Check Out This Yolanda Foster Timeline….

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So some idiot comes on my site claiming to by a Lyme Disease expert. She is now a window licker. As I am still on a vacation from all of t this crap, and because I know more about Lyme Disease and “Chronic Lyme Disease” than I ever wanted to know…

So here is a three part series on another site that will break it all down for you.

Check out all three parts at the end of reading. Still think Lisa Rinna was not told by production to uncover this?


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  1. Just Saying

    I believe she is sick but not with Lyme. IMO she is sick from her leaking implants which once remove she started feeling better. I read the articles but I’m no Lyme expert. All I can say is my daughter had Lyme which was caught during stage one because the rash was there however my cousin got pretty sick before being diagnosed however using Iv antibiotics helped her back to health and it didn’t take 3 years

    • Cat

      I agree. I think it’s a combination of things.

      I don’t think the flip-flopping is fake, though. I truly think she is confused, and frantic to find answers. She really needs to understand, though, that taking so many herbs can hurt her, rather than help her. And she needs to dump that lemony Master Cleanse. It’s dangerous, if done for too long.

      What she really needs is a good cheeseburger. That’s a start. Eat SOMETHING.

    • I’m curious what exactly the complications are when implants leak. What are the symptoms? Are they similar to what she’s reporting?

    • Twilly

      I have felt it was her implants too and she is in too deep. It’s psychosomatic now.

  2. JohnnyIkon

    This b**** is screwed. Even the “miraculous recovery” she’s staging on Instagram won’t save her now, I think fans are going to tar her with the Brooks brush now. She’s done.

  3. Cat

    Wow, what great info. And you didn’t even have to post your resume. :)

    I realized tonight, posting your resume in comments is a great way to apply for a special seat in the WLS.

  4. LisaPat

    I did not know any of that.. so my question is, when did Yo have those original symptoms that truly diagnose Lyme, like the rash and flu-like symptoms? Is Yo saying she didnt notice the original Lyme syptoms or that she never had them? If she never had them, then she may not have Lyme at all. Is that right? Right now she is sufferring in the post-lyme faze.. but she isnt calling it post lyme. Right? Im so confused. Probably wrong.

    • Matzah60

      I agree with everyone’s comments about your posting Tamara and about Yolanda’s problem, particularly with her timeline. I think that flip flopping, as another poster wrote along with the fact that she has made statements that she gave birth to Anwar; then saying that she may have passed Lyme’s to her children when she was breastfeeding…..has diminished her credibility. It is all she ever talks about, ad nauseum. I find that the most disturbing. I have had and have known others with cancer which has a much higher possibility of being terminal and/or disabling and they don’t spend each minute of their life playing the victim or making their children/family feel sorry for her. She seems to be instilling this horrible fear in her children’s lives and her own mother. I don’t care for the pity party. I feel for Yolanda if she is truly sick and hope for a full recovery for her, but if she is using this ‘illness’ for a storyline or to elicit sympathy, then I guess her real illness is mental illness and I hope she gets the psychiatric care that she needs. Either way, this story is getting old, at least for myself, I am tired of hearing about it on the show.

      • Matzah60

        sorry, that Yo made statements that she got Lyme when Anwar was born.
        Yo’s doctors who are MD’s have all been suspended, reprimanded or placed on probation for various practices that were illegal or improper. Like her friend, Suzanne Somers, who wrote a book about bioidenticals and backing up her research by many doctors who were reprimanded by the AMA. Like attracts like.

        By the way, thank you very much for the link full of great information, Tamara. Hope Banjo had a full recovery and you are feeling and doing well!!! Happy New Year!!

      • Denine

        Actually what she said is very spefic, erroneous and dangerous. She stated that by breastfeeding with implants her children’s immune systems were suppressed/compromised and that studies back up her claim, and that’s factually inaccurate. There is no such study and I know this because I have been researching explant surgery for about three years now on Real Self, have studied the literature extensively including medical issues associated with those who have had implants long term.

        What bothers me most about Yolanda is that she never has to back up her claims with any verifiable evidence or links to studies. She simply runs her mouth, and is believed.

        What she hasn’t explained? Why only two of her three children are immuno compromised and not all three?

      • Sherry

        Deine, yes that is what I thought I heard her say also. I was about to go rematch it…thank you! She had been taking about her breast implants and breastfeeding.

        I loved reading the link. Wow, that is why it is so confusing with her because nothing she is saying is adding up. I haven’t kept track of her time line and the things she said, so that was super interesting.

        It’s all very sad….all the misinformation.

      • cobe

        Matzah, Denine, and Sherry,


        This is exactly what I wish I had said. There are so many lies, changes, and new reasons that it has finally convinced me that she really has a mental illness.

        Maybe something physical IS wrong, but most folks with a physical illness handle it with dignity and privacy.

      • LisaPat

        See thats where it gets crazy to me, and innappropriately funny. She contracted Lyme sometime between 2010 and 2012, acoording to the timeline. Her children are teens.. so unless they were breast feeding up until a few years ago, how could she have given it to them through breast milk?

      • I don’t know if Yolanda is sick or not, I hope she’s not. I wouldn’t wish for any one human to have an illness as elusive as this seems to be. Having said that, Yolanda did give birth to all 3 of her children and she didn’t say she passed it to her kids thru breast feeding she referenced research about that; she said her children was raised on a farm until 4 years ago, hence tick bite, Lyme disease. I have seen on IG plenty of pics, I think the trip Bravo showed with her and David explains a lot of that, she clearly didn’t feel the best but made the efforts to be with her husband and do things with him on their trip, where she took pics. A smile can hide plenty doesn’t mean she felt great and snapped a pic. I feel she pushes thru the best she can, I’m afraid to judge people I don’t know I’d hate to accuse someone and then karma come around, what if you or others who doubt this get something that makes u sick and no one can make u feel better. You’d have to smile at Christmas, for example with your kids, take a pic and smile then of course you would no doubt post it somewhere. Not meaning to be rude. I just think it’s easy for people that don’t know a situation to pass judgment and yes I get she’s on a reality show. I think, Yolanda tries to be open about her life and does very well with what the haters have to say.

      • It seems like her problems are pretty much all self induced, with the exception of depression and menopause as possibly causing some real problems, but it seems her obsession with her health has made her a LOT sicker than where she started. What’s most interesting about the timeline is how vibrant and healthy she was in her first seasons on rhobh. I didn’t realize that was when all this supposedly started. With all she’s put her body through in the last few years, I’d be surprised if she WASN’T sick. Whether it’s her implants, cleanses, enemas, irradiating her blood or what have you, I don’t think the munchausens theory is very far off. At the very least, she has a pretty debilitating case of hypochondria, with a bit of affluenza thrown in to exacerbate the problem. I’m sure she doesn’t feel well and is indeed suffering, but I think a good therapist is her best hope for getting back to good health.

      • cobe


        I don’t think a single person on this site believes that Yolanda is healthy. Whether it is a mental illness, a personality disorder, or a physical illness (or some horrible combination of the three), she is clearly suffering.

        Where she loses people is in her (easily verifiable) lies, attention seeking, and emotional (and financial) manipulation.

        Pointing these things out is not “being a hater”, it is a natural human defense to these types of malignant personalities.

        Ill people deserve help and understanding. But to get the RIGHT help, accurate diagnoses need to be made, not SELF diagnoses or PURCHASED diagnoses.

        Using a real (or imagined) illness as a shield to bully through or manipulate other people is a sign of a dangerous person.

        As human beings, we have the right and THE RESPONSIBILITY to question things when they do not add up.

        Her BS does not add up.

        Fortunately, we as viewers do not have to pay the expense of the actual Yolanda. But discussions like these sharpen our intuition and ability to steer clear of other folks with Yolanda’s propensities.

        Yolanda has put out a siren call for the viewers to believe she is ill. I think every single one of us does. Because we don’t automatically check into every absurd thing she states does not make us haters.

        You have chosen to believe what she has said, and that is your right as a thinking individual. My take is that your response is more sympathetically induced than logical. Again, that is your right. For me, it is important to get as accurate a read on someone as possible to protect from the type of user that loves to play this game. We have chosen different paths and I am happy with mine. No hate, just love.

        My Karma is clear.

      • Matzah60

        Right on, Cobe! You summed up Yo’s problems so accurately and explained it better than anyone has to date!! Thank you!!!

