The Not Exactly A New Year’s Resolution Post


So every year some of us try (and quickly fail) to keep our New Year’s resolutions.  We will lose weight. We will go to the gym.  We will drink less. We will quit smoking. We will cut way back on sugar. If we make it to mid February we are doing better than most.

So rather than commit for a whole YEAR. I say we commit for three months. When I lived in Savannah I always fell off the wagon for St. Patrick’s day, because it’s a big deal there. It was usually more of a Lent issue as once I break my New Years resolutions, I find the fortyish days of Lent to be an easier challenge. Except for the whole St. Patrick’s Day issue and the Cinco de Mayo stuff.

But this year is going to be different. No really, it is. Why? Because, Oprah. Oprah is going to lead our fat asses to the promised land. Sure, she is a giant failure in the weight loss thing, but now she is the spokesperson for Weight Watchers. That is  a high paying  job for rich people to fat  shame them into losing  weight. resolutions

I’m not going to do weight watchers. Most of us by now know how to eat healthily and in proper portions. I am going to stick mainly to fish and salads. I like fish and salads. I shall start my plan on Monday because that is when diets should start. I will start my plan for a happier 2016 on the 4th.  And try to maintain it until April 4th. Hopefully, the benefits of clean living will encourage  me to continue through the end of  Lent.

Banjo will be walked at least 6 days a week.  I’m going to try to  get back  on  a normal sleep  schedule (that will take some time) and eat three healthy meals a day. And by  March it will be time to start the tomato therapy again.

So what are three new habits you can do in 2016 to be happier than 2015?  We can make this a great year if we just CHOOSE HAPPY!  Right? Right? Who is with me? No negative Nelly’s in these comments. I don’t want to read a bunch of crap about how bad 2015 was. We are moving forward. We are choosing to be happy NO MATTER WHAT!

Really, we’ve got this!


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185 responses to “The Not Exactly A New Year’s Resolution Post

  1. Cat

    1. Only buy foods with 5% sodium, or less. (Trying to get my blood pressure down to normal.)

    2. Exercise 30 minutes, 3 times a week. (I need to start slowly, and build up stamina. I always seem to push too hard, too fast, making me quit.) Since it’s too cold to walk outside, I will walk up and down the 3 floors in my building. Stairs can be my friend. I think.

    3. Work on my book…again…finally. (Dr. Seuss said, when asked how long it takes to write a children’s book: The first one takes a lifetime. After that, about 9 months.)

  2. Cat

    I used to belong to Weight Watchers. But, I quit. Now, it’s too expensive to go back.

    If you join, and quit, then want to come back, you have to pay for all the meetings you missed (That’s what they told me, anyway.)

    I quit in the 80s.

    • tamaratattles

      There are meetings? *shudder*. What is the point of said meetings? A bunch of fat chicks sitting around talking about how they are so embarrassed they got fat?

      • Weight Watcher meetings. You give them money. Then they weigh you! In public! And put into their computer your loss or gain. Then you sit and listen to a pep talk for about an hour and then discussion. Then you go have a huge breakfast because you don’t have to weigh in again for a week.

      • Anastasia_Beave

        There’s also a lot of clapping.

      • Spilledperfume

        Weight Watchers now has an online option. You have to pay for it but it is helpful if you can’t make the weekly meetings.

      • tamaratattles

        Oh dear GAWD. There will be NO fat shaming meetings here. We will weigh privately and only discuss pounds lost if we discuss it at all. There will be no clapping. CLAPPING?? Jesus Christ, are fat people really this desparate? CLAPPING? As in “Hi, I am Tamara and I have been sitting on the couch drinking beer for four years. But now I am here with others who are also fatasses! Good for me! *GROUP CLAPS* No. Just NOE.

      • Cat

        Yeah. Lots of that. I couldn’t handle the weekly judgements. To me, it was kind of like an AA meeting.

      • cobe

        A large group of ladies with excessive upper arm fat clapping all the time seems . . . inadvisable.

        Why not just enjoy life? Eat healthy and if your body is going to be fat, let it be. It’s not like the worst thing in the world.

      • tamaratattles

        It actually is the worst thing in the world, cobe. Some of us want to be able to walk around without breaking into a sweat and having cankles the size of cantelopes. It’s not just unhealthy, it makes getting laid a lot harder. :)

      • Erica

        I don’t clap – makes my arms flap.

      • Minky

        I have a friend from Somalia. No, this is not the beginning of a joke. As many American women I’ve expressed my displeasure over my less than svelte shape. She looked at me like I’d just dropped out of the sky. She said I’d be a hit back in Somalia. And, that if a young marriageable girl is too thin they send her to “fat camp”. Which in Somalia is the exact opposite of an American fat camp. The anti-Weight Watchers.

        That being said, I too am starting on my resolution this coming weekend. My plan is to go to the gym everyday and spend at least an hour (building up to two hours) on the elliptical. My food plan will be secondary to that. That’s it. I have no other resolutions. If I can do that shit they I’ll be what my momma calls “upon the horse”. God help me.

        BTW I found a great anti-diet book. It’s called “The Conspiracy Diet”. Easy to find for free online. It’s more or less a pamphlet and I LOVED reading it. Thats’ basically the eating plan I’m gonna employ. Again, I’ll need all of the mental fortitude I can muster. Sigh…

      • Lindsay

        Bring back social shaming in 2016. Let’s get back to our roots and I’m not talking about brown hairs. #SOC101

      • That’s sounds like what I imagine hell is like

      • Matzah60

        Lol….pretty much, Tamara. I signed up in the late 90’s. Just a group of fat chicks as you stated. The moderator who runs the meetings is someone that went through WW successfully and has risen to the position of giving the group of overweight women pep talks, tips on how to abstain from eating too much, etc. I didn’t like the vibe of the meetings and left after a half hour. Upon leaving, the moderator asked me why I was leaving which made me feel as if I was being scolded, so I said that I didn’t get anything out of the meeting and had the right to leave if I chose to do so. Then, crickets in the room and I fled

    • Meredo

      @Minky, your story reminds me of the movie “Phat Girlz” starring Mo’Nique. Have you ever seen it? The critics hated it and though it was kind of cheesy, I liked it, You def should watch it!
      2 HOURS ON THE ELLIPTICAL ??!! Are you crazy? Haha, JK. That is great, it just sounds soooo hard to me, lol. My daughters who are in their twenties struggle to do an hour and they are both skinny and work out religiously. Go you! I do remember Jennifer Anniston attributing her svelte physique to doing 1 hr. a day on the elliptical, so you’re in good company. If I didn’t have a knee injury, I’d join you on your quest (well, for 1 hr, not 2!). But alas, since I can’t I shall root for you from the sidelines. Keep us posted on your progress. You got this!
      I hope this comment ends up in the appropriate spot as my other comments are all over the place!

