Flatlined.” #ReReleaseFlatline

Kandi says straight up, Porsha knows Phaedra is full of shit. Kandi claims Phaedra’s story of paying Todd $30,000 is a lie. She explains the $8,000 still owed by Phaedra due to a cancelled check. Todd brings up his meeting with Phaedra – how she blames it all on having children and Apollo going to prison. Todd notes Apollo has been in prison for over a year, she should’ve had time to sort it out by now.

The couples switch the subject to Kandi and Todd potentially opening a restaurant. Cynthia, knowing it’s a poor decision, warns them how actively they both will have to be involved and how large a part of life it will become. Cynthia brings up Peter being gone from home so much and Peter quickly tries to shut it down and tell her that it’s not true. She snaps back that Peter just rented a separate apartment in Charlotte, that’s how much he is gone these days. Her tone is short and suspicious. Cynthia says as far as Kandi is concerned she will be having two babies if they open a restaurant, not one.

We’re off to the ‘customer appreciation’ event for Cynthia Bailey Eyewear. We hear Cynthia ask if anyone has bought anything yet, and then silence. Kim shows up in a nice pair of pants she ordered from her favorite women’s catalog. She starts ‘directing’ the photographers on how to correctly shoot photos of the ladies on the step and repeat. Kenya arrives and joins the two ladies. Cynthia tells the women she’s filming an ad for the eyewear, and would love for Kenya and Kim to co-produce it. Kim thinks it’s a good idea, Kenya jokes she’s surprised Cynthia isn’t asking her to star in it. Cynthia leaves it up to them as to who will direct and who will produce.

We get a quick clip (and a mental image I was unprepared for) of Kim thanking Kandi for all the “Kandi-Coated Nights” with her husband recently, and complements all her products.

Porsha shows up to the event and says her hellos to the ladies. Kandi (in her talking head) says she doesn’t know what to say or think about her friendship with Porsha. Kandi doesn’t know who she is dealing with anymore. Porsha pulls Kandi aside to discuss what happened at the video-release party, and make sure they are all good. Kandi’s squad (Carmen & DonJuan) follow closely behind Kandi. Kenya jokes they all know what Porsha is capable of, and all hopefully have a good health insurance plan. DonJuan apologizes to Porsha for coming off as aggressive, but not for his point-of-view of the topic. Can’t we please find DonJuan something to do, somewhere else to be, anything!?? This guy needs to get laid, where’s Patti Stanger when you need her?

In a talking head, Porsha says she knows his apology is BS, but will accept it to his face to keep things moving. Kandi calls Porsha on her BS and shuts her down. In typical Porsha style, she reacts and starts to leave the party. She says she’s about to “get jumped by the Kandi-Koated-Team.” DonJuan tells her to catch a ride on the Underground Railroad. Cynthia says she has no time for Porsha and  Kandi. She’s got shades to sell (for 50% off!)

Kenya remarks Phaedra is nowhere to be seen at this event, it’s obvious why. Porsha is outside ANOTHER event fighting, doesn’t get her way (again) – and walks away from the conversation (again.) She calls all the girls “ratchet as hell” as she leaves.

RHOA Phaedra Porsha

The next day, Kandi and Porsha have lunch. (Side note: Is it just me, or does this look a lot like the same place Sheree took her “doctor” boyfriend a few seasons back – the lunch where he asked her to show documents she was actually a woman. Ah, those were the days!) The two ladies start off casual, but something clearly is in the air. Porsha dives right into it, and brings up Cynthia’s eyewear event. Porsha blames Kandi’s “team” for creating the drama. Kandi tells Porsha anyone who actually was a part of the conversation should’ve been allowed to speak up because they were all present during the fight. Kandi says this avoids playing games of telephone and  he-said-she-said. Kandi notes there were blog-posts online (potentially about being escorted out??) about the argument, after it happened.

Kandi brings up Porsha choosing sides (between Kandia and Phaedra.) Porsha admits to Kandi it probably looks like she chooses sides because “Phaedra needs her a little bit more.” Kandi does not receive this well at all. She tells Porsha she is believing all the hype. Kandi outs Phaedra and tells Porsha that Phaedra wanted Apollo to go to prison, she was saying this months before he even went away. Kandi admits what we all already know, Phaedra is an attorney and knows how to manipulate a situation to get what she wants. Kandi turned a blind eye until she became involved in it.