      • Cat

        LDaniels: You don’t want to pass judgement, but refer to us as “haters”? OK.

        Time for me to climb back up into my tree. Before I say something I will regret. My Karma is clear, too.

      • Angel(?)

        @LDaniels … be careful what you state when correcting others. You stated “… she said her children was raised on a farm until 4 years ago, hence tick bite, Lyme disease”. Am I suppose to believe that Mohammed lived on a horse farm? They lived in a mansion in Santa Barbara with one Arabian horse. Yolanda doesn’t always paint a clear picture.

    • LisaPat I think we r all confused. I like reading the comments to see so many different thoughts about all this but I’ve always had a fear of accusing someone of faking it etc. What if one of them get an illness that no one can fix then there they were accusing someone of faking. I think she’s sick. I think she tries to put a smile on and go forward as best she can. Alot can hide behind a smile in a pic. I’m going to have to have a lot more proof before I start doubting someone I don’t know. Makes for a good thread though!

      • Cat

        I agree with cobe.

        And I found your comment highly insulting. I, for one, am not confused. I am also not a hater.

        Remember this thread when people come forward, saying they lost someone because of YOLANDA’S “medical” advice.

        That’s all. I will stop now. You have made me very angry with your sweeping judgements of the people here.

  5. JoJoFLL

    This is so sad. I think it is a combination of leaking implants and menopause.

    • Denine

      Yes, leaking implants particularly if she is being truthful and the silicone has reached her lymph nodes, are likely the cause of much of her physical symptoms. However I find it hard to believe this is the first time she’s heard her implants are ruptured. She’s 51 and should at least have at a baseline breast exam at 40 and a second at 45. Why didn’t she at least have them removed and replaced then?

      • Denine

        By the way, for most of us, but certainly not all, the leakage is confined to the pocket formed by the scar tissue around the implant. For the rest, it can travel and be removed, and no Cleveland isn’t the only place to have this done. Dr. Dubrow right there in Bev Hills has had great success.

  6. claire

    Very interesting read. Since there’s been so much flip-flopping is Yo now saying she’s 100% cured? I’ve been wondering about her pending divorce and Cali law surrounding support payments for ill spouses. Hmmm…

    • Matzah60

      Yes, seems the most likely reason for this never-ending story and a hypothetical that Tamara brought up in a brilliant post not too long ago. Check out in the search bar

  7. claire

    Her conditions – whatever they may be – definitely fall into the mental health category IMO.

  8. kkbella

    Jesus Maria. I am a strong supporter and admirer of you TT as I think you know. This is not your style or a beacon for justice. Kinda stupid really. You should have waited until after your rest to do this before unloading it here from this “source”. Rethink and repost. If not, I will take my seat. Best as always.

    • Cat

      I disagree. I thought it was quite informative. No one on that site or here claimed to be a doctor, but the site gave enough information that we could easily google if we require more detailed info.

      If TT were to write the article herself, she would simply be rehashing from the original post. Easier (and safer) to link to the site, and give credit where credit is due.

      • kkbella

        Let’s be clear: this “research” is anything but- this blogger takes crap from the Internet, and uses it as fact. Stuff from bravo TV shows as fact. She/he/it has seen no records, conducted zero depositions. It’s like that defunct Fame Horga website. A case built on Internet info. (Is it Fame on a breakout attempt?)

        The facts about Lyme are wrong as well. There is conflict in the medical communities in the US and Europe about Lyme. Look at Lyme in the UK. Diagnosis and treatment differ.
        The thing that really pisses me off is that this blogger claims she is worried about all of those out there getting misinformation – so they don’t harm themselves. Fuck that. This blogger wants attention as well – for itself. She/he could give a fig about Yolanda. Or you.
        I expect more from TT. Look at breakdowns of Jodi Arias trial. Real facts and evidence. This is shallow shit. And I, because I have been spoiled here, expect responsible information. This is substandard and inflammatory.

      • Damn, Cat—–up the tree, down the tree, up the tree, down the tree…..

        You might be getting tired but keep it up— you’re doing a damn good job!

      • Denine

        I guess we’re not supposed to notice her links imbedded in the posts? I too found it very informative.

      • WonkyTonk

        CLD Is not an acknowledged disease and isn’t coded in the ICD-10. To call something chronic Lyme disease and state one has it without ever having been diagnosed with actual Lyme disease reads to me like desperation for acknowledgement of “something” they know they can’t get acknowledged another way. The explanations for the difference between Lyme Disease, Chronic Lyme Disease, and Post-Treatment Chronic Lyme Disease Syndrome were helpful. LD, and PTCLD are legit, CLD not so much. But more than that Yolanda is indicted by her ever shifting timeline, her own words convict her as a liar. She can’t drive, but she’s driving, she can’t read, but she’s blogging and posting online seen in pictures reading a tome. She has a foggy mind it’s affecting her cognitive abilities, but when you read her blog about her condition and the merits of CLD it’s extremely well reasoned, and worded, just conveniently omitting any countervailing data. When you see her on the show you see her intentionally trying to make out she’s sicker than she actually is like fainting on the bed just before the other ladies enter the bedroom, or showing up at events with no makeup for that haggard appearance. I swear last night it looked like the black under her eyes was makeup. That speaks to intent to deceive, or at the least to create an impression that one wouldn’t otherwise come to. Also this isn’t a court of law it’s an internet Blog so the standard is more like most of the evidence tends to indicate a thing is so. I’m not a medical practitioner, but that blogger gave me enough information to form a reasonable opinion. As for CLD until it ends up in the ICD it’s not legit. What she needs is a psychiatrist.

      • WonkyTonk

        Maisey, Funny T tasked her with it and she said she would, but I get this picture of a disgusted cat coming down the tree saying God Damn it Now What?!

      • tamaratattles


        You have been inching your way to the WLS ever since you decided to tell Ben C he shouldn’t use hashtags in his RHOBH recaps. Now this. You seem terribly disappointed in the quality of services you receive here.

        If you had read even the first commenting rule, you would know that I don’t give a shit about what and how you would like the posts to be here.

        1. Telling Me How to Blog or What to Blog About

        While I am always open to hearing about what interests you, this blog is extremely time-consuming. I spend well over 12 hours a day maintaining this blog, doing tedious and boring technical stuff, researching topics and of course writing posts. Because this blog is mine, I determine what I post about and what opinions of mine I include. I am not your personal blogger who blogs at your pleasure.

        You seem to think that the excellent blog that I linked to should be a medical journal. It is not. It is a timeline of the dozens of whackadoodle treatments that Yolanda has had. The source is YOLANDA. That blogger, who you also feel the need to insult has gone to a great deal of trouble to sort through tons of Yo’s social media to try to place things in chronological order.

        You seem to think I should have stolen that bloggers work and placed it here as my own, and done so according to some sort of method you think is best. Again, a simple reading of the comments, or a history of reading here would let you know that I always credit other blogs and I respect the time that it took to write those three posts.

        Now I’m going to escort you to the WLS where you can whine to your heart’s content about the standards of writings here and your ridiculous “expectations.” I wish you the best in your journey to find your personal blogger who will take down posts you don’t like and repost them to your specifications.

      • Cat

        Maisey: Climbing up and down the tree keeps my claws sharp. And, I was just about to use them. But, I was taking a catnap, so TT stepped in instead. And channeling Banjo, she used kkbella as a chew toy. :)

        Kkbella made it to the WLS…without posting a resume.

        Good. I like this blog just the way it is. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here.

      • Kkbella, let me fill you in on a secret. No one here or the blogger who posted this are claiming to be doing medical research. We’re discussing a woman who is on a reality show and all over social media documenting her “journey”. We are allowed to discuss and have opinions last I checked.

    • Lisaj

      Bullshit! It’s timely and accurate and after the miracle cure aka divorce settlement, she needs a 5150 as much as Kim now!

    • Suzanne D

      Actually, all the medical information is easily accessible and posted on the CDC’s website. As an RN, I can confirm that all the medical information shared on that blogger’s site was correct. I have been referring to the real facts about Lyme Disease and that there is no such illness as Chronic Lyme Disease on most of my comments on posts about Yolanda’s quest for a cure. I also think it is very morally and ethically irresponsible for people in the public’s eye to promote voodoo treatments and advertise quack doctors and providers who have no training or certifications in health care. Like her health coach. Sadly, many people listen to anything they hear on TV or in the media.

