Happy New Year!


It’s time to start another year. I know we always seem to say “This year will be better!” and despite all the crazy shit going on in the world, I really think that 2016 can be a great year for us.

We began 2015 when Bruce Jenner was still a man  and Jodi Arias was testifying about magic underpants in a closed courtroom.   By February, Peter Thomas tom catting around in Charlotte was a blind item  and we FINALLY got to closing arguments in the Jodi Arias trial.   March came in like a lion with Robert Durst’s arrest that had us all binge watching The Jinx and out like a lamb with Jessica Parido marrying her golden dool (and filing for divorce a few months later.)

Kim Richard’s appearance on Dr. Phil shook up April, almost as much as the horrific riots in Baltimore.   In May, I was running this place with an iron fist demanding everyone grow a tomato plant.  That got idiots trying to skirt the rule by buying a “Petmato” and others emailing me to let me know they were enjoying tomato sandwiches three days after buying their plant. In June,  you lost me to Big Brother (Did Austin and Liz breakup yet?)

new year


By the end of July, Teresa Giudice finally accepted responsibility for her criminal activities. Oh wait. No she didn’t she decided to sue her bankruptcy lawyer.   And the Browns and the Houstons finally came to a financial agreement and allowed Bobbi Kristina to be pronounced dead.  In August,  a real house husband was exposed in the Ashley Madison leaks.   September brought us Below Deck and the Big Brother winner was crowned. Kim Biermann did Dancing With The Stars and was medically disqualified when she had a mini stroke.

In October we talked about Scientology a lot and we were very disappointed by Project Runway.  In November, Peter problems popped up in NYC!     And then, in December the crazy escalated and I took some much needed time off. I am almost ready to come back though.

We’ve got a brand new year to share! Thanks for another year of reading and supporting the site. Special thanks to all who agreed to be chained to the radiator to write posts this year.  I look forward to all the exciting things to discuss in 2016.  Here’s to a prosperous new year for us all.




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  1. Thank you for a wonderful year TT. In you and this site, I found solace, laughter, camaraderie, wtf’s, tomato love, and comfort in the knowledge that I never wanna “Get Jaxed” but love watching the youngsters act like morons doing it. Looking forward to another year with you, Banjo, and all y’all!!! Much love to you and Banjo TT. Enjoy the rest of your vacay! See ya next year!

    • Dee

      Dear Tamara, I second and third NeverbeenJaxed. I have thoroughly enjoyed this year with you and all the commenters. I have roared with laughter, cried for others. I have been so entertained I will be sending a donation tomorrow, my payday :) You’re the best, I was so happy to see your post I laughed and cried. Nothing like laughing through tears. Happy Happy New Year to you and the Tattles community, even the window lickers! You got me through a rough year, thank you!

  2. iloveearlgrey

    Amen! <3

  3. Toddy

    Hi, TT! Wishing you a plethora of golden dools to choose from in 2016!

  4. Happy New Year! 2016 will be the best ever!

  5. A Little Birdie

    Happy New Year

  6. Sherry

    Yay! Happy New Year everyone! I am VERY much looking forward to 2016. I love this site, I go to it way too many times a day. :) See you all Next Year….or well…20 min. from now. Whatever!

  7. TT, Great 2015 Recap Post,
    ahh the memories.
    Thank you for the friendship, consistency and entertainment last 12 months.

    To the group. thank you for tolerating my mood swings and my crazy comments.
    2015 was not my best year.

    To a special few of you, I chose to think you understood “me” when my words choices did not convey my thoughts without me needing to explain. My humor doesn’t translate well when written.

    I absolutely adore the off-the-wall comedy in here.

  8. Frosty

    Happy, healthy, prosperous and safe 2016 to all :)

  9. TT – I hope 2016 finds you and Banjo nothing but happy and healthy and I wish the same for all who post here. Seed catalogs came in the mail yesterday and tomato varities are chosen for the garden in the Spring. Happy New Year one and all.

  10. Thank you TT for every word you write here.
    I hope you have taken the time you need to get some rest & real life duties accomplished.
    It’s a mad world out there. And right here at times.
    Stay sober or don’t drive tonight. :0)
    Happy New Year TT and take care,

  11. therealdeb

    Sending you love and happy wishes from the great Pacific Northwest! Have a happy new years with banjo, I will be at a giant burning of the boughs party.

