The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: “Munchausen By Proxy for Friends”

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS -- Season:6 -- Pictured: (l-r) Erika Girardi, Eileen Davidson, Kyle Richards, Yolanda H. Foster, Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, Kathryn Edwards -- (Photo by: Michael Larsen/Andrew Eccles/Bravo)

Pictured: (l-r) Erika Girardi, Eileen Davidson, Kyle Richards, Yolanda H. Foster, Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, Kathryn Edwards  (Photo: Michael Larsen/Andrew Eccles/Bravo)

By Ben C

We start out the episode with Kyle “working” at her store, Kyle by Alene Too. Lisa Rinna stops by to shop. Mauricio promised Lisa (as a birthday gift) she could pop in the store and pick out whatever she wanted, charged to his account. Lisa brings up the fact she also once owned a boutique (she’s a hustler, remember) – Belle Gray. Says the store closed due to the recession, and multiple robberies. Kyle is opening a pop-up shop of Kyle by Alene Too in the Hamptons (cue Bethenny/RHOBH crossover #mybodyisready) and invites Lisa Rinna to come for a girls weekend.

We’re off to Villa Rosa, where we see Lisa & Ken tending to a very sick swan. Hanky (the swan) has a stomach infection and they’re taking him to the vet in the backseat of a Range Rover. Somewhere a tech developer is frantically creating Uber-for-pets. We get some hilarious footage of Ken struggling to get the swan into the backseat. Lisa suggests giving the bird Imodium to plug him up. Ken suggests sticking her finger up the swans butt – Lisa claims it wouldn’t be the first time. What a great mental image. They arrive at the vet and the vet lets them know she sees much improvement in Hanky.

Next up, we have Yolanda & Erika meeting Kyle for a walk in the park. They are legit dressed for a full-body workout session. So much tracksuit realness happening here. #ripJuicyCouture

RHOBH erika

It’s Kyles first time meeting Erika. They all exchange compliments and seem generally impressed with each other. The three ladies talk about Yolanda’s recent trip to Canada with David. We cut to a talking head of Kyle expressing her confusion at the stark contrast of Yolanda’s “serious” health-related Instagram posts, to what the ladies see in Los Angeles. Kyle (rightfully so) says she won’t bring up the Lisa Rinna gossip to Yolanda, she will wait for Rinna to put her big girl diapers on (okay, maybe I added that part) to address it herself. Kyle has a moment sympathizing with Yolanda, telling her of her own struggles in the past with health and how eventually it all boiled down to depression, due to the death of her mother. Yolanda (as she should) says in her talking head that a person can’t and shouldn’t compare Lyme Disease to Depression. Yolanda tells the girls that you can’t judge a person based on how they look on the outside. Kyle (jokingly) responds, “Why not?”

Yolanda (obviously) changes the subject to Erika and her upcoming concerts. Kyle finds out who Erika Jayne is. She seems impressed. We learn that Erika has a 23 year old son who’s a police officer. She had him at 21, in a previous relationship that ended because they were both too young. Yolanda suggests they all go for drinks with the other ladies to introduce Erika to everyone. Erika says she only hangs out with gay men – queens only (cue the keyboard warriors) and occasionally well-established women like Yolanda Foster. I’m wondering if Yolanda will keep her last name for that extra clout.

Yolanda brings up the subject of having surgery to have her breast implants and any leakage removed from her body. Yolanda found a surgeon in Ohio who specializes in this particular procedure, she’s done the same surgery over nine-thousand times. The doctor is better than anyone she can find in Beverly Hills. She makes a passing comment about her fear of having passed on her illness to her kids through breast feeding when they were young. Yolanda tells Erika & Kyle that both Bella and Anwar have Lyme Disease and have each been struggling with weakened immune systems for years. Kyle quickly reacts and claims it’s the first time she’s ever heard anything about this. Kyle doesn’t understand how all 3 family members could each have Lyme Disease. She wants to know if they were all bitten by ticks. Yolanda quickly comes back at Kyle that she and the kids lived on a ranch for many years, and there were ticks everywhere. Apparently Bella was diagnosed first, quickly followed by Anwar.

From one week ago

Yolanda is also giving up any form of botox. She doesn’t trust it. Erika chimes in announcing botox is the best solution to a bad day. You’re damn straight, girl.

Next up we FINALLY have the pleasure of watching Rinna get her cooch waxed. She’s been too busy #hustling and needs to get “trimmed and clean” before she leaves for Canada. The nice lady who waxes Rinna’s “hoo-hoo business” (her words, not mine) has apparently been doing it for 17 years. I’d wager the poor woman probably knows her way around Lisa’s “hoo-hoo” area better than Harry Hamlin does. We see the epic “She’s known my hoo-hoo long time” talking head quote.

Lisa’s esthetician is giving me throwback Sonja Morgan facialist vibes. She tells Lisa that her butt has wrinkles. She looks in the mirror and it’s gross. So she tries not to look in the mirror. Suddenly the ‘real’ in ‘real housewives’ is feeling really too real for me.

RHOBH Liss rinna ass

Cut to Lisa V. & Kyle arriving at the CBS studios set. Eileen has invited the ladies for a tour. Lisa playfully introduces Kyle as her assistant. I’m absolutely pulling this with my friends in the future. Lisa tries to get snacks from a vending machine. She claims she has never used one before. Kyle tries to tell Lisa they don’t accept 100 dollar bills. They all move to Elieen’s dressing room and Lisa gets to live out her (original) dream of becoming an actress. She wants to run lines with Elieen, but read for Ashley (Elieen’s character.) Elieen laughs aloud when Lisa reads her first line.

We get more Yolanda talk between the three women. Kyle tells Lisa & Eileen she just met with Yolanda and that she seems much healthier. There is a quick flashback of Lisa Rinna & the Munchausen gossip session. They all agree Lisa Rinna is not purposely being malicious, and Yolanda should know that. Eileen doesn’t understand how Yolanda couldn’t be aware that others are gossiping about her health, but Lisa V. & Kyle don’t think Yolanda has any idea. They agree Lisa Rinna needs to talk to Yolanda before someone else does, and makes things worse. Kyle invites the ladies for drinks with Erika & Yolanda. She’s excited to bond more with Erika. She likes the connection of both being young mothers. I must have hallucinated because I thought I heard Kyle call Erika a sweet, kind, intelligent woman. Words literally never spoken by a Real Housewife. Progress!

We’re off to drinks with the ladies. Yolanda and Kyle plan on introducing Erika to the group, minus Rinna who is in Canada. Yolanda says she can’t wait for the other ladies to pick Erika’s brain. In Yo’s talking head, she says Erika actually has a brain – and that’s hard to find these days. #ZING

Lisa Vanderpump is the first to arrive. She sizes up Erika in her talking head. She thinks she looks like the Barbie she used to play with – skirt up her butt, diamonds, and long blonde hair. Lisa and Erika have almost the same pink heels on. Lisa V. warns Erika not to hijack the color pink – it belongs to her. Erika handles herself like a champ and goes right along with Lisa. Tells her she can have the shoes and the color. Lisa playfully asks what size her shoes are. They all gush over Erika’s massive ring. Kyle compares it to the Lamborghini of rings. Erika says she did what every other woman has to do to get the ring – she’s “good.” Kyle comments Erika is giving Vanderpump a run for her money. She’s sparkly, pink, over the top.

Kyle wastes no time bringing up that she’s shocked about finding out Bella & Anwar also have Lyme Disease. Lisa Vanderpump chimes in and says she also didn’t know. She’s known Mohammed and all the kids for years and never had any idea. Yolanda claims she never brought it up in the past because Bella didn’t want her to talk about it. Bella had to stop riding horses because of it. Kyle wonders if it’s hereditary.

Eileen joins the group next. She says she knew she’d just have to find the loudest table in the room. I’d love to see her attempt dinner with the ATL ladies. They talk more of the Hamptons girls weekend, and Kyle invites Erika to join them. Erika agrees and says she can finish her concert and jump on her plane to join the girls. “A private something – a chef, plane, a fleet of cars..doesn’t matter. It’s Beverly Hills” says Erika in her talking head. She comments Kyle looks like a lot of fun, and she sees herself having fun with her. The girls all discover the alter-ego Erika Jayne, and discuss her career. Erika describes her alter-ego as loud, a lot of hair, not a lot of clothes on, & lots of rolling around on the floor being sassy. She tells the women she’s had eight #1 hits. In a talking head, Vanderpump wonders why she’s never heard of this girl before. She’s intrigued. All the ladies are eating this up.

RHOBH Lisa gasp

Erika announces to the women her husband is 76 years old. She is 44. The ladies faces drop as if Brandi appears out of nowhere screaming “IM BACK, BITCHES!” tampon string and all. (My literal fantasy.) Kyle’s eyes are wider than ever (someone please .gif this) and Lisa (in her talking head) feels she’s figured Erika out & shouts “BINGO! He’s seventy-f******-six years old!!” (someone please go ahead and .gif this for me as well.) Erika gives the ladies a quick rundown of her backstory – she moved to NYC and was working, got married for the first time, had her kid & eventually divorced. She moved to Los Angeles afterwards, got a job as a cocktail waitress (where she met her husband.) They went on one date and have been together ever since. Married for 15 years, together for 16 and 1/2. Lisa asks what Erika’s husband is like in the bedroom. Erika says something is in his DNA, and he has no problem getting it up. No Viagra needed. Get it, daddy! Lisa announces Ken is the same way, and it’s very annoying. She’d hoped it would have worn off by now. Eileen shuts down the talk of 70+ year old sex. Praise be.