      • Minky

        I’ve seen that movie. You’re right it’s adorable. Monique is really a very good actress. I don’t trust Aniston either. She probably does appetite suppressants. But I know that I can do 90 minutes on the elliptical on a relatively high setting. 1 hr is no problem at all. I actually feel good after. Like an adrenaline junkie. It’s just a matter of DOING it. Regularly. That’s the hard part.

        Losing weight is hard! That’s why people like Oprah, with ALL that money she’s got, still fail. Either you have “help” or you don’t eat anything, ever, or you’re just naturally thin. I do believe it’s a conspiracy.

    • erikainhb

      The public weigh ins were the worst! I much prefer to weigh myself first thing in the AM in the privacy of my own home, prior to eating anything, naked, after bowel movements, and then taking the best number of 2 out of 3 steps on the scale. ?

      • hannahkingrose

        erikainhb, do you move the scale around a little in between the 3 times you step on the scale too? Lol. I used to weigh in the same way you do. Unfortunately for me now due to medications I have to take I’m at the other end of the spectrum. I’ve lost so much weight that I could play a skeleton in a movie without makeup. All my muscles have atrophied and when I get on the scale I pray for a gain. It’s as hard to gain as it is to lose it. So this year my resolutions will be the following.

        1. I am going to try to eat healthy food that will help me gain muscle which weighs more.
        2. I’m going to try to exercise some even though my CRPS makes it very painful.
        3. I’m going to steal one of yours and even though I try to be a good person and friend, I am not going to allow others to take advantage of my kindness when they obviously don’t give a crap about me except when they need someone to listen to them.
        4. I’m going to try to be the best me I can be.

      • Matzah60

        Yay! Me too. Worse than the weigh ins at WW is the weigh in at my cardiologist’s office. Nurse has you get on a scale and calls out your weight. It feels like public humiliation when you know you are overweight already. Gives me anxiety every time I go to his office for a check up.

      • Geez, Matzah60, what a rude nurse. Can you tell her not to do that?

      • Matzah60

        @ Amisteree , Lisamia, and Hannahkingrose, Thanks for the supportive words and understanding. It’s hard to accept myself being 30 to 40 pounds heavier than I should be. At 62 today, I grew up on real food meaning very little processed food as it just didn’t exist then. Every night, we had a salad, mostly broiled chicken, an occasional steak, and lots of pots roasts. There was always one starch, and sometimes, jello for dessert. We had 3 TV channels and none of us grew up with a TV in our room. It wasn’t about money, but more about lifestyle at the time. Kids played outside with neighborhood kids and we rode our bikes everywhere we went. We walked to school everyday, even if it was raining a little. There were no carpools for school. Our ‘exercise’ was part of our daily living. We didn’t veg out in front of the TV because there wasn’t a huge variety of programming and I still remember when TV viewing ending at 10 (later 11 when we had evening news) and the Star Spangled Banner would play. I quit smoking for for 16 years around two years prior to having my second child. That was the beginning of my weight yo-yo for many years to come.

        After my divorce, I fell into a deep, dark hole and was so low that I actually was disinterested in food. I sustained myself on diet Coke and cigarettes, Sadly, I started smoking again. Very hard now to maintain my weight. I go up twenty and down twenty pounds, but can’t seem to sustain the weight losses and fall back into my old habits.

      • Hi Matzah60. I feel your pain. Divorce is a black hole. Sending all my energy and love to you. We can get through the shit together! <3 <3 <3

      • Matzah, I tell the nurse I want a “blind” weigh-in. I weigh backwards. I threw away my scale a few years ago. I spent too much time letting the number determine whether or not it was a good day. xo

      • I’ve done that too, amisteree.

      • hannahkingrose

        Matzah60, I actually refused to get on the scale at the doctor’s office. The nurse looked at me like I had lost my mind. I whispered what I weighed at the time in her ear and told her she needed to write it down and not say it aloud because of HIPPA violations. Don’t know if it is or not but she bought it and never said my weight out loud again nor did I ever weigh there again until I had lost so much weight from the medicine that I wanted to know how much I really weighed on a doctor’s scale.

        I got tired of being fat shamed by this nurse so I turned the table on her lol. She was a lot nicer after she decided she was dealing with a crazy lady.

      • It is totally breaking HIPPA and it’s really bad medicine. If a person is so ashamed they won’t go to the doctor because of some bitch stupid nurse, that person could die.

  3. Every time I joined Weight Watchers I gained weight. Never again. I’ve maintained my weight now for about five years, but I could stand to lose some. I already do resistance training twice a week. What I need to do is walk. I’ll commit to one day a week walking. If I do more, yay me, but have to do one day. I was at the gym this morning already, so will walk tomorrow.

  4. Anastasia_Beave

    Get my kids to eat healthier. I cook very healthy meals; they have no interest.
    Meal plan
    Be present
    Mayyybe a little less xanax. ?

  5. Hmmm, this probably isn’t the right time to confess that I just polished off a half gallon of chocolate ice cream. WWOD ? (what would Oprah do).