  12. cc101

    Love your site TT…and I live for your comments when you escort people to the WLS. Thank you for all the tea and laughs. Happy New Year!

    • tamaratattles

      oh the rare comment from you! Happy 2016 Cliff…wishing you tremendous success in the new year. xo

      • cc101

        I have tried, lol. For whatever reason ever since you moved when I try to post a comment it tells me that I have already posted the very same comment. Initially I would go back and check thinking maybe I posted when I was wasted and didn’t remember, but I think WP just didn’t like me. Anyway, success today so things are looking up already.

  13. Minky

    Happy New Year everybody!

  14. Skeeter

    Happy New Year TT, Banjo and all the commenters!

  15. Lindsay

    Happy Dool Year to YOU! Hope it’s golden…

  16. Patty Curtis

    I was still too shy to post, but I went out and bought a tomato plant when you told me to. I hadn’t gardened since my husband died and I had to move. Thank you for “making” me do that.

    • tamaratattles

      2016 is the year not to be too shy to comment, Patty! What is the worst thing that could happen? I’m so glad to hear from a secret tomato compliant commenter. I still have dead plants to pull up. You will notice I am OBSESSED with getting the dirt right and then by the time the watering season happens all summer, I have lost interest. Lather rinse. Repeat. THIS WILL BE THE YEAR, Patty!

      I’m so sorry for your loss, but I hope you celebrate his memory and the time you had together. As someone who has never had that, You are far luckier than In 2016 we shall resolve to enjoy the life we have left, yes? And risk posting here where people may argue with you on the Internet. It’s really not a bit issue in the scheme of life.

      • Not tellin

        The worst that could happen is you escorting her to WLS and sitting her next me! Dont worry Patty I’ll entertain you.

      • OMG! What’s the worst thing that could happen? You could be forced to be:
        Brandi Glanville’s PR team
        Kim Richard’s sober coach
        Teresa Giudice’s home monitoring officer
        LVP’s pony poop patrol
        Lisa Rinna’s coochie waxer
        Yolanda Foster’s health advocate
        And the list goes on ……..

      • Wel, finally. Your post, Patty’s comment and your reply encouraged me to once again step out and join the TT posters. I never commented much, Patty. I’m seemingly shy like you.
        I back into a serious funk around BB time this year. I retreated withdrew and became ridiculously anti social. I evens stopped emailing TT with However, I’ve been reading here religiously since Kim Z’s wedding, maybe before, and have continued to read daily, through all my “stuff”.
        It is after all just “stuff” and some health issues. I will from this day on try to add three things to my daily non-routine.
        I will admit that I tried the tomato therapy and failed. I am a Hellmans Mayo person. I really wanted to have a fresh tomato so I would have a Reson to but Dukes Mayo. I first saw it when I moved to SoFla and said no way. TTs description of it made me want to try it. Alas, no tomatoes, therofore no Dukes.
        I am taking the advice to heart and giving it a shot. Now I need to whittle down my list nd cxomplishment only THREE things that are doable, and I would feel badly about failing.
        Patty, you can honor your Husbnds memory by doing something for you that makes you feel better and share the credit with TT and Hubs.
        When I looked up to see how long this was I was surprised. I sure can ramble on for omeone who doesn’t post. Lol…..
        Before I step away from the key pad…….Happy New Year. I am convinced that we will be a good year. Three minor changes can change our lives and attitudes. I truly wish you all a happy healthy and peaceful New Year.
        Let Banjo know TT that my dogs will have an extra walk occasionally.
        ( I will not proof read this. Please excuse ny errors. If I read it I’ll probably delete it.)
        L’Chaim . To Life.

      • Deco—-
        I was reading old posts last night and read some of your old comments. I’ve wondered where you’ve gone.
        I always thought you had the prettiest avatar.
        Here is hoping all of your “stuff” is good in 2016.

        Nice to see you back.
        Yes……To Life!