They discuss Ken & his birthday party. Lisa brings up Taylor ‘yak-yak-yaking away’ and that she wanted to slap her. We get a flashback of messy boots herself at the table discussing Yolanda and her “misdiagnosis.” I am anxiously awaiting the inevitable return of Princess Taylor, and another glorious breakdown whilst sitting in a rolling suitcase. #MemoriesByBravo

Yolanda straight up asks the women if Taylor and Lisa Rinna discussed her illness at the party. She says someone told her (a little birdie, maybe) that there was discussion about her not actually being sick. Yolanda is unbothered. She hasn’t seen Taylor in 3 years, so her opinion is irrelevant (it is)

Eileen is one glass of the driest-white-wine in and goes straight for it. She brings up all the gossiping that is going on about Yolanda behind her back. Eileen is feeling her moment and straight-up spills the beans & outs Lisa Rinna. Eileen speaks the TRUTH that Rinna is afraid because she knew it was going to get back to Yolanda eventually and not end well for her. Yolanda is confused, she thought it was mostly Taylor doing the gossiping and had no idea of any other discussion by Lisa Rinna. Kyle backs up Eileen about the conversation between the ladies and Lisa Rinna a few days earlier. They all tell Yolanda that Lisa Rinna wants to talk to her and set the record straight, because she loves her. #TrueLove #bffz4ever

Yolanda, rightfully so, makes a quick exit. Erika says anyone questioning Yolanda’s illness is not a true friend. She compares the situation to questioning someone having a broken leg.

We get a quick look back at Lisa V. & Hanky. The swan is back to his normal weight and doing much better. Lisa says the swans are like her children. If that’s wrong, she doesn’t want to be right. She says all the animals are filling a void for the grandchildren she is still waiting on.

It looks like Yolanda has been unlocked from her tower/condo and is back home with all three kids. Yolanda’s mom is also there and they all cook dinner together. No sign of David. Yolanda calls the four of them (her mother & 3 kids) the most important people in her life. Still no sign of David. We get some light bragging on the accomplishments of Gigi & Bella. They all discuss how “hard” modeling is. Gigi says you always have to “be nice, and like, look good.” Lord have mercy on all our souls.

Yolanda takes a walk with her mother through her lemon orchard. Literally who even has a lemon orchard? Yolanda wonders how just looking at a lemon can make you happy. She has no idea (neither the hell do I) but it does, apparently. Gigi asks Anwar if he knows how to butter bread. I’m really hoping his answer was sarcastic, but he says no. Anwar says he wouldn’t even know where to start. Oh no he HADIDN’T. The rapture truly is coming. Prepare Ye.

RHOBH Yolanda Will Meeting

Yolanda talks with her mom about the upcoming surgery. They get emotional discussing it. Yolanda says she just wants to live to see her children grow. She wants to finally get out of her bed and live her life. She feels guilty she’s burdening her mom, but her mother is all she has to be close to and help her be okay right now. Still not a damn sign of David.

The family sits and has a meal together. She gives them all copies of her will. Yolanda says it’s nothing. Gigi retaliates that handing out copies of her will isn’t just ‘nothing.’ We get a talking head of Yolanda speaking about the death of her father. Yolanda went to school one day and came home and her father was gone. She has the same fears for herself. She reassures everyone nothing bad will happen, but doesn’t want to take the chance of any surprises. She wants her mom, brother & kids all taken care of.

That’s it y’all! FINALLY not a complete snoozer of an episode. Or maybe I’m just warming up to you guys. Let me know what you all thought of the episode/shower me with praise!


Issac Mizrahi makes an appearance!

Lisa is surprised when Erika calls her ‘Diva’ over the phone

HAMPTONS TRIP (my body is ready for Bethenny)

Yolanda goes into surgery

First talk of Kim being arrested after the Target shoplifting incident

Kyle says Kim is not of sound mind.



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242 responses to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: “Munchausen By Proxy for Friends”

  1. cobe

    Thanks for the recap, Ben C.

    Some thoughts:

    Anyone else notice how it seemed imperative for the Hadid girls to prove they eat? Their entire conversation was about how many grilled cheese sandwiches they have had. I think the whole “grilled cheese sandwich” thing was specifically meant to counter all of the “one and a half almond” talk. Sad.

    Yolanda may have had Lyme and other things, but this exaggeration and manipulation is just over the top. I’m done with her. She is an insult to people who have chronic illnesses.

    She is passing it on to her daughter, Bella, too. So, Bella drops out of school and then all of a sudden it is discovered that she has Lyme Disease. Er . . . okay. Now I understand more about why Anwar is living with his father rather than be exposed to this. It’s dangerous and harmful to a child.

    And the will thing was just over the top. She’s having a surgery. It’s not a big deal. Wills are held by the family attorney and the executor of the will. This is a private conversation to have.

    Interestingly, wills are also redrawn after separation. I suppose the lack of a David Foster required a new one.

    Still not appropriate to air on a TV show.

    As to Lisa Rinna, she has every right to question things. Should be to Yolanda (who states she wants to educate people, so she should welcome questions), but it’s totally normal to ask your friends what they think about something. Carry on, Rinna.

    Love the new girl. Didn’t get the shock the other women expressed over the age difference. The couple seem really happy. That’s what counts.

    A special kudos to Kyle, who was filming and holding her head up during this whole time her sister was going crazy, sending out nasty messages about her, and generally trying to tear her down. I am not a Kyle fan. I think she comes across as shallow, irritating, and not too bright. But when I see what she has had to deal with, what she has accomplished is downright impressive. I’d still get a headache being around her for any period of time, but damn, girl has my respect.

    I made the mistake of ordering this show from iTunes. I think I had to pay $20 or something. Unless this season gets better, I am going to be upset with myself for not just reading the recaps, which have been far far more entertaining.

    And I’m still hoping for a Faye Resnick pop in. I dig the chick. I know many hate her, but it is a “love to hate” her thing, not a downright despicable hatred like the disgust I feel for Taylor, Kim, or Brandi. (Must spit to get the bad taste out of my mouth for mentioning the unholy trinity).

    Okay, just my thoughts. Thanks Ben!!

    • No, it didn’t “seem imperative for the Hadid girls to prove they eat.” That’s completely fucking ridiculous.

      Most family get-togethers in my experience are kitchen-centered and involve having a meal. So what? The conversation seemed pretty typical to me.

      And no, wills are not necessarily held by an attorney or the executor. Wills are kept wherever the hell the person wants to keep it. It’s helpful for the person, like Yolanda did, to mention to someone where that place is. I’ve known people who had a terrible time locating the will of their recently deceased loved one, and it’s an awful thing to go through when you’ve just lost someone.

      And while I’m on the subject, no, the “will thing” wasn’t “over the top”. I thought she handled it pretty gracefully. She did not hand out copies (like it said in the recap) she merely held up the envelope and said it contained her will, where they could find it, they’ll be taken care of, and that’s all they needed to know for now. Anyway, Yolanda explained her rationale. After what she went through with her father, she didn’t want the same to happen to her own kids.

      Any time one goes under general anesthesia, there’s a risk. It’s not “no big deal”. Just ask (among many others) Donda West. Oh wait, you can’t. She’s dead.

      As for whether that should have been televised, the whole point of these shows is to see into the private lives of these people. So let’s gasp and clutch our pearls when we see into their private lives. Makes sense.

      • cobe


        Awfully passionate.

        There is a difference between having a meal and repeatedly mentioning how much you’ve eaten. Over and over again.

        There is also a difference between mentioning that you’ve updated your will and dramatically “producing” a copy of your will while tearfully asking that everyone “take care of my mommy”. Wise to keep your will updated and let the kids know where it is; manipulative to gather the clan around for a primer on “what to do if I die”. As to surgery, there is always a risk. A slight one. Most adults have had surgeries by the time they are 30. It is a pretty common thing.

        Donda West is not really a good example here. She died of heart disease FOLLOWING a surgery, which COULD HAVE been related to complications from surgery, but no link was ever proven.

        But I’m sorry for your loss of Donda West, which seems to be a very painful experience for you.

        The point of these shows is not to see into the entirety of their private lives. Cameras are not filming for the entire time and something like a will is certainly easy to keep private and discuss calmly.

        But, again, condolences on your devastating loss of Kanye’s mom.

      • Allison

        Cobe. ::applause:: thank you-that made my day 😉

      • Fine. Shame on me for relying on a memory of an incident rather than looking it up first. Mea culpa.

        The point, which you so willfully ignored, is that there are risks involved with general anesthesia.

        Also: Go fuck yourself with a cactus.

      • Nate Dogg

        I thought the doctor of Donda West said she choked on her vomit because her caretaker, Kanye cousin, left her unattended.

      • AKA Riley

        Ericzku, I totally agree with you! Some people are too thick-headed to get your point. I think it was a stretch for Cobe to find things here to complain about. I happened to know two people who died during surgery unnecessarily. Things can go wrong with the simplest of surgeries. My mother did the same thing concerning her will before an operation. It’s called being responsible.

      • breelee

        Joan Rivers would be a good example. My friend had to be brought back, and all she had done was dental work. It can happen to anyone being put under.

      • fivecatsownme

        Always a risk having surgery. I think Yolanda letting them know about her will is a good thing. I used to be an ICU nurse. Plenty of bad stuff happens during surgery.
        Cobe, are you always this rude to people?

      • Scatty

        While I agree there’s always a risk going under anesthesia, and that we’re here to catch a glimpse of their private lives, this whole convo seemed staged and bordered on cheesy (no pun intended). It seemed like a deliberate attempt to wring emotion from the viewers, not to mention her own children and mother. And how about leaving the condo just so she could have this discussion in the most scenic setting for the cameras? And trotting up those steps to get there (and forcing her cancer-ridden mother to do so as well), while her children huffed and puffed sweatily and complained about what a workout it was?

      • cobe

        Wow. Seems like I missed a ton of comments. I’ll try to reply to all of them directed towards me (you know, so I’m not being “rude” or anything):

        Riley, thanks for the kind recognition of how difficult it is to complain about things. Sometimes I really have to S-T-R-E-T-C-H. Fortunately, I’ve learned a whole lot from this bunch of women who spend their time doing exaggeration yoga with any and all events. Also, I’m sorry that your mother terrified you by waving her will around when your mouth was full of the first cheese sandwich you’d been able to eat in ten years. That’s awful. Now that I know Yolanda is not the only one to pull that nonsense, I know better than to criticize it.

        Fivecats, what you call “rude”, I call stating my opinion. So, yes, I am always this “rude” and hope to be for quite some time. Maybe after I’ve finished my cactus coitus my mood will be a bit better. I’ve gotten some great, polite sexual relationship advice from another poster on this board.

        Anyhoo, before someone shows up with Kanye West’s version of an Emily Post primer, Happy 2016 to all!!!!