Next week:  Kenya goes to  Detroit she talks to a friend of  her mother’s  looking for closure  and we see her approaching her mother’s  house. Mama Joyce  shows up moderate the issues between  Kandi and Phaedra. Porsha continues to harass her sister for daring to get pregnant first.

’till next time! xoxoxox


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108 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: Shade For Days

  1. cjbomb

    They rented office space to film next to my neighbor’s law firm for Phaedra’s law office awhile back. I wonder where her “office” is now?

    • You have got to be kidding me!! That woman lies more than she breathes!

    • Dee

      Ben, fantastic recap. I felt like I was there. Thanks so much!

    • lopsided

      Wow, Phaedra is way too much! Does she even practice anymore? How do you practice without an office? This is why she sacrificed her friendship with Kandi with that crazy storyline about Kandi slacking on her friendship duties, her woes and hardship with Apollo leaving, now Kandi telling it, Phaedra, wanted Apollo gone before he left for prison. Phaedra is full of it. She better get going quick before the Feds show up on the set, and arrest her!

  2. Crazy in NC

    I actually like Cynthia’s eyewear. Too bad I buy super-cheap shades since I lose them constantly. Also, good on her for being upfront with Todd and Kandi about the realities of owning a restaurant. The restaurant business is TOUGH!
    Phaedra, Phaedra, Phaedra. The receipts are out, cut the goddamn check and STFU. Ayden’s extreme cuteness is not going to distract us. I LOVED the flashbacks!
    I can understand Porsha being upset about Lauren not being able to work. Good, trustworthy assistants can be really hard to find. Does anyone think Porsha is going to be able to handle things without Lauren holding her hand?
    Kandi is so over all the bs.
    If the Kenya stuff is true, YIKES. Hopefully it is just more fake storyline like everything else she has shown us. I do have to defend Moore Manor though. The bones are there, she just needs to get everything fixed up beautiful. Oh, and redo the driveway.

    • Sounds to me like Phaedra is trying to get out of paying the rest of the money. She had to spend her money on new titties and getting the fat sucked out. Well your finished with the new Phaedra makeover, now get Todd your pregnant picture and pay the man his money.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        She should just be honest and say she didn’t pay the money because she didn’t FEEL like it, and still doesn’t!

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Oh, and lucky Kenya to get out of shady Phaedra’s workout video. She saw the writing on the wall – good instincts!

    • Denine

      Too bad Kandi’s not over Donjuan’s BS!

  3. DobabyR

    I do not like Kandi on the show at all. Porsha seems like the scapegoat of the season. Kandi was unnecessarily aggressive towards her

    • Vet

      I was so proud of Porsha, Kandi only wants to hear what she wants to hear. I don’t like her at all. This was my first and last time I watched this season. Kandi is so nasty to me.The producer must really like her because they never show all the backstabbing and lies she pulls. By the way, why are we subjected to her “staff” they are not important and I don’t care what they have to say.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Backstabbing and lies, Kandi? I haven’t seen that this season or any really. She can get on my nerves for various reasons but I don’t get where you’re coming from.

      • Cat

        Vet, how do you know what was left out? Were you there?

        Or, are you just psychic?

        If it’s the latter, I really would like some lottery numbers from you.

      • Dee

        Cat, you are cracking me up! Lottery tickets?! I’m in!

      • Tamdon

        Vet, you’ve only watched this one episode for the entire season? Maybe you should watch the rest. I can’t think of one instance where Kandi had backstabbed anyone and I find her to be the most honest of the bunch.

      • MM

        “Kandy is so nasty to me ????”…Hmmmm

      • Minky

        Kandi is finally talking some sense and not blindly defending Phaedra. Porsha is an idiot who thinks she’s got everybody’s number. Kenya had a similar convo with Porsha, telling her she shouldn’t allow herself to be anybody’s patsy. The same convo was had by Kandi and Porsha here, just in some slightly different circumstances. Phaedra is the common denominator.

        Poor Lauren. It’s probably the first time in her life where her needs have to be put before Porsha’s. Yeah, Porsha just seems like that kind of sister. And Porsha needs to stop involving herself in others’ drama. Even her “friend” Shamea wants to wash her hands of Porsha’s meddlings. Lord!