    • BeetsWhy

      Patty, don’t be shy! I’ve been slammed by TT on a bad day, but not sent to the WindowLickersSection (phew)…It was weird at first but I survived and continue to read and post. You can do it! There are no mean people here, TT takes care of that for sure. Happy New Year and I hope to see your thoughts soon!

  17. erikainhb

    Happy New Year one and all!!!

    Thank you TT for all you do here to keep us in the know and entertained. You are the bright spot in many a day.

  18. LisaPat

    I learned some lessons this year, as I do every year. I always post them on Facebook and now Im sharing here too. I learned never to love a man more than myself. Never do for people who dont do for me. Those who are meant to be in our lives will hang around so no need to worry. I am excited for 2016 and for you to return, TT. I miss your posts.. someone said its like withdrawal and I totally agree. Thanks for all the laughs and for this little family you created. It’s a happy place for me. Happy New Year!!!????

  19. Petomato got into the end of year blog! Victory!!! (love you, TT, thanks for all the laughs and tears and great tea)

  20. Cat

    If you go out and about tonight, please be careful. The crazies are already on the roads.

    I am going to kick back, watch the “Young Frankenstein” marathon (“MMMmmmm!”), with my Buffalo wings, and chocolate/marshmallow pinwheel cookies.

    I really wanted a bottle of pink champagne, but the parking lots were too insane. So, I bought a bottle of sparkling apple-cranberry cider, instead. It will have to do.

    Happy Mew Year, everyone! Stay safe…9 lives! (Yes, that’s a nod to TWD.)

  21. Shellbelle

    Happy New Year!! I hope this year finds us all happy, healthy and still sipping on TT’s tea!

  22. Dawn

    Happy New Year to everyone here. Tamara, my wish is for 2016 to be your best year in a very long time. I want you to be a healthy, happy, spitfire, then you can tell us how you did it. I am too old to keep watching the world go by. I have designated you my inspiration, look what you did with tomatoes.

    I hope Banjo doesn’t have to endure shooting and hollering tonight. Earplugs maybe, tie a scarf around his head? Stay in and safe, I am putting a pizza order in soon before they get too bysy to make more deliveries.

    Cheers, y’all!!!

  23. Maisey

    Champagne, good cheese, pate and chocolates and Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin is my recipe for greeting 2016.

    Good wishes to all! Tamara thank you for the discussions—serious and funny. You have a great blog and a wonderful group of commenters.

    On to Anderson’s giggle!

  24. Barbara

    My very first post. Couldn’t close the year without telling you, Tamara, how much I love reading your posts and blogs. They are the best! Happy New Year to everyone. Always stop and take a look around you and realize just how fortunate you are, what the hell, you’re still here, right!?

  25. Was supposed to work tonight, but decided to take a family leave day. My son would be home alone, which is not a good thing for anyone on New Year’s eve. Plus, I am really tired. Holiday stress and job stress finally caught with me. Spending the day binging on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The boy friend will come over in a little bit, and the three of us can have a nice dinner and champagne. Daughter is off to a Harry Potter party. She’s dressed in black and has a Dumbledore hand puppet.
    Happy New Year, everyone!

    • Dee

      Lisa, I’m so glad you took a day off, you deserve one! Happy New Year!

    • Erica

      Love CCGC!!!! Sounds like great plans – but I’m kinda jealous of your daughter! How old is she????? (I am obsessed with Harry Potter)

      • Hi Erica! CCGC is so great! My daughter is 29 going on 10 (she takes after her mother). I was totally jealous too. I am a huge HP fan. What is your favorite book. Mine is The Prisoner of Azkhaban.

      • Erica

        Oh my!!! Pick a favorite? I can tell you my least favorite. Chambers of Secrets. Don’t get me wrong – I love them all! But that one, not as much. Maybe Order of Phoenix or Goblet of Fire. Goblet because it really was the turning point – the disagreements with Ron and support of Hermione (hmmm… thought just now… perhaps some foreshadowing of Deathly Hallows?

        Order of the Phoenix is probably my fave if I have to pick one. The kids empower themselves – yet Harry’s cracking a little under the pressure and acting a typical snarky teen at times (pretty realistic if you ask me). I think I also like it the best because this is the one where you get more of Neville’s story – I can unequivocally say that Neville is my favorite. I cry every time I read (or see in the movie) the scene where Neville wins the House Cup for everyone in Sorcerer’s Stone. I am getting teary right now just thinking of it!