  9. Dawn

    I suspect many self proclaimed medical experts and organizations are in line for Hadid Foster money. They want to be the one given credit for her cure and happy to give her any award she likes, for a nice mention and donation.

    This is a very extensive report comparing what a lot of us have been curious about. This confirms that a lot of things just don’t add up. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Espi

    Very long three posts but worth it. I too, now know far more about Lyme than I would like. I think the third post is what we as viewers have trouble with the most… What does she have to gain for all the bogus claims?

    • Matzah60

      Attention, the Limelight (Pun intended). A great divorce settlement (speculation). The show was filmed before the divorce announcement on December 1, 2015. It has become clear in her talking heads, particularly on the last episode, that Yo is not certain that her marriage is going to survive. She was even clearer in her Bravo blog that David gets annoyed or impatient sometimes and that David is ‘entitled’ to feel that way. At some point, either in a TH or on her blog, Yo said, “Either we’re going to make it or we’re not.” It seems to me, and more eloquently stated by Tamara on the day of the divorce announcement that she (TT) suspected that something was brewing back in 2014 indicating a separation or the signs of a divorce in sight for the two.

      Actually, when Yolanda came onto the show, David Foster did an interview in Canada with a well-known magazine. He stated then that the real reason Yo came on the show was to get her own lifestyle show, akin to Martha Stewart. David did a subsequent interview wherein he said that Yo thought the ladies on RHBH were a “bunch of clowns.” In fact, at the last reunion, Andy directed a question at Yo about this comment. I don’t remember the particular answer she gave, but Andy clearly brought attention to said comment that David Foster made in an interview.

      Furthermore, Tamara wrote a fantastic post on January 17, 2015 titled, “Yolanda Struggles with Serious Chronic Lyme Disease Relapse.” which was subsequently updated with a link to a Daily Beast article. This article was written by a legitimate MD, a pediatrician in New England. The article was kind and fair-minded, but spoke to the ‘diagnosis’ by Dr. Russell Sanders (noted in the Daily Beast article and also, by Andy Cohen at the last RHBH reunion where Yo spend a very abbreviated time in the first part of the reunion viewing. Saunders said, “Unlike some prominent doctors, I am reluctant to make diagnoses of patients I have never examined. I don’t know what she is suffering from, and I have no reason to doubt that she is truly suffering from something.
      But with all that said, I have grave concerns that she’s getting treated for a condition that doesn’t really exist.” His closing remarks were similar to many of the posters here and were points made in Tamara’s posting today titled, “Check Out this Yolanda Foster Timeline.” Said remarks from the Daily Beast, linked in the article written by TT on Jan 17, 2015 stated, “Whatever the source of Foster’s problems, I hope she finds her way to a medical provider who can address it properly. I have serious qualms about the people to whom she has turned for help, but that doesn’t mean I wish her anything but well. Yet I believe she is being taken for a very expensive ride, and one that nobody else should join her on. Chronic Lyme disease has no grounding in science, and no amount of celebrity attention can alter that fact.”

  11. Rose

    I read all the of the articles and I’m floored by the time line of various treatments. I don’t follow Yo on social media and rely on updates here for that. The whole Lyme thing is confusing but she definitely has something. My belief has always been she keeps overlapping all of these treatments without allowing time for anything to actually work and in my opinion is destroying her body intheprocess. I think she’s doing all this experimental and alternative treatment because of her friends like her health advocate, Suzanne Sommers, etc. If those people in the article are really her doctors they rate high on my quackery meter. I continue to say she needs to go to a reliable medical center for a complete physical and mental evaluation and if it’s not Lyme admit it. Others truly suffering with Lyme, chronic Lyme or post treatment Lyme deserve that since they aren’t able nor have the luxury to spend or do everything she does. I continue to wish her well.

    • WonkyTonk

      Exactly Rose. She needs one competent physician to wean her off all the crap she’s on, and treatments she’s getting, establish a baseline, and then come up with a treatment plan from there.

  12. Angel(?)

    I don’t know what more you can do for your commenters TT. You have placed bread crumbs for us so many times, but still some don’t get it. Yolanda Foster does not have Chronic Lyme Disease people. It doesn’t exist.

    I know this will pissed off a few but at this point I pray that Yo is “outed” just as Brooks was. I am just tired of her superiority and hypocrisy. I almost want Brandi back! ?

    • MzKRB

      Now wait a minute. You are taking it a little damn far with the Brandi stuff. 😉

    • Toddy

      Oh, but no, Angel(?). That’s like saying Candyman three times in front of a mirror… You just don’t do it!

    • janet

      It would be interesting to get a psycholigical evaluation done on Yolanda, and see what that would reveal. But , I’m pretty sure she feels she’s just fine in that department. Personally, I can spot when someone enjoys the being “sick” thing, and I believe its either a leftover issue from childhood, a manipulation maneuver, or a combination of the two. Their facial expression or voice at times betrays them. They will smile at weird times when reciting their health woes, and their voice will take on a note of pride or satisfaction in listing all the tests and monitoring devices they wear and all the drugs they take.

      • cobe

        Janet, that smile is called “duper’s delight”. It is also a very effective way to tell when someone is lying to you. If you have a natural eye for it, it can be lifesaving. Literally lifesaving.

      • Sweet T

        There were a couple of times, though I cannot remember the specific moment, when I saw a little light in her eye and a smile smile of glee. It was these two moments that I decided she was enjoying this process too much.

      • Minky

        Well, just look at the photo that’s at the start of this post. Isn’t she smiling there? She’s leaning over that collection of medicines beaming as if she were Captain Ahab being photographed next to a dead Moby Dick. If the look on her face there ain’t pride, then I don’t know what else it could be.

        I like to read faces and I’ve been told I’m pretty good at it. To me, in her “poor me I’m sick” pictures, Yolanda has the face of a mean, conniving, spoiled little girl. She has sunken in, dark rimmed, plotting villain eyes. The weird thing is that this goes almost totally unnoticed when she’s wearing makeup. The lack of makeup reveals the true personality. It’s like taking off a mask.

      • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

        Yes! Completely agree Janet – she does have this little hint of a smile when discussing treatments etc and conversely a hint of anger when anyone asks a question, even benign normal queries that most would raise in a similar conversation.

  13. Those were fantastic articles, TT. Thank you. So happy I ma fast forwarding Yolanda.

  14. Lisaj

    Munchausen is still my vote now more than ever.

  15. Trashbox

    That article had a shout out to your other favorite medical pioneer housewife, Jacqueline!

  16. DutchTulip

    Since Yolanda was born in Holland.. I have always wondered… actually found it very strange that she never mentioned seeking treatment in her native country.

    Holland also has some of the best Doctors in the world.
    My take on that is that she would not… because they would tell Yolanda in the Dutch language that she was practicing:

    K w a k z a l v e r i j….

    The Dutch are… straight shooters.!!!

    • cobe

      Dutch, agreed. The whole thing seems strange. Also, when she claimed she was “supporting her family back in Holland”. Doesn’t Holland have pretty liberal welfare policies?

      Maybe she’s sending some extra money back there, but I don’t think anyone external has to support a Dutch citizen.

      • DutchTulip

        Hi Cobe… Happy New Year!!!
        In most cultures…children do financially support their parents and often help pay for the education of brothers and sisters.. or nieces/nephews.

        I pay for my parents… i.e.. to fly First Class or Business Class… when traveling… and I am not rich. Just a hard worker…

        I assume that Yolanda meant… that she financially supports her Mommy and brother.. with big purchases (cars) or their travels… luxury items, etc…

        Yolanda after all is …. really …. VERY RICH…!!!

      • cobe

        Dutch, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt on this one. Just seems strange that when she could have said “I help them out”, she used the words “I support them”, which implies that she provides for their basic necessities.

        Also strange that she would even bring it up instead of just doing it privately.

        But, again, I’ll just throw that into the pile of red flags I have about her.

      • DutchTulip

        Yolanda and I speak the same native language and sometimes our translations are not up to par with the English language. Please FORGIVE US.

        Thus.. she misspoke when she mentioned “taking care of her MOM vs. Financially SUPPORTING her MOM.”

        However, in Holland we must learn and also graduate in 3 foreign languages: English, German and French…. a lot to remember when we have to speak them.