  4. Would You Like Some Tea??

    The crab cake burger at Highland Bakery is delicious. Now, I’m hungry.

    Phaedra and Kandi will never fully recover after this episode. Phaedra is a liar. She never paid $30k to Todd, she does NOT have a law firm office and is a fraud.

    The way she talked about Todd digging for change when she knowingly married a career criminal was shameful.

    • Vet

      Did he not produce three cancelled checks for over $8,000 a piece? She paid him something…

      • Dee

        I think one of her checks bounced if I read the recap correctly

      • Crazy in NC

        A “cancelled check” is simply a check that has already been deposited. He brought copies of the two checks he has received and deposited. The issue is that he was supposed to receive a third check. She never bothered to pay that third check.

      • Mark

        You Americans are weird. In the UK, a canncelled cheque is a cheque which has been cancelled. We cray.

      • Minky

        @Mark That does make sense, doesn’t it. But no. Here a check that can’t be deposited because of insufficient funds on the part of the check writer is one that has “bounced”. Bad checks are all made of rubber, dontcha know.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        @Mark same in Canada. @Minky we call that a “bounced” check (or cheque) as well, but you can also go to the bank and cancel a check that you’ve written before the person is able to cash it. The bank allows this and that is what I think of when I hear “cancelled check”. This is also considered fraud, to write a check for goods or services and then go cancel it.

    • LOL. She knowingly married him but birds of a same feather…she has been smart enough to cover her tracks. In any event, Kandi and Phaedra won’t be the same and that’s fine.
      Phaedra has run her course. Time to exit before the feds create a real scene for the show.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      If she wrote him a check and then cancelled it, isn’t that fraud?

      • Jim

        A “cancelled check” is a check that has been received and cashed by the recipient and has cleared the bank. You’re think of a “stop payment” on a check which is a check that has been written and sent but the issuer has asked the bank to not honor that check when the receiver tries to cash it.

  5. Dawn

    Nice recap Ben.

    Every episode this season, Porsha says and does things that make me think she is trying to be Nene. Her running away from Kandi like Nene runs off though was a good move. Taking a pregnant woman down for a pounding would really have got her ass in a jam. Speaking of ass, I think Porsha is now just plain fat. I was shocked the trainer, Bob Harper, I guess he is, complimented her body on WWHL.

    I think Aiden is being groomed to be Phaedra’s meal ticket. She just hasn’t figured out what the tike’s game is yet.

    All the time spent on the Phaedra/Todd/Kandi $8000, owed or not, is just too much ado about nothing. Why is Don Juan, Kandi’s business manager even at Cynthia’s event? Isn’t he the help? Could Don and Carlos have a thing? I predict the tiff between Phaedra and Kandi will be over soon enough for them to be bonding over babies next season or before.

    I notice that when the Beverly Hills, OC, and NYC housewives are out partying (drinking), they usually have chauffeur’s. In Atlanta, they drink and drive. You often see them arrive driving their own (rented) car.

    • Vet

      Cythnia must have been really desperate to invite the “help”, why were assistants present. Don Juan isn’t really a business manager, more like an office manager. He is not writing checks and giving financial advice, he is made to plan weddings.

      • Psylocke

        They were there to further the manufactured storyline from last episode. Do you seriously not understand how this show works 5 years in to it?

      • Minky

        I would assume that each cast member has an “entourage” that accompanies them to events, but Kandi’s happens to be people the audience has been introduced to and they are also her friends and have been for many years. They’re more visible because Kandi’s pregnant. Also Kandi is Don and Carmon’s meal ticket. They wanna make sure she doesn’t get hurt by falling (or getting into a scuffle with anybody). It’s like they’re drones protecting the queen bee. That’s what I make of it anyway.

  6. Cat

    Wow. Next time a collection agency calls me, I’ll just tell them I was too busy to pay.
    Yeah…that will work.

  7. Denine

    Donjuan throwing shade at Porsha is meaningless given the two seasons he spent trash can talking Todd himself!