      • Queen of the Nile

        Cobe, I don’t think you’ve been especially rude. It wasn’t you who said go fuck yourself with a cactus!! Although you’ve done a great job in subsequently finding humor in cactus lovemaking…

      • captain eel

        cobe: what Allison said X10

      • Sam

        Wow. COBE is the rude one? And telling someone to go fuck themselves with a cactus isn’t rude??

      • Angel(?)

        I wholeheartedly agree with cobe! The point is that once again Yolanda is being over dramatic for the cameras.

      • Bushwick

        Go fuck yourself with a cactus. Ha, ha ha! That’s CLAASIC!

      • Dee

        Ericzku, I agree, many people don’t know that during surgery a tube is put in to your throat and a machine breathes for you. You are also given a paralytic so you don’t move, can’t move. I loved the recap. Thank you Ben, really good

      • tamaratattles

        Oh for fuckssake. Really?

      • IMO the Will scene to be shown on film was embarrassing, hurtful and unnecessary to her family. Shame on you Yolanda. It’s all about you isn’t it.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Adding my voice to the din: how in the hell was COBE the rude one!?

      • I think 5cats was referring to the “I’m sorry for your loss” business. Condescension and sarcasm = rude. That’s how.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        No, that was hilarious.

      • Dang, way to start off the comments! Ding ding ding! Go back to your corners now.

        Erikzu, I love your comments on this site, but you just got owned..


    • BGStyles Laughing

      I have X-1 a service from my cable provider. I love it. The dvr records a show, and I can watch it on any device including my phone. You have an option of downloading what you record so you can watch it on any device without streaming(off line). I can also use any device in my house to watch live TV….and record it on that device..Record remotely…Voice remote and Voice remote app too. I will never pay iTunes for another episode of anything……..
      Btw…I love the new girl too. As for Yolanda, she is too cunning for me. She posted a link to her friends blog, where her friend proceeds to bad mouth Lisa Rinna. Yolanda can have clean hands while she sends her ill friend in to do the dirty work.

      • cobe

        Good advice, BG. More and more great technology coming out so that we don’t have to sit through boring commercials or unfortunate displays of Taylor Armstrong’s pancake lips.

        Also, Joan Rivers is a good example of what can go wrong during a surgery.

        Please note, I have repeatedly said that it is a good idea to have a written will and to have those involved have access.

        It is just entirely unnecessary to present it as though you are Moses descending from the Mount with the Ten Commandments in hand.

        I’M NOT GOING TO DIE CHILDREN, but if I do, please don’t send Grandma off on an ice floe to her death. That’s not very nice.

      • cobe

        PS: Sorry for the late reply EricShihTzu (if that is even your real name).

        I was busy trying to coax this cactus into something consensual, but that is a lot harder to do than it sounds.

        Maybe after I take it out for a few drinks . . .

        Will keep you updated!! Thanks for the suggestion! Your lovemaking tips seem to have really helped you out in life.

      • Lil Tex

        BG, who is your provider? I have AT&T Uverse, and wish I could do all that.

    • Meredo

      I’m seeing it the way you see it Cobe.

    • I agree with cobe. I thought the will was ridiculous, no need to air it on RHOBH. I also think Rinna has a right to question, somethings off about the whole situation.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Also agree with Cobe. Yolanda seemed to be getting some sick thrill out of worrying her children and mother with the will/sickness/death thing. It was really gross.

      • Gabriella

        I didn’t like the will scene either, it was OTT. Also if Yolanda’s fake boobs have leaked out blobs of silicone into her lymph nodes, then this is probably why she is ill, isn’t it? There are lots of women who have had their systems poisoned by ruptured implants. I think it’s more likely to be this than Lyme disease?

    • FRENCH

      I think I love you Cobe!

      • Well my, my, my.
        ” Go fuck yourself with a cactus”
        Isn’t that special.

        It’s always the same thing every year. The holidays arrive and everyone reflects on the proverbial “Good will towards men” and “let there be peace on earth”

        Geeesh, it’s not even New Years yet.

        Could have at least suggested a Christmas cactus.?

        Happy New Year, Cobe?????

      • cobe

        I love you too, French.

        But I have to tell you that I’ve just started a long term relationship and my partner could get rather prickly if it finds out I’ve been flirting with you.

        Thanks to everyone who expressed their support. I’ve noticed too many times when someone gets shit on in a forum that most people just leave it alone. It really did warm my heart that so many added their voice to point out a wrong.

        Sounds a little mushy, I know, but as the year ends to a close, I get sentimental.

        Me and “Prickster the Cactus” wish you all a wonderful 2016!!!

        (and Peace to all, even the dickheads)

      • tamaratattles

        I didn’t jump in to defend Cobe because he seemed to handle the situation just fine without me. And also because Eric was not posting in accordance with his true character. The holidays can be difficult for some people and I saw Eric’s unusual outburst as a symptom he was having a bad day. Most of the time I think I have a pretty good read on y’all. I’m sure Eric will be back to his usual self soon.

      • Katherine 2.0

        TT, thanks for saying that. I love me some Erudite Eric.

      • cobe

        Interestingly, I am also usually an Eric fan.

        We all have our days.

        Happy 2016!!!

      • Cat

        I hat a pet cactus once. His name was “Spike”. :)

      • “I hat a pet cactus once. His name was “Spike”. :)”

        Groans! :)

        What did the Cockney cactus say to the American cactus? Aloe Vera.

        Just woke up, so don’t hate me too much.

      • cobe

        Cat, wish I had thought of that name.

        Maisey, I laughed out loud about the Christmas Cactus.

        Thanks for the fun!

    • I believe Yolanda can’t deal with her children’s fame. I know the exact diagnosis, p but I won’t say. She is demented, but, with her losses, she Seems to try to get her life in order, ml matter how beserk her methods are.,

  2. cobe

    Oh! Forgot to mention the utter ridiculousness of Yo mentioning that she was going to pick lemons for the lunch. Did you see what she did with the lemons? She cut them in half, put them on the table, and called it a day.

    Then happily reclined while her kids brought up the actual lunch that they and only they ate.

    Yolanda needs a sandwich, not $5 million worth of treatment.

    I think I am going to ask for my $20 now. I’d say it would have been better spent on the Vanderpump Rules kids, but I’ve been reading those recaps too and, just . . . no.

    I guess I’ll hang tight and hope things get more interesting. Yolanda’s butt snakes just don’t do it for me.

    • BGStyles Laughing

      Why is it that I can respond to some comments but not others anyway. Though I disagree with you about seriousness of surgery, I believe you were speaking relatively. As for the part of the will, that was OVER the TOP. If we are catching all of the reality of these women’s lives, then I expect to see the breakdown of David and Yolanda’s marriage. We all know that isn’t going to happen on camera, so why was it necessary to put this on camera. (or even do it in the first place). Yolanda is a piece of work.

      • Agree with you 100%. The Will scene was terrible to ask her family to film; should of been done in private. All about Yolanda.

      • Allison

        I think Yolanda just wants everyone to know how serious her “Lyme” is and just how close to the edge of death she is, what better way than to whip out your will to your kids?

      • Gabriella

        Does anyone else feel like an idiot now, after watching all these episodes with “my luuurve”?

    • WonkyTonk

      Cobe I’m with you here. Not sure why you were called rude because the person who responded to your first post was rude as hell. Your responses have been well measured, and funny given the hostility of the assault. Well done there.

      When I watched that will scene I cringed, which I suppose is my fault because I keep telling myself I’m going to fast forward through her scenes but I never get around to it. I felt as though that should have been a private family moment, and it shouldn’t have all the kids. She should have either told her mother, best case scenario where to find it leaving the kids out of it, or told Gigi the eldest, but she didn’t need to put all of them through that. Yolanda handled it very poorly I thought.

    • Completely agree, Cobe. I hope the season changes and it’s not all Yolanda all the time.

    • What is so strange about your grown kids making lunch for their mother & grandmother? As for the will, I’ve known of bickering & resentments because family members were left in the dark after a parent has died without leaving the family fully informed. Or worse: not leaving any will or trust at all. It’s very common for family members to have no idea where the will is, who the attorney is & what is left to whom. When wills are concerned, it’s better to have your family fully informed.

      Before my surgery, I sat my loved ones down & we discussed who wanted what, friends I wanted to leave things to & who I wanted excluded (if it’s not in writing, wills can be contested). I did this so there wouldn’t be any misunderstandings. We can’t come back from the dead & explain anything. Even the smallest details are important. BTW: Yo’s operation took 8 hours. She wasn’t getting her hair done. And what’s wrong about Yo making sure her mother was taken care of? Of course, if you have little to leave it might not seem that important. But it still is. Family members fight over the most ridiculous things not worth money but worth sentimental value for some & not for others. Yo has a vast estate plus she’s going through a divorce. It’s only normal that she wants to leave her loved ones protected. She did it on the show because she’s chosen to. It’s her option. I recently read that Yolanda gave her inheritance to her brother so he could open a business back when she was doing well modeling. She wanted to help her brother out. Yo is a woman that cares about family. Not everyone would have done this. I think it’s admirable.

  3. It is very telling that someone would even ask a 16 year old boy ” Do you know how to butter bread?” Ah, excuse me…….huh?

    I’m thinking Gigi won’t be making grill cheese and tomato soup again anytime soon.

    How desperate does a woman have to be to get her butt waxed on TV. Gee, even Rinna’s butt hustles.

    Lisa VDP is beginning to act real weird with that damn swan.


    • T D

      As far as waxing and stuff it depends on how much it pays.

      • Maisey

        Ah TD— I assume at this point Rinna’s butt has its own agent. After all, it already starred in a Depends commercial.
        The public waxing is just to hone its craft.

      • T D

        Is it covered by Lloyd’s of London?

      • therealdeb

        Did anyone notice that the waxer double dipped!!!! As a licensed Cosmetologist it is ILLEGAL and unsanitary to double dip, be it brows or the pubic region. And the fact that she was having that area waxed can you imagine the gross that is? Does the lady use brand spanking new wax for each star???? fucking disgusting

      • Psylocke

        LOL I’m almost positive I saw her applying it with a butter knife.

      • @psylocke—–

        Well, at least we know Anwar has no future in waxing.
        He has no idea how to use a butter knife.