        I think it is awesome that your daughter had a HP themed party to go to NYE. One year for Halloween my nieces and nephews decided to do HP costumes. The costumes were so much fun – their grandma made the capes, and I knitted authentic scarves for them. (The youngest two – one was Hedwig, and the other was Crookshanks to their sister/brother/cousin being Harry and Hermione. We didn’t have a kid to be Ron, but the adults dressed as a bunch of the adults in the books. I was McGonagall. It was so much fun.

      • Great Halloween costumes! Agreed on all points. PoA is my favorite, though, because it’s the last book where the children are innocent. Also the scene where Harry destroys the dementors with his patronus spell was such a wonderful teaching moment. I actually have used it when I find myself in difficult and scary situations. I visualize doing what I need to do and then I can do it.
        Angela began reading the books when she was about Harry’s age in Sorcerer’s Stone, so she grew up with all of them. We’d pre-order the newest book, then go to the book store at midnight. There would always be masses of little kids in their PJs with capes and lightening bolts on their foreheads. We would get the book and head home where Angela would stay up for the next 12 hours reading it…and then wait impatiently for the next one.
        I read them all in 2008 over a six week period. Read them all again a couple of times and have seen all the movies many times over. My son looks a lot like Daniel Radcliff. :)
        Great chatting HP. I hope we don’t get yelled at!

      • Erica

        Oh… I totally get why POA would be your fave for that great reason! My mom loves Stone for the fact that it is pretty much totally innocent and new and that we see fun magic, etc. She doesn’t do dramas, etc. in movies generally so it doesn’t surprise me that SS is her fave. How awesome that you had a kid for an excuse for the release nights. One of my best friends was visiting me for some reason (that I’ve forgotten… maybe just for the movie and a visit) during the Sorcerer’s Stone movie release. We had such fun… I remember a kid, with a cape on!, sitting on the floor waiting to get in the theater, reading his book. We were absolutely hooked even more – how could we not love a story that inspired a 9 or 10 year old to sit in a movie theater lobby and READ A BOOK while he waited for a movie? So it became our tradition to be together to see the HP movies within the week of their release – usually a girls’ weekend in Seattle (both of us live within an hour of Seattle) Since we didn’t have kids, we hadn’t experienced a release party of the books – so for Deathly Hallows, we got a hotel room literally across the street from the Seattle Barnes and Noble for the release party (they had owls from the Pacific Science Center!!!) – which had more adults than children. We then went back to the hotel room (which had a seating area with a tv and couch and chair), and started reading, watching people leave the book store, ordering room service, and only occasionally venturing out for food or trips to Pike Place Market, etc. for the weekend. So glad I experienced a release party – and I am kind of sad that my nieces and nephews are too young to have experienced that… I don’t think there will ever be a book or series that will be celebrated so joyfully again.

      • I had only seen the first movie when I started reading the books. Angela forbade me to see any more until I read that book. We saw The Half Blood Prince together in the movie theater and we cried so hard at the end, especially when the phoenix flew away (getting weepy just thinking of it). I took both kids and my niece to see the last two movies. We all wore wizard hats.
        I thought I was lucky to have grown up in the 60s with the Beatles, but hands down, the Harry Potter generation had the greatest fortune.

      • Meredo

        @Erica and Lisamia, I don’t know if you will even see this post as there are newer ones to comment on now, but I just had to let you both know how much I thoroughly enjoyed your HP stories! My kids grew up with HP as well and of course were obsessed (I loved the books and movies as well) but you guys truly had awesome HP celebrations. Magical almost! Anyway, it took me back to a memorable time with my kids as well and I just wanted to thank you for sharing your stories! ❤️

      • Glad to find another fellow HP lover, Meredo. :) What was your favorite book, if you had one?

      • Erica

        I see the post, Meredo!!!! A little embarrassing that I am 44, childless, and a total HP fan 😉

      • Hugs, Erica. Harry Potter is so universal and good. I believe the books started as young adult, but by book three they were complex enough for every age. I still say to myself, What Would Hermione Do? when I need a plan.