    • Dee

      Mmm chocolate ice cream, well I don’t have to start til Monday, Hagen Daz, here I come;)

    • Tootsie, lost my last 35lbs and still ate 1/2 gal of dark chocolate ice cream every Saturday.
      I believe it is calorie free!?

      I only ate ice cream, no food.

      • Dee

        Mmmm Calipatti, that sounds good! I’m going to eat last piece of candy and tomorrow go for it. We are getting a cold snap tonight, bitter cold tomorrow, putting on more clothes should help. Good luck everyone!!

  6. Spilledperfume

    Oprah brought a 10 percent share of Weight Watchers to encourage herself to lose weight.

    • Dawn

      She invested 40 million, that is a lot of food guilt, encouragement money, or something. Their stock will go up because of everybody wanting to do what Oprah does. Even if she doesn’t loose she will win. She will loose no matter what it takes, she is so publicly endorsing this.

      I haven’t decided which of my issues to tackle. I have been cutting back on perscription drugs. This gives me so much itching and symptoms worse than when I started drugs 25 years ago, I am allergic to many things. Not sure how many other isdues I can tackle that won’t drive me to even more of what I am cutting back. Just putting some discipline back in my life at all will be improvement. There isn’t much that doesn’t need fixing. Regular mingling I think will be first. Sometimes it will be walking the mall that I could walk to a few years ago. I haven’t been there in 2 years, 4 years since actual shopping.

      • Cat

        My prediction is that Oprah is going to end up like Montel Williams. He quit while on a high (to deal with health issues, I think). Now, he does infomercials. Too bad.

      • Minky

        O. M. G. I’ll tell you what Madam Oprah’s going to do. She’ll secretly get a gastric balloon installed and then claim that Weight Watchers and her optimistic will power caused the weight loss and then she’ll start counting the money. That’s what would Oprah do.

        Please forgive me for being cynical and suspicious but I just can’t with these celebrity yo-yo dieters. It’s quite lucrative for them, isn’t it. I wish I could get paid oodles of money to gain and lose weight. It’s a damn scam. Just like all the others. We’re all desperate and we’ve been conditioned to hate ourselves with the heat of a thousand suns, and all these film-flam, snake oil peddlers reap the rewards of our misery. I say fuck it and fuck them.

        There. Done. End of rant. Happy New Year!!! :0)

      • Minky

        Shit. I just realized that was negative. So sorry. Is it negative if it makes me happy to talk shit? So sorry everybody. Truly. Waaaaaaaaah!!!!

      • Cat

        I’m surprised she didn’t back Dr. Phil’s new diet. Or Dr. Oz’s. Hmmm….Guess she couldn’t back both at the same time.

  7. the struggle is real y'all

    1. Drink less wine, that one hurts the most??
    2. Walk at least 3 times a week

    3. Take control of my health

    These all seem pretty doable, right?

  8. SaraK

    I am so in! Did my “health assessment” today and realized I could get $100 in HSA deposit just by loosing 10 pounds. Hell yeah I can do that……my 3 month commitment:

    ~Track what I eat/drink. My fitness pal is free and good
    ~ Do my exercise videos as 5 – 6 days a week

    Get my $100, rinse and repeat. I WILL NOT be fat in my Thanksgiving Cruise Pictures this year.

  9. Meredo

    1.Cook dinner and insist the whole family sits down together. I will start with once a week and work up from there.
    2.Start walking, agaiin.(first too hot, now too cold, but will force myself and my son) 3times a week.
    3.Now that I have health insurance after not having any for about 6 years, I will go to the doctor and get all the tests done that are protocol for middle aged women. Since nothing negative is to be talked about on this thread, I’m hoping by putting it here to have nothing good results.

  10. pocketbooklover

    1. buy healththier food. If the junk isn’t here to eat, then I can’t eat it because i know I’m too lazy to get back in the car and go buy the junk food.

    2. Move the couch farther away from the fridge. I’ll get a workout moving it plus the extra 20 or so steps will add up.

    3. Dark chocolate and red wine are supposed to be good for you so out go the Reese’s cups and Pina Coladas. Wait a minute, this is how and why I’m confused, can Reese’s be good for you? They have peanut butter and PB is supposed to be good. I need expert opinions on this.

    • Toni Lee Gildea

      I don’t think Reese’s will help your cause. I went on a chocolate covered raisin diet, and got fat as hell. Who knew?

  11. Meredo

    “Nothing but good results”!

  12. Pitypat

    I love fish but I don’t like to cook it. It never looks done, then is too done. Is there a relatively healthy frozen fish product out there? Weird, I know. I also don’t like to handle raw fish, my OCD issues.

    • Dee

      Tilapia is a good choice for frozen fish.

    • Minky

      Find a recipe you like for poisson en papillote. It’s turns out perfect every time. And you can do just about any fish you like. Especially good for salmon or cod or orange roughy. No sauce required either. Just use olive oil, lemon juice, a slice of tomato, slice of onion, salt & pepper, some herbs (parsley) and perhaps a splash of white wine. Done in about 15-20 min at about 350 degrees F. Serve it with a nice salad or green beans and that’s dinner!

    • Carie

      I can’t stand to touch any raw food so I pick up a box of latex gloves (usually 100 per box) from the pharmacy because I cook a lot.

      • Queen of the Nile

        Carie, I thought I was the only one kept latex gloves in the kitchen for exactly that reason — I hate the feel of raw meat!

      • erikainhb

        You’re not alone on that. I don’t really mind touching it its cleaning it off of my fingernails that bugs me. Use them for cooking and much easier. You can get them in bulk cheaper at the big box stores for less. Amazon carries them too.

  13. Meredo

    @Tootsie, Yeahhh, I know what you mean. I’ve been eating candy by the bagful. It’s so hard to resist seeing all my faves marked down as much as 75% since it was Christmas candy that didn’t sell. I guess one of my resolutions will be to stay off the clearance aisles!