        (Okay, not that Anwar has to actually worry about his future.)

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        Psylocke she did indeed use a butter knife!!! I saw it too.

      • Double dipping.. Butter knife.. Lolol. This is good stuff!

    • microop

      Of course her butt hustles. #incontinence #depends

    • Ktina

      Up until I was 45 I could eat a pizza at midnight and lose 5 pounds in the morning. These girls are young. Why is it so difficult to understand that they can eat and still model?

      I’m with you on your other points about Rinna and Lisa V.

      • tamaratattles

        Because Yolanda has practically slapped cake out of Gigi’d hand before and thinks half an almond is a meal.

      • Minky

        Oh the irony. Which I’m pretty sure is lost on all of these women. All that money and they’re literally starving.

    • fivecatsownme

      I can honestly see the sister asking the brother do you know how to butter bread. That boy learned early; play helpless and someone will always do it for you.
      Lisa is reenacting Leda and the swan.

      • Minky

        I have family members who do something similar. They ask me to do something, and I ask “why can’t you” and they respond “I could but you’re so much better at it.” Baaaaaaaarf. It’s called “learned helplessness” I think. And it makes me wretch.

    • WonkyTonk

      LOL Maisey. Lisa had wax buttered on her crack, and Anwar learned how to butter him some bread. It’s like a double butter knife feature. I agree a little bit about the swan who was it that said they were tired of seeing her masturbate it’s neck, the woman is constantly grabbing it, it’s almost obscene, but it’s funny too.

  4. Dee

    Loved this! No he hadidn’t was as funny as this boy not knowing how to butter bread. Oh come on! This was a great recap! Thank you!!

  5. Kay

    Sorry? But I really disagree with your overall assessment of the Yolanda situation. It almost appears as if you haven’t even read TT’s posts about it. It’s completely reasonable to suggest that something else might be wrong with Yo. The fact that her younger children also “have” it should speak volumes to the fact that perhaps, it is something besides “chronic” Lyme. Yolanda makes me not want to watch anymore, she’s dreadful.

    • Lisaj

      Thank you! Yolanda is the queen of manipulation here and now I have no doubt that THE LYME isn’t her issue. That was traumatic for everyone with the will and such. Agree 100%, you want to educate someone then questions are to be expected. Her sudden bouts of exhaustion seem to pop up when anyone delves too deep. I almost died when she said something to the effect of breastfeeding and Lyme, praying I misheard that. She’s that ill, get off tv and mend! I’m going to agree with munchausen or divorce settlement as her illness.
      No more Lisa R butt ever.

      • Meredo

        And why is it that now they were all bitten by ticks which supposedly happened when the lived on a ranch and had a lot of horses? I could have sworn Yolanda initially insisted she wasn’t bitten by a tick because it wasn’t that kind of Lyme Disease she was suffering from. She said she got it when SHE was a child living on a farm taking care of a sick calf and that she got a parasite from the calf. Now, this is a whole different story! Unless she received different information she didn’t share until now, it just doesn’t jibe with what she previously said. I hate to question someone who does look and seem so ill, but it is fishy and if I were in her circle of friends of course I would wonder if she’s telling the truth.

      • Angel(?)

        I thought it was from a horse fly? And didn’t she say one her first season that they only had one horse? Something about even she couldn’t afford two? So they lived on a horse farm with only one horse?

      • LisaPat

        Lol these comments have sent me into a fit of giggles!! Im crying and almost peed myself. First the bickering and sodomy, then poor TT trying to rest chimes in with “for fucks sake” and I about peed!! Then, its from a calf, no a horsefly!! ROLFLMAO!! omg im cracking up !! I needed this laugh . Thanks people. If I scroll down and happen to catch the “lyme disease expert” and her resume, who is now a WL, Im going to have to borrow one of Rinna’s diapers!!??

      • Minky

        @LisaPat We’re all one big happy dysfunctional family, aren’t we? It is the Holidays. ‘Tis the season for bickering.

        I am sick as a dog in bed with the bronchitis that ain’t nobody got time for. I had a pretty good year so I won’t complain.

        My opinion: Yolanda could take it down a notch. That’s all. Just a notch.

      • LisaPat

        Oh Minky.. I hope you feel better soon !! If you read the comments from start to finish, you will laugh ’til you cry. “Its from a calf. No a Horsefly!” ???Happy new year!

      • LisaPat

        I think everyone is so confused because Yolanda has given so many varying reasons as to when and how she was infected.. and it’s hyterical to me. So some people are like, “It was from a calf at a very young age when she worked on a calf ranch” and someone else says “i thought it was a horsefly who bit her when she was living on a horse farm.” Then its “no she was traveling in Ohio with David and got it from a tick” and “i heard she was in south africa when an elephant attacked her.” Ohhh I just cant stop. I took a nap and woke up still laughing.. so hard Im snorting.

    • Vet

      I think the only thing that was wrong with Yolanda is the leaking implants. If she went to real doctors, like the Mayo clinic they would have told her to remove them a long time ago. You don’t keep implants in for twenty years without replacing them. I have seen women that had her symptoms and it was old silicone implants that were leaking. I’m sick of her and the implants, and the look on LisaV face when she said the kids have Lime disease was classic. She looked like she finally figured out that Yolanda was full of crap.

      I like Erika, and I liked this episode. I want to see houses, sets, and pretty clothes.

      • erikainhb

        Erika is growing on me, she seems pretty genuine…hope it lasts. I was racking my brain trying to figure who she reminds me of..the comedic actress Christine Ebersole (love her!) but a younger version. She even sounds like her.

      • Lisaj

        I’ve commented before on my FOUR sets of implants, they don’t last forever and even a simple visit to your GYN for a pap and breast exam makes that obvious. I truly truly truly truly (one for each boob job) dislike Yolanda but my fear is the damage she’s doing to her kids. After that episode I was convinced I had the Lymes then I took my estrogen and was all better.

      • Yes, Vet, noticed LisaV too. First she looked upset hearing the kids were ill, then you saw clarity set in. Terrible this show is now going the RHOC route.

      • WonkyTonk

        Oh no Lisa V and Kyle figured that out a long time ago they’ve just been on the show long enough to know this isn’t something you attack directly and not get bruised by reactions like Lisa Rinna is getting, and it’ll get worse for her yet. You can see it in the way they look at each other when something they don’t believe is said.

  6. More Tea Please!

    While the show was not a complete snoozer I thought it sort of plodded from one thing to another (slow, sort of like Yolanda’s brain these days…).

    The hoo-ha scenes were unnecessary, but it beats colonics (which we’ve seen too many of Bravo.). This is probably Lisa R’s stepping it up to make things spicy for the Bravo story-liners.

    I’m not yet sold on Erica, it’ll be interesting to see how she gets woven in to the mix.

  7. cobe

    Did anyone else notice how wary Erica was of Lisa V the entire time? It is obvious Yolanda had put some bugs in her ear.

  8. Angel(?)

    Really Yo, you pull out your will right before having surgery and think it’s no big deal? Of course it’s going to upset them. They have already been dealing with your long battle with lyme.

    Explain to me why someone who is chronically ill, taking oodles of supplements, removing everything from their body, IV vitamin c and colonic s, etc because of a compromised immune system would think that drinking alcohol is ok? I’m convinced that she MIGHT have had lyme at one point, but the real culprit were the leaky implants.

    I won’t buy the Bella has lyme story until Mohammed speaks up. A little convenient. When did they live on a horse ranch? I thought they lived in a small condo?

    Is Yo now setting up Anwar for his eventual entry into the modeling world? We are seeing a lot of him lately.

    This seemed to be The Yolanda Story this week.

  9. Allison

    Yolanda was so completely ridiculous with the will-way too extra, manipulative, gross, and dramatic. Why wouldnt you just give your will to your attorney instead of the dramatic and unnecessary production with your kids? My empathy for her is slowly diminishing. And she made it seem like “well, duh, of course we all have Lyme, we spent a lot of time in stables and around horses”-so that says anyone who spends a lot of time around horses ought to have Lyme. Which they don’t. I’m getting more and more annoyed with her behavior and less and less inclined to believe she has Lyme disease-there is most certainly something wrong. What is the question.

  10. What is with these Housewives being so obsessed with their butts?

    Weekly colonics, colonic play dates, butt waxing, enemas, breaking off plastic nozzles, having your husband dig for it, two foot long parasites (or butt snakes–shout out to Cobe—-LOL).

    My favorite is the “Let’s get a colonic together!!” Uh…..let’s not.

    I think it’s time to give all these butts their own spin off show.

      • T D

        You’re too kind it’s more along the lines of chock full of assholes. Why were we born without a spigot at the base of our spines? Maybe there’s a logical explaination.

    • erikainhb

      Too funny Maisey! And not only are they obsessed with it they want everyone else to jon thier butt/whoo/haa club too. Misery loves company?

      Remember in I think it was Season 1 of the OC when Vicki brought her bumpkin assistant to get waxed? Now granted that was hysterical but maybe now it’s all just one upmanship…buttmanship?

      • Minky

        Do they maybe have a lot of anal sex? Is that how they get all that jewelry and the cars? Maybe I’m naive, but it does make you wonder. Why so much housewife butt action?

      • Cat

        It makes me think of that South Park episode where everyone shoves food up their butts, and craps out their mouths.

        This show is really very similar.

      • Maisey

        A woman who once wore depends
        Embarrassed her Hollywood friends
        A scene so pathetic
        As her Butt waxed poetic
        Required a visual cleanse

    • Gabriella

      “The Real Buttholes of Beverly Hills”, or “The Real Buttholes of Orange Cunty”.

  11. Loved the recap, Ben. Great job!

  12. I didn’t watch the show..again but this was the best damn recap ever. Thank you. I am having a hard time liking or believing Yolanda. I actually have never liked her and find her to be a total fake in many ways. “No sign of David”? Smart David. Time to dump this time consuming, attention seeking, money marrying person.Inherited Lyme disease? I’ve never heard of this…ever. Yolanda is wrong…depression can cause all sorts of physical problems. Yolanda is annoying and Erica is just plain odd. She is the perfect description of a gold digger…

    • I found that “no sign of David” schtick to be…well…stupid. What husband is in every single scene with his Real Housewife? We’ve seen WAY more of David Foster than we have some other husbands. //cough//Harry Hamlin//cough//

      Besides, this was lunch. Isn’t lunch taken at mid-day when most working people are…you know…working ?

