Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: With Friends Like These…

RHOA Demetria party with Kandi


I’m going to be honest – this episode of RHOA , titled “There’s No Business Like Friend Business” should have just been called “There’s No Business Watching This Mess.”  I understand not every episode can be filled with Porsha getting cooter-punched, but this certainly was a filler episode if I’ve ever seen one. We open up with a quick montage of Kenya perfecting her online-dating profile, Kim on a Skype call, Porsha hosting at Dish Nation (I gotta give it to her, I’m usually not the biggest Porsha fan – but the girl does a good job over at Dish Nation.) and finally Cynthia receiving YELLOW roses from Peter. Per Google, yellow roses symbolize friendship, joy & good health. Real good look for someone in the midst of a potential cheating scandal. I’m not a flower guy myself, but I’d say red is typically the way to go in this situation. Cynthia is generally unimpressed. Maybe she googled the meaning of yellow roses too.


We cut to Kandi & DonJuan in a meeting with Demetria (!!!) & Roger Bobb about producing new music together. Demetria must really need that day-rate. The two ladies have recorded a single called “Unnecessary Trouble” – they want to start promo for the song, and film & release a music video. DonJuan steps up as mommy (PS where is Mama Joyce this season?!) and announces Kandi’s high-risk pregnancy and that she must not be over worked. OK mommy. Kandi comments in her talking head if J-Lo had a baby over 40 with no time off, so can she. DonJuan continues to come for his Peach. Watch out, Papa Smurf – you’ve got some competition!

RHOA Demetria single


Phaedra invites Apollo’s friend Bun to the house – she wants a “positive male influence” around her sons. Bun announces Apollo is upset that no one responds or reaches out to him in prison. Phaedra claims they all keep in touch with him – apparently Ayden can even e-mail his father in prison. The kid hasn’t even started school yet, but has an e-mail account apparently. I heard all incoming kindergartners are required to register for a account these days.


Next up, the shoot day for the video of “Unnecessary Trouble” (more like unnecessary video/song/storyline) with Kandi & Demetria. Porsha and Phaedra stop by the set together to visit the ladies. (Note from TT: Claudia tweeted me to remind me that Porsha and Phaedra were both tossed out of the video shoot for “being messy.” )Enter Todd on a hoverboard for added ridiculousness. Too many sound-bites of Don Juan acting like mommy again.


Cut to Kenya and Marlo (YAS queen – check her charges!) working out at the gym. Marlo says she doesn’t like working out with “all this industrial stuff” (aka gym equipment & machines) and only works out with a trainer. Bless. Gotta love Marlo. They talk about men. Marlo states all she wants is love……..and coins. Bless x2. We learn Kenya’s checklist of her perfect man. 6’5, looks like Matthew McConaughey, super successful (rich), rides horses (okay?), and a big D. #respect – I see we have similar tastes.

Matt in Jamaica with Kenya

Matt in Jamaica with Kenya


Kenya’s friend Matt pops up at the gym and we see a bit of flirting going on between the girls and Matt. He eventually asks Kenya out on a date, and she agrees. They go to a basketball court & play basketball. She compares her date to the movie ‘Love & Basketball’ (gotta put a positive spin on it somehow.) Kenya tells Matt she’s “kind of shy” and “drives in the slow lane at first” (see: Walter.) She’s not sure about a second date. Girlfriend, I would be too if my first date with a super-hot guy was at the basketball court. Mama likes wine & nice things. (Note from TT: Kenya ends up taking this one to Jamaica).

Peter drives back to Atlanta to take Cynthia on a date night. What a thought – a husband driving a whole 4/5 hours back to his home & family! A date even! What a notion! I bet Peter also googled the meaning of yellow roses and figured he’d better get his butt in the car. Peter sets up a private lunch in the park (kind of cute) with an artist who is off to the side sketching a portrait of the two of them (kind of cute, kind of creepy) (Note from TT: I bet Peter’s girlfriend HATES RHOA filming season and watching him with Cynthia on the show. Maybe they are both laid up from their car accident. Allegedly.)


We see a sweet moment with Phaedra and Ayden. It’s Ayden’s first day of Kindergarten and Phaedra is dropping him off at school. He asks Phaedra if she will always be his mommy, it makes her cry. Great, now I’m crying. I’m glad we get to see a human moment with Phaedra. I have a continuous love/hate relationship with this woman – but this really shows she has a heart somewhere inside there after all. They pray together. It’s all really sweet. (Note from TT: Allegedly, Phaedra had to get directions from the babysitter to find the school. This was likely the first and only time she has driven him to school.)