  14. Janna

    2016 will be a smashing success if I can use the $900 exercise machine I bought for at least 5 minutes, reduce the amount of food I consume to the level of a normal size human and stay out of the casino. I’m game to give it a try! Happy New Year TT!

  15. Katherine 2.0

    Since I have already started the weight loss gig – 28 lbs and counting – I resolve to move more outside, be kind, and keep raising the bar.

  16. Katherine 2.0

    Happy New Year, TT. Glad you recharged your energy. Here’s to being beautiful and healthy!

  17. Xanadude

    Going on vacation at the end of the month, so when we get back from pampering and gorging, then serious life changes will occur, health wise.
    In the meantime – set aside time each week to write, and submit something for realsy publication by mid summer.

    • Get XDude, I started slow and it took almost 9 months to find a food plan that works for me.
      I started ONLY with deleting white foods abd lost 18 lbs in a 4-6 weeks. Cholesterol and related problems began improving. I get blood tests every 3 months and I am doing great.

      Breads, butter, cheeses, milk, rice, pastas, sauces, I kept a high grade greek yogurt limiting it to 4 cups a week.

  18. cc101

    I start a 45 day challenge on Tuesday. Of course I can probably put on 5lbs between now and then. I need to start eating green things, sleep more than 5 hours a night, and drink something other than coke zero and wine.

    Good luck everyone!

  19. Shellbelle

    We are starting our diet here on Monday as well. I’m still pissed the hubby gets way more calories to eat every day than I do… Btw, Lose it! App is great. It counts calories, it’s free and you can adjust how much weight you want to lose and in how long and it gives you your daily calories.
    Good luck to my TT friends– I hope you find success in all that you try!!

    • Queen of the Nile

      Shellbelle, I had to come back and find your post …. thank you for suggesting the Lose it app — I LOVE it!! It’s so easy to track calories and I’ve already lost 3 pounds. I really appreciate that you recommended it! :-)

  20. Twinkielucille

    1. Do yoga. It’s so good for my back issues and good all around.
    2. Do my stretches from physical therapy. I don’t want surgery again.
    3. I’m not going to deny myself anything, but be more mindful of my intake.
    4. Stop being an asshole to people. Especially my husband and kids.
    5. Figure out my religious crisis.

  21. Toddy

    I’ll plan to read something w/literary value once a month; incorporate Meatless Mondays; get 30 mins of exercise every other day. Good luck, y’all!

    • Read “All the Light You Cannot See.” I have to make myself put it down. (It bugs me that book titles should be underlined, and I don’t have that option on my IPad when posting. Having a moment.) I like your plan, Toddy. Happy reading, walking, and veggie Monday’s.

  22. Cheychey

    Go out into the world at least 3 days a week. It my sound easy or even lame to some. I’m sure there are a few that will understand that I have to clutch my pearls and go out on a wing and a prayer to just go to the walmart. I will try not to let anxiety run 2016.

    • Minky

      Cheychey, honey. I know where you’re at, and I know how you feel. I found a wonderful little pill to help me out a while ago. It’s called “Foqitol”. It should be taken in conjunction with a supplement of the same derivative called “Foqemol”. I have a dose of those two everyday and I’m doing a lot better. Ask you health care professional. You can thank me later. I send many hugs.

    • Dee

      I understand, I too have to force myself out the door. It became easier when hubby had surgery and couldn’t go to the store Good luck! I started out with baby steps.

    • Anastasia_Beave

      Kick that anxiety’s ass!!

    • Cheychey, you are not alone. Just writing about it is a good beginning. I’m with you in the battle against ANXIETY. Let’s not let it win. Hang in there. xoxo

      • khaleesi

        3x a week???
        You da shit!
        May I please just start with once a week?
        Once a week for sure, maybe more…..
        I thought for so long that I was the only one who did this. This not wanting to leave the house thing. I had heard of people like me, but I didn’t actually know anyone
        so I thought its just part of my craziness, which it is, but its so good for
        me to know that there really are people like me, and they are anything BUT
        dumb, or any of the other things I call myself.
        Thank you to Tamara and everyone else here for showing your scars.
        It means the world.

  23. Larry

    This post is straight up genius. Perfection. Thank you for it.

    My resolution is simple and nonspecific. I’m going to ask myself “why” when I do things, instead of living on autopilot. Being conscious is the goal, we’ll see what can flow from it.

  24. Rebecca

    My ideas for 2016 is too keep striving to better my life. No fad diets, no unrealistic expectations. In February I’ll have 2 years c and s. Needless to say in the past 24 months I had steadily gained close to 50 pounds. After being overweight in high school and then doing crash dieting to lose over 100 pounds just to gain back plus some. I know the road I need to take clean eating and GASP exercise. I don’t like it but I need to do it! Also in the financial area of my life I have already started putting 50 bucks a week in my savings account. I don’t even look at the balance I just deposit. I’m looking forward to 2016!

  25. More Tea Please!

    Move my fat ass more and eat less so that I can show up at my 45th!!! high school reunion looking presentable!

  26. Jujue

    1. Healthier eating for the entire family (more meals together at the table!)

    2. Build up my savings substantially this year

    3. More family activities (outside, board games, etc.), and LESS ipads,iphones, tv..

    WHEW gonna be a tough one ?

  27. PsychedelicTulip

    In 2016 I will:
    1. Not get overly caught up in other people’s drama.
    2. Not try to rescue those who prefer to drown.
    3. Laugh every day :)

    • erikainhb

      Love those..will adopt them as well and add for #1 to set boundaries for other people’s dramas. I do not want to be the verbal dumping off/venting ground for other people’s on-going, self generated/allowed drama…I don’t want or need your poison. You apparently thrive on that.. I do not. I will not fall for interactions that start with…. OMG.. You won’t believe what so and so….. I can’t believe that….. Or just some random vent… Basically any conversation that doesn’t start with….Hello.. Or Hello…how are you? Ever. Oh no… I’m done.

      Ok…will have to send everyone my co-pay for that venting therapy session. ?