      • Nate Dogg

        David Foster loves the attention. He loves being on TV. Harry Hamlin is a real working actor on real tv shows and movies. I’m sure he’s letting Lisa have her moment on her show. And don’t say David Foster is to good to appear on reality tv, he was on his step sons the Jenner boys shit show Princes of Malibu.

      • Psylocke

        “No sign of David” doesn’t equate to David ACTUALLY being there in-person.

        She’s talking about death – her will – the people she loves most in the world – and not a single mention of the king. It’s worth noting considering they’re in the midst of a divorce.

      • Considering in the past how Yolanda would go on & on & on about her love.. and how dramatic she made the will scene to be.. I think no sign of David is a huge indication about their relationship at the time.

      • Jules

        I think the biggest “No Sign of David” was the “trophyless” piano.

  13. bree

    Isn’t Yolanda saying now that she is “almost cured” of Lyme Disease? I think when she saw how much back lash she was getting she decided to say it was almost gone. She also has ever changing stories on how her kids got Lyme Disease. She said maybe through breast milk then it seemed like she jumped forward and said they got it on the horse farm? I can’t keep up with her accounts of how her or her kids have it. I think when Bella got her DUI she decided to say she must have Lyme Disease and thats what caused her DUI (not drinking) and Yolanda believed her. Her daughters irk me for some reason. When Gigi was describing why “modeling is hard” (“you have to look good and be nice”) it made me cringe. #richkidproblems. Lisa Rinna thinks she is much funnier than she really is. She practically chokes laughing at all her own statements in her interviews.

    • Beignet

      Agree, Bree. And I’m still completely shocked over her 2 ft worm parasite that was never fully explained. I would be questioning her more about that than her darned Lyme situation. Between some foreign disgusting entity and other man-made foreign substances (leaky implants) residing in her fragile body, why is she not looking at this as more of the sources of her problems? I’m over the “Lyme” story and still haven’t seen her say anything to more educate people on Lyme disease with FACTS, not her suppositions. Laughed at everyone’s shocked looks when she disclosed that her kids had Lyme, too. Bet LVP will be checking that out with Mohammed!

      • microop

        Parasites are fairly common. We are animals that live in this world. Its good to do a parasite cleanse (which is just herbal and you can eat) maybe every other year. I did one and pooped out parasites once. I didn’t freak out because as I said, we are animals, its not that shocking.

      • Minky

        Aren’t there some parasites people take on purpose to stay thin? They live in your gut and eat the food in your stomach so you won’t absorb the food and get fat but somehow they don’t kill you? I think Maria Callas used them to get thin.

      • thehotness

        I think this parasite was actually poop. Yo prob got so weak one day she had to finally eat some real food. But her body is so unused to food. Lots of stomach cramps and it just came rushing out. So she decided it was a parasite. Gross i know.

    • Meredo

      @Bree, I know what you mean about Lisa R. I found her so irritating in her talking heads. That stupid laugh with no sound coming out over every dumb thing she said was just too much. She’s not nearly as funny as she thinks she is.

  14. Shae

    While I understand Yolanda wanting to have a proper will in place before undergoing surgery, especially given her father’s sudden death, I disagree with presenting it with such importance to the kids. That will only signal the fact you think you could die to them, that’s not encouraging. If you really believe you are safe, don’t give your kids a reason to worry otherwise. Have your will in place, updated, and where it will be found if god forbid something goes wrong, but you don’t need to wave it around to your kids and scare the hell out of them, all the while telling them it’s no big deal. It’s a very big deal. I say that with sympathy.

    I really find it odd so many members of the family would have lyme, but I don’t understand the disease to question, and I don’t believe yolanda is a liar for attention, so I just wish them health/happiness and that she figures out what is causing her so much suffering.

    Eileen did put her foot in her mouth, but she meant well, and she cops to the mistake. Hopefully Lisa sorts out with yolanda that it wasn’t her intent to gossip, she just didn’t know how to handle and respond to all the talk that comes her way. I think she was honest and forthright about it.

    Erika is growing on me, I like that she seems confident and direct and she can def hold her own with the group. Refreshing that someone can be sassy/racy in her own way and not a trashbag like brandi always being crass and disgusting lol. She’ll bring some spice to the group.

    • Katherine 2.0

      Well said, Shae.

    • Sherry

      I would have felt the same way about Yolanda, she is confusing. However my mom was taking a walk and when she got home she felt something on her back. She scratched it and a baby tick came right out. We live in California in the foothills and we have deer so ticks are heavy in this area. I googled about tick bites and told my mom there is no way because it was less then 24 hours that it was attached and look how tiny it was. She called her doctor, they blew it off. She got the spiral rash around the bitten area, the doctor was not hearing it. Very quickly she had shortness of breath. Had to go to the hospital (doc sent her there) to run test, thousand of dollars out of pocket for heart test, all came back negative. So she started researching and shortness of breath is a result of a co-infection created by lyme. She started getting back aches, rib pain, felling sick. They would all come and go. So about a month and a half later she found a support group in town. They gave her some names of doctors who really pay attention to lyme disease and will treat it. They told her there are very specific test to test for it. She had to wait a month for an appointment, and he saw the picture she took of her rash and listened to her symptoms and he was convinced she had it. Started her on antibiotics for 30 days right away. He had her go to US Davis to get the test done. When she got the results back her levels (however they measure that) where so high, he had to report it to the state. They keep track of where people were bitten to know where the infected ticks are. She has been on the antibiotics for a month now and she had lost most, if not all of her symptoms.

      The thing that is scary is, what if you never knew you were bit? All of the sudden you start having all of these strange symptoms and you get miss diagnosed for years. Now this is when it is very hard to control. It will just create more and more problems. It mimics other diseases. I think if you don’t get on antibiotics within a few months they usually don’t work on it.

      I do not know if that it what is going on with her but it seems like it can happen and be very extreme.

      • peachteachr

        Your mom’s Lyme Disease is like all the other tick bite illness I’ve read over the years. I 100% believe this and it is the crazy symptoms and treatments that Yolanda has chosen that make me feel confused.

      • Sue

        Your mom’s case is like almost every case I’ve ever heard of, and not anywhere close to what Yolanda describes. I don’t know what Yolanda has, but it sure doesn’t sound like Lyme, chronic, or short-term.

      • Librarygirl

        The CDC does not recommended treating Lyme with antibiotics until the patient suffers symptoms, which occur usually occur more than six weeks after the discoveryear of a bite, even with a bullseye reaction. You don’t give any sort of timeline, that info would be helpful.

    • Sue

      It’s not uncommon to have multiple family members diagnosed with Lyme if they are in the same yard, woods, living area, etc, they are exposed to the same nests of infected ticks. Lyme is contracted through infected deer ticks…not from horse flies, breast milk, or calves, ALL of which Yolanda has cited as the cause for her disease. My son has had it twice, my sister, brother in law, and nephew have all been diagnosed (+blood test) as well and all took antibiotics with no lasting effects. That’s not to say chronic Lyme doesn’t exist, it definitely does, and I don’t know if Yolanda has it or not, but it pisses me off when she spouts outright lies, or cockamamie ideas as facts. It misleads people who are taking her word as fact.

      Love Erika! I hope her and LVP become friends.

      • tamaratattles

        Um, it’s HIGHLY uncommon if it happens at all for Lyme disease to effect multiple family members. Please check your facts. Especially the part where you claim “Chronic Lyme” definitely exists. Modern medicine does not support that theory.

      • Sue

        Maybe you need to check your facts. It’s absolutely not “highly uncommon” for multiple family members to be diagnosed with Lyme in endemic areas. I know the facts, I’ve got 20+ years of continuing education on Lyme, I’ve worked with national leading experts on tick-borne diseases, and I live in a county with one of the highest incidence of Lyme in the country. When you do a tick drag (please educate yourself on that) and over 50% of the ticks test positive for Lyme, it’s very likely that multiple people in that area will be infected, including multiple family members. You should do your research because you’re starting to spread information that is not accurate, just like Yolanda.

      • Cat

        I don’t think Yolanda knows what she has. And I get the feeling her doctor (or doctors) don’t know, either. These symptoms cover a lot of different illnesses. If she is not being honest with her doctors about that stupid Master Cleanse that she’s obsessed with, how are they ever going to pin down a cause?

        I do believe she is sick. But, I believe it’s not caused by just one thing.At this point, she sounds like she is grasping for answers. She needs to be honest with her doctors, and herself.

        By the way, Chronic Lyme was discussed at length in another post. You might want to check YOUR facts about this blogger before YOU make assumptions.

      • tamaratattles

        Sue, you are a moron. The people saying that their whole family has Lyme are not claiming they all fell into a bed of infected ticks. They are claiming to have chronic Lyme WHICH IS NOT A THING. Yolanda has said she got it from a tick but didn’t know. She got it from horseflies WHICH IS NOT A THING. She must have gotten it on a ranch. She passed it to her children, (but not the famous one ) through breast milk 20 years ago. WHICH IS NOT A THING.

        It’s amazing how we could be talking about Ebola here and some fucktard will show up as an expert in the field with fifteen family members with Ebola as well.

        Furthermore, Yolanda LIVES ON THE WEST COAST IN MALIBU. Unless she somehow lived on ranch in the northeast next door to you,

        And 20+ years of continuing education on Lyme disease? You must be a pioneer! ROFLMAO. Please cite some of your journal articles.

        Have a fucking seat.

      • Allison

        yaaasssss TT. Everything you just said.

      • Librarygirl

        On this is can agree, that I know entire families with Lyme, because they are spending time outdoors, hiking, gardening, or just walking around without socks near wooded areas. Everyone checks their pets for ticks after being outdoors. Most of these people are ok, but a handful of them have had lasting problems connected to the disease. I was so hoping that this season would provide a bit of clarity on what is going on with Yo, but what she is saying is highly confusing and her professional advice has been mediocre at best. A big tease is all that this is.