  17. Angel(?)

    Who thinks that after Yolanda reads this, she will begin to use the term PTCLDS?

    • Angel(?), that’s exactly what I was thinking. I bet she will start calling it PTCLDS.

      • cobe

        Angel and Lisa, you nailed it.

        Her diagnoses and what she calls them change with the wind. When she is challenged on one, it becomes something else. Thus Lyme turned into CLD turned into implants turned into Q disease turned into other bacteria.

        She doesn’t have doctors, she has enablers with medical degrees (sometimes) who are happy to grab the cash.

        This really really harms sufferers of chronic and invisible illnesses by basically making actual sufferers look like this manipulative woman.

      • Onawin

        I thought her mother cancer had returned and she was on her death bed. Didn’t she make the statement she could only afford one horse.

  18. cobe

    People repeat practices that have rewarded them in the past.

    I have to say that the most enlightening information on this situation was finding out about the “broken back” and “one year of recovery” after Anwar’s birth. That sealed it for me.

    I waver between Munchausen (in which the person KNOWS they are not sick, but play it up) and just plain old hypochondria (where she really thinks she is sick).

    I still think something might have been wrong (implants or menopause?) and she just turned a simple fix into a worldwide “Yolanda’s dying” tour.

    The timeline shows the ridiculous nature of Yolanda’s claims and also points to some specific areas that suggest Munchausen. Namely, changing the diagnosis when one thing has been treated, being very defensive when symptoms are questioned, seeking many different doctors, and not coordinating care between specialists.

    My interest in watching her is in watching a mental illness unfold before my eyes. It’s fascinating. Yo didn’t bring really any good information to the table about Lyme, but she sure brought recognition to Munchausen.

    TT, you might remember that we had a difference of opinion about Yo before this all started. I truly believed her and was excited to watch “her journey” (yes, I even sunk to that low) to find health. I thought it was really important to show solidarity with other folks who suffer chronic illness is silence.

    But since, I’ve realized that this is a person who seeks attention, manipulates others, and harms the cause for those who are truly suffering.

    That awful blog that she linked to with an actual sick person tearing into Rinna just made me ill. Folks have the right to question what they are seeing. Someone with an actual illness is usually happy to explain, especially when they claim to want to help “the ignorant”. Someone with a personality disorder will become defensive and start name calling and finger pointing.

    I’ll say this: I have a sick feeling seeing Yo on the screen, but I am content with having paid the $20 when I think about it. It is well worth the education.

    One thing about the HW franchise: I feel far more comfortable having them on a show where they and their mental illnesses can’t affect me than having them in my private life where they could wreak havoc if not watched closely.

    It’s better to learn from watching unbalanced people on TV than to have to learn the hard way in my personal life.

    Good luck to King David, who doesn’t seem like a bad guy at all.

    • librarygirl

      Cobe, I am in the same boat as you. Living in the state, and county, with the highest incidence of Lyme, I was hoping for information, and a factual treatment of this topic. I have lost my ability to follow what Yo says, let alone believe it for one minute. There is a reason that Yo has not been seen by reputable Docs, she relishes the idea of spinning her wheels and being the victim. I certainly can not say what is really going on here, medically or psychologically, but it somehow makes me stomach sick to watch her display. The tide of public opinion is turning against this performance, simply because it is not going anywhere. As much as Yo has tried to establish a beginning, middle and end to this story it just does not hang together, at least not for me. Yo is planning a great rise from the ashes, but there will be many of us who don’t really care if that happens. I don’t like to feel manipulated in this way, as I know that many truly are suffering the lasting effects of Lyme that was not immediately diagnosed.

    • DutchTulip

      Cobe… when King David writes his Biography – hopefully he will soon – we might get the real truth about the Divorce and an insight of Yolanda’s illness.

      There is a reason why they are divorcing in the midst of Yolanda trying to find a cure of her “illness”.

      I repeat what you wrote “Good luck to King David, who doesn’t seem like a bad guy at all”.

      I am saddened about the ending of their LOVE STORY!

      • cobe

        You know, as much as people make fun of “My love” and “My king”, I really believe there was a lot of love and happiness in that marriage.

        She glowed at their wedding.

        But I also believe that she has some issues. One is clearly narcissism (larger than life photos exist of both of them everywhere you look). My thought is really that when married life settled in and she was no longer the center of attention, she experienced depression and the whole thing blew up from there. She’s just going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole and now, even if she doesn’t believe she has Lyme, she’s kind of stuck with her story.

        Really sad to see.

        I don’t think David will betray her in any way. I think he respects the love they had, but, man, good on him for getting out when he did.

        My guess is that he also required psychiatric treatment in order to stay and she refused.

        Without psychiatric help, I don’t see much of a good future for her.

  19. zoemonster2

    Yay! A new acronym PTCLDS

    I am adding it right now to the BS Acro list.

  20. captain eel

    “No one really denies she is hurting somehow– mentally, physically, and emotionally now with a divorce– but that doesn’t excuse parading around questionable medical treatments giving them legitimacy to take advantage of others. This is why we question though.”
    It’s an excellent three part series on chronic Lyme disease and Yolanda Foster. Contrary to the above statement, there have been those who have thought Yolanda was out and out faking from the get go, myself being one. Too many absurd statements and out right lies on Yolanda’s part.

  21. Anastasia_Beave

    She got Lyme disease in 2010 or 2012 but gave it to her kids breastfeeding in the 90s, but Bella got it from a horse fly.
    I mean, come on people.

  22. Gracious

    I’m just wondering what all of her treatments are doing to her liver.

    • lemonmarabou

      Ok, I think we all gree she is somehow ill but it’s not Lyme. So maybe if she is faking Lyme she could be faking taking all these pills. She can have even two closets of pills but only she knows if she’s taking all of these pills daily. After seeing her faking weakness and acting “tired” in front of Lisa and Eileen I don’t believe her at all.

  23. @immelza

    Jmho I think Yolanda will find a ‘cure’ and become some type of ‘health expert’. She will hit all the talk shows, endorse products and write a book. I think everything is a monetary transaction to her.I hope everyone has a great NYE be safe and wish everyone the best of health and happiness in 2016! Eta- I can’t believe it’s 2016 this past year flew by!

  24. I know nothing about Lyme Disease. I am probably the last person on earth to refuse to say that Brooks Ayers never had or has cancer. The reason for this is that I am not qualified to diagnose people that I don’t know and have no personal relationship with. I am merely a reader of various blogs and am interested in the true reality of so-called reality programming. The information in this blog is fascinating and painstakingly put forth. I appreciate that. I am no closer to believing or disbelieving Yolanda Foster. Whatever she has or does not have is her burden to bear and I will NOT judge her one way or the other. If she is truly as ill as she states (and appears at times) I feel for her and hope that she finds her way out of this terrible situation. If she is using this illness as a storyline I hope that she seeks and finds the mental health help that she would surely require. I have stopped watching this particular show in the franchise as I stopped watching the OC version because I found both of them to be depressing and disingenuous. My life is filled with so many sad moments that I just can’t afford to waste one free moment being depressed over endless conversations between spoiled, self-entitled grown-ups as to whether or not something is real or not. I don’t believe that any of them display the real moments in their lives (accept for the actual illness of Kim Richards who has a proven condition and has hopefully sought and received help.). I appreciate the blogs here and this place is my way of keeping in touch with the intelligent, well thought out opinions of those who are truly curious and desirous of truth in so-called reality television. Happy new year to all. I pray that 2016 is better than 2015 was.

    • Cat

      I agree with a lot of what you have said. I didn’t know that much about Lyme, either. To me, Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue, Lupus, and even Fibromyalgia all sound very similar. But, I have heard, from people who suffer from them, they are similar, yet very different.

      Hope 2016 is better for you!

      • JennLovesAndy

        I know I will get backlash for this, but I don’t believe in the ailments listed. My sister has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I really try to understand but I can’t. I think she had some issues ( mainly depression) and now 10 years later is addicted to all her pain meds. She is on so many things that I can’t imagine anything is real feelings. I often read the comments from others who suffer but they don’t sound like hers. Anyway, sorry this is off topic. I feel like this blog TT linked helps me understand some of my sister’s puzzle of health.?

      • Cat

        I don’t know what to believe about those ailments. I’m just glad I don’t have them. (Knock on wood.)