    • Minky

      I think Todd was being hazed by Kandi’s family and crew. Just IMO. Kandi is the priority for him and Carmon. So a newcomer is gonna get tested. I blame Kandi for not putting a stop to that., as well as Momma Joyce’s behavior. The thing is that Kandi’s shady as hell and lets people do her dirty work for her a lot. Whether it’s Don, Momma Joyce, or whoever. Actually Todd’s doing some of her dirty work now by going after Phaedra’s unpaid balance. I get that Todd produced, but there would have been no Todd there to produce the exercise video had Phaedra not been friends with Kandi. This is really Kandi’s unfinished business with Phaedra.

      Kenya saw that Phaedra and Apollo were untrustworthy in a number of ways, especially financially. And she must have heard all the at the time rumors about Apollo’s continuing criminal activity and Phaedra’s shady past with Stanton et. al. So Kenya dropped the exercise video thing like a hot potato. Maybe Kenya even had some first-hand threats or propositions and saw that it was time for her to go.

      Phaedra and Apollo probably became worried that Kenya would go blabbing about what she had heard or seen, and they then began their smear campaign, which backfired. They tried to make Kenya look like a piece of shit, but it all just bounced off of her and stuck to them. Every “read” Phaedra’s ever done has been a projection where she’s ended up reading herself. The change in the couch thing with Todd is just the latest installment.

      Maybe Phaedra’s the one digging for change. She obviously can’t pay her bills all the way through. Even with a good friend like Kandi. Now Kandi’s done a mini-expose of Phaedra by telling everyone in TV Land that Phaedra couldn’t wait to see Apollo locked up. Damn. That’s pretty cold. Does she figure that prison will muzzle Apollo? Phaedra’s just a less attractive version Porsha with a law degree. Her alleged boss moves are all blowing up in face. She needs to shut her pie hole already.

      Wow. I didn’t plan to write that much. What happened?

  8. LoriNYC

    Phaedra’s comments about Todd were not nice. I hope Kandi smacks her for that. Who did Phaedra marry? Are we expected to believe that Apollo was the breadwinner of that family? Phaedra is so fake and phony……she’s got to go and take her little wanna be Porsha with her.

    • Crazy in NC

      Phaedra crossed a major line with those horrible comments regarding Todd.

      • Spilledperfume

        I agree. Phaedra’s comments about Todd were below the belt.

        TT, I think we need a RHOA dictionary.

        It’s just a thought.

      • FRENCH

        I agree way be low the belt, Phadra was beyond mean, Kandi will not forgive her this time.

      • Minky

        Seriously. That was sperm-donor-needs-$10-for-a-pizza low. But just think about it. After the pizza and scrambled egg comments that were directed towards Kenya, Phaedra got some instant karma. Just think about it: Phaedra seems to deliver really mean, low down, dirty, below the belt reads when shit’s about to go all kinds of wrong in her life.

        Kandi’s consciously distancing herself from Phaedra for a reason. Kandi doesn’t care all that much about offending Phaedra anymore because she probably knows that the other shoe is gonna drop soon for Phaedra. Maybe that’s also why she and Todd are so adamant about getting their money. They want to get it from her while she’s still able to give it to them. If you know what I’m saying?

      • lauraannb

        Phaedra was “so nasty, so rude.” I almost couldn’t believe my ears what she said about Todd. Uncalled for, big time.

  9. Anyone else catch Porsha saying, in the hotel room, “I did not sleep at all last night. I think it was this cocaine ‘medicine’ that made me go all night”?

    I see you, Porsha.

    • Minky

      Wow. Good observation. It certainly would fit into her party-party-party lifestyle. It’s either that or adderall or phentermine. And that might be why she’s always ready for a fight? Hmmmm?

  10. Forbes List

    Phaedra stop trying to be a video star and just give in to your true calling a video ho.

  11. ItsMe

    Just pay Todd so he can shut up. This episode was filled with hypocrisy. Everyone was accusing someone of doing something that they all have done. Don Juan needs to have several seats. He didn’t want porsha to have an one on one with Kandi without him but didn’t he have one earlier in the episode without Porsha?

    • Suzanne D

      Both Phaedra and Todd were wrong. Todd should have called Phaedra directly to ask for the picture to complete the project and hand her the final DVD so she could give him the final payment. I don’t ever pay in full for something that isn’t done, so why should Phaedra? Now if Todd had been after her for the picture and kept blowing him off, then she is at fault. It’s amazing how these ‘stars’ can point out everyone else’s flaws and rarely see that they are just as bad…if not worse!