  15. DJFL

    “Anwar says he wouldn’t even know where to start. Oh no he HADIDN’T.” Love the play on words!

  16. Rose

    I’m so tired of the two Lisa’s. Rinna thinks she’s funnier than she really is and the whole waxing was unnecessary madness…yuck. LVP making her pinkness territorial for money, color and head b in charge, along with her swans. I’m glad Eileen brought up the talk behind your back stuff but feat is going to bite her in the butt when Rina hears of it (Erika was listening to them talk Rinna and the M word after Yo left). I had no issues with Yo giving her will to her fam…my Dad did the same thing for us when he had to have major cardiac surgery. It’s reality. What I didn’t understand is Yo walking in the park and up the hill to the lemon orchard like normal. ..was it a feel good day?

    • Jo

      Yeah, what was up with that? Every day David asked her if they could go for a walk and every day she told him she can’t, but the next week she’s walking in the park with the new girl (in exercise clothing) and up a hill like no problem? I mean, she can’t be surprised people are asking questions. She seems to be sick when it suits her and well when it doesn’t.

      And Lisa Rinna….so desperate for attention! Every season she is going to try to identify the most controversial thing she can possibly bring up (Kim’s alcoholism and possible relapse last season, Yolanda’s illness and possible Munchhausen this year), and go for it, because she is no dum dum and knows that you have to stir some shit to be relevant on these shows. Integrity and decency be damned. Hilarious that she claims to feel guilty that she brought up the Munchhausen thing. She knew exactly what she was doing and would go it again in diapers.

      Also agree about the laughing. I’ve never known someone to fake laugh at themselves like she does.

      Kim was right, she needs to eat some bread and calm down.

  17. janet

    Great recap! Very funny! I thought Lisa V was a bit over the top with Erica , asking about her sex life with her husband. I also wouldnt have done the big gasp about the age difference either, as that seems rude to me. I do like Yolanda Foster’s more laid back approach ( i remember the Brandi and the young dutch guy nonjudgementalness ) about age differences with couples, its really no one else’s concern, unless its illegal. Lisa V must be acquiring Ken’s open mouth insert foot Im old and can say whatever I want tobpersonality. I dont care either, that Anwar cant butter toast. Im pretty sure he’ll be fine, and will have servants to do it for him. Im really glad Kim and Brandi are gone now (or at keast downgraded). They were such a downer, and didnt conduct themselves or know how to act.

  18. ZenJen55

    Yo tweeted that she was now using Medical Cannabis Oil and that it made her 60% “cured”. Where do i start or do i just let it simmer….

    I do have a major immune disorder, Post Spleenectomy Complex. My body does not produce natural antibodies. I work on the river in the National Forest. I find ticks on me all the time and never tested positive for Lyme. I do know Lyme is a disease but its treatable.

    I stopped watching all the HW but cant help reading the recaps. Thanks Ben C

    • Uh Oh.
      I’m really afraid if Yolanda starts using medical canabis oil it will just confirm the rumors of “Munchies in House Syndrome” that Rinna is talking about.

      • Meredo

        @Maisey, how do you come up with all this stuff? You are so funny. I would love to hang out with you and just spend the whole time cracking up!

      • Cat

        I still think she has Lemon-Lyme Disease.

      • Queen of the Nile

        Maisey, you are too funny! I have to make sure there’s no wine in my mouth before I read your comments because it’s a waste when I burst out laughing!! Thank you for your delicious humor….

      • Toddy

        Maisey, between this and the Rinna limerick, I’m cracking up! Cheers?

  19. Queen of the Nile

    I’m so over Yolanda and her drama and her ever changing medical stories. Instead of spending time presenting her kids with a will and picking lemons in the orchard, she should hire a makeup artist and have some goddamn eyelashes glued on. Any menopausal 50+ year-old woman looks like crap without some makeup. She just wants to be the center of negative attention and it has gotten tedious. I can’t even listen to the nonsense anymore, and I just hit the fast forward button. Ugh…

  20. Texlady

    I really don’t understand the backlash of the whole “will” scene, other than the obvious made-for-tv drama. My family, extended, and children discuss the “inevitable” on a regular basis. In fact, had a very good discussion, yesterday. I’ve always been of the mind-set to discuss these things in a normal every day setting, when everyone has there emotions and intellect in-tact. I do believe that the whole scene was an edited, producer-promoted, rating’s ploy. But, I see nothing wrong with discussing your final business with your loved ones, whenever the appropriate opportunity presents itself.

    Maybe I’m becoming way too cynical, but these shows following the same pattern is becoming rather boring. I’d much prefer to support, rather than question, anyone in their time of need.

    I’m hoping that Erica Jayne adds a breath of freshness/bad girl, keeping it above the gutter-level (Brandi).

  21. Jo

    This is the most boring season of RHOBH ever, and quite possibly the most boring season of any Housewives ever. Does anyone really care about Lisa V’s animals or Kyle’s store?

    The most interesting thing that is going on is Yolanda’s bizarre illness, but it’s too sad to be enjoyable. I just want to look away and pray for her – and pray that she and her children get in some serious therapy. As Kyle noted, no one doubts that she is genuinely suffering. I think the only question is how much of it is Lyme or some other physiological disease, and how much of it is psychosomatic or purely psychological. If I had to bet money on what is going on, I would say the roots of her illness are physical and probably did start with Lyme. But I also suspect that she has somehow subconsciously found comfort in being sick, focusing on the illness, and getting treatment for the illness, and does now have Munchhausen syndrome. What makes it horribly sad is that we now learn that her kids have also been struggling with this. I worry that this is Munchhausen by Proxy. Not that they never had Lyme, I’m sure they did and it is entirely probable that living on a ranch they were all exposed. But Yolanda may be exaggerating their symptoms in her mind. Ugh. It’s all sad.

    I think they made a huge mistake cutting Brandi and Kim. Well, maybe not Kim – she needed to get her life in order. But there is no one interesting or fun on this show anymore.

    • No on Brandi, forever! The cast can now relax a little and be themselves without being on the defensive all the time with whiny Brandi lying, tossing wine and slapping cast mates.

      • FRENCH

        Agreed, Brandi is not missed, everything she did was to bring fake, really fake drama, she never fit in with BH crew.

  22. Xanadude

    Couple of thoughts:

    Getting the bad feeling that Erika Jayne is one of those ladies who collects gay men like Pokemon and regards them as accessories. Performing at Pride events and making money off of the gay community is not the same as supporting them and their causes. Id love to know if her husbands law firm supported Prop 8.

    Yo looks almost gleeful in her talking was when revealing how her children became infected.

    Erika Jayne’s music is popular with the women who go to gay clubs for bachelor parties, maybe? Because I’ve never heard of her. I can’t imagine having 7 number 1 dance hits and not making a dent anywhere outside of one or two gay clubs, which leads me to think that all the CDs/downloads can be traced to her husband or a shell company owned by her husband. I have the feeling there’s a warehouse full of Erika Jayne CDs all bought by her husband. I know certain authors (esp. of the political variety) where the MO is for a PAC to buy all the available copies of the book (pushing it up the New York Times best seller list) and then regift them in compensation for campaign donations or at campaign rallies. Alaska. Just sayin’ Also a certain dead scifi writer turned religious figurehead. Plus, Erika Jayne is really coveting LVPs title of Queen of WeHo. The side eyes was just too much – you can feel the thirst. Calling her “Diva” made my eyebrows arch. Act your age. You’re a rich older white woman. Just stop. We don’t want to see you pat the puss and appropriate gay culture at the same time. (and incidentally I have no probably with the age difference. Theres a significant age difference between my husband and myself, so, good for them). I cant see Erika Jayne becoming friendly with these women at all.

    Like, buttering bread is HARD
    Like, modeling is HARD.

    Since Yolanda is going for the angelic sympathetic saint route, she links her blog to Ellie’s and has Ellie attack Rinna and David Foster. She says that she doesn’t have the proper words to express. Bullshit. Bullshit bullshit bullshit. Any sympathy you may have had is quickly evaporating into disgust.

    Hadid’t. hehehhehehehehe Good one Ben

    • cobe

      I love you Xanadude. That is all.

      • gapeachinsc

        I know, Cobe – XanaDude is awesome! I’ve never heard of her either and every time they mention her dance hits I wonder why I haven’t heard of her. Perhaps she is just “local” talent? I don’t know. She looks great for her age, but in my opinion she’s a bit “long in the tooth”. I don’t see her becoming friendly with these women either…they just don’t seem to have that much in common with her. I see why she and Yolanda are friends though. They both had the same aspirations earlier in life and it appears they accomplished them.

    • Perhaps Erica IS coming for LVP’s title. That would be interesting to watch at least. Both women seem equally qualified.

      I meant to mention this after the first episode (or was it the second?) when they had LVP throw out the first ball at that game. Why not have someone actually from the gay community do it? What has Lisa done other than “be fabulous” and be a drag queen manqué?
      Open a “gay bar” called PUMP (which doesn’t seem to be a gay bar at all)?

      I don’t dislike LVP, but I don’t understand why she inspires such adoration. The jury’s still out for me on Erica. Actually, both of them seem like 2 peas in a pod, or sisters under the skin.

      So for now I say: let the battle begin and let the best drag queen manqué win!

    • tamaratattles

      Well this ” one of those ladies who collects gay men like Pokemon and regards them as accessories” is offensive and ignorant. A certain faction of gay men have become very demanding of the “fag hags” who have loved them for decades and decided to label us as “collectors” which sayd more about you than us. Others suddenly don’t like the term “my gays” for the same ridiculous reason you suggested. “My gays” is more like saying “my girlfriends” or “my family” than anything. It’s not about a collection of anything other than loved ones. It’s been a term of endearment for years. Now fag hags are fruit flies (as if that is somehow “better”) and LGBT has added sixteen extra letters to be more PC.

      There are many women who build close relationships with gay men because it feels safer than straight men, or other bitchy women. While you are entitled to your opinion, I think Erika’s overt sexuality and her marriage to a man who is probably not really sexually capable as much as she proclaims he is, is a strong indication of why she is married to a man whose dick probably didn’t work that well 16 years ago when she married him and her love for gay men speaks volumes about her younger years.