      • Thank you cat. It has been a year of sadness and loss and I just can’t get involved in the insanity of the Housewives no matter where they live. If I were so sick that I could hardly function I wouldn’t want to go on television to broadcast it or open myself up to being questioned and judged. Yolanda should expect that people will question her illness because she brought it into our homes. If you want privacy and dignity then don’t put yourself in the position to be doubted by perfect strangers.

  25. AMTraveler

    This is everything. SO good, and very well researched. I have had several friends and family members seriously affected by Lyme disease, and Yolanda’s “journey” has mysteriously little in common with theirs. As time goes on I have become increasingly angry with Yolanda’s attempts to compare her illness to AIDS, and her demands for better research and attention to the “disease”. There are truly neglected diseases killing millions on an annual basis (ex. Chagas disease) that receive little attention and for whom R&D is significantly underfunded. Lyme disease itself is a serious problem – but given the it most heavily affects the US population, I anticipate the attention dedicated to it will only grow in the next couple of decades. Pharma stands to make major financial gains if they can figure it out. I have actually reached a point of disgust with Yolanda and can barely tolerate scenes with her. There is no sympathy left in me for her. Perhaps she is depressed, perhaps she is going through menopause, but all I see is a woman who looks significantly better when she wears make up. Much like myself. Maybe I have Lyme.

    I think we are all so curious about the motive behind this. In addition to the very probable ones raised, I cannot help but wonder if Yolanda is not fearful of being eclipsed by Gigi and if this is not some sick cry for attention. As for Bella and Anwar, if my mom had offered a “get out of jail free card” like a bogus diagnosis that suddenly absolved me of all responsibility for my behavior at that age, I suppose I would take it too.

    • Puppy love

      I have been reading all the comments and think you hit it on the nail head. Most all the comments are very good, but with the “get out of jail free card” for the other two kids – oh my you nailed it. With Yo if you rest ALL the time, that’s all your body will want to do ALL the time is rest. In my simple words she could be tired from just being tired and all the crap she is putting into her body. Maybe if she stopped all the crap her body would get a chance to heal.

  26. NYDudette

    I would say, Yolanda deserves pity…. By ignoring her emotional /mental issues she has destroyed her marriage and the positive image she displayed and many people had of her. But, she is battling for he life and her children’s . I can’t stand her, she is crazy and self righteous ..nobody knows better than Yo, ugh.

  27. natalie

    She is living the life of Reilly, the picture of her lounging around in the private plane swaddled in cashmere transporting her to her worldly treatments that really irked me. She has lost touch with reality. Maybe she has affluenza………….

  28. natalie

    How about a cost breakdown of all her treatments?

  29. Toddy

    I’m curious if the will scene was a reenactment. It was a little over the top. I imagine them shooting a scene like that once the series was over. Because surely the real conversation wasn’t so melodramatic and actually included reassurances that Mohammad – and possibly David, if they were still a couple – would be there for the kids if something happened. Side note: Anwar is a beautiful kid.

  30. Frosty

    Maybe I’m just resisting here, but I’m not clear what the difference is between Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome — a real thing, with symptoms nearly identical to Yolanda’s — and Chronic Lyme. Also, as often as Yolanda travels she could have gotten lyme in a number places, not just California, so the stats may not be as meaningful. What creates doubt in my mind is the way she’s chosen “advocate” for chronic lyme sufferers rather than her looks or symptoms. Yolanda seems like a strong minded person who is clear about things in general, yet with this illness everything is imprecise and words don’t mean what they mean, confusing treatments and medications. Yet I can’t say I disbelieve her because I think she IS ill — btw, “it’s all in her head!” – classic dismissal of a woman’s illness!

    I don’t know what I’m find more exhausting at this point – chronicling Yo’s illness on the show or her vilification.

  31. tamaratattles

    PTLDS is just that. You were bitten by a tick carrying Lyme disease and had LYME DISEASE and were treated for LYME disease and continue to exhibit LYME DISEASE issues after the antibiotic treatment that fixes almost everyone. It’s a rare but REAL THING.

    CLD is NOT A REAL THING. With CLD, someone says, well hell, maybe you had Lyme Disease and never knew it. (Not sure how that is possible) and now you are not responding to the antibiotics. It’s the new fibromyalgia, which was the new chronic fatigue. It is not acknowledged by the CDC as a REAL THING. There is a widespread number of women of perimenopausal age who have all of the same symptoms. Some are diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue which is NOT A THING, or Fibromyalgia WHICH IS NOT A THING, or Depression whish while it is A THING is not the real issue. I have every single symptom Yolanda has. It comes with perimenopause for a lot of people. I basically dropped out of life and started a blog as that was something I could do while sitting on the couch wondering why no one does anything to help us. And I do understand Yolanda. There is a huge element of MY LIFE JUST WENT FROM ONE THING TO ANOTHER REALLY BAD THING AND SOMETHING IS WRONG. There is a huge since of forcing yourself to REALLY TRY to get back into the world by traveling or going to the park, or walking the dog and then having people say, “funny she can’t go to Publix without a panic attack, but she can go to Charleston with no trouble. Most people don’t see the weeks of meltdowns and the whole “I can’t go. I just can’t it’s too hard” drama in the weeks before.

    The driving thing, the reading thing, the brain fog, the lack of energy, the frustration, the depression. it is all the same. The good days and the bad days. It’s apparently perimenopause. At least that is my diagnosis. And the treatment? “It happens to everyone and lasts ten years and then you will be fine.” Because apparently going from the life of the party to someone who is afraid of Publix, or going from a reasonably intelligent person to a person who consistently types the wrong word or a homonym of the right word, forgetting you are driving WHILE DRIVING, and narcolepsy are all just part of life and no treatment is required.

    Hops off soapbox.

    • Frosty

      You’re in peri, i’m post-meno. Perimenopase was the worst, the absolute pits. Worse than menopause for me actually, at least with menopause I KNEW what was going on. Now? Totally fine. EVEN THOUGh I may lose track of what I’m saying even while still speaking haha. The good part is I feel like a shipping crate of baggage and shit were lifted off my shoulders over the last couple of years and in many ways I’m experiencing a renewed curiosity and sense of wonder about life, people, so many thing. Without the so much of the pain and crap that characterized my younger years. Sex is better than ever too. That all might sound like hokey bullshit, but it’s true.

      Thanks for clarifying PTLDS and CLD

    • JennLovesAndy

      Thanks TT. Great response! I struggle with this as I mentioned a few comments up and sometimes I feel like a bitch for it.

    • Cat

      I hear ya, lady! I have the same symptoms. They went away over Spring, and I felt much better. Then, over Summer, they came back full force. My doctors are now trying to narrow down the problem. So far, it is NOT physical. I really think it’s depression/anxiety, but they have to rule out all physical options before they will agree.

      • Cat

        Oh, yeah. Menopause, too. Although that doesn’t seem to bother me that much. Except for the hot flashes, which make me feel like I will spontaneously combust.

    • Scatty

      Yikes! I’m relating a lot too much to this post. Despite having meds for depression, I’m still having the symptoms you describe above. That last paragraph (not the hopping off soapbox one) including the forgetting you are driving (add to that, forgetting WHERE I’m driving) and the narcolepsy, the brain fog, lack of energy, resonates! Thanks for sharing.

    • Dee

      Tamara, thank you for the clarification.

    • For some of us, menopause is life altering, and no one seems to understand. It is 10 years of hell. That is a fact. Yolanda’s comments re: CHF and Lyme were sort of misleading. I believe the study had to do with the impact of chronic diseases and one of the issues was depression (which is one of the factors she won’t address). Of course, I may be wrong since I’m post menopausal.

    • BGStyles Laughing

      Thank you for saying what’s stated here. I am having the same symptoms and I am aware it is perimenopause for me. (especially the heart palpation and the fogginess) Yolanda didn’t get her lifestyle spin off, maybe she’s trying for a medical minute.

    • So well said… true for many. No matter what you have or how you feel…your brilliance shines through. Thank you.

    • Cat

      I went to the cardiologist today, and was told I have…wait for it…


      I am not kidding. It’s actually in my chart. Why can’t they just say ANXIETY/PANIC ATTACKS? Why do they have to make up a stupid diagnosis?

      I feel like an idiot, having this in my chart. Pisses me off.