  28. Keep it moving

    I resolve to:
    1. Not go back to bed after getting up to let the dogs out (as long as it is at least 5:45 am)
    2. Be accountable– I know what I need to do so do it dammit!
    3. Buy new underpants

  29. Shamameee

    Stop eating in general

  30. Erica

    Thinking of doing the Happiness Jar challenge!

    But definitely going to start cooking for myself more – I think I’ll be automatically healthier that way. I also need to start walking. I have NO endurance right now – and for Christmas I got a trip (to be determined) to visit my cousin. I know we’ll be hitting the tourist spots and I want to be able to keep up as much as possible. She runs marathons.

  31. Toddy

    @Minky – You are so stinkin’ funny. I had to try not to wet my pants over Oprah’s gastric balloon!! Perhaps I should add kegels to my list?

  32. Lindsay

    I can’t afford Weight Watchers.

    • Cat

      The meetings are creepy. Save your money. We can cheer you on, without sounding like a bunch of robotic Stepford Wives.

      “I had to choose between a cupcake, and a plain salad. I chose the salad.”

      Members, clapping and cheering. “Well done! Well done!”

      • Lawstangel

        Everything is not for everybody. I know 3 people, one a close personal friend that lost a significant amount of weight in Weight Watchers. 2 of them have kept it off long term (3+ years). My friend went to the meetings in the beginning then implemented the plan herself after she got the hang of it. The one good thing they have going for them is that they encourage lifestyle change over dieting. Because once anyone goes off a diet they return to the way they were. If it’s not for you fine, but why all the animosity? Some people just don’t know what to eat, for them it may be an option.

      • Cat

        It’s expensive. And often humiliating, which is not good for most people who are already ashamed of how they look.

        AND– Why pay for weekly humiliation, plus their books and scales, etc, when you can find the SAME POINT SYSTEM online for FREE?

        To me, it was a rip off. I didn’t like it. I have that right.

        Others can do as they wish.

      • Lawstangel

        That was my point…..everything is not for everybody. I was not targeting you’re response specifically, more a collection of responses.

  33. Lisaj

    We moved from 3000sq ft to 1400sq ft a year ago and not one item didn’t get thrown out, resolution #1, throw shit out and donate what is usable.
    Resolution #2-Go to GYN and get my hormones checked so I can rule out the Lymes. Honest to God I’m realizing I’m a hypochondriac thanks to Yolanda and I’m going to figure this out before I eat bark.
    Resolution #3- Start doing yoga again and walk to the mailbox once a day.
    One day at a time, I can do this.

    • Sweet T

      The life changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo is good for clearing out the house. The main reason is because of her idea of sorting by item and not by area. She says to first start with clothes. Gather all your tops from every area of the house and lay them on the floor. Then pick each one up and see if it sparks joy. Some people complain that she gets a little weird in the book but they just don’t want to actually clean up. I thought it was sweet. Plus we are all weird.

      For someone who is organized, I still feel like I hold onto too much. Every year between American New Years and Chinese New Years I go through my whole house ( which is a one bedroom in New York City so you can bet it is small) and clean it up. This year I am incorporating her ideas about doing things in order and saving sentimental things for last makes it easier to get rid of things. For example, I have lots of letters from friends. So I will gather each friends up and send it to them as a diary for them to read. If I’m not friends with the anymore I will chuck them.

      Good luck.

      • Lisaj

        LOL timing, I’m reading that now and cleaning my living room right this moment! Living in the desert the dirt and dog hair is DISGUSTING and blows like snow. I’ve thrown away 2 garbage bags of crap so far and saged and cleansed the front room. I’m a secret/not so secret witch anyway and this junk was messing with my mojo!

      • Sweet T, I borrowed Kondo’s book from our digital library. I like it so much and have already found it so helpful that I’m ordering a hard copy. I’m going through everything in my house using her principles. That tube of pink frosted lipstick in my make- up drawer? Not sparking joy.

      • Lawstangel

        Sweet- years ago I saw a lady on TV (Oprah?) and tired her system: to tackle a room get sorting boxes, one for throw away, one for keep, one for paperwork, one for other rooms of the house. Get everything out of the room except furniture, sorting into these categories. Then clean the room (vacuum, dust,etc). Put the keep items back first, then throw away items, then tackle the paperwork and other rooms items, as those are the two most challenging boxes. That way if you do not finish, the chaos is contained in the box until you get back to it. It worked well for cleaning my office!

        I have a hard time tossing things as well…. I keep feeling like I might need them one day!

    • Meredo

      @Lisaj,same here re Yolanda. I also want to rule out the Lymes. Guess I better schedule a Psych appt. while I’m at it! Lol

  34. virtualstapler

    I just put my FitBit on for the first time in months. Mostly I wanted to see how inactive I really was. At least now that I have a constant reminder how little I move, I’m moving more (it’s me vs that dang FitBit now!) Because as they say, it’s all fun and games until your (fat) jeans no longer fit…

    • tamaratattles

      I guess I am going to have to get a damn fitbit. :( And I love your user name!

      • erikainhb

        A friend of mine was going to get he and his wife Fitbits for Christmas but realizing that may be a slippery construed slope opted against it. They just learned that the Samsung phones they got mid this year actually already has all the same functionality as a Fitbit and some more built in..score.

    • Dee

      I love the fitbit! My son got it for me. It makes a big difference. My Mom calls it a nag :) I love it.

  35. 1. Enjoy those who love me and remove the toxic.
    2. 365 Day Penny Challenge
    3. Read more and savor the quiet time.

  36. Twilly

    I’m copying you,.but that’s because it’s also what I need to do. I will drink less, eat better and hopefully sleep more. I’ll also try to be more patient with my husband cuz he has been trying me lately! Good luck to us all!!

  37. Queen of the Nile

    I’m in … we can do this a day at a time.

    1 – Finally get rid of all of the useless stuff that I keep, thinking someone might want it.
    2 – Stop buying wine by the case and then using all those empty wine boxes to store said stuff.
    3 – Eat lots of vegetables and join the world by getting out of the house more often.