      Any causes that Erika supports are funded by her husband. He is limited on how much he can donate to political campaigns. But he can donate twice through her.

      I don’t understand your side eye to someone who clearly has close bonds with her gay male friends.

      • Cat

        Most of my friends, male and female, are gay. And probably for the reasons you mentioned.

      • tamaratattles

        I hear you Cat. If it was most anyone else who said that, I would have let it fly. But this whole “collecting gays” thing seems to be the new black and it is extremely offensive.

      • Xanadude

        I reserve the right to change my mind, but my initial impression of Erika Jayne is that she’s insincere and fame hungry.
        There’s a vast difference between a woman primarily having gay friends and a woman who surrounds herself with sycophantic fawning gay men to feed her own narcissism. Based on what I’ve seen, I don’t know into which camp she’s falls, but I hope it is not the latter.

      • Cat

        I know. Lately, I’ve been offending everyone on Facebook. And for the longest time, I didn’t know why. Turns out, someone changed the rules of society when I wasn’t looking. And no one gave me the new rule book.

        Now, I’m trying to adjust to the new game.

      • Cat

        Oops, sorry, Xanadude. My reply was to TT.

        I can’t really make any assessment on Erika. Wish I could. But, I hope you are right, and she falls into the first category.

    • Librarygirl

      You are spot on regarding the NYT best seller list. In every library that I have worked, dozens of copies of Dianetics would appear yearly, lol. We couldn’t give them away as free copies, so they hit the circular file. Also, how do you think that the housewives get to claim that many have NYT best sellers to their credit? It’s all dreck.

      • Librarygirl

        TT l agree with you about this new thing called collecting gays. However, I have to disagree with the term, my gays. I don’t refer to anyone by their color, sexual preference, nationality, or religion. I just have my friends, period. Now, I have to snuggle with my boys,
        Who are both indulging in a tonguing fest before my very eyes. I know that one of them is black and I think the other one may be jewish, because he ignored the Xmas tree.

      • Xanadude

        Better Worlds Books is where all of our…extra…books go to.

  23. Dawn

    I have had my fill of ill Yolanda. No question about it she is sick, mentally sick! She is so upset that she doesn’t look sick enough that going without makeup is her badge of illness. She wants attention and has rallied supporters to help her vilafy anyone that dares to question her.

    Whatever is wrong with her, I hate how she puts it on parade like with the family scene about her will. If she has sincere goals about finding a cure for whatever disease she has decided she has, I think she is going to turn more people off than she will ever prove anything to that is beneficial to humanity. Even David wanted off the ride, I don’t blame him.

    I wish she would quit the show, she has ruined it more than even Brandi. This sick stuff has taken over another Bravo show, be sick on your off camera time like last year, or be on the cutting room floor. I am done!

    Good recap Ben, considering what was there to work with. Even Hanky with the squirts is more interesting than ho-hum Yo.

  24. Denine

    Yolanda has compared Lyme to both AIDS and Congestive Heart Failure in decent weeks, but no one else can compare any illness they’ve suffered to Lyme? Seriously? There’s a double standard at play when it comes to Yolanda and her illness that grates on my nerves!

    • Lisaj

      Remember Amber and Jim (circa Jersey) saying cancer was worse than jail because everyone knows you don’t die from prison right? I’d like to send them a big pile of the wrongful death suits paid out to people who’ve been inside my towns “tent city” with the pink prison garb, thanks Sheriff Joe, but I’m blocked on the Twitter.

      Tamara darling….. I am not joking this time, I’m truly really and honestly having withdrawals from you. I don’t normally reply to others post but I refresh the site at least 50 times a day in hopes you’re back, no offense Ben the BG sympathizer. Whatever can we do to bring you back to the land of gossip? I’d eat bark if I thought it would help.

      • Minky

        @LisaJ That second paragraph of yours looks like it was written by Endora on Bewitched. SO. TOTALLY. LOVED. IT!

  25. Xanadude

    One other thing: Yolanda was getting experimental treatments before she had a full body scan? What the hell? According to Yo, she was jetting all over the world getting a variety of treatments until David put his foot down and said he wasn’t going to allow her to do it until after she had a full body scan, wherein the leaking sililcon was discovered. Back up. You were having experimental procedures, putting g-d knows what into your system, replacing your blood, etc all without ever having done the most basic test that any non-quack doctor will require – a full body scan?
    Bullshit Bullshit bullshit bullshit.

    • More Tea Please!

      How is it that it took almost 4 years to consider the implants?

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        How is it that a woman as wealthy as Yolanda, and as clearly into keeping up her appearance as Yolanda, had 20 year old implants in? It’s almost beyond believable.

      • Minky

        Maybe Yolanda’s just stupid? Or stingy about breast implants? None of this shit makes sense anymore. I can’t handle it. Oh! Remember when these shows used to be fun?

  26. I really enjoyed the entire episode! I finally understand Yolanda’s passion for lemons! Now I want to turn my lemon shrub into a lemon orchard! I totally enjoyed Yolanda’s scenes for once! She seemed pretty vibrant! I really hope she can get her health back! It annoyed me a bit that she brushed off Kyle’s depression! Depression really does hurt! It throws your body into an inflammatory state!

  27. More Tea Please!

    The really weird thing about the will discussion is that Yolanda never once mentioned that those children have a live healthy father who would step in to take care of them in the eventuality of something going wrong during the upcoming surgery.

    • gapeachinsc

      She just seems to be self-serving. She’s beyond ridiculous. I agree with what Cobe and some of the others have said about making sure the viewers see her daughters eat something other than an almond…hence the grilled cheese scene and Gigi commenting that she ate so many (or something like that) and the scene an episode or two ago when she skyped her Mom and she was eating then, too. It seems like “damage control” to me. I wish I hadn’t heard Gigi talk about how difficult it is to be nice and look good or Anwar not knowing how to even begin buttering bread!! At least Anwar must have been kidding, right? And for all we know “the lyme has eaten Gigi’s brain and that’s why it’s so difficult to be nice and look good. But don’t models usually have make up artists who make them look good? So all she really has to do is be nice…must be a real chore!!

  28. Jaana

    Lisa Vanderpump is giving me Vicki Gungalson in that scene meeting Erika: Pretty Girl Hater.

    • janet

      Yeah youre right. Flashy blondes bring out the fangs from some women, though,Iv’e noticed. When my son was in little league , there was a really young step mom who dressed sorta like a porn star, and had long platinum blonde hair that was coming to all the games. Some of the other moms would make snide comments about her make up and what is she hiding. Just bitch stuff that was petty and stupid. I refused to join in, she wasnt hurting anybody. They were just threatened.

      • Jaana

        Plus Erika’s husband is really rich. i think Lisa is going to use that as a jab at her a couple times, like she didn’t marry an already established Ken. Erika doesn’t seem phased and I love that. Go girl.

      • WonkyTonk

        You know what fascinates me about her Janet? When you look at her in her talking heads she looks like a completely different woman than she does when she’s made up like at that meal the ladies where Lisa gets a special tingling in the alpha girl part of her brain.

      • janet

        Oh yeah, the rich older husband doesn’t help with Lisa. Erica is a more extreme trophy wife than Lisa is. Every trophy wife Iv’e ever met, is extremly fixated and addicted to the ego boost of being percieved as more beautiful, and younger, by comparision. They probably care way more than that, than about having sex. I’ll take sex, over that, any day for myself. But we are all different. Erica looks different with the different hairstyles of being flat iron straight and fluffy curled, I think. It will be interesting to see what Erica is like as a person. I think Kyle, is the best one in the group, at giving a new girl a chance. I like that about Kyle. I hate for new people to be treated badly, just by virtue of being new.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      I thought Erika was pretty, then I saw her on my screen for longer than a few seconds. I don’t think that’s it.

  29. kkbella

    Very nice recap Ben. It flowed well, given that I just watched the episode.
    What is with all the vitriol about Yolanda and the kids? Obviously, many of you do not have teens, or you would know all about how Gigi eats burgers. I hear all about the posts on social media, and have, even before she/Bella became known on the B rated show RHOBH-because, teenagers know what is cool before we do.
    Anwar is eating anything and everything at his age and size, as he plays sports, and has muscle mass. That is not gained in the male species at that age without fuel.
    Although these young adults have the world by the ass, they seem well adjusted, mature and polite for their years. What prince does know how to butter his bread? The youngest boy in a family of women (and staff) often gets literally taken care of. Also, I would say that the Palestinian culture of his father’s is also assisting in that vein. (Come over to an Italian household sometime) They don’t know any different unless they are taught. I have had scads of kids in an out of our kitchen, never offering to clear their plate. Of course, that wasn’t due to wealth.
    Lisa R is given the role of stirring it a little bit. So, I’m OK with it.
    I am surprised that all the big animal lovers are not revolting over Lisa VDP forcefully holding that fucking goose (gander?). Anyway, the fucking thing did not want to be held. It’s not that hairless dog.
    I don’t want the trashbag Brandi back, nor the Taylor. If we’re going for BH, then let’s stick to the odd, somewhat tacky ones we’ve got. I want to see money, and how it is spent. Not some leftover flash in the pan from Sacramento trying to hang with the big girls. And drunken, messy, loud fighting? I can watch that any night of the week at the local bar.

    • janet

      I totally agree about Yolanda’s kids. She did good with them. You can see the kindness in their faces. They seem to really love her, and are good to eachother. That is Yolanda’s and Mohammad’s shining glory to me, and they should be very proud. Yolanda’s mom seems really sweet too, and I think that got passed down.

  30. Mel

    I was a little weirded out at how close up they got to Lisas waxing, it was a bit much….we dont need a close up of her crotch in tiny underwear.

  31. therealdeb

    I like Erika, she is a hoot, she knows who she is and she makes no bones about it. Erika knows what they are thinking and she could give a shit, she also isn’t a girls girl, girls are bitches. Yolanda is depressing so i won’t even think about her, or how she is fucking up her kids. Lisa r’s waxing, i responded to up the thread, insanitary and dirty and not needed. The waxer was double dipping and that is wrong and against the law and gross!