Meanwhile, Porsha and her booty-call from Miami, Oliver, have a Skype session. She asks him if he’s ever had a black girlfriend before. He tells her he doesn’t want her to lose any weight in her butt, she tells him she’s ready for a relationship and the Skype connection miraculously starts breaking up.


I think there was a scene with Kim, but I slept through it.


It’s time for Kandi & Demetria’s music video release party! Kim shows up in thigh-high boots and hot pants. Okay, Tootie! Kenya comments that Kim looks like a confused prostitute at Disney World. LOL. There is talk between Kandi-Todd-Peter about the topic of Phaedra and the money she owes. Kandi wants Todd to ignore it for the night, Peter encourages him to discuss it with her at the party. Because no party in the housewivesphere would be complete without a little messiness. Peter got the memo DonJuan was coming for his peach, so he stepped his game up. Phaedra eventually addresses the situation and asks for a meeting at her office to discuss (fight about) the details.


They show clips of Kandi & Demetria’s new single. Tardy for the Party it is not. In her talking head, Porsha claims she thinks the song will do great. Probably just as great as her first hit single, Flatline. I wouldn’t quite call the song/video a hit. More like a hit and run.

THOT 1 and THOT 2

THOT 1 and THOT 2


Later on in the evening, Phaedra, Porsha & Shamea (go home, sweetie) discuss the Phaedra/Todd money issue outside. DonJuan lurks in the background and jumps in (snatching his peach back) and scolds the girls for “gossiping about his people” #mommyshome! He creates an issue out of nowhere, positions himself right in front of the camera lens and really goes for it. He claims he’s not getting into anyones business, while specifically getting into everyones business. I really can’t stand this guy. His voice irritates me to no end. Go back to your Kandi Factory, DonJuan. While you’re at it, call your mother and ask her where she came up with that name. Porsha goes at it with DonJuan and tells him he needs to “get some water & some rest” (see, she’s THOTful y’all!) Porsha walks away from her 38th fight of the season, saying DonJuan’s pink panties are in a bunch. I think there was a comment about a tampon somewhere in there. #Prayers4DonJuansTampon

Tune in next week to see if DonJuan gets toxic-shock syndrome!  What did you guys think of this episode? Show of hands who stayed awake.

NEXT WEEK: More fighting about money and cancelled checks. Kenya has an emotional meeting with her dad. Porsha & Kandi GET INTO IT

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106 responses to “Real Housewives of Atlanta Recap: With Friends Like These…

  1. It was a ho-hum ep, but the scene with Phaedra and Ayden stole my heart…I rewound that scene 3 times, my bottom lip poked out and quivering the entire time.

    • Vet

      OMG, my oldest son was just like this. I cried the entire way to school, while he was in school, and after school. My husband thought I lost my mind.

      • Vet

        He is a freshman in high school this year and I cried the whole time I registered him. When I took my youngest son to school he made me leave and the secretary gave me her card if I needed to call because he told me to get out of the school. It was their first year in public school this year and I live in Las Vegas, these kids are a mess here.

  2. Glow

    I haven’t watched this episode yet, only previews so thanks for the recap. I say forget a peach! Don Juan called Phaedra and Porsha on their nonsense and I applaud him. From what I have seen Phaedra took true coward stance and was silent when called out on her lies and tall southern classy woman tales.

  3. Xanadude

    I dont care for DonJuan, but Porsha immediately went to the gay insults. Not cool.

    • Trashbox

      DonJuan was really annoying this episode, but Porscha was out of line.

      Where’s Miss Lawrence when you need him? Is anyone fun on this show anymore?

    • She managed to be homophobic and misogynistic both at the same time.

      Quite a feat for the intellectually disabled, but she pulled it off.

      • Xanadude

        This isn’t the first time either – remember when she gave the homophobic sermon and had to back track and apologize – esp. after Cynthia said she was a hypocrite for taking money at gay club appearances while preaching against them?

      • Minky

        Mmm hmm. No bueno Porsha. To intellectually challenged, fake-ass bible beaters like her homophobia is synonymous with misogyny. Seriously, WTF is she mentioning tampons for? A man is a man. Gay or no. And if someone blamed my anger on my period they’d get an earful. (Esp. if I was on the PMS. Hahahaha!) I guess expressing emotions and calling someone out on their bullshit to their face isn’t brave and noble, but something only dehydrated, hormonal women do. SMH. What a mean, stupid bitch, that Porsha.