    • erikainhb

      They sell wine by the bottle?! But it’s so much easier to carry home the case. Lol.

    • Lawstangel

      @queen- I bought a cookbook on vegetables in an effort to eat more of them. It still has meat/fish but the menus in the book put “vegetables at the center of the plate” rather than the meat. The author is an American woman that lives in the French country side and makes dishes utilizing vegetables she grows. I am hoping to eat more plant based foods this year. Living in California, we have access to fresh foods year round. There are some nice recipes in the book.

      • Queen of the Nile

        Thanks for the tip, Lawstangel! I actually love vegetables, but I get lazy and grab frozen entrees for convenience. Vegetables do taste so much better prepared freshly and simply. The big reason I need more is to fill me up so I’m not tempted by pasta and cheese (my personal weaknesses.)

  38. erikainhb

    I’m with you TT! I had decided that 2016 is the year to get my shit in a pile. I’m sick and tired of being sick (not actually sick..more like fed up) and tired I too, and I think we all do, know what we should do we just don’t do it.

    1. Take better care of myself in general.
    2. Going back on a diet plan that worked for me before starting tomorrow.
    3. Ordered a pair of white jeans yesterday as incentive. I will wear these this summer with a cute top and be fabulous.
    4. have new facial stuff coming and I will also use my Clarisonc and NuFace every day and not just when I remember only to find the charge is gone and have to wait for it to recharge again…and then forget again.
    5. Getting braces on Tuesday (for 8 months)..had them has a kid but 40 years later they’ve moved and I’m not happy about it. Braces on a 52 yr old is not going to be pretty..dreading it actually but damn my teeth are going to look great while wearing the aforementioned white jeans and fabulousness.

    Shit in a pile here I come!

  39. DoseOfReality

    I have all kinds of inflammation and stomach issues. I could also stand to lose a few pounds. I love the 90 day idea– That should be long enough to see positive results and keep going. I resolve to:

    1. Stick with a gluten/dairy free diet.
    2. Walk 5000 steps a day (yes I’m sedentary)
    3. Mentally leave work problems/situations AT WORK

  40. Josie

    I vow to eat 30 vitamins and 3 almonds for breakfast. Daily colonics…

    Just kidding. I vow to watch the news less because it is too damn depressing to be too informed. To laugh daily. To cut out ice cream every night. (It is a wonder I am not obese.) To eat more vegetables. To stay in the moment each and every day!

  41. loriflack

    To not mindlessly eat a bag of Cheetos while engrossed in reading posts

  42. Billie_bee

    I’m in! Time to lose the baby weight and post-baby weight.

  43. Wanda

    I’m ready to start tomorrow! My goal by April 1 is to fit into my favorite dress:

    1. Make my lunches for the week, on Sundays.
    2. Carbs bloat me, so avoid breads, boxed cereals, and pastas, whenever possible.
    3. Milk products bloat me, so use milk and yogurts sparingly.
    3. I got a SodaStream for Christmas, so drink more carbonated water, but no fake flavorings. Just add fresh fruits like lemons, strawberries, etc.
    4. Avoid processed foods.
    5. For every meal, include a piece of fruit or vegetables.
    6. What really worked for me in the past was to write down EVERYTHING I eat, and the number of calories. That way, I can cut back midway through the day if I am eating too much.
    7. Walk up the stairs at work: 3 flights.
    8. Get to bed by 12 midnight (this is the hardest!)

  44. Kristina

    I don’t do New Years resolutions, but since so many people start the new year with new workout plans I have some advice. Listen to your body. You should never be in pain during or after a workout. Mild sore muscles are normal, but pain is not. If you are in pain rest and if needed go to a dr. Oh and never feel guilty about eating ice cream or cake for breakfast just don’t do it every day and you’ll be fine.

  45. erikainhb

    TT…any chance we could have an ongoing better living in 2016 type thread (like the gardening thread) to share our successes, will do better next times, and encourage each other?

  46. Zoemonster2

    List a few things that irritated me; list a few things that pleased me (selfish stuff)– in my head– junk I don’t share. Nice stress reliever imo

  47. JustJenn

    I joined Facebook this year and have been bombarded with tons of positive quotes which all sound like they’d be nice New Year Resolutions, but in reality I’m just going to be a bit more healthy, join a gym, and stay far away from my ex.

  48. judiluki

    This year I am going to be less afraid… I have lived in fear and anxiety too long… I am going to live the life I pretend to have on Instagram.. fit, happy and well adjusted :0)

  49. Deirdre

    Wow! Lots of wisdom on this board ..

    As others mentioned- in 2016 i will focus my monkey mind on being more aware of what I’m doing (thinking, reacting, eating, etc) so I can make sure I’m thinking, reacting, speaking, etc the way I truly desire. My monkey mind is no longer HBIC!!!

  50. Sherry

    Yay! Very excited! I too have decided Monday is the best day to start these sort of things.

    1). Juice it. I am no get at just juicing so I will have a vegi/fruit juice during the day and have a small meal at night.

    2). Actually look at my Pinterest boards I created. It can be my food board or my work out board….anything, just do something…..make something.

    3). No pasta, no breads a low sugar intake. I have done it before and after a month of that my body feels ten years (or more) younger. You know how when you sit for a long time and it’s kinda hard to get up, your sorta bent. More me its all the pasta and sugar it goes right to my joints. I sleep way better too.

    Thank you so much TT. I even made a juice today. Let’s do this April 4th.

  51. Margarett

    I am gentle with myself in hopes of succeeding. The only resolution I’ve made is to make at least one “better choice” each day.

    • erikainhb

      Excellent approach!!