    • spunky2015

      Don juan was afraid porsha would get violent with Kandi. A reasonable concern.

  12. Swede

    Two things that stood out to me after watching the episode and reading the recap:
    1. I would never think of Phaedra as having a body to emulate, pregnant or not.
    2. Thanks for reminding me of Sheree and the doctor date wanting proof she is a woman. Rofl

  13. Some may think DOnJuan was out of line, but he has been very frank with Kandi and he is right.

  14. KB

    I guess I see the same frustration with Kandi as I did with Apollo last season. They both know things about Phaedra that we don’t know because she had close relationships with them. They probably know where all the bodies are buried (allegedly), and when she tries to portray herself as this damsel in distress, Christian single mom, all they can do is just sit back and shake their head. Especially when people fall for her act. That’s what we all saw last night when Kandi was talking to Porsha, and when Apollo was talking to Phae about divorce last season. He wanted to tell more on camera but he didn’t. That’s why he was frustrated in that scene. He alluded to the fact that they had some kind of arrangement but she was acting “brand new” as they say. Anyway, I like Kandi. I hope she gets off this show soon. This mess is getting real old.

    • Minky

      Yes. To all of that. You nailed it.

      I do not condone any of Apollo’s criminal behavior. But let’s face it, he’s a slow-witted dupe who’s been used and abused by Phaedra. Todd and Kandi know at least that much. That’s why they “sided” with Apollo last season. Pure sympathy. They know he’s taking the fall for a scheme that Phaedra probably orchestrated. The know that Phaedra probably deserves to be exactly where Apollo is right now. Maybe even more so. Nobody’s gonna respect Phaedra very much if they know that.

      Oh shit, I forgot! Um…Allegedly.

    • I so agree with everything in this comment…EVERYTHING!!!

  15. ItsMe

    I wonder if it was Kenya that Don Juan checked, would he be getting this much praise on this blog

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Depends on if she gave him a good reason, like Porsha did.

      • Minky

        Lawd. I wonder if it was Phaedra that Don Juan checked, would he be in the witness protection program?

        Because that’s what Don’s doing, you know. He CAN’T check who he (and Kandi) really want to check. He subtracting to add. He’s saying what he wants to say, but not to the person he really wants to say it to. And don’t forget that every time Don says something (or Todd for that matter) that it’s really Kandi who’s talking.

        And the 8K for the booty work-out video is nothing. Remember all of Apollo’s shit stored in Kandi’s garage? I gotta hand it to Kandi. She’s playing a mean game of chess. And Don’s performing beautifully as a pawn.

  16. T D

    Why beat a dead donkey booty video? She needs to lay it to rest.

  17. kym

    DonJuan is a corny comedian. He couldn’t wait to drop his line about the underground railroad and “go get your man that left you” – that is too unprofessional. He apologizes and then insults Porsha every chance he gets. Very Corny. Phaedra needs to pay Todd and I can’t wait to see her comments about Todd during the reunion. She was wrong calling him thirsty – pay what you owe.

  18. Soul Sista

    I love #ShadebyBravo. Are the flashbacks an indication that Bravo is tired of certain cast members & want to expose their foolishness? Whatever the reason, I’m glad they’re doing little flashbacks. Well played Bravo, well played!

  19. Lisaj

    I have the exact dress that idiot porsha wore to the buy my glasses hustle party. I guess I look just as slutty as she did but mine doesn’t show my lady bits as much. It’s now in a garbage bag

    • More Tea Please!

      Porsha’s dress was about two sizes too small for her big thighs and ass. If it was sized properly it would close below the cootch! It was so tight that no Spanx could contain the cellulite.

      • Mick

        She also had a gut. She tried to hide it with her clutch. Not very attractive at all. She should stay away from the Instagram boutiques.

  20. Spilledperfume

    The part about Sheree and the doctor wanting proof she was a woman cracked me up. I’ve never seen the past seasons.

    • Hmmmm……I wonder if she was able to produce proof.

    • Jim

      Did this really happen?! Lol. I’ve searched for a video clip of the date but can’t find one.

