Demetria McKinney Featuring Kandi Burruss: Unnecessary Trouble


Thought y’all might want to see the Unnecessary Trouble video. I think it is kind of cute. Watch for Claudia Jordan!


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34 responses to “Demetria McKinney Featuring Kandi Burruss: Unnecessary Trouble

  1. Spilledperfume

    I think it’s cute as well. Thanks for posting it for us.

  2. Dee

    Thanks! I really liked it. She hid her pregnancy well.

  3. Kathy Smith

    I like it !

  4. I loved it and I saw Claudia Jordan. Great video!

  5. More Tea Please!


    Does anybody else think Kandi’s wardrobe has improved dramatically lately? She must have a new stylist.

  6. Lisa

    Loved it! Both ladies also looked amazing!!

  7. caily

    MAN! Did BRAVO screw up when they lost Demetria AND Claudia for the other wombats Kim and Braids and Shamea! What on earth were they thinking?!

    Kandi and Demetria rocked it out of the park with their new video. Loved seeing Claudia in it, too.

  8. Dawn

    I agree about Kandi. I am glad she stopped the cockeyed hair and awful fluorescent red.

    Cute video, must watch again, I missed Claudia even when I thought I was looking for her.

  9. ClassyLady80

    I love it!!! It’s fun and sassy… I really like the song. The video is cute too! Thumbs up Kandi and Demetria!!!

  10. Dawn

    I just realized they are imitating Andy and the Bravo clubhouse. Duh!

  11. Rose

    I liked it. Sexy and classy. Demetria is so pretty. They did a great job hiding Kandi’s baby bump. I blinked and Claudia was gone! I bet Porscha’s is fuming she wasn’t in it.

  12. GirlMe

    Hmmm seems like Demetria is responding to all the Roger Bob rumors. Hope he marries her soon. I think she said its been 8 years now. It would suck if he marries someone else after this song and all those years.

    This song is exactly why i stopped telling girlfriends their man is cheating. They always redirect the anger at the messenger never the man…. Until he kicks them to the curb in embarrassment. Only then are they are full of apologies.

    Miss Claudia sooo much. I only watch RHOA for 2/6 ladies. So I miss alot of the show.

    • Kathy Smith

      I do not think Roger Bob’s rumors inspired the song. Remember, Kandi wrote this song and I think Apollo & Phaedra inspired Kandi to write this song!

  13. Funny. I wonder if “Randy” Cohen will play this on his show.

  14. von

    Very dated video. Haven’t seen something that badly produced in a while. Song style is dated also I’m sure with airtime at a premium these days it will silently go away. Most of today’s music is manufactured pop. I miss real R&B and it’s tough for even the current singer’s in the spotlight to bring it back.

  15. von

    That’s a 30 year throwback. In today’s market the buyers of music don’t know anything about Brandy and those of us that know ain’t buying. Comebacks aren’t easy especiAlly from obscurity. Kandi, even though she’s talented and has many got Grammys, hasn’t had a hit or produced one in years and looks like that streak will continue.

    • Psylocke

      Pretty sure it came out in the late nineties – maybe like 15 years, but certainly not 30.

      If you went to the Billboard top 100 for R&B right now I guanatee you wouldn’t recognize the VAST majority of the songs or even artists unless you’re tuned into the genre — but that doesn’t mean no one is listening just because it’s not as mainstream as it once was.

      Im not saying this song is going to be some massive hit, but the criteria you’re measuring it against is just too generalized.

      There are a lot of successful artists out there who are well known and making a living despite not being mainstream “manufactured pop” you would hear on the radio every day for three months until it’s replaced by the next.

  16. sarcasatire

    They both went through the Unnecessary Trouble of making this video. I doubt we’ll see it anywhere besides on episode reruns. None is these ladies are destined for a solo career, and after so many failed attempts, should just stop trying. Kandi songs like she speaks, through her teeth.

    It’s sad, but Tardy for the Party will get more airplay than this. Which is why Kandi should stick to writing and producing.

    • tamaratattles

      Demetria McKinney has a solo career. This video promotes one of the songs on her newest album. Kandi was a producer on the album and wrote some of the songs. Kandi was featured on this song on Demetria’s album as a way of promoting it on RHOA. The song and video is a parody of the RHOA.

      Demetria has quite a following and a really great voice. She is also an actress who appeared for quite some time on House of Payne (where she met Roger Bobb).

      I’m sure your comparing her singing voice to Kim Biermann’s would offend her if she wasn’t so busy with her music career that she could not be bothered to notice.

      • Glow

        I like this song and the video just sealed the deal for me. It was so fun to watch and I must say Kandi worked this. Demetria always work it. Both Ladies made this a great video and I loved the concept. Just plain, feel good fun for me. This is going into my play list for my morning commute. Sidenote: Claudia Jordan is a treasure.

      • sarcasatire

        I didn’t say that neither of the ladies were talented. Just that the song was unnecessary. It won’t go platinum. It won’t even be a silly, club hit like Kim’s “Tardy” or Luann’ “Chic c’est la vie.” It’ll be cute for a moment then quickly forgotten like that other single Kandi released on the show. “Which one?” Exactly.

      • sarcasatire

        And it was called, “I Fly above”, and I doubt many people on here can recite the lyrics from memory. Yet, Kandi performed or at the same events that Kim preformed Tardy. But Tardy is all yall remember. Lmao!

        And I liked Kandi’s song. But it won’t go platinum because the market is saturated with ppl with both talent and a browser appeal. But this song will be great for her fans. Enjoy.

  17. bendy

    I liked it and all three women looked amazing!

  18. Lime Brain

    Ha! I’m reading TT with the radio on in the background, not paying attention to the music. All of a sudden my ear picks up a song and I think it sounds familiar but I can’t figure out who the singer is. All of a sudden I realize it’s Kandi’s and Demetria’s song! On the Elvis Duran show.

    Congrats to them!

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