      • Meredo

        @Lisamia, like you POA was my favorite book but my least favorite movie. I think they had used a new director for that one? My fave movie was “Goblet of Fire”. Who knew then what a big star Rob Pattinson was going to turn out to be.
        @Erica, glad you saw this post and let there be no shame in your game. HP has an appeal for any age, kids or no kids!

  26. Glow

    I loved reading this as do everything you write. I remember when I discovered this site. It was your way with words that pulled me in. When I began to dig into the archives I so often wished your site to be a hardcover I could snuggle up in bed with. No worries, I found a way to achieve the same effect with my laptop. The comment section is like hanging out with the squad and having engaging exchanges about any and everything.

    Imagine that I was so inspired by you that I asked to contribute in some way and you allowed me to try my hand at recapping. The excitement (and the nerves)!!! You don’t know this but that was a big moment for me considering the personal decisions I was making at the time to take charge of my life. I can never thank you enough or express to you how much that mean to me.

    What you do is nothing short of wonderful and very much needed. I enjoy spending time with you and the other commenters and I especially get a kick out of the window lickers. Can’t stop laughing even as I write that.

    I wish you the best in the coming year and I look forward to whatever you bring into it. Happy New Year To All!!!

    • Dawn

      Glow, I LOVED your recaps!

    • Hey Glow! You know how I KNOW you are a talented writer??

      I read your recaps with attention and enthusiasm and I DONT WATCH THE SHOW YOU WERE WRITING ABOUT. Never have; possibly never will.
      I only have so much time to commit to TV and my heart is already captured by too many trashy and silly housewives. But I always have time for fine and thoughtful writing.

      And actually, I just marvel at the new found art of “re-capping”. You, Ben C, Xanadude, et al make it look easy. And, of course, Tamara also. But I am betting that like most things that look easy and are readily enjoyed by others it takes a very concentrated effort.

      So thank you for your talent and effort. It was immensely enjoyed and I hope to read more from you.
      And a Happy New Year to you.

  27. Angel(?)

    We’ll be staying home tonight. I hate the crowds and the traffic on New Year’s Eve. I’m making everyone play the games my daughter got on Christmas. Hehehe!

    Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday as well as New Year’s. My daughter will force him to acknowledge it with a cake.? The menu will be cabbage rolls and hoppin johns. That will cover the cash and coins for 2016 but I can’t do pork. ? I won’t be “living high on the hog” in the new year but what else is new?

    Happy New Year’s to everyone! With special thanks to TT, all the guest bloggers, and all you crazy commenters who make this place special. ?????? Cheers!

  28. the struggle is real y'all

    First time commenting, but lurk around all the time!! Happy New Year to all! Be safe out there, cause there are crazies everywhere???

  29. Margarett

    Tamara, thank you for a year of posts filled with humor and wisdom. You have inspired me in more ways than you can imagine! I wish for you and Banjo the happiest of new years.

    I made my resolution and have my flannel jammies waiting. Then little Sunny Boy and I are going to watch “Women of Brewster Place”.

    Happy 2016 to all the great commenters here. Thanks for allowing me to consider myself one of you!

  30. Xanadude

    Happy New Years to the TT family! Best wishes and much love to all!

  31. Itwasjulie


  32. Spilledperfume

    Happy New Year!

  33. DJ

    Thanks for the levity, and all your brilliant wit. My year was not great, and I come here to read your blog, which I just love. My sister has 2 severely disabled children, and my nephew has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and is nearing the end. Your blog helped me escape.

    A happy new year to all!!! xoxo!

  34. Lisaj

    Happy New Years to you and wishing everyone a super awesome 2016!

    • Lisaj

      ? since it happened in my time zone can we please add that Nene was on NBC New Year’s Eve show as the ugh moment of 2015?????

      • Anastasia_Beave

        She was terrible. They all were actually.

      • Meredo

        The little that I caught of. Nene, Andy and company was awful, cringeworthy even! Andy looked so uncomfortable and Nene couldn’t keep up with the conversations being had.

  35. khaleesi

    Happy New Year Tamara, Banjo and everyone here!
    Thank you for this place.