    • @Margarett ~ Thank you…I loved what you said, and for me, there was a lot of understanding in it. I don’t make resolutions for New Years, but I certainly understand I need plenty of positive change in my life, but as long as I know I’m making something better, then I’m all good. I can live with it :)

      BTW, I need to GAIN a good ten pounds.
      I know, #skinnygirlproblems

      • hannahkingrose

        I’m with you Gingersnap. What’s your plan? I could use 20 myself. I’m getting a little older and my doctor says having just a bit extra helps if you get sick to have a reserve from which to draw.

  52. Shar Woods

    The personal trainers I know have told me that the key to success is 80% diet and 20% exercise. It is almost impossible to counteract a bad diet through exercise. If each pound= 3,500 calories, then you could not work off this number of calories unless you did about 7 hours of intense exercise. I try to avoid nighttime eating because the sweets that are so appealing in the evening will not entice you the next morning. I have been working out faithfully each day for 20 years and it really helps me have more energy. You have to find a type of exercise that you enjoy or you won’t stick with it. For me the answer is Zumba. Friends of mine love ballroom dancing and they are 50+. Hope these ideas are helpful.

    • Wanda

      Agree about the diet and exercise combo, Shar. A fitness trainer told me that it is really hard to try to do both at the same time; so he suggested to do food changes first and then incorporate exercise after the food choices have become an established pattern. Otherwise there are just too many changes to focus on at the same time, which is a sure recipe for failure.

    • Dee

      Thank you Shar. I heard Zumba was fun to do. I’d like to try it. I wonder if they have a beginners class?

      • Shar Woods

        Hi Dee!
        Zumba Gold is low impact, while regular Zumba can be high or low impact depending upon the instructor. I had to search quite a few places before I found the perfect class for me. I like the more dance-based Zumba rather than the hip-hop type class geared towards younger students who want to jump a lot. There is also Zumba Toning where you use weights while dancing. I would recommend trying a free class at different gyms because every instructor has an individual style that may or may not appeal to you. Also, some teachers have more complicated choreography that is difficult to follow if you’re a beginner. Usually the teachers keep the same set of routines for a few weeks so everybody learns the steps and feels comfortable. If you go on the website you can type in your location and it will tell you the classes available in your area.

      • Dee

        Thank you Shar I really appreciate all the info

  53. Mindymctx

    Love the 3 month plan–because I think a huge way we set ourselves up to fail, and then stress & take three steps back for every one we make forward is by setting the bar too high. When I look back on goals I’ve actually achieved, they’ve been the baby step goals. Make it something you can reach, then celebrate and build your confidence by making it something you can reach again. Best of luck to all–and TT–special thanks for your blog that is such treat to read.

  54. Jaded

    I actually already started my diet part and lost 22 pounds before Christmas but then added 7. I only eat one meal a day and eat whatever I want but mostly only like healthy food anyway. I drink a glass of carnation instant breakfast my other two meals. No alcohol except special occasions, this is actually the hardest part for me. Beginning tomorrow I will go back to walking 2 miles a day. That’s it.

  55. I am well aware that the success rate of New Year resolutions remains light.
    I do not care.
    I am a believer of re-birth, resolution and the ultimate grace of redemption.
    While I have made some resolutions—albeit mild— move more, drink water more, etc—I am still reveling in my past accomplishment.

    I quit smoking.
    No……I really don’t think you got that.

    I am not a person who ever thought that smoking was a “dirty or disgusting”
    Yup, I really liked smoking. Enjoyed every minute on each work break, on the phone, with every dirty Martini.
    But the time came to quit for every damn reason everyone else does—and it brought me to my knees.

    I dread it…..I was intimidated….and I did it.

    And I was humbled.

    I thank God every night that I am released from that lovely addiction
    My point is simple. If I could do this—–then all of you can do what you set your mind to.
    I promise you.
    I used to see that redemption in the spires of cathedrals I used to see in Europe when I traveled; and now I see it simply in the towers of Foxgloves and Delphiniums in my own cottage garden.

    You are powerful. This is your life. Live it.

    My Happiest Wishes to All of You in thi New Year.

    • You are so awesome for quitting smoking, Maisey!!! Woohooo!

    • Wanda

      Congrats, Maisey! That is a huge accomplishment.

    • Queen of the Nile

      Maisey, your post was powerful, deeply intimate and inspiring. Thank you! And yes, as a once smoker who also loved it, I had forgotten the exhiliration of quitting that addiction and feeling I could tackle anything in life and win. Here’s to success for everyone in 2016!!

    • WonkyTonk

      Maisey I’m glad that you quit smoking. I like reading what you post so naturally I hope you’re gonna be around for a long time. I did as well, but on the day I did my heart attacked me and my lungs were on fire, and the doctors were a tad bit concerned as they ever so impertinently inserted stuff into my body on the operating room table. Just before one of ’em was like we need you to sign this waiver and I was like lol so much for informed consent. She didn’t get the joke, or she did and didn’t appreciate the humor but she looked at me harshly because I think I highlighted the absurdity of the the thing, and that’s the memory I went to the OR with. Never the less the lesson was learned and I haven’t had a cig since. And LOL wouldn’t you know it it was on an extremely cold new years eve.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Congratulations to you, Maisey! Hardest thing to do, but with the best rewards! Two years for me. Every day it gets easier. Except for the weight gain, at least for me. Working on that now.
      Thanks for the lovely message, and I wish you the same.

  56. LisaPat

    I cant fail again. This is it. I talked to a girl today who lost 69 pounds since July 15th. Her goal weight is 150lbs and she’s only 17 lbs. away now. I have to lose 50. If she can lose 69, i can lose 50. Im doing this shakeology shit.. not for the dumb shakes, for the sponsorship and sense of community. We get recipes and do a 20 minute workout to some DVD each morning. I didnt get it yet. Supposedly, she doesnt even buy their shakes because they are too pricey. She buys her protein powder at walmart and adds skim milk or almond milk, fruit, peanut butter. But, you eat too! You dont just drink shakes.. you are supposed to eat clean and only buy food that has ingredients you can understand. No processed crap! I dunno. Im not a cook. Ill prolly eat a bunch of canned chicken and cottage cheese and shakes. I need to lose 45 pounds. No excuses! I look and feel terrible. Good luck everyone!! We can do it!! I was going to do WW, but this is free and I dont have to be weighed in public.