    • Sunshine

      It was not about being gay. It was about a man running up on some women bitch. The last time I checked, gay men don’t use tampons.

  4. Realityjunkie

    Did anyone pay attention to the clip from next week when Kandi drops the bomb about Phaedra?

    • DutchTulip

      Yessssss….. Kandi will be spilling the TRUTH about Phaedra.

      Did u see the stunned look on Porsha’s face…??

      The FEDS will be watching…

  5. Tara

    This is hilarious! I have no clue if I agree with your points or not, I didn’t watch. I will trust you are right:)

  6. KB

    This was a funny read. I think we all know production put D Juan up to that but I too didn’t mind that he stepped to them. The 2 of them really grate on my nerves and I love Kandi.

  7. Nate Dogg

    I thought I heard Phaedra GPS when she was taking him to school. Haha very interesting.

    • Travis

      GPS can also be used to redirect you for traffic so while you probably correct the boys obviously love Phaedra so just giving a thought

  8. Cat

    What an odd question for a 5 year old to ask of mom. Also, sad.

    Isn’t Apollo getting any “attention” in prison?

    I love yellow roses. Red remind me of my mom…and funerals.

    • Travis

      It is not odd.when I was 4 to 5 my dad was away alot and I went through a stage of thinking my mom would leave too.

      • Cat

        A 5 year old should not have such insecurities.

      • Charlie

        I agree, not odd at all. His dad just got locked up in prison, makes perfect sense to me why a child in his position might ask that question to his mother. Doesn’t mean a single thing about how loving and reassuring she is as a mom. That has got to be super confusing for him, poor baby.

    • Deb in SF

      For what it’s worth, I didn’t hear Ayden ask that of Phaedra. I heard him say to her “But I’ll always be your baby” after she said he was a big boy and not her little baby anymore. I did NOT hear him ask would she always be his mother.

    • Cat

      I’ll have to take your word for the quote, since I can’t watch the show.

      And, by “odd”, I meant “not normal”.

      It is not normal for a child to be insecure in their own homes, especially about their parents. At least, it shouldn’t be.

      And if it IS normal, well then that says a lot about what is wrong with today’s society.

      I’ll go back up into my tree now. It’s safe up there.

      • tamaratattles

        Dearest Cat, whilst I am on blog holiday, you shall NOT reside in the tree. Someone has to deal with the whackadoodle comments while I am TRYING to take a break.

        Just a note to all Demetria had Phaedra AND Porsha tossed off set for their constant shit stirring behavior. It was HER video, featuring Kandi and the two Ps were rude to both of them. I”m assuming Roger Bobb had the sense to get Demetria free reign over her event despite production’s pot stirring and Carlos once again didn’t give the Ps a true edit.

        Now I am going back up MY tree and YOU my dear, must come down and defend sanity and reason for another week or so. I am quite enjoying very limited time on line and more time on more productive ventures. I promise to come back rested and ready for more very soon.

      • Cat

        I get a better view of crazy from up here. I am still watching over your Queendom. I’m just picking my battles carefully.

        Hope you are having a great vacay!

      • Margarett

        I agree, Cat, it should not be normal for a small child to feel insecure in his home. I fear it may, however, be becoming the norm.

        Seeing your posts always makes me happy. Have a wonderful new year! Meanwhile, I am frantically climbing your tree.

      • Cat

        Thanks! And welcome to my tree. You see a lot of interesting things from up here.

  9. Dawn

    Good recap Ben. I was surprised Kandi said she’s in her 2nd trimester. It looks like a 7 or 8 month belly to me. That top did hide it well in the video, who said bigger garments and moo-moo’s make you look large like as a cow?

    The most truthful moment I have ever seen from Phaedra, other than her demonstration of her love of “pickles”, was on the way to kindergarden. I just fell in love with the hounds tooth car seat. That is the sweetest thing.

    If Kenya is saying there is a really big age difference to Matt’s, I think he is a made for TV boyfriend. I doubt it will become serious.I’d prefer a man mature enough to take her fine dining for a first date and show his appreciation of her. Afterall, Bravo is even paying the check!

    Kim’s husband looked like the “ladysitter” hanging with the husbands at the video launch party. It was nice to see Demetria on again, she is the prettiest and nicest of them all, IMO.