  36. BeetsWhy

    Happy New Year everyone! Watching Anderson and Kathy as always, I love them together. It always cracks me up watching the reporters around the country getting progressively more drunk over the hours!

  37. StubbyG

    TT and friends, I found this site this year and it has been a little vacation each time I open the blog. The last few years have been really bad and facing the possibility of a cancer diagnosis soon. I appreciate the great stories and love the comments from everyone. I pray that this coming year is absolutely wonderful for everyone. I am sending many hugs and love to everyone!

    • misery chick

      Happy New Year and Best Wishes to you and yours, StubbyG! I’m so sorry you have the agony of waiting for (possibly) bad news. I had a pretty awful couple of years and what really helped, as stupid and insignificant as it ALWAYS sounds to me, is to take a step back, BREATHE and just try to live in the present moment. It’s really ALL we have, and ALL we really need, to just keep on living. My thoughts, prayers and HUGS are with you. Please keep us posted if you’re up to it ???

    • Cat

      StubbyG, hoping you get good news! Whatever happens, you have supportive friends here. Stay positive, stay hopeful!

  38. ZenJen55

    Cheers TT, youre simply the best!

  39. WonkyTonk

    I have to confess I didn’t do the tomato plant, but I kind of got a kick out of everyone going for it, and in my defense I came in late, and didn’t have a clue where to start, but seriously though I love the idea of growing heirloom tomatoes because the crap they sell at local grocery stores taste like crap. And then that stupid political argument and I decided to just stay away, but I found that I can’t quit you TT! Lol. Happy New Year Tamara I hope it’s a good and prosperous one for you and your efforts, and all of the entertaining people who post her as well.

  40. Although California is my spirit home, I was raised in Texas. I guess Texas is part of the south *sigh*, so I have black eyed peas and a ham bone in the crock pot for tomorrow. :-)

  41. Stephanie

    Happy New Year TT and to everyone else here! TT, I hope Banjo is doing better than my cat with all these fireworks. My cat went in hiding under my bed 4 hrs ago and hasn’t come out. For those of you going out, please be safe.

  42. AKA Riley


  43. Happy New Year, TT! Hope you had a restful, fabulous holiday!!

  44. Bridgett

    Happy New Year, TT! I don’t usually watch the New Year’s cou,tdown shows, but happened to turn on NBC right before ball dropped and was able to see NeNe end the year looking like an ass.

  45. Meredith

    TT-wishing you health and happiness in 2016. Absolutely love your site and the fact that you say things I wish I could :-) cheers to more fabulousness to come.

  46. cobe

    Happy 2016 everyone!!

  47. You know what’s funny???

    On December 31st, 2014 we were not sitting around saying:

    ” You know what?….I bet you anything that Bruce Jenner is going to become a woman, Dr Huxtable will be charged with sexual assault and Donald Trump will be the front runner for President.” Okay…..at least I wasn’t. Lol.

    Funny how a year unfolds with twists and turns, surprises— some good, some not so good.
    Happy New Unpredictable Year to all. Hold your loved ones close, cherish everyday and keep it light and lively.

    And always a little mischievous.

  48. Matzah60

    Tamara, wishing you a wildly, successful year with your blog site!! Hope it brings in lots of $$$$. I know how much time, research, and commitment it takes to write a blog. I hope that all the hard work, hysterical posts that make me laugh out loud, and bring so much entertainment to me and so many others turn the tides for you in 2016 and make it a very prosperous year for you!

    Although I’m fairly new to this site, I have enjoyed it immensely and it is the first thing I read in the morning and many more times throughout the day. There are so many funny, kind, empathic, and very intelligent people posting on this site. It is what makes this blog so unique and wonderful, along with Tamara’s gifted and humorous writing!

    Cheers to all for a happy, healthy, joyful, and prosperous New Year! Let’s hope that the best is yet to come in 2016 for all of us!!

  49. Happy New Year 2016 to TT and all that read and comment here! Looking forward to whatever the New Year brings, and I will expect the unexpected, because ya never know! The only resolution I ever make is to not make any resolutions, because then I don’t have to eat my own crow when I break them. My mama didn’t raise no fool :)

    Thank you TT for this excellent site…I have spent many a happy hour reading your blogs and your guest bloggers too. You guys ROCK and a sincere ‘cheers’ to your commenters, you guys rock too!