      • hannahkingrose

        Cat, I’ve had White Coat Syndrome since I was about 2 years old and had surgery to remove a cyst close to my eye. At 4-5 years old it would take 6 people to hold me down just to give me a shot. Even now my blood pressure will register 145/90 when I first get into the doctor’s office but when they take it again before I leave it will return to my normal 100/60. They were actually thinking of putting me on blood pressure medicine until I got them to check it before I left and it would be normal for me and my pulse rate would be normal as well. Stupid name for it that’s true.

      • Cat

        Yeah, I’ve been reading up on this. I guess it IS a “real thing”. But I don’t just panic when going to the doctor. Any time I have to leave my apartment, I have anxiety. Sometimes, just taking out the trash will give me anxiety.

        I need to start checking my blood pressure at home. Maybe I DON’T need all this blood pressure medication? Today, in the office, it was 120/88. And I was huffing and puffing with anxiety. Maybe with these meds, it’s too low at home? Maybe that’s why I’m sleepy all the time?

  32. I havent posted before but i have long enjoyed this blog.

    I have been diagnosed 3 separate times with Lyme. The first time was the worst. I had a high fever, there were signs of meningitis, extremely high fever, severe aches etc. and it took 3 rounds of doxycycline before i started to feel better. The doxycycline caused all my teeth to loosen, and i lost qbout 25 lbs in just a few weeks. I was extremely ill, and had complications from the infection including a severe case of shingles due to the stress my body was under. My first tick bite was behind my ear, and yes there was a rash and a positive titer. My subsequent reinfections were caught earlier and werent as severe. I was treated immediately and I recovered more quickly. Nonetheless, i was very ill even then. I live in NJ , by state land (wooded) and my dogs get ticks regularly which i guess they pass along to me. I wont even walk on grass now. Im that scared of ticks.

    My point is that Lyme symptoms are severe and you feel like you are dying. The way Yolanda describes Lyme just doesnt match my experience. Of course, every experience is different but i just dont understand how she could have had Lyme and gone untreated. Everyone i know that has been treated for Lyme has said they knew they were seriously ill as soon as the symptoms started.

    It just doesnt make sense. It never did to me. I really hope she gets the psychological help she needs. I think there is something seriously wrong here and i just feel terrible for her poor kids.

  33. thehotness

    I just dont understand how the army of gardeners who maintained the grounds of casa de malibu and all the stable hands who ran the stables where yo and her family rode all dont have lime disease. These workers are in these conditions atleast 7 hours a day and havent gotten sick. But yo traipses through the lemon grove a couple of times goes horse back riding on occasion gets lime disease. Are the California ticks snobs who only attack rich white twice wealthy divorced women. The ticks on the NE arent so elitist. Im sorry if she is sick but honestly her story is so convoluted now. If she had first also claimed one of her garders also has gotten lime disease from the lemon groves or wherw ever. It would be semi more believable.

  34. Mousie

    Hey ladies, I just wanted to add that I have suffered with fibromyalgia symptoms from my 30s into my early 50s now, however, I have never been “glad” about it, “happy” to talk about it, etc. just to let others know — diagnosed by an expert rheumatologist as well as an M.D. in Orange County, Calif. It is a collection of symptoms of which chronic pain, sleeplessness and digestive issues are the most telling. I HATE not being able to work like I used to, plan ahead, etc. never know what symptom will raise its head or when, and as a result, refrain from being judgmental of others with invisible illnesses since I have “been there, done that” and it is exhausting, stressful, etc. and helps no one. The point I wanted to make is according to the fed, fibromyalgia IS actually a recognized syndrome aka “A THING” — a collection of symptoms, dating back to the Civil War for documentation, — that leads to arthritis, which I have in most of my joints now, is most generally thought to be hereditary, but also has been known to have been caused by injury, infection, etc. It is maddening to suffer from physical symptoms that are very real and have people, especially those close to you, conclude they are mental. For example, ergonomics can aggravate symptoms, like the way your computer is set up if you research for a living, etc. There is much to learn about all of these things. While I have never gone to the extremes Yolanda has, don’t have children, know nothing about Lyme, have never traveled around the world for treatment, etc. — I hesitate to pass judgment on any “invisible illness” because of my experience.

  35. ZenJen55

    I think most of us agree that Yo is ill. Popular opinion is its a combo, leaky breats, menapause, anxiety, depression but CLD is not her illnes. Up until bringing her children in this, i gave her a pass. Now,.shes deliberately exaggerating her illness for financial gain. She doesnt have Mauchausens shes a perfect example of a MELINGERER.

  36. fivecatsownme

    I don’t know what is worse, see LR get her “hoo hoo” (that term also is sick making) waxed or Yolanda’s illness and her plethora of bizarre treatments. I almost wonder if she is enhancing the sick face with make up.

  37. TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

    Great link TT, very interesting reading. When Kyle expressed surprise at Yo’s claim that Anwar and Bella had Lyme for the past two years Yo said it wasn’t strange at all because they spent nearly all their lives living on a horse ranch and only moved to Malibu four years ago. Odd that they only became ill after moving to Malibu then – is she saying that it was incubating for two years because she told Kyle they were suffering for the last two years so from that I assume they had no symptoms before that time. Same with Yolanda – she was perfectly healthy during season 3, no mention of ever being tired or ill, and then she revealed at the reunion that year that the first time she realized something wasn’t quite right was when she was talking to Taylor (final episode in Kyle’s shop) and she couldn’t form the words. All very odd.

    • tamaratattles

      Yolanda got the Malibu house from Mo when they divorced. She “built the whole thing herself” to hear her tell it, even though it was already built when she got it. It would seem odd she would live on a ranch. I recall on her first season she was talking about the expense of boarding horses all of those years for Bella.

      It is all very odd. Also she and David were married 11/11/11 just like Kim and Kroy. And they were already livening in the Malibu house and David had put in a very large expensive recording studio

      The problem with Yolanda is she tells a million different stories as if she doesn’t know what she has already told us.

      • BGStyles Laughing

        That’s exactly what happens when people “misspeak”, they forget what they’ve said and who they’ve said it to.

      • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

        You’re right TT, that is the problem with Yolanda – the ever changing stories.

  38. This is so wrong. At this moment I am sitting in my daughter’s hospital room, where there is actual disease, pain and suffering. We’ve been here through Christmas and have seen patients come and go, some through the door and others have passed. I have met some of the nicest people, and I have not heard one of them complain.
    I think Yo should go to a pediatric cancer wing and maybe she would realize how truly blessed her life has been. It’s a smack in the face.

    • tamaratattles

      Sending healing thoughts to your daughter and your family,, Jeannie. Be strong. Have hope. Be kind to yourself. xo tt

      • Right back at you. I hope you have a better year and remember that you bring a spark of life to your many readers. Today’s the first day I’ve opened my iPad in over a week and the first place I came was here, and it took my mind off of being in the hospital……..Thank you.

      • Xanadude

        Jeanie Stay strong in the knowledge that you have many friends here who are keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers

    • Gapeachinsc

      God bless you and your family, Jeannie. I’m sorry you, your daughter and family are experiencing this. My thoughts and prayers are with you this new year.

    • Agree completely. Sending healing thoughts and prayers to you and your daughter, jeannie from jersey.

    • Toddy

      Wishing you and yours strength, Jeannie. My heart goes out to you.

    • fivecatsownme

      Blessings to you and your daughter.

    • Cat

      You are so right. Prayers of strength and healing being sent your way.

      • Jeannie–
        I know words may only be slight comfort in a time of such serious distress but I want you to know that this gal in California is sending you good thoughts all the way to Jersey.
        Genuine prayers for your daughter and you.
        May God shine on you in 2016.

    • claire

      Sending love & prayers from California…?❤

    • Angel(?)

      Sending positive thoughts and prayers. Stay strong and may your daughter be blessed.