  10. mdchica

    Phedra shouldn’t have brought up the subject of the money she owes Todd with the girls as she had asked him to meet with her in her office. She should have just let it go instead of gossiping about it.

    It was unfair of Kandi to be upset with Phedra and Porsha after Don reported back to her with the information that he had heard. After all, her husband Todd, throughout this season has done nothing but talk about this. He should have man up and spoken to Phedra himself as this really bothered him. He claims it is not about the money but the principal but yet, he never approached her this season about it. Sending Kandi to speak to her was not bad, but, if he still was not hearing from Phedra, he should have contacted her himself and be done with it.

    Todd informing Peter and Chris about the money issue was unnecessary. Even the expression on Chris face, said it all.

    If Don was indeed a man with character, he will have just told the ladies his piece of mind and not go back to Kandi.

  11. mdchica

    Phedra should not have brought up the subject of the money she owes Todd with the girls as she had asked him to meet with her in her office. She should have just let it go instead of gossiping about it.

    It was unfair of Kandi to be upset with Phedra and Porsha after Don reported back to her with the information that he had heard. After all, her husband Todd, throughout this season has done nothing but talk about this. He should have man up and spoken to Phedra himself as this really bothered him. He claims it is not about the money but the principal but yet, he never approached her this season about it. Sending Kandi to speak to her was not bad, but, if he still was not hearing from Phedra, he should have contacted her himself and be done with it.

    Informing Peter and Chris was unnecessary. Even the expression on Chris face, said it all.

    If Don was indeed a man with character, he will have just told the ladies his piece of mind and not go back to Kandi.

  12. Truthseeker

    You definitely heard it because I heard it too. Phaedra is not fooling me for one minute. She also lied again when talking to Apollo’s friend Bun about how long she’s known Apollo. That story keeps changing. (He said Apollo was anxious to get out of jail to be with Phaedra.) She kept in contact during the first prison sentenece. I don’t know why this time is different.

  13. Margarett

    Great recap. Judging by the episode, you did not have an easy task. Well done!

  14. Truthseeker

    GPS was loud and clear.

  15. Jim

    Ah c’mon now. Wasn’t that Aiden’s first day of school? I’m certainly not a Phaedra fan but I don’t fault her for using the GPS on the first day of school. And didn’t Aiden ask her “will I always be your baby” and not “will you always be my mommy”? That has to be the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen on these Housewives shows… ever! Cute kid. Too bad Phaedra’s his mommy.

  16. Travis

    First thanks for the excellent recap! And I am laughing you agree with this useless Don this’ Real Housewives’ or ‘Real Houseboys’? Seriously giving him airtime has really turned me towards not watching. Phaedra does deserve the best one liner on the hired help comment..

    Anyways I think this show has jumped the shark..past two seasons just a bunch of women fighting and this season even worse. The sad part is ‘normal’ scenes you love elsewhere do not mean much here because you know it is fake. Kandi needs to spend some of her millions and learn how to speak correctly..Phaedra invited another criminal into her home..Kenya and Marlo talking about doing men for money..I am guilty of watching yet I really was just turned off this time. Kim cannot save this mess and I wish she had not joined because this is why I stuck around for this season.

  17. Kay

    Is anybody going to mention Phadra’s comment a out not talking to her friend’s employees? So classless. Don has been in Kandi’s life way longer and has every right to stand up for his friend.

    • Sunshine

      Is anybody going to mention how the very same DonJuan made fun of Todd every chance he got. Classless???????

      • DutchTulip

        Insecurties..on Don Juan’s part at that time.
        It had been a while seeing Kandi love…and knowing that Todd had business acumen.

        Clearly.. Don Juan has come around regarding Todd.

        He clearly is privy of Phaedra’s shady business…

      • Dawn

        I was glad to see Don calling them “his people”, I remember how he kept poking fun and taking shots at Todd all last season. Kandi rarely chastised him for it. Maybe Don Juan did learn a thing or two from Todd’s efficient assistant.

  18. Dee

    Ben, thank you for the recap. I’m Wonder if Kim is getting poor editing. I’m sure she thought she looked good. No need to call her names. Especially when a couple of them wear shredded clothing a lot. Reminds me of Him Hogan on WWE :)

  19. O.O

    @Ben do you really think that Don Juan is his given name?

  20. O.O

    It seemed to me that Porsha Phaedra and the shemea were hesitant to get into an argument with Don . They popped off in their talking heads but made a quick exit from his mouth .Im sure he knows too much about all of them and would spill it if they mouth off to him .