  32. Carol

    let’s keep this in context…ALL of these people are weird, must be the money. Lisa V wants to marry her swan, Lisa R. is getting waxed on TV, Erika is doing a pussy wave…must I go on. Is Yolanda and her fam weird? Well yes, but no more so than the Kardashians Jenners Faye Resnick . I think they are all aliens myself. Is like watching SyFy what will the freaks do next and now super alien Taylor’s UFO has arrived with a new husband. After all she went thru, I just don’t understand how she could possibly do this. I would not revisit being on RHBH for all the money in the world after her and her childs tragic loss. Strange people.

    • therealdeb

      Taylor is shadier than Pheadra and her pregnancy. She is a con artist and a liar. If you research her you will find out all kinds of shit. I have always thought she made up the stories of abuse and that she killed her husband.

      • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

        I agree!

      • janet

        Ditto. I felt Taylor relished Russell being out of the picture (dead), way too much. She’s full on calculated looney tunes, mega materialistic, entitled ugly mean. She either had him killed or drove him to it, is my gut feeling about it, despite having no proof of it at all.

      • LisaPat

        Go back in the archives here and read the whole Russell armstrong story. His sister speaks up and its all here and fasinating!! I got hooked on TT’s last hiatus.

      • Spilledperfume

        I have to start flagging these comments so I can remember to go back and read some of Tamara’s older posts since I’m so new here.

  33. jennbug

    I am super late to the party…and I have no idea what is actually ailing Yolanda. Just throwing in my 2 cents …. I live in Massachusetts. When I took a trip on a ferry to Nantucket (which is crawling w/tics that carry Lyme) there was a man on the boat who went over tips on how to avoid tics and/or remove them. When I moved from Boston to the Cape my dog came home with tics on him frequently. We took precautions. Just saying living on a horse ranch isn’t an excuse. I got a friggin lesson on a day trip!

    • LisaPat

      I live in PA and have my whole life and dont know a single person with lyme disease. I mention that because Ive been reading so much about this illness lately (thanks Yo!) and PA is repeatedly mentioned as one of the northeastern states where ticks are prevalent. Yet Ive never taken a class, saw a PSA on local news, read a warning in the post gazette, nada. Maybe I shouldve taken a boat trip like you in order to learn to protect myself? I’m all itchy now. Yikes.

      • LisaPat

        I just wanted to add that I do recall a HUGE West Nile craze a few years back. Darn mosquitos is all anyone talked about for an entire summer! But, nada on the Lymes!!

      • Allison

        I live in Connecticut, the home of Lyme Disease (you’re welcome, world) and only know 2 people with it. Under some theories, I should only know 2 people WITHOUT it.

    • Allison

      omg-I am not the grammar police by any means-but ticKs ticKs ticKs. When I read your post and see Ticks without a K- all I can picture is little tic-tacs. Sorry-I’ll have a seat and continue reading.

      • jennbug

        I get it. Incorrect spelling/grammar drives me nuts. For some reason I continued to have tick autocorrected to tic and I got sick of correcting it. Misspellings are sooo annoying. Also, I just believed damn autocorrect and second guessed myself…after rereading to make sure my grammar was correct several times. Never believe the computer, you guys! ?

      • Allison

        Thank you for not taking offense-I wasnt trying to be an ass, I swear. I just kept visualizing little tic tacs, or uncontrollable twitches 😉 completely my own issue, I know. I figured it was an auto-correct!

      • Gabriella

        And also @jennbug: I think a tic is an uncontrollable twitch, normally on the face.

  34. Hanky is so faking the belly ache.

  35. Spilledperfume

    The waxing scene with Lisa R. didn’t phase me. I was actually curious to see it because I want to try it but as someone else mentioned it’s unsanitary if they double dip and I know that they double dip where I live (NY.) They’re too cheap to keep changing the wooden applicators.

  36. Clouds

    It sounds so fishy to me that all her kids EXCEPT for Gigi have Lyme and Gigi is the famous one. I would imagine it wouldn’t look good for her in the model industry to have lyme disease. I know the other two are models but Gigi is the big one with Maybelline and Victoria Secret

  37. Xanadude

    It’s bad when Yo’s storyline makes us wistful for Season 1, when Camille was a National Spokesman for IBS.

    • Margarett

      Ain’t it the truth? LOL IBs sounds like a welcome relief.

      Happy 2016, Xanadude ! I always enjoy your recaps and comments,

  38. Chloe

    I’m usually not a cynic and take things at face value, but I am having a very hard time believing that she’s had those implants for 20 years and never had them replaced or at the very least checked out for the possibility of ruptures. Has she never had a mammogram in the past 20 years? Has her gynecologist never discussed these issues with her?

    And what is with the story that she has to go somewhere in the Midwest to have this operation because there are no doctors in LA that are experienced in breast implant surgery and the complications of ruptures? I would think there would be plenty of doctors that are experienced since its the land of fake tits.

    Then she mentioned having her lymph nodes removed. There can be serious complications from that if it is even true she is having the nodes removed. I hope her doctor tells her that she better give up her lemon trees or at least wear gloves so she doesn’t get lymphedema.

    I’m wondering if she’s planning a lawsuit over her implants and had to find a doctor out of town that is willing to go along with her. Erica’s husband can represent her.

    Since she says she won’t even do botox anymore, I expect her to be flat chested in the episode after her operation.

  39. tlcory

    Heck with the show, I want COBE and Eric to meet for lunch and have it filmed! Lol jk. Happy New Year Everyone!

    • tamaratattles

      They would probably just make out.

      • cobe

        I don’t make out with anyone anymore. I’m terrified to catch PTCLDS.

      • I don’t blame you, cobe. Look what all of Lisa’s smooching did to Hanky!

      • Spilledperfume

        cobe, What is PTCLDS?

      • Cat

        PTCLDS: Post Treatment Chronic Lyme Disease Syndrome?

      • cobe


        It is whatever you want it to be.

        Vast internet research by dubious doctors shows that it is most common in swaths near Eric ShihTzu however.

        Unless you are armed with nine million herbal medications and bring a long a drunk guy with a medical degree (and significant debt so that he will say whatever you want him to for a few bucks), as well as a former call girl health advocate, STAY AWAY.

        PTCLDS (also known as ShihTzu-itis) is never deadly, but it does produce a wide range of symptoms, including (but certainly not limited to) uncontrollable snark, random bitchiness, and romantic feelings for Spike, the Christmas Cactus formerly known as Prickster.

        SAVE YOURSELF!!!

  40. Josie

    Miss TT do you have any tea on who Kathy Hilton was referring to when she tweeted that she knows the “gardener” is who is planting the stories in the press about her family? I would love to hear your take on this.

    • cobe

      Hey TT!! I second Josie’s question!!

      My guess is that it is Brandi who is selling things, but Kathy believes it is LVP.

      Kathy seems to be very easily manipulated.

      Because of the timing of her tweet, I have a feeling it had something to do with Rick thinking Kyle was leaving Real Housewives (which we all know isn’t going to happen without chains, locks, and Bill Cosby on standby).

      By the way, for any of you celebs out there, the best way to tell who is spreading a story is to feed crazy, out there stories, a different one to each of the suspects and then sit back and watch.

      You will flush out the snitch and also make them look like a fool if/when you decide to counter the story with facts.

      Just a basic primer in PR.

  41. Dracla Dunning

    Oh Cobe,
    You are cracking me up. This laughter is a good start to the New Year.
    Erickzku is frequently on the rag. Forgive him.
    Love you.

    • cobe

      Thanks Dracla.

      Eric doesn’t need forgiveness for being himself.

      I hope he doesn’t mind my teasing, I’m just having fun.

      Happy 2016 to everyone!!

  42. Carol

    Just saw the episode again that Eileen told Yolanda Lisa R.’s been smack talkin….I wish Kyle would see that this is the exact same thing that Kim was talking about. Lisa R. can’t keep her big lips shut. She crosses the line. I was waiting for Kyle to talk to the camera and relate it to what happened with Kim. I kinda think Eileen knew what she was doing bringing that up to Yolanda since she needs
    something to talk about. I also didn’t like her chuckling when Erika said her husbands age. At least they were 2 single people that got together and not married to other people Eileen.

    • janet

      Well, that’s true. I like Eileen, but her and Vince did not come together in a good way. Iv’e allways felt it is wrong to divorce , just because you want somebody different, and not because you want a divorce on your own unhappiness, without someone’s influence on you. Just because they informed their spouses ahead of time, (not sure I buy that), doesn’t make it right or not a betrayal of their spouse and kids. I agree it was stupid to make a big gasp about the age difference in Erika’s marriage. I would have been ok, whatever. Who cares. I’m not going to insult the husband or glorify her. If Erika wanted a big reaction even, she wouldn’t get it from me.

  43. jen

    I am enjoying this season. It is fun except: Lisa R seems to be trying way to hard. What is her deal? And too much Yolanda talk. Making it the ” focus” is takey and didn’t we just do this Bravo with Brooks? Let her story play out with her IN it besides the girls gossiping please! And finally Erika bugs me. Just doesn’t fit in.

    I am loving Kyle and Lisa V this season and overall great season.

    • jen

      Oh and loving Eileen but she seems kind of off this season. Sad kind of. Love her though. Kyle is pretty funny this season. Its nice to see her happy.

  44. Cat

    I know this thread is pretty well exhausted, but I just had to share this news.

    I have been having blood pressure issues. I keep telling my doctors I think it’s anxiety and panic attacks, but they seem to be afraid to admit I’m right.

    I found out today, my cardiologist has given me a new diagnosis. Get ready….


    I am NOT kidding. This is actually in my chart. We can now add WCS to the list of illnesses that do not really exist.

    • I have White Coat Syndrome too! My blood pressure always goes higher at my doctor’s office. I see her every 3 months for my blood pressure, etc. Of course they take my bp right after they weigh me, so it’s not a surprise, it goes shooting up. She usually takes it again at the end of our meeting and it goes down.

      • Cat

        I hate it. And I was wondering why the nurses kept saying “No white coats here today”. Must’ve been really funny to them. Bitches.

        At least I’m not pretending it’s not anxiety. (Like Yolanda) Call it what it is.Anxiety and panic attacks.

      • Seriously bitches. I am really lucky that the nurses are all sweet at my doctor’s office, but my bp still goes up, just worrying if my bp is going to go up.

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