    • WonkyTonk

      jeannie, when I was about 10 or 11 I broke my wrist. It was a compound fracture with the bone poking at the inside of the skin at my wrist trying to break through. The doctors set it, but complications arose involving swelling where my fingers looked like puffed up marshmallows getting in each other’s way. I was in a cast up to my shoulder and they had to elevate my arm, basically leave it hanging from a drip bag hanger fingers up, which meant limited mobility, and laying on my back. I was stuck in that position for over a week. I spent most of that time alone, afraid, and lonely not because I wasn’t loved but because due to a complicated custody situation I wasn’t visited. From the hospital window I could hear children playing outside and I wanted to be out there with them but eventually came to the realization that the world goes on with or without you. Lonely and afraid without the people I knew to reassure me I would cry a lot, but not when the nurses were there, I was happy then. Except one came in unexpectedly to say goodbye at the end of her shift and caught me crying, she must have spent like an hour calming me down. From then on I couldn’t keep people out of my room. That nurse spread the word, and the rest of them conspired to keep me too busy to think about crying. I guess what I’m saying is I wish one of my parents was there with me back then, and I’m sure your daughter appreciates the fact you’re there with her now. It means, I think, a lot more than parents think. Just being there. My wish for you in the new year is a speedy recovery for your daughter, and peace of mind for you and your family. Happy New Year Jeannie.

      • hannahkingrose

        jeannie, from experience having an ill child in the hospital is a draining and taxing affair for all concerned. You and your whole family are in my heart and prayers for a quick recovery and return home. May God wrap his healing, loving arms around your daughter and bring her safely through this.

    • God bless your daughter and your family through this difficult time.

    • Twilly

      Bless you and your family.

    • BGStyles Laughing

      Prayers to you and your family. Truly….

      • I thank you all for your kindness, honestly. This story just ticked ( no,huh?) me off …….while my daughter is laying in a hospital bed with a feeding tube Yolanda is on a yacht? It just hit me the wrong way. TT, thanks for asking- I appreciate.

    • Anastasia_Beave

      Prayers and love to your family.

    • Gosh Jeannie that sure puts things in perspective. Can’t imagine what it’s like having a sick child. Sending love and healing thoughts to you. You’re in my prayers! Xoxo

    • God’s blessings to your daughter and your family. I hope that she will go home with you very soon

  39. tampafan

    TT’s many posts all add up for me: inconsistencies in Yolanda’s story of diagnosis/treatment,divorce from Foster, CA divorce law that would give more support/alimony if one partner is disabled or chronically ill.
    (I, too, have gone through the crazies of peri-menopause. I didn’t get much sympathy or support from those who knew me as functioning/capable/social. Particularly difficult if you are a “low maintenance” partner – which most narcissistic men require – and now need support.

    My summary:
    -Peri-menopause symptoms surface and she goes on crazy search for treatment. Foster on board at first, then gets tired. 30+% of marriages end in divorce when one partner has chronic illness. For a womanizing, socialite like Foster, nursing a middle age woman who is no longer wearing makeup isn’t what he signed up to do.
    -Foster’s reactions triggered more panic and crazy effort to legitimize illness.
    -When the writing is on the wall for Foster leaving, illness, and chronicling illness, becomes desperate way to maintain Hadid/Foster lifestyle. Reality of her new situation – life in the condo – can only make her more frantic and “sick”

  40. msdc

    Gotta love these self-proclaimed LD experts. Mmmm, no I don’t. I did post this on the skeptic’s site before I realized it was a different site so I’m posting this here too since so many don’t believe Yolanda.

    I try hard to not read these types of stories and if I do, I try very hard not to let it bother me. I don’t have the time, and this took a lot of time, nor do I have energy for it and trust me, I wish I didn’t know about any of this but I do and I can only hope that no one here can relate.

    Lyme disease is caused by the bacteria Borrelia Burgdoferi spirochetes. There are many reasons why LD may not be caught early. Some do not see the bite or get the tell tale rash or at least not the type of “bullseye” rash widely associated with LD. (Most don’t know that there are many forms the rash may take.) Some don’t experience symptoms right away, for some it can take years. Some may suffer from what seems to be random issues that may or may not last, for many they’re easily overlooked and/or attributed to age, being overworked, tired, and the list goes on. To complicate things further, symptoms may come and go and they may experience different symptoms at different times. LD is known as a great imitator. It’s often misdiagnosed and if the sufferer doesn’t improve, they are accused of being hypochondriacs or psychiatric disorders (like Rinna for example). The more time that goes by for one to realize they do indeed have a serious problem and then to get a proper dx, the more time the spirochetes get to do what they do which is to penetrate and hide in deep tissue and/or organs and multiply exponentially. In this time, the infection may infiltrate the brain, nervous system, muscles and joints, heart, skin – the list goes on and on. When a sufferer goes untreated or undertreated the severe symptoms which are likely to develop remain extremely difficult to resolve, if at all.

    The only treatment offered by our medical community at this time is antibiotics. As I said above, the longer it takes to treat, the more likely antibiotics will not be able to rid the body of the spirochetes. This may also muddy the waters for those treating and some doctors will insist that the reason the treatment isn’t working is because it’s not LD. This renders the sufferer undertreated and the spirochetes multiply, hide, etc. It’s a vicious cycle.

    Speaking of cycles, research discovered long ago that the bacteria runs in a cycle and only enter the bloodstream at certain times, for a short period time making the already unreliable testing even more unreliable. The bacteria will continue to hide where it can not be ridded or even detected. This cycle also interferes with antibiotic treatment. The antibiotic treatment available so far does not eradicate all of the spirochetes that are deep in the tissue. Many doctors insist that all that is needed to cure LD is antibiotics hence their claim of it simply being

    Unfortunately I am an expert. I’ve suffered with Chronic LD which was dx’d in 1998. (YES, Chronic. Lyme. Disease.) After educating myself on the signs and symptoms, I could trace them back for years all the time not knowing the trouble brewing. I went through hell and back (and somewhat still do) with ignorant and/or defiant doctors who refused to believe I even had LD not to mention CLD. I knew others very close to me who went through an even more difficult time prior to mine so I learned a lot off of them, what doctors to go to, which to avoid, etc. and to assure me I wasn’t going crazy or suffering from some obscure psychiatric disorder. I also learned not to judge and mistrust unless I walk in their shoes, as cliche as it is. I do admit it – I did question one friend until just about the same things happened to me a few years later.

    LD remains a very controversial disease and there are reasons why so many refuse to acknowledge CLD. There is SO much more to all of this but I’ll leave that part alone. I could write a book (if my brain allowed). I don’t want to come across as “looking for attention” so I also won’t go further into my personal story but to say that virtually nothing in my life has ever been the same. (However, not all the changes have been bad either.) It drives me a bit crazy all the things Yolanda is questioned for, i.e. One day I can be clear minded and write this (not today so much – most is copy and pasted from something I wrote previously) and the next I can barely put two sentences together. I understand why sometimes hearing “but you look good” can be annoying as hell. I won’t proclaim to know Yolanda’s story for sure, but as far as I’ve seen, much of it is quite typical of a CLD sufferer sans flying around the world getting who knows what kind of treatments. I can understand her desperation but I can’t say I would do the same even if I had her money. I’ve heard about some crazy ass attempts at a “cure” and I personally know of two who died trying.

    • Might be a dumb question but how are you diagnosed with a disease 18 year ago that is not recognized as a disease?

    • Cat

      Sigh. Another resume.

      Another who doesn’t like “self proclaimed experts”, then proclaims that they are an expert. They know everything, and all doctors are ignorant.

      Definition of “expert”:

      An ex is a has been.
      A spurt is a drip under pressure.

      I’ve had enough.

    • microop

      Hi. I’m trying to kind of stay in the shadows on this one. I haven’t formed an opinion yet, and its possible I won’t. I am curious on your thoughts pertaining to Bella and Anwar.

    • cobe

      msdc: Here is the deal. We are discussing YOLANDA, not you. I’m sorry you are suffering and it is a shame that you don’t have answers. There was a time not so long ago that MS sufferers were accused of making things up. Now we know there are treatments and that there is a physical cause.

      I don’t know your situation.

      What I do know is that if you are constantly changing your story, making things up, exaggerating your illness, shopping for doctors, adding self diagnoses, taking nine million pills while refusing to eat, having weekly colonics against medical recommendation, well . . . we are probably all going to question it.

      Especially when “you” (not YOU, but any person) exhibit attention seeking behaviors such as daily selfies, showing up to parties and leaving when you notice you are not the center of attention, dropping bombshells that two of your three children have the “same disease”, and HIRING A HEALTH ADVOCATE.

      Nobody doubts Yolanda because she has said she is ill. She had a lot of support when she left it at that and a lot of people, myself included, really hoped and prayed that she’d get it figured out. Instead it turned into an ego driven, pity seeking, narcissistic tour around the world that took situations like yours and made a mockery of it. It is you (actual YOU msdc) that should be the most offended by Yolanda’s histrionics.