    • Sunshine

      Or could it be that they just didn’t feel like arguing with Don j. It wasn’t even worth the camera time he was trying to get. Aint nobody scared of him.

  21. Mo

    I think Porsha did nothing wrong. She was just voicing her opinion based on Phaedra’s account of her business with Todd. Basically she just said pay for what you get, and the product never came to fruition.

    • TheArtistFormerlyKnownAsYoya

      Doesn’t matter if the product never came to fruition though, Todd still needs to get paid for his work. I can see where Don Juan was coming from, Phaedra’s pretending she suddenly doesn’t understand how contracts work and leading Porsha etc. to believe she shouldn’t have to pay if she didn’t end up putting out the video. That’s not how it works!

  22. Mo

    Mind you the panties and tampon comments were unnecessary.

  23. Rose

    I’m dying to know the tea next week with Kandi telling Porsha they only know what Phaedra tells them! Kandi seems like she’s about to blow and I love it. Say what you want about Don Juan but the look on Phaedra’s lying face was priceless. ….she knew she’d been caught red handed!

  24. ShyGuy

    No storylines, bad producers (Andy&Carlos) , same boring wives every season (Phaedra&Porsha), this has to be one of the worst seasons ever. And kandi Todd is not interested in you at all anymore, season 5 was one of the highest rated seasons because Carlos didn’t produce it. He needs to go, simple as that.

    • Minky

      AND, now that Carlos is back Porsha’s up to her old tricks again with the assaulting people and such. Is there a connection? I don’t know any behind-the-scenes tea so I can’t make a call. But if it’s a coincidence it’s still weird.

      • ShyGuy

        Exactly and I honestly feel bad for these women taking months out of everything else they could be doing to film a show and then either getting there worse scenes shown or getting edited out completely. Tammy, amiyah, demetria and Claudia were all great women and additions but bravo did them so dirty it’s sad. People thought Tammy was weird and all sorts of things but they fail to realize she never got introduced to the world properly but only as Cynthia’s friend, Bravo’s website did an excellent post about Tammy and all that she is and accomplished but failed to let us know those things on the show. Andy and Carlos could give a damn about these women with the exception of porsha, Phaedra and kandi, and as long as Carlos has this job as a producer his friend porsha will never be out of a job. I could go on and on about certain things and how bravo and production favor certain women on the show but I’ll leave it there.

  25. Shellbelle

    I can barely stand to watch Porscha and Phaedra with this ridiculous faces. They both remind me of NeNe with all that mess and it’s not a pretty look for either.

  26. kkbella

    OK, I’m being incredibly shallow and MEAN. But that last photo of Phaedra and Porsche. Unhealthy fat. Not curves, but fat. No photoshop. Thick fat, not good fat. Wow. Very eye opening. No way I’m walking around quasi nude looking like that. I speak from personal experience. My abnormal parts stay covered. Still suggestive and sexy, just camouflage.
    Ladies, know your strengths, and danger zones.
    Nice re cap. VERY nice. I appreciate its flow, and the absence of #’s!

  27. LisaPat

    I was thinking about how out-of-line DonJuan was but wasnt going to mention it here until you took the words right out of my mouth! Im happy someone shared the same opinion as me for once thus far this season. Kenya has really grown on me this season and Im an official “Kenyan” as they call her stans. . . If she thinks she “fell off” in her work outs, then God help me. She looks amazing!

  28. Charlie

    I completely agree, Ben. Don Juan is awful. I cannot stand that douche, I hate him almost as much as that old Hag Joyce. I thought Porsha was actually funny for once with her tampon comment. If you’re gonna act like a little bitch, people will treat you like a little bitch.

    • kym

      Co-sign. Don Juan made more of the convo then it was and he did it loudly. And I’m sure he will relay the story to Kandi loud and wrong. Kandi got on FB defending him and his loyalty because their were bloggers at the party. But Don Juan caused the most drama for the bloggers to report. I’m already annoyed but his unnecessary tension.