      • lopsided

        I think I recalled it happening when she was talking down to hime about his being a fraud and his online doctorate degree, about two or three episodes after he came over with the group for that game night, at which time Nene warned Sheree about either a negative experience she had with him or that she knew about him and a negative experience.

      • Anastasia_Beave

        It definitely happened.

  21. Cat


  22. tamaratattles

    Here is a little vocabulary lesson for all of you plastic only purchasers. A CANCELLED CHECK is a check that has been written by someone and then cash. Upon CASHING THE CHECK the bank considers it cancelled. You use CANCELLED CHECKS to prove that you have written a check and the party has been paid. In the olden days you used to have the checks you wrote returned to you with your monthly statements. You kept the cancelled checks in case there was ever a question of payment being received by the payee. It is a bit odd that TODD would have copies of the cancelled checks as they should be in PHAEDRA’s possession. It is likely that the storyline writer knew little more about how checks work than y’all do. Or he could have requested them from Phaedra’s bank, I suppose, as he was the payee.

    Phaedra was to pay the approximately 27K in three installment of just over 8K each. She made two payments out of three and still owes for the final amount of approximately 8K.

    Y’all are confusing the term CANCELLED CHECK for a stop payment, or perhaps insufficient funds. But checks are cancelled when they are PAID OUT

    • Cat

      Yay! A glimmer of sanity!

    • Minky

      Thank you Tamara! Have people forgotten the difference between cancelled and bounced?! It wasn’t that long ago. Am I old? Waaaaaaah!

      I figure Todd and Kandi, or their accountant, or assistant, made photo-copies of the checks before they were cashed, to keep in their records as evidence, should any dispute or misunderstanding arise in the future. Well, the future is now, ain’t it?

      Making copies of checks it totally a pain in the keister. But it also truly does come in handy when people start trying to rewrite history.

    • I don’t find it odd that Todd would have copies of Phaedra’s checks. Everywhere I’ve worked, the Accounts Receivable people would Xerox the checks received for payment before depositing them. That’s good recordkeeping/good business. Documentation can answer questions/prevent problems down the line.

      If anything, it’s evidence for me that Todd has his shit together when it comes to business. All the more reason to believe his version of events over Phaedra’s. (Not that Phaedra is believeable anyway).

      • tamaratattles


        Jesus Christ on a cracker. We live in a society of people who have never written or cashed a check.

      • Yveline

        I was able to get a copy of a cancelled check I cashed by simply requesting it and paying a fee of $5.00 from the other party’s bank. Needed it to prove partial payment since it was noted as first installment.

      • Cat

        Why would you need a copy of someone else’s cancelled checks? You already have their money.

      • tamaratattles

        Just as Yveline said. To show a partial payment, as proof of contract. In this case, the checks from Phaedra were in the form of three checks. Payment one of 3, payment two of three, and then she didn’t make the last payment. So when he takes her to COURT all he has to do is show the contract, show the first two payments and then state the third payment was never made. Voila. Phadrea can either show a third cancelled check or get a judgment against her for the remainder owed.

        This is not rocket surgery people. Have any of you gone past fourth grade math? ANYONE? Do you not have bank accounts? WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?

      • WonkyTonk

        It’s like the people who don’t know how to tell time from an analog time piece really. Which is probably why watches aren’t doing so well anymore. Pity that. I love me a nice watch.

      • WonkyTonk

        Yveline, when you and TT mentioned something a little similar it kind of boggled my mind. My bank will give me, free of charge, copies of all of the checks that I’ve written once they’re cashed, and all of the checks I’ve cashed whether drawn on my account or not. I don’t get why all banks don’t do that for free. Seems a no brainer.

  23. Jim

    And so I guess that Tammy’s time on RHOA is done?

  24. Trashbox

    Great job, Ben.

    This is tough to recap when PORSCHA has the most exciting storyline and/or life. Didn’t see that coming. Between Donjuan, Kim Fields, and squabbling about videos no one cares about. I think Andy is just trying to kill this franchise.

    • Minky

      Honestly, I think Andy is trying to be like Lorne Michaels and keep this show around for as long as SNL. People have been predicting the end of SNL for some time now. But it’s still on, isn’t it?! No, I don’t care for SNL, I’m just using it as an example.