      Had she sought reasonable healthcare (you know, like getting an MRI) and listened to legitimate doctors, she’d have a whole lot of sympathy and support.

      Your last line is about the two people you PERSONALLY know that HAVE DIED TRYING QUACK “CRAZY ASS” CURES. I’m stunned that you are not enraged to hear about a reality show narcissist RECOMMENDING those same things.

      I get not knowing what a physical problem is. The solution to that is finding a good doctor. ONE GOOD DOCTOR IS ALL IT TAKES.

      • tamaratattles

        For me the most interesting part of the blog I linked to was the chart that broke down the number of actual Lyme cases by state and year. With the exception of three to four states, there were less than a hundred cases per year per state.

        And yet, magically we have swarms of people here claiming to have Lyme, or their cousin Bubba had it, or their entire extended family fell in the same “nest of ticks” or they have had it multiple times.

        It’s very a interesting phenomena here that no matter what illness is mentioned LOADS of commenters here have it. It could be clots in the lung or elephant sleeping disease. But there will be dozens of people suffering from the exact same condition here. Funny how that works.

      • tbk

        Great comment cobe.

      • Anastasia_Beave

        Exactly cobe. Well said.

      • WonkyTonk

        OMG I’m pretty sure I’ve got the elephant sleepyidis. I fall asleep mid

      • (LOL, so funny WonkyTonk) And of course you contracted the dreaded elephant sleepyidis when you mother breast fed you while eating peanuts.

      • WonkyT—-

      • tamaratattles

        I have it too, Wonky! Everyday around three o’clock I just slump over and the next thing I kno

      • Mark

        Guys, why aren’t you finishing your sentences? I’m worried abo…

      • kendrawm

        Late to the thread my elephant sleeping disease knocked me out.

        I would really love to know where everyone who is saying they have Lyme disease lives, I live in one of the highest rates of Lyme states and I can count on 1 hand the number of people who have had to do a round of antibiotics, with fingers to spare.

        My brother in his 15 years for working with the PA Game Commission (the state with the highest Lyme rate) and a job that puts him at risk daily has only had to do one round of antibiotics.

        In fact I know more dogs that have had to be treated for Lyme than people.

    • Angel(?)

      First, I’m sorry to hear about your health situation. I hope that you will continue to heal.

      Second, being as I am NOT AN EXPERT but an average person with the intellectual ability to research a disease on line as well as anyone else. I have concluded that, personally, if a doctor told me that I was suffering from CLD (not recognized by CDC) and not PTCLD (recognized by the CDC), I would be finding another doctor. But that is just me.

    • Trashbox

      Did it make you blow a .16? I hear it just has devastating side effects.

    • Welcome to the club. Most of us here have chronic unresolved health problems too. If it makes you feel better to call it CLD in spite of “ignorant” &/or “defiant” doctors telling you otherwise, go on with your bad self. Although if you’re not doing any better after 18 years with all your expertise, maybe you should take another look at the situation. Just a thought.

    • DutchTulip

      msdc… Thanks for sharing your story.
      I am very confused by the many different stories told by Yolanda … and I will rest my case … after reading yours.

      One day … we as concerned posters who really sympathize with Yolanda .. will hopefully get some answers (truths) about her illness.

      I hope and pray that she will not succumb in mixing all these treatments, colonics and cleanses. I truly want her to get better!

      Being rich does not always translate into being smart.

    • TheBeverleyHillsHaveEyes

      MSDC – IMO Yolanda is the one who is doing Lyme Disease no favors here, not us viewers. I understand that people may have Lyme and not be diagnosed early etc but think about it – Yolanda is claiming that ALL THREE of her, Anwar and Bella were only diagnosed years after moving away from the ranch where she claims they were infected. Seriously what are the chances of three people in the same family all incubating this for years without knowing it? She claims Bella and Anwar only started suffering (which I assume means experiencing symptoms) two years ago. It seems extremely odd that they would live on this “ranch” for years and only get Lyme when they leave it a couple of years later.

  41. Twilly

    Wow. What a great compilation. I wouldn’t care if she wasn’t involving Bella and Anwar in her crusade. Did Bella really blame her dui on her “lymes”? That’s a very worrisome prospect.

  42. If Bella is so compromised and “suffering” how is it she is training to be in the 2016 Olympics in Rio?

  43. run_dmc

    Great post and great link. Personally, I count myself fortunate to not have had any serious illnesses in my life so far. Just the normal ones like tonsillitis (and didn’t even need tonsils out) and the flu. So, I’m not an expert on illnesses. And, I live in WA state, so I’m not likely to get Lyme. However, I do know a lot about dogs and have raised rescues for decades. One word of advice/plea to others who have dogs, particularly if you live in the mid-atlantic states. Please have them take flea and tick medication every month. It’ll save them a lot of discomfort and your family from a lot of diseases!

  44. run_dmc

    Personally, I count myself fortunate to not have had any serious illnesses in my life. Just the normal ones like tonsillitis (and didn’t even need tonsils out) and the flu. So, I’m not an expert on illnesses. And, I live in WA state, so I’m not likely to get Lyme. However, I do know a lot about dogs as I’ve raised rescues for decades. One word of advice to others who have dogs, particularly if you live in the mid-atlantic states. Please have them take flea and tick medication every month. It’ll save them discomfort and your family from a lot of diseases!

  45. tamaratattles

    I really don’t get people who constantly post selfies in general. But I have never in my life seen anything like the picture above. Who posts a selfie hugging their supplement collection? Explain to my why a sick person would be hugging “health supplements” and smiling if they are very ill???? IDGI

    • Cat

      I don’t get it, either. For some reason, that one kind of ticked me off.

    • Agreed about the selfies, TT. That one especially. Yolanda creeps me out. She makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Not sure what it is about her, but I am happier fast forwarding her scenes.

      • hannahkingrose

        I agree about the selfies. I have a chronic disease called CRPS that is painful and recognized by doctors as a real disease. Most days I look and feel like shit. I certainly do not want constant pictures of myself looking like death warmed over plastered all over Instagram or Twitter trying to convince people that I am sick or seeing me look that bad. I also don’t know many of my friends in my support group who would be willing to do selfies constantly for “the Platform” as she calls it. We might not be models like Yolanda was but some of our people are attractive enough but ill enough not to want to perform like a trick pony for the cause.

  46. PsychedelicTulip

    This is totally unscientific, but someone showed me this once and it is pretty interesting! If you cover a photograph of someone with your hand or a piece of paper, and slowly slide it down and uncover just the eyes, it gives you a completely different vibe of the photo. I just tried it on a few of Yolanda’s photos! Wow!
    Again, totally unscientific but interesting!

  47. T D

    The chronic disease aging Yolanda is called time. Geritol may be her miracle cure.

  48. Josie

    I am going be be a cynic. I believe she is sick. She found out about the implant toxicity and had them removed 5 months ago (her tweet). According to her selfies for the past two years nothing was working.

    On Dec 21st, she said she has recovered 60%. Once again, her tweet. I think it was the implants all along and the diet and colonics were messing up her body. I believe she is enjoying her role as a Lyme spokesperson too much and will not give up the diagnosis.

    PS. Who would coin the name Chronic Lyme Disease for a disease that has nothing to do with Lyme?? Stupid and very confusing.

    • Josie.. To your last sentence, that’s what I keep asking myself too! What does it have to do with Lyme? I guess the theory that it’s the same bacteria but they are just too sneaky to show up on a test and also happen to be resistant to antibiotics. A theory which has no basis in fact from what I can tell. Otherwise it just seems like someone took a collection of symptoms and called it chronic Lyme disease. I think people get convinced they have it because like so many of us, they are suffering symptoms and are desperate for answers. Lyme disease sounds like something real and more legitimate than chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, menopause etc. Seems like it’s turned into a big money grab as so many naturopathic health care providers have jumped on the Lyme train and are making big bucks. When people are desperate, they’ll try and pay for anything. It’s all rather sad.

  49. Stefie

    David holding Yo’s boob on their way to Ohio for the implant removal tho….I found it so weird I found this thread hoping someone would talk about it with me.

    • cobe

      Hey Stefie.

      I didn’t find it weird at all. He was trying to alleviate the mood.

      If you notice, Yolanda does not have control of her emotions. He was trying to make lighten the mood.

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