  29. addie2u

    Last season’s fighting & screaming turned me off so much I never watched a full episode (only a few select scenes were Claudia put Nene in her place) so with Nene gone & the introduction of Kim Fields, my hopes were high – but alas, they were dashed. :(

    As long as TT & crew are writing the recaps and old (& new) wise, witty friends are commenting, I’ll continue to read (& laugh) but I can no longer bring myself to watch this train wreck. If ever an underground railroad needed a conductor, this is it. Even though you had no choice (being chained to the radiator & all), thanks Ben for navigating this train while the head conductor is on a much needed vacay (hopefully with a healthy Banjo on her well-healed knee). 😉

  30. Spilledperfume

    Is Tammy gone for good? I wouldn’t mind seeing her husband again. I know the other women didn’t like him (judging by their rude comments) but I thought he was cute. Very cute.

  31. LisaPat

    I hate to be the one to start a rumor.. because Im not one to talk and y’all didnt hear it from me, BUT! Remember that prefice from In Living Color? Im aging myself, but anywho.. like I was starting to say, it seems to me that Todd is no longer into Kandi. Matter of fact, he seems totally tuned out. Is it possible he was onboard with this whole baby thing so she will have to pay him child support when/if they divorce? The pre-nup sounded pretty ironclad because he was actually angry over having to sign it. Something tells me this marriage has numbered days. I hate it that Mama Joyce may have been right. Im just noticing body language on Todd’s part. I suppose it could be editing but I plan on begging TT for some tea on this subject when she returns from her break.

    • addie2u

      Interesting & easy to believe. An anchor baby to secure his future (allegedly). IMO Kandi was always far more into Todd than he was into her. She wanted to be married so badly – she said & did whatever was necessary to have him standing at the altar. Kandi zeroed in on Todd just like she zeroes in on a plate of food. She was determined to be a bride & nothing was going to stop her from getting her plate / man. Add the stress of Mama Joyce’s continuous criticism + the public trashing / humiliation of his parents (which is something you definitely can’t just brush aside) + their vastly different parenting styles + the fact they’ve allowed cameras into their lives from the onset of their relationship = a relationship that’s doomed from the get-go. Why did they get married again?

      If/when it happens, I refuse to give Mama Joyce any credit. IMO, she was a HUGE contributor to their problems. And instead of coming to their defense, we all saw Kandi repeatedly say “That’s just my Mama”. If I was Todd I’d be struggling with animosity. I also believe if his mother hadn’t met her untimely passing, Joyce would still be at it. Actually I take that back – she probably is still at it (we’re just not privy to it) since she had no problem trashing Todd’s late father.

      • DutchTulip

        So true…

        During Kandi’s video shoot… Todd was constantly looking/scrolling/texting (whichever) .. on his phone. Totally detached from his surroundings.

        His behavior then…confirmed all the facts you mentioned.

        That was not a proud husband…watching his pregnant wife in a video. Kandi clearly wants to revive her career. She did “her thing” in the video.

        Love Demetria…. CLASSY…!!!!

      • @DutchTulip:

        Have you ever been to a video or movie shoot? They are among the most boring and tedious things in the world. Hours and hours of waiting around punctuated with a few minutes of action here and there. And that’s if you are one of the performers!

        If you are merely a guest or “onlooker”, with no role to play or job to do, a sane person is going to at least bring a book to read. I don’t blame Todd one bit for being on his phone constantly in that situation. It’s a way of staying awake.

        I don’t care how in love you may be with someone, it’s physically impossible to be visibly enraptured by them for hours on end. It’s certainly not a gauge of his love for Kandi or the state of their relationship if he keeps himself occupied.

      • Spilledperfume

        I have to agree about movies and video shoots being boring and tedious. I’ve only been to the filming of a pilot for a sitcom and boring and tedious are accurate. You also have to be aware of where you walk and of talking. I opened the door and walked into the bar/club they were filming in not knowing they were filming and trust me when I say you don’t want to be the reason they yell cut. I wanted the floor to swallow me.

        Sorry for the long reply.

    • Cat

      That is not a rumor, it’s an opinion.

      And YES! Production shoots ARE tedious and boring. “Hurry up, and wait” is what we always said. It can be boring for the crew, too.

      So many people are glued to electronics these days, it’s really not that scandalous.

      • LisaPat

        The rumor I was referring to is that Todd wanted the baby as a backup plan for $$$ when/if the marriage fails. Maybe the video shoot was tedious, as some of the commenters here who have exciting lives have suggested. I am a boring Betty so I dont know about these things, although I wish I did. ? But even if you dont count his behavior at the video shoot, there have been other hints at his detatchment. Like the sonogram, for instance. Those arent hours long and it was his own child! Yet, he was a million miles away in his head.. he doesnt open doors for her anymore, he’s not into sex.. seems obvious that there’s something going on with Toddy. Maybe its something else altogether? Money woes? Stress? I dont know.