    • WonkyTonk

      LisaPat you started off needing to lose 50 pounds and towards the end you moved it to 45. Can we split the difference and call it 55 lbs? Yeah my math is sketchy some times. Good luck with it LisaPat!

      • LisaPat

        Yeah lol !! Im a mess. If I lose 45 ill be jumping up and down!! I would love to lose all 50 though. Im 5’9″ and I feel like a linebacker at this weight. I want to be a size 7 again and right now, my 12 pants are tight. I hate mirrors. Pray for me!! My friend is a witch, a good witch, actually she calls herself an angel lady and she put a big spell on me today, which is a blessing of sorts. She hypnotized me too and Im not hungry, so maybe it worked??

      • tamaratattles

        I’m also 5′ 9″ and size 12 is my size GOAL. I cannot imagine being 50 pounds lighter than a size 12. For me that would be less than 100 pounds. You may need to see someone to find out what a healthy weight is. Just saying.

  57. I am officially moving to London.

    So far it is etiher convent garden or chelsie? Either way. It is close to the city and…expensive. Here is to living in a shoebox!!?!

    Happy new year all!!!

  58. Jolie

    1) Release shame for allowing myself to get to a physical state that isn’t comfortable for me.
    2) In regard to comfort, the experiment that food and drink brings comfort is over.
    3) Allowung love and self-acceptance to run the show versus self-hatred, perfectionism and endless re-hashing of old hurts.

  59. tamaratattles

    So it’s day one. I got up, got dressed, did a bit of work on the blog, went to the bank, Shopped for fish and veggies and electrolyte water at Whole Foods (pricey but it’s my Weight Watchers), put away the groceries, cleaned up the kitchen a bit, chopped a ton of veggies to have a big organic salad in the fridge at all times. have a salmon filet on standby for day after tomorrow and am getting ready to make a whole tilapia. ALL BEFORE 1 pm!

    Not to toot my own horn, but TOOT ! TOOT! Bitches!

    And it is a BEAUTIFUL day in Atlanta today! 2016 is my year!

    • Katherine 2.0

      I can hear that celebratory horn from here! Congrats, TT!

    • Cat


      I just woke up. 1 pm. I need to get moving. I will…I promise!

      • Dee

        Woo hoo Tamara! You have been busy! Good for you! I went out to walk the wind cut right through me. I need a bigger coat :)

    • You rocked it, TT!! Onward!

    • Queen of the Nile

      Congrats, TT!

      Yesterday morning I briskly walked 2 miles in the mall beginning at 8:30 (I know mall walking is cheesy, but it’s safe and warm and NOT in a gym.) Just being out and dressed at that time is a HUGE step.

      Ate healthy foods — including a big bowl of salad with all kinds of chopped vegetables, topped with a little olive oil and white balsamic vinegar.

      Woke up feeling proud and motivated!! Today it’s lean meat and asparagus for dinner. I’m doing the weight watcher plan itself – easier to count points than calories since all vegetables are “free.” The meetings were not for me, but the diet itself has worked before — lost 10 pounds and kept them off for a long while.

      There’s a free point calculator online if you look, and lists of food points … no need to pay anything.

      Oh, and I have to get off of the diet soda train. I hate the taste of plain water, but found a splash of sugar fee cranberry juice or sugar free green tea helps me get it down.

      Hope everyone had a good start!!

      • tamaratattles

        Queen, once you are off the soda drinks, water is much more refreshing. I am a firm believer in Smart Water after mocking my friends for drinking it at work. The truth is, I find the electrolytes really seem to make me feel better? Psycological? Maybe. But I can tell a difference. Smartwater is way to expensive for as much as I drink when on the good foot. Believe it or not WHOLE FOODS is the CHEAPEST place for Electrolyte water. It’s their store brand 365 Electrolyte water. I buy the 1.5 liters by the case (s) You get 10% discount for buying a case which makes each bottle just over a dollar each. I’ve been know to drink 3 liters or more a day when eating clean.

      • Queen of the Nile

        Thanks so much!! I’ll definitely try it — if I can move away from only diet soda, white wine and coffee, that will be a tremendous step forward. And I’m sure water hydration will help my skin and nails, especially this time of year. I’ll make a trip to Whole Foods my afternoon outing – ha! (Still need to work on getting of the house…)

      • tamaratattles

        Bonus! The cases of water are super heavy so they will take all your purchases to your car for you. It’s chilly enough to leave the case in your car and bring in the bottles two or three at a time. :)

  60. Deby Robertson

    So far only one that I honestly think I can keep: eradicating the emotion of hate from my life & no more living rent free in my head. That’s prim real estate & I plan to fill it with pleasure. Like the kind of happy I get from this blog and Tamara & çommenters. I don’t say a lot, but I always read & y’all never fail to make me happy! Love to all of you and yours!! Thanks for keeping me stable!!!!!,:). :)

  61. hannahkingrose

    I who don’t usually fall asleep until around 7:00 a.m. Was up, showered, dressed and on the way to take my son to his doctor’s appointment at 11:30 a.m. this morning. Then we hit the pharmacy for his medicines. I called my hubby on the way back home and he invited us to come have lunch with him. So Blake and I met him for lunch. My husband is the Chief of Police in the little town where we ate lunch and people were kidding him about really having a wife or not having had buried me in the backyard because they never get to see me. Goes to show you how little I go out these days. I was born and raised in this area and people know him more than me now. Of course I took a 2 hour nap when I got home because I was in pain but baby steps right?

    • hannahkingrose

      Oh and forgot to say we got to watch it snow for about 30 minutes while eating. It didn’t stick but it was pretty to watch coming down. Normally I would have slept right through it.

    • tamaratattles

      Not a baby step, Hannah. THAT WAS HUGE! Congratulations on your success! Keep it up!

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