      Andy’s a damn drug pusher. He know’s his audience. And he and Bravo are making plenty of money on the come-back. I no longer watch, but I truly love this blog. So, there’s that.

      • Spilledperfume

        If Andy is (allegedly) a drug pusher then where are my damn Xanax?! Seriously, I need to relax and I need a good night’s slept.

      • WonkyTonk

        That’s a pretty good analysis Minky. SNL with the exception of Tina Fey and her Palin impersonations, and a few other exceptions should have been cancelled like twenty years ago. It hasn’t been good since the late 70’s to mid 80’s. As for Andy he’s allegedly so narcissistic he gave himself his own show on cable. Well I mean he’s got the show so you tell me. How sad is that even if there are some super spectacular episodes like the Downton Abbey crew I really liked that ep. But like SNL few and far between generally, though they did have a run there with James and LaLa cussing it up a storm, but you get my drift.

  25. Leelee

    Phaedra literally disgusts me. Like, I’d don’t just find her annoying. Or think she’s a hypocrite (although she is both of these, definitely). But as a human being, I have a visceral reaction to those gross faces, that verbal filth, those skank outfits. Maybe if she owned it it would be different– but then she hides behind this guise of propriety and religion and if makes me want to vomit. She’s not smart; she’s cunning. I hope Jesus fixes it and her.

  26. Cheychey

    I am no expert on making videos. I can barely even work my cell phones but I just wonder why as a friend Todd would have charged her $27000 to make a video. As a friend you would think he would have given her a great deal. I looked up that general cost of making this type of video 20-50k, the high end being with lots of backup actors and music licensing and such. That being said if you did agree to the amount she needs to pay up. I know if a friend owed me $8000 I’d be at their house, place of work and burning up their cell phone minutes until I got paid.

    • tamaratattles

      “I am no expert on making videos”….. but I just googled something random and have decided that both Todd, who is an expert at making videos and Phaedra who has made three videos know less than I do about how much it should cost to shoot, produce, and manufacture exercise videos.

      It’s just one of those days….

  27. Yveline

    I have a question for all those wondering why Don and Carmon would not want Kandi to have a private conversation with Porsha. Kandi is pregnant and Porsha has violent tendencies. I don’t even understand why Kandi met her at the restaurant alone the next day unless there was lots of security present.

    • Minky

      Hmm? Maybe Kandi’s the one who didn’t want to speak with Porsha alone at that particular time? This was at Cynthia’s eyewear shindig, where Porsha and Kandi speak, but with Carmon and Don chaperoning. This was the part of the episode after which Ben C (our recapper) tells us that Kandi says that Porsha knows Phaedra is full of shit. And after Kandi also says that she doesn’t know what to think of Porsha anymore. So, if Porsha knows Phaedra’s a liar, why is Porsha in an alliance with Phaedra? What is Porsha getting in that deal?

      I’m thinking that Kandi is the one who wants to avoid Porsha for the most part. Not because she’s afraid of a physical confrontation, but because she knows that Porsha can’t be trusted and is a spy for Phaedra.

      Kandi met Porsha at the restaurant because she wanted to take Porsha’s temperature, so to speak, in a calm, organized, day-time environment, like a restaurant. Rather than a chaotic, party-time, unpredictable environment, like a party or a club at night. She needs to be able to see and hear Porsha clearly and without any distractions, for her or Porsha, in order to be able to throughly and more accurately gauge just how Posha’s being wound up, by whom, and why. If Kandi listens carefully to what Porsha says, then she can use that to infer what kind of shit Phaedra’s been spreading around town about Kandi.

  28. Rose

    Phaedra disgusts me! Her comment about Todd searching the sofa cushions for coins was low (and she didn’t seem to think Todd would bring receipts)….think of all the people she and Apollo swindled out of their money. Girl bye. And Kandi has real “help” in Don Juan and Carmen but Miss P is her own receptionist. I’m glad Kim got to hear about her ways before that friendship goes further.

  29. WonkyTonk

    Was I the only one who thought her sister Lauren, in the administrative support role, was way more interesting than Porsha in this episode? More naturally pretty as well. I’m thinking bring Lauren on the show and boot Porsha’s ratchet ass, and don’t show Porsha in her new administrative support role because really nobody wants to see her anymore.

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