      • Spilledperfume

        Trust me, there’s nothing exciting about my life. I just know that movie shoots are boring.

    • WonkyTonk

      The lack of interest has been evident for a long time. I mean the fact they’re seeking counseling for Todd’s lack of sex drive so early in the relationship is telling. Wanna hear my pet theory, just a theory not something factually corroborated. When I see Todd my gaydar goes crazy wild and loud in my head. I think maybe Todd’s on the DL. Did you see how he and his assistant related to each other,and how the assistant looked at him during the ski trip? This was during the time frame Kandi was bitching that Todd was spending all of his time working in California, which would have been with his assistant naturally. Whenever those two were together on screen during the ski trip my gadar was screaming at the top of it’s lungs in my head. But let’s assume your speculation is right. One of the things that get’s prenups thrown out is if they were signed under duress,and if you were watching the show prior to the marriage it’s really clear it was signed under duress. Frankly I don’t see why he went through with the wedding after the way her mother treated him, and how she always made excuses for her mother’s behavior. And those nasty little money grubby appearing Auntie trolls.

      • ShyGuy

        I’ve always thought the same thing, I believe that Todd is DL and him and his assistant do more than just work in LA. I believe Peter and also Kim’s husband allegedly 😉

      • WonkyTonk

        I’ve never considered that for Peter. I think part of the reason for that is I find him to be an unattractive male chauvinist douchebag. I haven’t heard any speculation about Kim’s husband I’ll be extra vigilant about watching their exchanges now that you mention it as a possibility.

      • Psylocke

        So first Greg was gay, then Peter, then the whole Kim’s husband debacle on Twitter because OH NOE HE WENT ON A CRUISE WITH TYLER PERRY and now Todd is gay too.

        America as a whole needs a new gaydar installation package.

      • Alexis B.

        I’ve thought the same thing about Todd for some time a well. Doesn’t help that he is almost a dead ringer for a gay hair dresser I used to go to.

        And hell yes to Kim’s husband as well. When he was sitting at the table with Peter and Todd, he looked so uncomfortable. Starting to suspect he’s just her gay BFF.

      • bksweetheart

        I’ve thought the same thing about Todd for some time a well. Doesn’t help that he is almost a dead ringer for a gay hair dresser I used to go to.

        And hell yes to Kim’s husband as well. When he was sitting at the table with Peter and Todd, he looked so uncomfortable. Starting to suspect he’s just her gay BFF.

      • WonkyTonk

        Psylocke mine is actually pretty good. Wasn’t aware of any rumors until I read your post and checked. There’s also one going around that Todd was having sex with a gay male dancer by the name of ReDICKulous. Lol yeah the name sort of describes itself if you ask me but it does get the point across in a rather in you face way. I’m not one that believes everyone alive is gay I see a lot of that and think it’s ridiculous for example I don’t think for a second Perter is gay just a male chauvinist douche whose very probably using Cynthia.

  32. GirlMe

    I was so happy i didnt have to recap this show. Reading the recap i see I missed tons. I always turn on Phaedra and Porsha scenes and then never seem to make it back for Kim scenes.

    Love Kenya. Can take or leave the others. But happy Nene isnt back leaving every event she attends cause thats boring too.

  33. Psylocke

    It’s really telling how you recap the scenes of how the show used to be as “filler” while eagerly waiting for the shit show like thrown wine glasses and cunt punts.

    People here are always questioning why the show turned the way it did but bravo really does know their audience.

    • Sunshine

      Psylocke I agree with you. Tender scenes of a mother and son are picked apart and Don Juan is a hero.

      • sarcasatire

        Exactly. How ridiculous do these posters sound?

        Don’t Juan and Peter got dragged on social media for messy behavior, and here folks are praising them? Is this bizarroworld?

      • ItsMe

        It’s maddening lol

      • LisaPat

        I didnt get that Don Juan was a hero from that recap. I got that he was out of line, looking for camera time, annoying as hell. But, Im sure he was prompted by a producer because I just watched it back and he was 10 feet from them. He was straining to hear what they were saying like he had a purpose.

  34. D

    Did anyone notice during the video production while Don Juan was worried about Kandi, they flashed to Todd only focusing on his phone? This is the second time that I have noticed the camera showing Todd’s indifference to Kandi’s pregnancy.