  50. Dee

    Has anyone seen Real Husbands of Hollywood? It is on comedy central and a parody of Real Housewives of, with Kevin Hart and some other famous people, funny!

  51. @immelza

    Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a happy & healthy 2016! ?❇?cheers! ?

  52. Meredo

    Happy New Year,TT! To say I enjoy your blog is putting it mildly, obsessed is more like it, lol. Seriously though, you have created a site that is like the “Cheers”of blogs, a place everyone wants to go where everyone (sort of) knows your name and it’s the BEST! Love you, TT and. I have a feeling great things are in store for you in 2016!
    Happy New. Year everyone!

  53. Happy New Year, TT, Banjo, and everyone! It’s National Bloody Mary Day…salad in a glass…eat your veggies. Wishing y’all a great 2016.

  54. fivecatsownme

    I hope all the people in the TT family have a wonderful 2016. May you all be blessed and know that you all are special and unique.
    The FatCat and I have done nothing today except sit in the recliner. I’ve read trashy novels and he has slept in my lap. I did bake a blitz torte with raspberry mousse for a sweet new year. Impressive to look at, easy to make.
    Thank you all for being a great part of my life.

  55. Erica

    Happy New Year to TT and her fans!!!!

    I actually had one of my better NYEs. I usually (and happily) lie to well meaning friends and family that I am going some place to celebrate, go to an early movie and dinner with my parents, then get home to open some wine, get into decidedly non-sexy flannel pjs, snuggle with cat – and maybe stay up til midnight.

    This year one of my besties had tickets to Book of Mormon in Seattle. We’ve seen it together, but love it. She did a great job of picking two other women to join us – we did a fun mix of being organized and playing it by ear. We could see the Space Needle from our hotel room, so drunkenly ate our take out treats from the restaurant downstairs and cheered in the new year from our hotel room, after riding the monorail back from a fantastic production of BOM. (Hello… my name is Elder Price….) We had confetti pop its and hats etc. to enjoy… then watched the thousands of people try to leave the parking garage across the street for HOURS… there were still people still in their cars near the top an hour an a half later. So glad to be in our hotel room in my PJs, able to drink!!!!

    As for your year end synopsis TT… I CAN’T BELIEVE I MISSED YOUR DISCUSSION OF THE JINX!

    I am obsessed. Watched it in one sitting – and ended it at 3 AM. Funnily enough, talked about it with the other women on NYE.

  56. hannahkingrose

    Happy New Year to each and everyone here who comments at this site. Even though I have never met any of you, I have grown to feel like you are my friends through your comments and snippets about your lives. I laugh at your posts, am happy for your successes and feel sorrow at your losses or pain.

    This year my resolutions are much the same as every year. I will strive to improve on them. I am not in competition with anyone nor think I am above them but I plan to be the best version of me that I can be. I intend to continue to be a good person and friend to people especially those who are in need of a friend even if I have to give unselfishly of myself. God says Whatever ye do unto the least of your brethren, ye do also unto me. Lastly, I will try to treat others including my family, friends and even those I don’t know the way I want to be treated without expecting something in return.

    I wish all of you health, love, peace and happiness in the coming year. May 2016 be a bright year for us all and that we continue to be able to come here to TamaraTattles and enjoy discussing the blogs and laughing at all the funny comments. Hugs to everyone.

  57. JustJenn

    Happy New Year TT and Commenting Crew! I stayed home and watched NBC and I have to agree with the above commenters that Nene was awful. She really needs a script or someone to despise in order to be good TV.

  58. 2016
    So far so good.

  59. Wanda

    Happy New Year! Gave up going to Times Square years ago. So spent New Year’s Eve watching the festivities on TV. Had several cringing moments watching Nene, Andy Cohen, and Carson Daly’s show. Thought Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper were pretty funny. Ryan Seacrest’s was a snooze fest. But had to keep returning to Pitbull’s from Miami for the music.

    Hope 2016 brings each of us closer to what we need for fulfillment in our lives.

  60. Walked 20 minutes. Onward!

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