  35. ItsMe

    I know this isn’t a pro-Porsha site but you guys are ok with Don Juan being all little abrasive and aggressive but last week it wasn’t ok with Glen?

    • Real

      The show is boring. The ladies try too hard to have a story. Kenya especially! So she goes after Kim who is TV royalty.
      Kim should get away from this mess!
      It will only bring her down.

    • False analogy. Don Juan wasn’t threatening and didn’t hit anyone. Glen was and did.

    • sarcasatire

      Thank you!!!

      Don’t Juan and Glen. Both Black men, popping off at the mouth. One is hetero, with tattoos, so immediately labeled a threat. The other, gay and waifish, is dismissed as a joke. But they exhibited the same behavior!!

      Glen wasn’t violent. He didn’t attack his aunt, he moved her out of the way when those big dudes were rushing him. She was drunk and fell, but he didn’t throw her down. As a matter of fact Glen talked ish while walking away from people, while Don Juan, came up to them to start trouble. I wish Kenya was there, she wouldn’t read him for filth.

      • tamaratattles

        I often wonder what life is like in your world, Sarc. Phaedra and Porsha were actually EJECTED from the event. And Don Juan is drama queen with no history of violence. GLEN on the other hand is a thug. And his “aunt” is not much better.

        Glen was also EJECTED from an event.

        I know in your world, Kenya the all powerful provokes the thugs and THOTs to act like thugs and THOTS but in reality, thugs and THOTS are simply that.

        Let’s review: Don Juan and Kenya … NO MUGSHOTS. Glen and Porsha, have quiet the album. I expect Phaedra will have her own eventually.

      • ItsMe

        I thought they were thrown out of the video shoot

  36. “He creates an issue out of nowhere, positions himself right in front of the camera lens and really goes for it”


    This is sooooo true! I swear that guy snapped his neck so many times im surprised it didn’t fall off!

    In my opinion, everybody talks about people. I wonder why Don Diva made it seem like Porsha and Phaedra were plotting some kind of dooms day….
    He needs to learn to stay out of his bosses business.
    These are Kandi’s friends/ associates.
    Don Diva, stay in your lane.

  37. WTH

    I swear Phaedra looks just like Derrick J in the beach picture with Porcha

  38. Mimi

    It is said if you give an evil person enough rope they will hang themselves and it seems the rooster is coming home to roost for Phaedra. Did anyone notice that Phaedra gave credence to Angela Stanton’s story when she admitted to Bun that she knew Apollo since he was a teenager? I hope the FBI is watching this show because they may find a lot of clues to the true criminal that Phaedra is.

    p.s. TT, please allow my comment (I am not sure I am blocked from here), or I will start crying 😉

  39. None of us know these cast members (RHOA) directly and to say Peter, Todd and Kim’s husband are gay is really stupid. We don’t know these men and now Todd married Kandi so she could have a baby so he could get money when they divorce, is beyond stupid. Could we get back to just commenting about what we know from viewing the show or reading the recap. This is sad!

  40. Tp

    So if bravo hired all these ladies to film the show but then decided not to air it, then told them all .. sorry, I know we hired you and promised to pay your salaries but since we aren’t going to air the show, we’re not paying you for your work. I don’t think that would fly! But, using Phaedra and Porsha’s logic, or lack there of , this would be the same as her excuse for not paying Todd. It was her decision to not put out the video, not Todd’s. Business is business, he should get every penny he’s owed and shouldn’t have to ask for it. And I’m so sick of hearing about how they “lost ” Apollo. They sure were spending that money and doing just fine up until his stealing ass got caught! The way they skip over the part where he’s a low down, thieving, CRIMINAL unnerves me. Phaedra’s conversation with Sheree was very telling, imo. Even when talking about the asshole who shoved his aunt to the floor and was completely disrespectful to several of the women, she blamed the person who supposedly “provoked” this man (and the others she named) and not the men themselves, as if they were completely blameless. She’s the queen of hypocrisy!

    • Tp

      I believe previous reports that Phaedra was the mastermind criminal behind the car thefts from Apollo and co.’s past. It’s pretty evident that Apollo is an idiot and not capable of carry out any of these crimes on his on. Apollo is barely capable of completing a coherent sentence, there’s no way he wasn’t getting instructions from Phae Phae.

  41. WonkyTonk

    I just watched this episode again and frankly I do not like Kenya in it. I’ve been a big Kenya supporter from the start but her shitty attitude towards Kim really pisses me off. Get your shit together Kenya.

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